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So Heat Went has arrived, guys. Heat Went. Go on. Jimmy Butler is the star of the new Fall Out Boy music video. So after the emo Jimmy thing that he did at Media Day back in October, I guess, Fall Out Boy must have reached out because Heet Wence was one of the several nicknames that came for that after his emo haircut. Now, they tweaked it out themselves, In the music video, you've got Jimmy with the emo haircut and all sorts of rhinstones and tassels and cowboy hats. It's looking incredible. They said it's the So Much For Stardust music video, starring Jimmy Butler, a. K. A. Heet Wentz.


Do you demand money if you're Jimmy Butler there?


What are you paying me? I'm sure he got paid for this.Oh, he's a talent for you, baby.You think? Really? Really? Oh, yeah.


I could see. It feels like a passion project.


I mean, it could be. He is producing a country record.


But is passion project be playing basketball? Well, that's his job sometimes.


Is the chosen name, Heat Wents? Was it from a number of different choices that he had? How did he arrive at that?


So Heet Wence is the bass player and songwriter of Fallout Boy. So Heet Wence was the obvious step for being specifically involved in this this Fall Out Boy music video. There were so many that came out that day. There were all sorts of different references. Jimmy Butler, Eat World, for example. But yeah, Heet Wence. I'm very excited about this. This is my worlds colliding in a great way.


I suggest to everyone listening to this, just find the video for Too Legit to Quit, MCAP Hammer at the height of his powers when he decided to go get a bunch of athletes to just appear in the video. The video from a different time Now, this is Hammer trying to make a second song after hitting superstardum on whatever you think the heights of Fame and music are. This video is so over the top, dreadful, and so over the top '90s and has so many Kirby Pucket and Chris Mullen's and Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders and Andre Risen and everyone else. How is... Oh, thank you. Video has already found this video. Just play it here on the screen in front of people so people can see how much money went into this truly terrible '90s video. But what can you tell me, Jeremy, about Fall Out Boys video? How good is the actual video? How many cameos does it have?


I have yet to see the full video. This is breaking. As we're recording this, this just came out a few minutes ago.


They're just teasing the idea that this will be shortly something you can see.


Yeah, I think it's out now on YouTube, but what they posted to Twitter, which was the clip that I saw, was 25 five seconds of Jimmy just dancing around in this studied cowboy outfit with the emo hair, which is interesting because why he also is in the cowboy. I'm intrigued to see the plot line here that goes with this music video. I really am.


You think there's going to be a tapestry woven in this music video?


Yeah, I do think so. Look, this is Fall Out Boy, man. If you don't know the lore of Fall Out Boy and the way that they do their music videos.


I mean. Fall Out Boy had one of the most important music video moments of my young childhood when he once did the thing where he like, scrumbed the guitar and then he looked at his fingers and did like a salute?


Yeah. They still do that at concert.


Fallout Boy performed at the All-Star Game for the Panthers last season. Up until they were about to start, I thought they were some 41. I was thinking the whole time that Fallout boy was the guy with the face. I was expecting the guy with the face, and I never got the guy with the face. Everyone knows what I'm talking about.


We didn't start the fire. Yeah, they did. It was horrible. Oh, my God.


I can't say the recent music has been my cup of tea.


No, it's been about a decade since they've made good music, but at least they have Jimmy Butler in their music video now, so they know I'm going to watch. Clutch the straws here.


This allows me to close the show in the postgame show with our own We Didn't Start the Fire, which was all about a variety of pirates. It's one of my favorite ridiculous songs that we've done around here. I also need to ask you guys before I get out of here because I wonder if you guys have worn what I'm about to wear metaphorically home, not physically.


I'm not wearing that home. I'm not wearing the Nacho Libre costume.


Metaphorically home, which is the amount of fatigue I have on me because I think I consistently underestimate how tired I get doing the show while wearing the costumes. My face hurts from the mask. My nipples are like icy frozen shards of it's too cold in here. I am feeling physically like, drained and unpleasant because I've staggered through the last two and a half hours of the show. I'm wondering if this happens to you guys with the costumes. Is this a universal truth I'm speaking or am I just old?


One time I had to go home painted green and I couldn't take it off. Six showers later was still on.


When I put in all that effort as the waiter at JT's on the River, that was a really long day.


Green? Green was the color that you had trouble? Have you had to paint yourself otherwise? Because when I've painted myself, it's also difficult to get off, and it's a different tire. But it hasn't taken me six times to get it off in the shower.


No, that was the worst by far. It was like, Sprayed on or something. It was like, Myra, please, let's do less of a good job with this, please, if we can.


I'm going to do a boug and say, Yeah, our jobs are really hard and we're really tired afterwards. Tom braided couldn't do them.


Are you ready, Chris Cody? I'm filibustering so that you can find the pirate song. It's taking you a second.


We could talk more about Fall Out Boy if you wanted.


It's just all about a variety of pirates.


Blackbeard Dale Barra, John McKay, Bill Day, Walk the Plank, eye patch, Vince DiMagio, Bill Madlock, Jim Fregosi, Connie Mac, Willy Star, Jalima Zilly, Lloyd McClendon, Sixto, Lescano. Scurvy, buried treasure, Raymond James Stadium, Testa Verdi, Quixon Johnson, Ken O'Burkefell, Ed Ott, Dave Parker, Leroy Selman, Chumbucket, Michael Stott, Kenta Covey, Richie, Zizgrick, Russell, and John Gruden.


We are scared of pirates. They are always scary, and they're never caring. We are scared of pirates, and we will not fight them, but we will start crying.


Okay, bye.