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See stores for details. All right, let's have that be the sound that needs to be the sound for where it is that we're headed with this post game show now, we'll get the funniest thing in a second. But what the hell happened to today's two hour show? It felt like it was so inundated and soaked with sponsored this sponsored that sponsored this sponsored that that there was no place for us to do our radio show. None.


I'm not even certain I got all the sponsors in. I mean, that's how I'm living these days, is where I just at the end of each show, I'm asking Roy, did I get all the sponsored stuff in Mike? Are they going to continue? Is corporate going to continue to just contaminate our two hours on the radio by not allowing us to do our show? Because we have to sponsor so many segments and so many reads have to be.


I was doing some reflection over the weekend and I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but I did want to make a conscious effort to not just complain so much because it's a difficult time. I'm grateful. I am truly grateful for this national platform, even though it's two hours when it used to be three. But after doing the big city the way that we do in the local hour, it's reinvigorated me in terms of like a producer and a creative.


I love what we're putting out and those are such free flowing comments like it's crazy to me.


It's never been this overt. Right. We've had a couple of times for those of you who have been with us for a long time, we do a radio show that's a comedy show disguised as a sports show and the chemistry of it matters. And so we've been distorted by trying to figure out how to do this on the Zoome. But the only other time that I could remember this kind of contamination was when we moved to the other studio and televise this show, made the decision to televise this show without realizing how many different ways that change was going to contaminate what we were doing.


Now, these two hours, they are making it so overt that they're stealing the soul of the show by just stamping sponsors on it that I can't believe they're missing the symbolism of what they're doing to us in a way that's obvious to the people listening right now where you can't escape corporate is on our neck and they're totally diluting what we do.


It feels like they're more I have to do an itemized breakdown of whether or not it is exactly more, because towards the end of last week, it felt like we had a little bit more room and fewer spots. Are you saying it might be the same? Just jammed into two hours, two hours. You look, the sign of a good show is us being frustrated like, man, I meant to get to that and we didn't have time. But it's happening a lot more because there's only a two hour national show.


Now, I saw on air last week for the first time. You guys like on air. Oh, sorry about Nicolas Cage before. We love Connie. What are you talking about?


So see that through a child's eyes again.


But I think I saw it. I saw it on cable, so I don't know what I missed. I saw some things where they, like, moved their mouth. And I'm like, that's not what Nicolas Cage was saying. But aside from that, I'm wondering if I missed any great scenes in Con because the movie is it's pretty ridiculous.


All the scenes are there. It's just some of the language is different. I mean, so you saw it. You saw everything.


You may imagine there's some uncomfortable scenes with a man who's a machete. What's that guy's name? Danny Trejo. There's some uncomfortable scenes that might be edited for cable television. Same thing with Steve Buscemi. So I'm not exactly sure. I haven't seen it on cable. Let me ask you a question. When Cyrus spoiler alert. When Cyrus gets ejectors. Yeah. When Cyrus virus gets ejected from the the fire engine, it's a boy that's on the Las Vegas Strip.


And then he gets flung from this fire truck into a nearby demolition machine at a at a at a trash heap. I'm not exactly sure how there's one just right off the Las Vegas Strip. But then he gets, you know, a pile driver smashes his head and he played it perfectly for that to happen.


Yeah. He lands on a conveyor belt that's just off of the strip. I don't exactly know how that happened. Yeah, are you asking me if that happened, that happened in the thing. I don't know how he was in such great shape after crashing through like an overpass while he was attached to this. This is ladder.


This is the thing we've been making fun of for a while, Billy. And I'm glad you saw it so fresh. You can answer the question of how many different cliched ways did Syrus, the virus, die at the end of that movie? Because it wasn't just one, it was like three or four of them in the middle of Las Vegas. I also have another question, and I'm glad you brought it up, Billy. And I rarely say that.


Is that the last role Nicolas Cage had? That is a hugely meaningful role to any of us because it feels like that was a long time ago.


I know Mike Ryan has his Nicolas Cage obsession, but where he's at the height of star power, where he's leading a movie with John Malkovich and some other people's got to be that of The Wicker Man, I, I don't remember the timing on Elgon in 60 seconds.


Came out after that and he was the leading man and gone in 60 seconds. And he was still taken very seriously as a leading action star.


Don't sleep on national treasure, by the way. Not really like what you'd think is a great Nicolas Cage.


I like it. I like that movie. Yeah, it was great.


He becomes like an academic that knows everything about history. A bit of a stretch, actually not. Well, no, because he collects like those dinosaur heads and he has pyramids and all. Also, who is Nicolas Cage?


Finally Mike, finally, you've gotten really intrigued. You've been trying for you've been trying for so long to get Billy obsessed with how weird Nicolas Cage is. And it took Conair to bring you guys together, although he's watching it ten years after your.


Well, I don't know how long it's going to take him to watch Primal, considering how long it took him to watch Conor. But primal, primal has made its way onto Amazon that you can stream it. And I meant to do it this weekend. I ran out of time and I wasn't able to do it. But Primal is the movie that I've been talking about for a very long time. I was in production where he's the best big game hunter in all the planet, and he gets stuck on this ship with all these exotic animals.


And just so happens to have the world's most dangerous fugitive also on that boat. And he releases himself and he escapes. And then he makes sure that all the animals on the boat also get out. And only one man is available for this kind of job. And he just so happens to be on the boat that he would scoff.


But this is you two really connecting over something like Noah. Yeah.


Yeah. For whatever reason, there's all these exotic big cats on this on this boat. I told Cynthia, my wife, I was like, super excited to see. And she's like, nah, I don't want to see Nicolas Cage killing innocent animals. I'm like, they're not innocent. They're trying to kill Nicolas Cage. I mean, they're evil doers.


I wanted to ask Ron McGill, we'll get to it next week about animal ghosts because he told us about his encounter with Human Ghost a couple of weeks ago. And you never see animal ghosts and all these ghosts who he's right. Like these haunted movies always have ghosts, but animals die, too, right? Are there animal ghosts?


If so, what would be the scariest animal ghost? That's a tease, folks. We'll get to that next Tuesday. Don't worry about that.


Speaking of ghost, don't forget I got a great Greg Coyote story tomorrow. A great golf story, OK, as it is. But speaking of goes, Greg Cody kept saying ditto on the golf course. Yes. Hey, I kept asking me the last time Dedeaux was popular and I said the movie Ghost. Am I right ideato the phrase ditto for some reason.


That's Ghost. It's Ghost Rider, I hear. Ditto. I think of ghosts, which honestly, this is super rude way to respond to. I love you.


I totally agree. That's what he was doing to me. I said, Greg, I love you. He said ditto. He didn't say I love you back.


The movie Ghost though. Are we talking nineteen eighty nine. You just. Yes, yeah.


It's a tremendous movie. I did wapi went for that I think will we won best supporting actor. Best Supporting Actress for Ghost. Yes.


Roy gives the thumbs up. He knows the Whoopi Goldberg Wikipedia somehow off the top of his head. It's one of the strangest things around here. Did you guys notice we'll get the funniest thing in a second. But did you guys notice how there was no room? The Sunnis were great, by the way, you guys did a great job, like, legitimately laugh out loud one after another. Chris, I know you're still seething because people are criticizing you for your omissions of surprise.


They were sponsored. I made yes.


We've got funniest thing to get to here, but an overwhelming success. Would you not say, Chris, the suicide? That was a lot. I can't believe how much laugh out loud. Funny shit was in those two suites. Yeah, no, they went over great.


It makes me a little scared that we might have come out too strong, like, you know, I'm thinking of like worst case scenario, but we're good, dad. I love the series and I hate when people point out my mistakes.


He's the best laugh. Is that category still around? Yes. You come out too strong, then you're fine as long as you have that best laugh is a lifesaver.


For one, we're racing the clock like we were today.


Are there any new categories, Chris, this year? Are we debuting any new categories or.


There's two music categories. There's musical performance and then there's best Michael Doleac song.


Oh, wow. That's going to be very exciting. I thought all of those today were very hard to vote on at Libertador Show on Twitter that those those were just loaded category.


And like I mentioned on the national show, we're going to use some of this additional space with the post game, the local our in the big suite cram in some categories because there's literally not enough time on the national show. So tomorrow's postgame show is going to be a subcategory category. Why? Because we have a meeting after the show and we need to get to that.


OK, Billy, let's play that Nicholas Cage sound again, courtesy variety YouTube. I want to see through your eyes now, now that you have understood what the whiff, the scent of strangeness that is Nicholas Cage, why it's intoxicating, why it lures us toward the mystery as he makes 400 submarine movies to pay for pirate skulls and his taxes. Let's listen to this sound through that wonderful president.


How do you amp yourself up for scenes like that? Or is, you know, what does the term over the top even register? You show me where the top is and I'll let you know whether I'm over it or not. I design where the top is. Brian could speak more to this than I can. He knows how spiritual acting is really like the word acting anymore. I don't because it implies lying in some way. I don't act. I feel and I imagine when I channel.


I love that I don't act, I feel I imagine I channel do drawn fire on a motorcycle, knock it off ghostwriter. But that's what the source material is and he's not going to betray it. I think this is this is we're in a wonderful point in time with Nicolas Cage because for a long time, I don't think Nicolas Cage was in on the fandom that surrounded him. I don't know if he got it, though. All the rules that he was taking.


I don't know if he understood that people were kind of laughing at him to a degree. And now he's fully embracing it with the roles that he's taking. I mean, that this Tarantino project that he was working on, it sounds crazy because he's playing a drunken dragon in an Amazon show.


That would be the Tarantino. What can you tell me about the Tarantino Nicolas Cage thing? Because this could be interesting.


Strogatz Because Tarantino is doing more. That's interesting because every movie is the last movie for Tarantino. I mean, I knew there'd be more Jesus, OK, only that guy. OK, very good.


Lining up dismissals for next year. Very good God. But Tarantino resurrects the career of John Travolta. Nicolas Cage. His career has hit the skids. I know Mike Ryan is going to object, but he's just making a really shitty movie one after another, just unbelievably. But if you hook up with Tarantino, who needs a bit of redemption, I think, because once a time, Once upon a time in Hollywood was really not very good for Tarantino or a Tarantino long disagree.


I really liked Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it was really good. But when we say Nicolas Cage is doing that Tarantino movie, it implies that he's working with Quentin Tarantino. It's not what I mean by that. Nicolas Cage is playing Nicolas Cage in a movie in which Nicolas Cage is desperate to score a Tarantino role. But he is haunted by the ghost of Nicolas Cage past, who just berates him about all the bad choices he's made, both professionally and personally.


So wait a minute. So you're telling me that Nicolas Cage, I know you were trying to insinuate this is is absolutely going to finally have a sense of humor about himself the rest of the way?


Yeah, I've never been really sure if if he got it. But now you are. Now, I'm fairly certain with that interview, that's where it really came home to me, like he was just dying to answer that question. And it's going to be great for his career.


Well, so is this a Tarantino movie? No, the movie. Apologies to quit yet. The movie is Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage. And the whole premise behind it is he is desperate to land a role in a Tarantino movie because it could rekindle his career where he's taken as a serious actor. But he can concentrate on scoring this role because the ghost of Nicolas Cage past is haunting him, making fun of every decision he's ever made. Well done, Mike.


Thank you. And Billy, I'm glad that you guys can share this space together.


Why is he not taken seriously as an actor? He plays normal roles. He's God.


I was trying to. There was someone that's a little bit younger that refused to believe when I told him that Nicolas Cage was once considered the best actor on the planet, as evidenced by winning an Academy Award.


Look, at the very least you can say this, right? As a person, he's a little bit, you know, eccentric, right. Is that a fair way short by any definition?


We've gone through, like the list of things that he's purchased, like on anyone's resume in life, marrying a Presley for like four days like he did, that would be a career topper in terms of weirdness. I'm not even sure it's Nicolas Cage's top 10 that he married Elvis Presley's daughter for four minutes.


But to his credit, in the movies, you see, I mean, you're like, oh, this is just a Marine that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he's trying to find a way home and now he's a criminal. I had no idea that that guy collected dinosaur heads. I had no idea that he was married to Elvis's daughter. I didn't know that he had a giant pyramid. I didn't know any of that stuff when I was watching it.


I did question his judgment, though, as to why he didn't just get off the plane when he had a chance to meet his eight year old daughter, who he had never met before.


Just get off the plane, all right? Go in the bus at work.


And you think that he was worried about Bubba? Bubba was, you know, like he needed medicine. You're combining divorces. He was married to Lisa Marie Presley. But I think it was for more than four days. You're thinking about the other divorce he recently had, where he was married for four days. And she was like searching for half.


I think that Nicolas Cage married Lisa Marie Presley, at least in the way that he voiced it, just simply because she was descended from Elvis like that was that was and that was it. In love with her.


Maybe maybe he was in love with was. However, it is the Nicolas Cage defines love when. No, not in the middle of. Was he he was in the middle of the fight was he not in Vegas, in the street or was that that Carrot Top broke up.


No, no. That was he broke up the fight with Vince Neil, Vince Neil, Nicolas Cage in an electric blue suit. Now, I got the story from Carrot Top once, who was not pictured in the video, but he was actually at lunch. OK, hold on a second.


Now, tell this entire story, Billy. Now I want you to. Absorb this, OK, what Nicholas Cage was in the middle of, it's just this is Monday morning for Nicolas Cage when you get these details. Yes.


You know, I know who Nicolas Cage is, right? I just happened to watch Con Air this weekend.


I know who he gave a whole life. I we're using you as the audience. Yes, Bill, you're just a construct here. You're the tethering that we're doing inside the show is we fascinate and obsess over Nicolas Cage and give people fact after fact after fact. That's interesting about Nicolas Cage. Yes.


We do know Nicolas Cage was wearing an electric blue suit one day when he decided to go out to lunch with Carrot Top and his buddy Vince Neil. I don't know what kind of drinks they got into, but Vince Neil got into a dust up that seemed rather ugly with a woman outside and it needed to be broken up. And there's TMZ video of Nicolas Cage in an electric blue suit and a cowboy hat pulling Vince Neil away saying, I love you, but you've got to stop doing this.


I love you. And they are cheek to cheek. And he just keeps saying, I love you, I love you. And this is actually good PR for Carrot Top because he wasn't actually in this video. But he's got a great story to tell.


And this was in the valet part of the show. OK, yes. A lot of lights. There were a lot of lights, water fountains, even that it was the middle of the day, right. It was like noon.


Yeah, it was noon, which was concerning. Presley and Cage were married. They call it a two year entanglement.


OK, fair enough. So they invented that. And Jada Pinkett, very good. And entanglement works. I want to I want before we get to funniest thing, I want to point out to the audience and do you guys something that just happened in the middle of that incident. We're talking during one of the breaks today about the sheer number of times that we fall into the sewage by accident and then embrace it, because I was telling to God during a break, I'm like the kind of things that happen on our show where Stewart is being a dopey idiot when they happen on Dan Patrick show or when they happen on Jim Roehm show, it's never anything so awkward that it knocks the professionalism over.


They never make a mistake on their professional shows that allows you to sink in the number of times content machine Stewart does because he's fairly shameless and he stumbles around here in a way that's funny. You doing what you did, where you dismiss Tarantino that way, just dismiss Tarantino and then Mike, explain. No, it's not Tarantino. It's not a Tarantino movie, although you'll get your chance to do that. But there's always another chance. But then the guns just apologizing for it.


That moment would never happen on Dan Patrick Show or Jim Ramshaw or Colin Cowherd show. And it happens 100 times a day around here.


It's exactly what we were talking about it just during the break and stuff got just like he went straight. The maximum still got. Get out of here, zip it up. I'm tired of this guy hitting all the notes and then he's like, oh, wait a minute, the movie's not happening. OK, humble apology.


Rome would spend two hours still trying to convince you that it's Nicolas Cage movie was a Daredevil movie. He would because he's never been wrong ever.


It is the funny way, the serious way of doing things. And again, it's being rewarded all over the network as they shrink us with corporate things on our neck. Now, let's get to the funniest thing that we had to sponsor in one segment and do right here. Hey, people, tell us what in sport make you laugh hard. This is weekend. It is a segment we call What Make You Laugh this weekend.


I the the sponsor again.


No, no, no thank you. Add value. Thank you. Are they just throwing this stuff in.


Are they not even certain some of this stuff is being paid for. It might just be like added value like hey, thank you for spending money with us. Here's the funniest thing with a sports weekend.


We thank our sponsors and with us through thick and thin because we are not easy to sponsor. And this has always been sponsored.


This is not an objection to our sponsors. It's an objection to how corporate contaminates the radio show by throwing a million sponsored things at us that we're not being paid for.


Right. We're also a messy show. So in terms of clock management, we're not great. So when we have a ten minute segment followed by five minutes of breaks by another eight minute segment, it gets tougher show that's where is God is peloton.


Palatine, where is godson's peloton, is the bald guy in sales, are he is he in his home with the peloton that was supposed to have? I want to ask this question of you, the audience, everybody, the bald guy in sales, where where is two goddesses?


Peloton there. I think you also had to go and tour the shop, too. And there was no way that you were going to do there is a tour.


But why do I have to climb through hoops to Reid? Is do you think Dan Patrick, Team Patrick, etc. shop.


I'm not kidding you that I was yelling and screaming at Bristol to send me a single microphone. And my answer, like when they're saying like, why do you need this? And I'm like, do you think Colin Cowherd has to deal with this? Like, get us a microphone down here.


I'm jealous. I've been calling cowards on a safari of some sort. That guy is living a life. I know. And I thought I thought for sure you'd be on the radio because the whole thing is like I like working on holidays because people are at home and they get to watch me. And then I'm like, OK, well, football season, he's got to be dominating. He's like, here's a video of a Jaguar.


That guy is taking a windsurfing. He is doing like all kinds. I had the dream of him surfing into the Rose Bowl. For some reason it was odd. But he also does a lot of like he's doing cool things like West Coast type relax.


He's embracing Hollywood life. Going to the Fox lot every day, every day probably changes a man. Well, there are a couple of funny things around him because he is an unusual creature and he has had great success in this business. And it's kind of weird, right? Our our relationship with Colin Cowherd, we'll get to Funniest as these meanderings is a good man. I mean, these people want to hear the story about the and these little sidebars.


They don't help us. It's good for the show. But when we need to stick to a clock, it hurts us. Yes, but that's the show. And the show has always had freedom within that clock to bust it. When something like you don't get to the Mina Kimes moment on the zip line unless we're busting the clock by nine minutes, you got to let us ride out some stuff regardless. It doesn't it doesn't matter. But the stories about Colin Cowherd that I think you guys are going to find funny because they're symbolic, right?


We replace Colin Cowherd. I told Colin Cowherd when he was thinking about going to Fox, I told him flatly, you shouldn't do that. You should stay at ESPN. You don't want to put your work in a drawer. You don't want to have people not see or hear what you're doing.


On the other hand, I begged them to go to Fox.


Right, because it opened up this time slot that we've been in. Now, how long how long have we been in this timeslot?


Feels like seventeen years just during the pandemic. Feels like seventeen years, but it's been about five I think.


Right. It's it is that whole. I think so, yeah. Is that right. That came right. I don't think that's right. Taggants. I feel like we've been in here like eight years.


No years in the midday. I don't wait. No, no I don't know.


I think it took five or six. All right. You started ESPN Radio in the afternoon. Five years. That feels like eight years. OK, so regardless, Colin Cowherd leaves and he has gotten success. He has gotten actually a hugely nice, balanced life. I had a conversation with him not, I don't know, six months ago. And out of nowhere he's explaining to me and he does this. Our relationship goes back to him falling asleep at about nine p.m. at a Jacksonville Super Bowl restaurant.


It wasn't the one, Marguerita. It was just him falling asleep in a restaurant because radio is tiring when you're talking to yourself for three hours a day. You just remember that I think was earlier than nine o'clock. We know he fell asleep with his head. We were just in a booth and it hit him like eight thirty at night. It just wasn't because of the drinking, but his head fell back and he was basically snoring at the table at eight thirty because radio was exhausting.


When you're just talking to yourself for three hours a day, it's exhausting unless you do it the way coward does it now, which is and he told me this and it was just great hearing it from him because it was so very Hollywood. He listen, I come in contractually in the morning and they bring me a cup of coffee and I get my scalp massage. I have three guests in three hours. That's basically fifty five minutes of content. I have about ten writers.


I go home at noon and I go to my wife and I do meditation because she's in another room painting. That's the other thing, meditation. And he's like, this is why Fox treats its people like the NBA stars. And what does ESPN do? Just churn out defensive tackle, wreck their bodies, break their bodies, bust them up, and then make sure that there's a face mask. Everyone's disposable. Everyone's interchangeable. We are the NFL. Chew them up.


Grind them out.


I wasn't calling at the wedding. Now, I didn't know you guys are such great friends.


We're not such great friends that I wouldn't tell that story on the air even though he doesn't want me to. Let's get the funniest thing, Mike. Brian, I love that we're out of time on a free flowing format, but yes, OK, we'll out to the funniest thing. Here's my funny thing I read. Chris Mannix says Goodbye, NBA Bubble column. And it was you know, it was interesting.


And at the end, there is this little bit of poison from Chris Mannix where he goes on a series of goodbye catering, goodbye, blah, blah, goodbye team and league PR staffs who are terrific, always available, as helpful as they could be in a challenging environment, except for Oklahoma City's Matt Tumble, since he is, in a word, the worst company right there.


That's something that is something you would write in fiction. That's really good. Chris, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Novak Djokovic accidentally hitting Meryl Streep in the neck with a tennis ball. Oh, good.


It was good. We didn't we barely talked about that today. Think about what just happened. That guy's had a bad year. He's just had a bummer of a year. The Joker.


Yes. Yeah. I guess we've all had a bad year, though. But coronaviruses while he was a.. Yeah, he's nobody's anti vaccine. You're friend. Not a lot of choice. That's not like, you know, something bad that happened. You also kind of had like a heel turn at the last Wimbledon final on this ad.


So but then you turn around and you hit a woman in the neck with a tennis ball at a high rate of speed because and actually Meryl Streep, we should probably say we definitely will.


You're right. National show if it was a better actress.


Ladies and gentlemen, Chris just fell out of the zoom chat laughing at the idea that somebody listening to this mike might have not been paying attention to tennis at all the last couple of days or the news or anything. And just learn there. The Joker, the Joker didn't miss Streep and does the U.S. Open was canceled for the joke like that would have been such a bigger story than the one we got. Meryl Streep was involved. And why is that guy now out of the tournament?


What sense does that make? He was the huge favorite. Everyone, there's money depends upon people, you know, people wanting to see him. He was going to win and he gets knocked out in the most ridiculous. Imagine LeBron James getting knocked out of a game seven, right? Because it's a one time major tournament because he launched the ball and he'd be thrown out there. Makes sense. He'd be throwing out.


But to Dan's point, debatable as to whether or not you should throw him out. Like, listen, they need Djokovic. You need LeBron in a game seven. You need the Joker, the U.S. Open. He should have a longer leash than most of the other tennis players, should he not?


I mean, you may not fair. You make an analogy. You made an analogy that made it very self-evident that Joker should have been thrown out when you make it LeBron throwing a basketball at someone's throat. Yeah, it's the same thing that happened. The person had to be removed from the tournament. She's not feeling well.


I know. But I think what they are saying is you don't throw out the Joker for that. You leave LeBron in game seven. Well, you know what's funny about that? Because we can stick race in just about every story. What was funny is I saw dueling headlines from the same writer over the weekend, one of them looking at Serena Williams and her temper tantrum and saying how she was bad for the sport because she's a sore loser. And the same guy is looking at this Djokovic thing and saying, you got to let him keep playing.


You got to let the beautiful Djokovic keep playing because Serena is a poor loser over here. But it was the same writer. Like, you can't love that. Yeah, you can.


Mark Berman, I think all the bad boy better. Nick Kyrgios weighed in, asking, put on a poll question, what would have happened if I was the person that did this? And Tommy Paul responded, we have to bail you out of jail right now.


But you don't need Nick. You need you need the Joker. That's why Nick gets kicked out. You keep the Joker join in having a bad a villain because those three guys have been so dominant, joker Federer and Nadal, but they've been kind of boring. To have a bad guy makes those more interesting.


Roy, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?


Kawhi Leonard blocking Jamal Murray's dunk attempt with his middle finger that that one play, you know, we were talking about like the skill level of these offenses.


And did you see the play where Jamal Murray get a step back on Kawhi Leonard? Kawhi Leonard, obviously an individual defender like those are one of those playoff moments where you're watching one of these games. You're like, oh, look, they've just put Kawhi on Jamal Murray. Let's watch what this looks like. Then Jamal Murray did that step back where he, like, contorted himself and his own body was like diagonal to going backward.


Yeah, I missed it. OK, no, that's OK. I'm keeping an eye on the bubble, but I'm really not right. It's apparently this particular play, Mike, you know, the one I'm talking about. Right. It's just. I was wondering with the Kemba Walker step back with all the James Harden step back, do we know who started that because it's gotten to such a ridiculous level that Jamal Murray shook, you know, one of the world's greatest athletes on a step back in a way that I just don't think was possible 20 years ago, that I don't feel like Larry Bird or those guys were doing that.


Do we know where it is that this this unstoppable unblock, a bull shot where it began?


Because I feel like James Harden has evolved it to the maximum place. The Internet is saying that Larry Bird was the first guy in NBA history to bring the step back jumper into the league. It did it on a regular basis. That's what it say. I mean, why are you laughing at Larry Bird?


Because I didn't use Larry Bird as the example of someone who couldn't do that, and he invented the sleeping thing. I don't think that that's what I just said.


I thought that what I had said was that Larry Bird, that that was the last time. Did I get that wrong, Mike? Hear me wrong or did I deliver that wrong?


Man, it's been a long show. If I got it wrong, I apologize. OK, they're saying that Bird was definitely the first one to bring that up. What I was saying, unless I was heard wrong or it was communicated wrong by me, I thought it's not what Mike thought it'd be funny or if it was what Mike thought. But I thought that I was saying, I don't remember Larry Bird as the guy who did that.


Well, he's the guy that invented it. Billy, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend? Danto West decided to throw out Mike Rizzo from the second or third level of the game the other day.


It was a sweet write, was it for not wearing a mask or was it for yelling brutal up there? Because you could you could be heard up there? I thought he yelled brutal and it echoed throughout an empty ballpark.


I can't say for sure, but if I were to guess, I think Joe was more offended by him yelling at him than him not wearing a mask.


OK, because I saw some people wondering, I like it better. The idea of Joe West ejecting Mike Rizzo for not wearing a mask on a field full of players not wearing masks when he's in a suite by himself, there's a big debate as to who started to step back.


A lot of people say it's bird. Bird says it's bird. But a lot of people also say it's Kiki Vandeweghe. Thank you to God. What is your funniest thing from the sports weekend? I mean, EKI good funny thing for the sports. We get the top two guys, Angell's all time home run list and guess their names don't Ghasem, Mike Trout and Tim Salmon. How about that tragedy and the salmon. Did we find out, Chris, what was the poll, what was the poll question, who's the bronze medalist among pets?


You're wrong on that. Oh, no, no, no, you are wrong. Ron was wrong. Ron said birds. Fish is running away with it.


Really? Somebody else threw in turtle. Does that feel sufficient to you? Do you feel like your question was sufficiently ends and felt like.


I felt like the answer was fish. That's what I was hoping Ron would say. So I feel vindicated by the poll or the poll sponsored.


Are they sponsored, Roy, he's giving a thumbs up, but does it count as a sponsorship if we do it in the post game show or does it show?


It does not, then well, then we don't have to sponsor it here. Right, good.


OK, we've come full circle with the segment a later. Everybody talk to you tomorrow. Larry Legend.