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See stores for details. I thought for sure we were going to begin today with Mike Ryan snorting Cuban coffee, screaming at everyone very early in the morning, the shipping container bouncing pin balling off of each other with glorious emotion as that heat box theory starts exactly the way the heat needed to in every way. Basically, where it's not only that you see that Antetokounmpo doesn't look like the MVP of the league. And you'd have a hard time when looking at the court, watching the game for the first time, saying that the best player in the series is on the Milwaukee Bucks because of the way Jimmy Butler played.


But I come in here and Mike Ryan is smooth and relaxed, weird, seasoned and chill, baby chill.


He picked the bucks to win. So good for him like he was expecting it. Pick the bucks. And Kevin also put my money where my mouth is. Took the hit series Price plus three 45. Big time, big time units for me and Jill. You know, why am I going to overreact. Just dominated game one. The Bucks shot incredibly from outside and a ho hum victory. Goran Dragic appears to be the only person that can score inside on the Milwaukee Bucks.


This is game one of the conference semifinals. Guys, I was born and baptized in fire. You think I'm going to get too excited over a game one victory in the conference semis? Come on now. Don't you expect this to be better? I mean, they were in the game in the fourth quarter. Don't you expect Giannis to be better than that. No, no.


OK, well why do you think he wasn't better to get it. Because he had the heat wall to go up against.


No you're right, you're right. I'm sorry about that. I forgot about the heat wall. Nothing special. Nothing. It was a pretty vanilla game plan. Didn't even really need to stick Bam on Giannis This was simple ball denial by Jae Crowder.


Well this is, this is the part I was surprised by the part that I was surprised by. OK and of course if it goes like that I'm going to be wrong in projecting that that Antetokounmpo will get Bam into foul trouble. I did not think a that the trade for Iguodala and Crowder would be that obviously to defend to throw waves at Antetokounmpo and then Jimmy Butler so they never even got to the portion where Bam is guarding him in the fourth quarter.


But they're protecting Bam from any kind of foul trouble by helping so much on Crowder and Iguodala and team defense like that simply couldn't have gone better for the Miami Heat. They didn't need to do anything exciting and Mike Budenholzer is going to have to do something he's never done in his coaching career and show that he can make a postseason adjustment. Every time this guy goes up against a good coach, he ends up getting pretty sizably blown out by it. And Erik Spoelstra didn't do anything creative.


Well, it's in the bag. No, no, hold on a second. I will say this because what I like to watch for in some of these games is what's repeatable. For example, in the Boston Toronto game, Boston at one point was like nine for eleven on corner threes and Toronto was two for six on corner threes. And that's going to straighten itself out. What were the aberrations yesterday for the Miami Heat? And one of them was that Duncan Robinson was denied the ball, but that was Milwaukee's design.


They were trying to keep the heat from three because the heat bothered them from three during the season. I was stunned to see Milwaukee change what it normally does because it does not allow people in the paint. And it was absolutely guarding the three against the paint last night.


Mike, I've been picking the brains of some pretty brilliant basketball minds to figure out exactly why Goran Dragic is getting in outside. And I looked at the amount of shots Duncan Robinson had and outside of back to back threes that he rattled off, that he just shot because of Spoelstra said get some shots up. He only had four shots total in that entire game. So I'm like, well, they clearly sold out to stop Duncan Robinson from shooting the ball.


No, but in hawk Duncan Robinson to stop him from getting the ball. That was great individual defense. They still packed the paint. Now it's still a very small sample. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why the only point guard in the NBA that's been able to beat Milwaukee up consistency consistently because you want to talk about what's repeatable through four games. It's been Goran Dragic getting inside on the Milwaukee Bucks and no one knows why.


I mean, listen, he's he's at an all time annoyance level right now. Mike Ryan, I'd like to get to the Keys for game two. It's impressive. You should be happy if you're a Heat fan. I mean, not many teams walk into that building in front of 20000 screaming fans. It's still a game one. And that's what the Heat have been able to do. Just stole home court right away from the Milwaukee Bucks. Amazing.


Well, what's repeatable? In this series is Butler and Gordon combining for 50 or 55 points, there have been fantastic.


Wait a minute, wait a minute, Greg. Greg Butler. I mean, that's the best shooting game Butler had all season. Hasn't been able to make jumpers all season. If you ask me, how's the heat going to win with Jimmy Butler making a bunch of jumpers in the fourth quarter? I would have said absolutely not.


Butler was great against Indiana, but I'm talking about jumpers. Jimmy Butler doesn't agree with you that all those jumpers eatables repeatably save them for when it counts.


Dan, I agree.


I agree that Butler hit a handful of those little 10, 12 foot floaters. But listen, this was exhilarating to watch. It was the biggest win for itself, for the team in six months. It was just so much fun to watch and it was predictable. The match up favoring Miami seems to be predictable. That's why they were sort of like the trendy upset pick and and the the underbelly of all this, which is that they're playing against the guy they're trying to woo next summer.


And free agency is a fascinating dynamic because if Giannis was not impressed by the Heat last night, he wasn't paying close enough attention.


Yeah and Giannis postgame he was asked Why aren't you guarding Jimmy Butler He's like Why would you ask that I do it my coach tells me which is just a little puzzling to me but Giannis needs to be the type of superstar that can get you a bucket late in games and he can do that against some defenses. But again, Miami didn't do anything ultra creative. He plays right into that trap that they've played against him occasionally in parts of this season. He's afraid to go to the line, I think because he's not a good free throw shooter.


A guy that size should be diving neck first at the rim and he at least can get to the line because what Jimmy Butler does consistent consistently is get to the line like you look up and he's been in the line eight times.


He does. But I need to tell you in the audience, in terms of game one hyperventilation, the two things in that game that I doubt will continue to be so is both those free throws and all that stuff in the paint. It seemed obvious to me that Milwaukee was doing things with help to allow the paint to be left open. They haven't done that all year. There's no way Budenholzer stays there. I thought Milwaukee would simply trust what it always does.


It did not on defense because, yes, Goran Dragic was getting into the paint, but a bunch of heat players were getting into the paint and Milwaukee doesn't allow people in the paint. Yeah, they absolutely guarding the perimeter.


Dan, I'm, I don't want to fight you on this, but I watched it back. I rewound. I'm seeing they have to be selling out on the perimeter because this is a team that lives and dies. To protect the paint, you have to beat them from the outside. They didn't do anything different. They didn't double Duncan Robinson. They got to beat them in ways that I haven't really seen teams do. But it was just one guy that I don't understand how Miami was able to beat this team up inside.


They executed better than Milwaukee, which is incredible because they won a game when you thought they would have to win four by putting up tremendous shooting efforts from the outside. Milwaukee had the tremendous assist and then they did not shoot well from three.


Not only did they have a tremendous shooting effort from outside, but if I would have told you this Heat team outrebounded the Milwaukee Bucks. Forty six to thirty four. That gives you a little key like this Heat team has always struggled to rebound against big teams and all the sudden they're out rebounding by twelve. Like that's a big key, Tony.


That is an excellent point because the points in the paint, it comes from those second chance points. And Bam! Adebayo was an absolute beast on the boards and I was trying to figure out what he was doing differently. And outside of a quote saying he watched film with Udonis Haslem and in eight minutes saw an opportunity to get second chance points. Maybe I just have to trust what they've seen in film and the Miami Heat have cracked something that everyone else in the NBA has struggled to crack.


Mike, are you saying that Jimmy Butler was, even though they were trying to keep him out of the paint, was still just getting inside the paint?


Goran is the real revelation because Jimmy Butler is a player that he has a knack for getting calls. He gets to the line and Jimmy Butler was getting inside a little bit more that we have to we have to sing Jimmy Butler's praises because it must feel pretty damn good to be Jimmy Butler after one game, because now he's going to get all the national attention. Now he gets to be the one shining star on on a good playoff team, the type of player that everyone was criticizing him.


He would never be if he left for Miami.


The thing that you should be enthused about beyond winning and beyond everything in that game, playing to what your doubts are about Milwaukee is that while the Miami Heat had, you know, three guys have a wonderful game. Dragic it was bam doing all of those. And it was obviously Jimmy Butler, you didn't see actually the beauty of how they played basketball last night, like you did not see all the ball movement with with threes now. Milwaukee might take some of that away because Milwaukee is really good at defense.


I just would be really surprised if the way that this series is one is with the heat doing things inside. You could steal a game that way. I just don't think you could steal many game. Oh, I.


That we totally agree with. I thought this would be a long series and I didn't have the Miami Heat winning like that. I don't think anybody did. Although in retrospect, if you look at the previous three games they've been getting up in on Milwaukee inexplicably. So I have to think they're going to have to hit shots from the outside to win the majority of the games in this series. But Milwaukee gave us one. Actually, no, we took one.


Well, I think I think the heat will absolutely beat the bucks. If that's the Giannis you're getting period. If if the heat can actually turn it into Kate Middleton you take all the that's the honest. No no I don't but I. But that is one of the things that you saw last night that so encouraging because now it's about Giannis. You saw, you saw turnovers late, you saw that he couldn't get his own shot late. You saw that you know you didn't, you didn't fear him to do anything at the rim late.


Yeah he Giannis only shot the ball twelve times and you've got a great game from Goran and Jimmy. So like I feel like this was best case scenario yesterday for the heat outside of a few things like Duncan didn't really get going but like I, I feel great about this series but I feel like if everyone's saying the heat just have to do that three more times, that was like defensively in the second half he almost played a perfect game. So that's the only thing.


If I'm a Bucs fan I'm like Giannis only shot the ball twelve times and the Heat like played a perfect game defensively and there two stars so I mean I hope they can repeat it three more times but I think the series is going to be tough. It excellent point.


They did play a perfect game defensively. What Milwaukee does better than anybody, they get out and run. If you, if you turn them into a half court offense, they get stagnant. That's not what they do. Well, and that has effects on the other side of the ball. I don't really think of returning. Eric Bledsoe helps out their issues in the half court. Milwaukee's in deep trouble.


Something else Miami did last night I thought was beat the Milwaukee Bucks without a whole lot from their bench. I think Hero scored eleven, but was only three for eleven. Normally they have two or three guys off the bench in double figures really playing key roles and they really didn't last night. Didn't have to, but they have that in the tank in the rest of the series.


Well, I mean, here are the big shot but you get sixty seven from Butler and Dragic. Like that's, that was, that was it last night. You got sixty seven points on those two guys in Hero at the Big Three please last.


So some people around here and just pull them back because I've got my guy in announcing after one game the Bucs are in deep trouble. I've got Chris Cody saying well I still think it might be a tough series. Let's let's pull the leash on that. Billy, were you watching Marlins baseball last night? How did this work? Were you watching Marlins and Mets instead of your Miami Heat?


Marlins played it one day and I could see both games yesterday. It was a doubleheader. Oh, the four Marlins, six thirty. And you know what, Laza? What are you even talking about? I think we need to turn things up a notch. I think we need to do keys the game two, which honestly is a total waste of time, because I think it's about time to start talking about how they match up with the Celtics. Right.


See, I'd rather see the Raptors. I'm sorry, the series is over. It's one. So that one's right. Exactly.


And that's the worst matchup for us. I'm more nervous about Boston and more Chris.


Chris Cody was texting people during the game. Middleton is the key. And then for a little while, Brook Lopez became the key. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That that Brook Lopez game, incidentally, I've seen that game where all of a sudden the first three quarters you look at that, look at Brook Lopez is an extraterrestrial making threes and it's crazy.


And then the fourth quarter, hey, where's Brook Lopez? Is he still playing?


No one is better in the history of the NBA at twenty four points and one rebound than Brook Lopez. It's amazing. Seven feet tall. No, what is weird about this? This part I don't understand at all.


Brook Lopez has been a bad defender my entire life and he got top ten defensive player of the year this year because of how they play scheme defense in Milwaukee. So was there a good shot blocking team? Tell me. Tell me. He's got to move his three his feet three feet by three feet. And he's like top ten and the defensive player of the year.


I want to know what the shipping container felt when Jimmy's like, OK, I'm going to make a statement. I'm going to dunk earlier in the game and Giannis is like No you are not you're not going to dunk not at this rim anyway. Like I want an. How many of you like we're like, yeah, Jimmy, yeah, get it oh oh oh oh. Yeah. But then Bam Autobio had the greatest Miss Dunk ever. You want to talk about imposing your will on somebody.


I'm so pissed. Bam miss that dunk.


Oh God. He did like the whole reaction to it as if he made it.


I have it as the second best miss dog of all time behi job morant's earlier this season.


He's actually got a list over there, lest you doubt him. He just pulled it out of a file cabinet over there. The file cabinet, top one hundred miss dunks of all time.


I don't know what to make of Goran Dragic doing this.


He's been phenomenal and now he's had during the regular season he had I believe to twenty point games and now he's had what, five in the bubble.


Yeah, his minutes have increased and I may have to cave. Honestly, as ridiculous as it sounds, Sisu got his knee jerk. Goran Dragic is playing the best basketball of his career. He's been incredible. I look, Jimmy Butler is not going to do that that way.


But with the team like the Miami Heat, when when if you're Milwaukee Bucks man, you're going to spin this. There's no way Goran Dragic does that again. There's no way Jimmy Butler does that again. I'll give that to you. But the Miami Heat is not a team that you could do that with. They can beat you so many different ways. If it's not going to be Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic one day it'll be Duncan Robinson bombing from the outside.


I think Milwaukee, the red flag is Middleton and Brook Lopez did the things you would need to know from the other guys. Oh no. But Mike, that is because they're allowing guys other than Giannis to do whatever they want in this series. The when you say the Heat can beat you a lot of ways, there's only one way to beat the bucks. That's it right there. Let everyone else eat and don't allow that guy to do anything that's.


Come on man. That's the MVP of the league. You can't have him being outscored by Goran Dragic.


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Chris, clean up that stat for me on Dragic please, because he wasn't starting most of the season and he's got five straight twenty point games in the bubble and oddly I've been hammering you on it all.


Commercial break whenever a break we take on these things because listen, I care about accuracy. I want you to be right. I know you need to be coming off as a smart guy. This equation. All right, let me handle the dumb.


You said oddly there there's nothing odd about you spending the entire break hammering me if I've made a mistake.


Chris, go ahead. What is it that you have in terms of the stat on Goran Dragic?


Ethan Skolnick tweeted out this stat Goran Dragic had back to back twenty point games just once this season before the bubble. He has had five straight twenty point games in the playoffs, including twenty seven tonight last night.


And so Mike Ryan had jumped to the conclusion, even though he is a seasoned Miami Heat fan and we should call my father here at some point just to get his reaction because I haven't talked to him. But Mike Ryan is now saying, even though he's a seasoned Heat fan, that Giannis Antetokounmpo is afraid of going to the line, that he does not want to do what Jimmy Butler was doing yesterday, which is just catapult yourself and your forehead toward the rim.


And you are saying that he is scared of his own thoughts at the free throw line.


Mike, you want me to go cocky? I think so, yeah. I think he he had opportunities to go straight to the rim and not play directly into the trap like he was occasionally late in that fourth quarter and he just got forced to the side of the court and refused to go to the cup. And I think that's because he doesn't trust himself at the line. Like, at best I'm going to get like one of two. And this is in a winning play for me right now.


So let me pass out and Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez are going to have to carry me this series. And if you're a exposer in the Miami Heat, perfect. That's what you want than the charity stripe is a funny thing. It is. You are left there to your own devices, to your own thoughts. You are out of the flow of the game. You feel exposed. The entire arena crowd is looking at you. I think perhaps Mike is on to something there.


A charity stripe is a very lonely place for the mentally weak. What's interesting, too, is that we look earlier in Lebanon's career and it was kind of the same thing, right, with this kind of same thing of, hey, all of a sudden he doesn't want to go to the line. He's the most impenetrable force in the NBA, and yet he can't go to the line because he's shooting six percent. And that's what we're seeing from Giannis right now.


Like he can go in on anybody. We saw a finger roll from the free throw line where he made it over like six defenders and all of a sudden he doesn't want to get to the line like it's the psyche of being the best player on the planet and not being able to shoot free throws.


The mentally weak says you got after one game. So we've got we've got Mike Ryan saying the Bucs are in deep trouble. We've and and that Giannis doesn't want to be at the free throw line. Right. And we've got Stewart saying that Giannis is mentally weak and we've got Chris saying willing to concede that it can still be a tough series. He still thinks it might be a tough series that the Heat are just going to blow out the bucks. And for Cody would you like to say anything ridiculous or is that all we've got here from the group in terms of overreacting?


No, but I would like to say that Giannis picked up two fouls pretty early in the game and three before halftime and I actually felt like that diluted his game a little bit, particularly the two fouls early. He just didn't seem to be himself.


My name is Greg Miamis been the one that's gotten him in foul trouble when Bam out of BIO's guarded Giannis Antetokounmpo this season throughout that wide sample Giannis is only drawn one foul on Bam Adebayo Look we're obviously overreacting Giannis is going to have good games in this series but he only took 12 shot. That part was crazy He was crazy He had the worst plus minus on Milwaukee.


Khris Middleton took twice as many shots as Giannis It was unbelievable if listen ok just everyone listening to what it is that we're talking about here is we've gone deep into the sports hole with this. If you were watching your first game last night of basketball and had never seen basketball before, you wouldn't think that Giannis any kind of special. You furthermore wouldn't think he's the best player in the world. Never mind that he wasn't even the best player on the court last night.


You would have been watching that game and been like, wait a minute, does the Miami Heat have two players who are better, three players who are better than Giannis Antetokounmpo.


You'd also wonder how a seven three cave man stumbled onto one rebound I mean I can't get over Brook Lopez is like if you got.


So what's it like to actually be better at free throws than Giannis Antetokounmpo now I'm. No you're not actually young.


Yes I am better well Giannis shot sixty three percent from the field from the free throw line for the season but last night he only shot twenty five percent Who got shot fifty four percent when we shot one hundred free throws. That's right. I would say I was sitting there last night I'm like Giannis is three for twelve from the line Stewart's right now is legitimately better than Giannis Antetokounmpo at shooting free throws right.


As I said the charities drive could be a very lonely place for the mentally weak. I am mentally strong and yeah it felt good for a night. I was better at basketball than yachties ever that.


Can you be mentally strong with fifty four percent from the line and half the time that is the creative Godsmack of shooting fifty four percent of the top of the line. But I am one hundred percent confident that I'm going to make the next one if that's done. Still got more, you know, previous proof matters. He's just delusional, confident and thinks he's better at basketball than Giannis Antetokounmpo.


So what did we learn last night by the way. Six thirty starts. Let's make that a permanent thing of it.


Love it love the six thirty. We are oh six thirty shows take five and even six thirty is pretty good birdie even better early bird Adam Silver I bowed to you was last night draws a chalk it up to a weird game in the Miami Heat.


Ended up on the on the right side of a weird game. I don't know if any of that is sustainable. I still expect Miami to have one of these tremendous efforts from the outside. I don't think Giannis is going to have another game where he shoots twelve times.


I want to say the fans are a factor. The lack of fans are a factor. But the Bucs lost game one against the magic and then one the next for the chalk for the most part has won all of these series. The Bucs lost badly.


Yes, in their game one against Orlando and it was the Orlando was up by a lot in that game one. And then every time Milwaukee threw a punch, Orlando withstood it and protected its leads. What was encouraging at the very start from last night is that in the first half, every time Milwaukee threatened to pull away when they were scoring at a sixty point a half clip, Miami was like, no, you're not going to go anywhere on us.


We're going to stay we're going to stay in this game. And then toward the end. They did what they've done at the end of all of these games in the playoff bubble, where it's like I'm not really even that scared of what's happening here in the last few minutes because the lead is safe. I've got a cushion. And so you didn't have last night, did you have that good fear that Heat fans have an important games like because it didn't seem like that fear was there?


I was pretty confident. Now, I did hedge in game one, Milwaukee down, went down five and the plus 170 was there. I had just got to protect my investment because I am heavy on the heat to win this series. But I wasn't really nervous watching that game because, I mean, Brook Lopez had some continuation calls, were really late whistle's in that game, and they were just bombing away from outside in a way that just simply couldn't have possibly been sustainable.


And you saw them come back to Earth in that fourth quarter. I felt confident that entire game Miami had an answer every time it seemed like Milwaukee could potentially put them in danger. I was rooting for Johnny to go back on the court because he was playing right into Miami's hands. Yeah.


You know, four games is a small sample, but it's not nothing. And Miami's three and one against the Bucs this season because they seem to be able to neutralize the Greek freak and turn a mortal. And two of those four games, Miami didn't have Jimmy Butler on the court. I think no matter how much we analyze it, it's just possible that Miami, one on one is a better team than Milwaukee, even if they're not a better team in the standings.


I think anomalies like that happen sometimes.


I feel like we've spent enough time on the second biggest sports story in South Florida yesterday, like are we ever going to get to these Marlins winning the trade deadline and going up to New York on a one game series against Jacob Graham and winning and being fifteen at fifteen after thirty games and in the playoffs for the first time since I was like, yes, OK, we will get to the big games for the Marlins coming up here.


I want to see if we can figure out how to make the entire national show.


Yes, my math was wrong, Mike, OK? I was just I was I was on a roll. I was just trying to exaggerate how long it's been. I see your face. I was seven. I was more like thirteen.


I was like I was going to ask you were seven to No. Three. Regardless, we will get back to your beloved Marlins in a second. I just want to review a couple of things that just happened because it is my responsibility as the people around here to grab the leash and calm everyone down, always keeping inventory.


We we skipped Mike Ryan saying he was rooting for Giannis to go back in the game. We skip Greg Cody just saying maybe Miami is the better team based on a couple of regular season games. When Greg Cody is old enough to remember Derrick Rose in the Chicago Bulls looking like they were better than the Miami Heat for a while in the regular season and in game one of a playoffs, and then all of a sudden they weren't, it's good to use those four and five game samples.


Cody, thank you for saying the thing after saying you weren't going to say the thing that maybe the Miami Heat are just the better team. Maybe the Miami Heat will indeed win because of matchups. They are not a better team than that one. The regular season indicates that they're not a better team than that one. Now, many people in their analysis would say playoff basketball is a different kind of basketball and therefore you will see Milwaukee exposed. And I would say we'll see.


It's one game and usually over seven games this stuff shakes out. But if you want to be hopeful, game one gave you all the reasons to be hopeful. Game one is the result that I was hoping for, God's rooting for so that we would have something to talk about in this series. So it wouldn't be, you know, just Milwaukee and sixth, the way we get there, usually when one of the teams is better than the other, overall, a representative sample.


Now, you can kind of settle in and know that you're going to have a long series of six or seven game series. And that's great for Heat fans, regardless of how it turns out. I think we should probably close the book on game one and look forward to game two and perhaps after that, the NBA finals at a parade in Miami.


I do want to talk about the Marlins trade deadline because Mr. Marlins son, Mr. Marlin Jr., got traded to them to the Miami Marlins, even though he doesn't seem to be a very good player and single. But, hey, that's exciting. It's super exciting. They were buyers.


Yeah, Marlins are buying. Billy, tell us why we should be excited about the Marlins trade deadline moves.


I mean, forget about the deadline, guys. Next week is the biggest week. The Marlins, the biggest fifteen years. The three games against the first place, Atlanta Braves, who they trailed, I think, by three games right now. And then they have seven games against the Phillies. That's right. They have ten games in a span of eight days.


All of which all of which will tell us who's who by the end of the December 14th. Guys, we're going to know if the Marlins are going to be a playoff team or not. Because the Phillies are tied with them and seven games against the Phillies, all home games, by the way, which I think they've only won one home game, even though they've technically had a bunch of games that were home games. And I think that they've won more home games on the road in double headers this season than they've won actual games at Marlins Park, whatever that means.


It's a strange situation this year.


It's a little bit weird. I think we call. It is. It is. Yeah.


Well, it's a perfect baseball stat, right? The Marlins have one more more home games on the road, a double header this season. They've won it. Oh, it's the most baseball stuff ever.


You guys say that they were buyers yesterday? No, no, no. They were both buyers and sellers.


That is the new Marlins. They're doing everything. They got rid of V.R. for Conine because they really only got they only had V.R. for another month because he's about to be a free agent. So we got a prospect that they wanted to get in Konan, years ago. Is that going to be an awkward interaction, by the way, Jeff Conine talking to Jeter, I mean, Konan Jr. talking his name. His name is not Jeff, whatever. What's his name.


But Conine doesn't seem to be what happened in this meeting? I was thinking for a second that he was a ago, and I remember he wasn't. And hold on a second.


Greg, how do you feel about the performance of your son there as a proud father? All of us are judging your son right now.


Please, then we're all judging you. You just want to sit there. All the heat are better than the bucks. But, Greg, you're an idiot for saying that after one game. All right. Just relax over here. We're excited, OK? Sorry, we're not all even keel like Dan Levitas. Let me bring the perspective to this conversation right now. This is a great day. OK, I woke up this morning feeling great about being a Miami Heat fan, about being a Miami Marlins fan, about being a Dolphins fan, too.


Don't make me bring this time this conversation back about how great it is to be a sports fan in South Florida.


Would you would you mind doing your dad love it's art again? What was that sound like? Hold on a second. I'll give you a second. We'll we'll have a conversation with your dad and I'll give you a second to formulate your thoughts. And at the end of this, please do your damn batard again in a second grade. How did you feel about your son turning red face there? You know, not getting any names? Right. I'm in a funny position to tell anybody else about getting names.


Right. Right. And just sort of in general falling apart emotionally and in terms of confidence. Yeah, unfortunately, he got that gene from me.


I don't know Kid Canaan's name either, so I just called a little conine. Oh, but the Marlins had a good day. I thought they needed a bat in the middle of the lineup and they got a guy in Monterey who has the higher ups than anybody they have on the roster right now. I thought it was a good trade, a forward looking trade, a trade that said, hey, it's midseason right now and we're still in this thing.


And it's not often the Marlins can say that. And it's pretty exciting. I don't care if they're only five hundred, they're still in the playoff hunt.


Hold on a second, Chris. We will get to you in a second. Formulate your thoughts. I'm coming to you at the end of this. There's going to be the pressure of a Dan Levitan impersonation to close out this segment. But great, I'm telling you to just formulate your thoughts. And I'm filibustering right now until I go back to you, formulate all your funding and we'll see what you've got at the end of this. But first, let me call out Mike as the tent pole here, who always has to be the bleep pole and get everyone under control when they're hyperventilating.


And it makes me a real jerk. We're just going to let slide that. Mike Ryan said he was texting some of basketball's most brilliant minds earlier.


Let me get away with it. I was texting Zach Harper. And I mean, I'm one Texas fan, and you just took my word for it stands analysis, stands, analysis, both in game and out of game.


Were a Jimmy Butler the surprise of him shooting? Well, from the perimeter? He hasn't done much of that this season. The surprise of, you know, them being able to get into the paint on the Milwaukee Bucks, the surprise of the Milwaukee Bucks guarding against the three because of what the heat did to them from three during the season, because usually Milwaukee sticks to what it's doing. But he was not surprised by the smothering of Giannis, which is again the most encouraging thing for Heat fans beyond even the scoreboards.


Who got the most encouraging thing from that game is if you can smother that guy who no one can smother except Kawhi Leonard on his way to the championship, that is the only way to beat that basketball team. You can't beat that basketball team unless that's the game Giannis is going to have.


Ryan I just man I have a hard time believing it was great for a night. I have a hard time believing the MVP is not going to be better than that. Even while the Heat are trying defensively to smother Giannis Antetokounmpo I just have a hard time that's going to get to thinking that's going to continue. To Cody's point earlier, the reason last night is so encouraging for Heat fans is not because you want and it's not because you have a chance in the series.


It's because that's exactly how you get Janice in a uniform next year, because he looks around and it's like, wait a minute, Middleton's not bailing me out. Brook Lopez isn't bailing me out. And this team over here, which doesn't have a player as good as me, like that's what happened with LeBron. That's how LeBron ended up here when he was going up against Boston. And he's like he's looking next to himself and he's like, these other teams have more options and are better organized than I think Middleton and Lopez will look at it Yoni's and saying, hey, play the MVP.


We bailed you out last night. I mean, Middleton gave him twenty eight and Lopez gave him the more it's the design, those like they will take those games from Lopez and Middleton every time. If it means twelve Giannis shots.


Yeah if he goes out to the Miami Heat after playing the Raptors And in retrospect Kawhi was playing at a level despite his injuries best player in the world. We'd all agree but headed into that series it's Giannis is the best superstar on the court It's Kawhi in a bunch of other guys And quien a bunch of other guys beat you now it's your very clearly the best player on the court and you're losing to a bunch of guys if you love basketball. This is tremendous because I think we all expected Miami to kind of play up into Giannis and have him and force him to make some adjustments, sort of like the Raptors did last year.


If you've just seen some of the games, what the surprise is, is they did it with Jae Crowder. That was surprising that we all expected Bam on dollar. Iguodala We all expected Bam Adebayo And then the occasional trap We got the occasional trap and Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder So there's a surprise there. But I love basketball because you get to see players that bleeper walk moments right this is one of those for Giannis. He needs to be able to overcome this hurdle.


I expect him I expect a long series so I'm not going to be super overreaction or hold on a second but you're so excited and Kokanee that bleep or walk I don't even know what the bleep is and bleep or walk because I've never heard that expression before.


Oh you're not a member of your Twitter bleep or walk. We had somebody bleep or walk games with LeBron in the big three.


Look, the game slow down is bleep or walk in things you say when you're a for it or walk around or walk you to know that I thought it was s word.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I had some one off. I had someone to pick. Yes, that's what I thought. That's what the saying was bleep or get off the pot is what I thought we were going.


You guys really think a year from now Giannis is going to go back and be like Oh man should I stay with Milwaukee because there was game one of round two in the playoffs a year ago so I should probably join the Heat because they beat me in that game, not in the game decisions decision the series and it's what the Heat hope it's.


But what if they go on and win the series and the game was irrelevant that Jimmy Butler has to go to Milwaukee.


Precisely. Billies Absolutely.


Precisely. I'm not saying precisely what to with that sneaky things in quickly and precisely in the. Can you believe this is the problem with you when you start talking the heat, you stop listening to people and to God? I'm not totally sure he even wants the game. Last night, six in no same home court joked that he's been making for two weeks and says Jimmy Butler will end up in Milwaukee. Six thirty is a late tip.


I mean, you snuck in there. I had precisely queued up for Billy's point and now I'm agreeing on the air. All right, you guys all right?


I'm gay. I'm delivered. I'm the gatekeeper of all takes that are smart and that are dumb. I make fun of great Cody. And then two minutes later, I'm like, that's a good point. That great Cody made two minutes to go. I'm grounded.


Levitan, why were you waving? What was that? How would you describe? That's what you do. You take your hands off, I, I remind you.


What did you do? I didn't understand anything. You just precisely the first time he doesn't get it. It is a who doesn't get it.


I don't get it. The first time Chris did as a person inside of you it was only that and that's what I wanted more.


What is that though where I let that OK, because we're on a zoom and I'm trying to explain what Chris is doing, which is his. Let me explain to the audience. I want you to understand it is his arms flailing at his side as if both of them were in a wave pool. And so his arms are just flopping all over as he. You want to try it again? Are you out of material there, Chris, in terms of it's a lot of noise.


It is. Because you had a lot of time to think of that. You only came up with a couple of sentences. Is there anything else in your holster in terms of making fun of me and being me and my heat analysis?


Huh? Delimiter I haven't had enough of this. I want Chris to sink, so I'm just going to keep putting in there, like, hey, Chris, let's keep going. Chris, even though you don't have much else, just keep going.


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