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It's the shipping container freekeh with you on a Friday. Oh, guys, I have. I smell it. Can you smell it, Tony? Smell that. I do.


That's playoff implications tonight with Braves and Marlins. The Marlins are in the hunt. It's mid-August and we have a baseball game that matters. I have not felt this way about baseball in years, gentlemen.


I'm not even I'm not kidding. Like I am planning my days now around.


Did you stay up? Did you stay up for fourteen, eleven extra innings? Did you stay up all the way into the night to watch fourteen eleven and incredibly sad buffalo.


Oh Saddan. That was a hit, that was a hitting series. What they call that fourteen eleven was like a dolphin score. Yes. I stayed up that I have not missed a pitch I don't think of, of Marlins games. I'm fired up.


I thought the Marlins were going to blow that game. I have a group chat that's just meant to troll the Mets fans that I know.


They did blow that game. It was eight nothing. They were winning eight nothing. And it ended up an extra innings.


So I always get cocky. I'm oh, guys, I'm a little busy. I'm away from my phone. Haven't been able to check what's Mets score. And now when the Marlins are good, I'm like, hey, what's the Marlins score? Because I always just like trolling the Mets by how much better the Marlins are. And I sent the text at eight zero. Hey, guys, can anyone check what the Marlins score is? I'm running on a bunch of errands and then like twenty minutes later, after no response, I was like, it's OK.


I got it. I got the score because they stormed all the way back. What was the final score, that game or.


Ten, eleven, eleven. Yeah, but it was crazy because their bullpen is bad normally and now all their bullpen guys are sick or at least coming back from this COGAT thing. So their bullpen right now is people you've never heard of. It's crazy.


Yeah, but, you know, it's awesome because they missed like a week and a half of baseball. They're going to play a load of seven inning games where they don't really need to test their bullpen. It's it's a crazy advantage for a team like the Marlins with a bad bullpen.


You mentioned the scores and teasing your friends with the scores. The good thing is that beginning money Monday, August 17th, every half hour, you'll be able to get your scores in the updates.


I know many of you still do it that way, where you wait every half hour and you tune into your radio and you find out, wow, the Yankees won eight to five in seven innings. You will be able to get that beginning Monday every half hour on ESPN Radio.


I just I know the sports centers on ESPN Radio exists to be sold. Right. So that was the whole attitude of our show when we decided, well, let's just make content out of it. Get one of these bottom of the hours out of here. Let's just let's just have fun with it, because we know that it's just a commercial. Let's put fun programming in there. But considering how the messaging that I'm getting and I've gotten way too many emails on how below the standard our present situation, will you guys please absorb that for a second?


And when I say you guys, I'm talking to the Xoom call, but the audience, you're welcome to absorb it as well. They have decided that the number one sports radio show in America and what can't be argued the most different sports radio show in America, they have decided that our SportsCenter flashes poorly read by Stewart's, which are an epicenter for content creation for our radio show, where we can make fun of everything happening there. They have decided after Stewart said that he was the best update man in America and that's the reason that he wanted to do it, that it is beneath their standard.


That is a phrase Mike Ryan has gotten from management beneath their standards.


So the the most recent two weeks that I had off, I didn't really check my email at all. I tried like checking the email occasionally. The first two weeks I'm like, this does not feel like I'm away. So I shut it down. Liam texted me, hey, heads up, they're going to change the sports center. So I was already like, and I'm like, I don't have a say in this. Right. I tried to fight for it, but it was relayed to me that there was no shot.


So I already know cut to Monday where I'm like catching up on all my emails and I see the original email in which this was sent and I just started laughing because it just drags us for how terrible our sports and reads are. It is so funny, it's just like a constant reminder of just how poor we are, and I kind of just thought that that was the whole gag.


Let me tell you a funny story, because you mentioned Brand, and I don't think I've told have I told you this story? I'm not sure I have, because there are a number of funny things that happened before we joined ESPN. And if you don't remember the history of it, it's not something that I wanted to do.


And I was wrong because we should have gone to ESPN, but everybody else wanted to do it. And it was a higher profile gig. But I was worried about sort of corporate dilution of what we do. And I really value freedom, so. A couple of weeks out, OK, after they've tried to replace Stewart with Bomani. A couple of weeks from starting the show, we've already signed all the paperwork we're about to start, I get my first call from the guy who's running the audio division.


And that call is him asking me how we make a local show national, and I explain him all look, South Florida sports have been pretty bad here for a while. We already do a national show. It just happens to be local. And then I start talking to some more and I just I'm like, hey, have you heard the show?


And his answer was, no. And I'm like, Do you think you should do that before we start talking about what I'm going to do with the show? But that's not the part of the story that I'm wanting to tell, because I've told that part before. I met with that guy at a downtown Miami hotel back when you could do those things. And I'm not making this up. He talked the entire time about the brand, yeah, the brand, and when it was over, as I was saying goodbye to him, I said, I just need you to know this.


I don't care at all about any brand.


Yeah, that shows. It shows.


And the brands important to people that have been with the company for a very long time. You know, Sports Center is a brand that's almost as famous as ESPN. They're synonymous. And the branding look what Stewart was doing, given the history of the Sports Center brand, was an insult to the brand. I'm not refuting anything in the multiple emails that I received.


Oh, that's that's been the joke. It's our whole show. Our whole show is this turd that sits in the middle of this river of sports gold. And it's keeps growing, even though all we're doing is polluting all the water. It's the entire joke.


I am excited to sort of hit the reset button because during a global pandemic and everything that was going on with racial injustice, social injustice. A lot of shows started sounding a little bit more like ours because they didn't have sports to go to. Now we're not going to sound like any of the shows, so that's exciting.


Is this the local hour, a therapy session? The therapy session raves tonight.


It's happening right now at what Barkley said last night that nobody scared of the heat like we got. Forget things that talk about boys.


That's an excellent point. If you want to hear more of a therapy session between Danny and I, check out today's mystery crane. It is live. And we just sort of bear this out. It's affected us deeply.


It has. And this is part of the tension we have around here, though, because I want to deconstruct, because we're a show about a show. I want to deconstruct what just happened there, because some of the constant tension around here is yesterday or two days ago, we talked too much for some days. We talked to little sports every day. Check this every day. We talked too much about ourselves. But you just started leading the show.


Yeah. You don't want to lead the show. You know, you know good and well that anyone who leads this show is the asshole for the day. You know it better than anybody. Actually, Mike knows it better than anybody I know quite well.


Go ahead. I already hate myself. It it happens, Chris. It's part of it. And if you just so happen, that's why a collective is good. Collective is, you know, just perfect because no one gets to be the annoying voice that talks too much. It's hard driving. I realized it was so funny. I'm like, man, driving is really hard because you're talking and you're trying to read the faces of other people and set them up, that you become a more diluted version of yourself.


And I'm explaining this to Dan. I'm like everyone. Everyone else wins. Everyone else gets to be a funny guy. Then all of a sudden I'm the one that's hated because all I spend my time is trying to set other people up, make them feel like they're share. I'm talking to. And Dan was like, yeah, I know that's been the last 14 and a half years. He was he was explaining it all.


Although I know. Chris, explain to me how you felt that when you're the guy who leads, what kind of criticism do you get? People are just complaining about every last thing that you talk about.


Well, honestly, I don't know if you're talking about the thing that rhymes with Schmidt. It I don't go on that at all. You shouldn't really I don't really know about it, but I just feel it when I'm in it that I'm not the best at this. I should be a third or fourth voice. No one needs to hear me trying to, like, put together paragraphs and sentences, jumping in for like two sentences and then jumping out.


But have you guys talking for way, way too consistently like this is not good. I'm losing confidence as I go on.


So please hold on though.


I mean, from talking, I think, OK, I'm going to stop you right now and I am going to expose someone and make them feel worse than you are, because I don't believe anyone listening to this has probably noticed that Billy avoids all of that criticism by trying very hard to never be leaving like he spotted that a long time ago. And Billy hides in the shadows so that he can be the funny guy or the liked guy or the guy who disrupts or the anarchist.


How often does Billy lead around here?


Oh, Billy picks his spots. He is so great at it because, yeah, when when I started leading, Mike used to be funny. Even the stuff that was a shock. Yeah. Even like the heat homer stuff. I used to like that. Now I talk about the heat. Everyone's like turn them off. I'm like, this is how you guys started to like me. But Billy is picked out the perfect lane.


And if he's ever in a situation where I'm out or Chris is out, boom allicin Lorenzo Charnley like he's he builds up his ensemble so he can continue to formulate his next thought. Bemax efficient and money.


The best thing about Billy is that Crystal start on a random local hour Wednesday. Right.


Chris will start with hey guys, did you see about cheese? And then all of a sudden Belial hijack it and then speak for about ten minutes straight and Chris will excuse me, Roy, nobody will say anything for about ten minutes, but that's how he does. He let somebody else do it and then he takes control and then does a fifteen minute monologue. Yep.


He lets someone else establish the zig and then everyone in their cars are listening at the gym on their device is rooting for the ZAGG and Billy comes in and dunks on it and everyone applauds and hooray Billy and Dan's the jerk again. Makes a difference.


Is that what you're driving, you know who's actually no better than even Billy at this? And I'm staring right at him. I'm looking right into his eyes. And he is. Yeah, he feels me. He feels my withering glare. Before we get back to heat and Marlen's talk with Chris Cody, I'm curious what it would sound like. We just all step out of the way and, like, pretend we're starting over what it would sound like if Roy were leading.


If we do this, like once. Yeah, we try. Yeah. Yeah. And how'd that go? I have my own bit. I do the the short answers with Billy, so, you know, it doesn't last too long, but it gets a chuckle out of everybody.


But if we were to give you say, like a two and a half minute monologue and two and a half minutes is a long time, I am curious to see where you take and we try this.


Hold on a second, Roy. This is a terrible spot and I'm going to filibuster for a second to give you a moment to formulate your thought.


Also, just give out the time and temp like every 30 seconds takes care of like five seconds to count.


Greg Cody, who is always put in winning positions around here that he fails to execute. He is the master of the blown alley oop dunk. Greg Cody was given a couple of minutes to do the floor is yours and before the end of the second minute, he began singing. So it can be hard to just continue to talk for two and a half minutes, I feel like. Right. Roy might go to the hockey hockey wheelhouse here, but if we were to restart the show right now with the Roy show two and a half minutes, could you do it?


Roy, do you feel comfortable just talking for two and a half minutes here?


I feel comfortable with talking and then stopping at about thirty seconds. Yeah, pretty much.


OK, so do it five times that long. Is everyone ready. OK, you can have multiple thirty second clocks in your mind but reset every thirty seconds if you like. But two and a half minutes worth of cut.


This is in two and a half minutes of show he's doing right. Because he can't use us. It's just two and a half minutes bouncing around in Roy's mind. OK, fine. Tony I can see has a stopwatch ready to go on your mark. Get set content.


Welcome to another episode of The Lour, everybody. My name is Roy Bellamy's 851 in the Morning. Eighty two degrees here in Miramar.


Last night in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Chicago Blackhawks, they lost again.


They are down to zero to the Vegas Golden Knights. Before the playoffs started, the Blackhawks were a they were going to be the surprise Cinderella in this tournament, but it doesn't look like they're going to get past Vegas. Unfortunately, the Columbus Blue Jackets last night, they came back from that five overtime loss to the lightning and won three to one. That was a good situation for them. The Hurricanes defeated the Bruins three to two to split the series at one.


I think the hurricanes are going to go far in this Stanley Cup playoffs.


I think you're going to go for our bosses. Love this. Keep it up. Keep it up. You're doing exactly what people are doing, but this is wonderful. Yes.


And the stars defeated the flames. I can you just correctly fired the four to split their series at one apiece. They got a chip on their shoulder. Good job. Good job by them. Tonight, Coyotes versus Avalanche Canadiens with Flyers tonight versus islanders.


Roy, you can't go to the schedule in fifteen seconds.


And you also said tonight, I believe that yachties ABB's game is that two. Yes. At two o'clock tonight when it comes to playoff games. Yes. Today I got to keep it real. It's been a pretty long 90 seconds, the longest of my life.


This would be a bad show in like Manitoba and Ontario, Prince Edward Island. Fifty three in the morning.


Eighty two degrees here. All right. And we're back.


But we get an opinion. I just did. And I think you gave us the hurricanes. They're going to go far. And you said something was a good situation for them.


I think that was the strongest opinion you gave everybody.


Look, I've got. Yes, look, the trick to really is send and have multiple shows on ESPN. Just throw out a question. Don't ever give your opinion. What are you thinking of? Last chance is there, Dan? That's perfect. Perfect.


Also, I'm jealous of Mike Greenberg. I don't know if you can tell he got another show. I saw this was announced.


It's a gambling show and it's called Better Days. What a great name.


He's better, Mike.


A better. Yeah, I'm a better. Who bets on sports? Better days. How can that fail? You don't like that rowing. It's very good. It's pretty good.


Honestly, like most of the stuff that works anywhere is just based off a name.


That's so not true. People all the time try and think of names and studios and everyone forgets as soon as the show starts, like all the time that's spent on what do we name this and what is our community going to look like, a failed show, movie, anything, anything that had an amazing name.


Go ahead, I'll wait forever. Quite, quite frankly, with Stephen A. Smith is right. Yeah, it lasted a season. Way to go. That's a pilot. Way to go, Chris.


That was good.


The art of conversation. The art of conversation. It lasted two shows. There's going to be an interview show is going to have some art. The art of conversation.


Yeah. Oh, the magic. The magic.


Wait a minute. Do people know. Hold on a second, Roy. This is another one of those old head references. How long did Magic Johnson's talk show last? Was it eight days? Magic Johnson had a talk show because people have been giving him jobs forever because he's got a great smile and he's very likeable, although not exactly talk show charismatic. And that show lasted. You remember, Mike, how do you remember anything about.


I remember it launched with, like all the the whammies because the talk bubble Wanee, which was Wammy in Miami, that was actually a national brand of, you know, like sort of public access channels that got bought by this conglomerate that was trying to turn a profit. And Magic Johnson, even though a syndicated program, he was really the linchpin of many of those networks, you would find it on other networks across the nation. And they just went all in on sporting rights to down here.


They had the Marlins and the Heat on Waimea. And then I see a year and a half into the project, those rights came back up. So I think it lasted maybe a month. Roy, what's the number? What did you find? What did you find there? Two months? It did last two months. OK, I had it at eight days. Roy, can you tell me how long do you remember that Heather Graham show? Heather Graham had a show that was.


Thank you, Roy. Thank you. You do remember that moment in time?


No, because this is why it's funny. Roy is laughing because there has never been such a commercial onslaught where a show got more advertising going in. And then I don't think it lasted more than the pilot. And like one show, Roy will find the name to this.


Yeah, that show replaced Monday Night Football, by the way, on ABC.


Oh, yeah.


Oh, now I remember it was something like neighbors or something like that. It was like they were trying to do like a more adult friends.


And Heather Graham, who was really hot at the time in terms of star power and maybe other things, rather, I feel like I felt like you corrected yourself, that I was kind of surprised that you went, who was really hot there for a while, had such a crush on Heather Graham.


But that's not what you were doing. You corrected it so nicely when you said in terms of I knew what I was trying to say.


There was actually like a there was a slip. Actually, I want to play this, Stephen. You sound because he kind of got the phrasing wrong. I think this is. Yeah. Loneliness, it's very, very simple. You better let somebody come up and there see him, you understand what I'm saying to you? I'm just going to have to do something I got to say. So when we look at Dr. Steven, what do you mean?


That simple so that they take somebody on the stand, need so much confidence to go ahead. Hey, listen, listen, listen.


It would be nice to see, you know, the whole family and all that stuff I got that you understand. I really, really do. But we all know that, you know, six of those teams are going home at the end of this week. All right. Because they're going to be in the playoffs, right? Well, that's six teams, right. OK, so you got the teams, the roster and all of their personnel. Now, you can't just let family come up in this.


But but but but you eaglet want somebody come there. You could let a wife or girlfriend come.


Oh yeah. Phrasing. Yeah. So I was going for it is the name of the show. It lasted one episode, the pilot. What was the name of the show with your microphone went out there.


Emily's reasons why not some terrible name. Terrible. That's why it failed. A terrible day. Too jumbled. And I know what you were going with the art of conversation because you had your brother's art involved in it. But it did come off a little hoity toity like this is smart and the name is smart. And we're just going to make you feel dumb. Let's walk through the other reasons why they should. It was two years after the fact therapy session today.


Yeah. I think we can watch that on demand on ESPN, plus I'll give it a shot, maybe it's like Kingdom where it has this research, can't find it anywhere. You can find it anywhere. I can't find it anywhere. No, I haven't made sure of it. Like at this point, it has been hidden in a place like Tyson's in the news. The Tyson thing was an evergreen. There was a pandemic. They needed programming. Yeah, they you could have run two things on Ryley and Tyson and they would have been interesting.


I can't find I remember I think like about a month before the pandemic, which is actually quite a long time ago, when when you really think of it, I was like this like dive bar and it was like three thirty in the morning. And I saw you interviewing Pat Riley on ESPN News. I'm like that sort of conversation. But how is that doing out there? Do you think anyone's ever watching that? I'm consistently hearing from people who have seen it at three thirty in the morning or on YouTube, and they're like, this is unbelievable.


Mike Tyson smoked toad poison and thought he was dying and tried to fight the shaman. What I thought was interesting, too, we used to be the young guys, by the way.


We used to be the. I know. I know. And you launched Art of Conversation with a 50 year old and a 70 year old. That's correct.


So my memory my biggest memory of all that was how much Dan was sweating and Pat Riley's house.


Oh, it was uncomfortable. And I'm convinced they touched it up in post-production because I saw the original cut.


Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. There was a product that I tell you guys the story of what it is that happened there. There right before we started. Pat Riley at the bar nearby broke out some of his good whiskey. And I haven't had a liquor that's not tequila in forever. So I just had a couple of sips and my body simply rejected like my boss, this brounstein, my body simply rejected.


I just had, like, a couple of sex, a couple of sips of this finest of whiskey. And what you see is me. I believe at one point he was fanning me. He was just you know, he was concerned about me because my face had begun dripping.


What was the circulation like? It was fine. Yes. Yes, it was. Of course, because as Pat Riley, everything around that dude is cool. Everything. Yeah.


How many, though? He lives in a in the penthouse. Right. That's what I gathered from the art of conversation. That is crazy. I know. So I just. It's a penthouse. Right. So it's, it's a part of a building. So it's not like your conventional house. We're not talking about a mansion. Right. It is a mansion. It's a mansion. It is. You know, it's it's it's the top three floors of a building.


It's overlooking the water. It's you know, it's the art in there is more money than any of us has. So, what, four aces. What else was in there that you guys would find interesting? Obviously, the view is spectacular. Yeah, but four aces, you got four to five. The thing is that energy bill like you think the thing that's actually impressive is the home in Malibu. Like he's actually I haven't been there, but he's shown me it on on his.


Oh, I read that.


I read that article, though it seems sad, the home in Malibu that he can't get back to it. It's like a ghost mansion with all these cars. And any time he goes to this mansion, he immediately wants to retire. They'll keep him away from that mansion.


That place is crazy. Imagine imagine at the height of I mean, he was being paid, you know, fifty thousand dollars a speech. But imagine being the Showtime Lakers coach at the height of Hollywood and at the height of sports blowing up.


And the only way to phrasing this look, man, it was Los Angeles in the eighties and it went to Showtime, ended what, ninety one ninety one when Jordan killed it. And that wasn't even a good Laker team. Yeah. Come on. That's got to be insane, right? That's got to be insane. Someone should do a show about that.


I think Adam McKay is doing. I think Adam McKay is doing something about Jerry Buss. It involves John C. Reilly.


Yeah, I thought it was Michael Shannon. No, there's a back story there. That's funny, though. Supposed to be Michael Shannon. But Michael Shannon and this isn't surprising is a little bit odd.


Yeah, I would have been disappointed if the answer was other than that. I feel like we're talking too much.


We are talking to. Go ahead, Chris. Go back to go back to leading up implications. You texted me overnight about like all your ideas and it's more like forty minutes into it.


I mean, I love another memory I had from watching our conversation with Pat Riley, did that TV thing that they do where they play a game of pool while they're talking. And like I always get frustrated by how little people are actually concentrating on the pool game. I'm watching how terrible. Your shots are and you guys are just trying to look cool and talk and like Dan himself was very insecure about it, every shot he'd hit, he'd be like, I'm terrible here.


But it is just I love I just love the idea of a conversation while we're doing something casual.


Yeah, there was a lot of, like, spectacular. Let's use Miami. So much broad cut, a jump cut to, you know, Pat Riley in a car that's more expensive than any of the paycheck's combined that you'll get in your lifetime. And here's day and just awkwardly worried about his how his hair looks in a convertible while and bring a camera angle too close.


Not flattering like that camera is a little too close to the other side. Thank you, guys. I appreciate that your hair is crazy.


By the way, Dan, I saw in HQ HQ did something on social. When's the last haircut that you got?


I have not gotten a haircut since pre pandemic. I've had the same haircut my entire life. So this is far and away the craziest my hair has ever been.


Can can we see it short. But it's the reason it's not shocking at first. I will do this for you.


Have some volume to your hair. You got some curls. Well, I have some. I have hair hanging out of the baseball caps. But what's going to happen here is I'm going to take the baseball cap off and it's not going to be any kind of shocking. You know, that looks like normal vintage, Dan.


OK, but now when I take my glasses off to but and I don't know if this is going to work.


Because we're not a visual medium, as you guys know, but as I start to run my hands through my hair, what you guys are going to noticed is that I will end up looking like Bozo the Clown as soon as I'm done with this, where, oh, you have so much hair.


It all goes sideways, though, and it's a little wet now here, because I just got out of the shower.


I showered while Roy was doing those, you know, until 5:00 Eastern. Here is a high 93 degrees here.


Seems like water. Seems like your volume has increased. Yeah. Yeah. You should keep it long because I know. Didn't you say you had hair in a can for highly questionable because the overhead lights don't treat anybody in this industry.


A long time ago when I was at PTI, when I was doing PTI, there was something about the lighting there in Washington that made my hair look like I had just sort of chia pet splotches.


And so you looked like it was it was definitely the studio's fault for sure. So I would go in there and they would use rayhan of hair that was like pepper or solve like whatever it is you imagine, and they would just sort of throw it over the splotched.


Oh, you know what I was thinking?


Because I've been making myself laugh because a breteau because when I was growing up, you'd see like every like Ocean Drive magazine or weekend section. And I had no idea who Breteau was as a little kid, but he would be like in front of all these Stepin repeats and all these fancy events. And we would do this bit early in the show like, oh, they're going to make it a Miami event. So get Arturo Sandoval out there on the flute.


And Gloria Steffon, I think you're becoming like one of those Miami celebrities where, oh, we have an event in Miami. We have to get Dan Lebert.


Just yesterday, I got like a note somebody wanted. Somebody I've never heard of wants to honor me. And I'm and it's like Univision Mundo dough's today.


And it I don't know what it is.


And if it's true, then you've got to go there. They got Champions League. But I think you're becoming like what, like a boardroom pitch. OK, how do we make this Miami? We got to get glorious.


We can't get Nestor Torres. What about Dan LeBreton was breathing Breteau. Oh damn la Batard. You've become like one of those jets, Miami specific celebrities. Congratulations on then.


Yeah. All right, Chris, we've been hogging it long enough. I really liked the whole theme of this is how much people hate the people that drive it. And it's just me and Dan hogging the entire thing. Chris, go for it. I promise we're going to let you speak.


I mean, I really got it all out in that first opening day, but I'm just excited about tonight's Marlins game. I didn't know if we want to get into the nuts and bolts of things. I have some things we could talk about, not having fun. This local area, we don't want to change it up.


Chris, you sent us a text at like ten thirty last night with 14 different bullet points about all you wanted to talk about. And you got out in like one minute. I was like, yeah, I'm good. You started it.


You started the text by saying, I'm fired up about these local guys.


I find that we have better local hours when we discuss things beforehand and, you know, throw topics at each other.


Granted, I did it a little late and granted, I didn't get any response from anybody. So I was just like, I guess I'm not I'm the only one that's fired up.


But the thing read it. But, Chris, you haven't gotten to all of your topics in the first minute. Here's the text that you sent us at nine fifty five last night, which is late for me, by the way. I am fired up for local tomorrow. Huge Marlins Braves series this weekend, playoff implications. We covered that. I would appear that that that is the extent of your thoughts on my book. Chris just made a change, Jack.


Yeah. All right. We got to that. You said that huge playoff playoff implications. What else is on that?


Why hasn't Meyers Leonard played in the bubble? Question mark. Exclamation point since the knee hand on the chin emoji, since there may be a lot of conspiracy theorists out there wondering why Jae Crowder is out there. The moment that Michael Meyers, Leonard has seen the court since he stood for the anthem.


Now, I actually did some reporting on this. I talked to a source and apparently it's just seized. Everybody's healthy right now. So he's out of the rotation that we should see him actually in the playoffs. Look at that, Chris. Giving some info.


Check. All right, check. And this is a last thought. Corey Dickerson. Parenthetically, I think this note was for me, even though I have watched the Marlins, it was for me, Mike, it is a Marlins player for those who don't know. Thank you very much. Helpful tip, always producing. Chris has never in caps had a burger or hot dog. Dot, dot, dot. And he hates bread.


Oh, this is the lead right here. This is where we should spend the whole hour.


How did it take this long to get here? Why did you not leave us here from the very beginning? You know, this is the real house for our entire show. How is it that we've just done Earth at forty five minutes in from the bottom of Mike Ryan's cell phone?


I mean, because you and Mike have been yammering, but so listen, he looks fantastic. Have you guys seen Corey Dickerson?


He's one of those people that really would not know Corey Dickerson if I woke up next to him. I think I think they'll hold on a second. Who's this guy? Tell me if I'm wrong about this. Is he somebody, Chris, in that game that they had where Savelli hit the three run homer in the ninth earlier in that inning? Did is he the guy who had a really long at bat fouling balls, all fouling balls off and then yanked it to the first baseman and growers get gobbled it up?


Is that the same guy?


I believe so. He's known for long at bats. He chokes. Hollingsworth loves the way he chokes up. Yeah, that's the same guy.


That's a great that's obviously a great asset to have a guy that is that is not good. You know, Tony, put a couple of things on the pole here, because there are some funny things here. One, can you trust somebody who has never eaten bread? And two, do you want the feature in your baseball team to celebrate being a guy who chokes up? Well, I mean, yes or no choke and pokes.


Very important then. But the crazy part about this is this isn't just him being, like, so healthy. I don't eat carbs. He doesn't like bread. He doesn't like the texture of bread.


I mean, he looks fantastic, though.


I was thinking to myself, I shouldn't eat bread or hamburgers or does this guy have you guys seen. He's very fit.


I just told you I wouldn't recognize him if I woke up next to him. I probably seen him. But all the Marlins, it's just facial blindness. With me. There's a guy that looks like one of the Milena's super fun in the in the dugout because you go to his yard. Who's this guy? The Nesser Torres? I don't know. That sounds right.


The Marlins also have this thing they're doing on YouTube. It's called the clubhouse. It's like a show that they're releasing once a week. Last week they did like a town hall. And basically Miguel Rojas is Ryan Seacrest. He hosts every episode. And he I mean, he's like he's a good guy. He's got a good personality.


But it's like, why are they turning Miguel Rojas into this guy who's, like, literally hosting a show that is like a personality and because they paid him this off season and you know how the Marlins do it, if they can also get you to host a TV show, they finally they gave him a little bit of money and said, hey, can you also host a show for US Weekly?


And also we need some help with the plumbing in Section eight over there, Chris, in this YouTube original series, because all these teams now just essentially do their own hard knocks, but it's not accessible. I would love for this to be on a conventional platform that I could access it, but I don't remember. Oh, my God. The Indians have their own hard knocks, but a staple of doing like the inside hi fi, you know, team documentary.


It has to begin with a slow motion shot of a sprinkler. Got it. Like always a staple, always. Yeah, or if it's a baseball one, you've got to see, like, the lines being chalked always in slow motion.


Dude, this is like a hard knocks move to add in every first episode of Hard Knocks, you see them like putting up some like sign on a fence and like using one of those lanyard things to like tie it in. Like, I love the setup of the field during a hard time.


I want to greenlight a series where it's just like groundskeepers that would be in slow motion, that would be so great.


You would come out with a 30 minute show and all of it is just those clichéd opens. And then the show is it's over. So after twenty two minutes, you just do 22 straight minutes of cliched open. Yeah.


Thirty five minutes into it and like, wait is this just groundskeepers rolling up a tarp the entire time, stopping a locker with a great.


Would that be a baunach started during a pandemic and all they did was you saw them just setting up, literally setting up the whole season by just going out. Just I just say, why, hey, why is that guy Fred, just wandering over there with a yellow bucket?


You see them put like the sticker Goff over the locker. And then by the end of the episode, the slow motion pull of the label gof off the locker.


I just got goosebumps. I mean and you have like Liev Schreiber occasionally just narrate what's happening. The stories are on the groundskeepers this year because we have no preseason football.


Get to know those guys, Mike. What you call him.


Liev Schreiber. Yeah, leave.


It's live. I thought it was live. OK, leave. It's Liev Schreiber, please.


I'm sorry, Mike. I know what he said. I know because I know he did. He did. He put an extra syllable in there.


I was pronouncing it like Kiev. Yes. That's exactly what you were doing, because it's like Kiev. But just it's spelled that way, right? You are being true to the spelling.


Yeah. I'm sorry. Are we big Liev Schreiber fans here? I'm sorry. He's good. But Ray Donovan.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was that Ray Donovan show where he got around Los Angeles everywhere in like ten minutes, which is it was incredible.


He never had to do anything. He was never in traffic. He never had a Chartist phone. He never had it doing this took a baseball bat to kick people's ass. It's incredible.


He's got an amazing voice. He's as good at narration as anybody, really.


He's incredible. I don't know who I'd compare him to, I guess. Morgan Freeman, right? Yeah, but Morgan Freeman use it more. He still gets voice work, but it's sketch there.


They're still real life. Ray Donovan's are there. I'm sorry. Hold on a second. I need to I need to stop here and just understand why Mike Ryan just filed the accusation that Morgan Freeman that the work he's getting these days is sketchy. I don't know. I don't know.


I said hiring. He's still getting big gigs, big voice work. That's it's a testament to how phenomenal his voice is. He's eighty something. Yeah. I don't know if you've seen what's happened to like some of these people. So they were like the hardcore me Tudeh, like you're out, you are out.


And then there is like the fringe mean to stuff like if this happened five years ago, you would have gotten away with it and maybe we'll get back to you. But it's still a little too hot like James Franco. When's the last time you saw James Franco do anything that people were talking about? Hollywood's left him. He's like he's taking like really low budget straight to DVD type projects right now because Hollywood is just like you got. You're too hot right now for us to touch.


We can find another James Franco. We'll pluck another James Franco. But Morgan Freeman can't find that voice anywhere, really. So you swallow the bad part, because if you look into it, it's like just saying it's like a former step step granddaughter is just I wonder if Morgan Freeman I don't know any of the details beyond that.


He's got some of this on him. But I wonder how much he almost literally gets grandfathered in from a different time where we make these things less egregious. If you are now 80 years old, somehow, even if it was happening when you were younger, I wonder if we're just softer there.


Yeah, well, I found it funny because like some music festivals, it was riot fest, which is like a really fun festival. But they booked Jerry Lee Lewis, whereas like someone that's just like Demming, someone who's 18 and like, hey, meet me backstage there. They're like a 12 year old or a 14 Jerry Lee Lewis.


Was suspected of killing somebody, and I'm just like Google that, right, because the evidence is pretty convincing. We're not skewing younger with Jerry Lee Lewis. I'm telling you, though, guys, the Jerry Lee Lewis story is insane. You know Jerry Lee Lewis one time. All right. This is this is nuts.


Mike's been wanting to get to the Natalie Wood story for the for about two months now. I don't know. Go ahead. OK. OK, let's get you first. I'm sorry you're no longer leading here, but this is where Mike does the thing where he grabs the murder mysteries and starts leading the show and soon everyone will hate him.


I'm talking to my audience right now. Roy Roy. Yeah. You know about Natalie Wood, right? Yes, of course. All this Roy knows.


So Natalie Wood Roy. But thank you. Natalie Wood was a starlet and she was in Rebel Without a Cause. I have a Rebel Without a Cause movie poster. James was the coolest. Natalie Wood went throughout all sorts of Hollywood eras. Right. Absolute starlet, married a bunch of times, married or like engaged to Robert Wagner. And then they broke apart. And then a great story, a great lovers story. They get back together, but.


If you if you Google it and research the details, it kind of seemed like a little open and there was something going on with Christopher Walken, something that that Christopher Walken, the guy that everyone does an impression of, like there was like rumors of romance.


So that's vague rumors of romance. And something going on is very vague. Right.


So the three. Robert Wagner and his wife, Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken all go on a boat together. Is this weird? Three up, three of them go out and only two of them come back. Right.


Because there's an argument on board between Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner, because that's true story. Yes. Robert Wagner. Robert Wagner. For those that don't know you like Austin Powers. Right. Chris Cody, you were saying how awesome it is. He plays number two. He plays number two in the. Yeah, not the Rob Lowe version. The older version.


He was he was a television star at the time of three networks. He was he was in heart to heart. He was the lead and heart to heart.


So Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner get into some sort of verbal altercation.


Hold on. I'm sorry, Mike. Hold on. Roy Antone, why are you laughing? I'm trying to help the older podcasters who might not know what we were talking about with Austin Powers. Did you think I was just flexing my Robert Wagner muscle?


Yes, you were. You were fought so hard. We are skewing younger. I'm sorry, younger.


Well, I'm I'm realizing right now that me trying to connect with a younger audience invoking Austin Powers is still like super dated. I try to go door. All right. I'm almost done with the Natalie Wood mystery. And then we'll go to Jerry Lee Lewis. All right.


So they get there on this yacht and like Robert Wagner's like I read this thing in the press and Christopher Walken is like, yeah, but it's not true. And like there there is some sort of verbal altercation. There's wine everywhere. And Natalie was like, I'm over. I'm going to bed. And she's like, you know, she's just like these two guys. I like them so much, but they're fighting downstairs in the cabin. I'm going up.


And then she realizes, you know, I'm feeling pretty good. The tox toxicology report would suggest she's feeling grand and she's like, I'm on a road to shore. And she, like, tries to get into some sort of dinghy, disappears, gone missing, found dead. She's dead. She drowns. Natalie Wood drowns. But all of Hollywood is like, well, what the hell happened in that boat? Was Robert Wagner furious?


Did Robert Wagner potentially kill? Was this like a love triangle gone wrong? And Robert Wagner, if you watch this HBO documentary that was produced by his family, which is important to note, seems as though he's being treated really unfairly in the press because everyone has pegged him as a murderer. But we don't know the truth of what happened on that boat. And Christopher Walken does not discuss this. Hell, Christopher Walken has been a part of our lives, a pop culture icon.


I'm probably breaking this news to you except for old ass Roy.


This is a crazy story. It is. OK, you can watch the documentary again produced by you. Don't watch it. Don't want to watch it. If you want to know more, just like call me, I'll call you. Yeah. Or Google it. Also, go on to Jerry Lee Lewis.


Now, as we get even younger, Jerry Lee Lewis sing that song Great Balls of Fire. You guys also that song.


Yeah, that's also. Goodness gracious. Great. There you go. Nicely done. The rare celebrity with three first names. So Jerry Lee Lewis. I'm on it. Yeah. You know, rockabilly on the piano. Huge star. Like straight up marries a teenager, all right, and suspiciously, this teenage bride is like murdered and there's all sort of like incriminating evidence, which is basically like Jerry Lee Lewis at a bar. He would get pulled over drunk driving all the time, all the time, like just like super inebriated, high, drunk.


And it is like plenty of like people that are like, yeah, he was saying that he was going to kill this person and it wasn't exactly CSI like Kentucky back then. You couldn't get you couldn't peg Jerry Lee Lewis for this murder, even though it's it feels pretty obvious to anybody with a computer nowadays.


But one time, Jerry Lee Lewis, who hated hated Elvis Presley because Elvis Presley was becoming a massive star and Jerry Lee Lewis is like this guy stealing people's music.


I'm way more talented in my wives are way younger. He gets in his car and he gets like a handful of pills. He drives to Graceland and Graceland has these barriers and he just drives his car up the curb, up the barrier, like pass a security guard, flips his car into Graceland. And cops are like, what are you doing here? He's like, I'm here to kill Elvis Presley. And they're like, We love you, man.


Go home. He was there to kill Elvis Presley. You just couldn't get around to it because of, like, the turn over accident that he was just in. And Graceland.


This deserves to be something that Chris isn't learning about in this very moment. I know that he's searching for people with three first names, Peter, Tom Willis. I know he's searching all over the Internet to see Michael Thomas Chris, but so much more than you guys think.


Jamie Lee Curtis, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Jessica Parker. There's a bunch I'm still still searching. I'll get back.


I'm glad we got to all your burning topics here, Chris. Does anybody else want to get us younger? If you didn't hate Mike Ryan and me before this or leave it, if you did not know what we were talking about when we said the person who is leading the show is always going to get a good amount of the hatred because everyone else gets to be the rodeo clown, Chris just set out the majority of that segment. Roy did ninety magical seconds when he played the Roy of Billy.


And once again, me and Mike are the assholes.


Yeah, Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. There you go. I got it.


Bang on twenty five years and is going to be a low seventy nine degrees here in Hollywood. Jeffrey Dean Morgan phrasing was bad on bang. And local hours on shrooms.