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This is all science, math, fact data that he has to hit the ball further to change the game.


All his clubs are the same length for whatever reason, and he he starts his swing. At a position that most golfers are at, where are a quarter or halfway through their swing, he starts there, we're on his drives to everything. These drives are the stuff of legend. It's amazing, just boom stick, and the reason we started is because I asked him, is it true that he went 400 yards? And I was telling him that he says that he did, but there's no I don't think they they had certain he could do it 20 times if he wanted to and get video proof.


I just can't imagine that. I know. I bet he could. But it's just for football. I can't even explain to you what it's like their affair was on my course. I could if I if I get it to 150, I'm feeling like the man.


I mean, I can't get there's certain fairways I struggle to get to on my golf course. I know. But I can hit the occasional good driver what I feel like, oh man, I got that flush or I got it to the back of the tackle.


Let me just try to put this in. There's there's a hole on my course with a carry to the fairways. Two hundred yards and people up my course who are good at golf struggle to get it there. He's carrying four hundred yards to the green.


My point is like I feel like I hit the ball well and this guy is hitting it three times as far as that. Yes. Which is like on the on the two times per 18 holes.


And I'm like, yeah man, what a drive.


But it's the carry. Yeah. I'll hit it. Two hundred or roll fifty. Oh yes I get. Oh I could I'm a bump and runner. This is landing at 400. Yeah. That's and then rolling. I mean I can get it to two hundred if you're, if you're down on the road.


In the air, four football fields. I still remember every single one of the times that I hit the back of the net at top golf, and it's like a major crowning achievement and that's him hitting it at quarter strength. Yeah. St1 yesterday, right? Yes, yeah, barely kind of it's kind of weird, the Panthers seem like they're better without Christian McCaffrey and the Browns seem like they're better without Odell Beckham.


How about that? Well, that's a the defense mechanism that I have up. Why don't we talk about the real superstar that turned against him? Christian McCaffrey.


A. look like a free man. It's weird. I could throw to whoever I want, not worry about him coming out of the huddle yelling at me. I've been trying to figure out reasons as to why not.


That's because every reason it should be, every reason on the surface as it should work but doesn't I don't know if not seen over the line enough to take advantage of those quick slants. I don't know if he's got the Happy Feet and doesn't hang in the pocket long enough to take advantage of his double moves. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't work. I mean, Rashard Higgins is like the slowest receiver in the NFL. He's been benched by multiple coaches.


He doesn't even address that became Metcalf. Yeah. Ryan, did you see Ryan Cortez's tweet? It was a. It was the style of Dick Metcalf, it was Bootmaker that he was chasing down, right, Dick Metcalf chasing him down and he said, oh my God, coupled with like Joe Exotic, running away from a tiger. Get away from me, you son of a bitch. I'm just for this going.


Oh, my God.


It's terrifying. Oh, Mike, I think DK Metcalf might have the biggest penis on the planet.


Hey, you're making that assumption just based off of his chase down.


I mean, proportionally, if it's not, I don't think we are.


I don't think I don't think he can run that fast if it were that large. I think it would be harder, I should say. I think it would be more difficult to run that fast.


But Dick Metcalf, I don't know what is being aired here or what's not being aired on where it is that we started. But we were looking at a video of Dick Metcalf chasing down Budda Baker, Budda Baker, who is not slow. Oh, no, he's certainly not slow.


He's very fast, actually. And it looks it looks like something that would terrify you if you saw it in the wild.


Like if you saw something, something that big, that fast, somehow chasing down like a rabbit or something small.


It's a presence that you feel for many yards away. And it's premature and is usually an offense. And that's the team that lost last night because the guards came in here and things are moving too fast to Ghazi's. Good morning. Was wait a minute, Arizona won that game. Also, Jeff Passan is writing that Kershaw has fixed his postseason legacy. He might actually be holding up the World Series MVP trophy. If he wins, if he wins two games, they might give it to him as a sentimental vote, right?


They probably will. He probably doesn't deserve it. I think Seager is probably more deserving. Maybe someone else. But I'll probably get you have to come out. And Billy talked about this last week. You have to come out tonight or in game six and you have to give three out of the bullpen. That's how you get the MVP.


That's what legends game six or game seven, right? Eight. Game seven. Even better, right. Maybe you want to save them for game seven. Perhaps the Rays win game six. And then Kershaw needs to come out and give you three solid in game seven. He does a baseball.


It's going to get buried today by football Monday. Right. The World Series, game five, Kershaw getting it done, which is probably the biggest story. I suppose it could be bigger if they were playing the Yankees two guys. But in terms of human interest for a baseball story, Kershaw winning Game five, a two two series would be a big story most years that we've been alive. But it's going to get swallowed by Browns Bengals today, correct?




Plus, the the better game was game four. That was a classic legendary World Series game that no one will discuss today. But you're right, the NFL college, damn, we barely discuss college football on Monday.


Well, where are the shows going to end up starting today?


Will it be on the Falcons? Will it be on the Browns? Will it be on the Patriots? Like, where do you guys. Well, the very, very often they do the last game that was played, very often what ends up happening is the night game, if it's as good as last night's was, they will start there. But I don't think Seattle and Arizona is going to pull in the shows today.


I think where most people will start nationally, at least because it's America's team. Is Dallas just I mean, they're barely trying out there. It's an embarrassment, but it's what it's an embarrassment. I mean, Dan, their defense is barely. I'm sorry. It's crying.


They're just bad, OK? They're just bad. Like, you don't see football teams not trying.


People get injured when they're not trying.


How bad is what's going on with Earl Thomas? Because he wants to be a cowboy. And, you know, Jerry Jones is always like kind of flipping about off field stuff, very clearly help a lot of teams right now in the NFL. Must be bad. What's going on with Earl Thomas?


I'm just saying maybe you're right. Maybe they're bad. All right. I was under the impression that they were talented on defense cuts.


They're obviously bad. It's the Washington football team and they were gaping holes. It didn't seem like guys really wanted to make tackles, like there were wide receivers wide open down the field.


OK, I don't know how you measure that one. Right, because all my life I've heard sportswriters accusing football teams of quitting and not trying. And that just is not a criticism that I'm going to file on people doing that particular thing for a living. And it's the Washington football team. But they scored, what, three touchdowns like that. And and the Cowboys were playing very poorly with Andy Dalton, couldn't do anything. And then he was gone.


I don't even know who the hell that quarterback was that they put in as their third stringer, the new guy, you name it. OK, so the first time I heard of that person, the Energy Star got come on.


So they weren't even trying in Washington to put up twenty what, what? Twenty two points.


Dan, I'm telling you, I watched the game. I watched it for specific reasons. One of a. Is that Antonio Gibson, who they may look like Gale Sayers yesterday, to be honest with the Cowboys defense, and I have him on my fantasy team, plus I had the football team in a bet, so I was watching that game. It just seems like, listen, I'm with you about not questioning guys in their effort, especially in that sport.


But it seems like there are such bad lapses in defense, in guys so wide open that they give off this appearance that they're not trying sometimes on defense.


But that's what bad defense is going to look like. They've been worse than that in every game they've played this year, right? Well, they play better. Opponent. You're telling me that that you watched them yesterday. That's their best defensive game of the season. Like they've been allowing 30, 40 points. I know, I know, I know, but then you also had the situation. I know Keyshawn was talking about it this morning where it just.


They give off like they don't really trust Mike McCarthy, don't feel like playing for Michael. They've asked that anonymously. There's no unity. Andy Dalton. It was a vicious blow to his head. Yesterday was illegal. He got carted off the field and not a single cowboy rushed to his defense. Like, he just doesn't seem like there's any unity with that team.


You know, I remember this DHANUKA guy. I want to bed straight up with Coalgate against James Madison and threw like five picks. And this guy is terrible.


They might trade from Fitzpatrick now to do something if it Guillermo put it on the pole at Libertador Show.


Did you know that Chad Henie was a cheat? Because that's something that I watched. I learned that yesterday. Yes. No way. Yeah.


Chad, he ran for a touchdown. He's there is a snap away student thinks that I'm joking.


His eyes are wide, like he ran in RPO in the goal line and scored a rushing touchdown, a designed run for DJed. And he'd be great in that offense.


I mean, who wouldn't be? They had some wide receiver who came out in the fourth quarter yesterday. I've never seen them. I've never heard of them. Eddie looks like he'd be the best wide receiver on every other football team. I don't know if it's the uniforms or the guys they're drafting, but they have receivers that come out of nowhere. It's crazy.


I don't know who the third quarterback is, but last year, like for Super Bowl media night, we were walking around and it was Chad Hennion, Matt Moore, and they were just walking around like waiting to be interviewed. And everyone obviously was looking for Patrick Mahomes. It was like, what are these two guys doing here?


Did you know they were on the team? You knew they were on the team, right? You weren't looking at them like did Chad Henning and Matt Moore just show up for Chiefs media availability now because Roman Reigns was also walking around as part of the media.


So I was like, maybe they're doing media for someone. I don't know what's going on here.


Oh, those are the only two quarterbacks on the team, by the way. They also have Jordan Tamou, who was a Saint Louis battle hawk, but I believe he has covid. Are you guys thinking that Justin Herbert is better than Boro? This is a great class. We'll see where two lines up, you know, I'm a little worried watching the other guys, because every quarterback class, there seems to be one bus. And so far I haven't identified the one I'm worried it might be doing just because of math.


Totally. Chris, you have to be worried because, you know, Herberts good. You know, Burrow's good. In fact, dare I say, both are great. And give me the last quarterback draft that had three great quarterbacks, not even the eighty four with Marino and Elway there, too. And that was it. Was it. A third one was.


OK, wait a minute. I don't see what I'm not seeing from Burrow is Marino Elway. Like what you're seeing. Berl looks, he looks good but he's twenty five years old. I mean he's really good man.


OK, but Mike you watch that game yesterday, Browns and Banjul, bad defense, the Bengals that punt the Browns to win that game without forcing a single Bengals punt, a.k.a. A.C. Green is spent.


He doesn't look like himself.


Yeah, he's coming along a little bit more lately. Burrow goes underneath a little bit. I mean, he certainly I'll tell you this about Joe Burrow. He knows how to exploit the Browns defense. He's good against the Browns. And I know he's had moments against other teams. But much like Baker, Mayfield is like a one eleven quarterback rating against the Bengals and like 80s against everyone else. Joe Burrowes seems absolutely, you know, what we're doing on defense.


It's early on a Monday. It's AJ Green, A.C. Green play power forward for the Lakers.


Thank you. I appreciate that.


Two dollars herbut to me looks better than Burrow throws the ball downfield. Probably has better skill, guys. I see that Giovani Bernard is still running around.


So the Bengals back there, did he go to North Carolina, NC State. No, he went to North Carolina. I remember all those Tar Heel teams. I would just tear us apart. Was it came next on one of those. Ah, he was NC State.


Chemonics got the big pass against Robert Marv's Miami Hurricanes teams. I was one of the early seasons. That was what is now hard Rock City. I mean, Hakeem Nicks, also tourism part every you remember, like the generations. But he was NC State, correct?


Oh, Carolina. Yeah. And so is Gio Bernard. So who was that guy?


Joe Banan, who was the professional receiver who played with Glennon at NC State. Did they not have a pro receiver there? I was thinking about this when NC State I can't remember the last time NC State was any good.


Can you guys remember when NC State was like, think they gave Clemson a run for their money? I think in twenty seventeen we were talking ourselves into NC State. They had a late season ranking. NC State was pretty good. And quite honestly, they got undone by a quarterback injury this year too. I think Miami caught a break with that quarterback being injured and they got blown out by North Carolina recently.


How did Miami look to you against. Terrible, terrible. I was I went to the game and so bad, Mike, I went to the game where people shaming you for going to the game. I mean. Yeah, but while announcing it here, let me say something like right off the bat that is so safe. It is crazy working here.


Anybody, right. No, I wasn't near anybody. Mask mandate. The University of Miami made the decision that at their games there's no alcohol. So you don't even have people at their seats without their mask because they're drinking at Hardrock Stadium. I think after week two, they allowed alcohol sales, but it makes for a terrible experience. Oh, it was sad, right? Yeah.


I have tickets to the Georgia Tech. I'm not going I'll be watching that one on TV. Maybe I come back for the North Carolina game if it's a massive game. Part of the problem, too, because I actually heard the atmosphere there was pretty good for the FSU game, but you're just thrashing your hated rival. So I imagine it's fun. It was a really bad game to watch. It was super boring. I was just miserable. And then I got poured on afterwards.


It's just it's super safe. Go if you just want a good family friendly if you don't need booze to spice up a boring football game, God bless you. Go out there. It is the safest thing I can imagine in terms of like outside of staying at home. Obviously, that's a safer option. But if you're good to go feel confident in their safety protocol.


But you're boring. You're already at the place, though, where you are not here for ugly conference wins. You're already in a place where your expectations are such that it's not satisfying to you to merely beat any of the teams that aren't Clemson.


Well, Dan, I'd much rather win these games. They dropped in the rankings and deservedly so. I thought that was that was a bad. What are the rankings mean, though?


I saw Virginia Tech was ranked in the top twenty.


I don't know what the rankings. I mean, how about the marshals in there? I got one for you. If you were shocked, you got if you were shocked to learn that Chad Heny is still in the league. Here's one for you. Over the weekend, AMI accepted an Independence Bowl bid.


What are you talking locked in this Independence Bowl and they're locked into it. All right. And already that's the earliest bowl. This army. Ah, like three and one are the four and one I mean, no one in the BCS always.


But I'm not certain where I think the. For one, thank you for your service. The hurricanes got shut out in the independence poll last year. Mike Hartley, the receivers and encouraging story there. We were challenging the receivers. Manny Diaz said no one's locked in to the top of the depth chart. You got a receiver staying late after practice and all this talk because there's all sorts of haters, myself included, saying this is the worst crop of receivers.


Mike has his best game, I think, is Miami hurricane. And now he has up to two memorable games for the Miami Hurricanes. Pope made some nice plays. Derek King, I thought, played well, but they didn't they didn't put up a lot of points. And they have to win ugly. And quite frankly, that's a game that I feel like they lose.


However, that is a very bizarre Virginia team I saw in 98, a ninety nine now number five. And last week I saw a number thirty six take snaps at quarterback. It's a very bizarre watch, but you know, I'd rather win them than lose them. Do I have to continue to look up this Mike Leanin wide receiver at NC State? I've been doing it for ten minutes, Torrey. Hopefully there it was well before myself or my. So Mike Glennon didn't have any professional receivers in my life.


I don't know.


In my head, I had a Glenanne throwing the ball to Hakeem Nicks.


So when you guys said he didn't go to NC State because I had Hakeem Nicks in a red and white uniform running around beating the hurt, I remember anything like that infield dirt of Pro Players Stadium tearing us apart with him and Tate good wide receivers.


Butch Davis recruited their student. It is such a pleasure to watch that Menis Myles Garrett play for the Browns. He's great, but it's just when there's when it's an edge rusher in a leagues, the guys where all these quarterbacks are getting the ball out so damn fast because, you know, we've talked before, but they've basically neutered the value of Davion Clowney, who gets to the quarterback faster on the average like than all but four players in the league because they're getting rid of the ball so quick.


And here's Myles Garrett. And he's looking for strip sacks. He's looking for the football stuff. That's that's that's the Lawrence Taylor shit where he's he's not merely content to get to your quarterback.


He's not scared of hitting him too hard. Like a lot of the he wants the ball back because there were so many bogus calls yesterday. You got to it's got to be infuriating. It really does. Even if your safety first, it's got to be infuriating to see that you simply can't hit the quarterback hard anymore. Like, that's the rule. Now, it's not just that you can't hit him high. You can't hit him low. You can't hit him with your helmet.


It's you can't hit him hard. You're not allowed. The rules should simply be you're not allowed no matter where he is, because Stafford got a call yesterday where I was like, what is that? And you just can't it must be maddening to be a defensive player. It's so damn hard to get back there quickly and you get back there quickly and now you've got to slow down because the rule in that sport is don't hit our quarterbacks too hard.


And that's not safety. That's protecting the money, that's actually not protecting the players bodies or heads or anything else that's protecting your league. You're changing the rules so that one player is playing a different game, less violent, less dangerous than all the others who are out made worse of the quarterbacks? No, the rule is they're no, they're being protected. And at times even one defensive player is trying to hold up. The quarterback will try and sell it.


And it's making it so difficult on defensive end. But he's great. I mean, he's unbelievable.


Remember how much he was getting penalized last year for, like all those personal fouls, late hits? He was considered a very dirty player. And then obviously the helmet swinging didn't help that perception. But this year, he's totally cleaned it up. The NFL is designed for close games and for offenses to put up big points. How many sacks does he. He's on pace for twenty. She's on pace for twenty. So he's doing this thing. Look, the Bengals didn't punt, but the Browns Defense Force, enough turnovers made enough game changing plays.


So he's just going out. They're going to sell out to try to just get the ball back. And that's probably what they should do, because that is a bad back set in that Cleveland.


That was such a fun game to watch yesterday. I just want I want to give you a few things. This was courtesy of Trey Wingo about Joe Buro. Just quickly, through seven career games, his ranks, most attempts all time to ninety three, most completions all time. One ninety five passing yards twenty twenty three third most three hundred yard games, five tie with Mahomes for all time.


I mean herbut is the first other than Mahomes that has two hundred and fifty plus yards in his first five games like it's him and Mahomes. And yesterday was the shakiest game and they put up close to 40 points in the game.


Speaking of personal fouls, I this is probably a name that certainly Seagate's as a no. Dan Amari Carter. You familiar with this guy? No, No. Five for the University of Miami Secondary Safety. He's got four targeting penalties on the very first play he got thrown out of the game against Virginia. He's missed. If he's not missing an entire game, he's missing a half because it carries over from the previous game. He can't stay on the field.


It's a remarkable thing. This is the book on him. And I can't tell you how many hurricanes podcast's. I hear that tell me how brilliant the kid is and he's got one of these beautiful football minds, but every time he comes on the field, is it really for he's got four in his career, that's hard to do considering you get suspended.


Right. So it's not like he has enough games to even get for. It's amazing. Every game he just goes out that runs on the field for play.


Well, our safety situation's a mess because some other player is suspended and he just goes back onto the sideline and sits next to Ed Reed for like the entire game to God has been wanting to talk about the Blades brothers, because when I think of safeties, I think of I go back a ways with great safeties at the University of Miami to guys has been wanting to talk about the Blade brothers for two months.


The only reason, Mike, I wanted to do this is I was thinking of local athletes like who you could pair together to create and form what would be a good sounding company. If the Blades Brothers had a landscaping company, they'd be at my house twice a week, work it on the lawn and that's all I have on the boys. Brothers mean, that's that's it. That's why you've been wanting to talk about the Blades brothers.


Batman's stewards wants to talk about anything except you guys want to do guys want to hear this is from rich to many. Do you guys want to hear or guess how many yards the Jets had in the second half yesterday? You guys want to take a guess and freeze? Anybody want to. Yes.


One hundred and fourteen.


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It's good to be a guy. I didn't think they had that in them as a big loss. They saw that Houston was like, oh, shit. So it wasn't Jericho Katri, right? The Jericho contrary point. Absolutely. No, no, no. He played before wasn't Brandon Taylor or year. You know, I must have gotten it wrong.


I've got I'm going across regions again. I had I had my Glenanne throwing the ball to a North Carolina player in a different stadium. So I had my Glenanne dropping back to pass in the Wolfberg Stadium and then coming down in a blue uniform in a totally different uniform with a little outriders about 15 yards and 16 nicks who I had in the red and white uniform.


But evidently, you know, when you started the route in a red and white uniform and by the end it was powder blue NCSA, it has a pretty terrible legacy at that position from my research.


I just can't believe it, you know, seven forty five in the morning I'm going down a rabbit hole, looking up like light and receivers at NC State, although it's been a minute since I've thought about Jericho Contraries. So for that I thank you.


When when is the last time you guys remember NC State was I don't remember in twenty seventeen.


He said Mike said that when they had Bradley Chubb when they had they had, they had a fierce defense and they had a good four NC State, a really good team prior to that. Glenanne prior to that.


Russell Wilson, what do you imagine is their highest ranking NC State.


NC State is I can't believe this is our local our maybe when they had Philip Rivers and we're upsetting the likes of Florida State. I mean, they lost the Miami in the Micron PC bowl, and that's when I kind of felt like Miami was back.


You got you can just do final rankings. I think it'll be an easier way to find you.


Remember that Micron PC bowl down with Scott Covington, a quarterback? It was Edgerrin James versus Terry Holt. It's a rare score. I have to specify football because basketball keeps coming up.


I mean, those were such tough years, the Covington Clement years. So.


So, yeah, but that was a turning point in the program's history. They stacked the success of beating UCLA with the Micron PC Bowl victory.


Billy, have you have you seen people or during the pandemic? Is he is he in hiding or the hurricanes? Not good enough? Have you heard anything from people in terms of whether or not he intends to make any appearances to yell at me this year?


Last I heard from him, he was afraid of his showing, but he hasn't I mean, he doesn't reach out to me personally, Dan, OK, we're not exactly similar in, like, you know, our likes and dislikes, friends, stuff like that. I wonder if you more like a professional colleagues. Kind of.


I wonder if you've heard from him about like how how about hurricanes? Games are the tailgating is you drinking your own car. They don't even let you outside west. Thirty two is a thing of the past. It's you can't even take down your mask so you can't make a bunch of noise. I haven't seen any pots and pans. You're not allowed to bring that in. What's the point of going to these games if there's no it seems like it's not super fun if there's no alcohol?


Look, God bless the University of Miami for being super safe. It's just not not fun.


Well, let me ask you guys this question. If I put steaks on it, does it change anything?


For example, I was thinking of this when I was watching in the crowd of the World Series games. I'm like, man, I wonder if those are tough tickets. Everyone is so spaced out. And the Dodger fans seemed really excited to see possibly, you know, they're on the cusp of the first championship in three decades. And I wondered to myself, would that be a fun thing to be doing in today's environment? If you're a fan of one of the team at teams and there are state the World Series is a tough ticket.


I know this because I was helping a Libertador friend try to secure World Series tickets. And there was all sorts of rigidities and strict protocols and caps on tickets.


But it's about it's OK. So is it a tough ticket just because they're super heavy in terms of how it is that you can get in everything or everything is super?


Is there also a lot of demand? There's a lot of demand because, look, this is a dodgers, them winning a World Series. Finally, after getting so close, it's a major story. And you have a lot of influential people in Los Angeles that are trying to get these tickets to it's a it's a it's a hard ticket to get. There is a big demand and a limited quantity.


The scalpers are picking them up and selling them in the resale market for a lot of money to get it to NC State. And the Chuck Amato had 11 wins. They were ranked well in the AP poll, I believe, eleventh in the coaches poll before that. Nineteen seventy four before, Lou, Lou Holtz was the coach. And yeah, God bless you for saying.


Chuck Amato. Thank you. Thank you. People. Look at me. Look at me. My eyes. Yeah. Thank you. You're welcome.


You can't look Chuck Amato in the eyes because he was always wearing ridiculous sunglasses. Go ahead and feel free to Google that. If you're not familiar with the Chuck Amato years at NC State, we had a great deal of fun. He he he looked like a cartoon rooster wearing ridiculous sunglasses, white friends.


So the highest they've ever been. Right. Just to be clear, was on the Lou Holtz, though. It's seventy four. They were eleventh in the AP ninth and never been in the top ten. Well, ninth in the coaches poll. OK, on the loopholes, put it on the poll gamble at Ledbetter's with their end of season ranking.


They never got in the top ten and put a scare in people with Philip Rivers.


Put it on the poll. Did you know that Lou Holtz was coaching at NC State in 1974?


Oh, this Chuck Amato. I mean, he's just like a cooler version of Dana Holgersson is.


Yeah, put that on the pole. Garmo, is it a compliment to call somebody that cooler version of Dana Holgersson in whole holders and of course, the guy that your dad once beat up at a steak steak, a steak and shake?


Yeah. Damn it, Fido's. Where is your haircut gone? We know you don't get out as much, you don't drive by your regular sport clips and pop in for that MVP haircut experience that is so much more than a haircut.


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To keep on the theme of just random topics in this local area, you guys mentioned Giovani Bernard earlier, it made me think of Joe Mixon. The Bengals have had the same two running backs since I've been in height since I was in high school. I think it's mixin third season.


Believe me, I heard makes and called the veteran the other day. And I was my reaction was the same. Wait a minute. He just got into the league from Oklahoma like four years ago. Why does it get to be a veteran already?


He's already in the holdout phase of his career. He's only in his third season. It feels like that. I feel like Mixon has been around for like ten seasons. No, no, no.


Chris, Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap are still Bengals and Carlos Dunlap. I think he's since deleted the tweet. But it was a laugh out loud. Funny, 45 minutes after the game, Carlos Dunlap tweets this out. After losing to the Browns for the second time, a team that he's not used to losing to Carlos Dunlap, veteran good player, 6000 square foot Cityview with a huge balcony, four bedroom, four and a half bathroom in one of the best school districts for sale.


Do your market analysis and make me an offer. Serious inquiries only with one owner is willing to sell furniture unfurnished to God.


I don't that Mixon has to have been in the league more than three years.


He just started his fourth season. This is his fourth season. But how long has Bernard been in the league? Forever.


I mean, since the whole time that he stayed?


Well, because I'm making fun of NC State for being a speed bump. But I was last year getting in trouble because I kept saying that Michigan State was a speed bump. Did you see what happened to them this weekend?


Yeah, Rutgers Ciano they had Piano Man. They had seven turnovers.


Yeah, man, there was you could tell that there was going to be a couple of, like, money, like big dogs that were going to win because the first week with even the Big Ten, you had an even shorter training camp than most teams. I was wondering who is going to be the one that fell and that play that that India, Indiana quarterback Phoenix. Oh, great. To be able to do it. He's a lefty quarterback.


To be able to switch mid run to your off hand and get to the pylon is one of the more dramatic final photos of a game you'll ever see. Bernard's been in the league since two thousand thirteen after playing at USC with Michael Bennet.


Let's let's go ahead. No. Yeah, I don't know which joke you're making there. Whether you're putting Glenanne in the North Carolina uniform, I don't even know which joke you're making.


That's what I was doing. I want I'd like to go down this path, though, of sort of talking about the end of that game for those of you who don't know, because it does merit attention, even though on Football Mondays likes to said college football tends to get swallowed. So it's a it's a great game throughout Indiana and Penn State. Penn State is trailing most of the game, then goes up twenty eight twenty, then Indiana ties it.


Then Penn State goes up thirty five, twenty eight and very late in the game, Indiana comes down the field and scores a touchdown to bring them within one. And they decide and I love when teams do this, OK, they're the underdog in the game. They're playing at home such that it is, you know, not very many fans allowed in and one game, one play for the game. And the play they call. The quarterback didn't look like he was going to get there, he was scrambling around and then he decides to try and make it to the left pylon.


I love that pylon cam. And it's like the pylon cams are so good at letting you see everything that's happening out there. But he and let me try to explain this, because it didn't look like he was going to make it and he stretched the full length of his body in a way to try and hit the pylon with the tip of the football, as Mike said, with his off hand, and he got there. But the thing that I was thinking about, because they had to play it and slow it down and it still wasn't clear, I would not have been surprised.


If they had decided that ball touched out of bounds before it touched the pylon and therefore is out of bounds, I just don't think you can do that in that moment when that game of inches. That's correct. I mean, I think the I think what happened that first off, you thought of you, by the way, when it happened, I thought this asshole is going to come in here and just say game of inches and then just look at me with jazz hands like I legitimately thought more for you.


Luckily, I legitimately thought to myself, as it happened, you came in and you crept into my Saturday because I'm like all Stukas is going to have for me here when I explain what this play is, is game of glad I didn't disappoint. It wasn't, though. The reason that it's wrong is because it was game of an inch. Like this wasn't even plural. This was not inches.


But those depend on the on field call because it's hard to reverse that it's so close that it's hard to reverse. So if they call it a touchdown, it's probably going to stay a touchdown. If they say no touchdown, it's going to be hard to reverse it to a touchdown.


One of those in real time. It didn't look as close as it did when you started slowing it down. But when you slow it down, you realize, man, I can't even slide the Sunday edition of the newspaper underneath this guy's body was incredible thing.


The thing that was cool about it, Mike, is right. It's a great sports photograph. The thing that is cool about it is you see the entire length of his body. It is a long body. You see that it is fully stretched out. You see that it is parallel to the ground and you're wondering to yourself, how is no body part touching yet? And how was he not out of bounds? Like how was he not how is he going to get there?


And he ends up getting there. But I don't I actually don't think he did. I thought that it was an inch short all the time. I thought the no, but I did look like he did. I thought the ball hit out of bounds first. But I'm also watching. I'm like, don't take that away from him. Do not take that away from him.


When you're Indiana, you're allowed to be an inch short when you're playing football against Penn State. Yes. Thank you. Rating, I mean, should be afforded the right. They don't have what Penn State has. They don't have the facilities, the recruits, the scholarship, the money they don't have. So you know what they get? They get an and really you factor all of that in. Is that right?


OK, I love this. I love if you're playing different conferences at one conferences better than the other, they have a larger field that they need to score on. So if it's like a Conference USA or somebody that's like the SEC, it's like one hundred and fifty yard field versus a hundred ladies teams like the ladies teams.




You want those teams playing from the Reds.


I mean I feel like it's kind of like even out the competitive balance. Right. And then you'll have a situation where Nick Saban is like, do I really want to get another five star recruit and have to play an extra two yards against Auburn this year? I don't know.


Then that Penn State game have a similar situation to Todd Gurley, that they have a running back that could have taken a knee on the one, kicked the field goal. The game's over. That drive never happened.


They did. They did have. I was in my car pounding seltzer's waiting to go in. I was actually right in a nice buzz, too. And that was a buzzkill.


What what seltzer's were you pounding? Let's try to hold on a second. Let's hear the maximum sad migranyan tailgate experience. Is there anyone in your car with you? First of all, you're driving to the game with how much in your rearview mirror in terms of people criticizing you for being someone who goes to a game?


Oh, a bunch of people with a bunch of fans of the show. And I get it. Just keep in mind that there is no show if I don't actually leave the house. But yeah, I had like my wife and my brother in law in my. That's pretty self-important in my jeep a little bit. I mean, come on. I had my wife and my brother in law, my Jeep, and, you know, brought the cooler full of leftover seltzer's from from assorted weekend.


So I had the Smirnoff Red, white and blue. I like that high recommendation there. The white cloud. It was first market. Right. So it's held in high regard as an industry standard for me, too. Artificial tasting. I prefer the funky Buddha. I certainly prefer the the Smirnoff the vises, because they have one of these Michelob Ultra like marketing campaigns where you actually feel that, oh, this is good for my body. This is essentially vitamins.


So I like the disease as well. Was it sad and.


Oh, yes, no, but I know you said the game. Yes, yes. The tailgate was yes.


Everything. Was it raining. It was raining. Everything about it was. So you're in a parking lot. There aren't that many cars there. You've got you're going have to run through the rain today.


It's it's a ghost town. I got out of that stadium in ten seconds. Wow. There was no no traffic. And this is they're doing it right. It's just not. I wanted to see if I could have a good time and go into it. I want I got a babysitter and you know, when you have a one year old, you're going to take the babysitter whenever you can get it. I'm Carol. Walk around my house, but let's take the babysitter.


I wanted to see if it was possible for me to have a good experience, even though it's diluted and it was so diluted that I realized I don't think I want to do this certainly for Georgia Tech and heard through the concourse. From other people, Judge, you could tell groups like you take the Georgia Tech game, people were fighting to not go to the Georgia Tech game.


Could you sit wherever you wanted? No, no, no, no, not at all.


Designated seating seats where my season tickets were moved from the section they were before because I was blocked off due to covid. My entire section had eight people in it. An entire section rows typically have like 12 people per row in this part of the stadium. My entire section had eight people in it.


It's so weird because my friend has gone to a couple of dolphin games and thoroughly enjoyable. Now he's not look at the tailgate, sell booze there, but and he's not. Look at the tailgate. So he says he goes there. He doesn't have anyone.


It's nice to have room in a stadium. If it's not incredibly steamy and you're denied alcohol.


I'm sure I'm sure there was a good atmosphere. I heard from people. The reason why I wanted to go is I heard from people how fun the FSU game was. They're capped at thirteen thousand seats for this game. Nine thousand people went. So the book's already out on, like, how not fun these are. There isn't a crazy demand. I have heard that for the two a game, there is a crazy demand. They are certainly going to meet the thirteen thousand people are trying to get into that building.


It's a different atmosphere. But when the announcer goes, that's another Miami Hurricanes first down. And I could hear my own echo reverberate off the other part of the stadium. It's just like.


So you get no joy, though. Virginia, Virginia shut down the Orange Bowl in a way that was profoundly sad. It was like forty seven. Nothing. They came in here, a team that hadn't lost a home game the entire time I was in schools, two gods, they didn't lose a home game. They Virginia came in here and closed down the Orange Bowl with something. I don't know what Christie seven or forty nine. Nothing.


Something that a wing joint at an event that was sad. Oh, my God.


And then they end up they end up wrecking the Orange Bowl. You get nothing in the way of satisfaction. You leave. They're not feeling like your team is any better or worse than it was three weeks ago. You're just sort of feeling like we're in a second tier with the Virginias of the world. Well, well, beneath Clemson. Yeah.


And I didn't have I still haven't applied the perspective of well, that's a game we usually lose. I mean, but it's just there wasn't even even in the course of the game, the first two drives Miami scored within their first two plays. Virginia went right back at it. And you're like, OK, this is going to be a really fun game to watch. And it was just dreadful after that. There weren't turnovers. There wasn't anything to really get me like that.


Excited, boring. The end was close, but not good, if that makes any sense. With with you not being able to drink inside at the Kanes game, I'm trying to imagine how many seltzer's you pounded in your car before you went. I'm thinking like in like a half hour period, like six.


Well, you certainly chug. So I went in there with three Shuggie Seltzer's feeling all right. And I was caught by surprise by the lack of no booze inside because I thought I heard that four other sections my family shares like club seats with this other family. So I thought for the club section there would be some alcohol sales at least till halftime. No dice. You can't leave your seat to order food. You have to open up the Miami Dolphins app and even the food like it's just basically the chicken tenders and fries that I lived off of for early 2000s Marlins teams.


So you're yawning and you have a headache halfway through the first quarter. That's how drinking works. Yeah, well, this was cracking open. The Aquafina was a late evening, early evening even we have three going in and then you can't drink anymore that alcohol wears off. I don't want to stop.


I don't feel like you get the headaches if you start drinking. I know what you're talking about. If you start drinking at noon and then you slow down and you're out in the sun or slow down, then you're 4:00 p.m. comes around.


Well, I must admit, there was a UFC card that I watched and Chelsea had the twelve thirty game, so I had a few seltzer's that day. The head did come creeping in.


God was yelling and screaming about tuning in. Even though we read all the ads here, he still doesn't understand. And fighting has been around for a long time. He heard two p.m. time on the UFC card and he only wanted to see a and he's sitting around waiting for two and a half hours in a way that comes in today and says he wants a refund of eighty eight dollars.


I mean, Jesus Christ, you tell me something's going to start to let it started to eighty six. I don't know what it says, but I don't know. I got surcharges and stuff. I have no idea. I've signed up for ESPN. Plus finally perhaps a wrong look at the receipt. Sixty four. Eighty four. Tomato tomato. It doesn't matter.


Started to say college football to watch it I the card wasn't great, the main event even wasn't great. It was exciting just because Habib is great. But the post-flight I totally turned on Habib. I didn't like him. I thought man, this person's an insane person going into the crowd. This person is genuinely dangerous. You have more his contacts, which he was deeply offended by what Conor McGregor does on behalf of his people, he was deeply offended.


But how can you not connect with this man who's fighting his first and only fight? That's his last fight, he says. And I tend to believe him. I never believe the fighters. I never believed the fighters either. But I tend to believe him, too, when he says this is his last fight.


Mike, I was telling Dan I wanted to watch it because you guys had told me how good could be, because I'm starting to get into the UFC a little bit. I'm starting to like it more and more. And it seemed like a great fight and cab. You guys were telling me it's a great matchup. Yes, it was short, but it was impressive for me to finally kind of see it right. What you guys have seen for so long to see that guy turned defense because he was on the defensive.


Right. It was a kick from Gaikai. He turned that into offense and ended the match. Well, I was impressed. She's got the leg kicks, but he was on the back foot. I'll bring in Tony because Tony worked for a long time on Ariels and the May podcast. He knows me better than anyone on the show. He was throwing the leg kicks and it did kind of affect Habib, but that didn't stop him from pushing forward.


And once it takes you to the ground at over. Yeah, the tough thing about fighting Kobe is that his ground game is elite, right? He's an elite wrestler. He's one of the best wrestlers we've ever seen in the UFC. And when you're not ready, he will turn, like you said, defense into offense and get you in a triangle choke and in the match. One of one of the cool things to see about Kobe is his dad was his cornerman.


Right. His dad was one of the people that really got him into fighting and really brought him to the level that he is now. And I don't care who you are, you get emotional watching somebody. That is excellent. Right. Perfect. 30, you know, doesn't have to fight anymore. He's twenty nine years old or 30 years old or whatever it is, it's he's like, look, this was for my dad. He's no longer here because of covid complications.


And he's there on the mat, like on on his knees. And you feel that right. Like it goes back to when you guys saw Jordan on the floor after winning a title. And it's like, wow, this is what sports is. So that to me was the best part of the fight. Wasn't even all that. It was the post match. Just seeing him take off the gloves and saying, hey, look, without my dad, I'm done.


The the reason that I believe him on retirement is what you're saying right there, Tony.


It's not just that these guys always need the money or, you know, lose their identity when they retire, because the reason there are so many retirement early in that sports to God and this doesn't happen and anywhere else, really, except maybe it running back in the NFL is because it hurts because training hurts because getting up in the morning hurts because every day going to work hurts.


Dana White revealed Habib actually broke his foot in the training leading up to this fight. But hearing Habib articulate how much his dad meant to him and his dad passed away from covid. This is a guy that was wrestling bears. That's not it's not a joke. That's not something stereotypical of a people in the middle of nowhere. He was from the middle of nowhere wrestling bears. There's video of it. He went from nowhere to the top to say, and you could tell how much it means to him because he's been talking about his legacy and being the greatest ever.


And he wants that damn respect. The way that LeBron says it, he'll tell you definitively. But unlike LeBron, like I guarantee you, like you'll break your neck if you don't give it to him. So he's the greatest ever. That's it. I mean, is he. Yes. OK, yeah. I mean, I've heard that about ten fighters. Yeah. I don't know how you beat him. You beat him obviously by strikes. I would have loved to have seen Tony Ferguson against Habib in their primes, but we're not going to get that fight.


And you judge him by who? He fought against him. Best fighter ever.


But don't you guys think he'll eventually, like most most athletes, he'll need money who want money? I want to do that again. That is not the reputation that he has. And he has a ton of money. The only thing that I would imagine would bring him back is that he might feel differently, just emotionally making decisions from a place where your father's past from covid making emotional decisions. Sometimes in years you can alter that and get a pang of some sort.


But that sport really does hurt and money doesn't seem to be the issue with him at all. That's why a lot of guys, you know, Pacquiao got tax problems like that's why a lot of guys end up coming back. But that doesn't seem to be an issue. And the tie to his father is one and just sort of the spiritual and religious rigidity of what this person values are.


The reason that this person values this sport, this life, being able to, you know, represent his people.


Like that's what happened with Conor McGregor. And it was sort of weird. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, Tony, because I don't I know he's not an innocent, but it was like watching a Buddhist monk in rage because he wanted to fight all of Khanum Macgregors people for all of their racism because of all of the shit that they talk to sell that fight.


Yeah, and obviously, as we know, connivers is a devout Muslim, and I think that is part of the reason why. And if you talk like Ariel set it on the show on Friday, there is such immense pressure on Habib to be this excellent fighter that he needs to be undefeated because he's carrying the weight of the entire Muslim population of the world. Right. Like they started the fight at two o'clock because of the population in Saudi Arabia and in all these countries that you're sitting there and saying, OK, he is probably aside from Mohammed Salah, he's probably the biggest Muslim athlete on the planet.


Right. Like he's carrying the weight of the entire world without his dad fighting at elite levels with elite fighters. All of this stuff is finally here. And he's like, you know what? I have all the money. He lives in Dagestan. Like, can you guys even point out where Dagestan is on a map?


Because I can't say up here the reason that he will come out of retirement or says he will come out of retirement to fight Saint-Pierre, that that there would be one more fight on his resume against Saint-Pierre is because of that best ever status. It's the pound for pound status.


So when also we look we say this about fighters and we tend to believe them, Dan, about his dad. But fighters, notoriously, they retire all the time. They White's going to offer him a payday, the likes of which he never dreamed. But he's going to have to say no to that.


Yeah. And but the religious stuff makes me think he might. And the way that he's guarded his money makes me think that. Well, how about the competitor part, though? No, but I understand the competitive problem when he's talking when he's making in a strictly financial decision. I ask you, a devout Muslim, it seems like he would not do.


I mean, unless like a devout Muslim is going to be almost fundamentally guarded against the temptation of making anything superficial, making any decisions for just strictly the temptations. Like, I don't know. I don't know whether he's going to fight again. We will have been denied somebody. How old is he? Is he indeed, Tony? Thirty hours, a twenty nine and thirty, you know, would come against St. Peter. Like, that's what that's what I that's what I understood was the the same Pierre fight would be the only way that he could have won a nine A.




And by the way, he's thirty two years old. So he's not quite in his prime and what weight would they fight at, aren't they? Different weight classes unless they both could? Well, Ariel told us that they might negotiate some sort of catch weight, that they've made exceptions for this, for Joyce Gracie versus Matt Hughes. And so they might find some middle ground. I don't know if you guys saw the weigh in with a B, but that dude was sweating every minute of it.


Had to strip down totally naked, barely made one fifty five, landed on one fifty five even. And there was like some shady stuff happening with with the scale. One shady stuff was happening with this kid.


Didn't even have time to settle there, just like we saw one fifty five on there. Get them off of it. Yeah. That needed could bounce around. You got to let that thing settle down for me.


It settles down right at around one seventy eight I mean every time and with the be way and there was two dudes holding up the towel so he could stand up there completely nude and those dudes had no shame about just peeking. You saw their head. They were just like looking straight down. I was just like, this is interesting.


Can I ask you guys this? What is Nate Diaz doing where he says that could be Abey's twenty nine and one. What's what's happening there? He said that I'm a big M-m guy now. It's amazing what is happening with you. You came in today. Demand the BJ Penn Dotcom you. Yeah that is weird. Become an aggregate site. Just his name.


Wait a minute. Stewart was actually at PJ Payne dot com and you guys is right about those two guys has been talking and not knowing him long enough to actually say the right thing when he says we've done this pound for pound thing with everyone, including BJP, because the BJP hasn't fought in a couple of years and hasn't been good more than that. It started with that old guy. I forget who it was. And so that was one of those gracies, one of the crazies.


Who else was it?


How many there are? There have been some best pound for pounds around here. It's been Anderson Silva. It's been George St. Peter before. Silva Jones. The first time we started having that discussion was a lead up to the George St. BJ. It was PJ Penn.


We were talking about that way before we were talking about St. That came here because the guards kept saying it's ten years of analysis from Stewart is nobody knows who's any good. Now, I got tired and defensive.


No offense. Jack came down here to go. I know who he is. No idea. There was a big Penn.


Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls? Come stay with us.


That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary? Missing out guy is great service worker. You get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls, right. To see your room or go to sleep in the car now. Happy Geico.


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