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There's a lot of words you really delivered, Van. That was a lot of words.


And I felt like that I could feel the heart network out your out of breath.


Well, explain to us what would have happened there, because I believe the fear ran over the studio. Look, we have hit Greg Cody with the hard network out now for so many years, and he often gets legitimately mad about it. And he has threatened to never do the back in my day. And because of how mad he has gotten and we all know that the one place where we are not allowed, the one rule as it regards the hard nut workout is do not do it to Greg Cody when he's in the middle of his back in my day.


You are coming dangerously close there because that's the longest one you've ever done. If you had gotten clipped there, would you have been mad at us? I probably would have faulted myself. But you did notice my delivery was quicker than usual. I felt myself really talking quickly, trying to cram in a lot of words. But once once you hit me with a hard network out in the middle of me describing a life threatening tumor, I figured all on deck, you know, nothing was sacred.


So, Greg, can we go back to the beginning of the back of my day? You were fumbling through papers. I was very concerned. I was a little bit nervous.


You've never taken longer to start with this.


Did you just say all hands on deck? Yeah, something like that. Why did you back my Navy days? Why did you say all hands on deck? What did that have?


What we talk about. You have to go now. This is what happens to him after the back. And my dad, he's so done. You realize that he's just got this one burst of content stamina, and then he immediately goes impotent. Like you just look at him. He's he's all hands on deck. Yes. This is basically a sprint for him and he's got nothing left. He's got all hands on deck. Didn't make any sense.


They're just throwing a bunch of words, you just know, out there hoping they show up on time.


I don't know. Are you aware when you are holding up your Charles chips that we are on the radio? And while the visual joke may have been funny to the national television audience, most people are listening on the radio. So all they're hearing is me saying to you, hey, Greg, it's the radio talk as you wiggled and shook your Charles chips bucket. All right.


I'm trying to give a little secret, a reward to the people who are actually watching on TV.


Oh, Mike, I wanted to get into you for get into this conversation, really about you. For some reason. You wanted to talk about the movie Collateral for some reason. That's 20 years old.


Thank you. That movie. Thank you for finally overhearing this, that Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Javier Bardem, also in a small role in that film. It's an incredible movie. I heard a podcast dedicated to it and they were arguing that this might be Michael Mann's masterpiece. A lot of people would push back immediately on that and argue heat. And I think people are remembering is everything that surrounded heat, which was it's Pacino, DeNiro for the very first time.


And even within that film, there's a slow burn until you finally see them share screen time. But if you watch heat again and do it, it's a great film, doesn't exactly hold up nearly as well as collateral, which was really ahead of its time. It's like the first film that's like all digital and it very much looks like it's off of a digital camera, but it works for this film. But at the very beginning of the film, when we are introduced to Tom Cruise's character, is it lacks and he bumps into Jason Statham already at this point in his career, typecast as an assassin type, he hands Tom Cruise a briefcase and he goes on his way, a popular fan theory.


And what I personally like to imagine is that that is the transporter just existing in this collateral world. And it got me thinking of other great fan theories. Are you guys familiar with fan theories?


Tarantino's got a ton of them, yes. Around his movies. Like what?


What are the unknown mysteries that the director was trying to, you know, make art with symbolically a popular fan theory like the one that Dan just referenced is the Vega Brothers, John Travolta's character from Pulp Fiction. And Michael, what's his last name? It's Tom McDonald Bolton. Now, thank you for helping me, though. Jack's. Sin. Thank you so much, senior moment inside South Beach session with Michael Madsen going to never go to run. It was so good when he was on medication and we talked to him, asked him one question, and it lasted 40 minutes.


Right. That's never going to run. Never, never going to run. Then we did it again another time and it was much better. And that wasn't allowed to run because he was crying and his publicist didn't want us to use that.


Sadly, never going to run as well. His character from Reservoir Dogs, that in theory, since they share a last name, as they must exist in the same universe and they must be brothers. Another popular one from the Tarantino universe is you never see what's inside the suitcase that has a gold glow. Oh, that's Marcellus Wallace's soul. These are fan theories. And I stumbled upon some pretty ridiculous ones. For example, the Terminator and The Matrix are a part of the same universe only.


This is Skynet, what everyone's plugged into. That's the existence of the Matrix. And you could actually tie those two together since they're Warner Brothers films. Willy Wonka is a cannibal. Fairly obvious when you watch it back, guys. Willy Wonka was absolutely murdering these children so he could eat them and make candy out of them. And I'm wondering if you guys.


Is that fairly obvious to you?


Yeah, I'll give you another one. Greece. I found it weird. I recently watch Grease. And outside of being appalled at how poorly some of these high schoolers were Kasit and how poorly this film has aged, that at the end of the movie, we're just supposed to accept that Sandy and Danny Zuko fly off into the sky in a car when it disobeys all the laws of physics, even though that this is a musical.


Hold on, though. You just made me think about something for the first time that I never thought in childhood. Why are Travolta's high school buddies all 35?


If it's a little strange? There is one guy that straight got Lease's on his second divorce in this film. I mean, it's pretty incredible. I think Rizza was thirty three years old when soccer training played Rizzo. So there's a theory, if you remember Summer Luvin, she nearly drowned. That S.T. actually did drown. And this is the afterlife, which would explain them disobeying the laws of physics at the end. Oh, OK. And it would also explain how his theory, his high school classmates never seem to age, even though they were all filled with the regret that comes in your 40.




They were just various ghost of Christmas past, I guess my favorite one that I stumbled upon, because I'm starting to like the really more ridiculous ones was Kevin McCallister from home alone, grew up to be the jigsaw killer from the Saw franchise.


And that will make sense if we have a pretty plausible backstory. He obviously has parent issues and he has plenty of experience laying traps that could kill people. Make sense to me. Yeah. So I'm wondering if you've guys and I've been yammering for quite some time now, I've either pulled up some vain theories of your own or have ever dreamed up a concoction where you would like to have movies share universe that don't exist. Going back to Kevin McCallister, how great would it have been if we saw Gremlins versus Kevin McCallister in the home alone house?


Space Jam is going to try and do that, and Billy doesn't want it. Billy is down with Billy has already shook his fist at Space Jam for trying to do something where they more obviously combine the world's. Do you guys ever just watch movies? Then move on and watch another way, too much on movies come together. What is going on here? Oh, I promise you, I had heard.


I promise you, I do that all the time. And this sounds like it's born out of a bad mushroom trip. But if you've watched something so many times as I have with collateral, you start discovering new things. And I really fixated on Jason Statham being in it. So I'm wondering if anybody has any other theories.


I have a fan theory for Titanic. It's that there was enough room for both Jack and Rose on that damn door and she was selfish.


That's my theory. I don't think that's what Mike's talking. That's not exactly what I did. Actually, I did Google fan theories, Titanic, and that's the first one that came up really that there was just more room on that.


There was a fan theory that Titanic is actually a sequel to Terminator. And I'm not exactly that. Jack Dawson is a time traveler going through time. And it's actually part of another James Cameron film franchise in The Terminator. That one is a bit of a stretch for me.


I'm with Billy. Just watch a movie and don't think too much. I mean, let's do that all the time.


I like a popcorn flick, but you never get tied up in these three to point break. I'd be interested in that. Is there a fan theory there?


No, no. I saw someone tweet yesterday that it doesn't hold up to which I say they can go fuck themselves.


Oh my God. I'm scrolling through real fast, Tony. Sorry, I'm scrolling through Titanic fan theories. And the one I think that you're mentioning, one is that Rose is Sarah Connor's grandmother. That's the connection.


That's just what I mean. I feel like that's a reach just because it's James Cameron. What are we got there, Tony?


So I've got one for Titanic where Jack floats off the door but ends up becoming The Great Gatsby.


I've seen that. Yes, that one works. Absolutely. Roy, I see you shaking your head at this entire segment. Come on. Tell me you have a bad theory.


No, I don't subscribe to fan theories on ascribe to these type of things. I just watch a movie.


I think about it for a little bit, but don't I'm not trying to call it two different movies to the same point. I'm sorry. That's just dumb.


Excuse me for applying the same sort of logic when actually watching collateral and reflecting upon it and said, huh, that was actually a cool little cameo there from an unnamed Jason Statham character. That looks like all the rest. Only this one looks suspiciously a lot like the transporter. What if it's the actual transporter? Why didn't Michael Mann create a transporter dinner?


Look, man, I don't make these theories. He can borrow from another franchise. I mean, James Cameron didn't direct Terminator three Rise of the Machines. Why?


We want to I don't know if this fits the exact category we're talking about, but fans of Pink Floyd insists that the Dark Side of the Moon album syncs up magically with The Wizard of Oz.


I've heard that I've done a lot of researching of The Wizard of Oz and and I've seen people do this on YouTube. I don't know if that's the intention or just a happy coincidence, but it does seem to make sense. I've seen a lot of independent sort of scoring of things. I have a pair of friends that are producers and they scored all of Fantasia with their own original music. They were definitely on drugs.


You ever go see Dark Side of the Moon or the wall like the Hayden Planetarium or anything like that?


Like, oh, you know what? I have as a matter of fact, back in the gosh, that was a while ago. I want to say that's what, late 70s or something. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, I have seen music set to the planetarium scene. They used to do that at at the junior college near me decades ago.


Did you hear the fan theory about Frida Kahlo husband. So after they got divorced, he was heartbroken and then he became Dr Octopus started fighting Spider-Man just because it's both played by Alfred Molina.


Yeah, yeah, then where does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls?


Come stay with us. That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary? Missing out a this great service with you get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls. Right to see your room. Can I sleep in the car now? Happy Geico.


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