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Thank you, sir, for making the time. I was wondering if we could just start with you just listing your injuries over the course of your life, just sort of giving us a list, a detailed list of all the ways that you have brought harm to your body.


I don't know. I try I kind of forget about injuries, but I have been a lot of you know, I broke my back in three places in the military in a free fall accident and off my shoulder in Antarctica and Seimas in Canada and a whole bunch of different things. But you know, what it's told me is that, first of all, don't be an idiot. You'll only get it wrong once. Learn from the mistakes, be smart.


And and secondly, I've been so lucky and I think so much of my experience now has been the sum of many near misses. And I'm actually, you know, contrary to what you might believe, I'm actually pretty cautious as a as a person, especially on a lot of the shows we do like, you know, running wild on taking one on one gets away or something like the world's toughest race. So we had so many adventure races out there, you got to be absolutely on it with this sort of stuff and the injuries.


It was a great quote. I don't want to arrive at the end of my life in a perfectly preserved body. What a waste. I'm screaming. I was covered in scars, screaming, Yahoo! What a ride.


What happened with the parachute jump in the military? Like what? What are the details worth? You know, I don't know how painful this must have been where you end up with three, you know, back broken in three places. Yeah, that was that was a definitely a dark time for me, but I ended up spending best part of a year in an active military rehabilitation back in the U.K. It was a jump in Africa that went went pretty wrong.


But and then I ventured to leave the military. And, you know, there was a long time on my back and braces and all of that just thinking, am I ever going to be able to make it to the bathroom without crying in pain, let alone ever be able to climb again or do any of the sort of things that I was doing. I was serving with the British Special Forces at the time and living a life and a job that I, you know, loved with with the people I love.


So that was a hard, hard one to swallow. But, you know, I look back on my career now and I think, you know, every cloud always has a silver lining. I know it's a cliche, but it's true, you know, and sometimes you got to walk through these difficult times to get to the good times. And I don't think I would have done any of the TV adventures or any of the big expeditions that I did after leaving the military if I hadn't had that accident at that time.


And sometimes these things give you a fire to get up and grab life and go for it and be grateful for a second chance. And that's kind of what I felt, you know. What's the longest you've gone without being able to get out of bed? I'm not and I'm pretty good, I you know, even when I'm injured, I'm stumbling around trying to get out. But yeah, and I'm I'm I'm pretty active first in the United States.




I don't know Iran, but unless I really have the world's toughest race eco challenge, Fiji, it premieres tomorrow. Bear Grylls with us on the ESPN Radio. What is the worst thing that you've been bitten by? Probably a viper in the Borneo jungle, a snake, but I was lucky it wasn't it wasn't venomous and I was fine. I think that was just more of a shock. And you got to be careful with even non-venomous snake bites, with infection and stuff when you're in the jungle.


But I know I've had a lot of lot of I've had scorpion and tarantula bites and of various things like that. But yeah, generally, again, I'm pretty lucky. I have three boys and they love like feeling I've got a great little bit of gristle that's in my ankle. That's basically just scar tissue from a scorpion bite years ago. And and they still love feeling that on my ankle they go to school.


But what is what is the most you've been surprised by an animal in your adventures where you just you even with all your experience, you simply weren't expecting it.


Probably saltwater crocodiles in the northern territories. You know, we'd been traveling through the swamp with this little billabong, this little pool of water. And we thought we were out of territory now. And the crew were about to fill out water bottles. And I said, guys, that's super murky water. Let's just let's just wouldn't I wouldn't go near that for now. And that would not be fine. I said, well, here we go. And I threw a rock in the ledge as a rock hit the water.


This massive great big saltwater crocodile burst out thrashing and turn this whole pool into like a washing machine, a white water thrashing. And then the sun were actually still like glass again, or we don't swim.


But it's horrifying.


Bear Grylls with us again. World's toughest race, eco challenge, Fiji. We'll talk to you about that in a second. What represents the most scared you've been in the presence of an animal? And the president's honeymoon may be I may be jumping on the back of a big 60 foot tiger shark once by mistake. Out in the middle of the Pacific and I was built, I built a raft and I in between these islands and and I just jumped off and I didn't see a thing that came straight low, some low levels under the raft.


And I landed on top of it. And I think the shark was as surprised as I was. And sharks pulled off and I shot up out of the water, back onto the raft. And then the shark came back to try and have the best of me sort of thrashing it on the raft. And I was like, wow, you know, sorry, I didn't mean to jump on you.


I didn't see you there. Yeah, that's happened to me a couple of times. It's terrible. Bear Grylls with us here on ESPN Radio. It's unbelievable. How did you find. How did you find yourself? What are the details? Why were you rowing naked in a homemade tub in the ocean? Well, those days are the days before before I was on TV, now, nowadays I can't get away with doing things like that because, you know, you get whatever.


But this was rowing for we rode the length of the Thames, which is the biggest big river in the UK, to try and raise money for a friend of mine who lost his limb, lost his arm, and he needed a you know, a you know, and we have raised money for a prosthetic for him at the time. And so that was the challenge. We rode in in a bathtub down the length of the Thames. So, yeah, there you go.


That's prowling the times that I've done that make it. It's been really grueling. Grylls with us again, world's toughest race, eco challenge, Fiji.


What can you tell us about this? What's interesting, dangerous, weird about this show. You're doing a prime video beginning tomorrow.


Yeah, well, the world's toughest race has all those elements in it. You know, it is what it what it says. It's the toughest, toughest race ever hosted on planet Earth, 250 miles, nonstop racing day and night for 11, 11 days through some of the harshest terrain and jungle and swamps, the ravines on the planet, teams from all over the world. And there is definitely a concern between those of us who put this thing together is, is anyone ever going to finish it?


You know, is it possible that the answer is watch tomorrow night? What happens is amazing and inspiring and a real testament to friendships and to resilience.


And to never giving up. Ultimately, that's that's the story of these teams that make it through and it's amazing.


World's toughest race, eco challenge, Fiji. Tomorrow night, prime video to you. Answer this question with your thoughts. Which of these do you think tastes the worst to God's raw frozen yak eyeballs?


Camel intestine juice, raw goat testicles, a live snake, maggots as big as your hand or a giant live spider? Which do you think tastes the worst? Theirs to God?


The the testicles, the raw goat testicles. Bear Grylls. Which of those tastes the worst? Bull's eye. Yeah, the Testico truly, truly bizarre thing is that I tried to swallow, I made the error of trying to swallow it whole without chewing it and and and and I couldn't do it. So then I said my throat, like, squashed this thing and then it exploded into a mouthful of everything. It's going to be inside that testicle. And then I vomited and then I and I had to swallow the vomit and the testicle and the contents of the testicle.


And it was just a really bad way to kick off an adventure we had in the Sahara Desert a few years back. You don't say you picked the low point in my life.


I'm going to great regret.


You are not injuries.


Injuries near death were you know, there have been a lot of highlights as well.


You know, I tried to lose the game slows down. It doesn't work. Thank you. Very apparent.


Thank you for your amazing what you do.


What you do is amazing. World's Toughest Race. Eco Challenge, Fiji tomorrow, prime video. Hold that thought.


Let's sell some ads. Surprising bonus thoughts on nut milk. If you want some more information on where and how we are going to change in the coming weeks, the next mystery crate will give you some guidance there on some things that we're excited about around here, because if you like this show, you're about to get more of this show. You just going to have to find it in sort of different places because on ESPN Radio, the lineup is changing.


Here they're going more sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, pressing the guys on sports, less of, you know, farting noise over here and Bear Grylls interviews. But we will have all that stuff for you. It's not going to disappear. You're just not going to get it all on the radio. You're going to get it from 10 to noon Eastern on the radio beginning on Monday.


I mean, who said we don't do sports? We're going to have the MVP of the bubble? I mean, the guy who's been better than anyone, maybe Dame Lillard, but TJ Warren in about ten minutes, MVP of bubble play inside the NBA.


Yes. Excellent. That's just minutes away. TJ Warren. He is the bubble king and we will talk to him about sports. But next week, that hour will not exist. There will exist somewhere else. So Bear Grylls and everything else, that's non sports you can get elsewhere. Really just going to talk to T.J. Warren about us talking about him. Yes, that's basically why it is that we're having him on. That is correct. Well done by you, Chris.


As always, I was looking through some ads to Gods, and I got to think the world has been turned totally upside down. Right. So there are got to be a number of things that you're noticing that are numbers that are just simply insane, whether you wonder why our economy is still propped up by five companies somehow and Jeff Bezos is making in a single day enough to buy the New York Knicks and the Dallas Cowboys and have plenty of money left over.


But beyond that, I was looking and I saw an ad for flights out of Miami and it was twenty dollars twenty twenty dollars a JetBlue flight out of Miami on something.


And it's one way, but I still like what the hell is happening in our turned upside down world because a lot of people don't feel like planes are safe. But now would be a good time to travel if what you're interested in is only the health of your bank account. What are some places where you've seen some prices where you've been like, how the hell is it possible? Why are they even bothering to sell seats at that price? Tony, have you seen anything that has caught your attention there?


I have.


Dan, AMC has announced that next week they're going to be opening their theaters for people to come in and watch movies. And the ticket price is going to be a paltry 15 cents now. 15 cents.


Sounds like a lot, right? When you. No, no.


You have hundreds of people in a theater all breathing their breath on you as you watch a movie. Maybe not the best place, but a bargain.


A bargain at fifteen cents is the price of Gregoris first movie ticket.


I mean, we are back to the days of 15 cents. Buys you a movie ticket. That is that right? Is that possible? That it is true? Like, why are you bothering to open your door? Wait a minute here. Would you like to get the disease for 15 cents?


But I can cover the Coke, but we also don't have any new movies to show you. So, like, I don't we can't make movies right now.


Whatever gets me to see Tennet quicker, please. I think people would yearn just to go outside, go to a theater, pay the 15 cents, sit in there. They don't need to watch a new movie. They'll watch Rocky, Rambo, Casablanca, they'll watch the classics. I mean, I think people would do that. I do. What are you talking about?


They have put the price at that level. Like, what is the even point? Honest to God, I'm dead serious about this. Why don't you just let everyone in for free? Because it's more of a hassle to make me go find 15 cents because apparently a coin shortage, two.


Am I going to, like, put that on my card? Am I going to be embarrassed when that comes in? Hey, everybody want to come to the movies? I got it. I got the price.


I was going to get us on the interest here.


TJ Warren joins us next. Tea buckets, Tony is calling him TJ Warren with Guards is his biggest fan. He has no bigger national fan, I don't think, than used to God. You told everybody could give you 45 any given night. T.J. Warren with us now on ESPN Radio. I guess we'll start there. Your first night in the bubble. As soon as Stewart says T.J. Ward can give you 45 any given night. TJ Warren, who had never gotten 45 in the night, goes to the bubble and gets more than 45 in a night.


So what the hell happened there? And thank you for joining us, Te Buckett.


Appreciate it. Thanks for having me. What happened with you getting into the bubble and all of a sudden you're the breakout star of the bubble, is that something that you were expecting to happen in the months preceding? Something like that? I mean, even when I see it, we've been playing really good basketball throughout the whole year and definitely wanted to use it to restart the chance to really take it to another level, you know, All-Star Sabonis. He went out with an injury and he hasn't been playing.


So Guards has had to step up. And I know my mom has wanted to be more aggressive and, and try to step up all that with injuries with the team. So I mean it worked out so far as the work's not done and we got to continue to get better. What is scoring 50 mean to you as someone who grew up loving basketball, like going into an NBA game and scoring 50, what were the touchstone moments in your childhood where a guy put up 50 and you realize the number matters to you?


Yeah, I mean, that's it's a great feeling being able to envision that and really do it in a game at the grown up in the backyard or in the front yard, just playing with your friends or just. Having a deep imagination of having these type of moments and this sort of surreal feeling to be able to to do that on this type of stage and how all eyes are on us and to restart in this uncertain year, it was it was a great feeling.


Now, T.J., I did say at the time, you're a guy that can give your give your team forty five on any given night, even though you had it done so in your career.


But with that knowledge, did you feel like you were a guy that could give your team on, you know, 45 on any given night, even though you haven't done it yet?


Yeah, I mean, I'm actually confident in my abilities. I always been able to score the ball, always had a knack for doing my whole basketball career from high school to college for the NBA. So I work on my game so much. I just knew it was my time was coming to be able to have these type of moments and all the hard work and and from the time I put into the game is kind of just reward me with the type of results like this.


But I understand that it's a lot more I want to do and not just be known as the scores going on as a two way guy to play defense as well to score on whatever the team needs me to. So I just just wanted to continue to get better.


Chris, what happened there? Why were you making faces? Its two gods. He's running around his room doing the Tiger Woods makes a play like what is happening here?


I mean, he's just in this for himself. I mean, T.J. has been a scorer throughout his college career.


And you just ask him, did you know that you could do have a good game? Like, what are you doing? Yes.


What do you want to be doing? I believed in TJ Warren when no one else believed in TJ Warren. I knew forty five fifty was right around the corner. I knew what he was doing was right around the corner, was just a matter of getting Sabonis out of there and look what happened and Oladipo getting Sabonis and Oladipo out there gift buckets all the touches boom that's what you're right you got. You've never been more right about anything. The Pacers T.J. though nationally you feel it right.


Everyone's like yeah whatever Pacers to win fifty games they'll overachieve, they'll be great. But yeah whatever the Pacers there's only so far that team can go. Yeah, I mean, just being my first year, I just see how much the Pacers really care for their players. And as a first class organization, I understand that we're a small market, but we got a group of guys that are hungry, chip their shoulders and out the pros. And I feel like with this group, we're all young and I'm in the 20s and we're just continuing to get better as time goes on.


And I know nobody's satisfied here and everybody wants to the place to be great. So it's good for everybody that Hamas are moving forward.


We were really looking forward to that Monday night game because of the escalation of everything with Jimmy Butler, Mike Ryans and enormous Miami Heat. And we had people in the crowd there who got my father. Mike, what did you want to ask TJ Warren?


Well, T.J., Jimmy Butler sort of dismissed you there. And to guys like Scott, to myself, who was aligned with guts in saying that you can get 45 any given night because I've seen how much you've improved year over year. I found that dismissive. Obviously, you did in that movement. Had cooler heads prevailed or is this playoff series going to be chippy?


I mean, any playoff series is going to be competitive, but I'm I'm definitely not distracted by what's going on. And I thought the media, how people might feel about Miami. At the end of the day, we all competitors and we all want to play hard at the end of the day. But I can't really, really give my energy to the everything off the court has got to compete when you're on the court.


It's a good answer. But were you hurt when he's coming out there publicly and calling you soft and saying you're not on his level? Was it something that's just personally hurtful when you know you're a good player and it's not something you want to hear?


I mean, no, I mean, guys, I mean, you think LeBron and all the top players in the league, I mean, they get hate that doesn't stop them from being who they are. You know, I mean, it is all a part of the game you can't really be too concerned about. Because the thing is, this is just part of the game. So you just got to keep moving forward. So how do you feel?


How do you feel about Jimmy Butler?


Excuse me? How do I feel? I mean, I don't feel an overwhelming it. I mean, nothing can't really get a reaction out of me. I'm just cool, calm and collected.


TJ Warren with us here at ESPN Radio. T.J., what's the big difference here? How does it feel playing in empty arenas, not playing in front of fans? It's got to feel different to you, right?


Oh, oh, no kidding. Did he hang up on us? I mean, it could be a coincidence after that. I thought I thought we were good. There was a buzzer that went off and I was like, oh, that was for our interview.


He hung up on us. You think so? No, no.


I thought we couched all right, Mike, and get some of the best hang ups in show history. I think that was a coincidence. Chris, what do you think? Coincidence?


I think that was the connection. I don't think he hung up. I'm a little worried now because I was going to really like TJ Warren.


But we're it we're at a loss right now.


I was trying to be so careful in protecting our relationship. You were very gentle the way you asked the question. I was one of the guys I was with you on pro 45. You're a heat Homer. And you were very soft with him.


Maybe the fourth Jimmy Butler follow up. Yeah, maybe it was only a third. It was only a third. And I interrupted him to do it, though. And I got this feeling I got I'm like, how did you feel? It sort of cornered him, right? Like, I've got to have a feeling here.


So you doubt it. I'm on the front end. You ruined our relationship on the back. And I mean, you've done nothing with TJ Warren here, you bucket.


Get her back on the line. You want I still have a minute, let me call back and just hey, you. Are we good to hear? All right. Yes. Let's gather let's think into this for a second. God says Mike Ryan calls back and see if we're OK. But what's your best guess is Chris is hopeful. I also think it was just bad timing. I don't think that the question because you were asking him about, you know, people have said that the sightlines are better for shooters.


You were asking about playing in the bubble. That's not an objectionable question.


Yeah, but by that point, we had already fouled up twice on Jimmy Butler.


If we wanted to go sightlines there and I'm in the middle of it, I have like it's sort of like a rotating list of numbers. And anytime someone calls in on our line, I lose the most recent number. That was called an unfortunate for me. I've lost the callback number and he hasn't called back yet.


So given our history, it's kind of the worst kind out together. We're going to gather information. We're going to regather ourselves. It's not bad for the show. It is just generally bad, as the show often is. And so we will gather Arcel only see that one coming.


I didn't either give us a warning, but now it's out in the air there.


So stay in your cars. If you're listening on podcasts, stay right where you are in the next segment.


Radio to hold that thought, let's sell some at. I'm not sure, though, I am not sure. I mean, you even held me up as a mid shield so it wasn't coming from I really did that. I was hiding so behind you. That's right. I didn't really catch me until now. I'm like, wow, sharing the ball.


I just sort of lost it to you, third or fourth question. And then as soon as it was open, I jumped in there with Jimmy Butler.


Follows that your medium, even if he hung up on us, I think I still like him.


Me too. The only person I don't like there is me. And I believe that that's the entire audience right now.


So familiar position. Put it on the pole, please, Tony at Libertador Show, did TJ Warren just hang up on the show? We got Heat Pacers the guards beginning Monday where Miami show. We've been Miami's show for a long time. We're going to cover the holy hell out of the playoffs. We're going to be super heat centric even as we annoy the nation because we are first and foremost a Miami show that happens to be nationals. So we're going to sink in to all Heat related stuff here coming on Monday.


And it would appear that the guy that the Miami Heat already has beef with because of the back and forth with Jimmy Butler, it would appear I don't know if it's true or not, that he just hung up on Miami's radio show.


Yes, it certainly appears that way.


And it's a little incriminating to not call back and say, oh, I accidentally dropped. Apparently, he can drop 45 any night in a cell phone, can drop also at any moment. But, you know, I I'd like to think that we're OK.


I was the discussion was at its end.


You have reached for that loser game shows sound 17 times today and you're out of 17.


Yes. Yes. The game. And so, Steph, he's like, you can drop forty five on Saturday night and his phone line can drop on you at any time. It just came out stiff like it was a rehearsed line, but poorly rehearsed as we try to like rub two sticks together to make his Pacers interesting to the nation. We're just taking TJ Warren and Jimmy Butler and rubbing them together and seeing if we create a plume of smoke before four versus five in the bubble.


First round Miami Keres, Indiana cares. No one else cares are longtime rivals.


Dan, look, we can elevate TJ Warren. We elevated Lance Stephenson, did we not? Well, that was a different time, Mike.


He was blowing in the ear of LeBron James that's blowing in the air of Duncan Robinson by longtime rivals.


When you have everyone was the heat rival back then. Everything the whole week.


I'm just saying historically, over the last decade, when these two teams meet, you can throw away the records. And, you know, that means a little bit more. What do you mean?


You could throw away the record. You could just watch the heat win every time. And now that it's at a neutral site, I guess you kind of have to throw away the records.


You just throw away the Pacers.


What are we need to do in order to get these two plumes of smoke in the air so that all of a sudden we have an old fashioned rivalry, four against five.


Did the Pacers star hang up on Miami's radioshow? Is he weak the way that Jimmy Butler says he is soft or is he on Jimmy Butler's level?


Even if he did hang up on us? I think I still like him and maybe even like him more if he did hang up on us because, you know, assassin, I don't got time for this nonsense. I addressed it.


Who's the guy in Indianapolis? Is it Bob Kravitz? Is he a guy that can assist here? Can he give us a big headline saying that TJ Warren hangs up on Dan Levert DARD like we need some help in Indiana. All right.


Who's out there in the media that can help us out. Who can help us out. It the sound of my voice. We're huge in Fort Wayne somebody pass along TJ Warren hangs up on Batard show or can you just find out if it was us.


Yeah it might have just been that our line dropped and we cut him off but we need to get these plumes of smoke in the air. It's four versus five from the bubble starting August 17th with a new ESPN radio lineup. The playoffs are back. Heat Pacers. Did TJ Warren hang up on the Lebanese show?


We're not really going to get it off the ground. We're just going to start around here. It's going to be the same thing. Stuart's rushing to a chair, falling into it with his hairy, but we're just going to fart around here and not create anything in the way of a rivalry.


I will tell you this, though. I am excited. I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited for today. It is. I mean, you have a series of must win games in the Western Conference teams trying to get that final playoff position. I am going to sit back and watch some NBA basketball today, gamble a little bit and watch a bunch of teams playing games that they have to wait. It's been a minute. I can't wait for.


The sports are great right now. Heaven only knows the size of the chip on the shoulder of the Dallas stars at the moment.


Wait a minute. You weren't just told us that they've got a bunch of twenty year olds with with chips on their shoulder.


I like that. It's all. But Jimmy Butler also has a chip on his shoulder, actually. Yes. Yes. Chips, who's got more chips on their shoulders?


Who's got the fire in the belly? Who's got the fire in the eyes? You got four versus five from the bubble did, T.J.. And hang up on the dead mother Tazo spinning headlines on ESPN. Stewart's I have to start here with the postgame show, you say you're going to be you say you're going to be glued to the NBA playoffs this afternoon. I have that being back. And you're going to be playing golf by two p.m..


I'm not going to be playing golf today. Well, perhaps I will a little bit later on, but I have to go out and buy new headphones because today was the most frustrating show for, you know, for me.


For you. I know. For you. I'm not. Listen, I'm not saying it wasn't frustrating for you. It had to be it was frustrating for me because the only said the only pair of headsets that work were the oldest pair of headsets that I could find in my house. I mean, that's it. It's like having all these beautiful TVs. And the only one that work is the old zenith with 10 channels and the anger that controls the data.


I mean, that's the deal and very upset about today.


Yeah, but those are also the ones that work are the industry standard, the ones that they hand out with that sort of equipment. You're out here with like froufrou white headphones that you can't count on. Go industry standard, the Sony MDR. Seventy five 06, pal.


Yeah, yeah. Well I have two sets of those. They both failed me and then I went to the both white ones that I'm going to all those things. All right.


Well let's let's get this all out there, because this is one of the things that we're going to do with this postgame show is we're going to just air out our grievances, even if they are grievances that the audience never even sees during the show. Because my guess is the audience has no earthly idea as to how difficult your entire situation made the doing of today's show, because we had to just camouflage all like it was it was chaos in your little box was just total chaos.


I don't know whether Mike how deep Mike wants to go privately on the resentment I on the resentment.


No, I don't want to go there. But I do like the post game show because on the national show relatively sounded clean, but we were spending a lot of plates to make sure it sounded clean for the listener. Sue Godse lost his return feed from Bristol, but his microphone was still working and he was following. And it was it's frustrating even saying this. He didn't have the presence of mind to just simply plug his headphones into his computer. So we were getting an echo.


I was writing it. There's a couple of moments where you can probably catch it on the podcast, but it was very difficult to navigate. And I kind of had to walk Seagate's through it because he's his own audio tech over there, because he chose to go to a lacross.


This is the important part. Hold on a second, OK, because he's complaining about his sound issues in his headphones. But as far as I can tell, the plays that Stewart's is as a broadcast professional at the center of a mansion that this radio show helped him build. As far as I can tell, all the things to Gazza's mad about her, all things that were in his control, like you could have as a radio professional, seven sets of headsets because you live at home and you're a radio professional.


You're good at that. I have three. That's more than enough. How many do you have?


Yeah, but that's the thing though. I can always have them shipped. That's correct. That is correct.


I do have I do have my know he is the comfort of the studio and trussing the equipment and knowing that if something breaks, I'm ultimately here to fix it. This is something that you thumb your nose at when you were told the consequences of your trip and decided to do it anyway.


But this is the larger conversation that I want to have now. And now it's out in the open and I want the public to see it through God's. Because here's the thing. With all the stuff going on at ESPN right now where they're fluctuating the line up and some calls are changing everything, and they've come to realize, wait a minute, all this stuff can be done on a computer. We don't have to have Miami studios. We don't have to have all of these shows.


Highly questionable. Can just be on a computer.


I think you're sending them far too much credit because I haven't heard one show incorporate the Zoom's the way that we have. They're still sending out contracts.


OK, regardless, what I'm saying is from within that, you know, Mike, you know, that struggle to spotted a way to not make this drive into the studio. The thing the audience doesn't know, though, that Strogatz does know because he's a radio professional is how much better the show is when he is in studios. So we are in a ten point right now where Stukas is angling to do it this way the rest of his life, even if every damn day it ruins the show a little more because he's lazy and he always wants to be lazy.


I mean, thank you for the goldbugs. Casey Kasem. I mean, here here is telling you I'm not angling for anything. In fact, this morning I told my wife, you know what, I miss that drive down to the studio. I like having somewhere to go at. By the time it got to that, we knew he was going to play golf. And this is the draw and see what a big game we're supposed to believe.


You pulled Abby aside and said, you know what, Abby, as you're both sitting in your breakfast nook, I really miss that drive in to work because you put both hands on your coffee and sip it.


I know you guys not believing me. I learned that all of you not believing me. But I am telling you, I said as long as the traffic was the way it was when I was coming to the studio, I actually miss that little drive to forty five minutes down the South Beach of Baghdad. And that's a drive I get. And it's the three hour drive that I can handle. But I was feeling its way a long time until we get back to that.


So I am looking forward to a week from Monday where I in line unless, say, take a little detour to Baltimore again, a week from the biggest day in our radio shows year as we relaunch all of these exciting new properties and are part of the yet again reshaped ESPN Radio. I do kind of take solace in the fact that we've been here for a few years and we've survived a few of these ESPN rebuilds. And there's only one constant right now in those ESPN reshaping and reimagining.


And it's been us that was boldly declarative. You said it with your chest a little bit. I do look forward to this part of the gods because I don't know. It's got to be inadvertently right. They are putting us in the middle of a lineup right now with a reduced hour beginning Monday where it will not be possible for us to stand out more as just being dipshits. Like we are surrounded by professionalism. They just took away your updates, which are purposefully they are purposefully bad so we could get the content out of them.


Synagog reads poorly. Roy tries to trick him with unbelievably hard words. They and again, this goes back to what we were talking about yesterday.


I'm not totally sure that they get what it is that we do because they think that you're that bad. Just being that bad at reading that, it's not that we're doing that to trip you up, that we're not, that we're trying to do things that make countries bad. Yes, he is bad, but to got the well. But here's the funny thing about you being terrible about that. You got you got that job because you announced pretty loudly I could do this better than anyone in the history, in the history of ESPN.


I'm the best update guy in the history of radio. You did say that. I did.


It started out well, I'm good, but I'm just rattling off scores and I've got a lot written down. And what happened was I got lazy and stopped writing my own update and then Roy took advantage of that and rightfully so. Like, if you're not going to write it yourself, I'm going to write things that are going to make the trip over your words. But I learned to accept that because the audience liked it and they created content for the show.


But if you just give me scores, I'll put them in front of me. I know them better.


I mean, with all due respect for Lucy, I'm the best ever better at reading city names and numbers following the Dodgers read, you know, second, the three per. OK, but.


All right, hold on a second.


Now, you know yourself and I want I want just I want the audience to absorb this part, OK? Monday, August 17th, as our entire world changes here, ESPN radio lineup changes and there's a push to sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, more sports. Let's make things sound, more sports. And in that push, we're getting pushed out. We're getting pushed out. And one of the things that's going to create even less content that you're used to is that Stewart loses the ability to read those poorly and it's going to be replaced by professionalism.


And I'm looking forward to talking to Christine Lacy, but I want you to absorb in this year the idea of needing on the half hour information about sports. You can't get off your phone. Let's think about that for a second.


I debated trying to put into a PSG Atlantis's score just to see us.


The guy says Atlanta, it's Atlanta. And he absolutely would have called them a team from Georgia.


At least we're doing it every half hour, WFA and in New York and still doing it on the twenty three at our faces come and go.


Radio, especially on this level, is a fairly transient business. And occasionally you'll have people that get the show that call the shots. And sometimes what you do, your particular brand falls a little flat. And I was really neutered in pushing back anything in regards to this sports decision because they said it's not up to the ESPN standard.


Even I know that that was sort of the point. I mean, yes, you're right. And I thought that's what we were going for. But OK, let's have the imaging.


But let's think about that for a second, Stewart. So can I real for a minute? Because what I did do something that is up to the ESPN standard, by everyone's account, they've never asked me to do it again. I mean, so can I just get out of people are asking, what are you talking about? What have you done in your history? I think look for us or for a national championship game. And that programming right here said, was it not a good job, a great job.


And so then I guess you got rickets. I mean, you don't like my work. You don't get upset here. All right.


Hold on a second before you shoot resentment in every direction about how great you've been doing.


I know he's right. Historically, calling lacrosse has been a major launch pad for several of the great voices in this industry.


That's great. What do you have yourself doing in golf, like replacing Nick Faldo? Like, what are you what's going on here? Well, I mean, this a test called lacrosse at one point.


But we'll remind you what I tried to do is just be a guy who's out the gallery. I know the game. I spoke with SBP angry about it. They think it's a good idea. They anchor a lot of workout coverage. I think I have something I can learn to golf. And so, you know, I'm just trying to I'm trying to do as much as I can for the network. And sometimes they say up to one professional or take me off for that.


And sometimes it's too professional with many people are saying you're too professional.


I don't I don't think I've ever said that. I've never heard that before. And no, I'm not I don't mean to insult lacrosse. That wasn't what I was trying to say. It's just you very rarely see the jump from women's college lacrosse national championship final four to Monday Night Football, which is sort of what you're angling for. But you were right. You were good and mighty entertaining. You called one of the greatest lacrosse games ever and you had a moment that listen to me.


So I've noticed the last couple of possessions where it seems like they tried to force James and tried to force something. I'd rather see someone other than saying, get the shot. He wasn't going to get the ball the biggest. All right, yeah, let's see.


That's mighty embarrassing. And there is no added to that. That's exactly how that happened. Hold on a second. That is mighty embarrassing. But I don't know if it is quite as embarrassing as what just happened to end this segment, which is Stewart's angling for more golf coverage when they've taken away his sports flashes because they're not up to the company standard. And now he wants to be next to Nick Faldo on the golf events and running all of Monday Night Football.


He wants to do the Masters because he's been fired from Spoon's sports on ESPN Radio. That's feeling your way up, which is you've made a career out of it, stewards and everything.


Sort it like.