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The news is now breaking. Three days late, the Jason Kelsi, I'm sorry, Travis Kelsi, on the podcast he does that's hosted by Jason Kelsey, his brother. His brother who careened through all of Las Vegas drunk and got spit out at the airport in a way that looked like he was in his pajamas. Travis Kelsey has publicly apologized to Andy Reid for in a rabid rage, almost knocking down an old man with a physical confrontation that no one cares about because he didn't actually fall down and have trouble getting back up.


Jason said you crossed the line. Travis said, I absolutely did. I regret it, When I was fired up, I wasn't playing well, the team wasn't playing well, and I wanted to let Andy know, Hey, give me the ball.


That's right. I crossed the line. The line was crossed, but nobody cares because I run off with the starlet winning with the Championship trophy and my drunk brother.


And Andy didn't fall.


That's right. Andy He didn't fall. He fell later in the game on top of Chris Jones and couldn't get up, but we were celebrating. No one cares when we win. We can be drunk as long as we're winning.


We all know you got to fall to take the charge.


Thank you for playing that video again of Andy Reid, Missionary Position style, just landing on top of Chris Jones.


The media shift has been amazing because 10 years ago, five years ago, three years ago, probably, everyone, he would be the get. Travis Kelsey would be the get. He doesn't need us. He's like, I'll wait around till Wednesday for my podcast.


I'll I'll take all the numbers on Wednesday when I apologize publicly, and I'll spend all the time since partying, and I will spend all the time with my drunken brother, careening in the Bushes. And what of it? We've got the best podcast, and the Kelsies are dominating everything. And I'm sure there's going to be another documentary about the Kelsies again, this time with Taylor Swift, and it'll be a monster success because he's got the marketing machine behind him, and nothing can stop. It is such a runaway freight train that it can run over the fat Kool-Aid man coach, and no one cares.


But if he fell.


But if he fell. Or if he was black. If he broke his hip, or if he were black, if either of them were black, if either of them, if Andy Reid were black, we'd have a different incident as well.


No, the enemy got trampled there before.


I feel like if he's sorry, just go to jail for a couple of days. Volunteer to serve the punishment. Yeah, you admitted to a crime, just go. A community service, whatever. No? Am I crazy? It is assault. Maybe he doesn't mean it. He doesn't mean it. Exactly right.


He crossed his fingers when he I said, I'm sorry.


This is lying.


It holds up in court, by the way.


That's what I do.




You know what day it is, right?


It's Valentine's Day.


Well, no.


Pitchers and catchers?


Yeah. Jessica, how did you feel about our show's Valentine's Day gift to you?


I mean, it was fine. What? Lunch will be better.


I actually have a Valentine's Day gift for you. A Bournemouth Jersey? Yeah. Dan, you want the Valentine's Day gift? I have one for you, too.


You know what that means. I do. The music's growing on me. I got to be honest.


It's great. It's time for Against the Spread and sponsored by DraftKings. Stay tuned. You'll hear more about DraftKings and all it has to offer throughout the show. Draftkings, the Crown is yours.


Jessica, how are you doing with the airport drunkenness from Sunday in Las Vegas? Are you still okay? Are you going to be okay?


I'm going to be okay, I think. I probably won't make that mistake again, Dan.


Which is the mistake?


Just being drunk around my coworkers, never doing that again.


Did you know you have a drunk face? It was talked about yesterday. No.


What was the drunk face?


Apparently, you just look up and smirk.


That tracks because there's a selfie of me on my phone from Vegas just smiling. It's embarrassing.


Jessica, it's not that you were drunk. If you were just drunk, that'd be one thing. When I was told that you were drunker than Greg Cody, who was drunker than I've ever seen Greg Cody? When you're erasing his entire drunken body of work with the volume that you're speaking with at the airport, it's a level of drunkenness that is wherever mecca resides on drunkenness. I didn't know there was a drunker than Greg Cody available on the human spectrum.


Me neither, Dan. That's why I will never make that mistake again.


There's an investigation because you stole not one but two waters. You took his glass of water, and then there was a mystery of water that you ended up with.


You don't even remember any of it. You stole his drink.


I do remember drinking his his diner water, and Lucy told me on Monday that he had already drinking out of it, and that grossed me out a little bit.


It's like you kiss. Chris's mom, basically.


Who's first? Who's first against the spread?


I can go first if you want.


You're in charge, Billy.


I'm going to take the coyotes plus one and a half over the wild. Coming off of the-That's not against the spread.


What do you mean? Yeah, plus one and a half. One and a half.


That's a spread. That's a coyote.


Yeah. That's because he didn't say it.


That's a fuck line. No, it's a spread. That's a spread, man.


Plus one and a half. That's hockey.


That's a spread. I can't pick football. It's done.


You could just pick them to win. Winning by more than a goal is not...


No, I picked that plus, one and a half.


No, money line is not a good idea.


That's a spread. That's literally-Yeah, the spread works.


You want to apologize for not understanding how this game works?


For not knowing the rules? Yeah.


Go to jail with Travis.


It's quite literally the spread. One and a half.


Just for a day.


Roy, what are you doing against the spread?


Panthers at Penguins tonight. The penguins have lost Noel Achari for long term right now, and they are going with seven defensemen tonight, but the Panthers have gone back to back games with four goals scored. They have great goal in right now. I'm going to go with the Panthers, who are one and a half goal favorites on the road against the spread.


Postgame? Yeah.


No, on the road. Oh.


What? Friday.


Friday, maybe. Maybe Friday.


No, Friday is the big show. It's the hockey show.


Oh, you can't do two in the same day? The hockey show.


The mothership.


The mothership of hockey on this. Next week then. Organization, yes. Got it.


Maybe. Jessica.


Tony, you're not beating the doesn't give a shit about sports allegations back here with your hockey analysis. Why do you say that? He took the Noel Achari news very hard. The Knicks, they're playing the Magic plus three and a half. I'm going to take the Dicks against the spread.


I'm I'm going the other way on that one. I like the Magic at Home. Really?


It's not your turn yet, Dan. You know what that means? You didn't have a game. The Knicks are mad, Dano.


I got it right here on my.


They honored Shaq last night. They're not doing that again.


I like the Magic at Home. Use the bullets.


This is the first head-to-head, which breaks out the head-to-head rules. If Jess wins, you're $500. Amazing.


What if I win?


You go to jail.


Tony, what are you doing against the split?


Dan, UFC 298 this weekend. We'll be an MMA hangout. Location TBD. We'll find that out today when me and Kristen go to the actual location.


My dad wants to come to one of those.


Your dad will be next to me. We'll be smoking cigars together. We are going to the main event. Alexander Volkanovski, legend in the featherweight division. Ilia Tupudia, Spaniard. I'm going to take him plus five and a half rounds since we're going against the spread here. But Ilia Tupudia is going to be the next Conor McGregor. We're very excited to watch him fight.


Plus how many rounds?


In a good way or bad? Plus five and a half. It's a five and a half Championship bout for the featherweight title. Okay. Against the spread. A spread is weird in MMA because you have to go the rounds. That's not a spread.


That's not a spread.


No, but look, take Mike. Show Mike. Yeah. Point spread, plus five and a half.


He's plus five and a half. He's plus 105 on the money line. Of course, we're not doing Money Line today. We're doing against the spread today, so we're doing plus five and a half.


Mike Ryan, what are you doing?


I wanted to take the Panthers, but Roy took them. I wanted to take the Magic, but Dan took them. I will be taking the Phoenix Suns minus 13 against the Detroit Pistons. Against the Sprint.


That's right. What about you, Steven?


Watch out for the Warriors, Dan. They've won five straight, seven of 10. I believe in Steph Curry. They are taking on the Clippers. I said two weeks ago, the Clippers, don't be surprised if they win the NBA Finals. Now I'm saying, be surprised if they win the NBA title. I am taking the Warriors here minus three at home. Buy it down to two and a half if you want. Warriors by 15 points at home. Warriors minus two and a half. A us.


We're going to talk about Simmons versus McAfee.


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. No.