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Remember when you were in school and the teacher who was never out was out and you knew you had a sub coming in, you didn't know which sub it was going to be, but you knew it was going to be a sub and everyone had their fingers crossed for old Mr. O'Hassan.


Why are you out of breath?


Who's going to put on a movie? I'm out of breath because. Okay, so I have a very tight schedule today. I'm going to do this show and I'm going to try to make it to the airport in time to catch this flight. So I had to have all my stuff down here. I came downstairs earlier to do all the preshow stuff.


Make sure for those that don't know, like you're staying in the same space at the studio.


They don't need to know that somehow.


You have the ability to just go down the elevator maybe a little bit earlier with your stuff.


Here's the problem. The elevators today have been ridiculously delayed.


It's Friday, it's check in day. You're in a hotel downtown.


Learned that lesson the hard way when I was trying to get coffee a few weeks ago.


Six minutes for an elevator. Six?


Yeah. That's a bit of ridiculous. Well, one of the elevators is being serviced right now. So we have three as opposed to the normal four.


There are seven elevators.


Yeah, I'm sorry, that's my point.


This is like six minutes for now.


One of them is a service elevator too.


Seven. You're right, seven elevators.


So six then.


Now six because one's being serviced. There we go. Okay, so six minutes makes.


So you're out of breath because you ran upstairs to do something that you could have done before the show.


Well, no, I couldn't do it before the show.




Because I was doing other things before the show.




No, I've been up to like 630.


Well, yeah, we all have.


No, I haven't.


I didn't accuse you of waking up five minutes ago. I just said, you said, were you sleeping?


You should have gotten up at like 625, packed your bag.


That wouldn't have worked because this is all your design. Why didn't you just bring the stuff down when you came down for the meeting?


Because I tried to be on the time for the meeting, that's why.


Wait, but you were on time. You couldn't just bring your bags with you?


It's a lot of shit. You'll see when you go outside. Right there. It's a two trip situation right like on the couch. I just vomited everything there. It's definitely a two trip situation. Do you guys want to go deep into this? We go deep into this.


No. A host runs in during the intro video. We thought we had to kick off the show.


They didn't know out of.


He was literally performing Stubass's character in the intro video. It was method acting, actually.


Hey, me, the guy from.


So the substitute teacher has rolled out the boxy television about to play stand and deliver.


That's right.


Well, first the substitute teacher walked in.


And then the crowd erupted in the.


Classroom because, oh, yes, it's the.


Let's go. It's Mr. O'Hassan who always puts on a movie, right. And then asks you how you feel about it. I say that to say, I know sometimes this show tackles some very serious subjects, some very topics that cut to the very fabric of society. The intersection of race and politics and sports and business. It ain't going to be one of those days.


Oh, oh.


I think that there is an intersection between sports and business and it's a San Diego Padres gooch.


Tell me more. I'm intrigued.


The Nike uniforms, the slash fanatics uniforms, the performance wear that.


I think we should blur this.


Hold on. Put a logo.


This is not safe for work.


We don't really know what that is, to be honest.


Yeah, we do.


It's a cock and balls. We knew this day would come. There's a cup. I think it's a cup half.


Did we know that they would come.


As soon as we saw.




I took a victory lap yesterday because we made a bet about this on Wednesday's show. David Sampson took under one ass crack, I believe. Under one ass half ass crack. Thank you. And we've already seen balls and a dong and spring training has just started.


To be fair, I ain't seen.


I think. I think dong is more than half an ass crack. I think that goes without saying.


I don't know about that transition, that conversion scale.




So last week, Rob Manfred doubled down.


Venmo me a dollar, so it counts.


Rob Manfred doubled down and said, these are performance wear. They tested really high. They wore this during the all star game. I'm like, that's not a real beta test. That's not a soft launch. The all star uniforms, no one really cares. There are all sorts of kooky dark grays as opposed to the normal one. You can't get any representative data. And no one cares about nameplates on all star uniforms. So he doubles down on it, even though fans everywhere have been complaining, and I think accurate, these look bad. The nameplates are smaller. They've moved the MLB logo to the most real estate on the shoulder blades. So now if you have a really long name, it looks extra. Just, it's not a good look. And we saw photos of players tucking their jerseys in and we realized, oh, shit, the pants, they're translucent. You can see through them.


You have a whole minor league system to test these things out with.


I have it as Nike on its campus in Beaverton, Oregon, which is a great name for a place, has a lab where they just have people who pretend to be athletes put on these clothes and then run and jump and do all sorts of things, which is.


Doing a whole bunch of things that baseball players don't really actually do all that much. That's my other issue with all this is I get performance wear. You want to be light and all that. No one had an issue with baseball uniforms. Why do they need performance wear? They wear belts. They wear belts. They don't need performance wear. They used to wear stirrups. They don't need performance wear. Half the seasons played in like 40 degree weather. They don't need tissue paper, soft light uniforms. It's baseball. They work as clothes. No one ever had an issue with uniforms. Why are you doing this?


So, you know, when they built the Brooklyn Bridge and everyone was like, wow, this bridge is so scary, it's going to collapse. And the people that built it were like, we're going to go across the bridge with elephants. We're going to prove this bridge can contain the weight of these great, magnificent cities we're connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. I think Rob Manfred himself should have to prove that he could do a full exercise in these pants without showing.


The world, literally his ass or his elephant trunk.


Yeah, well, you could have gotten Julio Franco to model these a little bit.


Not enough fabric.


But baseball players, as you don't, first off, baseball players, gross people, just disgusting people. All not very hygienic. And that feels like a lot, Mike.


No, it's true.


Have you ever been in a dugout?


It's disgusting. I have.


It's disgusting. They just spit everywhere. And baseball clubhouse is a fairly gross place. But also, if you ever go through one, you'll see a lot of ash cheeks. They wear jock straps. And the second that you saw one photo of someone tucking in his jersey and you being able to identify where the buttons are in his pants, you knew that you'd be seeing some dong and dong. You've seen and now, Major League baseball fanatics and Nike, they have to admit that they're wrong here. They cannot continue with this because it's only going to get worse.


I'm sorry, guys, we really need to.


Blur for the max audience, for the YouTube audience. I cannot stress this enough. If you have children around, send them away. But this is. What? This is graphic.


No, this is not graphic. This is going to be opening day.


Shaft head and testimonial.


We don't know that.


What else? Yeah, we do. It could be a cup shaped like a dick.


The cup on the bottom is a little bit more rounded.




And the top part is a little bit bigger.


And the bottom is a little more showing you. When you push back like that and you stretch out your hammies like this guy's know something comes out.


You know what he looks like? He looks like Ace Ventura. The first one at the end when they figure out that Finkel is Einhorn.


Yeah, but I couldn't see Ace Ventura's dick. I see everything.


Oh, no. When Einhorn has the pants dropped. And then it was like, look, there's nothing. And then ace says, turn around. And then we turn around. That's exactly what we saw.


They're going to have to recall this, right? They can't go mean. I've been saying that.


David said, it's no big deal.


Here's the reality.


If I'm that guy, I'm personally offended, too.


Here's the reality. The reality is I walked in here today and everyone was talking about, hey, did you see the dick prints or whatever? And I thought I said yes. And then they showed me that picture of like, that's not the one I saw. There have been multiple. Multiple. It's not just a one off. So there's a lot of these out there. I cannot see that. Baseball, wholesome, americana, apple pie, take my kids to the ball games. Cracker jacks and 7th inning stretch and all that. Also, I could see a man's dick. I don't see those things going together.


Can I just also add a question I've had for the last 24 hours? Are we 100% sure there's no photoshopping happening in this or the picture of the ball?


Now we're into the Giants player.


That one can't be.


Maybe digitally because that came from a.


Guy'S Instagram story who works for the network who was just posting a picture behind the scenes.


Wait a second.


But there wasn't any sort of photo darkening happening to outline the down.


Slow down. You're telling me that someone who works for the network, who works for, I.


Believe it was the San Francisco Giants regional network.


Okay, so I believe that's Bay Area NBC Sports says, oh, you know what would be great piece of content? This guy is stretching.


Not the stretching one. Not the stretching one. The one where there's a guy sitting, holding the bat up for a photo shoot and you could see his balls.


It was a two one count.


There you go. Okay.


I actually missed the balls the first. I missed the balls the first time because I thought everyone was reacting. Because if you see in the gooch, there's a bit of moisture. And I thought that, okay, we're going to start seeing streaks, too. But that's not the photo I'm talking about, by the way. We're once again putting the padre bending over. But I thought that people were reacting to a bit of moisture, that it pooled. And you can also see that, and that's going to be an issue, too. But then there were just.


Here's the part I don't get. It reminds me, remember when that person who worked for the Celtics posted video of Jalen Brown not being able to dribble his left hand?


And you just got to think, the Eastern Conference finals.


No, it was at practice. That was the worst part. It was like, this is after the shame of the playoffs last year during training camp. They posted the video of it and it was like, yo, do you watch the news? Have you been alive? Why would you watch this and say, oh, people will like this. This will be good for our guys. Same thing here. You took that picture, you didn't look at it. You just saw the guy's face in his mustache and just said, you know what?


They're working hard at media damin. But there's another picture of a couple of Cleveland guardians talking to each other. Where it's not just that the tucked in jersey has the emblem going through it, but if you look at this here, look at the sleeves. These are two men wearing the same jersey for the same team, and yet the seam on the end of the sleeve is entirely different.


This is triggering to me now.


Maybe one of them is wearing an old jersey.


No, it's not that. One is on the right side. I don't know why one is on the left side. One is a right arm. One is a left arm. Sometimes they try to been around for like two years.


No, look at the right arm of the. Well, for what it's worth, look at the right arm of the player on the right side of you.


I love how we don't know anybody's names.


I mean, this is spring trading. Hold on. This is spring trading, the number one.


Sports show in America. We're like this baseball man here.


It's for the best because we're protecting their privacy. Especially the other two photos.


Scott Barlow.


I would not.


That's not Clevenger.


On the Internet.


That's not Clevenger.


And I would not want to be on tv in these uniforms, but I do want to see Mrs. Met in one. That's so inappropriate, Jimbo. Jesus Christ. This guy.


They got to do something and it's going to cost them a lot of money to recall this. I think they got to have last year's uniforms lying around somewhere. This is really bad. It's a bad look. It's brought shame upon the sport. And Rob Manfred tried to do well. Anytime you introduce something new, especially in this sport, that what you're introducing that's new are dicks. You're introducing full. And also, if I'm that San Diego Padre player that was bending down, I might take issue with this. This is invasion of my privacy. Because that's not just an action shot. I don't think someone's going for something there.


Is it a tuck situation where it's like it's down and under and when he squeezes, it's like, look, I don't have anything. But you turn around and you've got a situation.


I think you're looking way too much into it.


How could not?


I think that's what the MLB has wrought.


Okay, well, let's move on. Let's say in baseball, let's move on off of dicks to a guy who was once known as the most fun man in baseball and lost it all.


I thought you were going to say we move on from one dick to what? A lot of people in baseball also have accused of being a dick in Tim Anderson because he's a bit of a polarizing player. I love Tim Anderson. I get excited anytime the Marlins make a signing, and especially when it's a player.


This was their signing.


Yes, and I've heard of this player. This guy was mean. Paraded around as the future of the sport. He was a big deal. He had joined us on our show, dude. And the Chicago White Sox said no more players on that show.


That was one of the great interviews. I always talk about this show from the perspective of when I first started listening to it, which is after my first appearance, which is kind of weird, but what I liked about our show was you guys could make me care about something I didn't care about, right, by virtue of just it being fun. So, for instance, I'm not a huge boxing fan, but we used to have Rosie Perez as our boxing analyst, and she would come in and break everything down. I'm like, you know what? I'm a listen, because I love Rosie Perez and I love how passionate she is about boxing. So baseball is one of those things where look at how whatever. And Tim Anderson, some guy for the White Sox, I didn't even know if he was white or black. Then I'm like, oh, he's a brother, okay? And then he starts talking and I'm like, oh, this dude's fun. What happened?


Crapping all over the boring. He's talking about the sport the way that we did and all the issues with it. It was great. And then something happened. Over the last few years, he struggled, may have had some things going on off the field, who knows? But he had one very public incident on the field where he got in a fight and he caught an l. He got knocked out. And I think it's affected his salary this year. I don't know if there's any coming back from the l that he took.


That's my question. Can you come back from massive public embarrassment, like, as the cool guy? Not for anyone. He was the cool guy. He was like, baseball, this shit's boring or whatever. Like, oh, snap, this guy's cool. He's nonplussed by this thing that America holds so dear. And then he gets knocked out and it's like, can you come back and still be the cool guy after that?


I do think it's possible, particularly with the teammate that he has now in Jazz, Chisholm Jr. Like, these guys are going to play off each other. Jazz was talking about it at spring training this morning, how excited he is to have Tim Anderson in their clubhouse. And the thing with the Marlins that was part of what made them good last year is like, their clubhouse vibes are not that of the old stodgy MLB clubhouse. Like, skip Schumacher is a young manager who played in the game just a few years ago. He got to play with a lot of really fun young players. And so Tim Anderson coming in and playing with Jazz, Chisholm Jr. And the rest of this team that just kind of wants to have fun, know, overachieve. It'd be cool to see him return to form.


Jeremy, you look at that gorgeous nameplate on this image that we hope everyone can see that name, Anderson.


Jeremy, I adore your insight as a baseball insider. You cover the Marlins. Show that picture again, please. There's no way he can come back from that.


I mean, this is fair.


Look at it. Look how close this is. Literally, in the movies where they screeching. Halt. You're probably wondering how I ended up here. Right there. This is like, everything was great up until that millisecond right there. I could see daylight between the knuckle and his nose. Jesus.


Can I interest you in a potential rematch? Because I believe, and I have to look at the schedule here, but I believe Cleveland comes to Miami. They do. Cleveland comes to Miami June 7, eigth and 9th. So you will see the rematch between Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson.


We get you here. Yeah. I'll skip the NBA Finals just to see.


Perfect. Well, the NBA Finals will be here, so it'll be perfect for you to be able to just stick around.


Oh, that's right, Jeremy. Jimmy Butler cares about basketball.


Yeah, it's today. Yeah, that's what happens. It's the second half of the season. His trainers are posting cryptic stuff on instagram. He's posting stuff with all sorts of crazy different hairstyles before he comes back, inevitably looking the same. It's time that Jimmy Butler cares about basketball. It's perfect.


I've caught a lot of flak, and rightfully so. I'm embarrassed with the who that is segment that we did where there's a Rockets player that's averaging over 20 points a game, and I've never heard of him. We had a Thursday thunder in which all three players I'd never heard of before it hit Thursday Thunder hit, by the way. So I think I know what's happening, though, with my passion for NBA basketball. I think certainly when it comes to the regular season, I'm just taking the lead from my franchise. My franchise does not care at all about the regular season and hasn't for about three seasons now.


That's what you're embarrassed about? NBA related from this.


I work in sports, and also, according to some publications, I'm the guy that knows about sports, which is really unfair to Jeremy, who works for like two of the franchise.


There's nothing else basketball related that happened this week, Mike, perhaps yesterday that you're embarrassed about.


Didn't watch sport yesterday. What happened? I was watching hockey.


I'm talking about your behavior yesterday.


Oh, with Paul?




All right. I apologize. No, I seriously do, because I put people from all the smoke in a difficult position that is a brand new partnership. If someone else on our team did that, I would have came down on them. You do not call Paul Pearson asshole. You call him a douchebag.


He just keeps doubling and tripling down.


I don't know, I almost believed him.


For, like, you bought it.


Oh, my God, like 10 seconds there.


He is a douchebag. Asshole is on the line. You can take exception to that. And you are right in doing so. And I apologize to you. I should not have used that language. But he is a douchebag, Jess.


You believe that like I believed Lucy yesterday when Lucy pretended to have watched blue chips.


I watched it in school. You were my sub in that situation. They played blue chips and we had to write a paper on it.


And how did it make you feel?


Guys, don't be mean to lose the Iowa loss last night to Indiana.


No need to bring that up.


Well, I'm losing Indiana.


Trying to get some women's sports in the a block loose.


Not when Iowa loses, we can't.


This was her first game. Caitlin Clark's first game since breaking the record, correct?


Yes. I came in yesterday and I literally told Jess. I was like, iowa's gonna lose tonight.


She did.


I did.




Why did you have that premonition?


Because Indiana lost to Illinois the game before Indiana's undefeated at home. Iowa had had one full week off since breaking the record. Everything was just like the perfect storm for Iowa to lose this game. And that's what happened. Losses are important, though. We will be back. I'm not worried about it. I'd love to see Indiana in the tournament because we'll beat the crap out of them.


Hot. Take. Too many big ten schools with the letter I.


So many. Every big ten school logo is a letter. We need to switch that up. Every single one except for Iowa.


I was just going to say. What the. Iowa's Hawkeye.


Mike, I do think you need to apologize to Paul Pierce, though. Not a douchebag, an underachiever.




What are you doing?


One championship. What are you doing with the big three?


What are you doing? Underachiever. Yo, you guys, man.


I put you in a tough spot yesterday and I apologize.


I'm not even talking about the. All the smoking. Which, again, business wise, what an awful intro. Hello. Welcome, guys. Here's Mike Ryan, right? That's number one. Number two, though. You guys don't realize this. I said this, like, five years ago, and you guys laughed it off. This is your fun and games playground. Oh, we're going to make fun of this makeup? I got to go to these NBA settings and have to explain your behavior all the time.


If I may. Oh, did I put you in a tough spot? I mean, having to explain someone else's behavior to other people, perhaps executives, because someone on our show said something bad? I mean, do you not remember your spider man Jiff? I've had to do so much explaining for you, so I'm glad that the shoes on the other foot.


Well, first of all, I don't know what kind of voice you're doing there. Second, supercharged that. Roy. Second of all, I feel like Roy should apologize.


I don't know what happened.


I apologize to the people I need to apologize to.


There it is. I stand by that Jif. I guarantee it.


That's also ancient history, too.


I forgot about that. Who cares about the draftkings? Even a thing back then?


Do we have the hockey show today? Because I wasn't paying attention to any round ball because I was trying to watch my Florida Panthers make NHL history, tie NHL history for consecutive road victories.


Did they?


No, they fell short. It was zero. Zero with 18 seconds left. And Sebastian Aho went top shelf where Mrs. Mueller keeps a peanut butter and the Panthers come away with zero points. And the hated Carolina Hurricanes, who were swept in the Eastern Conference finals last year by the Florida Panthers, at least according to everyone except their coach, end up ending this road winning streak. But the big headline from this game, and I'm sure Roy and David Dewerk will get into it, is the injury to Matthew Kachuk and also Gustav Forsling.


He's hurt again.


Yeah, he took a hit, actually got sandwiched. He got hit up high in the area where he ended up getting injured last season. And I don't know what happened to Gustav Forsling. He just disappeared. So they're both hurt. And now I'm wondering, how's this going to affect the trade deadline in two weeks? What the Panthers going to do? Because I thought they were going to end up going into the trade deadline being patient, standing Pat because they had good chemistry. There was words out there saying that Anton Lindell was probably going to be.


Dealt, but Lindell's actually been playing much better lately. And Zito's move lately has been also to. And some of these moves have hurt the Panthers around the deadline, have made moves that have been benefiting them in the long term, but in the short term, guys like Trocheck going Tippett, Frankie Petrano, they have gone on and had really brilliant careers outside of the Panthers. But the upper body injury to Matthew Kachuk is a bad one. And one thing that popped up on my social media feed yesterday was the Carolina hurricanes broadcast? Absolutely loving that. Matthew Kachuk got hurt. Tripp Tracy.


He's been there for a very long time, back since Hartford. So this is surprising that he came out of his mouth to me.


Why do we stand Pat?


That is a good question.


Roy said it, and I've been thinking about, do we pat things down? Is there somebody I'm standing next to whose name is Pat Riley?


Pat Riley. I mean, it actually tracks with Pat Riley's recent approach to talent acquisition.


You're just like, yo, man, what's your deal?


My deal is I'm a victim of what this franchise has done to me, both in raising the expectations, maybe to an unreachable level, and also, I don't care about the regular season because their star player doesn't care about the regular season.


You rattled off 8 million names talking about the hockey, including what I believe to be Barry Zito. I did not know Barry Zito played for the Panthers. Right. But when you say Alfred Shangoon, it's like, who's that? You're shrugging. You're talking about not caring about the trade deadline, about acquisitions, about standing Pat. You're talking about talking disrespectfully, I might add, about a Hall of Famer. What's going on, Mike? What's wrong with you and your relationship with basketball? Beyond, like, oh, my favorite team taught me how to not care.


Maybe I'm reflecting what basketball's issue has been, because it's not on an upward trajectory. This shit's going down. Ratings are up in sports everywhere except for the NBA.


He said that yesterday, kind of privately, and I was like, I don't like that.


Take that.


Basketball's going down.


Basketball's ratings are also up on regional.


Specifically about NBA regular season, though not basketball as a whole, because women's basketball.


Is like, basketball skyrocket.


Basketball is upright. I think that's an important correction on regional networks. I did not know that. I've seen headlines where it's understandable the.


Blazers are down like 60%, but national.


Broadcasts are way down from where they've been a couple of years ago. That's deeply concerning, especially for a league that's trying to get another big tv deal.


I would argue that if you're talking about regular season basketball, the ratings that are more important to check would be those regional networks, because that's individual fan bases watching their teams.


The local ones that went down are all the ones that sold. Portland was like, wonder what happened to them. This exactly Brooklyn. What happened to them from last year? To this year. It's all the teams that had a massive departure of huge star names.


We talked about that impression, though. Can you?


I wonder what could have happened last night. Something happened.


I'm pretty sure it's 20 teams woke.


Out of a coma and wonders what happened to teams that he used to.


Watch and is a nerd. The all star game they talked about, the ratings went up, but the massive thing that they left out was, oh yeah, last year Steph Curry and Kevin Durant didn't play. So it goes to thought that if you have star players available, then you're also gonna go up.


I'm not going to gloss over the national ratings being down because in all the other sports, regional sports network ratings are up, but also nationally they're also up. This is deeply concerning for the NBA. They've tried to address it in numerous ways. That's why you have an ist. That's why you have Adam Silver trying to make punitive measures for some of the postseason awards, saying you have to play a certain level of games. This is not a hot take. Basketball is at a certain crossroads here where they have to find a way to change the momentum.


That's why Chris Brickley posted yesterday a picture of Jimmy Butler training and said, it's the time of the season where we focus up and make history.


The Black Ops runs that Brickley does at the court in New York is better than any all star game, is better than anything that we've seen in the NBA regular season thus far.


That's the frustrating part is I've seen these guys play hard with no money on the line. So don't tell me, give me more money and I'll play hard because I've seen you do it in much more dangerous conditions with people who aren't NBA players trying to make a name.


Quavo, he was like, quavo's out there.


I'm like, wait a second.


Nice lefty jumper by the to.


Let's take a break. When we come back, all star cities, some changes are coming down the pike, folks.


Don Lebotard. Well, Charlie sent, Charlie had this Charlie.


As far as I know.


So just Charlie's title in my. Are you going to say anything? Stugats, how familiar were you at the time with Chewbacca? Like your upbringing had how much Chewbacca in it? This is the Don Levatar show with stugats.


So I saw the Oklahoman had a breaking news item that the NBA is going to try and change the rules to who can host an all star game. And it's based on several factors, including how many hotels you have, how many direct non stop flights you have into your airport, and how many international flights you have coming into your airport.


Yet Miami still won't get one.


Well, that's Miami's.


That's the boat show's fault.


That's the boat show? Yeah, the boat show.




Is that why there's not ever going to be an all star? Really?


It is?




The international Boat show is here on.


The same weekend every year. The all star game is here. And it's like, not only here, but it's also in Fort Lauderdale. It's like a thousand things going on. So the infrastructure is already saturated from people coming to the boat show.


It's international, and they can never move that.


And they don't move it. I don't know.


Yeah, okay.


I actually didn't know that. That's fascinating. The boat show. People always ask me about, like, oh, what are the big things going on in, like, I want to come visit you. What should I avoid? Like, what days? And I'm like, do not come the weekend of the boat show. It is art Basel, the boat show, and ultra do not come to Miami. The traffic is absolutely nuts.


And they're like, can you imagine the traffic? If we had the all star game, everybody in from the NBA, and then also the boat show and everybody that comes in for the boat show internationally.


It'D be a mean, like a Tuesday 20 international flight thing would have disqualified Indianapolis, though, right? I don't know about the hotels, but absolutely.


First of all, here are the numbers, and this is courtesy of the Oklahoman. So, the Daily Oklahoman, you need 7250 hotel rooms and a minimum of three five star hotels. Oh, nice of you to join us.


Mike said I'd be back in a minute. Let me take a leak. But you guys just.


Well, why didn't you leak earlier?


You're doing a thing.


It's cute. No, why didn't you leak earlier? You could have leaked five minutes earlier and then you would have been fine.


Celsius coursing through my bladder.


I don't know, man. You should have planned a little better. What kind of beverages you intake before showtime?


Got a point.


All star game.


All star game. A minimum of three five star hotels. So India, I think, is fine there with 7000 plus hotel rooms. Number two, a convention center of 650,000 exhibition space. Again, thinking Deanna is going to be like, oh, we're good on that. But that number three is a bitch. 75 nonstop domestic flights and at least 20 international flights. Goodbye, Indiana. Goodbye, Oklahoma, goodbye, Milwaukee, goodbye, Memphis. Goodbye to all of you. Ma, we love you. It was nice while it lasted. This was years of Amin complaining. Finally, you know how like, sometimes you do stuff, you're like, no one's listening, who cares? But I'll just say it anyway. And then you realize, oh, no, my words too cold. My power is limitless. I rejoiced in the number of people so upset, crying that their little podunk towns can't host an all star weekend anymore.


Do you think you did this? Also, by the way, I googled Indianapolis airport. According to Google, only five international flights to five countries. So that would be the disqualifier.


Get up out of here, Indy. And by the way, I have a plan. I have a very nice plan that I've established, the Amin plan, which is, hey, these are the cities that host all stars. La Phoenix, New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami. Right? And then we always put boat show.


Look, the boat show is awfully convenient.


Look, I'm just saying garrisons don't want it. Maybe one day the boat show moves. Just going to throw that out there. But until then, I'll leave Miami on that list. And then we rotate. Then you get like a cold weather city every once in a while. And then that last year of the rotation, we go international. We're going to Mexico City.


Oh, how can we possibly have a boat show and an all star game madness? I've got takes on Miami's reluctance to host an all star game, and it goes back aways, and it's not exactly great. It's not a good look for Miami. They did so they hosted in the 90s.


Yes, they did.


Probably a different ownership group. It's very clear that this ownership group does not want to do well.


I think part of it also their facility, the building isn't an all star caliber building. When you look at mostly new buildings are getting, or newly renovated buildings are getting these games, and Cassea center is getting a little long in the tooth. If we're going to be fair, and we're going to be frank about it, but the reality is, you know how to make these small towns care and feel loved and wanted. Let's start moving the draft around. Why is the draft in New York every year?


I agree with you.


This is such a good take.


The NFL has done really well. They've moved the draft and the NHL. Yes, they've moved the draft to smaller market places that aren't going to get a Super bowl. Makes sense. You're not going to have the Super bowl in a place without a dome in February, except Metlife, I guess, that one time, which I don't think they're going to ever do again. And so they've had the draft in Kansas City and Cleveland and all these other places, and it really energizes the local fan base. Pittsburgh is applying for it in 2026. I will be there if it happens. But I don't want to go to a Super bowl in Pittsburgh. No, I don't want to go to a Super bowl in Cleveland. I want to go to the Super bowl in the towns that you just named because this is all coming from a selfish media member perspective, and I'm not afraid to say it.


It's not about selfish. It's not about selfish. Let me say this right now. If I was going to say, hey, I want to introduce you to the world. You're a person. I want to introduce you to the world. Would I get you in the middle of the night with crust in your eye and you didn't do your hair and you're wearing your pajamas? No. You want to look your best. You want to be at your best. Like, this is who I am, world. It's the same thing for these cities. Like, I don't care how much you brush your hair, February in Indiana is just going to be February in Indiana. June in Indiana. That's hot. You hot? Look at you. Okay. World likes you. But the idea that people are fighting for the right to give the worst version of themselves to the world is insane.


It did hail a little bit during the Golick foundation golf tournament in Indiana last June.


That's a weather thing. That's different.


It's near the Lake El Nino.


The idea of being at your worst and being in full front public, that's.


Like me in 2018 through 20 on this show.


That's like wearing those new mob pants.


I'm trying to think of, like, what's the worst version? It's probably me on American Ninja warrior.


It's Miami during the boat show.


All right, I'm going to circle back and I'm just going to say it. And I know I don't want to project this all on the erisons, but I do think that the alarm is already going off. Chris, be careful, man.


I care about.


This is a local government thing. It is. Look, we all know how the local government tackles things, like Memorial Day weekend, spring break.


Right now, I want to say.


Can I say, yeah, Roy, you go ahead and say what I've been alluding to on why Miami refuses to be an NBA all star city.


They don't want black people in the city during NBA all star game. That's it.


They don't want a seminal event that a bunch of black people come into town. Look at what they have that weekend. It's the antithesis of it. They've been doing this playbook. Oh, Memorial Day weekend. Let's make it a tribute to the troops. It's so transparent as to why Miami doesn't have all star games, and it's embarrassing.


But the Super bowl attracts a large multicultural population, as.


Do attracts corpse.


I'm sorry, is all star weekend just for black people?


It doesn't matter what it's actually for.


It's what they think.


What they think.


Wow, that's incredible.




Kind of like buying shoes from a particular individual.




You want to get into that one. Hold on, man. Okay, so if you don't know, do we have this video, by the way, of this analyst on Fox News talking about how the new Trump sneakers are going to attract a certain segment of the population to vote for Trump? Here's the video. Take a listen.


His opponent's crazy because even the sneaker thing. I was on social media last night. Very interesting. As you see black support eroding from Joe Biden. This is connecting with black America because they love sneakers. They're into sneakers. They love know this is a big deal, certainly in the inner city. So when you have Trump roll out his sneaker line, they're like, wait a minute. This is cool. He's reaching them on a level that defies and is above politics. The culture always trumps politics, and Trump understands culture like no politician I've ever seen.


Question for you on that point, though. Will the people that are excited about the sneakers and excited about Donald Trump, will that translate into them going out and voting for Donald Trump?


Anybody willing to put $400 down for a pair of sneakers?




I think that's commitment and love. It's something. It's something. It's affection on some level.


So, Roy, are you ready to go to the polls now?


Yeah, I'm ready to buy these chunk tailors right now. Yeah, exactly.


Can we get a still image of Norman Osborne from Spider man, the animated series again, talking about what the hell is going on on his head?


I didn't notice anything, Mike.


You didn't notice anything?


No, it looked real natural.


Normal tape. Find a new slant.


Is that felt? I think he has a felt piece on his head.


He looks like a pool table.


What is like, he needs a lit roller. He's like, all right. What do you tell your barber? He's like, give me if Carlos Boozer wanted Matthew Berry's hairstyle. I want that.


What are you doing there?


This has been one of the worst weeks for me in dealing with you, Mike. The number of people who are near and dear to me that you've taken out.


This is the Matthew Barry, Carlos Boozer Collabo we've all been begging for. What is going on there? Look at the sides of that man's head, man. Tv people are so fascinating.


It's like Buster Bluth.