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So we switched it up a little bit on you today, the big suey came out before the local hour did the big suey is something that is a good litmus test today for whether or not you get the show. Many of you think you get the show. Many of you do not get the show. So you're allowed to not find it funny or interesting or symbolic or much of anything. But for us, we're doing that for us. And if you think it's interesting, we're grateful.


And if you don't, you could go ahead and just bleep bleep right off.


I mean, and escalated, Dan. God is not here yet. He is coming in in a second. We've got a whole boatload of things to talk about regarding him because he's already arriving late. He's already choosing the lazy path. He doesn't seem to see what's happening around us. So he's just going to keep doubling down on lazy. And later now he's doing well. I've got calls with Lacross and he told me that was going to end Tuesday, but it didn't end Tuesday.


And I don't believe that their calls would lacross. I think he's filing I think he's hiding behind his daughter and love of daughter to to get away with crap, as usual. And so we've got to keep lighting a fire on him just so that you guys know, OK, ESPN hasn't actually given us the time to do the big zui or the local our we're doing this stuff because we want to continue to give you what you're used to and you complain anyway.


But we're trying to nobody asked us to him to do it. And in fact, they made it so difficult with my schedule that they're putting obstacles in my way of being able to do this. But I get in here and Stewart Stewart gets in here with varying degrees of consistency and this is the only thing he has to do. And furthermore, Mike, I don't believe he's watching any of these playoff games. His every every take is some version of it's not the same.


And he doesn't have anything else. I think he's faking it. But, Chris, what do you think here? Because he's up to no good. He might be here at some point, but he might not be.


I think he's just established in his own mind a valid excuse. So he's like, what is the most time I can get out of this? One thing he realizes family very important. This is a big moment for his daughter. How many times can I be late off of this one excuse? And he's going to he's going to push that until we call him out on it. He's going to keep going. Yeah.


During the pandemic, you know, that cliche, if I had a dime that this person said this, they'd be in millionaire. It's obviously an exaggeration if I had a dime. So you got to use this lacrosse thing as an excuse and said that it was ending very soon and this would be the last time I'd have to deal with it. I legitimately have like sixteen dollars.


He is legitimately despicable. That is not an act. We will tell him to his face when he gets here because the things that he's doing behind the scene, I'm pretty sure he's going to bring us all down with an NCAA scandal because of trying to get a scholarship. Now, his daughter is excellent. That's no Joe all-American. She is excellent at lacrosse and this is no indictment of her. But lacrosse scholarships or something that are usually aren't 100 percent.


You could get 60 percent, 70 percent, 50 percent. But I've heard some of the things that he's doing and it feels like I'm working with Felicity Huffman.


Dude, he is like leveraging relationships he's made within this industry. I'm not going to implicate anybody because this is all hearsay and eavesdropping. Right. These are just conversations I'm picking up. And this needs to be said.


This needs to be said publicly, OK, me and Mike are just sort of hearing whispered things from a distance. We cannot corroborate we cannot verify whether actual illegal acts that will get him jailed or sink the show and scandal are actually happening. But given his body of work and given the amount of whispering that he's doing when he's around here, I believe that there's something he's up to that is shady. On top of shady.


Well, you mentioned Felicity Huffman, and for two straight days, I thought he was just talking about Lori Loughlin case with a friend. And now I've realized he's just using it as a template. You know what I'm going to do?


I'm going to start marking the little subtle colleges that he references and I'm going to get a tally going. We're going to see if his daughter ends up going to the school that he happens to mention casually throughout shows.


Chris, the PAC 12, considering the high profile case that's on your morning television every day is a little hot right now. Perhaps let's not replicate that with the PAC 12 at the very least.


Is that why he's concerned? Is that why he's talking to I mean, and now now he's implicated? I've been gradually the leaked out few months. Haven't been difficult enough on that person. Now he's getting subpoenaed, thanks to you.


We are not joking. OK, I want that stated. For the record, none of us here trust to in any way. Chris, do you believe that he's watching these playoff games? Because I believe he's just scrolling the Internet in the morning. I don't there have been too many holes in his game, even by his standards, even by his ridiculous trying to cover everything in schmutz and fraud standard. He doesn't seem to know much of anything. Do you think there's something that we could do here where we test?


We test. Chris, can you do this for me today? OK, there's no Billy today. Mike's fighting with his cable company and Stewart is late. So we got a lot of stuff going on and we're shorthanded. But can you occasionally just ask him a question once he does arrive with Chris to see if he's got the answer to anything that happened yesterday, anything at all? Because I believe he's just skimming this stuff and that he doesn't have any information and furthermore, he told me this yesterday, this is a true thing that he actually said during one of the breaks, because I I fear for Rachel, his daughter, because, again, she is excellent lacrosse, but he is absolutely living vicariously through her with the son that he does not have.


Like, he is just he's in the power mode. He wants to get up for calls and he's talking to coaches and he is doing all this stuff. And yesterday, you know what he says to me? I'm trying to get her in northwestern into Northwestern just because bleep Wilbon. I want my daughter at the school that Wilbon is so, so interested in showing off its education credentials.


I want my daughter in there while he leverages his relationship with Mike Greenberg. I mean, he's the worst. He would be the parent. If I could cast a meddling parent that is up to no good.


It would be Sue Gotz, but he doesn't give off going to bed early to me. So in this scenario, we have him staying up late because he just seems like a night up way past his wife, like. So I don't know. But but I'm with you that I still think he might actually be up, but not watching these game.


But here's what happened. OK, he's up at least in part because he's just taking all these lacrosse calls. It's not that he's watching games. It's that the recruiting period was at midnight and coaches were you know, there was like they did the whole thing with her where they're calling it twelve on one to show you how interested they are. And so he he could be paying attention. But I just think that he's so lazy that he's not paying attention.


Yeah, I think the games, if they're on, they're just in the background while he's just hustling some of the nation's most well-known lacrosse coaches, because I think he's an Islanders fan and I think he's watching that great series. But he doesn't know any of the details because all he just tells Royan is just something about Barry Trotz. And Mutter's mutters and it peters out.


OK, so what is this going to become OK over the next few years? Because Mike, every day he comes in here and he complains about how tired he is and he's not actually doing that much like he's just he's not we have to be in our phones all the time. We have to be on top of things to a degree that is not reasonable. Like, it's bothersome to me that we can never sort of disconnect because we have to know the things that are going on in sports because this daily diarrhea machine will not stop for anybody.


Yeah, TV is throwing a couple of curveballs. I wasn't really prepared for, like the inundation of that. But thank God I took that month off because you would have to peel me up off the floor. This is a lot.


Well, but I understand what's happening with you, OK? And I actually understand what's happening with the production crew because I believe everybody's working harder than they ever have under the circumstances. But have you guys realized that perhaps we have to work harder than we ever have because dugouts isn't? Yeah, I noticed that for the two weeks of self quarantine because he decided to go to Maryland for a lacrosse tournament that inexplicably happened and he tried to paint himself as this hero father that found out about the consequences after the fact when it was just a straight lie.


Well, how do we discuss this?


Because we want so much of what is happening in the local our and big story in the post game show to be a whispered secret. How do we keep this a whispered secret from students without us and listen to what we put out?


No, no, no, no. I understand that he's not going to listen to this. What I'm saying is what what can we do in the way of an intervention on air that he won't see coming because he's not listening to this? Like, what kind of content can we make around the fact that stuff like just to see if we could find the places where he's being fraudulent in a way that he can't sausage finger and pivot his way out.


And I legitimately care about him. And hearing some of these details, I pulled him aside and I was like, you know, that's the the Becky thing that you're doing. And he's like, no, I'm like, no. What you're doing is the Aunt Becky thing. I look at him dead in his eyes and I don't think it registers.


Dan, it really would be funny if we got everybody that he would consider a friend in this industry, which would be a huge zoo, but just bring everybody in and everybody has a real serious tone. And we have an on air intervention with do Gotz for his line. Wow.


That would be funny. How do we how do we do this? How can we go? He's going to become a porcupine. You're back. And guys into a corner. There are some times that he can go with it. But if you have an actual intervention that calls into question his dishonesty, it's probably not going to go as well as we're all intending.


He's so right about this, Chris. He is so right about this, that if we had an intervention for Stewart, his lying, eventually he would start to turn red. He would definitely start rubbing both of his upper arms, as he does as a pacifying gesture whenever he's been caught in a lie.


And after pivoting and trying to talk his way out of it and just an unprecedented number of fake laughs, he will then become prickly and porcupine. And we will have a problem on our hands where we have instead of something being funny, you know what's going to happen. I'll be the bleep all for backing the porcupine into it for life.


Yep. Because you always lose those and then all of a sudden something that he's held onto. Some argument in the waxy parking lot comes to light after twelve plus years. I'm telling you man, that's an el if we do that. I don't know what we're going to do about two gods going forward, though, people do not want this show to die, my OK, people don't want the show to die.


And we are doing everything we can with our vibrancy to keep it alive, including trying to keep them out of, like NCAA infractions, because that might bring us down to I do think he knows what's going on because on his drive in, he listens to the morning show. So I think he heard Zubaan talk about Oggi on a nobe. I understand that that is where his knowledge comes from, but I'm also referencing the 14 days he wasn't making a drive in.


Oh yeah.


And he was complaining about how tired he was. And while he was an absolute hero, a content factory during the height of the pandemic, putting out three supertitles a week sometimes, really. I mean, he was a linchpin of the Libertarian Friends podcast network. We mitigated a lot of losses when podcast listenership went down. But I don't know if you guys have noticed stupidity output again.


Later and later. We're back to one a week and they might show up Friday morning. Who knows? Who cares? It might not show up at all.


But, hey, I was good for like a six weeks or.


Hold on a second, though. You say that it's going a little bit in the direction of trending towards that, which I'm pretty sure.


That he was on Pablos ESPN Daily podcast, and then he repurposed that interview and just made it a stupidity and called it the height of laziness confirmed.


Roy, Roy, what do you Roy, what are you laughing at, Roy, Roy, he's using you, he's repurposing he's already in reruns. Now granted it's about social commentary, but he throws like a Roy do this week to poddy. Yeah, we did his work for him this week.


Definitely did that. But none of this is surprising, you know, like I'm kind of used to it as well.


People think that we're joking. None of this is exaggerated. We'll like exaggerate anything but him to the Stewart stuff is not an exaggeration. I've told you this story before that originally the PTI crew, after making PTI, instead of making highly questionable, wanted to turn our radio show into a full fledged television show. And the thing that the two producers who came down and were ready to show run notice during the breaks as they came to me and they said, oh my God, the Stukas thing's not a character like that's a he's really that greasy, awful thing.


And then we can't air any of this. This is not something.


What is this local? Our the crew talk shit behind us is best. This is what it is. We're going to get to heat basketball in a second. But Roy, I heard him push you back on something that he was supposed to do with you two times this week at two o'clock in the afternoon. Has he done it yet?


Yeah, that was it was this week's stupidity. It took us two months to do, by the way.


So he wanted that Seiple a lot sooner because it seemed like it was like six, seven, eight weeks in between, like the last one that you guys did.


Yeah, well, the timing didn't work and most of it was, you know, because it's two guys, you know. OK, all right.


So before we go down the path of doing a local our here that has some Miami Heat sports in it, I had an exciting time. Mike Ryan, can you tell can you step up to the line, get as close to the line as you can and tell one of your famous dugouts memory stories, where he has done something truly terrible, but not so bad that it is not something that you can say on the air, like just something that's up against the line, because, of course, we're used to it.


When Roy says, like Roy, he's got a smile on his face and we all love him. We all love Stukas, but we hate him. Yeah. And Roy, he's got a big smile on his face. He's saying, yeah, that's just guts. I have to wait two months to do something with him and he will keep postponing and postponing and postponing.


Yeah, well, I'll give all the details of not this most recent incident, but when that happened in July where I went remote for a couple of days and Stu got there is a documentation that backs this up. We have the receipts I went to over to at his house and he told me, hey, I might need some time off, but there's no real certainty because these lacrosse tournaments may or may not be happening. OK, keep me posted.


Doesn't keep me posted, I write them a couple of times and then Liam sends an email, Lizama, our manager over at Bristol who helps with our scheduling, he says, OK, Seagate's are there any upcoming Macross things? No, flatly no. Those days that I told you to earmark, don't worry about it not happening. So I'm from Jacksonville anticipating a show what they intend to Gotze in the studio. Psagot pops up on a Zoome after calling me Hey how do I get them Azuma I'm like, What are you talking about?


He's in Bradenton, Florida. He's in Bradenton, Florida. When he called affecting him here we were expecting, we were all expecting him here. He was in Bradenton, Florida and none of his equipment worked. And by the way, he called me and begged me to let him out of the show an hour early when he said flatly this was not happening. We I cannot overstate how unprofessional this is. We expected Sigurdson Studio and he was in Bradenton and it caught everyone by surprise.


I want to explain to the audience right now that I asked Mike to just go through in his head about a decade and a half of struggle stories. And he just took the last two latest. And I don't blame him. There are so many that you can't keep track of this library like he just took one of the stories doesn't last month because this is what he does. You'll go he'll go where he can get the yes.


He knows that he's not getting many yeses from me, so he'll just feed me some lies all the number of times that he's gone around your back to me trying to get the.


Yes, yeah.


To you directly trying to schedule back into the mike and mike days, trying to schedule trips to Mike and Mike where you could fill in, use it as an excuse. Hey, Mike and Mike, people ask me when he is begging for Mike and Mike so he can expense an entire trip to the Northeast. I mean, he's an absolute scoundrel.


He sent me his schedule and now I just realized why he sent me a schedule, because you and Liam had already told him no. And this is what he does. He gets no, no, no, no, no. And then says when he comes to someone like me, hey, Mike and Liam are good with this, are you Dan? Are you all right with.


This is a major red flag. You know me. I am never cool with it. What if Sue Gotz is asking for something? Chances are choosing to have that be your default position? That I'm not cool with it.


Well, explain to me, though, why it is how it is that we continue to love somebody who is so clearly evil.


I think I've been smiling the whole time. Like, what is what is he? He's created this character like I love him. I like him more.


Now, after the story, you just thought, well, I always tell people he lies at every turn. But in many respects, it's the most honest relationship that I have because I know everything he says is a lie. Yeah. So in that he's actually speaking an ultimate truth. Yes, right.


If you can just decipher it's not like he's like he's not a survivor that with them now, like that golf show that we talked about yesterday, that is not like I did not exaggerate, though. I had so many phone calls with Stewart. That show was that show was green lighted as far as I was concerned. I knew guys was like, we're doing this. I need the full rundown, like what it would look like. And I did that and I sent it to him.


So I got a meeting tomorrow. It's going to be big. We've got this is great. And then it just like just classic stuff. Got time passes that he'll talk to you like two months after that. Like, by the way, Chris, I haven't heard it. I mean, I'm going to send an email today about that, that, that, that's crazy on that.


This is a tweet that we got yesterday. Someone saying this great idea and got to his past is littered that littered with failed partnerships where he was asking someone else to do 90 percent of the work and he has to do ten and he fails to do the ten like his his entire past is littered with that. But we got a tweet saying about the Gulf Show that you and Stewart were putting together, that the way that that was going to go is seven shows.


It's an eight episode series seven shows where you are trying to cajole famous people in order to do television, a Gulf show with Stewart, which, by the way, is already being done. It's this is not that novel an idea, isn't this? What's the golf pro? The David Varity Ferreti does. Yeah. Does that show he doesn't play.


He doesn't actually he doesn't actually play.


When I heard him talk about the idea I'm like I've watched this guy a bunch, it's just a sit down interview.


But yes, I mean it's, it's the same time but he doesn't God bless his heart. There's going to be a lot of work that goes into interviewing someone. I would love to watch that. I think you guys would be great as a co-host.


What do you know about what the tweeter said? What the tweeter said was specifically it's going to be Chris negotiating for seven shows with the celebrities. And then on the show, Stewart's not showing up right there.


Oh, but like you guys wanted this to be a show where they're actually playing the round. So like there's camera shots of the golf shots. And I'm like, OK, you realize how hard that is to make look. He's like, no, but you get to camera angles, one behind the golf or one on the green, you're going. I'm like the guy I don't think you really know how to, like, track a golf ball in the air on a TV show, has anyone in the history of working gotten more for knowing?


Less like because he doesn't know how camera shots work? Because why would he?


He just expects ESPN to fly down 400 cameras and film him for a golf show. Because, you know, you can tell at the moment how much ESPN respects us.


There was a point when we were just asking Danny, our TV guy, how much would it cost to run a TV? And we were getting numbers from Danny like he was the one giving us, like, what this might cost Mike.


Yes or no, you're revealing too much.


Like I said, we have all said we on the air. Are we on the air? Well, here we've all said too much.


But it's his fault. Like, I believe that if he's led off in handcuffs, this will be used as put in front of a jury, everything that's happened here. Look, your friends knew that you were doing this. They heard you whispering in the hallways. We've absolutely said too much. But you know how he can solve that. Go ahead and be here on time, quit being a bleep hole. So go to your live sports are back, and it's very possible that we may see an NBA playoff match up between the Clippers and the Nuggets.


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He's still not here. So he texted me this at eight thirty a.m. Eastern Time. And all the schools that I've been hearing about, I guess, in an East Coast team must have jumped in the fray. I'm led to believe that he is having calls with West Coast schools at like six thirty a.m. their time. This is such a clear and obvious lie from Stuart. All right.


Before we get to the heat stuff that we may or may not get to and, you know, pretty important game they're playing just yesterday, OK, because this stuff is happening all the time with Stuart. And it is a legitimately maddening thing. OK, we've all been here with him and it's infuriating. Just yesterday I was saying to Mike Ryan, because he was late again, I'm like, look, man, we've got to nip this in the bud, because I'm telling you that Kornheiser all these years later sits there and steam's because Wilson's bonds always late and always strolls in with a sandwich and a juice.


And he's been doing it across twenty years. And Kornheiser has got two decades worth of resentment built up because Wilbon shows up on Wilbourne time always. And I was just telling Mike, I am not living this life in my old age like Kornheiser with Stewart, like I'm not having this where we are in here at God-forsaken hours and he's strolling in, always holding us up. And so what I want to ask you guys is. I think we should start the national show, just asking him questions about this call, just like just nonstop until the until the lie unravels, because there's just no way he why can't he make calls on the car on the way over here, like, what is he doing?


He said all this stuff with his daughter was going to be over Tuesday.


I mean, and to pull back the curtain even further, we had a later call time today, gave him some relief and he's still just throwing it in our face and doing the least amount of work no one believes. You know, I'm talking like he's here. I'm I'm getting mad.


Why does he think he has job security? Like, is he not paying attention to global pandemic? They just took it away from us. Work harder. I think I don't understand. Is he not? Does he think that I'm going to always, for the rest of his life, catch him in my substantive lap? What's going on? Is it good news? It's no more time for the links. It's like pull yourself up by your bootstraps and let's make ourselves the greatest sports radio podcast ever.


What would have to hypothetically happen in his career for him to like maybe I should start, you know, pumping the gas here a little bit more and, you know, maybe start working harder, like if this doesn't make him turn on, like the Jets.


Well, listen, Chris, I'm telling you, it is my greatest frustration around here. And it started with your father. I went to a bar in the Keys to meet your father because in the name of friendship, he has never lifted a finger. Everyone always has to come to to wherever it is. No, I'm familiar with his work. Clearly, I'm part of fostering these environments. But I go to Cody and I'm like. And we got a whole lot of entitlement in our group and coatis like, yep, everybody else but me.


And if you go to Stewart, Stewart spends all his time during the breaks bitching about how everyone else around here is entitled. Right. How everyone else around here doesn't work hard enough. And you know what his biggest complaint is? They they don't work hard enough producing me. Not not me, Dan, I had to turn the microphone off him, I had to turn my microphone off, I said an F word, I said it.


I said, if you guys stopped giving got lines, he would fall to the Earth like one of those inflatable men who is in front of a car dealership. And you just take all the air out of it. And he would just fall to the earth and it would just be some form of make or miss league, Dan. And then it would just peter out on the on the floor were being mean.


Now, we crossed the line again because he's not at work. Because you don't get too far. Roy, how much do we owe you?


But I think I think what's my copay on this one?


Let's talk please, because a must win for Milwaukee tonight.


I think we can go after the way that Raptors Celtics game ended. Everything is just going perfect for the Heat. Like every scenario is going to play out perfect for the heat like that game. Because if you're sitting there, right, everyone's like me, like I want this series to go long. I don't want to go up three. I want them both to have to play a lot of tough games that how did how did they win that game?


They only won that game because everything is going well for the Heat right now.


And he's getting a lot of attention nationally, which which is good because, yeah, Oggi needs to make that shot. But the story's a pass from Kyle Lowry. What a pass. That is one of the greatest passes I've ever seen in any sport over Bulbul.


Yeah, well, no, not Bulbul toco fall. Toco fall.


Excuse me. That's the second time I've confused. Wow.


What's going on there. The food related thing. No, it's, it's, they're both just wants to knuckleballs. They're all the time.


I love it through overtalk court taco. Right. It just gets called in there. That's his moment and he blows it.


Oh I felt bad for him but I felt good for Kyle Lowry in that moment because Kyle Lowry look the Raptors have actually been in this bubble atmosphere longer than anybody. They traveled almost damn near a full month before this whole thing got started. And if you've seen the emotional videos of them finally seeing their family, it's really cute.


Kyle Lowry has been outspoken and has shared videos on a social media platform, and he's been a real leader on how great was that picture of of Kyle Lowry, like finding the camera to hug his teammates?


Oh, he looks so happy. I was amazing.


I actually when I first moved into my house, I was having all sorts of trouble with my ESPN app. And the only thing that I could watch, like the only way that I could watch the playoffs on the ESPN app was from that sideline cam, that beautiful sideline cam that provided the best possible angle of that Oggi game winning shot. And I just thought it was like, OK, this is Disney. It's the height of technology. This is a robotic cam that is moving quite fast and fluid.


Paul George fell out of bounds last night in the game against the Nuggets and in the frame you actually saw the camera. It's a guy in like a bucket that is on a track and they move him, which is why he's able to actually follow the action, but it looks so fun because that thing is traveling so fast. He's just like in an office chair that's being pulled.


I saw a great shot, OK, and I know that stigmatises only analysis of the playoffs has been I don't think it feels like the playoffs guys, which no one disagrees with. Right. Like, I kind of felt like the playoffs. Well, know, what I was going to say is the endings to these games end up feeling good. But I saw one camera angle where you could hear. The noises that made it acoustically near silent in a moment that would never be silent if there were fans there like you heard the ball arrive, the buzzer, the swish of the net, like you heard all of that stuff in a way that made that celebration wonderful as it was the end of the game, wonderful as it was the total opposite of what it would have been if there had been fans there.


You really seeing the height of the sport in terms of execution? Because atmosphere, fans, sightlines, I think quantifiably we can say, given this sample inside the bubble, they matter. They take away from players actually being to execute because you see guys in practice and you'll be blown away by like the the mid-level player that can hit like thirty five straight shots from a given spot. This is all just empty, Jim. Best people in the world doing what they're supposed to do and all that other nonsense that makes us feel good and gets us excited while we watch makes a play list that makes it all good, makes the play less better.


And now you're seeing the world class athletes like absolutely executing at a top level play less.


Better is not the way to say that. Regardless, we will shift seamlessly from that. To Chris Cody. I feel like that Raptor shot, though, is like exactly like that Raptor shot is amazing, though. I'm still feeling all of that. Like I'm not in that moment when that shot goes in, I'm not like, oh, man, there's no crowd there like I am. I was sitting on my couch and I just was like, I've had the same visceral reaction that I would have regardless.


So I'm not feeling missing the fans as much as ever.


I'm sorry, Chris. That's not what I meant. I didn't mean to diminish the moment. I'm talking about seeing it from 20 different angles because I was that interested in the way that that game ended. The idea that Kemba Walker's pass that gets that shot at the rim with zero point five seconds left gets engulfed by the ending to that game because as you said, Kyle Lowry, who says he's got balls of steel, even though none of us would say Kyle Lowry has balls of steel, we do not associate Kyle Lowry with postseason balls of steel.


We associate him with balls of mush up until like last year, where he won a championship and had a couple good performances him and demand to and were the one and two in terms of like least efficient guards in postseason history. Their postseason track record, as far as their performances from the field were the worst of all time.


Let me ask you guys this. If Taco fall, all seven, five of him, I like the people who pointed out that taco fall was minus three on the game yesterday, he was a minus three because the only time they used him is to come into the game and guard the in bounder Kyle Lowry was as postgame about that pass. He's like, you got a guy that's seven, 12. And no, it's ridiculous how tall he is. What is his actual height?


What is the height of him and Bulbul? Because both of them are like seven three seven four seven five. But my question is, if that guy can't guard the inbound, do we need to stop guarding the inbounds and just have five defenders run around covering for guys?


So, Tucker, Paul actually has three inches on Bulbul when you Google at seven foot five for Taco Fall, which is insane. And seven foot to a bowl. Bull, bull, bull. The more agile of the two.


So Taco Fall plays two seconds or no. He plays he plays five tenths of a second in that game and he is minus three for the game.


You guys do this thing with extremely tall people where you just always feel bad for them. Even when he's walking onto the court. Taco Fall is about to get his first playing time of the series, I assume. And I just have this. I just see him and I and I just feel bad. I don't know what I'm doing there.


Know what you're doing there is it looks like it hurts. You see these giants later in life and you just sort of kind of feel for what might be headed towards them. Like even a person like Kevin Durant who plays out on the perimeter, having these foot issues and micro fractures and all these things that plague taller people. It's just, yeah, I kind of feel for them because most people aren't built that way.


The world isn't built for people who are built that way.


Chris, I think that what you're feeling there is a hugely common thing where you see and this we covered in laughter a lot of times. Right. We cover it. We rationalize it away by applauding the taco falls when they get in the game and by, you know, sort of applauding the lovable personality of Boban, for example. But I think a lot of people, when you see those people, what comes over you is a little bit of sadness because, you know, man, it must be difficult like that.


It must be painful, physically painful. It must be hard to find a bed or take a shower or go on an airplane.


Just think about where they are right now, because it's one thing if you're traveling is terrible. But Walt Disney World Resort is a made for a guest. That's seven foot five. I'm not I'm sure he's ducking when he's showering.


Oh, but I'm guessing, though, that these the I'm guessing my given that they spend one hundred and fifty million dollars on the bubble, I'm guessing that they've made some alterations to the accommodation. Oh, for sure.


I saw photos of larger beds being shipped, but like Hassan Whiteside, he had to stay at the yacht club and that isn't one of the higher end resorts said some of the playoff teams were. So while they make the accommodations with the beds, the ceilings are the ceilings. Right. They can there's going to be an end of the rotation guy. That's seven foot three that's going to get a King James suite.


But which is the one that which is the one that it hits you on most.


Because Morocco, I saw a video which was Heart-warming of his teammates, I think it was Yoenis Kanter and Jaylen Brown teaching them how to swim. And like even swimming is not that fun to sharks. And you're at the other end of the pool. I think, though, that when most people look at the giant of the giant. That it's secondary to think of, man, life must be hard just getting around, I think the first thing that creates a sadness in you is the idea that they're there walking toward terrible pain.


They are walking. Andre the Giant at the end of his life was probably drinking like that to self medicate because every step was enormous pain. And I don't think you ever get numb to wandering around with the enormous pain that and I've also seen my giant.


You guys remember that movie that I think that movie honestly is what made, like, affected me, looking at all tall people after that and saying and Billy Crystal, who I believe I believe it sticks with me, believe George Morrison owns the the record for most appearances.


And this is SportsCenter commercials.


Help me with this is Morrison, the first of these kinds of people that we're talking about, because probably Manute Wilt Chamberlain was a star and people envied his life because they thought of him being at the height of being a physical specimen, a Kareem Abdul Jabbar. We've talked about this like Kevin Durant used to pray as a young person because he didn't want to be tall, because he didn't want to stand out that way. But in terms of the freaks, you think, yeah, Manute Bol is probably first before Meurice, right?


Yeah, I just there's a stat that left handed people are more likely to die than a right handed person because the world was primarily designed by right handed people. So you have a slightly increased risk. The world is designed for people that are at most, you know, like six, six, six. Right. So there are so many things. The late Fab Melo, I remember he got a concussion because he just walked inside of a room, his head in a doorframe.


I would love to talk to Taco Fall and just ask him how many times stuff like that happens, things that we take for granted.


Chris, can you tell me, Tyler Hero, what is his listed height? Because I don't know if he's going to physically grow some more because he already looks kind of different.


He's he's so young. Well, that's the thing, right? I feel like with the with professional training, he's going to end up filling out. I know Kentucky feels like a professional program, but he's going to enter these years where he is physically going to get bigger. But I just always marvel. I don't know who the greatest example of this is. Steve Kerr being my height as a guy who was always like a pesky little rabbit on the court, but he's six four.


How tall is Tyler here? Listed, Chris? Six, five, six five.


Is he is he done growing because six five.


I don't know, Dad. I'm guessing. Well, I just don't know. When does growth stop at nineteen years old. Eighteen years.


I mean, Paul, George, Paul, George famously I think grew two inches after he was drafted. So it can happen. But I don't, I don't know how if he's done I'll ask him.


My point is that the quote takes the heat.


The quick little guy, Tyler hero, the guy who seems quick and little is larger than most almost all people you run into on a daily basis, like you're not running into a whole lot of six, five people. And he's the guy out there who's running between, you know, toco false legs, which is something that actually happened during the preseason. Somebody actually dribbled the ball through Taco Falls legs.


Oh, really? Yeah. I'll tell her I was sixteen to your point. Like, I thought I would have guessed like it's so crazy that these guys, these guards, they're taller than you think.


Kyle Lowry is Lycett at Six Feet. So he's one of the shorter great basketball players in league for him to launch that pass across the court over someone that he called seven foot twelve. That is actually seven foot five.


Worst jump rimkus. It was incredible. It was one of the best, like Mahomes like pass with five tenths of a second left.


With that being the plus side was his third option. That was not his play design. He said that he was down to his third option. The third option in microseconds we're talking about was to throw it over someone. God knows how long that is on the inbounds. So at the very beginning, you have to put it at basically like a ten foot trajectory over the top and have it perfectly.


It's just unbelievable considering this Jaylen Brown's attempted block, it's the highest I've ever seen anybody jump in my life and he couldn't get it.


Chris, can you say when you were talking earlier and you were saying everything is breaking the heat's way? I think I have this right. You guys tell me if I've got this wrong. I feel like you don't want Boston. You'd prefer to not play Boston, that Toronto makes you feel a little more comfortable because of all the matchup stuff that you're seeing play out in the Milwaukee series. Boston seems like a very difficult matchup for the Miami Heat. So is that what you're talking about when you say things breaking their way or you just won a long series over there because Toronto has not looked very good in this in the series and beyond, not looking very good in the series.


What you've seen on display is Toronto misses. Kawhi Leonard misses. Of course you're going to. Miss the guy who can get all his own stuff at the end, you're seeing a mismatch, a mismatch right now, which is what you're seeing in the hit book series, because Toronto Inside the Bubble is only lost to one team, the Boston Celtics. I was their first win against the Boston Celtics within that bubble, the running over everybody else. But you're watching that series and you're like, I kind of want the team that hasn't lost anybody else in Toronto just because I had the sample of the season, because we match up better than them against Brad Stevens, says Boston.


We've always been a difficult matchup for the Heat.


Yeah, I think you want that series to be long regardless. But to your point. And then if I can get it to be a long series and handpick my team, I'm taking the Raptors. So that result last night I think was great for the series longer and it keeps the Raptors in it.


Do you expect to lose tonight or do Heat fans go into every game saying, hey, maybe I think a heat in five heat and six, but if you ask me each night, I'm going to say I think the heat is going to win that night, because if you believe heat and five heat and six heat and seven they're losing tonight, like tonight is the tonight is the night that they're supposed to lose. But you haven't seen a whole lot in this series that would make you think that they don't match up well with Milwaukee because the MVP doesn't look like the MVP.


And that's because Miami's doing that. I haven't even seen the heat play as well as they're capable of on the offensive end. I haven't seen Erik Spoelstra really go that much now. Granted, I'm not a head coach, so I don't know the intricacies of what I'm seeing right now, but it doesn't seem as though he is emptying the bag when it comes to tactics. I'm trying to figure out exactly how Milwaukee gets back into this, considering Miami's already beaten them at their own game.


There was reports that Budenholzer was pouring over film and immediately following the game, the entire team collectively went out after the game two loss to dinner to talk about what had happened. So I don't know. But my goodness, hosers never made an adjustment in his postseason life. Did you know Geico is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, that's 15 percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your teenager to help around the house?


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And then when you read your murder mysteries at night, could you read out loud but skip the murder parts because I get scared.


Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. I do not know I do not know what it is that they have to do in order to get Antetokounmpo to be better. It seems obvious to me that the thing that needs to change for Milwaukee is Antetokounmpo needs to be better. But how do you make him better? How do you make him better by design. How do you help him get more shots, be more dominant. The thing that he does that no one else.


I know you guys love the bam dunks and everything but he just gets you such easy baskets by virtue of just spinning and dunking, spinning and dunking because you can't do anything about it. He'll just get the easiest two points that can be gotten in the league because of how he moves around. And they're not doing that or getting that as much as they have the entire last couple of seasons.


I mean, this is I don't think anyone's coming to Chris for Xs and OS talk, but I heard a mean saying that when they get him in the pick and roll, that's how you get him out of being like double and triple teamed.


So maybe that's an what his greatest strength, though, is coming, flying down the court and just caving you in.


I understand that that's against the heat, though, not against the heat, because they just stand there and they're just like, not here. I understand.


I guess what I'm asking you guys is, yes, you can make adjustments in the half court, but the half court is not the play. The reason people question the Bucs and him in the postseason is because the whole game goes into the half court and that's not their strength and it's not his strength. Dan, the one thing is you can look at the action of having a pick and roll with a guard, right. Like switching on where Yanase is all of a sudden faced with somebody like Tylor Hero, somebody like Goran Dragic is something that he can go around and then have that play where he dunks from the free throw line, just extending his arm.


And I don't even know how many times the series I've seen that happen where he's back to the basket also and he turns around and dunks and I was like, how did that happen? How did he put his arm that far?


But Tony, most annoying. I hate those shows.


I told you those were of a jump. I told you that it was going to be frustrating when he does that inspector gadget stuff that you're like, wait a minute, there are nine human beings on the court and there's a cartoon character.


But Miami has the defenders that actually what's different about Miami in reading breakdowns is not my own take. Miami has defenders like Jae Crowder, Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Andre Iguodala and we'll see what the status is of Iguodala. That look like a bad sprain where Miami differs from most teams in guarding Giannis in that pick and roll is one that pick and roll happens Players switch off and they're hoping to get that mismatch and exploit that weakness. Miami fights through the screen so what you're talking about is just simple execution.


Miami is better at fighting through the screens than Milwaukee is at setting them. So Milwaukee needs to improve at setting them and letting that happen for Giannis and sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. Sometimes you get out executed. Did you guys feel the same thing that I did in game two where you pretty obviously see through two games and I'm going to end up being wrong on Bam Adebayo getting into foul trouble because I did not know that this is how the heat were going to play him, where they were just going to send waves of hugely athletic guys.


But I'm curious, I mean he did fall out the last game but it wasn't really Giannis doing the damage so that takes out there but bam historically throughout the season Giannis only Drew one thousand and Bam And he's not guarding him that much He's only guarding him when he goes to center.


But what I wanted to ask you guys if you noticed. Right because this doesn't happen that often in basketball where you can physically notice as it's happening what it is that you're watching. So when Jae Crowder is covering him, you're like, huh? Jae Crowder got the size, the athleticism, the thickness to bother him a little bit, you know, just sort of getting his way. Jimmy Butler, you know what a lot of people don't know about James Harden is the reason that he's that good is because he's impossibly strong.


He's physically unbelievably strong and Jimmy Butler strong. And so while you're not going to be as strong or as big is on set to go, but you're OK when Jimmy Butler as well. But then Iguodala is doing it, you're hoping for strips because Iguodala smaller and then Derrick Jones he farts Derrick Jones like Derrick Jones is so skinny out there that you're watching and you're like No no no, this is not going to work with Derrick Jones guarding him because you're going to get stuck in Janice's ass crack.


Yeah, and it wasn't at the start.


But then Derrick Jones did well, like he acquitted himself because I think about it, the dunk champion, like it's a hugely athletic human being that I'm sitting there watching it. I'm like, you're going to get stuck in Janice's ass crack.


That was a funny thing with Derrick Jones, where he came on the court and he looked terrible. And I'm like, get him off the court. Two minutes later, he was like playing great. That's what you see with you got the court three blocks. That's all you got. But did you guys not OK, so it didn't happen to you guys where you're like, man, the size differences here are problematic. Derrick Jones isn't going to be able to keep him from doing the inspector gadget stuff even though he's the dunk champion.


Yeah, but then you realize, oh, Derrick Jones himself is one of the most athletic people on the planet. Maybe give him a second and he can figure out how to use some of that athleticism to his advantage.


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