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This is the down labor part, sure, with this to got Sparkasse. I believe I have in my possession a number one seed for next year's looks like tournament. Wow. We'll see if we get by the end of the segment if we have indeed found a one seed for the looks like tournament next year. I'm sorry I interrupted you, Christine.


And finally, Keanu Reeves first name means the coolness in Hawaiian. Interestingly enough, Leveton means the fatness in French. Oh, that erases all mistakes.


I don't understand why they're bloody through these without laughing. I don't understand that one was also lazy by her standards. Yeah, they're getting lazier, I've noticed. Thank you, Christine. Lovely as always. Just rubbing off on her.


Tim Kurkjian with us now. We were talking about the math, Tim, and everything that happened yesterday. So what's true as statements are sent out, what does Tim Kirk, in fact, Geithner, know to be true about that situation? Well, that gather doesn't know much about the situation, so I'm going to take it at face value, is that Brody Vanderwagen and identified the wrong guy and blamed the wrong guy for this. Did Jeff Wilpon step up and take take take the heat for him?


Maybe that happened? I don't think so. I think he just got it messed up and then he messed up and then he got pounded by the two guys who hired him.


Is there a lot of precedent for what you saw there? A double statement from both Wilpon ripping their own general manager and misspelling his name?


Not much precedent, no, Dan, especially after the general manager apologized, but apparently that wasn't enough. They had to tear into him anyway, misspelled his name twice. No sympathy here for Bernie bandwagon, but it just again speaks to Dan how poorly that organization has been run. I have a buddy of my greatest Mets fan ever. He loves them so much. He watches every game. And he texted me and said, this is the most Mets thing ever.


And he's been he's been watching them since 1962. So that's how strange that was last night and how how botched that was last night.


But to me, I think you're headed down the right path for perhaps the world bonds would be willing to take that on behalf of Rob Manfred as they try to sell the team and probably need Rob in their corner. No.


Yes, of course they need Rob Manfred to help. So, of course, they apologize to the commissioner because they're all in this together. And of course, they you know, they jumped on their general manager who probably deserved it anyway. But it was just such a surreal scene that it happened. GM Apologizes Owners Blasim And here we are the next day. And it all follows such a wonderful tribute last night. That's what made it even even worse.


I know that the Mets have been a laughing stock for a variety of reasons since 1962. But can you tell me or tie the Madoff losses to when the Wilpon became sort of a small market Mets team, or is there not a fair tie between those two things?


Well, I think there has to be a tie, given how much money they lost in that and how embarrassing that was and how traumatic that was financially. But I don't think you can tie it all to that. I've been told there's been a culture of coddling in that organization for a long time and they just don't present things properly, deal with things properly. Matt Harvey, for example. And I think that gets him in trouble more than anything else.


But the Madoff thing certainly didn't help at all.


Do you think that Brett Brown looks like he plays piano in an upscale cigar bar and absolutely does not take requests?


Those Quin Snyder look like he talks loudly on a Bluetooth while standing at a urinal with one hand on his hip and his tie thrown over his shoulder.


Does Ed Orgeron look like the guy who will make a copy of your keys at Home Depot?


Or does he look like the guy in the picture of the barbecue restaurant?


Plastic bib around his neck, a knife and fork and his fist face covered in sores wearing a crown that reads, I ate the whole hog?


Does Adam Silver look like the. Stop interrupting me, please. Does Adam Silver look like the bishop on a chessboard?


I'm not at the number one seed yet.


I have not gotten to the number one seed. I will give you what I believe to be the number one seed at the end of this segment. Tim, from the last week of baseball, what are the things beyond the social justice? You know, I was surprised to see baseball make a stand of any sort there. That stuff usually doesn't make its way over to baseball or does so very slowly. But from the last week, what are some of the interesting things for you?


Well, I was really interested in the the passion from Tom Smith, maybe that's not the answer you want here. Maybe I misread, but that guy is as playful and as fun loving as any guy in the game. He's really smart. He really gets it. We put a microphone on him this spring for one of the games we did from the booth, and he was hilariously funny. So he truly understands how all of this works. And to see him that passionate and that upset about everything.


And I think that's why we demand listening to him and to others, because that was a powerful moment from a kid who knows how to have a good time, but also knows this is more serious than people think.


Does Stan Van Gundy look like the disgruntled high school teacher tricked into reading the name Mike Rotch on his attendance list?


Does Pat McAfee look like the tow truck driver who shows up to change your flat tire and says too bad your girlfriend isn't with you? She could have changed it for you.


But does Brad Stevens look like he can include a lifetime oil change if you buy a minivan? But he's going to have to check with his manager first.


All right. You ready? Everyone ready for the ones? Are you ready? I don't know if you guys are ready.


You ready? I'm ready.


Does Adam Silver look like what's left after you blow the fuzz off a dandelion?


I say that I'm not sure. Does that get a one seed, Mike Green? Is that a one? You oversold it?


Yeah, I love it. Did you break your glasses? Laughing? I did. I broke my glasses laughing at that. The glass just came out of one of the eyes. Tim, thank you for being on with us. We appreciate it.


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And you might want to check that out.


For the second day in a row, the giant forearms of Magnus Van Magnusson have appeared here on the show. And I am very excited again, because we've got a lot of questions for him. Chris was just asking him about pain threshold and what what is your pain threshold? He's gotten here 15 minutes early, but we're not going to say no to him.


He no, I don't think he's moved since yesterday. He looks exactly the same just as fit. If you do not know who he is, he's the world's strongest man by however it is that you want to do the definitions. Chris says four times. He says six times. It should have been six times he was robbed of two was robbed, two of them. So Magnus is with us again here. What is your pain threshold? Can you how would you articulate it to a a peasant like us?


Well, actually, my pain threshold is pretty high, and I think that came with my training and all the competitions and all that, but you would have to fight through the pain no matter what. And sometimes the events are that grueling. They hurt that much. Sometimes it's just the bond that can bear the pain that went. So my pain threshold is pretty high. How do you manage the pain of like a paper cut in between your fingers?


Because for me, that's one of the worst pains that I feel when you get it right between, like, two fingers and you move your fingers, it's just the worst. Doesn't bother me, really, just annoying. He does have a high point. What do you have for him, Roy?


What's the most difficult obstacle you ever faced in one of these world's strongest man?


Oh, we already asked him that. Roy, you weren't listening yesterday did? Yes, we did ask him that.


I reject the audition, though. I mean, no. How do you know that was when the Internet was down for me? That's what I mean.


Mike, what do you have for Magnis? For Magnason?


What are your hands feel like? My hands. Yeah, because you're carrying rocks all the time. Yeah, they're giant hands, but like, are they calloused? They have to you because of the. Yeah. So you yeah. What do your hands feel like if we were to shake your hand. Pretty normal, I would think. I don't trust anybody's hands. Do you moisturize? Yeah, no, of course not. There is a lot of callousness and all that from all the lifting.




Wait a minute, wait a minute. Can you teach us how to be more of a man here? You don't moisturize anything, right? To hell with it.


If it's dry, it's dried up. The life. That's the life stuff. Filibuster free press.


What do you have for the world's strongest man, Magnis? For Magnason?


I hope this is not an indelicate question, but in your world, strongest man career. Have you ever been trying to lift something so heavy that you pooped yourself?


Wow. Great question. Wow, great. No, but I've witnessed people that have done.


I want to hear a story on the second. Is that all right? Have you ever vomited or had blood come out of your nose while doing these things?


Yes, I was. Yeah, both. How often will that happen and when might it happen?


Well, usually something I'd like to vomit after a really, really hard and heavy truck pull. It just had something to do with my body position and when I was doing that. But you've got to keep on going. So if you do that, you go behind a tree or something and then come back. And keep fighting. When you're clanging and banging at the gym and someone says how many sets you got or can I work in, what is your typical response?


OK, people can always join in the I don't have a problem with that. I actually like people that if they like to work out with me or something like that, but.


They used to have a hard time following my training, but that's about how many guys trying to be my trading partners. And they just couldn't handle the work except for one who's the one, but he's a he's a he's a good friend.


He's retired now. He told by seven and I put him out, gave it up. But he's the only one that stuck with me. He tore his own bicep and not someone else's. I was working in on your set. Is it proper etiquette to set the weight back at what you had it at? Oh, of course. Yeah.


What's a typical day of eating for the great MVM? Oh. I don't eat as much as I used to, but I had a problem trying to gain weight when I was younger and really training hard. That was the most difficult thing, was trying to gain weight so I could eat anything and as much as I could and still sometimes lose weight.


This is the opposite of what happens.


You to exact it is the exact opposite when you say no one can keep up with the training regimen, explain it to us like on on your hardest working day. What does that look like? How many hours?


What are we talking about? It is sometimes my trading days, but up to four hours. Three hours, two and a half, three hours was pretty normal. And that's just that's putting in a lot of volume, a lot of work, and I believe. All that hard work paid off. And of course, it did, except for those two times where you were robbed. Can you explain to us, though, can you explain to us, like if we're talking about the maximum amount that you were eating in your prime, like what were you putting down?


What was the calorie count? I never count that, just see you guys. Nowadays, there are more specific on Aulet. I just 8am till I couldn't put anything more down, so I had to force feed a lot of times.


So you probably developed a relationship. You probably hated eating at some points, right? At some point. Yes. I wouldn't be familiar with that.


Roy. What do you have for Magnis? For Magnason MacGinnis?


Can you change a tire? I imagine you wouldn't need a jack to lift the car.


Yeah. Can you change a tire only. I guess you haven't seen my car commercial, have you? Oh, boy.


I'm going to watch it right now. If it's diagnosed, flooding just picks up his car and he walks home.


Yeah, yeah. I think you're just blowing up the tire again so that it's not just picking the car at his shoulder, just walking.


Oh, yes. OK, we return with Magnis. We've got more questions. Of course we do. We're going to return with magnets for magnets in next. We love magnets for magnets in some of us have been obsessed with his strength since we were children, so we're delighted to have him here all the more delighted because of how random it is. And he's just sitting in the room with us. We've got a ton of questions. But first, Christine, I'm sorry I interrupted you.


Finally, 91 percent of people skipped the first slice of bread just because it's ugly. 91 percent of people also skip this show for the very same reason.


Thank you, Christine. I was just taking out the whole show. Appreciate it. Let's get back to our man crush here on magnets for magnets. And when is the last time that you could not open a jar that your wife or somebody brought you a jar and you're like, I'm sorry, I can't get this open? Never happened, of course, Mr. Magnus. It's never happened, though. I mean, what is something that what is something really wimpy that you fear like all of a sudden you start screaming like a four year old girl because there is a grasshopper in your kitchen.


That's a long pause, really. So you don't have any you don't have any strange fears. When's the last time you cried in a movie? And we're a little embarrassed, not for anything like that.


You know, if I have the book to talk to. I am. Yes, of course.


I mean, everyone I know, I may go on, but not. But not a bear, right? A lion maybe. So what how high up the animal kingdom can I go before Magnus says, yeah, I'm not afraid of that.


I got a little scars from rustling up the actually. So wait a minute. What?


Well, you've got some kind of a scar from wrestling a bear. All right. Tell us that story. Where is the scar?


What are you going to be a big loss later on messing with you? Oh, I don't know what's true with you. I was totally I totally believe that you can take a baby bear and maybe maybe a grizzly, maybe even a polar bear. When is the last time someone challenged you to a fight at a bar or in the street or just really dumb? Oh, that's been a couple of years now. Probably because I don't go to bars.


Yes, yeah, well, no, probably because you're the world's strongest man if you did go to bars. That's probably not happening.


In that Coors Light commercial, you did go to a bar after you lifted the car and you ripped the door off its hinges.


Yes. Oh, so you've seen it? I just watched it during the break. He was laughing because you went to what? You went to open a fridge and you just tore the door off of the fridge. No one open the door to the bar to enjoy Coors Light. And he tore the entire tore off the edges of the bar. Well, it was a good commercial, that and Shelden on. It called. I don't know, I mean, whatever you want to call, whatever you want to call television or game.


Yes, the World Cup, the Super Super Bowl, the Super Bowl or whatever, you want to call in another one with four tops from one of the Vikings, but that's also the Super Bowl.


Have you ever gone to, like, a fair and played some of the games where you take the sledgehammer and it's a test of strength and not gotten it to the top?


I have, actually.


And you're like, this game is what happened. It doesn't count. I don't know. That's the way to much power.


So you broke the machine, is what you're saying? You're not saying you failed to get the bell correct because you just broke the machine because you hit it too hard is what you're laid up.


Yeah. It's there a time recently where you've said to yourself, I'm not strong enough to do X, whatever it is like. Honey, I can't help you with that. I can't lift it. Well, you know, these days, after all the years of eating up the body, I do suffer suffer a bad but you know. I pretty much get through the day doing anything I need to do. Well, how does this work? Because Chris was just asking you about pain threshold.


You know, we're always talking around here about what football does to the body. Have you done a great deal of damage to your body that you're in pain now because your pain threshold was so unreasonably high?


Yes, I'm. I'm Stachel to have. Both knees replaced. Because they pretty much grinding bone to bone. And that's been like that for a couple of years, but worth it. It was all worth it. I wouldn't change anything. Except getting those extra two shows where you were robbed. That's right. Chris, what do you have for Magnis, for Magnason?


What's a song that you will sing every single time you hear it? Well, I'll tell you a song that I had them play in my introduction, a lot of the shows at their. As actually song with Tina Turner, simply the best. I love you, man.


Yes, Magnus, you've looked around the Zoome and you've seen what we all look like if the eight of us gathered together and tried. The goal was to bring you down to the ground. Would we succeed?


Probably, yeah.


Thank you. I feel better. I guess that's when you get beat all eight of us up at once, right? That's easy. But somebody might get hurt.


Yes. Well, there were many of us would actually get hurt. Can you give us the time, Magnus? I meant to. I was asking you this before where you were in a movie theater and you just started blubbering or crying or trying to hide from people that you were crying because a movie got to you that way. You don't cry, you don't cry, Magnis, don't you ever cry like this, you don't know that, Magnis, you don't cry, right?


There's no crying, there's no crying.


And being the world's strongest man, you know, not even not if even if you lose Mr. Myself, I title, you know, there is no crying. That's right. No crying. Not you just got to suck it up.


I mean, Billy, what do you have for magnets, for magnets.


Well, as this has been going on, magnets me and you are very similar. So I'm wondering what your playlist is like when you work out like what do you listen to to get you in the mood? Like, I listen to a lot of Flo Rida. I have some Charlie XRX in there. You know what gets you going? Taylor Swift. How do you get the blood rushing through you?


I would I would listen to, you know, like one of the rock songs.


Oh, Eye of the Tiger. Tiger. Eye of the Tiger. Yes. And, you know, my I was doing powerlifting like that's usually the song that I asked to be played when I was going for heavy. Let's listen to AC DC White Snake, Pit Bull, you know, things like that.


Yeah. Philosophy, the white thing that said some gin blossoms.


Magnus, thank you for spending this time with us. We we very much enjoyed it. Thank you for being on with us. Where are you joining us from. Are you in Iceland? Where are you.


I'm in Iceland actually. And you know, I've put out one thing here. I've recently, again, started online training so people can come and contact me if they want to get properly trained. OK, how about this?


How about we will call you on Monday and talk to you about it you want to talk about because we're out of time here, but we'll talk to you Monday, OK? OK, that's fine. All right. Have a great weekend. Have a great weekend. Oh my God. I saw you Monday. We are just in love spooning all of us.


We will open up the club in a second. I just want to let the audience know, though, because we really do appreciate genuinely, sincerely how loyal you are and how much you love just us doing show. And so some of you might not like 45 uninterrupted minutes with Bomani Jones. Some of you might not like talking to Carl Douglas for 40 straight minutes. And it's not the show. But all I'm telling you is that as this show has shrunk on terrestrial radio, we are going to give you more options and more unpredictable options within our postgame show and within big city and within the local hours.


So you don't know exactly what you're going to get. We want that unpredictability. We're striving for that unpredictability. So just know that going forward and then, you know, we'll do what we can within the shackles and the handcuffs here. These two hours that we have on a daily radio as well with a lot of, you know, interference from a lot of different places. Let's go ahead and open up the club.


Everyone is so happy here to God, just because I'd like to post-coital because of being near the world's strongest man and having his masculinity, you know, not rub off on us, but learning how to be a man at his knee at one of his ravaged knees.


Right. And the game two days in a row and then have him on a Monday. I mean, something to look forward to. We've got a ton of questions. First round in the club is what Mike Ryan.


I was driving through South Carolina very, very late, like 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. By the time we're we just pulled over to a hotel or trying to drive up to Washington. And we just pulled over to the first hotel that we could find we've driven in on that night.


So that is Billy telling a ghost story. Could you tell from the meandering path that we took?


Then I saw a ghost the end.


He got mad at us because the story was meandering and then he took his ghost. And I know who else is in the club.


I don't believe he did anything wrong either. That was Fernando Tatis. You're not remembering that. That's Fernando Tatis senior. He did the show in his second language. And then I reprimanded you guys for not liking it by saying that you should like it in his second.


I don't believe you did anything wrong either. That was did that end up on the scroll or on SportsCenter? Fernando Tatis senior. Did we miss our window?


And outside the lines, I didn't watch Unwritten Rules of baseball. He lashed out at baseball for attacking his son. Who else in the club?


I just want you to put this meeting together of minds because of my admiration and my admiration for the man, Magnus Magnus and of course, his action Bronson, who set up our whole relationship with the world's strongest man.


Who else is in the club world's strongest man, one of the pioneers of the sport, a man near and dear to my heart.


And that's where his connection started to go sour. Who else is in the club? This is literally the worst way to ever do this. This is burning my heart that this is happening. But if you can hear me, just understand. I'm sorry. You're sorry.


The room or the record, they were meeting for the first time, childhood hero back magnets for Magnason Action. Bronson bodged all the technology and then just left in shame. And then we discarded him and developed our own relationship with magnets for magnets.


If you can hear me understand. I'm sorry.


That was very favorable.


We were just we were just trying to have one of those hacky radio moments where we introduced someone famous to their hero and it all went wrong, if you could hear me understand. I'm sorry.


Who else is in the club?


An original old Icelandic giant. I just.


I love him. Yeah. Who else is in the club? I'm not much of a dancer unless I do a little dance. Do you have the binding agreement? He's not much of a dancer, a little bit of a clunky dancer. Who else in the club.


And finally, a person who sleeps too much, fits too much and isn't physically active enough is more than four times as likely to die early.


Oh, some bad news for him. Oh, just unbelievable the leaving it. It's taken ten days to contaminate and corrupt her professionalism. And I'm telling you, by the end of this show, I just want her screaming curses at us. And finally, Disney World is the second largest purchaser of explosives in the United States.


Surprised Disney is second, considering how badly the art of conversation or who else is in the club, if you can hear me understand.


I'm sorry I stole our show. You can hear me. Just understand. I'm sorry.