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This is the Don Levator show with the Stu Guts podcast. This is so very not me, the entirety of my career. I've always sort of dismissed people who dismiss others as haters. Saying that allows you to never do any introspection when you can just dismiss someone who's criticizing you as a hater. But I realized last night, and it's one of the first times this has ever happened to me, I've got a little bit of hater in me. I enjoyed what happened to Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Bucks lost to Memphis and they're now three and seven under Doc Rivers. Portland's terrible. Portland is one of the worst teams in the league and it's not like the Heat are great, but I derived more enjoyment from watching the Bucks lose last night to the Grizzlies than I have from any heat game this season. Mike, why are you standing like some sort of silverback gorilla back?


I'm still trying to get adjusted to life out of the ep chair, and the musical chairs game ended up with me sitting next to Tony. But Tony doesn't like to sit down. He pulls this alpha dog.


They're having a contest to see who's taller.


And as you know, I don't like being not the tallest person in the. So like it's a thing now we're here.


Okay, so you weren't even reacting. I thought you were. If you're going to try to play.


Me like that, I'm not going to be a willing participant in that.


But he's taller than you. No one is back to back Jack. Billy, are you taller than both of them? No, I'm not.


I also don't want to stand. I'm not taking a quiz.


No one's taller than me.


It's one of Greg Cody's best moves. Jeremy, can you just get me some names? I want to quiz the room on a couple of things. Sports experts. First of all, before we get to this Memphis Grizzlies roster, this is what I want to quiz the room on. There was a fight in the NBA a couple of nights ago. These are usually pretty newsworthy where a player for the Detroit Pistons punched another player. I want more details. I want more news. I want to understand more about this story, but I think that between all of us, we would have trouble naming the two players involved in this fight. So does the room want to take a shot at who the two players are that were involved in a fight in which one of them, a Detroit piston, punched another jeremy I mean, I know the puncher.


I don't know the punchee. The puncher is someone who's been known to sort of fly off the handle. Mike Ryan is standing on a chair next to me and I'm really nervous.


Isaiah Stewart. I'll give the people that one Detroit piston is the one who threw the punch. I don't know. These things come with ramifications. I'm more laughing at the fact that two NBA players got into a fight in the tunnel. And if this had been two stars, we'd still be talking about it two days later. And I don't think a sports show can name both the players.


Anybody else want to take a guess? Isaiah Stewart. I mean, I know Isaiah Stewart from when he punched. He's the one who ran after LeBron a couple of years ago when he was with the Detroit Pistons.


And it's as rabid as anyone has ever wanted to actually fight LeBron.




And so this, I imagine he probably went after someone who would be an equal level of importance, right, if he was throwing a punch.


I don't know who Drew Eubanks is. I need more information about why it is you made that name up.


I'm rattled after not knowing who Kaminga was yesterday.


Put it on the poll, please. At Lebatard show. I thought the Brooklyn Nets were good a few months ago. Drew Eubanks. Put it on the poll. NBA player or game show host at lebitard show. Give me the names of some of the Grizzlies on that roster that beat the Bucks yesterday. What is going on with the Bucks?


I know they don't play defense, Dan.


I know, but they're supposed to overcome it with two overwhelming offensive players. And their defense got bad just because Damian Lillard got there.


Yeah, that's right.


Their defense is horrendous. The team they lost to last night in the Grizzlies. These are the names of the players on the team. Santi Aldama, Zaire Williams, Trey Jemison.


They play hard.


Jemison had a nice hook shot in.


The early Kurt James, Jordan Goodwin, Vince Williams Jr. Daniel Lorenzen, Lamar Stevens, Gigi Jackson, Patrick Monahan, Utah Wantanabe and Jake Gilliard. And what all of you didn't notice is that three of those names were fake. One of them was the lead singer of train.






Gigi Jackson is the player who got.


He's real.


Yes, I know. He got all lightheaded, though, because TNT was even talking to him. Right. He had that OD moment earlier this season where he just got interviewed by Shaq and Barkley and couldn't believe that he was in a situation where he'd arrived at his dream.


He had a game, huh?


He also had a quote earlier in the season where he said, I try to be as coachable as possible. My high school coach called me a sponge back in the day and then stopped and said, well, not back in the day. That was like two years ago.


I'm going to show you a picture of Drew Eubanks. And I believe this photograph of Drew Eubanks will tell you that the reason he was punched in the face is it's because what we all want to.


Do, it's just his face, Merman.


He just has a face that you want to punch. Can you, Chris Cody, please get me some details? It's been two days. There have to be some reported details on why an NBA player in the tunnel punched another NBA player in the face. Tony, come down to the microphone and tell people what you're doing Saturday. And also, I want to talk to you for a second about being Cuban because I was a bit startled by the number of Cubans I ran into in Las Vegas.


Dano, startled, yes. Very startled by the way. We'll get to that in a second. But UFC 298, the MMA hangout, will be live at El Vesino cocktail bar right here in downtown Miami, very close to the Cassea center and the Elsa. Very walkable. We're going to be out there starting at 10:00 with me and the MMA hangout and some friends. So that'll be a very exciting Saturday.


YouTube people will be able to get.


It on YouTube Saturday, 10:00 we'll be going live on YouTube to the remainder of the fight. So that's Saturday. And then Dan in Las Vegas, I went out and I was going about the town, took an Uber over to the strip from where we were in downtown, and I was with Bimmel, our co o.




You put three o's in there. I think. I think that you made a coo. He said coo because I didn't know.


Really what it was. Co.


He's their chief operating office. Got you.




So me and him went out to a little happy hour, a little mixer.


We were look at Tony getting the one on one invite with Bimall. I'm not going to lie. I heard that. I was like, where's my invite to that?


Well, you were doing something else that left me doing a 45 minutes show after the live show by myself, and Roy came in 20 minutes after that.


I was at Mina's podcast.


Yeah. So as you were doing that, I was doing another show. After the show we had already done.


I said I had a thing, but you should probably take Tony.






Well, I got the sloppy second invite, which is okay. But as we were on our way back from the strip over to the circa, we get into an Uber, and I hear the guy playing low salsa music. And I'm like, okay, maybe he's just a salsa fan. Whatever. Me and Bim were in conversation. We're talking, we're doing this and that, and then we get off at the circa. Yeah, we're just hanging out, talking.


Every single Uber I got into in Vegas had a cuban driver. Every single one.


Well, to my surprise, Dano, as I'm getting out, I hear the salsa music and I go, oh, yeah, gracia. And he kind of whips his head around, and he's like, who are you? Where are you from? And I go, so iguano e cuano. And he goes, see? And all of a sudden, Dan, it brought back to my memory that there is a Cuban in every country in the world. Did you know that? Did you know that?


I don't know.


Now I'm telling you, now you know.


So it feels made up.


No, absolutely not.


We are absolutely taking over. We're going to infiltrate every goat you've ever seen before. Madonna has a cuban kid. Michael Jordan has cuban kids. Tom Brady's living in Miami. It's just a matter of time before he has cuban kids.


Also, Nevada is a state, not a.


No, no, but that's not the point. The point is what I'm about to say.




So another example, even though it's within the country, I went to a vacation in Hawaii. Dan. I went to Maui. Same. Very beautiful.


Also a state. I know, but I'm United States.


I'm just trying to say it's very far away from where we are in the mainland. Okay. So we were out at a farmers market in Maui. Dan, I know you've been very beautiful island. My heart goes out to the beautiful lahaina, by the way. I love Lahaina, Tom.


Oh, they needed that this time more.


Than ever, because I haven't been able to say that on the show.


Has this become an acceptance?


I just wanted to say, the people of Lahaina have my heart. I love that little town. Like, it's a beautiful town, and I want to know it's not.


Rock has a cuban kid. Dusty Rhodes has a Tony. Tony, the Lopez brothers penalty box. Oh, wow.


Hold on.


We're at the farm. No, I'm not letting you finish.


Just see where it goes.


There was a cuban guy making pens in Maui.


Dan. Pens out of.


Made of tea. Tony, last thing. Last thing. I promise.


Tony, out, or there will be no mma hangout tomorrow. Get out of here.


Said you can't do that.


Like, which part of this are you not understanding? I didn't want an acceptance speech.


Now he's telling Billy things like, hey.


Say this, say this.


Anya Taylor, joy in Dune two, getting incredible reviews.




We were headed in a good direction. I think when he comes back, he'll tell you.


No, you go ahead.




Get the info. You kicked him out? He said there's a Cuban in Egypt selling camels. I don't think he's ever been to Egypt, though. I had family in Las Vegas. Do well. Yeah, they're still in Las Vegas. They came up to me the last day. I probably shouldn't say this because I'll get in trouble.




Yeah, you won't just whisper. So they had things for my daughters. And on the last day, after the live show, after, when we're in the middle of the happy hour or whatever it was, they went to the hotel and my wife told me, they're going to give you something for our daughters.


Shit you got to bring back.


They showed up with two massive bags of things after we've already packed and checked out of the room. And I have a bag that I need to check.




I have a carry on that's just a backpack. And then they give me these two massive bags.


So what'd you do?


And they ask me, how are you going to take this back? And I go, I have no idea. I didn't know I was getting all of this stuff. So I had to go up to a conference room. I had to open my thing. I have my malatin. And then I had to go and take the stuff out of the bags, repack everything.


Turns out she's argentinian, but born in Miami. So it's the same thing.


Yeah, same thing.


I get to the airport, the bag is now 15 pounds over the weight limit. I have to pay $100. Could have just mailed it to me. It would have saved me so much money.


What were they giving you, though?


Just clothes and blankets, but gifts for the babies. Yeah, you can just mail it to me.


Chris got out of that expense on the overweight bag. My bag was over by, like, three pounds. And he gave me the look. He's just like, it's your lucky day.


You're good.




Thank you.


We had Kirsten here who was over by like five pounds and there was ten of us together, and she just ate it and paid the $100 fee. We were like, why didn't you just hand us your stuff? Amongst all of us, we could have carried the five pounds.


No one wants to be that person, though, going through your bag and it's like, that's the worse than the airport. And Chris was dealing with drunk Greg Cody at the time. Yeah, that's what I was. I was like, can I put my dad in there? Can you guys take my dad? Just in the. Under the bill.


Check on your dad, Billy. Are you saying. I want to be clear on this. Are you publicly criticized?


I have no such thing. I don't know where you're going with this, but I know it's not in the right direction.


Must be cold in that penalty box.


Are you public? That's the first time I've seen Tony look insecure.


In the biz, we call that conage.


The nipples got hard in there. You got that conage.


That's what happens when he sees the cuban flag, Dan. His nipples get hard.


Hormones off, huh?


Oh, they zoomed in. Oh, my.


Make them dance, Tony.


Nice, Billy.


Pretty good.


You are not going to distract me with the frozen and sharpened diamond cutting nipples of Tony. You are not going to get me off of the subject. Which is it sounds to me like you publicly criticized cuban family that brought you many, many pounds of gifts for your baby, at least 15 for costing you $100 at the airport. And this is textbook Monday morning quarterbacking on criticism and telling them, don't do it the way that you did it. You should have just mailed it to me. So you are critiquing the family that gave your baby a gift?


No, what I said was thank you.


Well, that's what you said privately.


No, that's what I said publicly. What I said privately was what I just said publicly.


Right. What you just said publicly is that they should have mailed it to you. No, I'm just saying inconvenience. No.


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Don Lebotard we got Afrini Hardaway.




I was trying to read fast. UD was on the team. Luke Jackson, Bobby Jones, the Matrix.


Sean Marion Stugats, Zoe shaq Smush Parker, Chris Quinn. Wait a minute, Wade. Wait a minute.


Jason Williams. Darrell Wright. I mean, stacked roster.


This is the Don Levitar show with the Stugats.


Presented by DraftKings fantasy sports. Check out what DraftKings has to offer this season with code Dan, because life's more fun when you're in on the action. DraftKings, the crown is yours. Gambling problem? Call 1800 gambler. Age and eligibility restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. for details. Did we get to the Cuban, the camel seller in Egypt?


All right, tell me your story.


Have you been to Egypt? No, but I know somebody who's been to Egypt, and there's a hustle for every Cuban everywhere. And one of them, a guy got sent over to know, and all these Doctors without Borders, things that Cuba used to do back in the day, got sent to Egypt. Do people know about that, Dan, or.


Do you want to elaborate?


Okay, so go ahead.


We're already here.


For whatever reason, Cuba's chief export is medical doctors and nurses.


No, it's shortstops.


I'd say outfielders, but I'd agree.


I'm corner outfielders.


So starting pitchers, too? That's actually middle.


Yeah, but they all have like, a four and a half era. Hey, I'm cuban.


They've been doing it.


Next to the Jose Fernandez frame.


Not that the whitest anyone's ever.


I'm cuban.


I'm cuban.


Long story.


Short story long.


Dan, in fairness, they're older than they say they are.


That's what I'm saying.


That is also true.


Also, birth.


The birth certificates kind of get forged, whatever. Not a big deal, right? So for whatever reason, outside of baseball players, that have passports that are kind of fudgy and birth certificates that are not real. Chief export is medical professionals. So medical professional ends up going to Egypt. They have medical professionals over there. He stopped doing it and said, you know what's a good trade here? Selling camels to people.


All of a sudden in Miami? How many doctors do we have who are now plumbers or mechanics?


Thousands. Thousands? Like everybody.


So that is how Tony arrives. That there is a Cuban looking it up.


He's only selling one country outside of America with a cuban and Cuba.


Put these on the poll, please. Juju at Lebatard show. Is there a Cuban in every country at Lebatard show? And is it a gift if it cost you $100?


It was very lovely, and I'm so thankful.


I should have seen how big the bags were, though. Oh, did you see that?


Like this. It sounds like criticism. You're walking it back now. You're back.


I'm very thankful, and it was very nice meeting them. I hadn't met them before because they're family on my wife's side.


But the rare family, the never met.


Hold on, Billy.


You have a lot of family. I have family in Cuba I haven't met.


You hadn't met them and they gave.


You three bags of shit?


No, they gave me three bags of lovely gifts that I needed to find a place to put. No, it was nice. It was clothes, it was blankets, it was baby gifts. Yeah, but I wasn't accounting for how generous they were going to be. It's my fault, really, is that I didn't take into account the level of generosity and the greatness of the gifts that I was going to receive and the amount of space that said lovely, wonderful gifts that I'm so appreciative of were going to take up inside of my maladin.


I hate when we get a bag full of handmedown clothes.


No, this was new. There was tags on this because such a nice gift we have for the space that these lovely gifts were going to take up and how heavy they were.


Yeah, the blankets were heavy.


One of my wife's friends has a daughter a little older than my daughter, so we get, like, every other month, these just bags full of clothes. We end up using, like, three or four. It's just like, just wait, she's doing this thing like, oh, I'm so nice to you. It's like, no, it's just fake. You're getting rid of your shit.




You're just clearing out your shit, and you want me to have closer than.


Goodwill is two birds 1 st. My.


Wife gets all excited about it. I'm like, no, get these bags out of here. I show up from work like one day a month and there's just three bags of clothes. And I'm like, oh, thanks so bad.


Will, it's a gift under false convenient, Will. It really is. It's like, I'm doing a nice thing.


They're not doing it for me, they're doing it for them.


I will say this, and it's going to be a long weekend for me after all the things I've said already. But I'll say this, we have a similar situation and my wife has a friend that will do this as well. And we'll drop off boys clothes with tags because she has a son. And it's like, you know, I have two daughters. You're just dumping this.


And then she's like, oh, oops, I must have missed. It's like, no, you did everything.


You'll figure it out.




But great gifts. Again, so appreciative and thank you. I do kind of wonder, is the goodwill a little too far? We're coming a house, gas prices. Like, what's going on here?


There's a Cubans in Egypt page with 105 likes. So Tony must be right.


Thank you. I also just got word, Dan, you'd be very happy to find this out. I just got word via text. I just know. I just got a text right now from my source, an australian Cuban doing tours in the outback.


I have just gotten a text as well. And Nick Wright is going to join us here in a little while because he is making himself available.


Is he cuban?


He is not cuban. The goodwill thing is interesting, though, because I've accused my wife of this, because every time I leave with something from good, I leave with tax deduction. I leave with a receipt.




What do you mean why?


When I go, I just drop off the bag and I keep it moving. You'd like I have someone trying to figure out the value of these.


Well, yes, because it saves money.


Do a nice thing to do a nice thing.


Dan's got rich people clothes.


I mean, we are giving away stuff that has worth that people would want. But it's also my wife cleaning out the house. And I do believe if Chris Cody's only finding three items from several boxes of things, that those people are basically just bringing their trash cans over to your house and saying, here, you want to go through this and see if you find a couple of shirts for your daughter. That's what's happening. And you can't decline it because it's charity.


Right. They think they're being. They're, like, here, but do they want to thank you?


Are they laughing?


Thanking me?


Are they laughing on the way over?


They're definitely relieved of, like, we got this shit out of the room. Like, they're relieved for sure.


What are you guys doing? What? Mike, what are you doing?


Doing a thing over here. I saw.


No, he's trying to do the thing.


Where he lifts his shirt casually to show that.




Hey, I can surprise you. Even though I got the conage on.


My tits, he's doing the same thing, so he's trying to one up him.


I recently have lost, like, 15 pounds of stress weight, so I'll flash it, too.


Just in the last couple of days. Since you left. Since last Friday. Since last Friday.


Before this show ends, we're seeing wieners. I already know direction this is heading.


I'm pretty confident where I.


He's not here.


Can I be vulnerable for a second? Billy shared, and he was vulnerable there, so I want to be vulnerable. If you find out your spouse or significant other is playing wordle with somebody that you were unaware there is catching your wife in a wordle game the same as catching your wife at lunch?


How can you play wordle?


Have it to someone else. Don't you play wordle with someone? Is it a words with words?




No. You should be the game where you send words back.


Have generally trouble with words with friends with benefits.




You should be wrong.


Is it a dude?


It is a dude.


Oh, yeah. Okay.


Be concerned.


Words with friends with benefits.


What's the line? Where's the line on, like, what's going on?


Well, you're saying. But this is what you're saying. You're saying. Because usually some people will have the argument about whether it's worse to find out that your mate, your significant other, is having sex with somebody or in an intimate, emotional relationship with someone.


For it depends on the words they're using.


Many months.


I was curious to see your history.


Now, but what you're saying is lunch. If you catch your wife at lunch with a man, you'd be one kind of threatened physically. But you're talking about emotional. Oh, my God. He might charm her with words by being clever with words. And that's a weakness of yours.


Yeah, everything you said. But this is not me, by the way. This is just the guy I know. No. Yes. Any advice how to handle.


I think you're allowed to play games on your computer with others.




But no chatting.


But this isn't a two person game.


No chatting.


You basically play wordle, and then you just send someone, look how smart I am.


If. No, what he's saying is words with friends, which is. I misspoke. It's not wordle.


I'm doing a thing, man. You're totally fine.


All right, cool.


She's not cheating on you.


Is it a cuban guy?


I'd be worried if it were Tony.


Four and a half era.




You need to talk to him.


She brought it up to me.


By the way, what's a four letter.


Word for my cuban friend sake? My wife.


It wasn't like I was.


She's confessing. It wasn't like I was a cook.


I wasn't snooping through her phone. It was like she was just casually mentioning, oh, I'm playing with this person. And I'm like, hmm, that's even worse.




Are you? What else are you doing?


You want to watch?


Whoa. Oh, wow.




Feeling very vulnerable right now.


You should. Thank you for sharing, Chris. I appreciate. Not since Whittingham have we had someone so willing to throw their vulnerabilities in the air for our piranha consumption. So thank you for doing that. You offer us the vulnerability and what happens? You get eaten by piranha. You knew it was going to happen. Like you knew as soon as you offered it. Everyone, all of us. You were going to be William H. Macy and boogie night. Showing up to watch all of your friends have sex with your wife in the driveway. That's what happened. Spoiler alert.


I haven't seen either.


Geez, there's a Cuban in it.


Why, of course there is.


You guys haven't seen boogie nights? You haven't seen boogie nights?


Came out two years after I was born. Burt Reynolds.


What am I going to do with the young people around here?


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Celebrate responsibly. Miller Brewing company Milwaukee, Wisconsin 96 calories and 3.2 carbs per 12oz.


Don Lebotard, did you ever have a crush on a cartoon character? Oh, can I go?


This isn't my question, but I did.


Jessica Rabbit, who framed Roger Rabbit?


Yes, I did.


She was married to Roger Rabbit, even though he was a bunny and she was a humanoid. But they were both cartoons.




I had a crush on Betty rubble.


Oh, wow. What?


That's very good.


That's very good. With a surprise nomination from stugats showing you his dirty, dirty inner nine year old. This is the Don Levatar show with the Stu guts. I felt really good for Clay last night. Speaking of vulnerabilities, Chris, because so many guys in this sport have to have the bravado, have to have the sandpaper, the barbed wire, the armor all around them. And Clay has been, I think this is one of the many reasons that he's liked. It's not just that he's a pure shooter and he's kind of a stony surfer guy. He's pretty much himself, and you see the weirdnesses and you see the frailties. So his teammate. I do want to talk about the three point competition this weekend, the gender war, but I want to show you a clip here of Steph Curry real quick, because this seems impossible to me, and it's completely a routine thing for Steph Curry where he goes in the tunnel and he makes jumpers before practice. People come from all over to see this. There are crowds. He gets hundreds of people every arena he goes to by walking off the court at the end and doing what he's doing here, where that's just asinine.


Where it's not even from the tunnel in the basket closest to his tunnel. It's from the tunnel throwing a ball overhand into the basket. Know, I don't even know how far away that is, but it's a long way away. And so Steph has been the star of that team and the better shooter. Imagine you're Clay Thompson. You're one of the best shooters ever. But the guy in your huddle is better. The guy who plays on your team is better. Imagine also you're Clay Thompson. You're one of the best two way players in the sport while you're winning the championships, and now you go to the bench. And furthermore, and I don't think this part has been talked about enough, how does Clay feel, just in his feelings, when he hears that LeBron James could have been traded to the warriors for a package of warriors that probably would have included Clay, that Steph Curry would have been signing off? How does this feel to Clay Thompson last night? Maybe he knew it. Maybe his agent knew it. Maybe they were all talking about it and they've got honest friendships. But how does it feel to be Clay Thompson and learn that Steph Curry signed off on the idea that you were going to be traded?


Did they talk about that? But anyway, Clay goes off last night. Clay goes off last night. What were the final numbers for Clay Thompson last night? They scored a buck 40. They win at Utah. They are a proud champion. They're not that good this year, but they've been playing well for the last couple of weeks, and people expect them to turn on some sort of switch in the postseason that I don't think they're going to be able to.


It was his first game off the bench since he was a rookie and he finished with 35 points, seven of 13 from 313 of 22 from the field. It was really awesome to see him do it.


It was great.


How do you guys imagine that feels, though, all of that stuff for Clay?


Because it's not to score 35 points in an NBA game. I have no frame of reference, Dan. No idea. Why are you asking us? How do we imagine it feels to score 35 against the Utah Jazz? No idea.


It's not what I was actually asking. What I was asking is how do you imagine Clay feels to learn that he could have been traded and that that's how it ends for him. Draymond gets his money. Steph gets the team. Andrew Wiggins gets his contract. But at the end, he's benched and traded, signed off on by the guys in his own. We talked about this locker room.


He's making among the most $43 million.


$43 million this.


And guess what? He gets to come off the bench and play less. He's fine.


Also, I don't think an aging superstar outside of Kobe has been this catered to. They are publicly acknowledging his feelings. They are publicly trying to lift him up. If you saw the highlights from last night, like I did. Everyone on his team was super happy for him. I mean, this is the life cycle of an aging superstar in that league.


Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that it happened because of injuries? Because I think his career sort of being shortened to where he didn't get to gracefully kind of fall off in the way that superstars normally do. He's someone who, because of an injury during the finals, hasn't come back to be the same. And I wonder if, as a result of all of that, that's why the rest of these guys are like, man, you got shortchanged in the career you could have had.


I'm not even talking about, though, money. I don't understand why you guys are doing that part of it. I'm talking about, do you get to choose your own ending at the place that made you? Do you get to when you have made that much money for the economy around it? I'm not talking about money here. I'm talking about he's going to the bench with self awareness. He's talking out loud about this being the end of his career, and then he finds out, I'm asking you about the interpersonal relationships of how did he find out that? Did he read it like the rest of us, that LeBron almost came to the warriors and that LeBron didn't want to go to the warriors? Did he read that the way the rest of us did?


I think that team has sort of proven that they're as good as anyone of this century at dealing with the interpersonal relationships that are necessary when you have someone as volatile as Draymond, which is why they're still together.


Yeah, and he says that someone got punched in the face.


He punched the dude in the face who then had to leave with the money.


Yeah, well, he ended up in Washington. We see who was right about that.


I know, but you can't say they're as good at anybody in navigating these.


Things when they've been able to overcome it, though.


Kevin Durant didn't want to be there, didn't look at what's happened to his career since. Kevin Durant is a nomad ever since winning the championship.


Well, that only proves the point further, right, is that he left and hasn't been able to figure out any of those dynamics elsewhere where he's winning back to back championships with the warriors.


My point is this, and this is the prism I'm looking at it through. I'm looking at it only through clays. Okay, so Draymond's going to get the long term security from my team while we're trying to trade for LeBron, Andrew Wiggins is going to be somebody who comes in and is our second player on a championship. I get hurt at the end. We fall apart. My body falls apart. I am a new player upon my return. I think that Clay Thompson has been unusually open and honest about what happens to mental frailties. You guys are talking about 42 million. Yes, but everybody in that locker room makes that everyone that they're looking at when they look at each other. Those guys aren't counting dollars when they're being sent to the bench.


Draymond has very publicly counted dollars when.


They'Re being sent to the bench. When you're a Hall of Famer who's being told at the end, it's the end. Go sit over there. You're not as useful as you used to be to us. I'm telling you that athletes that age don't look in a mirror and see that that way. They don't usually have that kind of self awareness.


But, Dan, that's the life cycle of an NBA player, right? You're great until you're not. Regardless of its injury. If it's being old, like Ray Allen, arguably one of the greatest three point shooters of all time, was a star, until it's like, hey, you're going to be a role player. Clay is now moving into that time where this is signifying, all right, you're coming off the bench. Look how good you can be off the bench with limited minutes, not having to take the whole brunt of being a starter and playing all those minutes. This could be the next evolution for him in the next five years where he's a legitimate bench piece.


Can you guys get for me? Billy, I don't know how it is that you feel about this, because this may be a form of torture that I am administering to you right now, given what your Super bowl week was. Stugatz is not here today, but I miss his presence because I miss the echoey fake laughter that is the soundtrack to my entire miss. I didn't get to partake in this on radio row. Stu got as his crutch, not allowing for silence in interviews, laughing the entire time as a way to give him filibuster time in order to ask the question. Billy, how much of this has been swirling and circling around in your dreams over the last weekend? Play the clip, please. All right, let's see what I'm doing. It's good today, but doing like the street dance.


Breeze, you're going to be fine.


Leading us quicker picker. Digging it deeper. Done.




I'm kidding. I love it how you do it, bro. All these things make. We'll see you later.


That's how we play.


All good is Matt. We didn't get it right. Let's do it again. We messed that up. Sorry.


All right.




22, 23.


Thank you.


Carnival games. It doesn't matter, right? Exactly.




Thank you.




Smile, Michael. Nobody, nobody. Come on, give it to me. Exactly.


Can I tell you the thing that Tom Brady, they spent a lot of.


Money on this thing.


What is this? I got to say, you really are. If you don't have a stupid face.


Off the charts right now.


I was honest with you. Thank you, guys. I appreciate it. Thank you.


Boy, that is bad memories for me because I had to make a similar super cut of him laughing.


It was like what, seven, eight minutes.


Of nine minutes of the super cut?




That handshake with Mad Dog Russo at the end was the most painful part about all that.


Can you guys just show that Billy's.


Face the whole time?


Billy, you looked like you were hurting.


I hate mean, because we did good work and it just undercuts everything showing that highlight you really did. I also asked like, hey, can someone get us like a good highlight reel of all the interviews we did? And I'm still with there you go.




But look, someone quickly turned around. Let's highlight how shitty it was.




It's great. Thanks, guys.


I'm sorry they did that to you. I didn't know that they did that to you. They just told me we have some stugats laughing and I didn't know it was two minutes long. When they said in my ear 1 minute left, I couldn't believe how long it was.


Well, that's like only a third of the interviews that we did. So I'm sure it could have been longer.


Oh, that's painful.


There it is. Fist me.


What are they recreating the God bless football logo.


Carl Rutgers and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Sports Media's version of the Predator handshake right there.


Carl Weathers. Put that behind me again so that people can see the Carl Weathers Arnold Schwarzenegger predator handshake side by side. Yeah. Put these side by side so that people could see Russo. By the way, I don't know if you guys read this. Quiet as it's kept. Russo. Multi year extension signed. At first take. He was making $10,000 a show before while eating gummies and betting God knows how much money on games now. What are they paying him? Multi year extension for mad Dog Russo. What a career resurgence.


Yesterday's price is not today's price, Dano.


Let me tell you that.


Multi year extension, Billy, why are you, why are you looking at Tony?


What did that add?




Another killing time, baby.


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