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Welcome, everybody, to the local our big city is already up, sometimes big squeeze out first, sometimes local power is out first. Today's Big Sweep is a good one featuring Bomani Jones. They're always good. When Bomani joins us, I'm joined now by the full shipping container. And Dan and Stu got happy Humpday, everybody.


What happened? That was Jamaican air horn, the Zoome going in and out while Chris Cotter tried to support what Mike was doing. OK.


I was a little sad yesterday because yesterday was supposed to be game seven, but Tuesday Night Football was there to console me and it's warm bosom. And I like Tuesday Night Football. Is it is it messed up that I'm rooting for more outbreaks so we can get more Tuesday Night Football?


No, I think we all are about Wednesday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Friday Night Football, Saturday football, Super Bowl, Saturday.


I mean, the only thing I hate on Sundays, I don't think there's Thursday Night Football this week, though.


What's wasn't it supposed to be chiefs bills, but that you can't ask the bills to turn around?


You can't really ask them to go Tuesday to Sunday either, like I would expect. I think they're going Monday. What about the Titans? The Titans going Sunday?


The Titans are going Sunday, I believe.


I think these turnarounds are a little too fast on the body. No one's going to have sympathy for the Tennessee Titans. But the bills we can work up a little bit of sympathy for. But yeah, Titans, this is your punishment. You get two games inside of, you know, five days.


So the bills play the chiefs. There's a double header this Monday. Again, I love this five Eastern it is Bell's Chiefs Monday Night Football, followed by the Cowboys and the Cardinals. How about that? That's quite a slate. Oh, my God.


You think in a copycat league that people are going to realize how fresh the Titans looked last night and say, you know what, maybe we should get the wrona, maybe we should get three weeks off where we don't do meetings are colliding of any kind because they looked unbelievable. Last night, the Titans looked Tannehill looked like a better Josh Allen and super accurate and the Titans manhandled it builds team that's a little bit hurt, but that we all know to be pretty good.


The Titans play the Texans, by the way, one o'clock on Sunday. The Titans team is good. They've been good for a while. They were a game away from getting to the game.


I'd expect them to lose against the Texans specifically just because Tuesday to Sunday like that, it's a home game. Just so you know, I would expect them to not look the way they just looked with three weeks rest.


The Titans are listen, they're they're a really good team. I don't know if that was an indictment on Josh Allen last night. And Dan had a small victory, although you said before we went on air here that you thought he played well. But the Titans are really good football team. So I don't think that, you know, I don't know if that's a surprise. I don't think people want a copycat. I will say this. The bell's only had two practices over the last fifteen days.


I don't think people realize that one of them was a walkthrough for whatever reason they just did.


I don't think I want to look at that game yesterday and say what it covid have to do with this. I think that's far too easy because if this is under normal circumstances, one can certainly argue the game goes the exact same way. I think we're all just sort of realizing, OK, maybe the bottom is not going to fall out of this Tennessee team. They they appear to be legit. Good. It seems like we don't need practice's or preseason games.


Well, sounds like we could just play on Sundays in the product.


Well, it's interesting that you say that because. Yes, except for the asterisk on everyone is hurt. Like all all of these teams are missing players. And God says, I don't know why you felt the need to argue with what was clearly a joke copycat league. They're all going to get the role. Not only that, you guys felt the need to say, I don't think they're going to copycat. So you don't think that they're going to actively be licking each other teams and actively be licking the homeless and people who are not wearing masks?


I don't know. I got lost in the conversation. My apologies. I would say something about the Titans being a game away from the game last year. And I just got lost in what it is that you said. And I responded in a ridiculous way.


I mean, I want to hear I want to hear more from Billy. I need to hear more details on Billies bowling escapades, because the rosin bag, the other thing that people had heard of the first time liked it very much.


I got a lot of people telling me the sour sucks. So I'm not sure that they want more of my bowling stories.


I want to know what it is like to bowl with Billy Gill. I want as many details as possible. You shouldn't listen to the people, Billy. They complain about everything like this on the Internet.


They say. I'm just saying I'm not going to actively, you know, troll them. I think you should. They don't deserve my bullying stories, Dan Levitan.


So you're going to keep your bowling stories?


Well, you know what? Now they're going to get them because they don't want I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Yes.


So give me more details about how seriously you take it and all of the all of the things that go into Billy Gill bowling night.


The year was nineteen ninety six. A young Billy Gill and his sister were striking up the lanes at DC. K.L., that's Doncaster. Kendel Lanes. For those of you who don't know, we were on a team together. Me, my sister, this kid, I think his name was Matt, another guy named James Cyperus.


If you still remember all the details from that evening. Well, no, it wasn't an evening. We were in a league, Dan. Oh, bowling league. It was the off season of baseball. And we were looking for a sport and something to keep us busy on Saturday mornings. So we started bowling. I had a blue ball, the interior was like Reddish, had my name on it, and I have like this little hand thing that you would put around your wrist, I don't know what it did, but it was kind of like it wasn't like this wasn't like the thing like Barry Bonds would wear.


It was kind of like a cheaper version. It almost looked like the wrist guards that you would wear when you're rollerblading, if you're being extra safe. It was like that, I think. May I may I ask a follow up here?


You were wearing something, but you didn't know what it did. Like, did you pose for my wrist?


Right. I like sweatbands. What weapons do technically. I mean, they keep your sweat from getting to your wrist when you're playing, like, get out of here. That's just for fashion. And that's why I was wearing it.


Well, they get the sweat from getting to your hands. But what that thing what that thing is, is it keeps your hand, your bowling hand in the proper position, just so you know.


Yeah, I guess I'm an expert.


That's why I love one of my favorite things is when two guards comes in with his expertise and now you can imagine him being a solid to 90 average bowler.


Yeah. So we were on a Saturday morning bowling league at DC, K.L., and we won back to back championships. I have the trophy somewhere to prove it. And that was that. I don't really have many stories. One time I bowled like a one sixty when I was like ten or something, and it was because I was going to be sick or no, I hadn't wanted. I have had something the following Saturday. So when you had to do Dan back in the days, if you're going to miss a week, you had to bowl a week early, but you got to bowl that by yourself and you just go back and forth.


Switching late DKA was great because it had a lot of lanes on each side. It was like a massive it was almost like a Costco, but with bowling alleys, it was kind of crazy and it was really popping. That was like the place for Jesus, Chris would call it. That's where they would go bowl on Kendall, you know, back in the day. But then I guess people realized they don't have to go bowling anymore. And then they closed that.


And now it's like a CVS or something.


So you said you were a back to back champion. I want to know about that second season. When you're walking into the lanes for the first game as the champion, are people looking at you like, oh, look, there's still a chance?


Well, he's got that glove thing. I mean, well, no, I didn't.


I'm again, I didn't have the fancy one. There was like a hard plastic ones that had, like, a finger that would go out also to keep your fingers. I didn't have that. I have a very basic one that was just went over there. It almost looked like I had a sprain risk, really with the guard that I had. That's the guard I had. That was me and my sister. And then one year we had James Cypress and then another year I think we had a kid named Zach and then we had Matthew, who was a bit of a tag along, if you ask me.


He was not really doing a ton for our team scores. You would get like 40s and 50s. But his family seemed nice, so we kept them around. He kept it like it was like one of those things, you know, when you sign up for baseball and it's like, oh, well, there's a draft and it's like, well, I carpool with Gregory. So Gregory and Chris Cody have to be on the same team because they carpool together.


So even though Chris might be good, you have to take Greg because they go on the same. It was one of those things. He somehow finagled his way in with management and they put Matthew on our team again, which I was kind of like we could do without Matthew, but I guess he's going to be on our team. It's fine. We'll overcome this and that we did.


Can you tell me a second straight?


What can you tell me the story of your bowling ball bag?


It was a you know, it was a basic bag that came with the ball. I think the company was school or something like that that made the made the ball. It wasn't anything fancy. I wasn't I wasn't as shiny, you know, a shiny objects kind of guy, just, you know, meat and potatoes kind of guy. I got the ball that I needed to get the job done and that I did. I could find that ball somewhere, I think you're your champion that you have to time back to back.


I wish we could have gotten that three. It would have put us in elite company.


Are you a hoarder? Like, do you have things? A lot of things like that from the past. I know you're a bit of a hoarder here when you're here, but are you a hoarder at home as well?


No, I mean, I just figure that it's probably like in a shed somewhere or something because I don't think that you could. Where do you donate a bowling ball to? Like, have you ever gone to a goodwill and found a bowling ball that says Billy on it? Probably not.


Giving giving the theme to the people who got the people here don't want much of this keeping with that theme of giving people what they don't want to migranyan items from this morning that were funny when I came in here and I was pointing at him and waving at him and I couldn't get his attention even though he was five feet from me because he was hypnotized by Dominic Fox. We're talking about the Browns on television and he was arguing with the television. And that was only slightly less annoying than all of his hurricane opinions.


Right. We've got plenty of hurricane football opinions for you from Mike and also some bonus Cleveland Brown opinion. Great.


Well, the Cleveland Browns thing bothers me because we don't know if they're for real yet because look at the teams that they've beaten. We don't know if they're good. But you can't do that earlier in the season because the Cleveland Browns are responsible for like 30 percent of those losses. We don't think the Cowboys are good, specifically because they lost to the Cleveland Browns. We don't think the culture any good anymore. Why? Because they just lost to the Cleveland Browns.


Keep moving the goalpost on old Cleveland Browns. So they're going to have to go in the Heinz Field and smack those dudes up there. Good. Hit them upside the head. Not literally, Miles, but hit them upside the head.


They're going to be playing catch up. At Hinesville, hey, oh, that's good. No, I like it, you stand by that. All right. So here's what I got on canes. Are you done with the Browns? Yeah. Yeah, because it's a local hour. So Kanes obviously coming off a disappointing performance. A lot of people set their expectations sky high. My expectations were, let's find out what this golf is and see if it's possible we can close it by year's end.


Can I just say this? I still think the Colts are good. Sorry. I appreciate you got it. Philip Rivers, though. But the Colts defense is good. Very good.


Yes, they were missing Darius Leonard, which is when we were talking about great middle linebackers. You can put him atop the list and they were missing him.


So you can poke holes in the Cleveland Browns and you can put Myles Garrett now, like there's maybe Bozo's in this conversation, but it's Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett in terms of unblock rebel forces.


He's been brilliant. He's he's a legitimate. They're talking about it. Just straight up MVP candidate. Now, the Cleveland Browns defense is a very good and I promise that I was done with brown stuff, but no one's defense is very good anymore. If you have a play, a player that can force chaos the way that Myles Garrett does and give you turnovers, that's what's really good about defense is now everyone's got the league is designed for offenses to put up a million points, forced turnovers, forced chaos, blow plays up and Myles Garrett does that.


But to the Miami Hurricanes, I have not watched this game. I don't want to. I was very disappointed with it. That game was over early on. Now, I did anger some people with the Miami Hurricanes football program. And I know what I was doing when I sent this tweet out because it was a little unfair. A Clemson blog jumped on a quote that Manny Diaz gave inside the you. And here is the actual quote for context.


OK, I'll go ahead and say it. The headline on the on the Clemson blog was. Manny Diaz says only inches separating Clemson and Miami. It's very unfair what the Clemson bloc did, because what Manny Diaz was trying to say is, look, we were a couple of inches off side in that early drive, and those are the inches that separate the team. So we kind of set it, but it got blown out of proportion.


And I knew that what his point was that his player was in a position. First of all, what happened on the play was unusual in that you got an interception from a guy who was offside or what looked like an interception because he actually dropped the ball or down. That's right. They're their professional defensive end, lined up offsides and dropped back into court, which is you rarely see the guy, right, with the intersection. That is correct. Who drives back?


It was a throw down the field. It wasn't a screen pass. The guy who was offsides dropped back into it. That's pretty dumb. And they would have gotten the ball back and instead Clemson scored it.


But Manny feels like he's just a couple of inches away from being as good as Clemson, because that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. But he's saying it's unfair. Listen, I don't care what Mike, so is the answer as he does, which is the way I found the full quote. They got their first 14 points off of that, the Rashford thing. Now, part of the play that Rossia nails is because you showing deception, you could show deception without being upside down, said it was a harsh lesson for us, but one we needed to learn.


Diaz said to the media Quincy was offsides by three or four inches and that was it. Those are the inches that separate the two teams. I guess if you put stock into I mean, those were backbreaking penalties. Keep in mind there was a holding penalty on the Amari Carter targeting and he kind of got nudged into him. And so all of a sudden, your offense becomes even more predictable. You're down fourteen. They've had the ball for an entire quarter, it feels like, and you just have no choice.


But also, all of their players are better than your player for sure. That's for sure. And now I did lose by inches, though. I listen to this really good podcast for like kings, people that want rational analysis.


And I'm one of those that likes irrational and rational through the smoke. Said there was actually a pretty clean pocket for Derek King in the second half. But all we remember is every play again, blown up wide receivers, terrible worst crop of wide receivers at the University of Miami.


No real answers, not a playmaker among them. It's crazy. No one. No one's there to push them. PAYTON People are upset because Brian Hightower transferred. I don't really see how any of these people really help you. Just have to ride this out and hope your tight ends can carry you. We were thrown fifty fifty balls and those are not fifty fifty balls with this receiver. Those are really like seventy five, twenty five balls and Clemson dared them to make plays and we did not rise up to the challenge and our tight ends.


Who you would think could exploit blitzing linebackers. The best linebacker on the the best tight end on the field actually played for Clemson that day. But that leads us to the game on Saturday against Pitt. Pitt, you could argue, even though they're missing their best defensive linemen, has a better defensive line than Clemson. They have one of the best safeties in the country. This is a great defense at Pittsburgh. Miami is favored by ten and a half points.


The Miami I've known for the last 15 years finds itself in an absolute dogfight on Saturday because they face adversity. They're not front running anymore. And here comes a team that's going to punch you in the mouth and you're going to stroll out there and expect because you're wearing the orange and green that they're going to lay down for you. And it's every ACC loss we've ever had. I'm putting MONEYLINE on Pittsburgh. I think this is the biggest game in Maniatty is his career right now, because he has to show it's a different Miami.


No one's expecting you to be as good as Clemson this year.


A different Miami goes into Pitt and blows them out. They're at home. Well, I'm sorry. So a different Miami blows Pittsburgh.


Think I blow them out? Just just win. Just win. Because I feel like they're a lot better than Pittsburgh. I think this game is good, but maybe just a few inches.


I know they they like Pittsburgh lost to NC State. I don't know about any, but I don't know about them being a lot better than anything in the league. They certainly haven't been over the last few years.


We know that they're nowhere near as good as Clemson and that's fine. That that is honestly fine. Their national title contender, they haven't lost a home game in four years. No one's expecting to make that jump. I think we were all hoping for a better performance in Death Valley. But dust yourself off, handle your business and show that you're among the class of the ACC. There are no divisions this year, I believe in the ACC. So you already need help.


You need Notre Dame to lose in order to get to that championship. If Manny Diaz is saying inches separate us from a game changing play, I can by that. I don't really see a team that can hang with Clemson, but they need to continue improving because good Miami teams improve game over game. Pittsburgh is a massive test for them.


Mike, I'm asking because I don't know. They lost NC State, they lost A, B, C, Pittsburgh did last two weeks each game by a point. So close games are either of those to two teams that a good BCS got a tough defense.


And NC State, if you want to look at if you want to circle a game, that might be a loss on. Miami scheduled, it's NC State coming off a bye for Miami, which has always been problematic here, as many as once again as a double digit favorite at home. He's lost two of these straight up. He's got to win this game.


Do you find yourself missing guys like D.J. Dallas and Jeff Thomas? I miss Jeff Thomas, even though there wasn't an adult in that room, it is a massive indictment and he's a good player and he's playing for the NFL. I think he's like the number one punt returner for Minnesota. But for K.J. Osborne to come from the University of Buffalo and be head and shoulders the most responsible and trustworthy wide receiver at the University of Miami coming in from Buffalo.


But as a mass, I would say it was really startling to me to got in terms of watching Clemson against Miami, how little respect Clemson in general had for those receivers. The reason that that offensive line that had been so good earlier in the season kept getting blasted is because they didn't have to respect anything from those receivers. So he could just keep sending linebackers from all over the place because he knew the defensive coordinator for Clemson simply knew that he was going to be able to, in one on one coverage, didn't have to bother with anything in terms of coverage other than just putting his corner, throwing his cornerbacks and safeties out.


There you see the specific plays. I mean, these are game changing plays. I know people wanted to flag on that ball to Wiggins in the end zone saying that the corner got nudged. You got to be stronger than that on the fifty fifty ball that's purposefully under thrown to Mike. Hali, Mikalah. You got to come back and fight and grab that ball.


Dierking made like one bad throw to Wil Mallory but it's just, it's the terrible combination of their not that physically big and they're clearly not faster than the people they're playing against. Like it can't be both of those things.


Harley Harley has great straight-line speed. There were people that wanted to see races between Harley and Jeff Thomas at practice. Mike Harley. Every week I hear how, man, this guy had an amazing practice, not at all a gamer. He's got one game for the University of Miami that you remember. It just is what it is with Mike Harley. You don't have you need someone to step up at that position. I just don't think the answer is on this roster right now, because the only people that can push these guys outside of Payton true freshman, you can't count on true freshman.


If if they were good enough, they'd be on the field. However, this is the same stuff that played Greg Rousso ten stance against Florida.


So who knows who got to explain this to me? Why would you expect Miami to be Blow-Out better than any of the other teams when the in the ACC given that? Since they've been in the act, basically saved for a year, they've been all the other teams in the act, you can't make the argument it's only history that they have. You cannot make the argument that Miami is all that much better than Virginia, then North Carolina. Well, it's not better now, but our line of this year, I'd like to know when we're going to arrive at that, because that to me, you're not going to be Clemson every year.


You're not going to win the national championship every year. But being back means you're going to beat those teams every single year. The Canes, when they were playing football at the highest levels, would never lose to teams like that. They might lose the Florida state, but they'd never lose the picks.


But the difference was those were championship contender teams that usually had the best players. It was obvious watching that game between Clemson and Miami that Clemson is what you remember of Miami. They've got all those players now, like in a way that's just indisputable. Like you're watching the field. It's rare to see in a game between programs that you would assume are in the same place historically, right. Where you're like, wait a minute, one of these teams does not have the athletes to be on the other on the field with the other.


Clemson's an NFL factory, you would think if they're losing so many good players to the NFL, occasionally you'll catch them at a weakness where, OK, we don't have guys as good. Maybe it's linebacker for Clemson. Even though those linebackers had an awesome game against the university. Miami, Miami's playing whack a mole.


Oh, shit. We need to fix the punter. All right. Got that. Got this Australian who started up. Oh, shit. We need to fix a kicker. All right. Got that. Oh, no. There's a mole with the wide receivers now and we're just constantly trying to plug all these holes and new ones pop up. It takes time to build, but Miami usually checks out when they lose one of those embarrassing games and a game like Saturday usually goes the other way.


And I'm terrified about that because for Miami to truly be different, they need to say, OK, we'll get you next time Clemson and dominate their opposition. They've never done that in the ACC for Miami to be back. They just need to be in the national college football playoff conversation. They did it one. So they lost they lost a bit and they lost it. They still had an opportunity to punch their ticket to the playoff. And what happened against Clinton on Saturday happened in that ACC championship game, get to the ACC championship game.


Have that be the one loss on your record? If you are truly back, you're in the national conversation. You can get back in there. But I have very little faith that Manny Diaz and the Miami Hurricanes can just take care of business against Pitt. If they do, that's honestly more encouraging than covering the fourteen against Clemson. For me.


What is a third covering the fourteen? What is a third option?


A three and two team is more impressive than losing by fourteen. Not the number one team in the country.


Yes, using I mean, fourteen is a massive spread and you're on the road to a team that hasn't lost in four years. But given Miami's track record within the SEC, how they've only made it to one ACC championship two, but they technically self penalized and never actually made it up there. They always lose these type of games since they've entered the ACC, but now they always lose the Louisville game two.


And this year they won it with a bunch of big plays. The Louisville SustainX pulled us into thinking they're faster than they actually are. If we're trying to actively troll and annoy the audience. And Billy has gone in with a bowling story that he says no one wanted to hear and Mike did the double homer of Canes Talk and Browns talk. What is the third thing we can put in front of the audience just to ruin their breakfast experience? What is a third topic?


Does anyone have one? Does anyone have a third topic that we could actively annoy the audience with is NHL free agency.


We can get Roy involved. We can talk Florida Panthers. We can talk about how Victor Oladipo and Giannis Antetokounmpo are both coming to the Miami Heat.


I don't know if this would annoy the audience but I can make an argument. The Dolphins have a good shot at winning the AFC East. Oh, Louisville's one and one in the ranked 18th in the country.


Why it's so confusing this college football season.


Well we've got one in three they lost at Penn State. Fagots. Just curious. I'm simply curious because you say everyone is awful. It is awful. Oh, no, no. UAB is awful. Just tell me tell me who's good. Go ahead and tell me it was the teams that are good because the the whole big twelve is bad. So go ahead and give me the list of teams that are good, Clemson and Alabama.


That's it, that's it, and everyone else is bad. Yep. OK, good cover. Oh. Hey, I'm Andy, I'm still not famous, but you might remember that I started Herries because I was tired of overpaying for razors. It always felt like big brands were taking advantage of us every time they improved something. Back then, prices seemed to go up at Harry's. We take a different approach today. I'm proud to introduce our sharpest blades ever available at the same price as before, as low as two dollars each.


There are new sharper version of our German engineered blades. Guys who shave four days a week have told us that with our new blades, their eighth shave is as smooth as their first. And we stand by that with 100 percent money back quality guarantee at Harry's dotcom. Harry's is now available almost everywhere you shop, including in-store at most major retailers near you. For those who prefer to shop online, you can get a Harry starter set with a five blade, razor weighted handle, shave gel and a travel cover, all for just three bucks plus free shipping.


Just go to Harry's dotcom and enter three three six zero at checkout. That's Harry's dotcom code three three six zero enjoy.


Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side. And we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lives itself and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream in at the American Dream. I'm city manager. I'm Rodney Cormark.


Listen now to the Louder than a Riot podcast from NPR Music, where we chase the collision of Crime and punishment in America. The Bachelorette started last night, Tony and I can do a rundown of that. Oh, I see. I watched. All right. So I have got three seasons under my belt of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. It seems as though I always catch the bad ones, but this one seems excellent. Yeah.


I mean, it's one of those things where you kind of know what's going to happen because of all the tabloids and stuff. So it's just you're waiting for it. So it's kind of a different, unique season because she quits or finds love early or something.


Spoiler alert she leaves, which is it's a bachelorette film during the pandemic. So if you leave the bachelor bubble, you're breaking protocol.


But I think she leaves with one of the dudes. She's like, I don't need this whole competition. I know. I love this guy. We're out of here. You think that what happened? Yeah. I mean, not to spoil it for you, but that's. Sorry.


Wow. Five dollars overall. Take over from there.


Thanks. You got that. I appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah. So Claire ends up leaving with somebody else who she had a relationship with before the bachelor bubble. Oh my God.


For real. Yeah. So someone that's not even a contestant though. It's not Dale. She said, how many times, wait a second, wait a second. She says several times in this first episode, I know my future husband is in this room, so her future husband is someone outside.


The bubble is a different state, a different state possibly from the rumors that I've heard somebody that she had a relationship prior and then went into Bachelorette thinking she is going to find love. And then all of a sudden she's like, you know what? I actually like the guy that I like. Before all this stuff, I assumed it was the guy she gave the first impression, Rose, too, because they're setting it up. And I never trust the first impression.


Rose, Chris, that's story number one, that they're going to win.


I mean, it's never who you least think it's always been that day, although it's just the perfect human or what.


I mean, jeez, the first impression, Rose, is like trusting your gut, right? That's all it is. It's a gut pick. No, because I would totally leave with my first impression, Rose.


And that would be it's it's like it's like getting a win against like an Appalachian state early in the season is good. But you know what? I can't trust them later on.


Can we please stop and imagine through God's on The Bachelor. Let's go ahead.


I would have crushed it. He says, of course, because his thoughts on everything is I would crush it. I want you guys to imagine, like how many lies are being told about how gross is the entire marriage already you'd be.


Yes, you can absolutely be a polygamist.


I'll take seven of you. I'll give you one. I'll give you one rose here and I'll make six side deals with the rest of you.


I'd bring someone back there. He kicked out. All right.


My sources are telling me that the first impression Rose actually went to the person that gave that she had the relationship with prior to the bachelor bubble. So I misspoke. So I'm right.


Yeah, you're right. I do. It's second coughing in the phlegm. You kind of threw me off. Well, what was the sound, Chris?


Explain to us what happened there, because soon after Tony started talking, you just let out a stray. And I thought it was because yesterday you said the DJ's call it, oh, hop on. And and what was the other mistake that you made yesterday? Oh, instead of criss cross applesauce, you said the Indian stuff.


And I was proud after the show of the DJ's thing because it was it just came to me. It was natural. I didn't plan it and pre plan it. Beautiful happened. Yeah. But so that one I wasn't embarrassed of because it was just ridiculous that, you know, I need to be better about the criss cross applesauce thing. That's a couple of years now. That's not a new one.


But what happened just as that noise was me just finishing off the bit of me clearing my throat like I had something in my throat that Tony started talking. He gave me a little window and then I was.


So it wasn't frustration because I thought it was just frustration of being bad at this.


That was me clearing my throat again. Bad at this. Yeah. Attaboy.


What other local topics are there other than The Bachelor, which is a strange Ebele. Are you into The Bachelor at all. Do you. Because everyone got very excited about this. For about five years I've been walking off of the set of highly questionable. Every time they asked me if I'm interested in the same show every season.


I mean, it's always the biggest season and it's always the biggest surprise.


The bank and you guys don't love love. Dan, you need to throw out all of Chris. Well, that's something you guys I wants to show. It's obviously love. Dan, you need to throw a curve ball and, like, just break it down hard core next time they bring it up on HQ, like, do it like change up for that bit and just like have everybody's name, have it like just like full breakdown.


Give me the stats Dan. We can give you all the takes and then all of a sudden you can just first blast them with it where I want to hear ability's thoughts on this because I think he agrees with me.


This is not love. I think of all the seasons of The Bachelor, only one couple remains together and that was the first season, which is crazy.


I don't think that's right. I think it's right. I think that's just I mean, go fact check it someone and have fun going down to everyone who disagrees with you on this. And you don't know anything of what you're talking about. All you know is that you would have crushed it if you'd been the bachelor like God. How are you always so comfortable talking about things you don't know? Everyone who was on this call who has watched the show.


Now, everyone says he's right.


They don't stick together. They're not really looking for love. Most of them. I mean, maybe sometimes some people are looking for love, but the vast majority are looking to be famous. Right. They're looking to be influencers. So they're not looking for love. The thing that I have with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is that one, the episodes are way too long. It's like two hours long or something. It's like I can't dedicate two hours to be watching The Bachelor Bachelorette every week.


It's too much for me.


And too. I kind of just want people to shoot straight with me, right? You're not looking for love, you're just looking to hook up, right. So why do we need to class up this whole thing? Because then I'll see some of those people that go on to the dating shows that I watch on MTV. And they are not at all classy. They are not at all looking for love. They're showing them for their true colors. And I'm like, this is what I want to see sincerity.


People that are just trying to hook up, that have absolutely no interest in falling in love whatsoever. And they just want to be famous on television. And it's just going to be some trashy dating show. And I know what it's going to be. Instead of watching the sterling pedestal, you on a different pedestal of bachelor and bachelorette.


You watch the shitty versions of them on MTV.


No, I watch the real versions. I watch you're watching like the fake fruit that's like on display that you bite into. And you like Chipotle. That's not what I'm interested in. I want to see the real thing I told you earlier, Stu, guys is like me. We're meat and potatoes kind of guy. We want to see things how they actually are. We want to see these people not interested at all. And falling in love, jumping through hoops, having ridiculous eliminations, not presenting erodes.


The thing about The Bachelor is that it's been cleaned up so that it gets presented to, you know, your mom and your mom's like, oh, my God, I can watch this. This is just young people looking for love or that's not what I'm interested in. I'm interested in the truth. I want to see these people for who they are, really.


But there was two contestants last night. You got that juicy, like bottom like bottom of the barrel drama last night with one contestant, Yossef. Yeah, he Yossef was like spitting game and he was killing it. And then Tyler C walks up. He's like, yo, that girl is that guy was Instagram and messaged a bunch of girls you need to watch out for him. And she was like, I got to get both these guys together. Is this true?


And she eliminated Tyler. She and she kept you safe. The DMR man, Sibilia Juicy.


I'm I'm with Billy on this. And I have a theory, even though I am not an expert on The Bachelor because I am with Billy on the idea they are absolutely selling the mythical. We see this in sports all the time. They're selling the mythical purity of love to an audience. The next step I would go on this is to an audience that is consuming network television, which is about as dumb as it's ever been, like network television, which used to be the only thing that existed is now the thing that gets consumed by plenty.


But you've got a lot of audience that is watching crappy, crappy network television.


I mean, thirty years of The Bachelor, it looks like eight couples are still together. One is hanging on by a thread. One is engaged, but they're in no rush to get married. Well, that's what it says here in this article in thirty seasons, thirty seasons, years, seasons, whatever. But Trista and Ryan Sutter, Sutt, they are they're still together. And that was the original couple. They are still together, married and going strong.


It does say one of the couples of the nine that are still together is it literally says this hanging on by a thread, a season where the guy literally picked no one.


It was like the last two people. And he's like, yeah, I choose none of them. And it's like, OK, so you were in this for love, but there's real people.


He didn't find love. OK, Billy. So he should just pick one. He's like, I'm looking for love. I haven't found it. Not taken anybody that was not looking for love.


Real, not looking for love. If he's not looking for love, why didn't he just pick anyone to wake up with thirty people. But he was down to two at that point. He could have just picked one for the show for the fake love. But he's like, no, this is not fake, this is real.


And the other thing with Billy saying that people want to hook up, they can't really hook up and like have sex until the fantasy suite. Yeah.


Cause that's the other is real. Like, I took my wife three days before the fantasy suite. All right, everybody yelling way too much information.


I'm also with Billy. I think they're hooking up. I was so naive. You guys think that I'd have had sex all over that.


I mean, darn real fast, Dan, OK, we're not all watching Netflix documentaries. All right. Sometimes I just want to turn on ABC and watch what I want to watch. I don't judge me.


I was judging network television.


I wasn't judging, judging all of us what television has given us. Holy moly. In the mass singer at the end, if you're watching CBS or NBC or ABC, you're dumb. I'm smart. I'm on Netflix watching documentaries.


That's not what I said, but it's what I meant. You got to go to the other places to get documentaries on Prima's, on different places like that, I'm telling you, Netflix sucks me in on just about every show.


Yeah, they have a good, good knack of like a body of water with some trees that have no leaves on them. Yeah, some girls I have always thinking is I mean, it gets me every bit.


Is that the title credits for every show ever, a body of water and some trees, trees with no leaves, a drone coming in to show you from afar.


And someone is you know, there's someone in the water and they're halfway down like think that's just the sort of bloodline.


So they are a bit formulaic, by the way, body of water. Well, that's what The Bachelor is.


The Bachelor is formulaic. They know exactly the people. Yeah. Oh, no, I love that you go to Netflix. We tailored this just for you. Our selections for you.


These 17 shows featuring a body of water and a tree with no leaves on it.


Also, by the way, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette incentivize contestants not to find love, because if you find love that your bachelor bachelorette bachelor in paradise career is over.


If you don't find love, then you can come back the following year and you'll be the start of season.


They have so many contestants and stuff, they don't need somebody to not find love. Plenty of critics they can put on bachelor Chris. I guess I'm done with it, Tony. Let's go. Let's ride into the sunset. Let's defend the honor of The Bachelorette. Also, I will say this.


I will say this. The game change from when you got to say that the other contestants were together.


Social media was the breaking point between the old way of Bachelor and Bachelorette and the new way. Right now, you get on you start having a couple of days, people see you, people like you.


All of a sudden you get kicked off and now you're an Instagram star. Yeah, that's the form. If you want to talk about a formula, that's the one. Yeah.


Yeah. And Bachelor in Paradise, where they're not really looking for love, they're looking for spin offs. That's where the fun is that. So they're they're doing the spin offs. And then next thing you know, they have a special Manat on their Instagram and you're swiping on.


Are you guys arguing that network television isn't dumb? Oh, here we go again. I mean, 60 Minutes, Dateline, Monday Night Football, CBS Sunday Morning, 40 seasons of NCIS Burgers.


OK, so you are arguing that that's what you guys are.


Law and Order. Law and Order.


ArcView, the biggest show in the world is about science and Big Bang Theory and probably not science.


Anything Chuck Lorre does is just like this is not for me.


I mean, some of the greatest shows ever, network TV, the West Wing, X Files or.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not saying what network television was. I'm saying dinosaur come. And now you're competitive options. If if you want Amazon, if you want HBO, Showtime, your options are smarter. They're smarter option.


Well, do they have Murphy Brown? I mean, CBS still doing.


Murphy Brown is back for a minor run where network TV is behind the eight ball is when it comes with a TV drama because they can't really stack up. Grey's Anatomy tries, but I mean, they can't do the things that Netflix can. They can't do the things that cable shows can. So you're like, why am I going to watch a drama if it's not going to feel one hundred percent real life like Jack Bauer's got to say the F word at some point.


Right. But he doesn't.


Guillermo, what is the poll question as it regards this? Is network television good or is network television bad? Like what is the question? So I'm not contaminating the jury pool so we can find out whether the audience sides with me or you guys on this.


What network TV does better than anybody, I think is news, because cable cable dramas are great, cable news is toxic, and it just puts you in a terrible mood. Network TV knows for the most part how to just put this out there. You decide we're not trying to make you angry this morning. It's been left behind like that pile of television because people want it instantaneously. Why am I going to wait till the evening or the morning to get my news?


It's not just that, though, Mike.


It's because people seem to be craving echo chambers when you see that Tucker Carlson numbers are better than the NBA ratings and you see that Trump specifically, is it because they're not going to debate in person because of the coronavirus issues? Now he's having a town hall opposite Joe Biden's town hall. What you've got is just people will go to the thing that reaffirms their belief. That's what you've seen happen to the news. It's the genius of Roger Ailes. It's the genius of Fox News.


They saw the Trump stuff before anyone else saw the Trump stuff, and they created a news empire from we don't want facts. We want someone who aligns with our opinion. Yeah.


People just want to hear other people agree with their own opinions. Yeah, that's problematic. But I've gotten away from it and I'm really enjoying watching what network news I do like down the middle news. I haven't. I haven't. It's not even so much like down the middle. It's just here's the story and it's just like, oh, we're not going to go to a quad box right now and hear some person yelling at another person. It's just a story.


Moving on, next story, you decide what to do with that story. We're just moving. I don't like deciding what to do with the story.


Well, but when you look at what happened to network news, think about how you used to trust your news anchor. You used to trust whoever was Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, whoever your guy was going back before that to Cronkite and everyone else. Now, what is it you trust the guy who's giving the opinions that align with yours?


That's what's happening, whether girl or woman. Yes, although news anchors, when you talk about news anchors, those tend to skew the Ingram angle.


I'm talking about in terms of histories, trustworthy anchors that's been male dominated. Katie Couric was a famous flop.


Yeah. Who do you trust now? Is there, I guess Lester Holt I John Oliver, I think institutions, the ones that Mike was talking about, CBS Morning, the Morning magazine program on Sundays and 60 Minutes, those are good news shows. Also the nightly national news. Whether I trust the anchor or not, it is fact based. And Mike is right that the network news remains smart. I don't know who to.


I mean, once we lost Brian Williams and Matt Lauer, I'm not certain who we should trust. I don't know, like it sounds good in theory. OK, there are a couple of people out there I should trust, but I have no idea. I mean, I thought Matt Lauer was squeaky clean. It's funny.


Williams like still doing it. He is. But CNBC.


No, he's on MSNBC. I feel bad for the shifts that Brian Williams has. It's like Friday night at midnight. You know, he's lucky to have any shifts and all of. Trust and credibility with those fighters stories, those war stories, he was he was telling, like, that's part of what happened. A lot of these guys proved to be human. Dan Rather, we respect around here a great deal. Dan Rather has some mistakes in his past and the efforts to do journalism.


You've seen what's happened to Matt Lauer. The whatever trust it is we had in these people is eroded because of some of the things they did.


Is he on the rehab tours that like the same thing for coaches? Like, can he ever get back to NBC? Like Lane Kiffin had to go to FSU to get back to Ole Miss, like, is he going to MSNBC to get back to NBC? Never will. Never happen. Lester Holt, sign letting go. Lester Holt is not young.


Yeah, but he's I bet you his age is comparable to Brian Williams.


I think it's I think of him as older just because his name is Lester Holt. I think he has to be able to find a game without looking it up. Who's older? Lester Holt O'Brien.


We have to put it on the pole, please. Are we still making Lester?


I think Lester Holt. How old do you think Lester Holt is? Sixty three.


He's 61 years old now. How old do you think Brian Williams is? Eighty five.


Sixty one fifth time, Sammy.


Yeah, but Brian Williams has that anchorman Sheen who's all there, that veneer. Wow.


Andrea Mitchell is 73 or May 5th. If you really want to get technical on Brian Williams and Lester Holt was born March 8th, May Lester Benos.


That was right. The weakest link is back.


Oh, I love that show. So great. Jane Lynch is perfect. She's awesome. She was born to play this role.


Great show. And a bunch of games, game shows coming back. Will Arnett, I think I saw. Isn't that the Lego one? I think the will nachos, the Lego Shell bill, if you watch Weakest Link yet, no, it's really good. It's good.


I've got I've got one last sports top. It's the same as it was when it left. Got one last week. But it she mean enough to be the host. Yes, she's very good. You know what?


I'm switching back to Dan side. I think Dan's right. Network television sucks to bringing back supermarket sweep 40 years. So that's going to be like, what's going on? I feel bad for the original host, a supermarket sweep.


I looked up what he's doing now. He's hosting like a live version of The Price is Right in Las Vegas. Seems like they should have just given him that job when he came back. Right. How long's that show going to last on network TV? Like a season. Why not just give the guy his job back?


I'm going to guess what Mike Ryan sports topic is without knowing it.


OK, I'm going to get I have one last local sports topic that I'd like to get into briefly. I think it's how much Victor Oladipo likes putting Miami in his Instagram stories is geotagged. I did want to get to that and now I'm just looking at Nigerian ties with Oladipo Bam Adebayo and Giannis Antetokounmpo but I mean this is an Eastern Conference championship team. That's a national topic. This is a topic that can only be tackled locally. Ryan Tannehill guys.


Ryan Tannehill looks to be really good. Ryan Tannehill now with twenty eight touchdown passes and seven interceptions and a sixteen nice completion percentage in sixteen regular season starts since leaving Miami. That comes courtesy of Barry Jackson. How? I don't have an answer for you, what I would say is I always thought Ryan Tannehill here was an above average starter who was betrayed by all of his help management, help, skill, position, help. But here is something for you.


If you believe that Stewart is beloved, Adam Gase was the problem. This is from Scott Barrett, DSB Ryan Tannehill with Adam Gase. Eighty nine passer rating without Gaist, one fifteen point four leads the NFL. Robby Anderson with Gaist ten point one PPR fifty fifth in the league in 2020 this year with Carolina. He's with Carolina, yes, eighteen point two PPR, he's wide receiver number one, Devante Parker with gays, eight point one, PPR without gays, fifteen point one, wide receiver number one, Le'Veon Bell with gate thirteen point five, PPR without Gaist, twenty point nine.


Most ever, most ever like. Those are you know, those are the advanced stats. People telling you that there are a whole lot of people it's not your eyes lying to you. There are a whole lot of people have gotten better when Grace isn't in their life.


It's not just that with grace. I mean, it's it's Sam. Donald has not improved under Adam Gase. It's it's a mess. It's now Adams, Le'Veon Bell, Robby Anderson. It was just terrible killing it for Carolina.


It's funny how it turned for Adam Gase because his credentials were look what I did with a close to washed Peyton Manning. Look what I did with Tim Tebow as my quarterback did get to the playoffs one year. Look at what I did with Jay Cutler and look what I did with Josh and Josh McCown. And now it's an indictment on him. And so what he can do with talent, it just turned on him and not very quickly either. He's had lots of chances and there are rumors that he's going to get other chances.


Here's here's a stat from Bill Bardwell's to God says The Jets wave. Le'Veon Bell and Le'Veon Bell. When he went to the Jets, we were talking about him as the best running back in the league, the most valuable running back in the league. Correct. Since the start of last season, Bell has averaged three point two yards per carry, which ranks 48th out of forty nine backs. As a receiver, he has averaged just under seven yards per reception, which which is one hundred and twenty fifth out of one hundred and thirty two players.


He has been worse than a replacement level running back and you are paying him over seventeen years to seventeen games. Excuse me. Yep. Four zero 100 yard rushing games for no one for. What do you think is the longest run of Le'Veon Bell Jets career. This is what you paid. Twenty seven million dollars. Has it been.


I can't remember a really I can't remember a single play that Le'Veon Bell has made. I'll say he's had to at least rip off one forty five yard run nineteen yards oh nineteen yards.


One nineteen yard run in seventeen games. Twenty seven million dollars.


I think Josh McKenna is good year under Trestman. I didn't want to take anything away from the Tampa Bay Vipers head coach. No Trestman.


He was the the quarterback with Marc Trestman was Gaist before Gaist on hand. Goldburg remember Robert Gates word association with him. It is I think Margy Osmond, I think well, but we've been that for Stan Van Gundy. He's going to get another job. I think the big news is that the pelicans are moving the lake Mary. Wow, he's going to Kojm by Zoome from his tiny boat. He's going to just what is retirement needed more LaVar Ball.