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All right. If you have not seen Love is Blind to its entirety of the nine episodes that are out right now? I mean?


Or if you have no intention on watching it. Correct.


Spoiler alert, because we will talk about things that you haven't seen yet. So it's a spoiler alert. If you do not want to watch, do not want to listen, just please make sure that...


If you have no intention on watching like me, just sit along. I promise we'll make it fun for you. Even if you've never watched it, I'll make it fun.


Don't worry. Okay, so ladies, where do we want to start? Because there is so much that is happening with all these couples.


I don't feel like we talked enough, Jeremy.


Which one is Jeremy? Can we start with that?


Hold up. Jeremy spells it with an A in there.


It's like J-E-R-A-M-I-E or M-Y? M-e-y.


Yes. M-e-y. Wow. I know it Jeremy with an A as well, but he spells it I-E at the end.


No. Yeah. It's like normal Jeremy, but with an A in there. It doesn't sit right with me.


All right, so let's write this down. Who's going to write this down? I got it. Okay. We've got Laura and Jeremy. We've got Ken and Brittany. We've got Jimmy and Chelsea. Am I missing anybody? Which one is Megan Fox? Ad and Clay. Ad and Clay. Oh, wow. Ad and Clay. Okay, so let's start They get out of the pods. My favorite part is obviously everybody's favorite part where they start meeting other couples. Then you start realizing, oh, wait a second. I was talking to this girl. I was talking to this guy. That's what they look like.


Oh, interesting. Not Megan Fox.


This is the part where you're like, Love is officially not blind. We already knew it when they cast entire cast members that are all conventionally attractive people of a certain body type and socioeconomic standing. But now you finally get to see each other.


How long How long have they been talking to one another before this reveal? Like a week.


Like a week. Okay. Of solid dating.


Got you. But all the dating is obviously not in person. Through the wall. Through the wall.


And now they're engaged. Everybody's engaged to one another. To get to propose? Yeah. To get out, you got to be like, Yeah, this is for life. It's bats shit crazy. Everyone is engaged to one another, and they're now meeting up for the first time. So it's like, Okay, now we're together. They spend a day together, and then they go and meet everybody. Right.


And it gets crazy. They're essentially like a pseudo honeymoon. They go to Dominican Republic, they're off for a week in the Dominican Republic, laughing, hanging out, doing all their things.


So there's cameras there the whole time. Of course. Naturally.


Just make sure we are aware. We know. Exactly. So we're looking at the cast on screen. If you're watching on YouTube, I don't even remember those people.


I know Chelsea.


There goes Bigger Fox. There's Chelsea. Amy and John. That's the other one. They're okay. They're weird. They're fine right now, I guess. Hello. Who's, out of the couple of couples that we just named, who's the one to you that you know is not going to work?


Oh, Jimmy or Chelsea.


Jimmy and Chelsea? Yeah.


Oh my God. You think they're done? They're toast? Well, he met her, and that's the part I always like to see is when they get to see each other for the first time.


And he was like, Oh, not good.


She lied to me about how she looks. And then immediately as they go out and start meeting other people on the honeymoon, he's very just blatantly been like, That girl is hot. Like, too Chelsea.


Not only that, he says a phrase in which I'm going to repeat, but again, not something you tell your fiance. Yeah, what did he say? He was looking at AD, one of the other contestants.


Can we scroll up to AD so I can-Let's see if we can find AD here.


I'll filibuster while we find her. She's engaged with Clay. There she is. There's AD right there. So AD walks by, wearing something that you would wear at a cocktail party. Okay. And Jimmy turns to his fiance, and says, damn, she stacked.


Which is a crazy thing to say to your fiancé.


So then- Crazy. His fiancé doubles down and is like, AD, how did Did she get that? But... We're like, Girl.


You're like, Oh, this is weird.


This got weird. He's projecting, then he goes and talks to AD.


For five minutes.


And Chelsea's just sitting there watching him. Meanwhile, so him and Chelsea had only met that day, and he had already asked her questions about Jess, who is the woman that he chose-Part of the love triangle. Yeah. That he chose Chelsea over Jess. That's Jess.


Yeah. I think I heard about this. Jamel and her husband, Wood, were talking about What would you rather do? Date someone who's already been married but childless or date someone who has a child with someone else?


That was the conundrum that he was in.


You should add also the child's 10, so give it five years. That kid's on its own. It can do its own thing. The hard part's Kids 10.


He seemed unhappy with both options, though. Because both times when Jess was like, I have a child, and Chelsea was like, I used to be married, you could hear that he was the judgment. He was not happy about it.


That's whack, by the way. As the season has progressed, we found out, Hey, Jimmy's a bit of a narcissist, and he wants to be coddled by his partner, which is why he didn't want to be with Jess in the first place, because he felt like Jess was going to challenge him in ways that Chelsea was not.


He wouldn't get all the attention, too.


Right. It's like, Help me, please. Let me...


Clearly, Chelsea's not going to challenge him if he's talking about this girl over here stacked.


Not only that, somehow she ends up apologizing to him back in the hotel room. It was a mastermind. What? Yes, it was a mastermind place.


I must study him.




The whole time, Jimmy's out telling people, he's like, We are the happiest. He literally said, I know that my relationship is better than all of yours. We are happier than everyone else.


And we're like, No, dude. We see you.


What are you talking about?


This is horrible. One of my favorite moments that's ever happened on Love is Blind was actually sports-related. Have you guys seen the season that takes place in Chicago? No. They go on a bachelor party, bachelorette party the night before the weddings that the production sets up. They go to Wrigley, don't they? The men go to Wrigley Field. They have a private batting practice at Wrigley Field. The women are on a like booze Cruise, which I would have been so mad, first of all.


I would have rather been on the boos cruise.


Well, we would have switched then. If we were both there, that would be really weird. But anyways, the guys go to Wrigley Field, and one of the guys, they're pitching to them. Do you remember this? Oh my God, yes. This guy Shane strikes out. Everyone else hits an easy pop-up. A couple of them get hits. He strikes out, and he's so mad, and then he goes home and picks a fight with the woman he's about to marry. Nice. I'm like, That guy's just so mad. He didn't get a bass hit at Wrigley Field.


On national TV, everybody knows you suck.


At BP, isn't it literally softball pitches. It's designed for you to take this thing yard. He struck out.


It is what it is.


That's my recollection.


That's why I would have been on the boost groups. That's me. If I'm being objectively honest, I would have been pissed about that, and then been in a bad mood, came home.


I would not have wanted to be your family after American Ninja Warrior.


American Ninja Warrior was cool. It was fun.


First or second time?


The second time hurt more, for sure. The first time, I went and I was like, I've watched this show my whole life. I've never thought I'd have an opportunity to do it, and someone gave me the opportunity to do it. I don't care what happens. Like, yeah, I failed on the first one. All these people making jokes. I'm like, it was like a dream come true for me. So I loved it. The second one hurt because of the $10,000. Because I was like, oh, man. I didn't care about it.


Was he actually going to give it to you?


Hell, yeah, he would have given it to me. I don't see it.


Truth is the matter of his word. Come on. He's the truth.


Yeah. Exactly. I guess I'm just thinking of all the empty promises Sugats has made.


No, if Shaq had promised it, I know I would never get it. Shaq still owes me $1,000.


He just gave you a Shaqaroni pizza. Wow.


You know what?


Instead of the money, here's a pizza.


Lots of pepperoni.