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Here we go.


Thursday Thunder. We are here.


What was that sound to start? What was that sound? What did you start that What sound did you start that with?


It's very loud.It was very loud. We're getting our bearings here. It's thundering out. There's a lot of rain.


But what was the sound you made at the beginning of this that made everyone drop their head into their hands because you started this so poorly?


That's because I said something with my mic on. There's a lot of blue lights over here, and sometimes you forget which one's which.


What did you say, though?


I don't remember what I said. Thursday Thunder is sponsored by DraftKings. Stay tuned, and you'll hear more about DraftKings and all it has to offer throughout the show. Draftkings, the Crown is yours. We're going to do Thursday Thunder, guys.


I love you guys. Where's your confidence at right now?


Not great. In Vegas. It's just sometimes there's music playing, and I'm like, I got to turn it down, and I got to talk.


Should still probably turn it down a little bit.


It's still hot.


Lucy, I got it.


It's pretty loud.


Happy to help.


All right, Thursday Thunder.


We're going to do over-I don't feel like you were. Otherwise, you wouldn't-You have to lash at Lucy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have helped.


She liked the people she needed to.


I'm just a girl, Chris. I'm just It's a girl trying to do my job badly.


Over twelve and a half rebounds for Yana Santa D'Cumpo and Rudy Gobert. Those are the first two legs of our Thursday Thunder. We like rebounds around here. You have a lot of miss shots in the game. A lot of miss shots, a lot boards. A lot of things to eat up for those guys. We also like the under.


No thunder in between?


The under.


He's literally over your shoulder. You can't do that, Mike. You can't have the teacher over the shoulder. You can't do that, Mike. Right over the shoulder telling you when to hit the thunder. Trying to be helpful. Let him put his own spin on the No, he's owning it.


Under 19.5 points. Jonathan Kaminga. That's a real person.


Of course it is. It's an important person to the Warriors. He's good.


Yeah, of course. That's what I'm telling you. Under 19.5 points.


That's our Thursday Thunder. But you're betting against him because you don't think Kaminga can score more than 19.5..


Camera crew, Kaminga all over Stugats right now. He does have a little on his face from earlier.






Let me- Did we do all the... Yeah?


We did all three of them. A cominga, right? Two legs and a cominga.


That's why I needed the thunder.


Yes, the thunder help. You can't be a fan when you say that guy, cominga. It's offensive and you show your ignorance.


I mean, it's like that guy, Hardenstein.


It's the same thing, but That's why Sam Morrell is mad at Steven A. Smith for reducing him to that guy, Hardenstein. You do a weird thing with Hartenstein. No, that's how you pronounce it. I've heard the broadcasters pronounce it that way. He's saying Hartenstein. Sam was. You're saying Hartenstein. The broadcast- It's a sht. It's a sht.


You got to watch League Pass, too.


Yeah, but some people say Hartenstein, Steven A.


I will say, shout out to League Pass, by the way. You get all the in arena, in stadium entertainment on League Pass, and I know that people know this by now, but it never ceases to amaze me when you get to watch a local band do the national anthem or some weird thing during halftime.


Somebody on a bicycle kicking plates on her head.


Well, Red Panda, she's a legend. But yes, Stan, it is the absolute best part of the basketball is fine. Whatever. I'll watch the stupid Knicks. But the in stadium entertainment is really what tickles me. That and Clyde's outfits.


I do believe there's a generational gulf there as well, where Stan VanGundi and Steve Kerr both hate the the in-game entertainment that is a bombardment of stimuli at every turn at basketball games because they're like, Shouldn't the game... Shouldn't Hartenstein be enough? Why do I need a T-shirt canon of any sort?


Why can't I just- I love the T-shirt canon, too. Little parachutes come out of the sky.


I love a kiss cam. I do.


We're not doing those very much anymore. Oh, yes, we are.


Although I notice- MSG is.


Um still does it for men's basketball.


Yeah. My daughter gets really disappointed when she doesn't get a T-shirt. It's very disheartening to her. She's gotten a lot of T-shirts. We have courtside seats, Look at Me, Louis, for the women's game. Usually, they see how pressfallen she is because she legitimately cries when she doesn't get a T-shirt. She doesn't really understand the concept of going to a game and not being handed a T-shirt. It's a very dangerous way to start things out.


I love those moments, though, where you can just be like, Honey, this is life. I tried. Sometimes you don't get what you want.


I tried. Then by the third go around, I'm like, Just give her the fucking shirt. It's a triple XL.


Just let her have it.


You'll tackle people. I mean, you'll box them out. You'll do what you have to do. Are you happy?


Now she's crying.


My dad wouldn't say, You can't not get what you want. He would play the song by the Stones. That song gives me so much PTSD.


Really? Juliet is in a situation situation where not unlike the Swift's who think you arrive at football and immediately win the Super Bowl, Juliet, the way she's being formed in sports is you go to a sporting event and they give you a free T-shirt. That's her life.


Yeah, like 80% of the time.


You sit courtside and you get a free T-shirt.


20% of the time that you don't, you cry. Then Daddy buys you something afterwards to stop the crying.


That's what we're teaching her. But we're also saying not too much time in the iPad as a babysitter because we want to have discipline as we raise adults.


If you really want to look into it, it's probably not great that out the gates, you got courtside seats, too, kid. It took daddy a very long time.


A child of privilege, she's going to be in sports because- My baby is spoiled. No, just to be clear, though. I love her. It's not just that your baby is spoiled. She goes, she thinks the sporting experience is not merely to sit courtside at the game and be handed a T-shirt, but also the players wave at you and interact with you during the game.


They hug you and they take up for dunks afterwards. She's got a very skewed perception of all those things. She thinks it's totally normal to go to Disney once a month.


If you took her to a game and she sat 300 level, how would she react?


Come on, I'm not sitting 300 level. Not even to teach her a lesson will I subject myself to 300 level.


Apple tree, Stugatz. Apple tree. I want to play for the audience a little bit of video here that had the entire-Who does that help?


Had the entire room with goosebumps because I obviously am too old to be a gamer. Stugatz is too old to be a gamer. But EA Sports has put out its trailer, I guess, for a college football game that we keep getting told is coming soon, is coming soon. Here's the trailer.


Got something special for you all. Little update for our fans from the big house to the Bayou. From Carolina to California. Yeah, it's about college football. We know you love it.


Us, too.


Rivalries, comebacks, the traditions and superstitions built by generations. There's nothing like it. It turns out we've been building, too. You know I love So let's address the big owl in the room. Yeah, we've seen the posts, the predictions, the doubts. We get it. It's been a minute. Let's just say this ain't the only jersey we've been working on. The game this sport deserves. Because pretty soon, this place will be full again. Until then, cue the crowd noise.


Let's go.


I'm about to mother the portal so loud.


Do I still have to spend 30 minutes on a phone call? I only have nine hours in the day.


I'm going to have the most corrupt college football team. You are. This side of the Mississippi.


I'm warning you right now when When Akron makes it all the way to the top of the summit, I am breaking every rule. Oh, this is so great. We watched it out in that bullpen. This is my second time watching that now. And there were legit goosebumps everywhere in that newsroom because this game, it just means so much to people of a certain age. There are so many men, 35 to 40 on my timeline right now, losing their minds. You would have thought a new national album dropped.


They've been waiting for how long?


Since 2014?


We're still waiting, by the way. I still have my doubts, all right? They were like, We've seen the messages. Yeah, that's my message because this is something that's been teased for years. And because of all the legal headaches involved with making a video game based off of athletes who, until recently, weren't allowed to be paid based off their name, image, and likeness, it has not existed. And they were like, It's coming, it's coming. When? When? You say July, but I'll believe it when I see it.


Well, they actually use that doubt in this teaser trailer with all the Which indicates pretty clearly that it will come out in July now.


You don't make this commercial unless- You want to bet?


I don't know about it, Jim. So much about college sports can change between now and then. Where is the Pac-12? There's no PAC 12. There's two teams that own the licensing to PAC 12. There's a lot that has to be figured out. We have to figure out a protocol for the college football playoff. Hell, FSU may successfully get out of the ACC. There is so many things that can change between now and then. That part of the issue is that it's such a fluid situation that you almost have to... Wow, you really do have to get this game every year.


When's the changing stop? It never changes.


It never stops. If my players decide to unionize, I'm going to turn into David Samson so fast.