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Guys, don't worry about what's going on in the sky because I have been keeping an eye on it for everyone. I've been locked in. There was a story last week about a woman who got on a flight from Nashville to LA without a ticket. She got through security We got on the flight, got in LA. Law enforcement met her in LA and we're like, How did this happen? That's the only details I know, though. There's also a story yesterday that a couple of planes traveling West to East, the jet stream was so fast. They were going over 800 miles an hour in the sky sky, just absolutely gunning it. Normally, planes go like 500 miles an hour, and people on the planes were like, Whoa, that is really fast. There was also a flight diverted from San Francisco to Boston, got diverted to Denver because the wing was starting to come off. Those are three things happening in the sky that I've been keeping an eye on for all of you.


I would say to everyone on those flights, I wish I could have been on board with all of you, so I could reassure everyone. We're going to be good. We're going to be fine. It's going to be fine. It turned out to be fine anyway, so thank God for that. But also, particularly the Jet stream one, I'd love to be in that situation. Just to be rushing by supersonic speeds.


I've been on a flight where I think it was going this fast. How could you tell? You can tell sometimes when you're like, We're going... I mean, first of all, you can look on the plane. They'll tell you how fast we're going. You can look on the flight radar apps. I've never checked that. They'll tell you your altitude, how fast you're going, your direction, everything that's going on. I've been on flights where we're going really fast, and we're like, we're actually an hour early, so we're going to do some loop-de-loops. I'm like, I knew it. I knew it. We're going like 700 miles an hour. It's always going west to east because that's how the jet stream. Apparently, the winds... I'm not a meteorologist at all, by the way, or someone that knows anything about flights other than reading articles. But the winds were like 250 miles an hour above the atmosphere over Washington, DC. So this plane was just gunning it.


Nice. Whenever I'm catching a snooze on a plane, that's what I put up. I want to see the little plane so I can see this is where it was when I went to sleep. And if I wake up, it's like, Oh, we're here now.


No, it's the worst because you wake up, we We're still here. I'm still over Kansas. How is this possible? No, give me what I like. You know what I like? You know what it put me to sleep more than anything? Give me a movie that was recently in theaters but isn't yet out on streaming. If I had to rent it, it was like 20 bucks or whatever. So, I could watch this movie.


Anything but you.


Watch this movie on this flight. I've been meaning to watch this movie. I will always fall asleep. I hate it because I'm like, I can't watch. I'm not going to go home and finish this. I got to watch this now.


I watched on mute with no headphones in the red-eye flight back from Vegas. I was like, I'm going to sleep here. I'm really trying to sleep. But for some reason, we had the TV thing. I was on Jet Blue, and I literally put on Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer. With no sound.


Oppenheimer is the Midwest version.


I just watched it. I saw three minutes of it because I slept.


Oppenheimer is the Midwest version when you made a huge mistake.


I accidentally made the bomb.


On the way to Vegas, I was sitting next to Louis, and I was watching something on my phone with my headphones on. The thing is, Louis was... I could feel him over my shoulder watching my show, but reading the captions on the show. At no point, he was like, Can you give me one of the ear buds so we can share and at least watch?


I love sharing ear buds. No one ever wants to share ear buds with me.


Instead of asking me, Yo, can I share these with you? He watched the entire show reading the captions, and then he hit me like, What happened here? I was like, Oh, he went to jail.What was the show?What.


Was the show?


I'm not going to say. He spoiled it.


I've done that before. Once I was on a plane and I forgot my headphones and the person in front of me was watching a quiet place. I was like, I don't really even need to hear this. I think I have a good idea of what's going on.


That's great. The perfect movie to watch on mute.


Yeah, it was amazing because I was like, Oh, I can just sit and I know everything that's happening right now. Have you ever been on one of those Express subway cars in New York where you're going really fast all the time? Excuse me. You're going really fast all of a sudden and you're like, This is too fast. This is how I I feel like the people on the planes probably felt. You're just flying along, and then all of a sudden, you're like, Holy shit, we are...


This is not okay. No, but I don't think you can tell the difference, though. When you're on a train, you feel it hauling ass. When you're in the sky, you're just like, Oh, we're going. I don't know. Trust me.


I can't tell. Once we take off, it feels the same all the way up until we land, other than when we're banking and all that stuff like that. But once we hit altitude-We're cruising. We're cruising.


The worst thing was, these people probably got where they were going two hours early and still had to wait for a gate to open up.


Especially if it was LAX. They probably still got to the gate late because, Oh, we don't have anyone to demand the gate. Oh, we don't have anyone to work the gate thing. I hate LAX. The worst after Chicago.


Miami is pretty bad. No. Miami, you have to walk a mile just to get to your gate.


You know what? That's exercise.


Exactly right.


That's how we look at this. That's what the gym's for, not the airport.


I like to combine. Work harder. Airport, Jairport.


And smarter.


Jairport is where Jeremy flies out of.