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We were all captivated, like everybody was leaning into their room.


I got to, you know, sitting in this chair and then the next one. And yes, he's still here. That's her favorite.


That's a good, good story. Good story. See you, buddy. Thank you.


Welcome, everybody, to the Post Game Show.


Thank you so much for your support. Thank you. To great Cody on a great Cody to say make sure to support his podcast, Greg Cody show featuring Greg Cody. Marty Smith joined. And he's also Marty Smith's America. And today is a South Beach session released. A lot of things I'm asking you to support. You're talking very fast. I'm trying to get out of the way. OK, would you like me to do the promotion slower?


No, just stop right there for just a second. I think the people all around our show right now, all around our show, I think the people realize that we have a lot of promotions, a lot of things we're reading a lot of things infringing upon the two hours that we do in radio. So we have to get to you notice on what it is that's going on around here. I'm just asking you to slow down for a second, Mike.


Right. So I know when you don't want to talk about soccer, I talk quickly because I know no one wants to hear about it. I know that the promotion is white noise. And for like every one person, that's like, OK, I'll check that out. There's probably 40 that press 15. Fast forward on it. So I'm just going to go ahead and get it out quickly.


I was just going to explain to the audience if we're going to do a post show, what they've never seen is how we are after an actual show. You were spitting a lot of place today. You are revved up because you had a lot to do and you did it. Well, hold on. Hold on a second. You're revved up by. That's all we're saying.


And allowing people to see behind the curtain because you just got done with a McGill story that we had to speed up, unfortunately, because we had to get Greg Cody on the hard network out, which is the sacred space that we have here today. We had a record from Greg Cody where he spoke for a full 70 seconds after he had been clipped. Mike came in and out of the bathroom marveling at it, shaking his head because your father was still talking after getting clipped on a hard network out.


So we respected it and we stopped McGill's story. But that story was amazing. And McGill is not like while he's a wonderful storyteller, he is not a bullshitter. Like he's not telling stories that have a whole lot of things made up in them. I totally believe that all of that happened to him, even though it has to force me to believe in ghosts.


Did we figure out, though, if Marty Smith's dog is indeed seeing Ghost Dog sees ghosts or not? And why would Marty's dog see ghosts? What happened there to ask McGill if there could be ghost animals are just ghost humans. We'll ask them next week. I animals.


Yeah, we have to. For those of you who do not get the animal doctors joke, what has happened around here with McGill is kind of funny over the years symbolically because McGill is something that ESPN has objected to at the very beginning. You have to have the zoo guy on. And just recently, through many changes in management, somebody else in the executive level wondered whether McGill, the animal doctor, had to be on during the sport's sacred segments that were on the radio.


And the answer then was, yes, McGill has to be on in. The answer now is McGill has to be on the radio. And that's precisely the reason that happened by accident. The idea that he was still talking, telling that ghost story while satire. Right. If you're watching what's happening around here and sports playoffs is what we're supposed to be talking about. That was by accident that we ended up on that story from Ron McGill that he's never told before on this show.


And absolutely, we have now proven there are ghosts, correct? We've proven it because McGill's not full of it. I'm going to believe Ron McGill, probably more so than anyone in my life, I'm yeah, I'm good. If you can sway Billy who's skeptical about everything, then I'll believe. Billy, are you swayed? I believe them, I believe, Ron, why would he make that up, because it's a horrifying story, like I'm not.


It's hard. It's it's a story that if any one of us told you, you'd be like you're just reciting movie, you know, theme. Wolf, I was locked in on Billy because he is skeptical about these things. While Ron was telling the story, the Billy the poor that got you was walking out of the pool, drip, drip, drip to the wall and then the dripping stuff, that part you were mesmerized by that poor Bill.


Look at you believe for a second. Oh, no, I did believe him.


I had an encounter with that goes to what we've told this story before. So we don't need to know. You can tell it again.


You can tell it again. I'm sure there are many people listening right now who don't know that story. Tell the story of your encounter with a ghost.


Well, I'll go quickly because I know that you guys don't like long stories. So essentially, I was driving through South Carolina late one night and I'm sorry if you're from South Carolina, but it's not my favorite state in the Union. I was driving through South Carolina. It's very, very late, like 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. By the time we're and we just pulled over to a hotel, we're trying to drive up to Washington. And we just pulled over to the first hotel that we could find.


We'd driven in and that night unnecessary, horrible roads. He's trying to quick for. He's telling it quickly. Just give him a second opinion him during a horrifying story.


Then I saw a ghost the end.


You ruined it, Chris. You didn't know any details.


Do we need about how you guys treat Ron the same way? I'm just going to point that out right now. He's that wasn't true.


And now you're not getting the story.


Go back and find out years ago or whatever it was.


Oh, all right. Hold on a second. Hold on.


I'd like to negotiate. What can I do here to I hate when Chris does that. He's supposed to support you and he undermined you. I want to hear the rest of this story.


I know how we can support Billy. He does a great job with Mystery Crate, with Liz and the two Charlie's the BBB podcast on Mystery Xrayed. I'm a big fan of it. Go ahead.


And I hope the promotion of that stuff, that's not important. All right. Hold on a sec. Great review.


OK, just stop for just a second, Billy, because you wanted to get to Lorenzo.


You wanted you wanted to get to you wanted to get to Lorenzo on the idea that Scott Van Pelt is moving his Washington show. He's moving his show to wash away. So you get our ability to get to those things if he finishes the story. Yes. In exchange for you being able to tell the story of Lorenzo bothering Scott Van Pelt, will you promise to finish your ghost story? Because I'm sorry that Chris did that.


It's not going to pay off at this point. It's just going to be a giant like, you know, so, no, we can't negotiate it.


I you know, so I was in this hotel and it was this creepy hotel. And then I turn off the lights and there was this thing kind of floating above me, it seemed, and I turned on the light and then, you know, that kind of thing.


But what kind of thing was that that was floating above you?


I mean, if I'm going to be logical, it was probably steam because it was really hot outside and the air was in. So it's probably humidity or something.


I don't know what the steam was kind of dancing or moving in your vision. Like it it felt just not just that.


Dan, when I turn the lights off again, something that was very well placed in the center of the like the dresser just fell off the dresser and we looked and then I saw that thing kind of hovering again above me because I saw the green light on the smoke detector and that was like all blurry. And again, it could have been because it was very late or it could have been something else.


Now, when that thing fell and we saw that thing floating above me a second time, we went to the front desk like, we got to go, we're going to get we need a refund. And I'm like, well, why? What happened? And I can't tell the man at the desk that his hotel is haunted. Right. Like, because he either knows and he's in on it or I'm going to be breaking some horrible news.


It's going to ruin his business because there's no actual Ghostbusters, Dan, you know what I mean?


So I don't know who you call when there's a ghost situation. Right. So I could break it to the man. So then we're like, all right, well, we're going to drive all the way through to Washington, D.C. We're supposed to get there at 7:00 in the morning. We can do six more hours driving. It doesn't really make a difference. And then an exit away. We saw the entire expressway had been closed because of a horrific car accident that was taking up all the lanes.


And I said, let's just get off somewhere else and hope there's no ghost. And that's what we did.


OK, so do you believe in retrospect, could it have been wind that blew that thing off of the it was too centrally placed? Could not there's not a logical explanation for why that fell off of the dresser.


It has to be a logical explanation, right, but I don't know what that is, and I remember it being placed very sturdily in the center of that thing.


And I remember seeing the thing kind of like, you know, what can you do?


But what was the thing like? It was a shadow. You're saying it maybe there's a ghost, a smoke. You're saying it's a smoke, but didn't have a color, didn't have any whatever was hovering above you, it had an essence.


Does that make sense? Yeah.


Yes, it actually does to me, yes.


OK, so so tell the Lorenzo story, because speaking of being on the story, I just I, I can see what's going to happen here, because as we move forward, Senator Washington and I believe it's being done in the exact same office where Lorenzo works. Now, I've done some investigating because I know the way Lorenzo works and I know that he's going to cross paths with us at some point whether he needs to or not, because he has regular conversations with Tony Kornheiser, who I don't think actually likes him.


But Lorenzo is convinced, really likes him. But I don't think that's the case. Now, I know that ESPs production is going to be starting a lot later in the day than Lorenzo is going to be there. But I've heard of it talking to people in the office who are guaranteeing that Lorenzo is going to find ways to be sticking around to be running into SVP. And I think Stanford is going to punch him in the head. Was just going to say, well, he's really annoying.


And I'm curious, speaking of which, because, Tony, are we going to do another twitch stream on a playoff game? Like what's the schedule looking like for the second round and the next few rounds of the playoffs? Because Lorenzo did his very best through sheer undulating waves of incompetence, to undermine everything we were doing successfully without his help was a net negative is plus minus would have been minus a million if there had been a plus minus on this twitch stream.


But you're asking magic box the mat. The Bucs still have to beat the magic and then we go heat and box. So you're wondering how many days in between. I read the schedule doesn't come out till Friday. It needs to be. We need one o'clock games in order to. I don't know if that's going to be possible in the second round. I think we'll get more prime time starts.


OK, so Lorenzo and Tony will be working on that or we're going to try new Tony. We'll be working on it. I don't really know what Lorenzo brings to the table. I think Mike is right. I give it today as some of the teams start to advance. You have just two games today, six thirty and nine o'clock tonight.


So we're going to try and watch another game with you here. Cody, how did you feel about your performance on today's show, the songs? I was not kidding. When I tell everybody listening to Greg Cody had a smile ear to ear, just listening to songs about it.


I have to say the two new songs that we heard about great today for me. Right. And listen, I need Jerk a lot, but those were two, like the top ten songs I've heard. They're very well produced and the singing voice is actually pretty good. There's like two top ten songs for me. Yeah, kind of. The listeners are doing a great job and they're starting to compete with one another, which makes our national show better.


Unfortunately, if you're listening to this podcast right now, you probably don't know what we're talking about, if that's the only way that you consume us. So if you watch us on television live or listen to us live, that is your reward for doing so. OK, so if you're wondering why he's so rat a tat tat Kokanee, it's because today's show had a lot of plate spinning. So go ahead, Mike. Tell the people because people do not see the number of things happening around here and you are getting bombarded from every angle.


During the two hours we were doing on radio, we never got Cody's thoughts on his songs, though. OK, that's fine. I don't care about Cody's thoughts anymore. He really like them. Thank you, Greg, for your participation in today's show. In the circles you are allowed in the windows you worked in, you were very good today. It was not one of these days where I go home on my hands and knees suffering because you've undermined everything I've tried to.


Built in my Kapua Silver Anniversary, by the way, the great comedy show featuring. Great. Yes, thank you.


Our 25th anniversary is in this week's new episode, which is most here. I actually had a ghost story of my own to tell. I got a chilling reminder of it listening to Billy, but unfortunately, there's no time.


All right. We'll get to that next week. Remind me. OK, remind me.


Feel like that was a bad joke coming. I thought he was setting up for a bad ghost joke. Oh, I was setting up for a chilling story. Wait a minute.


Yeah, but I am certain you have several bad ghost jokes. I got him. I'm certain of that. You never know I'm all right. Like the one there.


Put a bookmark in it. We will get Greg Cody's ghost story. Yes.


That would have been the good content to bump a set. Yes, I see.


People need to see it because. No, Chris, people need to see that you're not. We're doing the show around your dad all the way. All the time. That way. Bump, bump, set. Here's a spike for you, Greg. I'm going to piss in the net. I'm going to get tangled up in the net, and then I'm going to poop myself like an old person because I don't know when anyone on the show is setting me up.


I'm more I'm wondering if Greg even knows what we're doing right now. You know what this is that we're doing. Yeah, we're doing the after show.


Oh, wow. My purse and everything. I'll throw a dam and a shit out there.


I blazoned. And he's letting it fly. Mike, explain to people what it is the barrage was during the national show.


I mean, it's a lot I don't want to bore people. It's fine. I do have a funny story, though, about how you're allowed to say and shit. So, like, so we relaunch our show is with a digital focus and Tony will get a kick out of this because he was on the same group text. And so we're like a free for Dan Levitan. It's a win for our audience because we're not confined by the rigidities of national radio and whatnot.


And I got a message, hey, we have to bleep the shits that you say on the podcast. I'm like, why? Well, because, you know, you don't have the E next to it. Like, that's fine that you could do that stuff over a mystery crate. But on the day in Libertador Show with Sucrets, you can't be cursing because you don't have the E. I'm like, we've been cursing on the local power for a year and a half.


You guys you guys don't listen. I can't sell the audience that this is a free or Dan Levitan and then immediately start bleeping something that they've heard casually. So we won that one. And now we have an E next to our rating on on the radio show.


I guess I'm picturing the rebel pirate ship with a little W inside of the Disney machine.


So unless you think they were ever listening to the local hour. Yes. You've been cursing for years. That was the explanation. But, Mike, you've got to complain about the doctor. And it's not like we haven't been hearing about the damn animal.


The complaint came from someone who was our boss before it was around when we had Ron McGill on before. And it was just a casual, hey, you guys still have the animal doctor on them. Yeah, but you're not a doctor here. Here's what I don't get, though. Like, you and I have that conversation. And and then they agreed to let Ron on the show and allow us to continue with the segment. And two weeks later, he was on Good Morning America on SportsCenter.


All right. It's a great segment.


It's a great segment. And unfortunately, occasionally people it's a transient department, ESPN audio and the new people that are stunned that on a radio show you talk to, quote, air quotes the animal doctor. It takes some learning. And then next thing you know, the animal doctor's been on ESPN Radio for five years. Before we get out of here, Greg, tell your ghost story. I don't even want to wait for it. I want to hear the ghost story right now before we get out of here.


Well, there there are certified ghost hotels in America and we try to stay in them whenever we can. When is the Binoy in St. Petersburg? Another is the bold Arato in Colorado where my wife and I stayed last summer. And it's the last hotel in Colorado with with manual elevators. So you have to have someone go in and lead you up. And we went to our room and it's nighttime. It's pitch black in the room. And I'm going into the bathroom in the middle of the night and the doors underneath the sink are open.


And I swear, I see my long dead grandfather, the great pop Doogie, curled up underneath the sink as I'm trying to urinate, you know, all of a sudden I have a shy bladder.


And to make a long story short, I dream that night about my grandfather, whom I hadn't even frankly thought about in years and months at least. And so this was a case of the ghostly image, a precursor to my dream. It was the weirdest it was the weirdest thing. And again, that's a ghost hotel. There's an aura there. When you go into a certified ghost hotel, you can't put your finger on it.


But there is an aura, Greg, if I may, OK, because yours was the weakest of the three ghost stories. I'm very good for a week. OK, pretty good.


Admittedly, pop doo doo wop doo doo. We've never met Pop Doogie before, so absolutely it was worth it. But my question to you, and this is an important one, because I have been around Greg Cody, who can throw down twenty beers in a night, no problem. But he's not going to know where he is at the end of that. My question to you is, when you saw Pop Dougie hiding under your sink, how many beers had you had with the knowledge that you were going up to a room in a ghost hotel that might have been haunted?


Well, probably too many.


I guess so. But don't gloss over the Colorado detail. That's what I was going to write about a little Dorado's. There is a factor there. It's legal.


So I'm not saying one in the room.