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Hey yeah I thought and he just skip could be his last name right. It just says be here. That's all he says. I mean he's entered the at that threshold, the tier of one name people. And it's also predicated on his last name being really difficult to pronounce. I'm going to go two of the rest of the way.


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So Mike McCarthy thought that Dallas is preparation. Coming into the game was his best of the year, the best preparation they've had the entire year. The Dallas Cowboys will get to Ron McGill in a second. But first, Cody, you've got here a tweet. Today's Back in My Day did its job. It was eloquent, insightful and yet mediocre. At the same time, I give it three point three. Five stars might try it again. Christine, how many curses were there last night?


Give me a number of curses at the television watching the bills play Infinite.


Oh, wow.


OK, very good. Give her the kazoo so we can get to Ron McGill. And finally, Doritos were invented at Disneyland, and Dan is forever grateful.


Yes, that's right. Yes, yes. And who isn't right? We all are. Thank you. Still got some single me out. I got you. That was unnecessary. So Ron McGill is with us now. If you guys have any questions, seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three, seven. Start off. Start us off. Roy, what do you have for Ron McGill?


Ron is a primate in Asia called sorry, there's a primate in Asia called Laura Laws.


And apparently it has flesh rotting venom and is one of the world's only venomous animals. Mammals actually can describe what is really thrown you off of your game.


She's really, really well come back to you. But she's anxious to get Princess Claire. She okay? Like a reasonable question.


Billy, what do you have for Ron McGill?


Ron, there was a story that in San Francisco, a lemur went missing. Now they ended up finding the lemur, but they thought that it was stolen. Has an animal ever been kidnapped or an attempted kidnap at the zoo?


Yes, we've actually had animals stolen. We had about thirty years ago, a couple of our show parrots were stolen from the amphitheatre, never to be retrieved. And we did catch someone trying to steal a tortoise. That person was caught and charged. But the the parrot, sadly, were never found and they were stolen. And that was the beginning of a very intricate alarm system here at the zoo. What is video surveillance? What is the criminal penalty for trying to steal a turtle?


An endangered species, a federal act, it's a federal violation, so it's a you know, it could be pretty severe as far as the parrots go stealing the parrots because they were so trained than they were worth thousands of dollars each. It was grand larceny. So that's also quite steep.


So those people had no idea, though, that they were looking at very stiff penalties when they're trying to steal those particular in.


You know what? I think most of those people really aren't very high on the intelligence scale. But they they I don't think they care about the penalty. I think they all think they're, you know, immune to anything. Unfortunately, they got away with that at that time. But we have caught other people doing other things that have been really outrageous, that have been prosecuted. Parker, you're on with Ron McGill. Go ahead, Parker.


Hey, Ron, if you could have the tail of a primate or the feet of a primate research, which would you choose? Oh, I would choose the tail of a spider monkey or howler monkey because it's a prehensile pellets. Give me an extra arm to give me that. Give me like five limbs to grab things with. Definitely go with that because, you know, I'm happy with my arms and my my hands and my feet, my legs.


But if I could have another one, that would be huge.


Did I skip over you saying, Ron, that there were other things, weird things that you've had to prosecute beyond thievery? Like what? Like sex on the premises or.


Oh, no, that I caught that. You know, I know this is kind of I was here. It was a rainy day and I'm doing my rounds. And I walked into the aviary, the aviary round room. It's it's an enclosed air conditioned room. Of course, nobody in the zoo because it was raining, except there was somebody in the zoo. There was somebody making a little film in our round room when I walked in and caught them an actual adult film.


Like it wasn't just two people. There was there was an entire.


Oh, no, no, no, no, it wasn't it wasn't a whole crew. It was this catering's woman, but a woman. She was pleasuring herself. They're all her boyfriend was holding her and the other guy was photographing the whole thing. OK, they ran out. They ran out. They got away. Many people told me, well, people tell me, you're lying, Ron. You're making that up. I go, no, I'm not making it up.


And for weeks, I mean, I know I put myself out on a limb by doing this. I searched the sites using different keywords, you know, wildlife or all kinds of animals. Don't know. But I.


I found it. I found it. And when I showed it to security and I said, look, that looks familiar. Is that background look familiar to you?


And I go, Yeah. And that's when they start installing all the cameras, the security cameras and everything. I believe they laughed at me. They said I was making it up.


Billy, why are you why is your head in your hands? Like, it's just weird consulting the animal doctor on facts and he he tells great stories. What's the problem?


I was wondering about a lemur napping and now, you know, that's what it's turned into.


I just like you. Is there a penalty for that, though? Like, if you would try if you had if they hadn't run out of the place?


Decency, you can't do something like that in public. Damn, it's a stiff. Fine. Would you just chase them down, though? Would you chase them down? I tried.


I tried, but they really ran. They were pretty young and they were pretty scared. And, you know, it was they literally literally jumped right out and jumped over the fence out into the parking lot. So, you know, they were they were fast, but I busted them. And again, that was just me. It was a shocker to me and was really sad was I can't the end of their film. Because when when we act when I was actually able to find the film on a site, they had been to several other sites before then at the zoo and documented their little activity.


Real sticky situation. I mean, oh, OK. We need to change.


What happened to the one who said it was a real shocker? No, I leave. You're on with Ron McGill of Zoo Miami. Go ahead, Ali.


Yeah. Do you believe in animal ghosts? And there's a fake. Do I believe in ghosts, is that what he said? Animal go, animal, ghost. I believe in animal spirits. Yes, I believe every living thing has a spirit. I do. OK, that petered out, but the last time we asked you about ghosts, he had that amazing story. You ever seen anything that was different?


I've never seen an animal ghost. You ever heard an animal ghost?


You know, I don't know if it's that I'm really tired sometimes, but every now and then, I swear, I hear the the clicking of my dog's toes walking on the tile some time. I mean, maybe it's just wishful thinking.


Roy, that took a dark turn. Roy, what? You want to finish your question? Well, look at all happy. Beautiful. Yeah, well, but I just feel bad because your dog died and you hear him.


Well, you think it's there and then it's not like that's happened to me. It makes me sad. Roy, you're on. Go ahead. Ask the question.


Without Princess Claire, this time right around is a primate in Asia called the Loris, who apparently has a flesh rotting venom. Can you describe what allures is and can you describe what other mammals have this type of venom? The loris is actually a type of primate. It has huge eyes. It's a nocturnal animal, doesn't get very large. Anybody saw a picture of it? I'm sure a student is already Googling it. It's actually adorable, has these huge alien looking type of eyes because it is a nocturnal type of primate.


It's not an animal's going to attack. You were going to do anything like that. As far as the investigation goes, I'm not sure about the toxicity of that venom, how it's found in the saliva. But as far as other animals that have venom, the platypus is probably one of the most notorious as a venomous spider at the base of believe it of its tail. That can pretty much hurt you pretty badly if you were to get investigated by a platypus.


But not many people are going to come across a platypus, which happens to also be one of only two egg laying mammals in the world. So here's a bunch of information you got with one question. Good question, Roy.


Again, we got a bunch of information for the last question, but was about lemurs and it took an unexpected turn here. I put it on the pole. Gameau. Did you know that platen pi? What is the plural xenopus platypuses? Did you know that platypuses were venomous? Because I did not know that. What's the video we have this week that you are doing play by play?


Are you ready when you're ready? Go ahead. We are ready. OK. All right. Beautiful pulsing guy in a pool deck. All oh is coming in. OK, this guy must be fast asleep on his lounge because he's not even moving. It's getting a little drink. It's little black bear. Nothing harmful. He's getting a little walk into your sleep. It probably smells of coke or something. Well it has to please wake him up. I'm going to pray to God.


I happen to like the guy wakes up well, and look what happens. What happens, Dad? What happened? Say it. And the bear runs away, doesn't he? The guy moves and the bear runs away. The bear doesn't attack him. It's not vicious. It doesn't destroy him. As soon as the guy woke up, what does he do? He reaches for his phone right away. But if he wants to get some kind of stupid tick tock video or something stupid to put online instead of just appreciating the moment like the Old Testament to both of those things, what is this guy then?


The guy wakes up. We don't see them of here, but that's beautiful. Lorenzo, thank you so much for sending that, because that will show people if you if you just behave and relax, these animals are much more frightened of using. You are of them. Finally, a really great video to show that point. That's so important. God, you guys are good sometimes. You really are.


Great video. Thank you, Ron. Take care. Great video. I wish the audience would have been able to see it while Ron was describing.


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Is that sponsored? Does that need to be sponsored by anyone?


No. But I will say it's time for straight talk. It is brought to you by straight talk. All right. So you've got the 100th episode of stupidity coming out. And I hear we have some sound of Bill Simmons on the Zach podcast. They are talking about a variety of different basketball subjects. And the subject comes up of Andre Drummond and his free agency. And Andre Drummond told you on Stewpot, the 100th episode is about to drop. Yep.


And he told you that he was opting back in in Cleveland. And I guess Bill Simmons is shocked that you broke news.


So you get German. He's already opted in.


Yeah, he's well, he told he told Stewart he's opting in. So I'm assuming he's going to do copses breaking news that he broke when he broke. He was like two months ago and still got some stupid.


I love that. Way to go, Zach. Way to stick up for Stu. Got a great job by Zach. I don't blame Bill for being shocked at all. I was shocked what had happened.


But the 100th episode is being released today. We're doing an award show, the Stewie's. We are handing out major, major hardware today. A lot of fun stands at work, very hard on putting it together. So we're excited for it.


All right. So you've got that. And I've got a genuine sort of conundrum, a dilemma. I just really don't know. I'm genuinely flummoxed on how to handle all of this or George MOSFET, all nonsense. And we'll get to that in a second. Is now he's going back and forth with Billy Corben. He's campaigning for Trump. Billy Corbin's got a movie coming out this week as he beefs back and forth with mosfet all. I don't even know where it's escalated most recently, but I just know that I'm hearing from people now that both of them are going back and forth at each other.


Billy Corbin's got a movie to sell. Masvidal has got a career to sell. Masvidal believes in what it is he thinks about freedom and Cuba and Miami and Trump and Billy Corbin's on the other side of that, doing a movie about Cubans and Miami and the election of the year 2000 that you're going to see on HBO. It debuts tomorrow.


Yeah, Billy's fighting a losing battle in trying to reason with Hormoz, but I'll think of Harry Marsupial's climb. And now he has an audience with the most powerful family in politics right now.


The most powerful men in the world has given him an audience with him and makes him feel like he made proud Miami sewer rat literally from our streets, literally the believer of the American dream who fought in the streets of this country in order to climb to where he is next to the American flag. And the president, who's going to believe more in this America than George Masvidal?


The most stubborn people I've run into in my life are Cuban men. Now, you've given a Cuban man those credentials, not just the I overcame everything, but now I'm in with the president. You're not going to win that.


But just so that you guys know, OK, if Billy Corben can't win, that's fine. But he's got a movie coming out.


He won't win. But Billy will try. There's no because there is no stopping him. And there is a movie on HBO that will make you understand why it is that George Masvidal thinks the way he does and is willing to go down dangerous paths, even though some of the facts very obviously elude him in a way that is obvious in our South Beach sessions. No matter where you side politically, I do think that you will learn something about the Cuban American experience by going back two decades to the 2000 election.


And really what the movie's about is how Miami stole the presidential election, that the presidential election of 2000, that Ford tells just about everything you're seeing in America today. You could listen to it on South Beach sessions because Billy Corben does a very good job of describing how all of this ended up happening. But everything you see happening in America today was foretold by the year 2000 as Cubans and Cubans, Americans and Americans fought over a five year old boy who had drifted onto our land.


Cubans have a privileged position in this country that Haitians do not have with wet foot, dry foot. When we get here, we get to stay. Cubans value freedom above all else. That's how Masvidal and Cubans become that way. So when Elian Gonzalez, his mom, dies at sea to get him here and America doesn't understand and Cubans feel lonely because they're they're like his mother died to get him to freedom. Freedom is the thing that matters. Do not take for granted freedom.


It is the one issue vote that you will find in the Cuban community. I honestly don't know where to side, though, in terms of our particular affiliation with this guy who. Sorry, we like and who we personally like, but is a bit of an affront with what he's doing dangerously now in a way that I'm having trouble getting past.


To be clear, wet foot, dry foot no longer exist. And it just further drove the divide between Democrats and some Cuban Miamians, which blame everything bad about Cuban policy on the Democratic Party.


So I want to get into with Stargardt's what it is that Clayton Kershaw has to do, like what it is that it has to be for you to change. Your tune on Kershaw is a win game, one win game for one game seven all shout out.


It's all shutouts. That's different. Complete game shutouts. I mean, and then we're getting somewhere he cannot lose another postseason game for the remainder of his career. OK, yep.


But how about winning? Like what? How well does he have to pitch in? Game one tonight will not meet him, but if he loses it it will mean everything. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. This is the story of a disgraced Olympian, a man accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys and young men for over 40 years. I remember thinking, if I scream, nobody can hear me. And the perfect storm that brought his accusers together.


I'm not the only one, you know, the only one who is no longer I'm I'm not alone and brought him out of the shadows.


How do you get these boys to believe in you so much? Listen to ESPN investigates season two, The Running Man, wherever you listen to podcasts available now. Don Libertador, anybody remember the late 60s singer Oliver? He had a couple of hits, including Good Morning Star Shine, that guy, he is the brother of ASIC Commissioner John Swofford.


Still got, you know, who didn't contribute. Oh, you save the show. This incident about our show, were there still guides on ESPN Radio all gassed on the Dan Leotard show up here via the show Pennzoil Performance Line by Ryan.


Good to join us there in just a second. Listen to every single page of the 2020 World Series right here on ESPN Radio. Starting tonight with Game one, coverage of the match up between the Dodgers and Rays begins at seven thirty Eastern. Let's take a second here for our friends over at Granger. For the ones rising to new challenges, Granger knows that small things can make a big difference, like marking safe distances with floor tape and posting reminders to wash your hands.


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Bob Ryan, stay there for just a moment because I wanted to deliver some news here to Chris Cody and Billy Gill. It just happened and Billy's got a big smile on his face locally here in Miami. When Toure entered the game last week, Stewart's last two minutes, there was a television bump of 32000 people because people were so eager, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, to just see to hand the ball off.


And now Adam Schefter is reporting, Chris, that Toure is your starter to is taking.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, like no one who is a time. I'm not ready. I'm scared this time. It is time to start messing with you. We're not messing. We've got a bye week. But it still was on that.


I have to go. I have to go. Yes.


Greg Cody, was that news to you as well? You're a Miami Herald seasoned reporter. There's been a quarterback shift in Miami. Yeah, when when they had a bye week upcoming and they gave to a little taste late in Sunday's game, the the proverbial writing was it was all all right, you knew it, but you didn't write it in a newspaper.


You didn't know. I didn't know it for sure. But it's not the least bit surprised.


The writing should have been in the newspaper. It's not the least bit surprising. Your son is behaving as if he's pretty surprised and scared. But we wanted to get Bob Ryan on because he doesn't know what a Twix is. And we will do that in just a second. But first, we got to go here to Christine Lacy.


And finally, one in three children can use a tablet before they can speak, which is more than you can say for students who can't use a tablet or speak. That's right for Greg, who thinks we're actually talking about tablets made of stone.


Thank you. I appreciate you, Christine. You you are cruel. After the bills lose gives me an edge.


Yes, it really does. Thank you, Bob. So help us with something here. We were confused by your confusion. And thank you for joining us about the Twix candy bar. Why did you ask the other day, what is it? Twix.


First of all, there would have been less of a commotion in the world of Twitter had I declared myself to be a Satan worshipper than to be someone who was ignorant of the existence of a candy bar known as Twix. What happened was there was a tweet in which there were pictures of four candy bars, wrappers, I believe the other three were Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Way and Snickers. And in the bottom right hand corner was Twix. I have never heard of Twix.


And so I tweeted out, what the hell is Twix? And, oh, my goodness, the absolute horror, the idea that somehow I had gotten through life this far without knowing about Twix, then when it was intertwined with the fact that there was a major Seinfeld reference along the way with George and Twix. And then I went to a Seinfeld fan. Well, I was a Seinfeld fan, but not an afficionado. I didn't see every episode.


I, I wasn't a Seinfeld freak. I was well aware of the generalities of Seinfeld. Anyway, that's how it came about. But boy, did it. Did it racist.


Well, oh, Bob, it's the biggest controversy, controversy of your journalistic lifetime. And I would like for you to publicly apologized, please.


Are you willing to apologizing for anything? First of all, as I pointed out and let's take a let's get that. Put the cards on the table. The discussion is fine, but irrelevant to the you know, the discourse and human disagreed. This is said that that anyone knows that this only if if we were constitutionally restricted to one candy bar for the rest of our collective lives, it would have to be Reese's peanut butter cups. So that's number one.


And I do mean that that is my favorite part of my candy by far. But I managed to go through life without being aware of the existence of Twix. I'm sorry.


OK, that is an apology. Not as profitable as the one. I think I just said I'm sorry. What do you mean?


You just give a speech? Let's get him to elaborate. Defiant.


That's a defiant. I'm sorry. That's not a sincere.


Please stop shouting at us. OK, this is crazy. This let's get you to explain your tweets here. Let's do this with the pageantry that we always do it with.


You have some explaining the time to explain, please, at Global.


Brian on Twitter, my favorite follow on Twitter. Bob tweeted out, has it Tony La Russa done enough damage to baseball?


When I heard, I read that he was going to be interviewed by the White Sox for the job. The issue isn't that he's 76. He's totally competent. One issue is he's in the Hall of Fame. He'll be the first person to to come back after being in the hall. You're not happy about that? No one in the Hall of Fame is happy about that at all. But the idea that he's the most he's a person that's done the most harm to baseball.


He's had to make a negative effect on baseball in the last 40 years. He's the three point shot of baseball that because that's the worst thing to happen to basketball in my lifetime. But he's the guy that that started that accelerated. It didn't start necessarily, but he made it. He put this pitching micromanaging that has manifested itself in what the Rays do. It's basically we can trace it to him and his use of Dennis Eckersley when he decided, hey, Dennis Eckersley would only start a ninth inning B with the lead and would never come in the game with men on base and prior to that and glorifying the bogus stat known as a save.


And and and it's going on from there.


You are enraged. But this is this and this is as angry as I've ever heard you on any subject.


I love baseball. And he's he's created the four hour game of ball by himself.


You want to hear angry? If only Dwight Howard had half Bill Russell's basketball IQ, competitiveness and heart, let alone his quickness to the ball. Bill Russell would truly embarrass Dwight Howard is bigger than Bill Russell. Oh, boy.


But what a lot of people think they're bigger than guys. In his time, many of was six nine. But but this this came up because of that Dwight Howard, who is my least favorite player of the last fifteen years, he took the mantle from Chris Webber, who took it from Elvin Hayes.


Yes. And this lineage here and Dwight Howard is a big clown who has squat. A talent and an idea that someone would actually consider him for the Hall of Fame is horrifying and people people walking around the hallways and not to a Hall of Famer. Oh, please stop it. I mean, he's a big slug at Dollywood for ninety dollars a month.


We had a living room, two bedrooms and a huge kitchen. After two years or so, our landlord apologized and said we have to raise it to 115 dollars, 100 percent.


True. That was the first appointment we've been to after we were married in 1969. And it was the second floor of a we were on the third floor of a three four house dwelling and the landlord on the first floor and his his father lived on the second floor and we were on the third floor. And that's what we had for ninety dollars a month. That's very spacious. Nice apartment. Yes, that's I was I'm just. Well, you lived in it also had to do with someone tweeted about there, some writer tweeted about his opening salary and then wanted to know what people in the business, what their first job payment was.


And I took home 72 fifty a week as a office boy for the Boston Globe. And from the months of of March and October in 1969, 72 50. Fortunately, my wife was teaching and that's how we were able to get by.


It worked out OK for you as a career. Bob, thank you for being on with us. I appreciate your lineage of hating basketball players. And it was wonderful. Thank you for being on with us. Always good catching up with you.


Any time I'm going to go have a peanut butter cup now. All right.


Very good. He was rabid, unreasonable. Now to the good stuff. All right, Cody, you got to give me something better on the subject of two than you just did. The Miami Dolphins are trying quarterback, too, hoping that he's the best they've had since Marino. It's been a drought for many years. All you did was tell us by way of analysis. Yeah. Kind of saw that comment. You didn't give us anything long time dinosaur columnist.


Are you going to do so in the next segment?


Sure. If you want me to. Absolutely. Yes. I don't know where it was when I asked for it.


Don Lemon, card two twenty five hundred twelve packs of beer would weigh roughly twenty four thousand five hundred pounds.


So that's 12 tons of beer still got. So where does Dirk Nowitzki put that? Right in his belly. This is about our show with these still got on ESPN Radio. ESPN Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Getting It Done brought to you by Granger. Phil Mickelson is now playing on the PGA Champions Tour and has gotten off to a hot start heading into the Masters with his win in the Dominion Energy charity classic. He became the fourth player at second this year to win his first two starts on the tour for players 50 and older.


A lefty, he finished at 17 under. One of the one off the event record set by Miguel Angel Jimenez last year, Granger helps your business move forward with supplies and solutions for every industry. Safety recovery guides 24/7. Support more, call click Granger Dotcom or just stop by. If I sound sad, it's because Mickelsen is no longer on the PGA Tour.


So, you know, if you're listening to this, that all of this that we do is a business. Very much so. You're reminded of it all the time, never more so than in the bare naked greed you see all over right now as we are in the middle of a sickness, are grabbing at the dollars. But we're in the emotion business and more than that, we're in the hope business, and so when it comes to got to the greatest of the transactions in sports that get a fan base excited, there is nothing and nothing greater, nothing greater in sports, not you got the big free agent than my team might have a young quarterback.


And here he comes into the game. I might have a quarterback for 10 years. I might get what the chiefs now have where they can beat you a million different ways.


Last night, with him just handing off 46, I had four a half with Sam Darnel. That's gone by Cadart for a couple of games with Baker. It's probably.


But now Chris Cody is a fascinating combination. Billy, I want to hear how you feel. I want to hear it's been a long time since we had a quarterback. Cody, I want to hear how you feel. Not since Marino. We're going back a ways. Man. The dolphins were relevant every year with Marino because they had one of those. They experienced this at the very beginning with Dan Marino. It was obvious, oh, that guy is going to be our future for fifteen years.


That guy, if he stays healthy, is going to make us madder every single year. And now two is coming into the game.


This is super different because they had an early round draft pick, a high draft pick. And Ryan Tannehill, he was serviceable and he's still a good pro in the NFL. He didn't excite the base the way the tour does. He's a superstar. I don't know how to feel, I'm nervous, I'm excited, I just want to buy tickets to the game in two weeks against the Rams. I can't believe, Aaron Donald is going to be his first start.


That scares me. I don't know what to do right now.


Billy, what what kind of state are you in?


I feel bad for Ryan Fitzpatrick. I mean, I feel like he was doing a decent job, future Hall of Famer. Hopefully things work out for two. I'm hoping he kind of step aside. He said, you know what, it's to a time now. Let the young man soar. But we'll see. I'm a little worried. I told you this the other day to looked a little small to me the other day.


I'm a little worried about Patrick Fitzpatrick is small. He's just got a substantive beard as he looks small but small. He is a college star.


Don't you think this has everything to do with Hey, we have Ryan Fitzpatrick, we're three and three. Fitzpatrick is not going to win is the Super Bowl. We have a chance at winning this division. AFC seems to be wide open. Let's put the young guy in and see if he if he's good enough, perhaps he could take us places we didn't think we were going to go or he's just healthy and ready because Fitzpatrick was always holding the job.


They're coming off of their two best back to back victories. And I can't remember how long the dolphins don't play on the positive side of blowouts like Ryan Fitzpatrick. I told you, Ryan Fitzpatrick in San Francisco just put up a forty point game. The Dolphins have had five of those in the last twenty years. Five last in the league by Miles. Ryan, go sit on the bench because it's still a time.


Yeah, it's got to be shown up at practice. You've got to think this is a naturally when you have a young quarterback that you're excited about, usually you see what a struggling team, not a three and three team that's in the fight for the division. After the bye week, you start the young quarterback. So he must be impressing them for this to be the plan.


I would also think that what you're going with there with a healthy TUA because they have shown promise of winning the division even if you don't play to it. But this is the kind of move that you make when you believe in the investment you've made. And I'm guessing the Dolphins and Brian Flores feel like and it's obvious that you can say this about a lot of teams, we're a quarterback away. We're a quarterback.


That is special. Special away and right.


You give them enough time here. And if he's not any good, if he turns out to be lousy, then you have the Texans pick and you might turn that into Trevor Lawrence. I have a bad thing. You're taking a few steps back. What are you doing that you're already getting rid of, too? After that, Trevor Lawrence for nine games. Benguela goes through God's way to ruin this. We haven't gotten Greg.


Greg Cody, the guy who loves Miami, loves the Dolphins, is a homer once traded Marino and wanted to keep Scott, which leads to a time baby. Well, first of all, thank you for giving me all this time to speak about hope.


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