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So I aired yesterday and not mentioning the death of Tom Seaver, for some of you, that is a death of your childhood or your early adulthood that you felt now. He had been a couple of years ago, I believe his family put out a statement saying that they were putting him away for dementia. And so they were grieving since back then because the family put out a statement. Tim Kercher with us now. Can you tell us and horribly sad at 75 years old, can you tell us a little bit about Tom Seaver before we go to Christine Lacy?


And I totally botched the order of this. Yeah, he's the greatest threat ever, and there there's not a close second for me, he's one of the 10 greatest pitchers of all time. You look at his win and strikeouts, only Walter Johnson, the greatest pitcher ever, can match him in all three categories. He won three Cy Young. He struck out 10 batters in a row, which is the major league record. And they were the last 10 batters of the game.


And in 1969, the Mets weren't supposed to go anywhere and he took them to a world championship going 25 and seven with a two point two, one era. He captured New York and he was the classic drop and drive pitcher, used to drive it right knee on the mound as he came through the crew so hard. He had such a great slider. But then beyond that, he was really smart. He's a Renaissance man. He's so really the New York Times crossword every day and was great at it.


And if I may, 15 years ago, I went to the Hall of Fame. One of many times I took my 11 year old son Jeff with me, along with with my friend Gus Ramsey and his dad, Wally. And Tom Seaver gave us 30 minutes the night before the Hall of Fame induction, we were in the Hall of Fame Museum. And for 30 minutes, he regaled us with hilarious stories, stories of his career, everything else.


And at the end, he asked my son, like, what are you doing? And my son said, I'm going to my first sleepover camp tomorrow, 11. And he 100 bucks and said, Can I go, please? That's in time. He was absolutely a wonderful man and one of the greatest pitchers of all time.


Tim, can you tell me? Because when folks documents something to you in sports, many of us attach our own mortality to it and wrap it in a sadness and grief, even if we didn't have any personal interactions with those people. Can you tell me the losses in your sport that have wounded you the most, where you've been taken aback by how much they impacted you? Well, this one was not good because I didn't conceive it pretty well, Tony Gwynn, death still resonates with me.


I'm not sure I've ever met anyone that I enjoyed being around as much as Tony Gwynn. And we all knew he was sick, but we didn't know he was going to die that early. And that one has stuck with me because that guy taught me so much about baseball. He made me smile so many times. He personified what it's like to be a major league player and do your job better than virtually anyone. So I've had a lot of bad ones.


Silverglade was a bad one in terms you are viewed as a very nice person. Everyone who comes into contact with you is taken aback by just decency, kindness, and you are nice. Tony Gwynn, was that Sean Casey? Is that when you talk about the nicest people you just mentioned, the Tom Seaver had a little bit of that in him, the nicest people, top of the list as far as deemed by Tim Kurkjian, who knows what decency and kindness feel like.


Who's the top of the list? Well, Tony Gwynn is right there, still alive. Tito Francona is right there, Tito Francona came to work for us there. And eight years, nine years later, he still remembers all the names of the people that he worked with at ESPN and they stay in touch with him. Eric Burns, the same way he worked all those years with us. And guys, those guys from our from baseball tonight still call him and he calls back all the time.


That's how it works when you meet really, really nice people in baseball. And those guys are top of the list, at least for me.


Tim, were you expecting it? It's amazing when you consider the two decade run that the Red Sox. The Red Sox. Excuse me, Beñat. Excuse me. Were you expecting the Red Sox to be this bad this quickly? I realized Bats is no longer there. I realize there are some injuries with the pitching staff, but. Well, this morning you came in here smelling like so many cigarettes.


Well, one is six to 38 games into a 60 game season. Were you expecting them to be this bad?


No, I knew they would not make the playoffs. I did not know that they would potentially finish behind the Orioles in the division. I thought they were going to turn around and therefore would be competitive. And they still might do that the last three and a half weeks. But their pitching is indescribably terrible right now. They had six straight games, which they allowed eight or more to run. No team in the history of the Red Sox had ever done that.


They got to make the twenty first game of the season with the highest number that any Red Sox team has ever had in the first 25 games of the season. And injuries really hurt. David Price didn't help, but they have a major rebuild ahead of their pitching staff and it's going to take some time to get a whole lot better.


Does Andy Reid look like the fiddle player at the small town square dance jamboree?


Does Mike Greenberg look like he drizzles catch up on his fries and eats them with a fork?


Does Matt Patricia look like the guy who says he only buys the top shelf stuff before purchasing a firework named the neighbor hater at the Fourth of July blowout sale?


Does Dallas Brady does Dallas Braden look like the old toothbrush you used to clean the grout in your shower?


Oh, yes.


Yes, he looks like he looks like he so funny about just came up here moments ago. He used to do.


How could you not see that you don't understand anything you're saying.


You're going to have to say that without laughter because we didn't understand anything you said and I didn't say what color broadcaster and a former pitcher and all he looks like for two hours, Brady said, how could he as well as the Three Stooges?


How could you see that? That's what you said. This is a good one right here. Please continue, Tim.


So Dallas was about all of that because that's a fun loving character. There's nobody better that.


Does Marty Smith look like the heartthrob rooster that all of the hens swoon over in a Pixar movie about farmyard animals?


Jim, what did you make of the trading deadline? The Padres. Were you surprised that they've suddenly discovered wait a minute, we want to go all in right now. I was surprised they went as much as they did. They made like six moves. I thought they'd make three. But knowing the GM and Perella like I do, he never sleeps. He's totally, relentlessly, wildly competitive at everything. And all he wants to do is win. If I I to want to.


I play a lot of basketball with him. Over the years we played a two or two game in the smallest game you could possibly play, and they killed us the first three games because he's too good to guard. And the fourth game we were ahead and he just wants to let us win. The fourth game is a two on two game in history. That's how competitive he is. And now he is up there with a top one on one picture, a back of the rotation, guys, a first place with third base dude and two different catchers.


Surprised, you know that AJ Pearla was behind that. And I had a GM tell me they are now the best team in the National League. We'll see how that goes from here.


Chris, what do you have for Tim Kirchen?


Tim, before the playoffs, you just missed and I would I would actually even say you mocked the idea of the Marlins making the playoffs in a 60 game season. Are you prepared to apologize for this and say that they have a chance to make the playoffs?




Look, they're not going to the playoffs no better than Ronaldo, your Alonso, or first how to teach to you, OK? I love what the Marlins have done. It's a miracle they played this well, but they're not going to the playoffs.


Sorry, does Colin Cowherd look like the defense attorney who strides into court, sits at his table, pops open his briefcase and casually announces to the other attorneys, this won't take long? I've got a 2:00 p.m. tee time.


Does Jim Harbaugh looked like the junior high assistant principal, standing silently in the corner of the lunchroom, waiting for the cacophony, deceits upon which he pauses for a three count before raising a tiny bull horn to his lips and uttering a terse thank you.


Oh, does Mike Vrabel look like he doesn't get out of bed for less than six figures? And if you want them delivered alive, it costs extra.


Adam Silver looked like an unusually long middle toe. Thank you, Tim.


We appreciate the time. And Christine Lacy, I'm so very sorry. Oh, yes. We interrupted you.


That was awesome. OK. And finally, the original Star Wars movie wasn't named a new hope until April of 1981, four years after originally debuted in theaters. Who knew that? Who knew nobody.


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Put it on the pole.


Chris, please. Would you be thrilled if Mariah Carey admitted that two of her classic songs were about you?


Because The Roof and my all were about Derek Jeter. She has admitted that two of her classics, not one, but two, Derek Jeter is such a heartbreaker.


Derek Jeter is such a catch. You have to write to that Mariah Carey Road, too. And yes, I would imagine that men wouldn't mind. I don't know if I'd want the Alanis Morissette song to be about me. But to Miranda, Mariah songs, Mariah songs, no, I just think that I wonder how that news arrives that Derek Jeter doorstep and how he reacts to that news.


Oh, I'm certain he's he's flattered. I don't know, though.


He's very private. Maybe he won't like it. Maybe he won't like something like that.


Maybe not. I would also say if Adele writes a song about you, probably not a good thing, probably something you don't want in your life.


I mean, if you recall these songs like My All sounds like Derek Jeter maybe broke her heart because she wants him back bad. It's like I give my all just to have one more night with you. It's actually quite flattering.


That's right. Not flattering is what is happening right now with Scottie Pippen. Now, you got there are any number of things that when we get to sports, the radio gas bagging are stupid. But what we do with this conversation of just sort of feeding the machine where Richard Jefferson exists on our show and our network to say things the way Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins have learned, just say things. And now Jay Williams just say things that engage people so we could keep making this content because basically everything on ESPN is just an infomercial to get you to the next game.


All of it, SportsCenter, all the shows were just infomercials for sports to get you to the next game. So this so we employ many people to say many things and then we argue about the many things that many people say. It's not the most creative way to create content. But Richard Jefferson is paid to say certain things. And now Scottie Pippen is responding to one of the things that Richard Jefferson said, which is using Pépin as a slur, using Pépin as a way to smear Giannis Antetokounmpo.


You say you're not Michael Jordan. Great. You're merely top 50 basketball player of all time. Scottie Pippen. Great. And this is a great insult to everybody involved, you know, except Michael Wright, who always loves it, who always gets the win.


Scottie Pippen is used as an insult as a top 50 basketball player of all time, so. When Jefferson says Yoni's might be a pépin, this enrages Scottie Pippen. Who then tweets, I'm not honest, I don't have back to back league MVP, he will in a matter of days and he's not me. The question is, who were you as a player?


I'm Richard Jefferson.


The good question right there, Richard Jefferson was the third best player on the nets, and that's as high as he climbed. Correct? Do I have that right?


I mean, climb to the top of the mountain when he won a title as a role play. Right. I mean, third best player with those net teams. Was it. Were those the Jason Kidd, Carey Kittles? No, this was Vince Carter that he was on that team made a finding.


He was on all those teams with Kenyon Martin, too. But I love how you're flashing your knowledge of those Nats teams back to back to the right.


I don't feel like it's the right national team. A good player. Yeah. I'm thinking that when Richard Jefferson was Richard Jefferson ever the second best player, VanHorn was Richard Jefferson ever the second best player on one of those Netz teams?


I don't think so. I don't think so, no. So he's not even a pépin on those Netz teams that didn't go as far as. Pippin's teams, so in in a segment in which you're criticizing Richard Jefferson for coming out, Scottie Pippen, you're coming at Richard Jefferson.


I'm just saying, who are you? I'm just the critic around all of those teams old enough to criticize all of those human beings Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Richard Jefferson, Giannis Antetokounmpo old enough to span generations of criticism.


I think there was a year where Richard Jefferson averaged twenty two and a half points per game.


I mean that has to make you the second best player in any team you're on when you say I think before that statement, it makes it sound like you're going off at the top of your head.


Jefferson responded to the tweet saying that he Schopper Burrell. OK, well, that diffuses everything when he's self-deprecating. That ruined it.


That is straight talk and is brought to you by straight talk wireless. No contract, no compromise. Hold that thought. Let's sell some hats.


It was twenty two point two. I knew it was somewhere in that vicinity, but I thought it was maybe twenty two point five. I'm cheating. And he told to all of his musical choices in this show have been to accentuate what a liar you are. It was actually another season, twenty two point six. I knew there was a twenty two point five ish in there. We talk not about Richard Jefferson's Cavs, but the most beautiful Cavs in sports with Kyle Brandt.


He's going to join us next. And now another edition of Obvious News from Geico, a study says that soft talkers do not make great radio personalities. We asked local librarian Steve Sage about this. And here's what he said.


Honestly, I don't buy it. I think I make very captivating radio.


Also an obvious news. Geico makes it easy to save money and easy to manage your policy with the Geico app. So switching is a really smart decision. How do you feel about this?


I love the Geico. I use it all the time. That's all these news from Geico is using.


Kyle Brandt is going to help us, and this is really nice in 2020. I feel like we've finally found a place where we can feel good as men about objectifying. Kyle Brandt is going to objectify other men with us in a second. But first, I'm sorry, Christine Lacy, I interrupted you.


And finally, humans can't breathe and swallow at the same time. That is except for Dan.


OK, very good. And she's so right about that. I can do both of those things. Really the and I guess she likes it a little more than I would like that she likes it. But before we get to Kyle Brandt, Christine, can I just ask you because I don't know how these updates are written, but I want some of the promotion that this morning show keeps getting in the updates with. And Keyshawn told Adrian Peterson to retire.


Can we, like, infiltrate the other part of the sacred cathedral of the updates by having some of our sounds thrown in there to promote our stuff?


Sure, I do. Like when you guys have Gassan. I do. You know, I caught up sound and put it in. It's it happens later in the day. Normally I don't during your show, I don't have time because there are a lot shorter. But I had time for this last.


No you don't have time because you're too busy laughing at me cause you're spending all of your time. Stay right there. It's a good place.


If you could cut to God's thoughts on last night's game winner.


And yes, we have used that in an afternoon update. That would be fantastic. Controversial inbound that the gods totally may not believe that happened. All right. Kyle Brand is the host of the NFL Network's Good Morning Football. He's also the host of Ten Questions with Kyle Brandt, the podcast. Check it out. Wherever it is, you get your podcast. Thank you again for joining us. Our audience has made corrections to some of the things you're objectifying yesterday.


Can you explain to us what just catch everyone up on where we are with things?


Sure. I'm thrilled to be back. Yesterday, out of nowhere, we talked about best athlete jaw lines and best athlete teeth. Somehow that it was it was simultaneously the best radio segment I've ever done. And the dumbest one that's my sweet spot and the hardest to heart is that after we did it, that was fun. They go about your day all day. Your listeners have been tweeting me, dude, how do you leave this guy out? How do you snub this guy?


I'm getting athlete teeth tweets from everyone and there's a big amount of support for Floyd Mayweather. I've never once considered his team, but people are tweeting about Floyd. There's a lot of love for Cristiano Ronaldo. And then one I didn't see come in. Did you guys have any impression of Reggie Bush's teeth? Because I don't. But your listeners do.


Do you think that perhaps Kyle Brandt teeth list is racially biased? Is that a possibility that we can accuse you of? Because Reggie Bush, you haven't even noticed how beautiful the the choppers of Floyd Mayweather and Reggie Bush are?


I would hope not. And I'm just reading the tweets. They got takes on jaw lines, too.


I got slapped around online because I left out Henry Cavill, who is the new Superman, as having the most wildly great jawline, as does he was also was also getting votes.


And and so what other clarifications are the listeners making or what else are you doing with us today in terms of objectifying?


Well, I think we should move down to hands so that we can get our hands dirty and which who has the fantastic hands, the magic hands. And I think when I think of really incredible hands, the obvious ones, you know, Shaq or Yao Ming or whatever, but you had great massive hands. And I'm not making a joke. Johnny Manziel had amazing hands all day long. He never fell for any of that hand measurement at the combine any time you see him.


Great hands on Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football. Fantastic. You guys ever notice that the length of the fingers on football, he looks like the it's like some sort of sci fi creature is never noticed in the chat.


Johnny Henzell. It's terrible.


It's a I don't know why I read Joe. I don't know why I read it. I'm sorry I did. I have immediate regrets.


So anyone other beautiful hands are just he could be a male, a male hand model.


Yeah, it's a massive, massive glove's. I think the the goat, if you will, when it comes to hands. I don't know if you remember former MLB or Antonio Fonseca, he had six fingers on his hand.


Yeah. So you can't beat that. The little finger was kind of like a little tater tots deal. It was very small, but he did have six fingers. And the Google Images is stunning on Saika. We bow to him.


It is a great one. He also had six toes on each foot. And when Jim Leland asked him how big his house was, his new house was. He held up one hand. And Jim Leland still doesn't know whether it's five rooms or six.


We've done weeks of shows. Yes, we have loved take for a long time around here. There's a Spanish song of some sort. Oh, is that true? Honors there ever was there ever a complications without Francisco with the signs that he would reach look down to the third base coach and they'd have a whole new set of signs because he could communicate differently because he has 12 digits. I wonder if they could have used that.


That is the octopus. Yes, in Spanish. That brand succeeds when you're the mall in the early days of the show.


We had a pulpo on and Dan would only ask him questions like, if you get Soss when you're eating ribs on that finger, do you like that thing?


Oh, my gosh, that's great. How do you buy gloves? Yes, excellent question.


All of them. You have them back on getting gloves anywhere, batting gloves. I don't know. I don't know if he would have to hit very often. I don't know if he has any career at bat. Do you want to keep objectifying people or do you want to save that for the next time that we have you on on Tuesday?


Let's do one more category, because I think there's there's an underappreciated muscle and it's the tricep. I happen to believe that the bicep is the glory muscle, but the tricep does a lot of heavy lifting. It looks really cool when you shred it. And I want to throw out some love to in a modern day player, Khalil Mack has this fabulous triceps, but he kind of has fabulous everything. I like to go retro with these. You guys remember the pass rusher on the on the Falcons and the Seahawks?


Patrick Kearney. Oh, yeah.


Oh, my God. Great surprise.


And the reason he had great tries is that he went in a really unconventional four point stance so he'd be flexing both right at the same time. You don't see a lot of four point dances anymore. But he did it. And I would give one more name to the Tricep Hall of Fame, the outside linebacker Julian Peterson from Seattle and San Francisco. It felt like he had his sleeves rolled up just so he was wearing shoulder pads, just all kinds of shredded and everybody talks bicep.


I have a soft spot and I do mean that literally two of my own arms for the tricep.


People know you as prepared. You're very prepared. I think it is Alonzo Spellman and Oversight. Are you too young to appreciate the musculature of Alonzo Spellman or was he not appreciate Alonzo Spellman number ninety out of Ohio State for the Chicago Bears?


Not an oversight. What a great pull, Alonzo Spellman. You know, I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and when he was a young player with with the Bears, I remember I went to a local movie theater once and I saw this beautiful white Mercedes pull up and the license plate just said ZOA Zio and outworked Alonzo Spellman. And he wore a tank top to the movie theaters. Let you know he's showing off the goods. So, yes, I will say that is a huge oversight.


Also, if we're talking to Lonzo Spellman, Alonzo Mourning had unbelievably sculpted arms.


No, he's come to know his Cavs but we'll do that on Tuesday. We'll do Cavs with you on Tuesday. You really flex your Spelman College question. Really. Did you went ok. Did we just become best friends. We will talk to you on Tuesday.


OK, I can't wait. I'll be there. We'll talk Cavs. We'll move up to the quad and eventually we'll get to Tostan. I have a good weekend. The holiday pay off is going to be the.


But the last one. The last one we're doing is the butt. So thank you for being on with us. Even though we all know it's Larry Fitzgerald. We will talk to you on Tuesday night.


My favorite show that I do made the glue to be with you guys. Yeah. The great thing about facts, they're proven like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or that base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities.


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You can vote on the polls, we will open up the club in a second here at the ridiculous hour of eight. Forty eight in the morning on the West Coast.


We will open up the club. But before we do that, at Batard show is where you vote on the polls. Go ahead. Still got an update.


Those polls, the Twitter poll at Libertador Show is brought to you by LinkedIn jobs. Build your winning team today. Go to LinkedIn, dotcom slash sports.


Just two today again at our Joe on Twitter. Do you often confuse Toco fall in ball ball? Sixty seven percent of the audience said no. You do that, huh? I've done it like five times already interested, would you be thrilled of Mariah Carey admitted that two of her songs were about you. She wrote to about Derek Jeter, Geets, 73 percent of the audience said, yes, they'd be thrilled. Who wouldn't?


I mean, two songs, it seems excessive. One would have been enough, flattering enough, but double the flattery for Derek Jeter. It is time now to send you into the weekend at eight. Forty nine on the West Coast. A.M. Many of you have not woken up. You've not had breakfast. It's eight forty nine. We're sending you into the weekend. I am hoping we will again hear from action Bronson, because he used a phrase that I believe should just be the tombstone on our show, that he used a phrase that I would send into the atmosphere in the cosmos in a glass bottle and say, look, this is representative this is representative of our entire past.


Who is the first sound in the club, if you can hear me, just understand. I'm sorry. You got it very quickly. You audible. Yes, that of course. And it set off a torrid romance between us and Magnus for Magnuson. And it started with action. Bronson apologizing to a childhood hero that we put their meeting together and it felt awful for action.


Bronson, if you could hear me, just understand. I'm sorry.


It's ruined. We tried to bring action. Bronson and magnets were magnificent together for a heartwarming, totally hackie radio moment and action, Bronson drifted off into space. Just understand. I'm sorry.


He needs Magnis to understand that. Please, please understand.


You can hear me understand. I'm sorry they scared you totally. But he's been making fun of me for three days because we promoted a gym in Iceland during a pandemic. We're trying to send listeners to a gym in Iceland. He'll be making fun of me for three days and I'm like, I guess the world's strongest man. I got to promote what he wants to promote. And he's like, why are you sending people to a gym in Iceland during a band that makes you can hear me?


Just understand. I'm sorry.


Who else is in the club?


Do the Lakers have enough after one game? Yes, I'm asking it. I'm not I'm not weighing in.


You've got your daughter going to get into Northwestern just so that you can make a little bond for the rest of our lives. We'll see. Depends what she chooses. That would be funny. And I think it would really irritate. Well, but I'm not saying I'm pushy or any whatever. Perhaps there. Who else is in the club?


How about that?


Yes, I like Christine Lacy with the. Oh, my gosh.


Who else we got? Zach Thomas. Of course, that how the neck down there in South Florida. Oh, that was Kyle Brandt. We fallen in love with him. Right. We fall in love very quickly. A very quick falling in love. I can't wait till we get to the most beautiful. But in sports history, who else in the club?


Cam Newton has unbelievable teeth, perfectly straight, glistening white.


I saw no racial bias in that list for Kyle Brandt, even though he forgot Floyd Mayweather and Reggie Bush. Who else? ESPN Radio gives me a couple dollars you can hear.


Oh, my God, it's so disgusting. So foul. Who else?


Lionel became known as LA Holga, a Tomica.


Did he go back to Barcelona?


It looks like he's saying Messi is going back to Barcelona, Barcelona in La Ciudad Konda, that he would sculpt his Ciudad is that's you. That is that it was there in LA. See you, Dad.


That's the guy after a lifetime in Miami. Sings to that in Ciudad Konda.


How is it possible? Is it possible that he's learned nothing?


The word is new that it was there in LA Via Della Della Tondo, that he perfected his craft. Who else in the club he did get going to Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona.


It's so bad. All alone, either with the lisp or with phlegm. He sounds disgusting. Barcelona.


Who else in the club, if you could hear me.


Yes. Understand. I'm sorry.


Yes, it's our show. There it is right there. We ruin everything.


It's you could hear me. Just understand. I'm sorry.


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They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


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