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Let's Frank blocks raghib blocks.


All right. That's Chris Cody. You may have heard him. He was singing like Ethel Merman. They're asking through song to rank blocks and blocks.


Well, Magic Johnson called The Block last night the greatest defensive play in postseason history. LeBron had a pretty good one, but we're I good. Pretty good one.


Yeah. LeBron had the best one ever, especially given the timing. But I'm not here to diminish the one that I saw last night talking about the Tiago Splitter one.


Right. I am talking about the chase down of our beloved Iguodala. There was so much to digest in that game. My favorite part about that place to got. Yeah. And I understand that all of us were like, holy bleep. How does that happen at the rim to Jason Tatum who's coming in strong and looking to put the finish on that. That would have echoed through Celtics history as like I'm announcing myself to the entire league. I'm twenty two here I am, I dunk at the rim and instead it goes the other way.


But the way that it goes the other way with Tatum on his back at the base of the basket and bam holding the ball and in a league where they whimper about every damn call, Tatum's got nothing to say. Nothing to say. He got me clean at the rim. I've got nothing. I'm on my back and I'm sitting here at the base of the rim. I took a soft shot at the end of regulation. And when Stan Van Gundy says that he thinks the heat are tougher, what he's talking about is the play that Jimmy Butler went and got at the rim off of Tatum.


He's talking about Bam! At the rim there. That's what he's saying.


Yeah, that Tatum shot the end of regulation. Just dribble, dribble, dribble takes the three. Doesn't go through a long three, does it.


Not really aggressive in going after anything it did. It's amazing because Tatum was coming full force above the rim ready to throw it down. That ball was in the basket and Bam's left hand just came out of nowhere.


Mike was wincing like Mike was afraid that he was going to get dunked on the hawks. Like honest to God, if Tatum dunks ten on you, it feels like more than one loss. You get more if he dunks it on your defensive guy at the rim and now it feels like two wins.


I mean, I don't know how it does.


As soon as Tatum cocked back with those now surprisingly broad shoulders, his body is developed a little bit since he first got in the league. Yeah, I started wincing. I was happy that Bam was there. I thought he could make a play on it, but at its apex it looked like no shot.


I got a foul. I thought he was going to foul.


And this was the way Mark Davis was calling that. I mean, you mentioned the shot that Jayson Tatum took. Derrick Jones played tremendous defense there. And there was that ridiculous call by Mark Davis. But yeah, this is one of the plays that echo through time. And it's unfortunate for Jimmy Butler because he had an unbelievably strong bucket that honestly should also bring eternal and no one's going to remember it. It's all about the block. Yeah, but might they lose the game without the block?


So I think Jimmy Butler's fine with it.


I know it wasn't a two point game. They go to overtime again.


Yeah, it was, I think, a good point game. Right. Yeah.


So they could win in overtime seemingly. So no, the block is what is going to be the lasting memory and we'll see how far the heat go because that could be the lasting memory for for something quite historic. But for this game, no one's going to remember how strong that bucket was.


But I don't think you could say that that bucket, even without the Bam block, rings eternal because that never happens in a game one. You get very little. Game one rings eternal. But what Mike is saying about what Jimmy Butler did there, you got if you watch that in slow motion, the first thing he did is use his shoulder to get Tatum off of him. Could have been called an offensive foul, might have been called an offensive foul in another circumstance in the game, but then to go neck first at the rim, like that's that.


The stuff that you want from Jimmy Butler, where he's not afraid to use the all of his body to get in there and get a foul call, I'm not even sure he actually intended to make that are expected to make it. He was trying to get the foul.


Above all, there was so much great stuff from that game. Jimmy Butler obviously was great and was great. Dragic had another good game.


Tyler Herra, though it is the amount of big shots and big plays that that kid makes down the stretch is just the entire game really is just incredible. He's incredible. Well, he didn't do I mean, he almost had a triple double. I think what it was an assist from a triple double, but he wasn't making shots all game. What he did at the end is, again, at twenty years old, be someone who doesn't feel like he's afraid at all, which is not the feeling everyone got off of Duncan Robinson yesterday.


It was interesting. He Twitter was kind of criticizing Jimmy Butler throughout that game for not being aggressive enough. It was like they hadn't watched him all season. Like he's never the guy that's going to force up thirty shots. He was he was being a facilitator that whole fourth quarter, even outside of, like, late when he decided to attack.


But I just thought that was interesting. It seemed like he fans hadn't watched Jimmy Butler because he's been that all year, just the guy that wants to create for other people as much as shoot.


They get emotional when the stakes get ratcheted up. And you've got some fear. But when you say it seems like they haven't been watching him all year, I've been watching Jae Crowder his entire career. I always thought he was kind of a bad three point shooter. Like I thought at best what you could get was erratic, three point shooter. But basically what he is is a three point shooter who if you got him in his face, you got a pretty good shot of him missing it.


But if he's open, he's going to make it. And a lot of times, the way that they rotate the ball with what you're talking about, Jimmy Butler facilitating a lot of times he's just wide open over there.


Oh. Oh, my God. You guys fired up last night.


Billy was not that Billy was not because Billy's Marlins lost two to nothing. And did you even watch game one, Billy, or you were just busy getting shut out? I mean, yesterday was one of those nights that I had a bunch of things going on, the heat were on mute on the iPad, and then I checked in, I transferred them over to the TV with like three minutes left in overtime.


But what's the bunch of things that were going on? It was a Marlins game in a Heat game.


What I was like, I got to be honest with you and I don't need to be telling you guys this. I have the box score open for the Heat in the Celtics and ESPN. Dotcom has this thing now where the pop ups just start playing. And it is so loud in my headset that I couldn't even hear where your question was.


You guys, I heard something about Marlen's and he and then my microphone was on the plug was just I was asking you were in the middle of a pandemic and there was a Marlins game and a hockey game. And I'm wondering what else you had going on. You said you had a lot going on.


That's yeah, I was editing. And, you know, Mr. Craig coming out today, I was editing that Big Brother was moved to Tuesday. Oh, some unforeseen reason. I don't know what that was about. But the way that my setup is, is I can only watch it on the TV because I have it through the app, but I can't replay of it, which is really a burden because I can't DVR it. So I need to either watch it live or I need to wait like two days to do it.


But by then I've read everything that I have it online. And honestly, the way the show works, I read everything that was going to happen already online anyways. So I had that on the big TV really because my wife likes it so she could watch it live while it's going on.


So I have the iPad with the heat and the more they withstood the Marcus Smart game, you saw that they withstood the Marcus Smart game.


I think Marcus Smart has a couple of games in them. Marcus Smart has turned in, especially in this bubble, to their second best offensive player. He was a guy. The defensive design was to let Marcus Smart shoot. I think he had a year where he shot twenty five percent from three. He's turned into a very consistent three point shooter before he was a guy that, OK, occasionally he'll turn it on and be extra cocky and be extra annoying.


But now he's straight up. A really good offensive player in that first quarter was a little bit terrifying because they were making everything and we weren't making anything and the shots were hard to come by.


You saw that all of a sudden the Miami Heat offense looked a little bit constipated, which is not something you're used to seeing in the playoffs, no matter how good the defense was.


I the only one that was kind of like even though like that quarter was that game was weird, like the first and third quarters was were dominated by then. We dominated the second and fourth. But were you guys just kind of chalking it up because of, like the Marcus Smart game? Like I was in the fourth quarter, just like, you know what, down on one, they played pretty well. Tatum played well. Marcus Smart had his game.


I was chalking this up to a loss.


So I feel like, well, when they were down, when they were down, what were 13 or fifteen, when they were down at the end of the third quarter, they had another one of those third quarter.


Yeah, it was I think it was, it was thirteen. They went on a thirteen to run and it felt like the game was slipping away.


The Miami Heat have had a knack here over these last two series to come away with the notion that you're really surprised that they won the game because you didn't really feel that they played tremendous basketball. They didn't really impose their will and they keep coming back. And I mean, look, Boston, I still think there's going to be a long series. There's nothing last night that makes me even want to make a prediction on this on this series, because they look very even Boston's going to have game shaking his head.


Again, he doesn't like the fact that you keep sitting out the prediction.


You said yesterday the jump is watching and you're going to get a job based on your prediction. That's not the way this is going to happen. Make a prediction.


I can't I can't I can't bring myself to make a prediction just yet. I haven't seen enough. But they're going to say there are a couple of games like Kemba. I mean, if you ever wanted looks, you guys has been telling you every post game that he hasn't really been watching the NBA playoffs.


As you watched last night's game, I'm glad that you yourself saw what a terrible take it was to say Kemba Walker is a second best player in the series, made a big shot overtime and towards the end, towards the end of the game, in the fourth quarter, I mean, the two big shots got I don't understand if he were up twelve going into the down twelve going into the fourth, but I, I am not surprised by this.


And at this point Stewart is formed. Right. So there's no changing that. But Stewart got as much as he loves the names, that's the first thing that he goes big name Kim. And as much as he doesn't care that all Kemba has ever done is get eliminated by everybody in the playoffs, I don't think I don't think LeBron James has ever lost to a Kemba team.


One time Kemba finally beat him this year and his second best player was Marvin Williams.


The reason that you're infuriating when you do things like say that Kemba Walker is the second best player in the series is that you just accentuate one half of the court. Did you not see them hunting Kemba Walker yesterday on defense? Like I like looking for him now.


You're right. And I only watch one half of the court. You're right. It's the offensive side of the court. It's more exciting there. I noticed more thing. There is a ball in the basket, but I noticed Kemba was out in big spots because the Celtics did not want him out there defensively.


Well, but beyond that, they were just going to the post whenever whenever he was on anybody. And that's a good defensive team save for Kemba Walker. But he, by his own admission, has been terrible, like he he used the word terrible to describe the way that he is playing. And those Celtics, they will Frusciante. Right, you by making a whole bunch of those mid-range jumpers, Tatum will do when you got them guarded, Jaylen Brown didn't do it last night, but he'll do plenty of that too.


And if they can beat you with mid-range jumpers, you take that because mid-range jumpers aren't the way to do it now.


No, I mean, that's exactly what Middleton did. But I'm not going to be talking shit about Kemba because he'll do four for seventeen and then five for eighteen is going to go in and it's going to be a big shot. And then all the Northeasterner I remember him from UConn are going to be all annoying on my timeline. Ridiculous with this guy. He's not a good player, but whatever. It's interesting with what you said earlier about Crowder and the three point shot, because you're right, it seems like if you get a hand in his face, that shot is is not nearly as prone to go in, but for his career, a Jae Crowder last year, even thirty three percent from three.


Is that considered to be good in today's NBA? No, because when he got to the heat he shot it at forty eight percent. The short amount of time he was with the heat before the bubble, he was shooting it. They get him wide open. Looks like that part can't be disputed. When Jae Crowder the way that this team plays basketball is with maximum smart efficiency. That's one of the things that made that Derrick Jones foul so surprising in that situation.


Even though Marcus Smart sold the hell out of it and it was a flop, they don't usually do dumb things like that. That right there was infuriating the idea that you are up one. Jimmy Butler makes the shot. It's 106, 105, and there inbounding the ball. And the one thing you can't do, Stuckert, you can't do at all. You can let them have a shot at the rim. What you cannot do is foul and give them a free shot so they can tie the game and then keep the ball for the rest of the game.


And then Jayson Tatum took that terrible shot.


Yeah, I don't think you keep saying terrible shot that that shot what's available in those crunch time spots. We hold up the example of Jimmy Butler getting to the bucket and he's been doing that to Mike. It wasn't just it wasn't just a pull up three, Mike. It was he was deep. Well, lt is that was I mean, he got to the basket in overtime. He was going to throw down a dunk at Bam's face. I mean I think given that there Jones Jones is an extraterrestrial defender, he doesn't really make sense in terms of hops, I think we'd all agree is one of the most athletic players we've ever seen.


And he was on that court specifically to defend Jayson Tatum at that. It was really interesting to see what SPO was doing defensively, sending two guys and trapping Kemba to force a turnover. Sometimes I would give him open looks, but it would be an open look to Williams, who's playing his first meaningful minutes here recently in the playoffs, and they would switch defenders. You saw a lot of Bam on Jayson Tatum. You open up in Zone.


You thought that the shot at the end of regulation from Jayson Tatum like to me that is the easiest in the laziest shot he could have got. It was literally the least effort shot that he could have gotten.


I think it was the only shot available to to him at the time. And credit to Derrick Jones. We want to do this. Like what a bad shot. Like not everybody is going to drop like a Doc Rivers inbounds play in the second quarter, like basketball that's available. And Jayson Tatum, by the way, will make that shot. But it's not a bad shot of Jayson Tatum is taking Mike.


I think what Dan is saying is if Tatum wants to get he's one of those players, if he wants to get a better shot, he can get it on his own. He doesn't really want to facilitate. I mean, look, result it didn't go in. Not a good shot. Obviously, he shot it from far away. Not not the best possible shot. The best possible shot could have been that shot at the rim that bam out of bio block.


But I think we do that all too often. We've got to give credit to the fact that the defense was doing its job, too. And Jayson Tatum ball in his hands from three shooting over Derrick Jones Junior. There are worse scenarios there. I'd much rather have that than, say, a Kemba spinning runner down the baseline.


I don't think there are that many worse scenarios once the play is starting with Jayson Tatum initiating offense, you're just dribbling down clock and everything is based on what are you going to create here? And he what he created was as far geographically from the basket as it could have been taking that shot from where he started.


O'Quinn I care I, I was wrong. I mean at twenty two seconds I was wrong. Yeah well they were trying to dribble it out. He missed. I know it's not, it's not a good shot. Right. Not a good shot.


How far out was he like.


I don't, I don't think he was, this wasn't range. Range.


He had to give himself up because then there are no bad shots in the NBA. I don't think there's a bad job for Jayson Tatum. I have respect for Jayson Tatum like we spoke, Drew that play up for Dwayne Wade his entire career. And we'd always say it's a bad play. But then when Dwayne Wade make it, makes it, we go nuts.


So it's just he was twenty seven feet out. Yeah. That bad shot. This is a weird, weird tangent.


Settle for a twenty seven foot jumper in a tie game. He could have gotten a better shot.


OK, you think the NBA cancels the finals if the Nuggets win in the West, just cancel.


It just says everyone isn't going to work out. There's no need to continue one of its nuggets heat in the finals. Yeah, that. Oh, failed experiment, oh, guys, whoa, crazy, all of a sudden we got all these positive tests, we're going to have to end the season now. No more continuation here.


Do you think that the Nuggets winning is going to take away from what the Heat are doing? Because people are just going to start saying this is a weird bubble scenario? Look, I mean, the Nuggets beat the Clippers. I just feel like I was feeling like it's going to take away from what the heat are doing. When I saw what the nuggets.


It's a great point. You need some chalk. You need the Lakers to make it to the NBA finals or else the entire thing feels flukey. I'm with you.


The nuggets are taking away from the Miami Heat's achievements. I was really upset with how that third and fourth quarter played out, because now people are going to say, oh, this is flukey, this is flukey in the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets are reaping the benefits when the Miami Heat might truly be the best team in the U.S..


Yeah, well, wait a minute. I mean, the flukey thing is going to be punctuated when we can't have a parade because of social distancing, even if they win.


Oh, stop us from going to lockout it. We'll put up go going. I'm here right now.


I know I'm a big man, I think and I. Oh, Mike Malone. An apology for something I said privately about him. And Mike Malone was on the forefront of trying to get coaches families into the bubble. And I would tell people around me, I'd say, Mike Malone, you're wasting your time. You're going to see your family in two days anyways. I don't know why you're wasting your time trying to fight for all the families to get in there.


You're not going to see them. It's supposed to be next round. You're not going to get there. Right. So, Mike Malone, if you're listening to this, I'm sorry for saying that privately to some of my friends.


I was I was legitimately stunned by that result.


I thought and, you know, good Lord, we've been watching basketball for a while, Game seven, that Clippers team wins that game like that. The team that has the players the Clippers have, that is a seven and a half point favorite in a game seven wins that game. And not only did they not win that game, they didn't do anything offensively against a really putrid defensive team. And Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, zero point in your deciding fourth quarter, the deciding fourth quarter of your season, Frazey zero point process over results.


I thought you had one of the better takes, which is that defense just is not built to win a game seven. And it wasn't what the Nuggets were doing on defense. If you watched I mean, they had so many open shots in that fourth quarter, they were remotely close. And I know that Paul George has admitted to mental struggles in his quotes after the game were really bizarre, saying that this wasn't a championship or bust year for us internally.


We never thought of it that way. It was really, really weird to see because it's not like Denver clamped down. This was just a team missing its shots in a game seven.


Jokic puts up some of the most ridiculous that leads I've ever seen.


I had series sixteen points twenty two rebounds thirteen sets do steals three blocks in a game seven oh and no one wants them in the Western Conference Finals or the NBA Finals.


They don't even want them in the graphic package. They were trying to foul his ass out because they wanted, they were doing everything they could for the Clippers to advance in the Clippers. Just we're we're not a willing participant in this.


How about this one, you guys, over the years, you know how reticent and reluctant I am generally to call anyone chokers. That fourth quarter for the Clippers in terms of the amount of pressure that's on their blueprint that Kawhi and Paul George can leave after one season, you're sitting there playing for the right to play against LeBron.


And it can just be that you missed a bunch of shots, but you can also start feeling the weight of man. We're open here. They're not very good at defense. We're not going to get to 90 points here. We're in a game seven. We're going to allow them to score. And Denver's got its start. They've got a lot of bad defensive players on the court. They did not guard any one toward the end of that game. That was the Clippers missing a bunch of shots.


Kawhi and George were a combined ten of thirty eight. I mean, in a game seven, those two guys. And that's the guy that Kawhi chose, the guy that Kawhi chose. Well, he went up to Jimmy Butler first, didn't he? Wasn't that the first guy he called was Jimmy Butler?


I no, it was it was Paul George like he was speaking to Jimmy. But the conversations were had there, but the reports came out after the fact. And I don't know if this is just them reinforcing after they already got him on the roster. But Paul George was target number one. That happened quickly because they were combined ten for twenty one when that fourth quarter started. And then in like what feels like five real time minutes there, all of a sudden ten for like thirty seven.




But the guy he chose, what, four of sixteen to evolve over three last night. But I would ask you this day, like when do you start placing some blame on Doc Rivers. Like he gets none. They've never been to a Western Conference finals. Is that Blake Griffin? Chris Paul in these two gets none. He's going to get fired. Oh, I don't think he's going to get fired. I mean, people are talking like he's going to get fired.


He's the only coach ever to blow three three one leads no other coach is blown to. Right. He's the only coach ever where time to make some adjustments. Oh, wait. Never mind. We're going to blow another three one lead. You think Ballmer sitting around here for second round exit?


No, I just have a hard time. I would imagine he'll give them one more run with this team, you know, outside of a bubble, like, you know, outside of a paid maybe.


But I wouldn't be. Would you be surprised what any of you be surprised if Doc Rivers was fired is too not the only one would be surprised. Are some of you would be surprised?


I don't know if I'd be surprised if I really hadn't considered the possibility until you guys talked about it, though. And it makes some sense. They're they have a staff with Lou and Cosell and Courcelles. Both those guys are rumored as head coaching guys. Yeah, I this is really puzzling. The Clippers, they but they've been weird all regular season. They would have these performances where you would believe that they would be champions and then you could see like, oh, they could lose in the second round.


And I just can't believe it actually came to fruition.


But let's do it this way, OK? Because this was a real pushing your chips, all of them to the middle of the table. You trade everything.


You trade your future to get Paul George, you load manage the holy hell out of the season to get rested to LeBron. You get a three one lead and lead by twenty at one of the halves in a close out game and you cough up the series.


If that's not fire, well, what is the gods and your team looks like it chokes your team at the pivotal deciding moment of the fourth quarter. You've got, if not empirical evidence, certainly circumstantial evidence like this is just team wide choking. Like what's fireable, do you think?


I think I just think he's so respected and so respected by Ballmer that I can't see Steve Ballmer firing Doc Rivers today or this week or this or even in the off season. I think he'll give them one more.


Just picturing saving his fist, balling up. Listen to this conversation. Because you came away with Doc Rivers may indeed pay the price for what is apparently a personnel problem, because there is it's going to fall down on Paul. George and Kawhi wasn't very good either, but Kawhi bought up capital nationally. No. One, he doesn't talk. Number two, we kind of say basketball by not going to the Lakers, even though I'm sure TV execs aren't crazy about this situation right now with with the Nuggets and Miami Heat.


This was being called, I think Stephen a Kawhi Leonard has two finals MVP's brought a championship to Toronto, and Stephen was calling last night the biggest game in Kawhi Leonard career, because this is the first time that really he has high expectations. You held the NBA hostage and you put up that performance and you're hand-picked. Guy puts up that performance. He's not going to get it because he doesn't give us anything. But maybe he should. He's not going to get it because he's won two titles and one of the biggest shots in NBA history.


I mean, he did it a year ago. He's not going to get it because it's just pointless going after him.


Well, the reason this conversation is interesting to me, you could quibble about everything we're saying. You could say Kawhi should be bulletproof. You could say it's ridiculous to think that Doc Rivers could be fired, but both of those things might reverse simply because there were very few teams in the league that had the expectations that one. Was the Lakers, it was the bucks, and it was the Clippers in terms of monster expectations, where these are the teams can win the title and now two of them are gone.


That's the more fascinating national conversation. There's plenty of time for it in the big swing, the national show. If I could divert to the Miami Heat. Just back for one second, because this is I mean, this is catnip for the grief eater, Dan, an older, aging old school old man game point guard, and Goran Dragic with gray hairs from a war torn country. Bam Adebayo Growing up in a trailer Jimmy Butler homeless Tyler Hero growing up in Wisconsin.


The adversity these people have faced over their lifetimes to be here in this position. It's incredible. Dan, this is why we watch sports this Miami Heat team.


Tyler Hero is truly baffling to me. I don't understand how that drip comes out of Wisconsin. I'm just totally confused by everything happening there.


How about that pass? I mean, everyone is talking about the block, about the pass on that fast break. Just a perfect bounce. Pass a dime.


He's a late game. He's the late game killer for this team. Jimmy Butler will initiate the offense. He's getting paid that way. But in terms of, oh, God, make your own bucket. That's not get into the free throw line. Next verse. They trust Tyler Hero so much. And more importantly, I think fans want the ball and Tyler Heros hands. And we haven't felt that with a rookie since Dwayne. I have a question, guy.


Is that more important than the heat and who they want with the ball? Because I don't think the fans going with the ball is more important than who their game planning with the ball.


I mean, it's a good point, obviously, that he trusts him because he's in those situations.


But just watching it, it's that's a really good rookies. I mean, you see, like top two picks going to teams that don't have anything. There's no other choice but to have a team with the players on it that you do. And for Tyler Heroes still to be the guy late in the game, it's a really cool thing. And it's not something that you see often.


I would say that you've never seen a 20 year old get 40 playoff minutes in a basketball game for the Heat. They sat Duncan Robinson and they've given Hero all of his minutes. And I don't know about you guys, but I was getting a whole lot of texts from people. And this is not something that that comment in professional basketball.


I was getting a whole lot of text from people. Why is Duncan Robinson so scared? And I think he might have made a mistake in revealing to Ramona Shelburn that when he got to the league, he had some imposter syndrome because now people are holding those quotes against him when they see a performance like that where he's two for seven, gets a bunch of fouls and just seems like discombobulated by everything that's happening out there. Also, just the way that he looks doesn't help him because he looks just so wholesome and he's surrounded by, you know, pure.


You're right. Grown men, grown men.


I was one of those texts last night that you receive my defense. I've been saying this about Duncan Robinson since the start of the Bucs series.


It just doesn't look like the game is moving fast. However, he did do important things that Mark Jones did highlight. Wesley Matthews, you're like, yeah, but he's not giving you anything on the offensive end because Wesley Matthews is chasing Duncan Robinson around the entire time. And we could see that actually pay dividends in this series if he can stay on the court because he's fouling and he's being absolutely useless for this team right now to the point that Tyler hero has no choice but to take those minutes.


Just going back to zero for a second. This is according to Stat, had ads that had Twitter rookies age twenty are under an NBA playoff history to get twelve points. Eleven rebounds, nine assists. Magic Derrick Rose, Tyler hero. It is funny to watch Duncan try to overcompensate for how, like me, he is like when he like, you know, his face, he tries to make a face and talk to the refs a little bit. And he always just looks so adorable doing it.


It's like, man, you're trying to look tough right now.


And, you know, how about this one for you guys? I don't know how you feel because the emotion of a fan base can make people cruel and can be in certain circumstances, dehumanizing. Kendrick Nunn has been pretty terrible for this team during the postseason, after putting a season up worthy of Rookie of the Year, after being as big a surprise as this team had over the course of the season, do you guys extend him a human compassion because he had the Roma?


And we don't know what that does to your lungs and it may affect your stamina and your stamina is going to affect your jump shot. Like, are you guys doing any of that or is it simply, hey, none, let's make some of these jumpers. We kind of need you to make jumpers because it seems clear that he was kept out for conditioning reasons that had specifically to do with what that virus might have done to his lungs. I'm chalking it up to everybody on the team can't play amazing like somebody has to be struggling.


Our team is so deep right now and everybody's playing well that it's like, OK, Kendrick Duncan Robinson struggling. Somebody has to struggle.


You don't want to see none play too many minutes. Right. Because what they're doing right now is working just fine. Like no one. No one wants to see none.


Well, they are giving him minutes.


Those two guys, well, they get 15 minutes last night. If he's hitting shots, they'll keep him in.


If he's not what you said last night, think he hasn't been hitting shots and he probably has lost his minutes period to Tyler here. Kendrick, Kendrick Dunn finished second in the rookie of the year, finished first team all rookie Tyler Hero Miss out by just one point I read. And even while you were watching Kendrick, none at his height, you knew that he wasn't the rookie with a higher ceiling. We all anticipated Tyler here. Tyler here would flash this in late game moments against the Sixers in a regular season games that you knew Tyler Hero was ultimately going to be the better player.


And Kendrick Nunn was kind of he's obviously going to develop some, but this is close to getting the most out of that type of player, so I'm not really surprised by it.


Let me go around the room here. I want to know what happened. I want you guys to paint visual pictures for me of what happened in your home late at night. I don't know if kids are sleeping. I don't know if wives are sleeping. Let's begin the bidding with Roy Roy Bam Adebayo. This is the situation you have. They are telling us all game that Jayson Tatum is 22 years old. He's only 22 years old. He's only twenty two years old.


Then we saw what happens when twenty two years old means grown man at the rim. 22 years old is what he looked. When that happens at the rim. What's happening in Roy's house is Roy waking up Princess Claire with shouting Paint a picture for me.


I'm laying on the couch. Claire's on top of me sleeping and not to wake up. Fist pump.


Oh, a fist pump. OK, a father first. His priorities are all skewed. That is the wrong way to go. You have to throw Claire up in the air and then catch her. Chris, what happens in your home?


Was a baby woken in your home?


Well, first of all, it's the rookie move to have your daughter on you, whether she's sleeping or not. On an Eastern Conference game nights the bed, the kids in bed by eight thirty, whether she's sleeping or not at a bar in the crib. Just leave her in there.


She was asleep at eight thirty. And I'm a good father. Thank you very much.


I was Meyers Leonard. Did you guys see Meyers Leonard on the sideline? He'd be like he'd be standing, he'd have his hands like this. I was like this. I was like in the baseball outfield ready position.


And then when the when the block happened, I just kind of threw my wife is judging me hard, hard.


Judge, why did your wife understand the drama of the moment? Did she understand what her husband felt good or did she think her husband was straining to poop?


My wife likes to mock me and she hit me with its only game one. And I'm like, you don't understand, OK?


And not even Pat Riley. Was it the only game one? And all you hear from all of these guys after, you know, even when they went up three on the box, hey, this hasn't been closed out, but they were excited about last night. When you end up winning that way, Billy, what happened with you? You just turn to the Marlins game. If I'm going to be honest with you, I saw it on Instagram later, like I missed it happen live by that point, I thought it's it's a two point game.


They have this in hand. They're good. We don't need to worry about this blockade or they moved on to the next thing we do. But it's when you have confidence in this team. Right. And you kind of see it and you see it's up by two. There's like 10 seconds left. This one's done. You don't even need to worry about it. That's why I said that you are going to win the series.


And for him right now, sitting pretty wish there was a way to see a graphic of all, because, like, I feel like I was in the minority last night because I was going back and forth any time the heat were in a commercial, I was going over the Marlins game. I feel like so few people had the strategy of like, I'll go over to the Heat game when the Marlins are in a commercial like that. Had to be such like there might have been three people in South Florida doing the exact thing but Billy did last night.


I'm going to say that's false because I was actually surprised that I was getting a text from Chris throughout the night just about the Marlins game. And I'm like, why is he watching the Marlins game over the Eastern Conference final right now like this? He's like, oh, I'm like, what happened? And he's like these balls and strikes that they keep calling. And I'm like, it's the Eastern Conference finals. Why are you texting me about the Mayans right now?


I am so over umpires calling balls and strikes and it usually benefits the Marlins like we don't get into that right now.


Tony, what was it like for you in your living room? Paint a picture for us.


Well, I got up. I was I was on the edge of my seat on the couch. As the block is going up, I'm a little bit I'm a little bit fearful because as I see Jayson Tatum gather from, like, almost a free throw line, I'm like, oh, my God, he's going to throw down because bam!


Looks like he's a little late on the help side defense.


All of a sudden he cocks back, it looks like Primera LeBron, right? And I'm like, oh my God, OK, they're tied in the game. And then all of a sudden, bam! Comes through. A lesser mortal would have broken his wrist on that same rim. But I came out and kind of want to get the shit out of here.


Oh, like you didn't like like if you blocked like if it was me, like if it was you. How about you, Mike Ryan, did you wake a baby. What happened there. I snorted so much cocaine.


Just all of it. So much as there's still some on my mustache.


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