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Most vehicles, most locations, sexers, losers, absolute losers, worst franchise in basketball, trying to talk all tough like they've ever accomplished anything in any of our lifetimes except for Dan because he's older. Congratulations on Cheek's sexers absolute tire fire of an organization, Elton Brand terrible GM Joel Embiid frustrated Brett Brown inexplicably has better job security than anyone in the country, especially during a pandemic awful, awful franchise. I tried telling you in July they were writing checks that their asses couldn't cash swept out of the first round.


Good bye, good riddance. All quiet on the timeline front had a bunch to say all offseason. Now nothing from you and you're going to tell me it's because Ben Simmons was missing. Have you watched Ben Simmons? He refuses to take a jumper. Terrible team, worse fan base. Goodbye.


Where is Howard Haskins kid? Where is he? Where are you? Spike, where are you? Spike asking where are you? Anybody? Oh, no, no, no, no. Multiple people run this this account. No, we didn't mean everything. Well, well, I guess we were wrong about Jimmy Butler. You had us as an easy you had Jimmy Butler getting swept out of the first round. And Charles Barkley. You were wrong.


Stephen A. Smith. You were wrong. And you better than anybody, shouldn't know what this organization Miami stands for. You said a first round exit for the Miami Heat and that he would never and had Jimmy Butler is just another good player now, and he will never be loved like he was loved in Philadelphia. Wrong losers, all of them. Goodbye.


Just imagining someone cashing a check with their ass. Well, if you watch Josh Richardson yesterday, you watch someone play basketball with their ass. How'd you like that? I told you it was coming. Philadelphia. I told you the crunch time brain fart was coming. And it's happened several times. I've watched several regular season games. You tried to tell me Josh Richardson was better than Jimmy Butler. I have the receipts. I think I said I have the receipts.


I'm so happy they are gone.


Now, let's talk about an actual good basketball team. Can the Miami Heat keep shooting like this? Oh, obviously not, because I don't think they'll play a defense that's bad. But if they keep getting open shots, the likelihood is, yeah, probably everybody shooting.


Well, in that bubble, like I thought I was actually checking in with some basketball people because I thought my eyes were sort of lying to me on the quality of play. I'm like, what am I missing here? It seems like the precision on these offense is so good that it doesn't matter if your defense is good. And I talked to some some people about this, and they're like people who know more than I do. And they're like, no, no, no.


This is absolutely the best ball movement team the Miami Heat have had. And the quality of play in the bubble is crazy. But that will change when they have to play Milwaukee. The all those shots aren't going to be available. Milwaukee's defense, Watkis overall better Milwaukee. When you play Milwaukee, you're going to get very frustrated by how many easy twos Antetokounmpo gets that you can't do anything about because this series he's just the sort of fam say hello.


Yeah, I mean Pam's defense incredible on the boards, a tenacity and a fierceness that is is welcome. I don't think we've seen Bam that fiery before and yeah the shots are going to be tougher to make just because they're going to be coming from a further distance. Milwaukee's a very long team. You're not going to get the wide open looks. I don't care how good your ball movement is, it's going to be a lot tougher to generate open looks, considering that's the longest team in the NBA.


I mean, even Eric Bledsoe, who's their shortest player in their starting lineup, has a wingspan of a player that's like at a different position, like a small forward wingspan. So that's a that's a good team. Miamis obviously got good shooters and they can shoot well from a further distance. But naturally, you shoot from further. Your percentage is going to go down.


Two things here. One, in the history of the Miami Heat offs, the guy who puts up a stat line of twenty, ten and five, OK, LeBron has done it 17 times. Dwayne did it six times. Shaq did it once. And now Bam has done it once. That list. And what I want to present to you guys is because you just came in here and you said, man, the Sixers talk. A whole bunch of John.


Aren't there a whole lot of people in this market who owe Pat Riley an apology, like, I don't know how they turned, what was Hassan Whiteside and all of those bad contracts and Dion Waiters into all of a sudden a youth, a youthful core with salary cap room? And again, I remind you guys, this is not about this year because this year is about getting the next guy who's better than Jimmy Butler. It's about proving to the next guy who's better than Jimmy Butler, that you have the pieces that would make a big free agent want to end up down here.


That's what the process was all about and that didn't work out. So I apologize to Pat Riley when they won a championship. It's not about this year. Let's get to what it's about and then we can apologize.


I'm just saying, last year it was a lot of game has passed him by. I don't think you can say that right now. Can you like is it possible to say game has passed him by when you've got all this shooting from the perimeter and you've got an offense that stretches out people in a way that spaces the court the way that they do? Like I I understand the championship or bust is even his finish line. But wouldn't you say that there were a lot of loud people saying, hey, the Don Shula stuff at the end where he needed to be replaced by Jimmy Johnson like he's old, the window's closing and look, they're stuck.


How are they going to get out of this? They've gotten out of it, Billy, like it's not Hassan Whiteside. It's not here anymore.


Dion Waiters, they're beating a team everyone thought they were going to beat in the first round. OK, but they're going to pass the next round later. They haven't done since LeBron left. They have a move pass the second round now it's everybody thought they were going to win.


When last we got Chris was saying is how is the toss up series now?


It's everyone, everyone who came in the next day and started listing everybody that thought they were going to win. And then we had to apologize to you for that.


I mean, you didn't apologize to me for that. All you did was double down on it and say, nice correction. You didn't apologize for waiting for our apology. I'm going to back Billy up here while it's cool to hold up this season. And yes, this season's gone very well. I think very clearly Pat Riley messed up by not acquiring Jimmy Butler last season. I know Minnesota was playing games, but also Pat Riley was apprehensive to give up Josh Richardson.


And now you see, he should have made that move a lot sooner because Miami could have, in Dwayne Wade's final season, made some noise in the playoffs. Now, granted, they had Tyler Hero to show for their non playoff experience. So when you get altitude on it, maybe the franchise is better off for not making the playoffs. But I think Pat Riley is a type of competitor that would take the playoffs every crack he can. And I think he has his regrets about not acquiring a younger Jimmy Butler last season.


I'd like to talk to Billy about when it's OK to apologize to somebody, because by your definition, when a championship like he can't by definition, Pat Riley's definition, fine.


But he can't have done that were in the first round.


Like, how could he have done that since we should apologize to him until he does it?


Well, that's a good position for fans to be. And you never get to a great position for Billy to be. I mean, it's a great position. We haven't had championship games yet. They haven't been eliminated. There's no way to actually win the championship without Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters during a pandemic right now. But you say if you win a championship right now, Pat Riley, maybe then I'll apologize.


Do no, not right now. But I'm also not apologizing right now because we haven't gotten there yet. Just like it's too easy or it's too early to judge Pat Riley on whether he's failed or not. It's it's too early to say whether he was wrong.


I'm going to support Billy once again, though, because this is like a mutated form of the Indiana Pacers. You're not exactly getting their best shot. Victor Oladipo is very clearly not the same player they don't have who I think might be their best player in Sabonis. I mean, they're relying on TJ Warren in a way that none of us had anticipated. It's not exactly getting the Pacers best shot here. Dan. Fair enough.


I'm not disputing that it's a depleted Pacers team. I'm simply saying that the Miami Heat has built a team that you are excited about that is fun to watch, that is relevant in terms of competitive. And it's not something any of us could have seen from the salary cap. Hell of having Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters and no Jimmy Butler like it's not it's not something. And if I told you OK, a year ago, because you guys are real convenient in terms of forgetting how loud the noise was around this and how locked up the Miami Heat seemed, that seemed like their future was really bleak.


You didn't hear me on here like super defending Pat Riley because they were locked up and it didn't seem like they can move anywhere. But they've got a team that's young, that has a salary cap space, that's playoff relevant and is fun to watch. What more do you want than that?


They also lock themselves up, though, right? Like this was a self-imposed thing. This didn't happen to them. They did that to themselves. So it's fair to question when they make those mistakes whether they can get themselves out of it, is it not? Agreed.


But all of us were on here on the radio saying you can't lose Hassan Whiteside, all of us. There was nobody saying. Hey, you let him go, that was not something that was happening around here, they had so few good players that people were like, well, you got to give him the max because what can you do? And they folded on that like, yes, of course, in retrospect, they shouldn't have done that. But we were all saying they should have.


Yeah, we couldn't have lost him for nothing. But Hassan Whiteside wasn't planning, but they locked him up. And then you eventually lose Dwayne Wade. Hindsight tells you that you probably should've prioritize Dwayne Wade, considering how painful his departure was. And he very clearly still had basketball left. But I think I think you can still criticize Pat Riley. He paused the season when he probably shouldn't have. We keep talking about Pat Riley's window. He keeps talking about how he he wants one more.


He basically punted on an entire season. Now, if you want to tell me, but you don't have Tyler Hero to show for it. I'll listen to that argument. We're better off now for not making the playoffs ultimately. But that's just one less shot that Pat Riley had. And he only has a handful of shots left. So it was a self-imposed it was a self-imposed playoff ban, basically by not closing the deal with the Timberwolves.


I can't dispute what it is that you're saying. But, man, you guys are in a real comfortable position where you get to squawk and criticize at every turn and you never have to adjust it or dilute it no matter what happens. Like, it just you get to say whatever it is that you want and then things change.


I don't think that's what's happening here. Dan, I'm accused of being a heat homer. Billy, I mean, he is forced into the take because I'm just so wildly paroquet that he comes off as a.. Riley, but this is a fair criticism of Pat Riley. It's not just all like a cheering section here. As great as the ball movement is, as awesome as it is to be up three zero on the Indiana Pacers, we can still look back at last year and call it a missed opportunity.


In all fairness, the larger point to me is that as we were having those conversations about do you trade Josh Richardson, Josh Richardson was formed into a valuable asset by everything that this heat organization does. And the starting point on this conversation was, holy shit, bam. And the starting point on this conversation is Yunker Wow, that happened fast Tylor hero Duncan Robinson. That was the starting point. So if you go from game has passed him by their old they're broken, they've got bad contract, they're not relevant, they're in salary cap held to suddenly a year later they've got Jimmy Butler and everyone around him who's good has a value.


That's what I'm talking about.


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I kind of like this scenario in this hypothetical that Dan is painting where fans have to, you know, there are repercussions to things fans say, like if you rip Pat Riley and you turn out a year later would be wrong, like there's some sort of punishment that happens.


Why can't Pat Riley be criticized? I don't ever stand for making mistakes like why Pat Riley is untouchable. No one can say anything about Pat Riley. I don't get it, Godfather.


I'm with you, Billy. Pat Riley did a majestic job of cleaning up his own mistakes.


It can be both like we can give him credit, but at the same time, it's like, oh, out. You could not have criticized the music. Apologize immediately, like, no, he was wrong years ago. We could give him credit. OK, all right.


He was wrong years ago and so were we is what I am saying. Like, of course, I'm not saying it's absolute. Of course you can criticize Pat Riley and you did criticize Pat Riley, but now you're saying and I won't take my criticism back until they win the championship. OK, good. Good spot for you. Good spot.


No, that's what Pat said. Championship or bust. So championship or bust, just like I'm going to say this, and this isn't Pocker. Big three. Huge failure, huge failure. One of the biggest busts of all time around the eight championships. LeBron, you're never going to get them in your career, much less in Miami, please.


Good point. I mean, it was a hell of a run for my support for Billy to segment. It was I mean, for fifteen minutes there, I'm not going to go too close to the side. I'm not going to go for that part.


But next, we got you next round. Right, Billy, because you said if you think your team is good, you don't really care about this first round. And I think now that we have the result three games into the series, that is not a fair match up. I mean, honestly, if you're to receive an injured Indiana Pacers, it's one of the more favorable matchups to draw. But the next round you're playing arguably what's considered the best team in basketball.


Are you at least in there, are you at least bringing out the Heat pompoms their next round?


Oh, yeah, I'm closer. I mentioned they're now if next day and he coach. Oh, really, really, really.


OK, so then it's not championship or bust, it's just if they'll be back they'll OK. So it's championship or bucks is what you're saying. Right. I like either either one you're good with. You will change your tune championship or bucks. It's Bokser back.


That's what it is. Right. If they just merely lose next round, they have to look, they have to at least take it to seven games or it's a failure. Right. That's as far as they.


Come on, give me six. Give me six. Billy, give me pushing the bucks to six. We'll see how we get to six.


All right. Yeah, but I'm not it's this because I negotiate the other way. No, it can't be seven games. They have to win this series. And I was like one six. I want them to win the series. OK, then I'll declare that they are back. Is that fair?


I think that's more than fair. Thank you. When are we apologizing to Jeter on that one? This is the week I've been watching this story. Is this a leftover topic from last week? Maybe. Horrible.


Haven't they lost six of seven, Chris? Like, what are you talking about?


I mean, I'm looking at the writing on the wall, OK? I'm not just looking at results, OK? I'm looking at this team. I'm looking at the depth.


I'm looking at the standings. Yeah. They're like the lights are off in the room.


They're to back halfway through the season. I mean, I'm pretty sure they'd be in the playoffs if it started right now.


I mean, well, look, it sounds crazy. They're probably going to make the playoffs, right? Oh, yeah, they are. They get there. I'm not super confident, OK, going to happen when they get the. Believe me, Bélier.


Chris, can you explain to me exactly how many teams make the playoffs this season? Because I think they are still like trying to figure it out. I mean, idea fly by the seat of their pants. I just need to know exactly what percentage of Major League Baseball teams are considered the playoffs, the same as basketball, like it's going to be eight teams per league, the same as basketball.


It's going to be eight teams and it's going to be top two in each division, which right now the Marlins are sitting in the top two in the division and two wild cards after that. And the thing is, is that there is a lot of just teams. So even if they don't finish in the top two, which right now they're a game ahead of the Mets for second in the east, they could be one of the two teams.


OK, so let me I'm just still trying to understand this. So their top two, even though they miss about a week and a half of games and they're doing this by winning percentage instead of like actual wins and losses. So if Jeter were really like an intellectual savant, someone that was playing right now, he should the rest of the team should get covid, is what I'm saying.


Everybody, can you have to play those eight games in hand, don't you?


You're right, Billy. It's actually difficult to do that considering the entire team basically has the antibodies now because they all got it. So that's tough. We're going to have this is bad.


The East is not good this year. Like five hundred. We'll probably get them.


It's not a good I don't think they're going to make the playoffs and they've lost how many games they just got swept by the Mets. They didn't play very well against the Nationals. I read they're going to be buyers of the deadline.


They're going to be think they're going to be buying just players that are returning from covid like they've been playing the last two weeks with like a bullpen that I was in.


Did you know it's last week and you do an inning in the third inning in the third. But I mean, his performance reflected that of the middle relief of the team already. So it's fun.


Wait, so they're actually trades this season? I'm still learning. No.


Well, no, there are trades. There is a trade deadline. There's no all star game. They're going to be buyers of players on their own roster just returning from injury.


I wish there was another way to be interrupted this season for an all star game. You know what? If everybody an all star game, what a more they make it.


I mean, you basically make the all star game. If you had a hot two weeks, it's Charlie Blackman. So like an unprecedented baseball player, I'm still trying to do the math on that thing. So, like, the best since Hank Aaron would be the all star team still rocking.


Can we address surrogacies, anger that we started without him?


A little upsetting. I mean, I'm a little upset that you were late. I'm a little upset you started. You know, you can wait ten minutes for me to start. I mean, just where you at? OK, it's a little windy gust out there. Oh, you got your way if here in a while, you know, it even checks it on me. I got a flat tire. No one can help me change the flight.


And I tell you, sitting in the garage, you know, you got open air. There's sandwiches in there. I mean, there's nothing good in there. The government healthy, including my car that's got a flat tire right there. You got that on your way here? Yeah. Now it's got a spare in the back and my guy has no shot. So it's the show. It's me and you, baby. You're the one. You got one of those run flats.


I'd take your chances driving back up to Jacksonville.


This is a flat. It is. There is no running on this thing. It's run into the ground on Gamel.


Put it on the pole. Have you ever been late for work?


Because it's windy and it's just tropical storm gusts. But and also expecting that, Mike, why did you have someone climbing up the wrong tree? Because I think the cliche is barking up the wrong tree makes my cliches.


And that's a fine. I'm very sorry. Especially the cliche master. You have an insurance like do you have triple-A? I think you can call them and just say, hey, can you change my tire for me? It's at the Ten Street garage. I'll look into it.


Yeah, I'm hoping the dealership will come down here and take care of it, right.


Oh yeah. What? During covid there's no sorts of delays that should be easy. They're supposed to do.


I mean, spending good money with the.


And we explore though whether or not the show should wait for Stewart to come in because he was very grumpy and. Then I got a flat and then he muttered under his breath, you guys would have waited for Dan, even though they've often started without me as well.


No, we definitely check on you, that's for sure. I mean, I thought for sure, at least in part because I'm not usually late. Those guys. You've been late to the show more than I have. Three blocks away.


Yeah, I've been more than here. You always do this and then we can never bring it to your attention when you're actually late. Yeah. You've been late to segments like really late to segments despite going to the bathroom. That's just like 15 feet away. Yeah, it's one of those things with you. Sorry to bring that up. I don't feel like I do that. Well, then I'm sorry, Dan, you're right. You haven't. And I'm also sorry for just besmirching the name of Pat Riley.


And I'm sorry to Pat Riley and I'm sorry to say that, hey, four or five matchup in the playoffs is generally a toss up. I apologize for that, too. On behalf of Chris Cody, who I think also owes you yet another apology.


I mean, I'm sorry he can't eat gluten, but that's about all I didn't know that I believe this tire thing. How far did you drive on a flat tire bill?


Right. When I pulled into the garage, I got a flat. What are you talking about? I got here fine. It's pulling into the garage where I got the flat.


I don't doubt that because during this pandemic, the second round. So, like, we're actually handling the second wave, even though it's really basically part of the first wave. South Beach is actually gotten its act together and it's like truly abandoned the way that it probably should have been when we started reopening. That garage is basically postapocalyptic Mad Max right now. There are suitcases everywhere. I don't doubt just pulling in. They got set, right? Yeah, there's poop and sandwiches.


Oh, it stinks in there. I mean, they're poop. There are sandwiches somewhere eaten. Some haven't been eaten. Some are just sitting there. Some are half eaten. I ran over something on my way to my parking spot and by the time I got to the spot and my guy run flat, completely flat, gone last week I was done. Last week, I pulled into a spot that looked like spacious and nice. And there were three bottles of hypnotic there that I almost like broke my tires on just like three bottles, a hip now occupying one space.


There is an element of sadness as I walk to work on the greatest sports radio show in America at the worldwide leader in sport, through an alley where there is poop and the smell of urine and no longer the smell of vomit for some reason, but probably because people aren't partying in a way that would make them vomit. But the alley behind here is very unpleasant and it doesn't feel very glamorous to walk up here to work. The antibodies for whatever ails us are within the gutters of this alley, I'm sure of it, you know how we're running out of antibiotics on this planet and we have to do like deep sea drilling to find new antibiotics.


I just volunteer this alleyway. The antibodies for everything that ails this planet is in there.


Well, I was reading the other day about like the damage that we are doing. This is something that I had never considered. OK, I don't know about you guys, but I honestly marvel at the idea that when one goes to poop, all of a sudden everywhere you are, there is a labyrinth and highway underneath us that takes it all out away from us. Like the idea that you are in your home. This in the seventeen hundreds. They would have marveled at the idea of this, that you are in your home, your poop, no matter where it is that you live, and then it's just gone from your home.


What I was reading about is America is so medicated that our poop is harming the fish in the ocean because we are, we are sending so much medication. We are into the ocean with our poop that the fish are getting damaged by it.


What happens at age thirty three? Because I've been dealing with this for the last couple of years and I'm just going to level with you. This is part of the aging process. When I was younger, when I was just ignorant and in college I used to hover over the toilet for just like two minutes. Poop easy morning poop done. Now it's a struggle. Now I can't get kickstarted until I have some coffee. What is going on? My farts smell terrible because they're passing through all this poop and it's just like I know I need to poop, but then I go to the toilet and it just doesn't happen for me.


Is this something that happens with aging and FDA?


However, you're sure your thighs are sore for like 48 hours and the hell are we talking about? Not quite.


There is. I fart smell. It's because they pass by poop. Oh, yeah. Well, it's also your diet right now because all day and eats are just like leaves off of trees as he walks by, not unlike a brontosaurus like his parents actually don't smell bad. Right, Dan?


I don't fart very often unless I've eaten something bad.


My body telling me, oh, not now, not today. Please prove it. Chris imagine farts as little vehicles that pick up debris along the way through the through the highway. The Golden Highway. Yeah, the coast highway. And then when they finally come out and, you know, you get to the exits, what it's picked up is a terrible stench.


You know, I don't think, Mike, that that's a product of aging. I think your diet is fouled up. I don't mind it.


It was way worse when I was in my 20s. I was eating all sorts of fast food back then. I've cleaned up my diet some now, this weekend I had a couple beers sue me. But if I have beers now, if I go tailgating at West thirty two, which doesn't look like it will happen for the foreseeable future, I can't poop for like three days.


Can we, can we please study the nature. Let's study the nature of that lawsuit. Me suing you for having a couple of beers like me taking you to court. You mean taking you to court with a lawsuit. I just had the visual image, by the way, Chris, of you pitching an inning in a third, getting four outs and then trying to cash your Marlins check with your freckled bats.


I just that you have to do you have to endorse it with your ass. Do it. Just hold the pen.


Or is there a stamp we still don't see check. Yeah, I still have to endorse a checks, even though I have mobile deposits.


Now I know it's so annoying. It's like sign the back of it before you send this picture away. It's like, oh, this is above the security they have here. Now I like the picture.


Like there's just like a room full of people with like those like monocles that people that inspect jewelry heavy. And I got it in the eye this time. This one, Tharaud.


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Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. We've been going for probably thirty five, I'd say.


Tony, you sound like you had a weekend. Oh, yeah. Because you had a couple of beers. Me. All right, Tony. So is going to come fix the tire.


What a frivolous lawsuit. The people versus my grind. You had a couple of beers to me.


I got 50 forever changes by tire cross-examination. Mr. Ruiz, on Monday, August twenty fourth. You yourself admitted you had a couple of beers, quote, I had a couple of beers. Sue me. Well, here we are. Guilty complete two 50s.


Tony. Whoa, Tony, you are sounding really lethargic today. Really lethargic. What's going on? Did you have a weekend, Tony? Yeah, I.


I went with my in-laws over to the west coast of Florida, went to Sanibel, Captiva area, and we've rented a house there right on the beach. And it was nice until I had about 40 beers and 30 white clothes with them.


Two days not feeling too quiet afterwards. How are your poops? Consistent.


You're actually you're still you're still my twenty in charge.


So, you know, the issue was Saturday, Sunday morning when I woke up after approximately 15 beers and like ten white clothes was I took inventory of my Saturday and was horrified and disgusted as me, my human self sitting and kind of taking inventory of what I ate and what I drank. I felt really bad. And it continues to be that way. I'm like a bitch.


I just eating fruit. Oh, I hate fruit. I've had like the black cherry white claw, if that's what you mean. Makes my mouth dry.


I don't know what God it's supposed to work the other way around. I don't know why does it just does weird. Perhaps that's why I don't.


Yeah. You ever have like a night of drinking and then you just like wake up at three AM because you have sand in your mouth. That's also something that happened to me after thirty.


No, that happened to me last week and it was actually sand in my mouth because I passed out on the beach at two in the morning. Tony, you do sound terrible.


You sound and feel awful. You know, not about you do not have the energy to do a radio show. We all had a very hard week last week. You decided to drink away the stress and now everyone can hear in the sound of your voice that you are a tired mess, that nobody wants to be sure, Florida's tourism industry is in the absolute crapper.


But Naples is booming because everyone I know that lives in Miami is doing weekend getaways to the west coast of Florida.


Apparently, it's a wild west out there, but it's going to surge out there. Right. And that everyone from the West Coast will come back to the East Coast. And it's when does it stop? I mean, that's a good question.


We're doing pretty well now in Miami. Positivity rate is down. I know figures everyone wants enables hospitalizations are like below 40 at certain big hospitals right now. So I don't know if this is a combination of people finally getting the message and wearing masks and a little bit of the herd immunity. But we are turning some sort of what was happening in Naples.


Tony, did you see a lot of irresponsibility? What did you end up seeing out there?


I saw some people without masks, but we were at a really secluded points. I wasn't in a bunch of, like open spaces with a lot of people.


Some people, obviously, at the beach were, you know, being protective and wearing masks and stuff.


But it wasn't that bad. It's just it's so weird coming from Miami, right where everybody is closed at six o'clock, you can't dine inside, you can't do anything. And then you walk around and you're like, oh, like they're not supposed to be doing that. And then it's like, oh, no, we're good here.


We don't have to have that telling you how bad you want to nap right now. Well, I thought about napping, right?


Like when we have that little break after big city to the show and then a couple hours now a little five, ten.


Do you guys find that a twenty minute nap is any good? Because I know that they say that the best, the best, the best naps it just for your energy level. It's twenty, thirty minutes. You shouldn't nap more than that.


You can Doctor Strange at 2:00 in the comic books, I think Dr. Strange only took five minute naps incrementally throughout the day. Never like conventional sleep.


Those aren't the best. The best is a good hour nap. Let's not let let's not be real. I mean.


Well, you're too tired. I think what Dan is saying, I'm sure Dan is applying science to this. They tell you twenty to thirty minutes. That's it. Well, I mean, you go an hour and you wake up your groggy the rest of the day.


You know, I like being groggy. I like that feeling. Makes me know that I had a good nap in where it's just like, wow, I'm trying to shake this one off, like, whoa, I love it. And that's also something that's after thirty.


I'm fixing my groggy like I love it. Right. Why don't you just sit there and Chris just groggy.


Gruden It's just you, me and open my eyes.


You ever take the CBD oil man melatonin. Something like that, I mean, I'm napping like a bromance, Billy put it on the pole. Do you know anyone who would describe themselves as liking being groggy?


I've never heard that. I've never heard anyone. I didn't I didn't know that there was such a thing as being programmed. Yeah. Yeah, I love it.


And it makes me know that whatever just happened absolutely impacting my body in terms of giving me the full rest. You ever have one of those that also happens like on an airplane where I'm just like, wow, I could have been on this airplane for 80 years or five seconds.


I don't know, but I'm just hit that worst feeling. I love it. I love it. I love them.


Best nap. Hey, congratulations.


Say under Miami for finally winning a game. Oh, Dan, I don't know if you got I'm sure you did. You spent your Saturday evening watching inner Miami, Orlando City on CBS four. But my inner Miami already have the best commentating team at Ball.


I was going to say I heard you guys before the show, both of you doing Joe Test. I guess he called the game.


No, we were inexplicably we were pretending that Joe was going in or Miami. I think that's a little low. Test center did not go from Monday Night Football to local Iturbi.


We just go golf if great b holy moly, I'm sorry. Joe would never slump on in or Miami, but he's over there by that windmill, that far down a golf ball.


Uranus, Uranus in Miami, taking on Orlando City, the Sunshine State Derby, as they like to call it. Oh, Pizarro with a goal. I don't I don't really see Joe Tessitore doing that. But Ray Hudson, who many soccer fans are familiar with, voice of B in sports, is a former coach of the Miami Fusion, as he used to call it, a great, great soccer commentator. He's the lead color analyst for Inter Miami.


And many forces some calls and I'm sure like in front of the mirror when he was practicing to it like a comb, he thought like, it's a bizarro world in this cold era. It like it doesn't exactly work. But just magisterial. I've never heard anyone else say magisterial other than magisterial. Like, he's just he's the best I knew with him on the call we couldn't lose. And the three two victory over our hated Orlando City rivals. I know Dan was telling me the other day how much Orlando City makes his blood boil.


I love Ray Hudson.


Ray Hudson. I know Ray Hudson from playing for the Fort Lauderdale strikers in the eighties. And I would say that if he's doing a broadcast, I kind of wish that he did the sports where they scored more just to see what that would sound like.


Sorry, five goals that didn't do it. No, no. But you know what my point is? My point is that you usually don't get him to go over the top with the hyperbole because you're watching a one nothing game and not everything could be magisterial.


Yeah, but again, five two and inter Miami. It's been a turnstile at times. So it's it's you know, they're just four points out of the playoffs, much like baseball. Everybody's basically making the playoffs.


Watch this. Watch Inter Miami make the baseball playoffs.


They're going to make the baseball playoffs from what Billy described. But don't shake your head at me.


They play you guys making fun of the baseball players like this hasn't been the basketball playoffs forever.


It's just such a huge mutation because when I was growing up, only four teams made it. And now we've doubled the number of teams. And it was just a little bit of a red flag that they decided that the like minutes before the first pitch of the season. But I like it. I'm in on it. I'm in on it. I'm supporting this. I like that. It's just like winning percentage. And if you played seventeen games, who cares.


You're in. I love it. I love the transparent cash grab. I wish this were the sport all the time. We're only a couple steps removed from putting ponds in the outfield. This is a fantastic for.