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How long will we be on two hours? Yeah, this is a three hour. We got limitless time now, right?


That voice is Jason Lesia. Old school fans of the shipping container led local. Our know exactly who Jason Leasure is if you're new to the gathering. Jason Leasure used to work down in South Florida covering the Miami Dolphins. And we needed some credibility when we first started doing the local hour because, I mean, look at us, right? It's not exactly like we have Dan's credentials attached to us.


So we needed Jason Leasure to really help guide us through that dolphin season. He rode our coattails through a promotion in Chicago. He works for the Chicago Sun-Times, covered the Blackhawks, and now he has been promoted and he is on the Bears be. Jason, it's been a minute. Welcome back.


Yeah, it is good to be back, man, from my basement. Do you guys know what a basement is?


No basement down here.


OK, well, they do here, and it's like more room to your house, but all of it is gross. It's like cold and kind of dank and covered in spiders. Its basement is where spiders love to live. So it's super cool that we have basements up here. Is it too cold for spiders? I don't really know what the bug situation is in colder climates. I know what it is down here in South Florida and we get the palmetto bugs.


And yes, it's AC hot, like I imagine a basement would be AC hot if we were allowed to have basements in Miami, but it's too flat. What's a bug situation like outside of the spiders? How big are the spiders?


Well, the bug situation here is nothing like Florida.


I mean, between living in Miami and a few years in Gainesville, for me, like I've never seen alien type bugs and wildlife like I did when I lived in Florida. But but so it's really just like normal looking spiders and spiders. Nothing special here, but they do all love to live in your basement. They're all outside, you know, like the rest of us in Chicago, starting in about, I don't know, late September, just looking to stay warm.


I found out now through Google that spiders are actually cold blooded. They don't shiver, get uncomfortable when it's cold, they just become less active and eventually dormant. And they also have an antifreeze in their body that protects them to temperatures up to negative five degrees Celsius.


But that's the first time you've interjected with something in the entire time. I've been part of the show that I actually enjoyed hearing.


Thank you, Jason. Congratulations.


Welcome back to the Jason Billi dynamic. We have to address the elephant in the room. And it's actually not that dynamic, oddly enough, because it's not the most uncomfortable relationship you've had on the air with us the last time you joined us. Jason, it was during a David Samson show. Congratulations on your show. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know if you know this, but you are congratulations on what a Zoey nomination, you know.


Are you familiar? I still do that. Yeah, we do the suing. It's guy ok. Yeah. Oh, that's good.


You finish second. You lost. Oh. All right.


Well that's not as good. Yeah. What do I get. Do I get like at an Applebee's gift card or something or. I think Angel Rezo sends out a tweet. I think take the family out. I think Angel Rezo makes it OK, Jeff. And that's yours. So you guys still so you still do this silly awards.


So that's part of the same. I haven't quite followed as much as I should. You guys still like does anyone hear this or are we just like recording this for Mike's private collection?


So this guy, this guy is off to quite a start here. I know.


Do we still even, like, pretend that Dan is part of this or or is Dan totally checked out of this part of the show?


He's sitting here listening. Yeah, he's doing that.


So we do still pretend. OK, good. All right. So let me give you a quick refresher. Sure. You went from 790 the ticket to 790 the ticket saying they didn't want the local hour led by the shipping container anymore because it was so good.


Probably, Mike, that was too good. They didn't want us.


It was we also didn't have enough Jason Leasure. They're like too hot. We haven't had a reason. You haven't had Leasure on in like six months. I think we're going to take you off radio. Yeah.


Oh, and then the entire show got moved to five, six a.m., which is no longer called five sitcom. It's called five six the Joe.


But this is it was a joke. I still thought that was a joke when I first started that. But Jason also thought I also thought maybe they named it after Joel Rose.


I think so. I think they might have heart. I think that's part of it. Wait, was was the Joe move before the Super Bowl? Yes.


Yeah, that was like in August last year. I am having a difficult time in terms of establishing a timeline in so many respects. It's been the longest year of all our lives, but we don't have these like seminal benchmark moments like, oh, I took that trip in the summer. Oh, I went to this concert back then. All the days are exactly the same for so many of us. Yes. That when you get altitude on the situation, you're like, what?


What Mark felt just like August. Yes, but my daughter turned one years old and I felt every second of that year it was a legitimate year. But I don't have these seminal moments. Jason, now that you're covering the there's so many seminal moments for that great franchise, everyone believes in them. They're atop their division No quarter.


They have found their quarterback, it seems, here for the foreseeable future. What's it like covering a winner? Well, finally, Mike, finally, if you ask me, this is the same man, this is like I think this is the one the one reason that people in South Florida might want to hear about what it's like with the Bears is because it's exactly the same. And I know things are going a little more a little better and a little more interesting for the Dolphins this year because of two, because they were winning a little bit.


But like my entire career has been just the like this drudgery of football, like some of the worst football you've ever seen. The first year I ever covered the dolphins. You have to go way back. It was Cleo Lemon and Joey Harrington and Donte Colpeper with one leg. And then I went and did a bunch of other things and covered up in the heat and stuff like that. And then I come back and it's like Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback now and he's not one of these other guys.


He's like, he is the man. He is the franchise quarterback. And you go from him to like camera crews at the airport for fat retired Jay Cutler showing up like we have like helicopters out for that. That was that was that was a major event in South Florida. And it went really, really well, too, by the way. It's like, what, a couple of months after that, you got Rocktober. Now, all of a sudden that's what we're excited about, is Brock Osweiler.


And then you end the season with a quarterback named Fales, literally. His name is that he failed. And that guy played for the Bears and the Dolphins, by the way. So this is like this is my entire career. Then I get here to Chicago and they got a franchise quarterback, too. They got their own tannahill just a little bit younger. And it's the same. It's true. Miski and Chase, Daniel and. No, no, no, don't worry.


Now, now we got Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and people here, man, like when you're in when you're in Miami, I feel like this kind of rant or whatever you want to call it goes over well, because everybody's like, yeah, yeah, we know we see it, too. When you do it here, they're like, hey, lay off Trabis. Don't miscues that well until he's not. And then hey, hey, don't.


Foles is going to turn it around. Foles is a Super Bowl MVP. So like they don't like my negativity is really not going over.


Well, I think the real question is, are you capable of covering a good quarterback? In football, no. Yeah, like it seems like you might be the issue, because I think people thought Robiskie was good. Tannahill seemed to get really good as soon as you went to Chicago. Yeah. What's going on here?


Well, I'm not superstitious, so I don't think that is the case. But I do think maybe, you know, it's like God's protecting me because, like, I'm not ready yet. I'm not ready. That's I'm not seasoned enough to cover a Mahomes type quarterback. Right. Lamar Jackson, somebody fun like this is this is what I can handle now.


Even the Dolphins got to now that you're gone, we thank you for leaving. We finally have someone that we think is a good quarterback.


You've been the issue the whole time. Yeah. Do you know that, like, covering a football team now is probably worse than it's ever been? Like not only is it really a chore to sit through these games, but during the week is not great either, because just like you guys don't enjoy doing the show, probably on Zoome the way you do it on in person. But we're also covering the team on Zoome. So we're doing all these interviews on Zoome and players, football players, men on the list of things they care about in life.


Doing media interviews is not even on the list and I was hoping that maybe with doing this on Zoome it would be easier. We would get better, we would get better, we would get guys more often. It's not like that at all. What we're getting is guys like doing it from their phone as they drive home from the facility, which is not super safe for one. But you're also like, that's not a joke. That's not an exaggeration.


We've also gotten a guy I think just yesterday was it's hard. Like you said, the days run together. We've got a guy while he was getting a massage like a few months ago, we got Kelly Olmec while he's riding his peloton. And everybody is like at home, by the way, he ran a couple of errands, picked up his dry cleaning. I went home before he did media interviews for the day at like seven o'clock at night.


He's doing it from his peloton. And Kelly Omec works a little harder on a peloton than the rest of us, probably. And so he's like huffing the whole time and sweating. And you'd ask him a question. And he's like, well, I think and some people were like, oh, isn't this cool? We're like celebrities. They're just like us. We're getting Khaleel McKinnis peloton. Like, do you not realize this is like one step above him doing it, like while he's eating a plate of lasagna or doing it like from the toilet or something like that.


Like this is not him caring about what we're doing. So in every way this has made things worse.


You might be confused when you look around the room because we've added to our cast, Alison has moved up to the northeast and now we have Anthony Calado. You'd OK, Tony here on the Zoome. Have you guys ever met Jason? Oh, man, what a horrible question to ask me, because the answer's probably yes, but I don't know. The answer is no. Jason, how are you? My name is thank God it to me. Yeah.


So maybe we have met and you're the one that doesn't remember. Maybe you're the one slighting me. You know what? Maybe so.


We're doing this on Zoome. I can see in Chris's house, by the way, and his daughter just came up to Chris, the audacity of you to do this in the middle of your house at 6:00 in the morning or whatever time it is. But you didn't think to, like, go to a basement or a side room or I saw from the beginning you were going to be doing this right in your living room and waking up your entire house to do this?


Well, they're all up.


Thank you for pointing that out. They just left if you heard the door shut. So now they're gone for the day. So just quiet the rest of the way. But, yeah, this is I don't have I do have kind of a house that looks big, but there aren't I don't have my office really set up yet. I've only been here a year.


Get off my back. And, you know, I'm just figuring it out. And yes, I'm in my living room.


Jason, you had you were talking about doing stuff resume. Are you allowed to actually go to the stadium soldier field for for the games? What what about your job is still the same just with increased covid protocols.


That's the only part. That is the only part is like I still go to the games and even like the Sun Times is such a sports driven paper, which is a really fun place to work. I mean, we're sending multiple people, send three people to games last season. When they're in London, they're in L.A. I mean, we would go anywhere to cover the bears. And now we've cut it back to we're just sending, like one guy to road games.


So my co-workers and I divide those up. And I went just the other day to Charlotte for the first time. And you just it's really weird, man, because, like, I don't fly right now. I don't want to fly right now. So I drove from here to Charlotte, which is like twelve hours. And you sit there in the game, you sit there at the game kind of by yourself, you don't really talk to anybody.


And then after the game you do the press conferences on Zoome. So it's that's the only part is being at the stadium is the only part that's normal. But even that's not normal, because I know that they let people in the Dolphin Stadium because everything's legal in Florida, who cares. But most of the rest of the country doesn't do that. Most of the rest of the country, it's empty stadiums with this like laugh track or whatever you want to call it, of crowd noise.


What's the benefit of being there like on a game as opposed to doing it from home if you don't have the access anyways, like you're just doing it on Zoom. So what difference does it make if you're at the stadium or if you're at home? Where at home you might actually see things better on the TV?


Yeah. And the best thing about being there in general is the open locker room when they open the locker room and you can go get anybody you want and they're not doing that this entire year at practice or games, any of the NFL teams. But you do you see things when you're there that you wouldn't be able to see on TV? You get to see things that happen on the sidelines that they don't show. You get to see what's going on with injuries that they don't show so that there is still some benefit to being.


You mentioned the laugh track that they play at the game. So that's not just for TV. They actually play that in the season.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Is the one they play in the do they play like a picture of them doing one in the Dolphin Stadium where every now and then you hear like a Jets chant going on, even if the Jets aren't playing.


I actually haven't attended a sporting event during this time. I'm slated to go to Saturday night, probably because you're smart.


Yeah, well, you probably want to live. I'm going to Saturday night's game actually at Hardrock Stadium as a part of my Miami hurricane season ticket package. Since they're cutting down capacity, they were basically saying, hey, three games. So I'm going to I'm going to give this a shot. I'm I feel like it's going to feel pretty eerie. Is is that the vibe that you get when you're at these games? Yeah, and the eeriest part, when you're at these games where the game I went to in Charlotte the other day, they did have fans and by the way, like I live in Illinois and Illinois is very cautious.


Our governor has done a pretty good job. I think as far as that part of it is concerned, you can argue what you want on the economic side of it. But like, we're pretty safe, I feel like relatively to. And then just this past weekend when I went to Charlotte is the first time I've left the state pretty much during the pandemic. And man, is it different man, when you leave here. And I'm sure Florida is would be even more shocking.


But like when you go into Indiana and Ohio and you walk, I walked into these places, I took my kids with me to Charlotte because we have friends there that we stayed with. And we would walk into the we would walk into like a gas station in Indiana, for example, and there'd be the sign on the door that says master required by order of the governor. I'm like, OK, good. Like there's some sense here. So we walk in with masks.


We're the only ones in there wearing masks. Even the people that work there aren't wearing masks. They're looking at us like we like we walked in with spacesuits on which honestly, once I saw that no one in Indiana was wearing masks, I probably wish I had a spacesuit. They'd be a little safer.


That's kind of the way the west coast of Florida is here. I took a trip just to get away a couple of weeks ago on the West Coast, in the West Coast, not a ton of people wearing masks, but a 12 hour trip with you.


You said you drove with your kids.


Yeah, I'm sure your kids are lovely, but just that sounds like a real taking.


You know, it actually, I'm not going to give you the answer that you want because it was actually pretty nice. My kids got along really well. They were very pleasant. We actually had a really nice day in the car. Jason, look at you, Jason, you've told us that in your history, the most fun you've had actually doing your job was covered in the Miami Heat.


So, yeah, that's true. So I don't know what fun is for you.


Like, I think you're what's your fun skill? Like one to three.


That was the most. No, no, no. You are absolutely right. I'm just I'm kind of impressed that you remember that that is the most fun job I've ever had in my life, was covering the heat for three seasons. And I would have kept doing it, no doubt about it, except for the fact that that schedule is really, really tough. If you want to be involved in your in your family at all, if you want to have a wife and kids.


So three seasons, that was really fun. And I wasn't even there for the best years. My first year there was the last year of the Big Three. The year after that, they didn't even make the playoffs. The year after that, it started to get a little more fun. If you I'm sure you guys remember they went to the second round and that was the year. I think that was the year that got Dragic. So it was it was really fun.


And I'm sure what you want to talk about is them making the finals. It's been so long since I covered that team that there aren't really that many guys left. I think. Dragic Haslem. Is there anyone else that would have been around like still in twenty sixteen I think was my last season. I mean Spoelstra still there. Dan Craig, the coaches, the coaching staff is is largely still there. John Howard I know moved on. But that was really fun to cover because basketball is so much fun to cover.


There were so many good personalities at that time and I don't think I totally realized this at the time. But the heat are one of the gold standards of sports. As far as an organization, I mean, I knew that they were great. But now that I think now that I've covered some other teams, like, you know. Other teams will just say they're like they're like the Patriots of basketball, where they get these guys, they draft guys and pick what was Tyler hero picked slack in the teens, 13, I think.


Yeah, OK. So that's like the equivalent of like a sixth round pick in football. Like, that's not even that draft picks. Not even Pat Riley usually trades staples, two of those to Danny Granger and trades them for an all star. But it's not surprising that they would get a guy like Tyler Hero or a guy like Duncan Robinson or autobio man also in the teens.




And then and it's the same thing that they always do. They draft these guys like Josh Richardson and even Justise Winslow is, I think, like the tenth pick. They draft these guys that other people don't quite see the same potential and or they sign these free agents who have washed out. And you know that every guy that they get is at least going to get a chance. That guy is at least going to get in the best shape he's ever been in physically.


He's going to play the best defense of his entire career, which for some guys, it's not really asking that much. And he's going to shoot corner threes and they just work that system like they know what they want to get. They know how to develop it. And then Spoelstra knows how to coach that and put that together. So it is fun to watch them. And I have a lot greater appreciation for how they operate as an organization now than I did when I covered them.


And I really enjoyed watching them throughout the playoffs. And so did my kids. And my kids grew up in Miami. So they I wouldn't say that they're Heat fans, but they enjoyed watching them too.


All I heard there was that your first year cover in the heat was the last year, the big three era, and they year to blame for that. The whole thing blowing up like they finally lost. They had won two in a row. Jason, come the board, they lose and then the whole thing blows away. What's going on with you?


Yeah, there's there there's a leasure curse because you left town in the heat, make their way back to the finals.


You know, people don't even know that. I covered University of Florida, too.


They're like I got there right when right after Tebow left, like I could list the quarterback, I could list the quarterbacks that played for them when I was there.


You guys wouldn't even remember. You probably don't even remember who coached them that year, those years. And then after I left, I think they started to get good again. Aren't they ranked again? So, yeah, it's like the story of my career. I got there after they had the good basketball teams too, although they stayed good for a little while.


You get to Chicago and you cover the Blackhawks.


Yeah, there we go. I'm like, right on time there. Right on time. There are perennial winner and then you get there and it seems as though it's the end of that course run. I want to get Roy involved here because historically, Roy, correct me if I'm wrong, stingy ownership for the Chicago Blackhawks. I remember when I was growing up, they wouldn't even allow for home games to be on TV over there. The Blackhawks are considered.


You have like three teams. Correct me if I'm wrong, Roy Panthers, Black, Blackhawks and Sabres. Yeah, that's right. All right. So we have someone here that covered the Blackhawks. What is the deepest, darkest secret that you want expose of that franchise right now?


They seem to be breaking up, but the core is still there, but they are not happy about what's going on with how to handling the rebuild.


So what's going on right now with how the teams handled things with the old guard?


Well, it's like it's like when you see those old bands that, like your parents like and they're still touring. Where you can still go, you can still go, you can still buy a ticket and you to go to the United Center and you can watch all the guys you can watch. Well, Corey Crawford just left, but you can still watch Patrick Kane and Jonathan Tay's and Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith, all the stars of yesterday still playing today.


So it's like a KISS concert.


It's exactly like a KISS concert every night. And that was the most that was one that hit Chicago like a storm when those guys were good. And they were they took over the city. I mean, those guys are those guys are celebrities. Those guys are famous in Chicago forever because of what happened. And then I get there and they're like fifth out of fifth. They're like less important than the White Sox. Nobody is. And nobody wants to read this.


Nobody wants to read about hockey or people in Chicago don't want to talk about the Blackhawks. So it's it's a great choice by you guys that you're doing that on a national show in a non hockey market like Miami.


I mean, you came up with the analogy, though, that the Blackhawks are like kids. But I also want to do another local tie. You mentioned the White Sox. You had a local team play against a former local team of yours. The Miami Marlins continue their dominance over the Chicago Cubs in the postseason. How did that fly getting swept by the Miami Marlins? With the people in Chicago, the people in Chicago have been Cub fans, man to Cub fans are really of all the fans in Chicago, the Cubs fans are really something because they went like one hundred years without winning and then they won.


And now they think they're supposed to win all the time.


And I don't really listen to sports radio very much, but I happened to be listening and listening to it. One day last football season, I was driving into Soldier Field for a game, and it was the morning that they fired Joe Madden. And I'm listening and people are calling in saying I'm all good. I can't believe we finally got rid of Madden. He was the problem. Like, I mean, it's insane. The guy that led them to their first or the guy that, like, managed them, I guess.


I mean, a computer can manage a baseball team now, but you could he he was the reason that ended the drought and now they're just calling in, like, couldn't be happier to be rid of them. Good riddance.


What about the whites? Like, we're just doing like let's let's get the pulse of all the goals of Chicago right now.


I mean, we can go through all the teams if you want. I mean, I can tell you about our our our trip to the beach here.


Rick ran through, you know, Rick Renteria and said beach after beach after first regrette. Jerry, I need your thoughts on Rick Renteria getting fired, of course.


And then we can get you the beach. OK, and then the bulls. Yeah. Everything's going the right way with those teams, though, the White Sox had a good year and I don't I don't really know all the ins and outs, I don't cover them. So I don't know really any better than you guys do. What's going on with their manager? We're going to hire Tony La Russa.


It kind of looks like your dad, Chris, does like nowadays he does. And I also I think I would have been more excited if they were hiring your dad.


Mattingly starting to look like your dad, Chris and Jeffrey Loria.


Definitely look at this is like a hybrid of. All right. Now to Billy's topic, the beach. Oh, yes.


So we have beaches up here and they're just like Florida's, except that they're in Gary, Indiana, and they're surrounded by factories and covered and used needles. But other than that, they're exactly the same. Wait a minute. Very nice. Wait, I know I'm an idiot, but can you have a beach? I thought the beaches need to be on the coasts.


They got they do know that Chris is right. Chris is right. They do that. That's what an actual beach house is.


Real nervous saying that. I was like, wait, where's is Illinois? That I was like, oh, we do have Lake Michigan.


And we pretend here that that's a beach, even though it's pretty much like unbearable other than the absolute middle of summer, because the water so cold. Yeah, what what temp is the water in August, because that is when it gets really hot in Chicago summers. So what qualifies as hot for Lake Michigan like 62 degrees?


Yes, yes. Something like that. Like still too cold where only your kids want to get in because you're like, you know, if you've taking your kids to the beach or the pool even or something like that, they'll get in no matter what. But I don't want to get in unless it's like the Gulf of Mexico is or how like Sunny Isles or something like that is in the summer where it's like you get in and it's like it's like the same as outside or it's it's like stepping into a bathtub.


That's it for me on the beach. So it was not a good not a real exciting, thrilling trip. That's that's like the travel that's the big exciting trip we've done during the pandemic. Mike was drove to the beach in Gary, Indiana. One lane.


I'm sorry, what Lake touches Gary, Indiana. I'm not Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan. Is that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can see Chicago from it. You can see the skyline from it. You can see where you would rather be right from that.


When's the last time Jason Leasure wore a Speedo? Oh, man, when I was a kid, I remember having one run as a kid, I don't know if that was like a normal kid's swimsuit or if my parents were weird, but I remember having one as a kid. Did you guys have Speedo's when you were? I don't think I mean, maybe when I was like like three or four and I don't remember, but I had the one I had on two years ago.


Oh, wow. He really filled that thing out, baby.


Jason, we never actually got into the David Samson awkward moment and what happened afterwards, OK? Yeah. With the benefit of hindsight, what happened afterwards? Yeah.


Well, you mean like how. You mean like how my wife left me and I've been in despair here in a basement.


Yeah. You know, yeah. This is where I live now. It's too complicated because we bought a house together. We have kids.


This is where I live now in the court filing. She's been a lot of fun, a lot of fallout from that.


Might she say only you had been nicer to David. She's when I tell you what, that's the whole point. Am I going to be called. That's what you're going to be called. If only I was nicer to David.


Yes, it's OK. Five more times. Chris, if you if go after David Sampson and the people rally behind him, you really got to take a hard look at yourself. So, you know, I've been doing some thinking.


It's a it is certainly a moment of introspection. You could double down on it the way that Ariel Juani has, because it was weird. David Samson does this thing where he ends up winning because he's calm and he's just sort of taken aback by people like toxic reaction to him, which is, I think, merited given his track record. But now you think it's merited.


Well, thank you, Mike. Thanks for speaking up.


Now, six months later, a little heavy handed that day, a little heavy handed. Is this the part where you guys, like, bring him in and you're like, gotcha, no, no, no, I never want to relive that moment. I think the part I think the part that kind of encapsulates the whole conversation was him saying, Jason, just meet me and then form your ear to your decision about me. I have met you and I don't like you.


Yeah. You alluded to, like, some sort of bad interaction that you had previously with David Samson that he had no recollection of. As we go behind the music here, what were you alluding to? Oh, no, that wasn't it, that was that was just like we probably met in passing or when I was covering the Marlins for a day or something like that.


No, it was more an objection to his career as a whole.


Yes. Yeah.


Nothing in particular really ripping off the entire place that I love for so long in Miami. That's all. That's a it's nothing. It's nothing personal.


This is the story of a disgraced Olympian, a man accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys and young men for over 40 years. I remember thinking, if I scream, nobody can hear me. And the perfect storm that brought his accusers together. I'm not the only one, you know, the only one who is no longer. I'm I'm not a. And brought him out of the shadows. How do you get these boys to believe in you so much?


Listen to ESPN investigates season two, The Running Man, wherever you listen to podcasts available now. It's the shipping container freaky with you on a Friday. It's the second segment, but I brought that back for Jason Ledger because I know he likes it. Jason, I have two things I want to talk to you about. I got to go deep dish pizza with you, but we can get to that in a second. You have this awkward red bean right to your left.


That's what I'm just curious. Like what's in it? Like what's going on with it? Like, it's just like staring me in the face, like, I guess radio and nobody can see it.


So I'm in my basement right now. I'm not doing this in the middle of my house like you or I can't tell if Roy is doing that as well, but like my wife and kids are asleep because it's 6:00 in the morning here. And I and I prefer to let them sleep. But in my basement, that's where I've stored a bunch of stuff. And it's actually a bin of like things from my childhood that my baseball cards and things like that.


Oh, yeah.


It's a lot of it's like it's like a museum of the 90s, 90s baseball and NBA down here. Gone that way. Is that what you're grabbing if there's, you know, like a fire or something? Are you running down to that basement? You're grabbing that bin?


Yes, I have like a raft tied to the underside of it in case of floods so that it will float and be safe.


Yes, guys, I found a thread for this second segment, and I. I definitely want to get to your deep dish pizza topic with a Chicago expert that's on ground that's never been covered.


But can I just stick to that? Like, for one, it's dumb and new. I don't like I don't really like deep dish pizza. That's what I was going to say. That was my take. No, I think we've covered that. Then let's go.


No one's ever done. No one's ever done. Bring in a Chicago expert to talk about that dish pizza. We're going to do that, I promise you.


But I think I think we have a thread for this second segment. Show and tell. Everyone loves an unboxing. Do it, there's this whole, like YouTube community of people that just open presents for an audience and they get millions of views, you said that this is basically a time capsule. These were all 90's kids here. What was in that? Great. Well, it's a lot of cards, it would be a tough thing to like to really do, and this is a great bit for radio, too.


But all right, here's the first thing I found at some Atlanta Braves cards, like from the year they won the World Series. So I got, like, Chipper Jones. Those are massive cards.


Yeah, it's something a special edition thing. It's like the size of it's like five by seven.


Do you have a Mark Jones, Tom Glavine, Mark Wohlers, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Fred McGriff, Bobby Lopez, David Justice. Steve Avery. No, no. Mark Lemke. Sorry, Mark.


Mike, what's what else is in the time capsule. I found this.


I mean, this is a baseball from a little league game I pitched. You guys want to hear about this? Yeah, it's like the MVP. I pitched a playoff game when I was, let's see, ninety three. So I was nine years old. I have my stat line written on this, if I can read it.


If it's not a no hitter, I don't know why to keep it. Well, it's pretty good for a nine year old, but it's also very it's also very confusing because I pitched the whole game six innings. That was that was full game back then. Two earned runs, six strikeouts, one walk. So you're thinking that's a great game right off the bat. At the bottom, it says final score. Eighteen to eleven.


So your bullpen, your bullpen, what happened? No, I pitched all game.


So lots of errors, it seems. I guess I like that. Probably not, though. I like that. Nine year old me had the guts to write to earn runs on the game when he gave up eleven years back.


That's only to score.


That's right.


Only two of those runs are in baby i, i we need to dig up this, that line there. I think that there's some inaccuracies in your, in your score keeping as a nine year old. Is there anything else of note within the red crate that we should revisit.


There's all kinds of stuff down here, Mike, but I honestly like what you know, what happened is this stuff has been sitting here for like six months, all a lot of my stuff from when I was a kid. I don't know if this has been if this has happened to you guys yet, but a lot of stuff from when I was a kid was at my parents house, my mom's house and my dad's house. And we lived in Miami and we lived we rented the whole time we were in Miami, we lived in an apartment or a townhouse or whatever.


And you don't have basements in Miami. And it was like the second I came up here and bought a house, my dad's like, hey, when are you going to come get all your stuff? And I was like, I kind of like where it was at your house. Why do you what do you need it out for, Dad? Like what? What are you going to do? You're remodeling the basement. He's like, no, I just want it out.


Your problem now.


Yeah, that's that's you have you guys had to do that. Yeah. All this stuff out of my house, out of my dad's house. And it's like now it's in my basement and I kind of preferred it being in my dad's house. And that was six months ago and I still haven't taken care of it. Any of it.


As you can see, I know exactly what you're talking about. But once again, I'll clear the national audience into my relationship with my dad. You know how like your dad is telling you to get your stuff out of his house?


I don't. And I'm afraid of what to say. That exact opposite for me.


My dad had all of his shit at my house in my garage for ten years as I finally moved out of my place and I was for ten years, I was legitimately trying to get eight boxes of DVDs that solely belong to him out of my garage.


Like for like what? Like what?


Like he he was a big cinephile. He was a DVD collector, and he just kept them all because he has a garage, too. It always infuriated me.


He's probably you sound like probably how my dad felt. Yeah, he had a garage.


He had a town on his townhome was the same size as my town home.


But he insisted on keeping all these things in my garage, my water heater, while I was living in my old town home broke and the entire garage flooded and all the water went to all those cardboard boxes that were holding the these DVDs.


It's always just disgusting, musty, surprisingly, no spiders upset of the century. But he refused to get them out of my house. I basically had to hire the movers that did my normal move and they added a stop, which was just a parking garage. I had to add a stop to the route. That's that's just my dad.


Jason, you seem OK. I thought you were frozen for a second. Jason.


No, no, I just part of this exchange, Chris is listening. So I was doing that processing that it was Mike's turn to talk. And it was like, let's just.


Michael, go ahead, Chris. Let's do a deep dish pizza. Come on. Got Jason and sausage.


I have I actually have two dogs, which would never have been probably my choice. But we are kids. Our kids might be able to hear me. So I'd say it's quietly we are in transition on the dogs.


Oh, no. Well, we have one that's older and so we.


Go ahead, go ahead. Go ahead. No, I think it's sensitive. No, I thought the dogs were going to run away, but it's because one dog is older and the other dog is kind of coming in.


I don't want to be to be serious for a second. Like, I don't know what you're supposed to do in this situation because, like. I, I enjoy having dogs. It was not a dog person, I love having a dog, but I'm not. You know, I understand what happens with dogs. And I was like, how do I deal with this, how do I bring this up? Because I'm thinking like we should probably get another dog.


Should we wait? Do we do that now? Later? Unfortunately, my wife was like brought it up. So I was like, I'm like sweating out how to deal with this. And she brought it up in my arms, like, that's a freebie. Good. She wanted to get another dog, which getting a dog, adopting a dog, even a rescue dog was apparently really tough to do. I wasn't really involved in this process, but like I would have thought it'd been easy to adopt a stray or rescue dog or something.


But during the pandemic, I guess everybody was doing it. So like they were hard to find I. That's great. I guess, for the dogs, as long as all those people are serious about it. How is the how's the older dog treating it, because like I had before had a Dalmatian, right? And then the Dalmatian was getting older and then my sister got a dog and the younger dog. There are times where the younger dog, like, gave life to the older dog and she's like, that's like all spirited now.


It's like running around and whatever. But at the same time, it was like tormenting it sometimes because you could tell, like, the old dogs, like, I don't have time for any of this stuff, like leave me alone. Right. And now it's been like 15 years since that happened. And I got a young dog and now the dog that was young at the time bother the older dog has like gotten that role where it's the older dog that's been bothered by the younger dog.


So how is the dynamic between your two dogs? Do they get along or does the other the older one have no time?


It's more like what you said. The older one tolerates the younger one. Yeah, the younger one is, you know, we have all this stuff from my dad's house that these old baseball cards and everything like that, we we got the dog like during that last six months and with the dog we named the dog Griffy. What do you think of that for a dog's name?


What kind of dog is it like? It's a rescue dog. It's like a it's black. It's like maybe 40 pounds. It's like a part collie or I'm not good at the stuff. I don't know the different kinds of dog breeds. My wife and kids are the ones that really do all the dog stuff. I'm happy to have the dog and I enjoy dogs, but it's not really it's not really my department. You seem to be someone that might be very direct with your children when the dogs pass on.


Yeah, I'm learning not to do that as much. That's a challenge like I've learned that my personality needs a little bit of work as far as parenting goes. Had you considered that could is the dog's day, you never going to see it again? Time to flush it down the toilet.


Yeah, that's kind of how you envision that one going. Have you considered rehearsing? I'm hoping to just like delay, delay, delay like that, that may be that still may be a while off and I hope that it is.


How old are your kids? Kids are dogs, the kids, nine and six. All right, so you can't exactly make up some sort of fabrication about, you know, like they just decided to go, oh, gosh, no, no, not at all.


And they're nine and six. But they're like mentally like, you know, twenty eight and twenty seven. Yeah. Do you cry. Yes, sometimes.


So like of the dog, you know, when the dog gets to that point. Is that Sampson interview. I tell you that.


So do you want to know something that maybe you don't want to hear. But when you were saying that you grew up in the 90s, I'm like, man, I have no idea how old Jason is. So I started Googling to see if I could find, like, your date of birth. And I just put in Jason Lesia, in the second thing that came up on Google searches date, Jason Leisured, David Samms. And I was like, oh, no, that's unfortunate.


That's fun. OK, well, thirty six.


To answer your question, I figured it out when you were saying you were nine and then you said that you're born in eighty three. I started doing the math in my head. I'm like, how old was a nine year old who pitched that to earned run game that actually was 11 runs.


Nine runs, but great mass. Their ability like that's like a beautiful mind type material right there. Like you guys got you guys. Either you guys need to write a big complicated math equation in the studio and see Billy comes down and solves it.


The thing is, I only see this fall blank, but all my other walls just have scribbles on them, just equations like calculus stuff. I'm just trying to figure out the things that are going on in the world.


So how have you hung on this long ability?


Like, what are you what are you doing now? That's the thread in the show. Yeah, right. What are you doing now that's keeping you on the show?


No, I couldn't even answer that.


I don't even know it was the Marlins season for a while, like he was super excited about that Marlins run and swoop in and sweep in the Cubs. Granted, it's a playoff run that we've never seen before, but people try to take away the shine.


But the bottom feeders. Did you buy a lot of merch, Billy, with the bottom feeders?


No, I bought a bottom feeder shirt and then I was going to buy things like the stadium store and stuff is an open. I think it was open for like two days. And I'm not going to go to college or like a chance or something right now. So now I'm kind of just waiting until it goes on sale, like at the end of the year, and then I'll just get like sixty percent off or something or I just won't get it.


Then I'll book about it earlier. But I'm fine. Billy, I guess the bit that I'm doing now that's Keeping Me Honest is just talking to people about dogs life and. Yeah, yeah.


OK, yeah. You know, the bright, chipper stuff Billy, from what I've gathered though, you're playing it extra cautious.


Now, obviously, Florida is opening up more and more. So people have all these protocols and there's supposed to be distancing and there's mass. I've been venturing out a little bit more, trying to adhere to distancing and mask. And I haven't gotten burned. And I'm going to this hurricanes game. I don't think you would ever go to a hurricanes game.


Where are you in terms of like re-entering society and you're just not at all interested? No, no.


I'll wait and we'll see how these things play out a little bit. I don't need to be the first one to anything. I'll just let's give it a couple of months and then we'll see, you know, how many people end up back in their houses. And I'll just be here, like, you know what? I didn't I didn't fly too close to the sun. I'm good here.


I mean, we did this in the summer where things were opening back up, not to the extent that they are now. And it's hard to remember, again, because of the timeline blurriness. But we did this where we opened up and then for two more months we were shut down. We did this recently so you wouldn't be the first to it because we actually had the like the first space monkeys go into space and then we all got sick again.


So now I think we're second, but we're still getting sick again.


Well, then follow the pattern and maybe we shouldn't be doing this, right? Yeah. Yeah, but I. I don't know. Have fun at the game. I'll be fine.


I do think I do have fun at the game. I hope you live.


I do think that the game is is safe. Like I'm not going to a flanigan's right now and a closed and a closed area but rather go I'd rather go to Flanagan would love to go with those liberals.


But I do think I mean, I have this in sort of things I want to talk about. Remember when that Thursday night or happen between the Texans and Chiefs and the Chiefs put out a press release saying the fan fan got covid, but check out this contact tracing. Since then, I don't know if you've noticed, Jason. That's the only fan that has had covid going to a sporting event because there have been no more press releases. Its factual name me another fan has had Cauvin that has gone to a sporting event.


You can't we had my my partner at work covered a Bears game at Atlanta and in the press box. And like two days later he got an email from the Falcons and saying, hey, you know, I hope you enjoyed the game. But by the way, someone in the press box tested positive Sunday like, oh, great. But no fans have gotten it from no fans. No. Fans have caught it, Mike. Other than that one, that one, and, you know, he probably was doing something dumb like, you know, greeting everybody with an open mouth kiss or something.


Yeah, licking railings, you know, typical like, you know, just not listening to the CDC kind of stuff.


It is odd how how everything's sort of change. In the beginning, it was like, you can't touch anything. You have to hand sanitizer constantly. You have to wear gloves everywhere. And then we realize, oh, it's a respiratory virus. You shouldn't just, like, touch a table and rub your eye anyway. But that's not necessarily how you get this thing. I am curious to see how how Saturday goes, because I'll absolutely pounce if I feel uncomfortable.


There have been moments where I go to like a park. I went to a park just last week for someone's birthday and it wasn't a seven year old, it was a 36 year old man. But that was, hey, we want everybody to feel safe. And people were like six feet away was awkward. And then people started getting closer together. And I was like, All right, bye. I just made a nice kind exit. I am a little interested to see because the Hardrock Stadium has had the ability apparently for weeks, because Governor DeSanto has said, hey, everybody's allowed in.


We don't care about social distancing anymore. Our rules are off in Florida.


Yes, but the the the dolphins and the hurricanes have capped attendance at thirteen thousand following CDC guidelines. So there is naturally enough space in there to make this work. I'm wondering if at any point I will feel uncomfortable because they're not serving alcohol still there. I think food service, if someone comes to your to your seat and takes your order, I am curious to see what it's like because it's a primetime hurricanes game. It is going to be the most diluted version of what, me?


It's something that I look forward to on the football calendar. You get a nighttime game at Hardrock setting with the hurricanes. You have this rock tailgate. I wonder if I'm just going to be bummed the entire time of how cool this once was. And it made me make me just shut it down completely. I'm not interested in these diluted versions. I'll wait another six months until hopefully we can start veering out into normal again.


No, I think you'll enjoy it. And you can joke about how the dolphins have played for the last couple of decades. But the way that they're actually run as an organization like Tom Garfinkel, for example, the way that he's going to oversee that stadium, the way that he has been overseeing all their safety protocol and, you know, they own the stadium, whether the hurricanes are playing there or not. So it'll be a lot of their protocols and precautions in place.


I think that if any buddy I am aware of or know in sports is going to make sure that things are run safely and professionally and still make it enjoyable, like the Dolphins, the people that actually run that side of the dolphins, the business side, Tom Garfinkel and his people could probably do that. Oh, I think you can have a good time. I think you can have fun.


Jason, I'm not at all worried about how the dolphins are in Hardrock Stadium or approaching this. My worry is hurricanes, fans, people. Yeah, my my worry is, look, if you're going to a football game out, lump myself in there. If you're going to a football game during a global pandemic, you're you're obviously not as concerned by this thing as most people are. The right decision is to not go to this. I'm trying this out.


I have my apprehensions, but I want to be able to go to a game with my wife and have like I got a one year old, I got a babysitter. I'd want to see if I can have a good time relatively under these circumstances. But I am worried because football fans who had this bid on our show like, oh, it was Brockmeyer. It's like if you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan and you're just chomping at the bit to go to a football stadium, you're probably more inclined to boo at a national anthem.


Protests. I'm like, you just threw it out there and it made sense. I don't think Miami Hurricanes fans are going to be quite respectful of this. And I hope that Hardrock Stadium doesn't even allow for dumb arsenis.


This is this is one of the new big awkward things. Chris, I'm the guest on the show. This is one of the new awkward things of like I on the scale of being cautious about this and trying not to die. I'm like a nine out of ten. I'm not doing anything. Like I'm not going to any kind of game like that except for work. It's in a controlled environment where everyone spaced out and wearing masks in the press box or whatever.


But then like if I'm out a nine, I got friends and family members that are like a three. I got friends and family members that would be happy to be in Florida right now. And that's the new awkward is like how do I how do I have dinner with somebody who's who almost doesn't even think this is real when I'm wearing a mask to the grocery store and planning on doing that for the next year?


That's honestly the worst part about a lot. I mean, obviously the worst parts. But like when you are, you have to trust that the people in your circles are like being responsible. And I see that there's people that are not being responsible, right, and they go do things and it's like, well, I'm like the asshole that has like a mask on at things. And I'm like the jerk that, like, is doing this and that.


It's like, no, I just don't trust you. Like, I don't trust the decisions that you're making and it's going to impact me. But I'm the one that looks like the jerk in these situations. Yeah.


And you always you got to you're always you always sound judgmental. You're like, yeah, I'm sure the kids can play together, but we need the kids to wear a mask or. Hey, you know, nothing personally, nothing personal or anything. But like we're going to eat outside because personally, I don't trust how you're handling this.


Well, no, I don't say that. I just like. OK, but do you think you think it.


You think I mean, no, if that's the vibe that comes off when you're telling someone like when you're the one that's more cautious and the person you're talking to is less cautious. Here's the thing. How do you finesse this one?


If you're not going to be cautious, don't put on social media that you're not being cautious for the whole world to see everything that you're up to and everyone that you're hanging out with is up to, because then I'm doing my own tracing and I'm like looking to see.


And I'm like, yeah, you were like in a you know, like a restaurant with a bunch of people dancing, like, I don't know who else you're encountered, because if I'm seeing what this is happening, I don't know what's going on, that I'm not seeing that you're getting into like it must be perfect for you.


Right. You must love the pandemic. Like, you don't have to be near anyone you to talk to anyone. You can wear a mask.


That's exactly right, Jason. You are absolutely right. There are high times for Roy, very happy.


I'm just like marveling at Billy and Jason bonding because of the same people. It seems like the thing for Roy, too, is that like you can just say, like, what's the pandemic? Better safe than sorry. Like, no, I can't go to this thing because of the damage. Like, I'm not I'd love to be there. But, you know, I got to think of my family and, you know, I have a daughter, Claire, you can't just you know, it's not worth it right now.


And people can't really put all of that. But condense down to about four words. Exactly.


Yeah. Roys is one word.


No. Yeah, I know where everyone is coming from on the pandemic. My view on it is a little warped because I never stopped commuting. I just wore a mask and try to be careful as like the entire world was burning. I still got in my car and even though it was far from normal, I still had my established routine.


So and thank God that you did, Mike, as an essential worker, as someone that the world couldn't survive without. But thank God that you did, Mike. I'm not looking for. Thank you. I'm just trying to explain.


No, no, you don't have to say that you're a hero, Mike. I'll say it for you.


I'm just trying to explain where I have now established several months of veering out and following proper protocols and haven't gotten burned by it, that I'm far more apt to go to something like a Miami Hurricanes game on a Saturday just because I've had all this experience going out, commuting every day, still doing the work thing, wearing my mask and not getting sick. So I'm used use flying closer to the sun. I'm probably the most apt to do that just because I haven't ceased doing it.


I'm with you.


I've gone to a couple of restaurants here and there, like I've tried to do the whole mass thing and indoors I've gone to one restaurant indorse like, yeah, I mean, it's separated.


Jason, look at Jason judging you, thinking now that he has the team for fourteen days just because he's sharing his room with you.


Chris, I need to let me go get a mask or do I need a mask like a lot of people are doing that like it's it's supposed to be safe. Like everyone's wearing a mask, like, you know, like I love all these.


Like Tony you were working out at a gym like two days, like, you know, like this is where it unravels, man. This is where the other. And so let me start to together in the middle. And so he and Billy are the only ones and probably right.


Because he's antisocial, are the only ones telling the truth. And we're the everyone's like, oh yeah, yeah. We're being very careful.


I just said I was in a restaurant. I am going to a restaurant. I am going to a hurricane's game. I did go workout at the gym, but but I'm being very careful.


I'm also a homebody. So this is not that difficult for me. I'm just like, you know, at the beginning, like me is going to be a really big change then like a couple of weeks. And I'm like, this is pretty much everyday.


Life is probably like you guys have you guys live in Miami, which is great. But the problem here is that it's going to start being forty degrees like today. So that's it's going to be a little bit harder for us to be outside starting like now, right now, today.


And to clear my name, Chris, it's only me and my trainer who at the gym. So nobody's there and he doesn't have it. And I always wear my mask no matter what.


The trainer is very careful, guys. The trainer doesn't go to restaurants or Miami. He's only working with you. Okay, that you don't know him. I'm not judging. I'm not judging you. You made a face judging me. And I'm just saying, like, look, there's like at some point, like, I'm sorry I went I've gone in seven months. I've got like I've sat inside one time. I've gone to like four restaurants, like shoot me.


OK, Chris. But the whole point is the problem with society is that people decided to pay. That makes over and decided that restaurants are OK to sit inside. It's not true. No one told us it's over, by the way. Oh, another dead fish. I'm with you, Chris, because I'm also the most dangerous member in the shipping container in terms of just putting my face into this pandemic. I have have the occasional dinner at a restaurant.


Just make sure you're you're adhering to social distance guidelines and washing your hands. Go for it and just go for it.


I like. I like. I love that Anthony is Anthony or Tony. You can call me with all my fun. No, I want to call you what you want to be called. We have this argument a lot, and it's not even an argument just to discuss your name and it's your name. He likes being called aunt. All right.


I love that you just declared factually as though you are a doctor that your trainers or trainers covid free. Yeah, he might he might not have even known that till he hears this. So he'll be very happy to hear it. But I'm sure.


Jason, have you gone to a grocery store like we're all doing stuff like you. I'm sure you go to the store like I'm not. I do know that, but I, I wear a mask and I'm in and out like and that's something I have to do. I have to have food or we're going to we're not going to live. Chris, I have I don't I don't have to go to a hurricanes game or go sit inside of Flanigan's.


Speak for yourself. I need that I'm done with you, I agree, like, yeah, I need I need the Flanigan's check and Phil Black and in my life, I miss. Yeah, that's a good deal on that.


Now, Mikey, I got an email from Flanigan's all the time. Six ninety nine Philly Daily.


Honestly, Flanigan's, it feels like it feels like a testing site now with their rigorous pick up and it feels pretty cool but I don't. No, no, no. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. Yeah, but I still don't want to actually dine in a flanigan's. I have dined in certain like steakhouses, but specific specifically a flanigan's. I feel like I'm playing with fire if I decide to, you know, choose a dining option there.


The covid judging thing not like that a lot of people are doing is I feel like it's similar to my take on the whole shopping carts thing. Everybody judges me because I say that I don't always return my shopping cart yet. There are a ton of shopping carts out in the parking lot. I feel like there's a lot of people out there that are throwing stones with this whole covid stuff. And then it's like, well, really, look at it.


And I'm not saying, Tony, you were doing that, but you're looking right at me in the Zombo could. Well, because you like when I said I went to the numbers would indicate, Chris, you're not the only one going out to rest. Right. My point my point is, is that there's a lot like there's I've gone to a restaurant and I didn't eat there because there was a wait. Like, I'm not like I'm not the only one.


There's there are ways the government is telling you I'm not. And believe me, that's the whole thing, that there are ways to do the ways to do this safely. And I'm just saying, you know, I just feel like a lot of people throw stones from glass.


You just spray a bunch of Lysol down your throat and that's how you do it safely, Chris. All right.


Just follow what the government tells us before we say goodbye to Jason and get a because we're running out of time. A short but definitive answer on Chicago deep dish pizza. I do want to put a bow on this entire discussion and break the news to all of you. This comes courtesy of MSNBC that the United States reports a new single day record of seventy seven thousand six hundred and forty new coronavirus cases. The previous high was 75000. So we're number one.


We'll have fun at the football game then. Mike, anyone want to do dinner tonight? Pandemic's over. I will say that it is I totally get the people being super cautious and I'm not ever going to tell anybody that anything in that regard, but being someone that's ventured out and not gotten sick, it's not like I can just wave a flag in the air and just celebrate. Yeah. Me, I've I've taken all these perceived risks, but I've actually been careful out there.


You can't really celebrate someone for doing that. And at the end of the day, when we're all through this thing and we both have had the exact number of positive cases between us, despite someone being locked in a basement with a red container next to them and someone that's been commuting every day, I just I just kind of feel like if we're careful, then that could be enough. There's just not enough people being remotely careful right now and playing with fire.


And you just have to assume that and maybe not be Anthony, who just says, take my word for it. My trainer doesn't have to go. OK, hold on.


Let me clear now, everyone. Everyone's turning on each other now. Hold on a second. I've known my trainer for 15 years. He's a dear friend of mine. He gets tested every week for his clients. And the most recent test has shown that he is covid negative as the last 20 have shown.


OK, I don't believe you that when was his last negative test, according to him, but well, yes, thank you. Didn't see was sitting there the whole time. The whole time. The whole time.


All right, Jason, before we say goodbye, that wait, that was Dan. That was Dan. Before we say goodbye to you, Jason, because we have to wrap up because we've got big city next. And Tony, I know it's very unfair to not allow you to defend yourself there, but you're trying to. But deep dish pizza. What's the deal with that?


What's better should go deep dish style pizza or the regular pizza? Chris, this has been a burning topic of yours for some time. Once Jason was welcomed into the Zoome definitive answer.


Jason Leasure, let's tease it for next time. Wow. I guess it.