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All right, boys, I think there's only two places that we should start this local hour. And we got Roy, Tony and Billy, Mike and Dan and Stu. I kicked them out. I was like the Marlins swept double header. And you guys had a bad attitude talking about the Marlins earlier this week. So get the hell out of here. You don't deserve to be here today. This is our time. Billy, the Marlins had two firsts in franchise history yesterday.


Which were you more excited about? Do you know which two I'm talking about?


I don't. What were the two first yesterday? They had a player steal three bases in one inning in one John Birdie, including stealing home plate late in the game. That was an exciting play.


They've been stealing home a lot this season.


Officially, this team is about bunting, baserunning and choking and poking. That is the strength of this team and they do the little things well.


How would you rank those, by the way, like what this team does or just. Yeah, yeah.


Where is choking and poking land on that list?


I would say that their strength is baserunning. That's first. And I would say their next strength is choking. And Pocan, you saw last night dickason in a big spot late in the game with a runner on third in less than two outs. He's like, I just got to I got to put this ball in play. I got to do whatever I need to do to put this ball in place. So he was choking up like five inches on the bat, literally ended up drowning out and not getting the run.


That's not the important thing. The important thing is that he choked and he poked bunting. It just fits with baserunning. We haven't actually had that great a bunting so far.


What's a chokers and poker's. That's right.


Roy and the other first that this team did yesterday for the first time ever was sweep a double header with both shutouts. We won both games. The Mets didn't score running either game. And I just feel like the teams making the playoffs. That's it. I know I've said this and I got mocked earlier in the week, but I feel like it's happening.


They're very inconsistent. You could admit that, right? Like they're not they're not flat out good.


No, they're bullpen's. Terrible. That's the fact that they're fourteen and eleven with the bullpen that they've put out these first twenty five.


I mean, is it fair to say that they're terrible? They've had a couple bullpen games where the bullpen pitchers are pitching the entire game.


I'm more just mean in terms of their name power. Like if you look at the list of every guy's name in their bullpen, like it's a list that you're like, OK, the Kinsler guys, I've heard of that guy like me, they're bad to them.


I'm just saying it's if you've heard of Richard Blyer, he got a win yesterday throwing one pitch or you think about that.


I played high school baseball with Richard Blyer for those of the downtown New Orleans reliever. And yes, I feel so bad this pitch. Marlins pitcher throws four and two thirds innings of shutout baseball and then gets take it out. Richard Blier throws one pitch and he gets the win. We need to change the rules.


I was going to say, is there a way to fix that? Can we go back in time and change that from being the thing?


I feel like it should be a judgment call. At the end of the game, you sit back, you say which pitcher that pitch today should get the win and then someone decides that pitcher gets the win. It shouldn't be like an innings thing.


It should just be a feel thing if the one who put in the most work or just like the biggest spot, like if Richard Blyer comes in and the bases are loaded and there's one out and he strikes out two batters, then I feel like maybe he deserves the win.


My voice kind of like petered out there and I mean, you're emotional about Daniel Costano guy feeling good, by the way.


Yeah. You even go to the official scorer because this is a subjective thing based on fear.


I'm just saying wins for pitchers that.


I have a question for you, Chris. What did you think about the fact that they ruled a rule to hit an error and there was a no hitter going in the second game and then they came back from commercial like it's been changed? It was actually a hit. And it's like, OK, well, it's done. They took out the pitcher anyway, so didn't really matter.


But that's a good example of baseball having some instances where rules are just flat out judgments. And that's the way I think they should do it for wins. Look at this, dude, are you like mean you were texting a lot where our relationship is so much than the Marlins are good?


I feel I feel so much better. I feel great about our relationship with the Marlins are good.


You want me to be honest with you? So stop texting. No, no, no. It's not that I want you to stop texting me. It's the same as the as the heat came the other day. So, like, I watch it on the I was watching it on the app, so, like, I know something good's coming. Yeah. And I'm like, OK, that's like pulling away and I wait like three pitches and it comes off like.


Yes. So it's almost kind of like good because I don't get myself too excited because it'll be a situation where two runners on two outs, I'm like, are we going to get something out of this. I'm going to get something out of this. Like, yeah, I'm like, all right. Like I can I don't know what's going to happen, but I can sit here at ease knowing the good things that are coming my way.


And then two pitches later, boom, three run homer like double down the line.


We are not having any kind of deep conversation. It is all just like emotional like that.


I guess I'm going to see if I could find this. Can you spell out. Yeah. Like do you spell them out or do you do the voice message.


He has a tough one. I always like because I feel like I want to spell Yeah. Y a y but that's. Yeah I know. Yeah. But I always felt that way but I always say no I got to spell it y yeah. Because that's how you spell, you put a lot of A's at the end at the pense.


Depends on how big the moment is. Sometimes I go just the letters and then a bunch of exclamation points, sometimes I throw a couple E's and then a couple of A's and then a couple of exclamation points.


They're all in all caps. Nice. So just kind of depends on the moment.


Here's one that was from last night and it was at eleven 02 double double header but also rain delay in game the double header. Not great. So here's one that you just said. Let's go with three O's and three exclamation marks. Oh, I was like, all right.


I don't remember what happened there. I don't remember what happened there, but let's go. The thing is, is that you're not the only person that I have, like Marlins games, Texas with. So then, like, I got another one that was at eleven fifty five pm. And by that point I'm like in and out, you know what I mean. So it's just wtf but it's not WTS, it's actually spelled out and I and I woke up to that one.


Right. And I'm like oh I fell asleep in the sixth inning as a seven and a game like they must have blown the game. And then I go and I see it and I'm like, they won. So I have no idea what this is about. Like, I don't know what this is referring to because you're talking about the Marlins game and then like half an hour later, they just I mean, that's I should probably check in with that person to make sure that everything's OK.


But that doesn't seem to be about the Marlins.


How do you fall asleep in the sixth inning? As Paul Severino likes to let you know, that is the equivalent of the eighth inning and a double header.


Billy, it's very easy if it's twelve o'clock at night.


Yeah, it's late for me to tell you.


Oh, man, I'm so into these Marlins. What can you guys do? What can you guys do to get me into the Marlins? Because I haven't seen that one pitch of Marlins baseball this season.


What can you guys just wait. Just wait. Because this is what always happens, right. We get excited about the Marlins and then people are like, oh, let's just kind of check out what's going on there. And I'm not telling people, don't check out the Marlins. The opposite of that. Right. But also, you got to understand, Marlins will disappoint you a little bit. Right. So, like, there are three games over five hundred right now, I think.


And they're half a game out of first place because the Braves game was down, I guess. Yeah, which is weird because was it was a game where was a game was in Atlanta or New York. It could have been New York because Marlins played through rain delay in New York. I think Atlanta was home after anyway. So you need to kind of just realize, like there's still like minus four, I think, in the run differential. So, like, there are three games over, but they've scored four less runs than they've allowed.


So it's gambling. You're doing the darn thing where you're like looking at the big picture, you know, they're fourteen and eleven. That's all that matters. No, I know.


But I'm saying, like the the West, everyone's like thirty runs more than they've been. They've allowed like those teams are really good and the Marlins are like good but not great. And I love to understand, when you get on with the Marlins, they're good. Just not great, which is fine because it's an improvement over one hundred losses. Look, I can guarantee you one thing for sure. Oh, here comes the Marlins will not lose one hundred games this year.


They're like they haven't shown they have a legitimate chance to make the playoffs that they shouldn't that like that that should get you in. Like I.


I believe they're going to make the playoffs. We can tell you right now, I believe they're going to the playoffs. And I believe and I was looking at the standings today with the way that they're playing right now. The season ended today. They would make the playoffs in a normal season. It's not even like an expanded playoff situation right now. Obviously, teams of guys sitting out, there's the weird schedules. There's the weeks off that some teams take if people get sick.


So like this year is kind of diff. Different for everybody. Everybody, let's do this. It is the same for everybody, but what I'm saying is I think that they should get credit one if they make the playoffs any way, they make the playoffs. Right. But if they make the playoffs and they would have made the playoffs anyways in a regular season, they should get a ton of credit for that because no one thought that this would be the year like year three of the rebuild.


I think everyone still thought realistically like a year or two away because you have players that are developing. But they brought a lot of those guys up at this point. Like yesterday, they brought up their first round pick from the twenty seventeen draft, I think. Right. The second game of the doubleheader, thirteenth overall pick.


Trevor Rodgers, the let's do it. That's what I see. That's what I love about this team right now. There's a lot of their prospects I've heard of, but now they're calling up guys that I've never even heard of and those guys are back.


So to get excited or to warn you, Anthony, you can get excited, but also know that there's going to be some disappointment along the way. Just kind of ride it out or wait a little bit and check it in like two weeks and then we'll see where we're at. OK, I was going to ask, what month should I start paying attention?


I'd say September 11 seems like a good month. It's your last chance. Wait, that's only like four days away. No, I cannot.


I I'm going to be so obnoxious. I'm going to be Mike Ryan. Keep fan level obnoxious when we get to September and the Marlins are playing meaningful game. You think I'm into it now?


In September, I'm going to go to the games. I don't know. Let me in up writing.


The Writing's on the Wall write. The Marlins have never not made the playoffs and won the World Series like never in the playoffs.


What I'm saying is whenever they get into the playoffs, they win the World Series. Yeah, I kind of like that.


So I don't I don't know. I know the players, a part of me. It's like they're doing silly.


Did you see did you see birdies going home or because you said you were in and out late in the game?


No, I didn't see that. Was it a straight steal of home or was it like the double steal that they've been doing lately or that were up by two in the sixth inning?


So it's essentially this is when I was in and out. Yeah.


So it's like the it's like our last chance to add on some insurance runs to nothing. Game Birdie gets on first base, steal second, birdie gets steals third and all of a sudden there's two outs. So there's two outs he has stolen second and third, he does this thing where the pitch gets thrown. The catcher, he takes like a big secondary league. So he's almost like a third way down.


They've been doing that a lot lately. Like VRT will have times that he's at third base where he does it like he's closer to home than he is. The third base of the third baseman is just simply not paying attention him at all. And he leads the league in steals, by the way. So it seems like birdies coming after him.


So because the third baseman was playing so far off the back birdies, just like I'm not going back to the back. And so the catcher kind of gives him a look and then turns to throw it back to the pitcher. And as he starts the third to the pitcher, birdie just takes off. And it's one of those things that if he wouldn't have tripped, he would have walked home without ever anything. But he literally falls down midway down the baseline.


So it makes it a closer play. But Família got rattled by having to catch it and throw it quick, and he just throws a terrible third of the catcher and he ends up scoring anyways, even though he tripped and fell. And I've done that before. Have you ever done that, Tony? I feel like maybe you've done it in basketball, like just that where you're trying to break down the court and you just like lose your legs and you like it's like you're in quicksand.


So the worst part is when you're you're backpedaling, right? Like shoot a shot or whatever, you're trying to backpedal. You're looking at to go at people after you make a shot backpedaling down the court, you kind of like do a matrix and catch yourself. What's the most embarrassing thing that you've done playing a sport? And I'll tell you mind right off for it.


It was this year and earlier before Coppery recovered, I was playing and one of my, like, basketball leagues and I had gotten a rebound and I was trying to fight somebody off because somebody was like holding the ball from the other side.


So much like a jump ball situation room ripping it from them. But there's also somebody streaking down like the left side of the court. So I have to throw one of those overhead passes to get the ball to him so he could score on a layup on a fast break. As I yanked the ball from and my tummy had been hurting and precursor, my tummy hurt, I think it was one of the days that we had pizza at the studio and there was just a lot going on.


So as I ripped the ball and start to throw, I rip out like a huge fart. But the good thing is it was in motion.


So I don't know if people heard it or not, but that was one of the more embarrassing things that I'd ever done. You guys, just a little mid game fart. The thing is, it was the exertion of trying to throw the overhead pass, like really just like, you know, cut it out there.


I just saw the three stolen bases. Oh, what a move. No. One, this is this is a great example of how kind of the guy is calling the game, not from the stadium. Had no idea what was going on, no clue what was going on. There was no excitement like, whoa, you're going to thing and none of that. So I'd have to look for like the Mets version of this broadcast, I guess. But he did the classic swim move where he was falling, but he was almost running with his hands also to keep them up.


He had to do like a crab crawl. Is that what they call it? Like he had to essentially bury a bear crawl. It should be a crab crawl. Why is it called the background?


Because it wasn't like anything to hold them on at third base, like nothing. And they weren't covering third bases, stoled third base easily to cover a third base.


It was like just tipped off. I think Richard looked at him like it wasn't like this was just the catcher, not pay attention. The catcher gave him a look like you're far from the bag.


All right. Now I'm throwing it back. And he just it was dude, that's baserunning. Like, that's that's legitimately creating a run against baserunning.


That is baserunning.


Billy and Tony, to answer your question, my most embarrassing laugh and say thank you for letting me be vulnerable in front of the entire world.


And you guys shipped over to Stolen Home. Is Bertie his last name or is that his nickname? Not just one last name, BTR Ty.


So no Birdie Bertie or some anyway's.


Anybody else want to be vulnerable?


Shrek I've struck and I've struck it out, I've struck out in men's softball. So if I see you've had multiple injuries, have you ever struck out in kickball. No netball.


Even though I feel like kickball would be easier to strike out in. Don't get me started on kickball pitching. I played like a half a season of bearly kickball and I hate how serious the pitchers take it.


What happened to the other half?


I like stop playing and just something like this. And I was like the hold out, just like I'm done with this. I don't like the sport.


But they didn't come after you. They didn't like stop the league and say were stars. Out we go.


No, I did get many texts of like basically begging me to come because I trust third base. Third base is like the most important position in one hundred percent.


And I like they would just throw me a third base and I would I was that guy that there'd be a girl playing shortstop and I would just run right in front of it. Like now this is I'm sorry, I'm the third baseman. I'm the best player. I'm taking this ball. Anyways, Billy, you can see this. How annoying are these real kickball back to school days. You just roll the ball, right? Nowadays in this bearly kickball, it's like spinning the ball, throwing it as hard as you can.


It's not kickball. Get a life.


It's kickball. Like they're not going to be professional kickball players, especially if you're like a coed, like recreational league. Like, listen, you don't need to you don't need to show off. You're right. We're just coming back. We're going to Coconut Grove. We're going to go to Sanba after this. Like, this is just about fun. This isn't about the walk of kickball championship or I was trying to get the name of.


All right, I got three things I want to get to, and I want you guys to pick which one you want to go to first.


Do you think people are sad? Sorry to interrupt. Do you think people are sad because they were like, oh, dancing gods, Greg Big, everybody is going to be entertained. It's like, oh, it's just Cristero billion, Anthony.


Yeah, for sure. But we push through and then they're all here, by the way. I'm just making them stay muted like, damn, you keep that muted. That's right. You if you shut up. All right.


Where are you in your house today. You're in a different location than you've normally been this time at my dad's house, my car. If you've noticed, every couple of weeks I spend one day a week at my parents' house. It's because my cleaning person comes and I like to get out of the house and let them clean.


You feel ashamed that they're there and you're there because that's kind of what it feels like to me. What do you mean?


Like like you're ashamed being there as somebody cleans your house. Do you feel that way or don't have any less shame? No, no, no. I don't have a cleaning person. Yeah. Where's Greg? What's he up to? So you want to join us today or. No, I mean, he's he's in his office blogging away, doing what he does, and I'm not sure he can maybe join.


I could ask him, what's a typical workday like for Greg? He gets up and he just starts blogging. No, I think it depends on if he's writing that day. But I think he goes to his computer, just starts sitting there and writing some stuff. I don't know.


I mean, yeah, basically his process now is spend a half hour, like getting his voice to sound normal and take his inhaler so he stops wheezing.


My dad has asthma, if you guys know that. Oh, I didn't know that.


It's like part of the whole, like, coughing thing the last two years. Like, what has come of that is the doctor saying that he basically has asthma. So he needs to take an inhaler, take all his pills, and then like half hour after he's up, he's got his name.


I just looked up the staff, by the way, I know I derailed you, Birdie now has eight stolen bases, only one one behind V.R. who leads Major League Baseball with nine pilots, and two of them are actually competing at that.


So the three things I want to talk about today, Colin Farrell's Cavs.


Have you guys seen this? If you haven't need to type it into your search engine right now, I want the White Sox through a new hitter, no hitter yesterday. And Billy was feeling bad for the pitcher. And I feel like there's other people. It's feeling bad for him.


Well, yeah, I know what I'm saying in terms of like no hitters, it's the saddest. Whenever he did a bunch of cardboard fans, no one is like there can't be a sadder no hitter than that. Right. Thirteen strikeouts. Like, it just seems like the saddest, though. Hitter up.


Not only is there no real fans, it's the opposite of that. They're fake cardboard fans. I feel like it would almost be less sad if it was just seats. It's like, no, there's aren't real fans. Those are just pieces of cardboard. JT Riddles is a pirate, by the way. I saw that and watching the highlights for that White Sox no hitter. And I want to talk about restaurants opening in Miami. And you guys and your guys is a dealer's choice.


Like we get to choose which one you want to talk about, Colin Farrell's Cavs. And there's really nothing much to that. What are you guys thinking other than looking at the picture of his Cavs?


So you're going to have to send us the picture you're looking at, because I'm looking at a lot of pictures where he seems to just have normal Cavs.


Is it the video, Kris, where he's like slapping his calf and then all of a sudden, like, tenses up or what?


Did I see another video I'm going to send you guys to pick you guys just give me ten seconds of village.


Village was one of the things that he wanted to talk about was J.T. Riddle is now a pirate. Was that one of the other things?


That was a nugget from the no hitter top and no hitter topics was White Sox no hitter. And a sidebar of that is J.T. Riddle is a pirate. Gotcha.


OK, and you thought that that was an important distinction to make.


I saw him as just a fun aside side.


Had there been a lot of guys you see in a Major League Baseball be like, oh, he's there, I forgot about him. All right.


I'm sending this to you guys now. And I want to I want to set this up. I want it before you could film it.


We don't need to actually answer the question. We just had to fill Anthony. Yeah, I tossed that out there. Just just leave it out there into the universe, see if anyone else is thinking about it right now.


I'm like, you know what I do know? Somebody tweeted, Anthony, when you know that person, you can tweet me too, if you want. But Anthony wants it all.


I want you guys to imagine Colin Farrell preparing for the role of Popeye, but he's only doing it from the waist down. So like nothing in the top or half of his body is Popeye, but his lower half is Popeye. And if that's the case, he's crushing this world so far.


Did Popeye have big calves? I don't know. But I imagine this is what potpies calves look like. I don't remember what they look like. I don't know if he had big calves, but if he did, this is what they would look like. Have you guys gotten the picture yet?


And what do you think these Cavs? My first my first assessment is why is he wearing combat boots with those kind of shorts?


Because because of those caps. I mean, those calves are just fitting in some loafers.


Yes, I know those are shoes, but this looks weird to me. If you zoom in like that, I don't know. There's something you're saying. It's not real. Not that it's not real because he doesn't have big cars. But it seems like if you zoom into, like, his sock and his leg, there seems to be some sort of I don't know, it's not as clear. Maybe a little distortion. Maybe I'm wrong. I'd like to see the cows from the side, if possible, because I saw lots of pictures from the front.


I'd like to see the side.


It's that's it's the rare person who only does Leg Day because most people get made fun of for having these like Bulc arms and like the nice chest chicken legs. The Colin Farrell is just going ham on leg day and skipping everything else. His arms actually are in decent shape, but compared to his calves, they look very puny.


What what do you think he was up to? Because he's wearing like nineteen eighties running shorts. He's wearing a T-shirt where he's cut off the sleeves of mass like a military looking style hat, like backwards and then like combat boots or puts up with the boots.


I don't get those socks.


Just a Sunday morning exercise for him.


He has a bag that maybe he was at a grocery store or something buying art. It's his art voice. I just can't really figure out what he was up to this day. I wonder.


So there you go. That's the Colin Farrell topic. All right. I like to get rid of one better. Yeah.


Ah, you get some restaurants are opening up. What is this? How does this change your guys lives? Deep breath right there is just perfect. It's it's like I want to go like you guys obviously know, like I love going out to eat. I love eating a new places, but I still have an innate distrust.


And I think it's going to take a long time for us to get rid of that distrust of like, I'm going to take off my mask and there's going to be other people not that far away with their masks off.


And we're all going to be eating and like breathing and talking in the same place is not exactly what speeds up the coronavirus.


I don't know. Man, if Bernie would have been thrown out, that's such a dumb like such a dumb play. Well, it's one of those worlds.


It's like when you're up to you can take a risk there, like, that's why you're here.


But you were saying you were talking to the bullpen. This is their last. They're the home team on the road, which is, again, one of the strange things about baseball. It's an insurance run that's there. Brian Anderson is a good hitter. I mean, I'm glad it worked out, but I could have if that wouldn't have worked out, everybody would have been crushed.


Well, if he doesn't trip, he literally he could walk home. If he doesn't fall down, it's not even close. So, like, I get the timing was perfect. It's just that the trip I don't think I'm going to restaurants.


I don't know if that was the question about restaurants. I don't think I'm going to be going to restaurants for a little bit. Let's see how this thing plays out.


Or like, what if the case is surge once they open restaurants, hey, we're back at X amount of cases per day and we're like, oh, maybe opening restaurants wasn't a good idea.


Yeah, the thing that's weird about all of this, right, is at some point things are going to reopen. Right? Of course. But you're also kind of like I'm not sure that I'm ready for things to reopen, like the Dolphins having thirteen thousand people. It has to feel like I'm probably not going to be in on that.


Right. Like, I don't think I'm going to be going. Number one, I don't like going to September or October football games in Miami to begin with because it's really hot, like it's really, really hot. And on top of that, if I'm going out, I'm wearing a mask, but I'm going to be sitting out and all that heat.


Yeah, obviously they're spacing, but I haven't read all of what's going on. And there's only thirteen thousand people, which is twenty percent. So you're not going to have people right on top of you.


Are you still going to be in the heat. You're still going to be having to wear a mask. It just seems more enjoyable to watch the game from home at that point, right?


I'm yeah. I mean, there's part of me that thinks it's outside. I know what they're going to be socially distant like. I feel almost safer going to a Dolphins game than like a restaurant where I'm like confined in like a closed space with people.


But but the idea of it being hot out and having to keep my mask on, that's the part that's like I'd just rather watch RedZone.


Are you guys going to go inside to, like, restaurants? Like, I'm fine with outdoor seating. There's like a little like umbrella or something that gives you some, like, shade.


That's been our thing. It's like in the last six months, if I've done anything on the weekend, I go to the beach and we just do our own thing on the beach away from everybody.


And then we go find some restaurant to sit outside at, like that's all I've really done for seven months as far as like being out in public.


I've been to one restaurant in all the time and it was on my anniversary and I was like for a whole time. Yeah, it was at the end of. You guys were inside. No, no, no. It was outside. It was outdoor seating. It was the end of July. And if there were fifteen people there, that's a lot like there was not a ton of people there. Right. But they also have like tables are on a sidewalk and then people are like walking by on the sidewalk.


And then it's kind of like, come on, please just put a mask on so I can eat, like because then I have to take it off. Right. And I'm like eating. And then like after I'm eating, it's like right back on and then I like pull it down to take like a sip of water, coke or whatever. I'm like putting it back up and I'm sitting there with my mask singer mask on like eating for like Nicolas mask.


It's a ridiculous mask. I mean like I was wearing like a like a polo shirt, like, you know, said you're looking good, you're not looking good, but like it's like a golf shirt.


Right. Like I wear like a golf shirt with like a little color. And it was like shorts going like, you know, anniversary, first anniversary. This is like a nice moment. Maybe don't wear like a t shirt in a backwards baseball hat, but then I'm wearing this stupid mask singer mask on my face and I look like half of a monster is ridiculous.


Are you wearing glasses or no glasses? I think I wore contacts.


I think it was a contact date because yes, you and I obviously know like when you put the mask on, you have your glasses. Like it fogs up in two seconds.


Yeah, it's sunglasses. It's been it's been a challenge just for the challenge. I'm not a big contact guy. I used to be more so I was traumatized with contacts from the very beginning. Right. Because when I first got my contacts, I have an astigmatism, but I also have a rare astigmatism. Right. So, like, I can't just get any old contacts. Right. So when I was younger, they didn't have, like, soft lenses weren't as prevalent as they are now and they didn't have it for my type of vision.


So I had to get hard lenses at the beginning. And it was awful because it was basically like a little piece of glass that you would put on your eyeball. And every time I would blink because it was thick, I would feel it. It was the worst. And then to take it out, you wouldn't even like, grab it. You had to, like, pull the side of your eye and like, blink and like shoot out.


And it was like, no, I'm not getting these contacts anymore. I'm just going to stay with lasts forever. And this was like this is like an eight or nine years old, maybe like ten. Right. So I was like young and I was like, never doing this again. And then they finally had, like, soft lenses. And I saw, like, everybody wearing toplines and like, all right, I'll have like another go at this.


And I did the surveillance thing and then I did what everyone with context does. I forget to take it out and then I have to take it out like the next day. And it'd be like ripping like a layer of your eyeball off every time you do that, because that's awful. And then I'd go and I'd just be getting like a year's supply of context. Every time I go to the doctor and I realize every year I go back, I'd like three boxes of contacts left because I'm wearing these I'm wearing these contacts.


They're supposed to be like monthly disposables or two week disposable or whatever I wear like once. And then I tell myself I'm not going to throw it away because I wore it just one time, like it's been three weeks and I should have replaced it. But it's not three weeks of usage. It's just been sitting in liquid. Right. And if it's sitting in liquid, what's the difference between it sitting in liquid in my case and it's sitting liquid in a little plastic container that it comes.


And this should be good. I've only used it once. Right. So I started just buying a month worth of contacts like 30 days. I've had it like six months just because I don't wear contacts that frequently. And I'm down to like the daily disposables. Not really. You know what I'm talking about? The daily disposables. Yeah. So I'm using those and I'm supposed to go to the doctor like August, but I think I'm going to put it off until I run out of all my contacts.


So I'm not going to buy any more not doing a year supply. We're almost almost done with August. But I know well, I haven't gotten the little card. My doctor, what he does is every time you go, you fill out a postcard with your name and your address. And I guess they put the date and then they mail it to you a year later. So I guess they have like a thing where, like, we hold this year for a year and then we'll mail it to a year later.


And then that's the reminder to go to do your your eye test. That's a lovely reminder.


It's your own, you know, view from a year ago saying, hey, Billy, I need to make sure that you're good. Here it is.


You know what I think I'm going to do? I think that I'm going to write myself a little message this year when I go there. So the next year, I see the little message be like I'll just be like, you know what, Billy? You made it another year, a year wiser, a year better, and then just hope that the year wasn't like total crap and that I wasn't, like, full of it. Like, I want to manifest good things.


I don't want to jinx myself by saying, like, hey, you know what, you did, you survive, you're so great. And then have some sort of, like, awful thing happen. I'm like, man, I was such an idiot.


How do we start talking about context glasses and the masks? Yeah. So you get the mask. Europe, you were at your anniversary dinner. You're wearing your mask, your mask, singer mask. You're waiting for people to put their masks on. You did. They didn't. You did.


Yeah, no, there was a guy there was a guy that was there that was like he ate like half of his stake and then complained to the waiter that the steak wasn't thick enough. That's the word. And then he made them take it back and then bring him like another steak that was thick. And I'm like, how do you play? You're such a jerk, dude. Like, what do you like? Just by looking at the steak, you can tell whether it's thick enough for your like like no one.


You probably ordered the wrong thing, right? Like, I'm pretty sure that you were the one that mess this up, but you ordered the wrong steak, not the go skirt steak.


It's like, you know, a skirt steak was going to be thin.


That's what I'm saying. But like, as as soon as the plates delivered, you can see that the steak is either thick enough or not thick enough to be like my bad. I think I did the wrong thing. This isn't what I thought I was getting. Whatever. You don't need half the thing. And I start screaming and this guy is not going to surprise you not wearing a mask at any point. No. Point is.


And he's just yelling at the worst person I've ever seen, the worst day. Which one? Which one of us is most likely to send back food at a restaurant?


Not me. I feel like Anthony just because he said it was a heady play.


It's just the how do you play in the fact where he ate half of it and it was like, you know what, I need another steak. So then he ate a half and a whole steak. How do you play?


And you guys have you guys done that or you've complained about the food, like to get out of paying for it or just whatever, like you've been like this was just not good. And they're like, oh, don't worry, it's on the house or whatever.


I know I've done it before, but it was it was a it was a valid point.


So I'm going to say I'm not going to say the name of the restaurant. It was just uneatable. What you're saying. It wasn't at all.


It was inedible. It was edible.


Here's the thing. It was for my wife and I. It was for Valentine's Day.


This is the one where you are eating at like midnight. Yes. That's how I came into the studio the next day. And I completely you guys.


But we went to a place in the beach, a very nice place on the beach that we love to go to. And I know a place it was.


Yeah. So that place we're not going to say it because I enjoy their their thing.


I don't want to trash them. But this day was just a little bit hectic. Little bump in the road. Everyone has it. Exactly. Except this one. I made them take care of it.


So thinking back and knowing that Korona was like around February 14th, Valentine's Day, like people were already sick with Korona in the United States and we just didn't think about it because you brought it from your honeymoon.


Correct. So when I think about that and how packed this restaurant was, like, it was literally shoulder to shoulder.


There's 200 people in a square footage of like one hundred and fifty makes you sick just like thinking about it.


And I'm like, oh my God, how did I spend that much time there?


Anyway, I was watching a Taylor Swift concert the other day on. Netflix and I was like, man, how the hell are that a hundred thousand people on top of each other, that's insane. Like we face over space, over.


So our reservation was at 10:00 at night because we had gone to like a show before. So the last time we went, we did the same thing. We got like a ten, ten, 30 reservation. Everything's perfect. I walk in at ten o'clock and it is like slam to the gills. Like I've never seen this place so packed. So we end up waiting for like an hour and a half. By that point, my wife is not happy whatsoever.


We sit down and the waiter takes like forty five minutes to bring us water to bring us anything. So we order works just like bad service at a restaurant. It was horrible.


And I understand like the guy was going crazy. There was a thousand people whatever. That's not the point. The point is like just get my shit on time and like we're good, just like normal things like water, silverware, the menu.


Like it takes 15 to 20 minutes for me to get that.


Anyways, long story short, another forty five minutes, we finally get the food. It's cold.


And I tell him I'm like, yo, my wife at this point is not happy. She's upset with me that we didn't leave. So it's a whole thing. And I told them, look, pack this up. I don't want to eat here. This is cold.


Like I'm not doing this. So he brought out the manager and the manager is like, oh, what's wrong? Can I get you something? And I'm like, look, no, I just I'll pay for the food. I want everything boxed up right now, like I'm done. So then the guy came back. He's like, look, we can't the entire meal, like, we're so sorry, get us on another time when we don't have people, we overbook reservations.


And I was like, look, that's fine, but don't book, don't overbook reservations when you know you guys have twenty five seats, like what's the point of taking seventy five reservations for twenty five seats the same time. All I know is I know where you went and I know that place is expensive. So a free meal there and that's, that's, that's worth it. Waiting then another hour.


But I have a store in the opposite direction of that so I went to double. No, no. So no, no, no. So I went, I went to this place is like a burger place. Right. And I was like there was some of my friends and they're like, oh, they like this one pound burgers. I was like some massive burger. Right. And I'm like eating it. And it was fine. It wasn't any fault of theirs.


It was just so much food that I'm like eating and eating. And I'm like, you could tell that I'm not like feeling well at all. Right. With like what's going on. And I'm like telling my friends, like, I'm think I'm ready to go like this. And the waitress is like, oh, are you OK? Like is the food OK? Like, we can bring you another one. I'm like, no, no, we're, we're good, I'm fine.


Don't worry about that. Like we're good. So then I went to the bathroom and just through all of it I was like because it was just so much food, it was no fault of theirs. I just ate way more than I was supposed to eat. So well, I'm throwing up like all of it. And I was so embarrassed that I got sick of their food that I doubled what I would normally giving it to. But I just like left.


I'm like, thank you.


I was like, great service. The food is delicious. It's like a forty percent tip. I just I got to go. I was so embarrassed that I threw up their food.


That was delicious. It was fine. It was my fault for being dumb. And in normal circumstances, like, look, your food made me sick. I needed whatever I'm like double your tip. Everything was great. This is the best restaurants. I'm going to write a yelp later. Yeah, great. Yeah, I got to go. I'm out of here.


You want us to box it? No, no, no, no, no. We're good.


Thank you.