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See stores for details. Hope everybody had a nice holiday weekend. It is the return of the local hour and poise, you can't say heat in five, all cocky before a series, and then get really bummed when you lose the one game that gets it to a five game series. It is. Gentlemen, sweet time today in Orlando, heatin five.


Do you feel it was was I the only one rooting for Dontae who was from Delaware, but he's also foreign? Was I the only one rooting for him to make that second free throw after he missed the first one the other night? Because I was feeling so bad for him when he missed that first one. I'm like, I'm a fan. Just please make the second one. I don't care.


Chris wore me out yesterday. We actually played golf yesterday at the coyotes of my house. There are two amazing things that have happened the two times I've had to show up to play golf. One is Mike Ryan. Stick it a driver. One hundred and twenty yards on a par three a three feet from the hole. The other is Greg Coyote, spending five hours on my golf course without drinking a single beer.


Yeah, but Chris was wearing me out with this take all day, every other hole yesterday asking me if he felt bad for the Yugoslavian dontae diva Chenzhou, if he was rooting for him to make that second free throw. No one was rude. There was not a single, he said, rooting for dog. Oh, that's not true.


That's not true. That's not true. Win or not, I did not want that poor kid to have to end their season. I he makes one of two. They go into overtime. Miami can win in overtime. They got five extra minutes of basketball. That's not true at all. Like I did not want that kid to have to live with whatever it is. The consequences were of everyone in the country saying you're a choker, you don't have because that's the one spot where you can call a guy a choker and be right when you're a good free throw shooter.


And you, Klank, too, for the season on the line, feel like when you're down O3 and you're the one seed, they're not going to remember the one guy named Dontae who missed two free throws at the end of the game, like he's not going to be able to choke.


You don't believe you don't believe that if he had missed those two free throws, that that wouldn't have been the thing that people showed again and again in the highlights.


Now they're asking if Yoda's is even a one any more. They think he's a two now.


He's been in a game where Giannis leaves with an injury like actually the Miami Heat blew an opportunity there not just to end the series obviously and rest. And you don't want Jae Crowder getting injured in overtime or any of that stuff. You don't want to play extra games that can get your guys injured. But to me, the thing that hurt most about that game is if you sweep them and then his teammates without him can't do anything to protect him. It's one of those things where he can look around and say, you know what, why am I still here?


Why do I want to be here as a as opposed to what's happening right now, which is, oh, my God, I'm the problem. Because when he went out for that game and it seemed as though we were headed in that direction. Oh, my God. TNT with the ankle. Who the producer that signs off on asking bam out bio after that performance in that fourth quarter. The first question being about Giannis ankle. You guys are working his ankle more than the actual trainers.


Get the hell out bam wasn't here for that question. He was asked this question. It was a ridiculous question and the person asking the question should have just went ahead and vetoed it.


Well why do you assume that the reporters just taking a producer's question because I talked to some of basketball's most brilliant minds.


I know exactly how. I know that I spoke to Izzy, who does this for a living, and that the he should have shot the producer. The sideline reporter should have shot the producer down with that question. It was ridiculous. Hell of a fourth quarter by the Miami Heat. But, man, they were really working this ankle. Meanwhile Giannis is looking like Janet's out there and then he just grimaces after he does a Giannis thing And man he's not looking right Are you kidding me.


I just saw the guy spin from the three point line and dunk over to key players and tell him he doesn't look like himself. But are you assuming that how you know however is he does it. That's the way it's done at TNT. It's a match up.


That's a bad job story. There is a Miami Heat antagonises ankle they finished the game with. But regardless, the call made to get Dontae to the line. Toni, brothers, you got to do business there. I mean, it was all there for you Giannis left injured Goran wasn't That's a fifty fifty call Goran was in the right position. No one's going to call that a bad call if Goran draws the offensive foul. You doing this keeping us around here for another game here.


Tony Brothers he doing with that fake ass hair Mike Ryan Mike Ryan.


It continues to contend that he hopes that Giannis plays in these games because they haven't been very good with Giannis playing in the games. His plus minus I think when he went out was the worst on the entire Bucks team. I will say though, for those of you thinking for even a moment that that Bucs team did look better moving the ball because. They did. I just caution you that it's because the Heat have spent four games preparing to play a certain kind of way, and that changed when Janice left the game.


That's the reason that they looked so different. Middleton's not going to look like that when he's the number one guy.


And the Heat have prepared for two days to stop the number one guy who didn't love that coaching job that Mike Budenholzer did an incredible adjustment. Janis's out. So all Middleton mid-range jump shots. So incredible coaching. Middleton made them all though.


So credit to Middleton and coaching by SPO right where their only game plan for yachties and society's gone. I don't know what to do. Like every time he leaves the floor the Bucs are right back in it. The only way they can beat him is that this is on the floor because that seems to be the only thing they prepared for. So are they going to do a game five yards? Does it play now?


As a radio show? We want honest to not play the next game. We want the Bucs to beat the heat. And then after that, we want the conversation to turn. Should the Bucs play Yanis in game six?


We want to we want the person in the media that says the Bucs team is great.


It will be. That's your lane. Yeah. This Bucks team is better without yardage.


I think you're going to be disappointed at how congested that lane is, because if they do win a game without Giannis if Giannis doesn't play tonight and they win and make it a three two series absolutely going to have plenty of people occupying that space.


I'm going to say today the bucks are better without Giannis I mean that's it I've already carved out the lane I'm a game ahead of everyone else is amazing So you have nothing else. That's it.


You're just going to go ahead and take that heavy handed observation. You don't have any elaboration. Nothing. Wow. So we're going to get, we're going to get that, we're going to get that thought in reruns. Great. Can't wait for it. And weekend observation.


Yeah. Spoiler alert. I happen to agree with Bill. It's a terrible job I suppose. I mean, you got, you know, going into the game that Yoni's is ankle. He's on a Bumi goal and you might as well have a defensive game plan in the event the Yoni's goes out. You might want to do something different. It changes the entire complexity of the series ankle. Yeah. Complexity or precision.


I don't know.


Chris, is it taking this far enough with the game? One of those you need to take it to a Game seven where you have the MVP, possible two time MVP. They've won two games without him. Now he's healthy. He's cleared to play. But do they play him? Well, who knows? Your season's on the line here. But you can't beat this team when you're on the court and they're better without you. What do you do, Dan?


Sometimes it's sometimes it's not all about talent.


It's about cohesion and being a team unit. Teamwork, Dan. It's a team of people. It's not the Milwaukee Janis's. It's the Milwaukee Bucks.


What do you do? And complexity actually also work somehow. This is through Ghazi's Lane. Like it? It's not correct. The phrase is complexion changes the complexion of the series, but it also changes the complexity of this.


Yeah, but it's completion in this instance because if Giannis is out and we have an increased role for Dontae then it absolutely changes the complexion in more than one way. So did I get it right or not.


Really but sort of. You got to take a sort, you've got it right by accident. You got it right. But getting it wrong I think is the is the appraisal.


One thing that I loved in that game and Heat fans have to be super excited.


Tyler Hero as a rookie, although can you call it if this is like he was drafted a year and a half ago at this point, but Tyler hero with guts not shying away from the moment, being able to get his shot off with ease in those moments, actually not with ease, but making it look easy because he was doing some really complex stuff, moving off the ball to get those shots wide open. Complexity. Yeah, the complexity and the configuration of one Tyler hero.


Surprising to see him do that at this stage in his career and super encouraging that guy.


That guy's absolute gamer, eight, eight years younger than everyone playing in that Navy BYU game yesterday as a twenty year old kid, you watch BYU.


Why would I? And it's not the same. It's not.


Why were people talking about that game so much? What did I miss? Because it was football. It was it was football, but it was football between teams that well, you know, normally get rid of some of the teams you actually care about.


But you're like, OK, Navy, I'm here for some optional offense. Let's see what we've got here. BYU, I'm here for some dirty play and some twenty eight year old Mormons. Let's go.


And it delivered because they were twenty eight and we'll ask ourselves the same questions we do every time mid majors play a prime time game early in the season, can they make a run to the title game? And I guess I don't know. This is such a weird season. Everything about the viewing experience and even College Gameday, everything was just so bizarre.


I was thinking about that. I was actually wondering because basketball, I feel like basketball baseball may have fooled us a little bit. Because basketball looks the closest to normal while also being a couple of notes off, but it looks somewhat normal, you can forget that there are not fans there that you're watching playoff basketball. It's possible baseball is sad. The fans and the lack of noise make it sad. But I think football is going to be the worst of the viewing experience as it's going to look the most different of all of them without fans, because it's just going to be weird to to be able to see everything like that.


The one that has for me that has become the saddest. By the way, you said it delivered. I mean, BYU won fifty five to three. No one delivered anything.


But BYU single handedly delivered the over forty eight that's there that I think maybe was the favorite in that game. Right. Weird.


I don't know. It was, it was a home game for Navy.


So it was the sport that has become the saddest without fans for me is tennis. Mike, you love tennis. I love tennis. I cannot watch status without fans. Dan will probably end up being right about football just without the fans and the lack of fans. But tennis with no fans is the saddest thing I've ever seen.


Are you kidding me? Terrible. If this tournament is any indication, I never won fans anywhere because Djokovic just got disqualified for hitting a lines person in the throat with a tennis ball.


What was Meryl Streep, by the way, that got hit? I mean, jeez, I really saw that is what was that all about? Like, how do you suspect he was cleared? That was clearly not intentional.


It was obviously I don't know if it was intentional to hit the person in the throat, but it was intentional.


I think that in general vicinity, I don't know the ball like one hundred fifty miles an hour and have it land right inside a line, you know, you'd hit someone in the throat.


So you're actually going to go the other way. Absolutely meant to hit her in the blow. He just reacted.


He reacted. Look, I haven't studied it, but his immediate point, his immediate reaction was to be horrified. It's a great point by Billy, but his immediate reaction was to be horrified. But maybe he was horrified because he realized he was about to be disqualified, that if he admits you tell me. Let me explain. Let me explain this part to me, Billy. Because of what you said, because of the incredible accuracy of Djokovic, do you think that he actually hit her and meant not to hit her and then reacted by being like, oh, my God, I was wide of where I meant I meant to just go near her head.


I didn't mean to hit her right in the throat.


I think it's one of those things that you do it and you immediately realize, oh, no, that was not a good idea. And the face you have to put is the face of horror. Right. Because if you turn around, you have is like demon Grímur.


Eyes are like wide open. Your eyebrows are way up to the top, your hairline. You have this crazy grin that's like done for, like, forever.


Right, because he's trying to save it at that point. You're right. You have to put that face on because you just try to stay in the tournament at that point is what a solid breakdown of that entire situation by your ability?


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Granted, the Miami Heat play a game that can get them in the Eastern Conference finals tonight, but the town is abuzz with football and I couldn't get my coffee this morning without someone asking me about Josh Rosen being given up on yet again, headed to his third team in three years. You called him the Rosen one, Dan, we've been told long a man. He was so good in college and I really thought he was going to be a good quarterback.


Well, how about we know no one's given him a chance because he played enough for the Dolphins. And if he was showing these teams anything, he and anything, you're right. All right. He would have value, like they could even trade him. They were trying to trade him and they couldn't trade him for anything. And, yeah, I'm not the only one that was wrong there, but I was spectacularly wrong. Chris is all excited about dolphins plus six and a half at the Patriots.


Why Ryan Fitzpatrick starting. He is swiveling his hips. He is shaking his shoulders. I would have thought that you would have wanted to have to start Chris instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick.


I like having one in the chamber, Dan, you know what I mean. I like having something that I can go to mid season when things get a little rough. Fitzpatrick played great last season. I'm excited for the season, man. There's this good thing, good vibes around the Dolphins right now. You seem to he does that thing with this and it just gives off good vibes that the hang loose, hang loose, hang loose.


Yeah, I just that's just what I'm doing right now. That's my vibe this year for the Dolphins. Let's go, baby.


In this case, you have to in the chamber. That's right. Oh no. You wait a minute. Wait a minute. Stewpot. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You got early morning game. You celebrated yourself a little too much for the call myself out when it's a bad joke.


Yes, you do. You have it recently. I think people need to take inventory of this. Recently, two guys has been trying to beat the loser game show sound by just shouting through a screech bad joke. This time he wasn't sure. And so he went right in the middle with Heyo and I just now, who is that? Is that Hank Kingsley from Larry Sanders. Is that Ed McMahon from Johnny Carson. What were you trying to do?


Were you recreating the story of me seeing Ed McMahon in the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami Beach at four o'clock in the morning, hammered and just yelling at him, hey, it's Ed McMahon and him throwing up an arm and saying, oh, that's exactly what I was doing.


That's exactly what you were doing. What a bizarre, precise call. Bared, very particular room.


I mean, I guess you anticipated everyone in our listening audience remembering that On-Air story from 40 years ago is such a good story, though. It's 4:00 in the morning. I see someone walking through the lobby of the hotel shaped like Ed McMahon. I shout his name. I'm not totally sure it's the back of his head. And I just yell at McMahon and he throws a right arm, a fist in the sky and gives me a heyo imagining about the lobby at the fountain blue at 4:00 in the morning as you probably weren't clear minded.


All so right. So it could have just been anyone that you scream, hey, it's that big. And it could have been some guy just waking up for his breakfast that he's like, oh yeah, I think it was Del Harris or something like that.


Could have. Well, since we're telling drunken forum stories, there's also the time I was walking with a friend and saw general manager knew this was coming.


Blue Jays, GM, let's go. Was it Blue Jays GM? I thought at the time he was the Mariners GM. I think it was Blue Jays. Is this Vegas?


It was Vegas, yes. And it's also a drunken story in which I shouted Pat Gillick, Hey, it's Pat Gillick. And then hid behind a midsection mid 18th century column as soon as I said it, so that when he turned around, all he did was look at my friend Pat Gillick at four o'clock in the morning in the hallway, and it just seemed fairly obvious.


My friend shouted, Now, Mike, you may be tired of these stories, but I assure you that this is the first time most of the people listening to it have heard my biggest Fagerstrom doubt.


Most people in our listening audience weren't alive when you first told that story.


How many people in our audience know who Pat Gillick is on the program? How do you know who Pat Gillick is?


Ed McMahon. I don't think they know Del Harris. I love I love that. I'm just telling Terry Donahue, which was another name that I was searching for at the time. Oh, excellent Lord. Right.


If it's not going to be Ed McMahon, what else do you want me to go to?


Those are the stories I have. I've got Pat Gillick and Ed McMahon story.


I want more people that you can see in a hotel lobby that if you're hammered enough, you might mistake Red.


All right. Let's think about this. He's got to be a bit pear shaped, correct. Is it possible that Bill Parcells is someone you might mistake for EDMC? Absolutely, yes. So you guys are telling me that you think it might not have been Ed McMahon, just somebody who was so quick in their drunken stupor at 4:00 a.m. that they reacted to my Ed McMahon by shouting, you know, it could be anybody that slightly overweight with white hair and glasses.


So that's that's basically, frankly, what time did you interview Michael Jordan in China now that we're kind of down this path? What time? Yes.


Was it actually Michael Jordan you interviewed in China, part of the last dance, or was this another before you think it was on camera for ESPN?


I think somebody would have noticed if I was like if I had some sort of Michael Fofo Jordan, it could have been Bobby Crimmins.


Mike, somebody you know, Bobby Crimmins is too thin.


He's got a bowl of a bowl of white hair. Bobby Crimmins is famously white haired, but too thin to wiry.


Allow me to give a name people have heard of. It could have been Brent Musburger.


Wow. It's not like trying to say a name people have heard.


OK, but again, though, I mean, he's older than Ed McMahon. Brent Musburger is older than the late Ed McMahon. It's not like with hugely modern reference. And also Brent Musburger is thin. He's a thin person with black hair, like a terrible idea.


What do you want from me? Brent Musburger is eighty one.


Competence is what I want from you, Chris. Just generally confidence. Can I hear some stories from golfing with Stewart? You've got to have some good stories.


You and your dad golfing with Stewart, you got was you know, I was calling him short game suits to you guys from one hundred yards in is good. There was one Stewart moment out there where pre round. I don't know. Are we allowed to say we were playing for we were gambling a little bit. We're playing to want to my dad first you got to this his it was basketball best ball. And before the match started on the putting green, you got to throw out an amount he wanted to play for.


And then I teed off on the first tee and then miraculously right after that, the amount we were playing for was ten percent of what we originally realized when you hit three hundred yard bombs.


I mean, she's so is that what really happened? It was me and my friend versus Chris. Your dad contributed nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing.


And I got a doozy of a story for when your dad comes on tomorrow because I was alerted. I am teasing it right now. We will tell this story tomorrow. But the card people called me and told me a doozy about your dad when we turned onto the back nine there. You know it, right? I guess.


Well, well, well, jeez, that isn't about him being cheap.


It's about it's about him being old and senile, old and cheap, all in one. But I don't think he knows that me, Chris and my friend know about this. I was tipped by one of the car guys that we will tell tomorrow and spring it on him. Is he going to be mortified?


Is he going to be mortified? This is a good tease. Greg Cody's not in with us today, but he will be in tomorrow. Is he going to be ashamed of this?


Yes. Yeah, OK. All right. It's a great that's a good team. But to Chris's point, I was thrown around all kinds of dollars on the other putting green. And then we got out there first, Chris, it won three hundred and fifteen yards. I'm not even joking. Chris is an amazing golfer. If Chris wasn't held down by his dad, Greg, yesterday, Chris would have got ten under par. That's how good he is.


It's incredible. Chris was about like to fifteen. Chris is out. Driving me by 70 yards is insane. Chris, did you guys cheat? Was there any time that you felt like he was teeing up the ball in the rough or that he was grabbing a ball that was dropping a ball that wasn't where it was supposed to be?


No, I can't actually say I had found any cheating. He did yesterday. There were a few incidents with my dad making a putt and it bouncing out of the cup. There were a few controversies with that yesterday. I don't want to put that on Stu Gotze, but the CODI still won, even with great contributing nothing. Right? We still won. So, you know, that speaks to me again.


You won by two holes. I accuse Chris of cheating. He's taking steroids, man. Hey, that was Chris.


You could be a PGA Tour golfer. Did I?


It's on, man. There's Jesus Christ. Everyone has this one. He can beat Tiger Woods. No, like to win. He could drive. As far as Tiger Woods, I will tell you that right now. Oh, for the love can drive as far as PGA Tour I'm bringing you right now.


You got Chris, right? I want to throw my coffee at. He could drive it further and Zander's sharply.


I am telling you right now, I have it further than bad drivers on the golf on the PGA Tour.


OK, but if you worked on your short game when you were younger, you would have had a chance to make it. Maybe not the PGA Tour, but Nike tour for certain. Why?


Why is it why is it explain this to me. I would I would like to thank you. I gathered from all the things that when you said he could beat Tiger. Woods, I gathered that he was good outdrive Tiger Woods, sorry, excellent correction. Why is it that you've covered sports for 20 years and you don't have any earthly idea, any earthly idea how good these people are even in the sports that you play?


Because these are listen, these are facts.


They are stats. All right. I am telling you that Chris Codi, his average drive yesterday was somewhere around to 80 to 90 with a couple of drives. That was north of 300. I know how far most of these guys drive. And I'm telling you, Chris is driving it every bit as far. But people could do that. I have friends who could drive like PGA Tour players. It's all one hundred yards it that I mean, Chris is a very good to me.


If even if he beats two guards, obviously he has to be able to beat Tiger Woods because two guys is great at golf too, though. Don't you get that? That's what's going on.


Yes. Billy, you have been on fire here. I'm really surprised. I am surprised, Chris, that you didn't make it when you got said facts and stats. I'm surprised you didn't make it fat. I was waiting. I was waiting for you. We'll say this.


I haven't seen Chris in six months. He has packed on the pounds.


I mean, it's the guy I wouldn't be throwing stones of our meeting. I was thinking that this would be better for me.


You were telling us you've worked it out every day and this is me and a workout bench, I feel.


But you tweaked your back. I mean, I am a man.


This is rough right now. Quarantine's been rough. I am here for the rare stu gods, Chris back and forth. Dude, that is something that is a chemistry note that we have not to around here where where you got calls, Chris Fat, which is unusual enough. The attack of the OK, we don't do a lot of that around here. And then the retaliates with I wouldn't throw stones.


Oh, Skoda's actually said that I almost didn't post that video of me hitting, I feel like so fat.


Chris, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Are you OK with me calling you fat? Mad.


It was funny, man. Put on five pounds and. Oh, I don't I didn't even notice.


I don't notice that stuff. That's the same as you notice.


He says after on air and said, Chris, you look great. Chris kept telling me he was the one telling me again. I think we should leave all of this in. Chris kept telling me game. I never would have noticed.


I'm so insecure right now. I've been I it's the first thing I say to people when I meet him. I'm fat now.


Even if you were part of the local hour so far, by the way, I was the first segment when Mike out of nowhere, it was kind of like Tony Brothers I don't eat was like I thought that.


I thought that too.


I thought we were going to Tony. I thought we were going to Tony. And then you just said, brothers. Yeah.


I love you. Are you delivering? Come on. You're like cleared out. Tony's like, I'm here. What you need.


I can be delivered over, deliver what you didn't have. The great thing about facts, they're proven like the fact that crude oil contains impurities or that base oil made from natural gas is ninety nine point five percent free of impurities. And the fact that Pennzoil is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas, not crude oil, it gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the Pennzoil based on sequence for where test using SFI 30.


Ask for it at your local automotive retailer.


Can you complain about officiating? I'm going to do it. I'm going to complain about the officiating in the series in which the Miami Heat are up three one. It's been bad, really bad officiating. I don't know how you officiate Giannis Antetokounmpo because that seems very complicated like Shaq was.


You have to sort of make the rules up as they go and I'm sure and you have to protect the superstar right because he gets, he gets a lot of favorable treatment. There have been a couple of games recently where they keep going to review to overturn calls on him because you've got to keep him in games.


Why do you have a review process if you can't look at a review and say, OK, well, it was out of bounds on Jimmy, but we very clearly missed a foul here because the NBA came out and said, man, sorry we got that one wrong, which does nothing except for boost my argument when I complain about it on sports radio, because that's all that does. So I'm glad that I at least have that. But I mean, there's just bad officiating in this series, and I didn't really notice it in any of the other series.


But I guess Yoni's is that complicated to officiate because we've never seen anything like that before you.


And you can't possibly believe that Adam Silver could just get on the phone and call and change a rule at that instant. Right. Because he kept saying, you know what Adam needs to do? He needs to call it. He needs to say the rules change right now.


And that's a foul. Jeff, come on. First of all, Adam Silver is not watching all these games, right? He has to be so overworked that he just goes to sleep and he's like, I just needed they give me a break. Like, this is going a huge pain in my ass. I was supposed to be done with this in July or in June. I had to reschedule my vacation. I don't know when next season's going to start.


I'm not watching ticky tacky cause at the end of a three series and calling the officials and changing the rules like that all willy nilly, it would have been nine days off if the Miami Heat won that game, which is probably a little bit long.


But one thing that I notice after that game and watching the rockets in that fourth quarter from Russell Westbrook is remember when everybody wanted Russell Westbrook and it meant losing Bam Adebayo and Tyler Hero. You guys remember that because no one wants to bring back the fact that they were wrong about it. I have several group chats that I can go back and get the receipts about who the hell is Bam out of bio? Who the hell is Tyler hero you get Russell Westbrook still wouldn't have been as good.


We are finally seeing. We have said for a while that Russell Westbrook was going to age poorly and he defied us for a long time because you can't keep being the most athletic guy in the league when you're a bad jump shooter and you're in your 30s. But now you're beginning to see like he has been a historically bad shooter from distant and now you're seeing they're not even guarding him at the end of games. They're playing five on four and they're letting him stand in a corner.


If he wants to make a three. I want to come back to Mike's point, though, about the officiating. I would not want to be an official in any of these games. The athleticism has reached such an extraordinary level where these offensive players can get their shot under all circumstances and are looking for contacts. Jimmy Butler is great on shots that have no interest in going in getting ridiculous fouls by just flailing and bumping into people. I would absolutely not want to be trying to officiate these games because these athletes playing at this level and this level of evolution is just crazy.


It's just they're unstoppable. Like, there is no way in this next series if Miami does indeed get Boston, there is no one who's going to stop Jayson Tatum like maybe get in his way. Maybe he misses some jump shots, but there's not a way to stop that offensive onslaught.


I mean, he can go five for eighteen. That's really the only way. But yeah, look what Brook Lopez does have a legitimate seven footer. That's all of a sudden learn how to shoot threes. It's hard enough to close out on him anyways because of his height. Oh, and now he'll generate an additional foot and a half of space because he kicks his leg out every time he goes up her jump shot. I've never seen so many fouls called on jump shots.


Why is that? Well, because I've never seen people this size go up for jump shots. They've always been at the rim and these guys are so far away from the rim and they kick their leg out a little bit. Just you can notice it on super slow motion, high def, what they're doing to initiate contact. They know how difficult it is to officiate and they're absolutely taking advantage of that fact.


It is difficult. You know what else the referees don't have? You could always fall back on the easy home crowd call and get the home grab. Even if it's a bad call, the wrong call, the home crowd still goes bananas. You are left with silence. I mean, you make these bad calls and there is nothing but silence and nothing but for us to do but be left to our own thoughts and devices, thinking about how we could tear these referees apart.


They don't even have the thirty thousand fans in the arena who agree with their lousy calls. And that is a lonely feel, an empty feeling.


I feel terrible for Joe. I don't think there's a basketball arena. I may be wrong about this. I no, I don't. I don't think the. There's a single basketball arena that has 30000 people in it. Yeah, I don't think there is. I think the biggest one might be 27, 28. I think it's 32. I will check on it. Right. There it is. He's going to look at it. But this is what I wanted to ask you, though, Mike.


When you see these guys, explain this part to me, because it's something I really don't understand. There have been an enormous number of calls at the three point line on three point shots that used to be the exclusive domain of James Harden and Goran Dragic is pretty good at it, too. But James Harden by 100 would have more fouls on three point shots than anyone. Given that getting out there and putting a hand in someone's face doesn't actually do anything.


Given that in the last game, Iguodala just put his hand right in front of someone's nose, Middleton's nose and it didn't matter at all. Why are they even bothering? Like I'm dead serious about this because the hand in the face doesn't actually bother any of these people.


I understand your point. You obviously have to play defense.


I'm not saying don't play defense. I'm saying jumping into a guy. What's the point? Once he said like that, that was a bad foul on Brook Lopez. Whether he's kicking his leg out or not, you can't. Brook Lopez was stepping back for a two pointer on the three point line. That was a terrible foul by bam. Yeah.


I mean, Gordon's been caught up in the air a couple of times. I really don't know how you avoid it because they're not leaning into players. Right. Middleton, get someone to bite on the pump fake and they're up in the air and they're just doing like the Roy Hibbert thing, verticality. I'm going straight up and down, but when you're so long, you can initiate contact by just moving a slight inch. And to the referee, it looks like it alters the shot, which may help explain the reason why we've seen so many jump foul calls, jump shot foul calls in this series because you have so many lanky shooters.


Can we get rid of the two minute report? I'm done with it. OK, like, I don't want to see that Jimmy should have gone to the line after the father wasn't called. There was obviously a foul like, I don't need you to tell me after the fact.


Oh, you know what? The game could have completely changed right there. That's like, no, let's get rid of it. Like, I don't want to hear it anymore. I'm done.


Isn't that a transparency that was brought on by the Donaghey stuff? The isn't that when they decided to do that?


No, it's when they decided to do it. But it's probably because of that and all the other scandals regarding officiating, it gives you transparency. It doesn't change anything, doesn't change anything. Accountability is probably something that might help prevent it from happening in the future. But we see all these things and you can't really do anything with it outside of just boost your argument after the fact.


Twenty thousand nine hundred and seventeen of the United Center in Chicago, that's the largest twenty one thousand packet industry.


Zach Levine.


And we were both wrong. We were both wrong. How are you making me?


I said thirty two thousand visa. Twenty seven. Am I wrong that the largest had it been like at most twenty seven. So I guess if you, if you need someone there. But if we're playing basketball you lose. I was loud wrong.


Okay. But it's also your only playoff take. It's like it's unbelievable how many times you preheated and recycle that particular take. Like listen, you've been doing this, you have said since before this started, you said, I'm not interested in whoever is the champion anymore. Then you said, I'm going to keep an eye on the bubble. And since saying you're going to keep an eye on the bubble, all you've done is rip that there are no fans in the bubble.


And I think it's simply because you're not watching the games, you're not interested in the games, and therefore, should we test them on yesterday's games? Mike, was he golfing? Is he already admitted he was golfing during. Yes, I need there to be a charge call and I need like twenty thousand nine hundred and seventeen fans booing or cheering that golf. It's not the same without fans. I'm sorry. I'm trying I'm trying to get into this, but I need fan reaction.


I really do. I'm concerned about the football season.


But your original take is built on a faulty premise, too, because Tony Brothers is actually more likely to make the call that he did if it were an arena full of Heat fans. The fact that there aren't an arena full, that there aren't fans there means there's less in it. There's less skin in the game for Tony Brothers. How does he get off on this? He really lives to be an agitator and piss people off without an arena full of white hockey fans.


He's bummed how many people listening to this noticed how poorly brothers his head was painted because he got the Beijing. It wasn't as bad as Carlos Boozer that one time. Carlos Boozer basically shoe polished his head and couldn't get it out in the shower for about ten days. It wasn't that bad. But how many people notice that Tony Brothers, a little too old to have that perfect hair line and it was clearly painted with some sort of asphalt.


This is the Beijing controversy that the NBA does not want you to hear about right here. Tony Brothers is fake ass hair, No. One most aggressive eyebrows I've ever seen from Tony Brothers. And all of a sudden weight your your your facial hair and your eyebrows are salt and pepper. But up top were jet black in a way that we've never been. Come on, Tony.


The thickness of his eyebrows is what makes me believe that his hair is real. I think that that's his hair. It may be a little darker than it. Would be naturally, but I don't think that there's fake hair going on there. By the way, have you guys seen LeBron pictures? The bubble is not doing LeBron. Good job. Here's the thing about tall people like LeBron, right? In every circumstance except being on national television, no one's going to see the top of his head after break.


He just walks around and he says hi to people. And he take what, not walking around saying hi to people because you can't go within 20 feet of LeBron. But in this fantasy scenario where LeBron is just walking around shaking hands and kissing babies again while not shaking hands, kissing babies now, because there's you can't be doing that. But you know what I'm saying in a perfect scenario, right? Most people aren't looking at the top of LeBron James, his head, but these overhead camera angles and all of these lights are really not helping him out whatsoever.


And by the way, NBA people, if you can put all of those fake, like, logos on the court, someone should be in charge of putting hair on, LeBron said, right. Just follow him around and at the top of his head covered so you don't see the light flashing of it because there are some really embarrassing angles that they've been showing us. It's a shame.


Is there anyone, anyone, not just sports, but anyone who has grappled with hair issues for longer, more publicly than LeBron James?


I know the only one. Yeah, Joe Buck, who admitted to an addiction, an addiction to hair plugs.


I don't feel like people if he almost killed him, I think it almost ended his broadcast career because they put him under and he had a really bad response to the anesthesia. So we almost lost Joe Buck due to his addiction with hair plugs.


But would we have even known that he was here plugging it if he hadn't told us? Would we have known for sure, like Tom Brady have known about Joe Buck?


Come on. Would I have known about Joe? I'd say, ah, blacks look at them. Of course, everyone knew about Joe Buck. I didn't know that neither.


I thought he looked good.


I mean, a flowing wave of hair abuse. I mean, it was unusual, but he was always the wonder kid, like he was the always the young person.


So I always think of Joe Buck as a young person with long flowing waves of he wants you to think, why are you making him like Fabio?


Because he was so young as a broadcaster. The guy was broadcasting like the major events under 25 years old.


I think I watch sporting events differently because I'm obsessed with this, because I guess I see my own deficiencies in this department. So I obsess over other people's. But it's what I pay attention to the game. And the second storyline for me in every athletic competition that I ever see or just like award show doesn't matter. I'm constantly, constantly looking at people's hair. I'm obsessed with it.


How how was the Wayne Rooney situation as our international soccer correspondent? He handled it the best because he was just like straight up, hey, I'm on my way to get my hair transplant.


That's what you've got to do it better than Urlacher. Urlacher leaned into it, too. That's what you got to do it right now in these days, because you don't want people making fun of you for going on the side thinking people won't notice like Tony Brothers. I mean, come on, Tony Brothers. But yeah, if you're honest about it, I think it makes all the difference in the world.


I think that's why Joe Buck can get away with it, though. Right. Like, look at Joe Bucks here. Right. Would you say like this is someone that's wanted to pay like tens of thousands of dollars to get his hair to look like that? Like it just looks like hair, right? It's not like over the top. He still has, like, kind of a big issue forehead. Right? It's not like weighed down. Like you still see some interest there.


It looks like he's done like some correcting, but lot like overcorrection where it's like, yeah, that looks like a man leg in his mid 50s, what his hair would look like.


Which leads me to my next topic. Erik Spoelstra, PD, have you seen him in the bubble? Here's a better. Yeah, I don't know if it's because he's not wearing a suit anymore and he's not getting his sweaty because then when the perspiration starts, the hair starts looking a little thinner. But the bubbles have been very kind. Erik Spoelstra is hairline. Billy, what is the direct translation in English of us, because it was the perfect word to use there, but I don't know what the English word is for for that for our audience.


I always love when you go Spanish, but I want to include people instead of excluding them. And Prather's I don't know what the English does. Anyone here. My father my mother still makes fun of my father because he tried to be a professional translator for a while and he was terrible at it. And he sat in a courtroom one time and he just there was testimony that my father was screwing up because he was just not very good at the direct translations on things.


And I don't know the direct translation for Enthral that I can say it with a lot of words, but not one or two words. You basically have some recession in your hair. You have you know, your hair is retreating. But I don't know what enthralls is in English, do you, Billy?


I mean, directly, I think I'd rather translate to and try to write and that just, you know.


Well, I think in is entrances like I think that what you said of Joe Buck's hair is he's got entrances in his hair like it's the correct word. But I don't think entrances is what we would describe in English as Joe Buck's got entrances in his hair. People know.


They know what we're talking about. By the way, in terms of performance enhancing drugs, I don't know if we probably shouldn't be talking about this. Right. But you assume professional athletes largely are using PEDs right, at some level. Right. We can all agree that there's people trying to skirt the rules and use PEDs athletes in sport.


Yeah. Do you think that, like, how do you think they're getting them into the bubble? Do you think they just stopped taking steroids while they're in the bubble? Or do you think that there's still a way that they're sneaking MPD to the bubble?


Hmm. You don't think that that is part of whatever it is the training regimen is with some people like that. You have you've got all sorts of family members in the bubble.


It didn't the I think the drug policy got a lot more lax within the bubble. That was part of what was collectively bargain, I think, wasn't it?


The marijuana policy that got a lot. I have you you're the one that said you went through like all the protocols. Was there like a huge portion of it that was on the more lax drug rules I just saw marijuana stuff.


Bilia You making the bubble. The bubble seems like prison now where it seems like people are sneaking them in under the table.


I mean, treating them seriously like the Mickey, the mickey, like ice cream sandwiches for like whatever.


I feel like Billy has them going through like airport check in before getting into the ballpark.


I like the like maybe he's right though.


I mean, it's going to be very difficult to Keyzer whey protein I love stigmatises jail scenario. Where here for Malmros. Can I have some testosterone please. In exchange for a pack of cigarettes.


I have a limited edition goofy pin to add to your vehicle. That's definitely the Lopez brothers.


Right. They're making all of those trades. Lopez brothers. It's the least surprising thing in the world to hear that the Lopez brothers have a home on the property of Disney World.