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Welcome to the post game show, seven, eight six four five six four eight three seven. If you want to call in and join the postgame show today, we have a lot of things that we can get to see. You guys has polls that he can update. Dan has his favorite color that he can update us on. We have all kinds of things. Dan, I want to take some calls. What you want to do, who should we go to for seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three, seven?


What are we going to do here, Dan? Why would we take calls? Oh, no, because we want to interact with the fans. You don't you don't like the fans. You know, the fans.


The people have you know, have you not noticed the amount of audio difficulties we've had around here? You want to do a postgame show that reviews today's show by taking calls from fans saying what?


I don't know, whatever they want to talk about. I like the fans. You don't like the fans? I like hearing from the people in Iraq.


You like being in winning positions where you don't have to lead the show and can just cup your hand to your ear to get the applause of the fans. That's what you like to do.


What do you mean how so much we're taping it? Yeah, it was really awesome.


There was anything if you guys do want to actually interact with the show, though, Tony told you today during the national show how exactly to do that. We're going to have a watch along with Heat Pacers game two, Tony.


Another opportunity to set that up, which TV backslash Libertador and friends, we already have a good amount of people trafficking over to the site. We're going to have a built out and ready to go for Thursday's game, too. Pacers Heat.


What's expected of us for that? Just out of curiosity so that I'm in the right frame of mind when we're very simple.


Well, I was explaining to do gods. All we have to do.


We're going to jump on a zoom link just like we are right now, and then we're going to watch the game very I'm just hoping I could find this twitch that I made and no one ever explained to me what an ampersand was or whatever the hell it was called.


So since we can't take calls here, can we take calls there or is that not something we can do that either? How about if I have an idea, guys, why don't we do this? Why don't we just tweet out the link to the zoom and then just randomly allow people in for, like a couple of plays or so and just see what they want to do? The problem with that is, is that people can kind of be the worst.


So, like, they could come in and just start seeing all kinds of horrible things that we can't really control. And you know what, as I'm saying this, maybe we should just do that.


No, I like that idea. Actually, no, I like the idea of allowing random and just a couple just so that they can see if they can behave themselves. So that would be a cool axis if you actually want to interact with fans. Oh, why would we give them this idea? Terrible idea. If you want to interact, there's a chat room. Wait a minute. You say, oh, you, me. That's a terrible idea.


Terrible. I'm surprised this hasn't been nuked yet. Let's not allow total Brandos into this.


I've always liked the idea of having a random, like celebrity window where, you know, maybe Kenny G wants to hang out for an hour and it's just another option. It's someone that Dan can go do. I like celebrities, celebrities, celebrity, celebrity window into listen or people that have people that have something to lose go far.


Because I was thinking like Dr. K or Morgan from Australia just popping in and seeing what they had to say, what was going on for the game.


One thing we could do is like we could steal the Katie Nolan bit and see which one of us can get the coolest person to join during our eight game party.


I'm actually just going to be watching the game because this is one of the few times I could watch sports. So I'm pretty psyched about that. You guys can have fun. I'll be I'll be, you know, super into my basketball team playing a playoff game.


Oh, I have another idea, guys. How about this idea? How about for a series? We just have Claire and Grace Lin call the game and we call it like baby talk or something like that.




Given Claire's performance on today's show when she was willing to make her big debut and then froze up, Roy, what happened there? Because I know you were coaching your daughter, she seems now she's totally asleep on your lap, or is she just restless right now? What's happening? She's pulling your shirt down while dead asleep, or is she just dead?


Because what's happened right now is her body has gone well, she's just fine, Dan, but look at her. She's falling. Look at her right now. She has gone from being on Roy's shoulder to falling on the floor practically. Yeah, she's definitely restless right now.


Her entire arm is inside my shirt for some reason. All right. Let's go to line one. Who's on line one? Jeff here on the postgame show. This isn't live, so it's a little difficult to go to live calls, and I like what you guys just did there, where basically you're asking me to call my celebrity friends and gods, to call his celebrity friends to see who could get the biggest celebrity on it. Feels like you guys are cheating a little bit on that one.


Just asking us to, like, call Method Man and Jay Feely.


What if we merge? Jay Feely would be your friend. What if he's your friend?


A lot of people trying to distance themselves from Jay a million years. That was God, that was quick. You got away from Jay to really hurt him no matter what's going on there.


I haven't heard from Feelies since since I said the attacks before you got back to the locker room AFC championship game that he choked on a kick. I thought you were golf buddies.


I have a question for you guys. Obviously, I don't know. For those of you who haven't heard, big interview with Aaron Rodgers was put out today on digital. Right. So here's my question, because I haven't heard it yet, but I'm going to as soon as this is done. Don't worry about that, guys. But did you guys finally get an answer from Aaron Rodgers why he didn't attend Dan's wedding?


Or do we not ask that in the end you got seven, eight six four five six four eight three seven.


You want to call it fine to anyone on line two?


There was a lot of conversation with Aaron Rodgers, but we really didn't. We were pretty easy on him. God's like we didn't ask any of that stuff. The relationship with Danica Patrick, the relationship with his family, you didn't ask him about love, his backup or actual love?


Well, he brought up he brought up love on his own a couple of times, but not Jordan love. He just brought up the idea that we should all act with more love.


So you didn't go with the love love just to cover all your bases?


No, we did not go with Do You Love Love. Although he did he did say that he does love, love and that we should all love love more, but not Jordan love. That is not something that we talked.


He did and he actually didn't specify. Yeah. He did not want to go back to this idea. I like this. What if we merge the Jubilee Mass singer with a celebrity window? So this is a celebrity window. Dan has access to the celebrity throughout the show. We don't really reveal all of the who the celebrity is the end of the show. All right. Good idea here. I think we should use Zoom better than we're using it.


I'm OK. I have an idea, Anthony. Now, this is going to make things very difficult for you. So sorry in advance. But what if we have that celebrity window and we have their face pixilated and then as time goes on, the pixelization becomes clear and we kind of focus in on who they are. And their voice obviously is also we're going to have to get some sort of voice modulation distorter thing, Anthony. So maybe we can talk to Bob about that because he fixed the voice distortion that we had the other day that was by accident.


So maybe he could just undo what we did and distort the voices. And then we'll have a secret celebrity window with distorted voices. Any like shadow, we are like distorted faces. And then Dana has to guess who it is that we got. And then the big reveal it just be like it's Jeff Conine or something. How about this?


How about we make it pixellated, right? But then the fans that come in can choose.


It's almost like a puzzle, right? The Big Three.


But when you move it, there's hundreds of different pixelation that turn into the video.


Yes. OK, so this is going to be a lot of work for you, but I like your suggestions. So what you're going to do is you're going to make the celebrities face a puzzle and then you're going to somehow make it interactive where the listeners can then come in and move the pieces into place until they themselves construct the puzzle. Dan, what do you think?


I think that you're very good at giving other people work, as evidenced by what you're doing right now.


You're very good at giving Tony more work. If this were your assignment, you wouldn't want any of it. I just love the idea that Stewart actually said he had the temerity, the gall to say we should use them better than we've been using it as a man who's been at the wrong microphone for six months and you're telling everybody else how they should be on Zoome when you've been using the wrong microphone for six months.


Also, Khateeb, can you clean up the language a little bit, too, because we're going to be on this twitch in the last time you were on anything NBA related as a watch long experience, you damn near ruined everybody's career, right? So clean it up a little bit.


OK, I had big news, guys. Big news. Big news. OK, Stephen A. Smith has put an APB out. Khris Middleton, wow. Oh, wow.


Oh, that is shocking to Claire. Claire, you are shocked. That is right. Wow. An APB has been put out on Khris Middleton. We didn't talk very much basketball today while we were bobbing for apples. Do any of you guys have any thoughts that you want before we get out of here?


I think you guys covered the shit out of that Blazers Lakers match up is everything else. I mean, you had Jay Augustine still on the Pacers.


Does anyone else here have any analysis like that that we can use on yesterday's basketball games where we got two one seeds going down in game one of round one?


I've got to take a basketball take now. We all know James Harden, his body for whatever reason, kind of gives out a little bit in the postseason. And he hasn't had the same sort of postseason production famously so. But there's been a long break between the regular season and what's happened in this bubble.


So his body is fresh and there are no off court potential hiccups standing in his way. Right. Basically, what I'm saying is there's no strip clubs inside the bubble or so we've been told. So James Harden locked in, he might actually do something this postseason.


Hold on a second. Let me ask you guys a question, because one of the stories that we did not get to today and Mike, I need your help on this because I actually texted the story. I can confirm. Hold on a second. This was an interview on a podcast done by somebody who was proudly a groupie saying saying that she had taken care of seven players on one team in one outing. What can we discuss about that story? It's not our responsibility, Mike.


We are not the source on this story. This was something that was all over the Internet and it was on, if not a credible podcast. It was done as a podcast. I need to give the responsibility of this story to the source that it's from.


But I don't think I'm sure there's a DNR on it. So just don't name the team. I don't even know which team it was. I just know, I guess, which team it was. But I didn't know which team it was.


I mean, their performance in the bubble would sort of like indicate maybe no on off field distractions, but maybe this really brought the team together.


In the clip that I heard, the team wasn't mentioned. She was very sick. She was very nice. Not to mention this. I found out the team.


I will I will clean up my language for the twitch, I promise. But you really went brought the team together instead of came together.


And then what are you doing? I dunno, man. I mean, come on. Came together right here listening online for anyone.


Online for. They'll call tomorrow, and you guys watched what? The music video. Yeah, yeah, I mean, it's tearing America apart.


I enjoy education because we possess the guts.


Well, I'm trying to get back into my sports analysis game because it's it's been a while. And I think we all need to kinda rethink how we talk about series like, do we still say things when they're playing in a bubble? The series doesn't begin until the road team wins again. And what do we do here?


I mean, the point I get, what sort of feel what we do need new cliches because not all cliches apply to this bubble environment. So I'm sure they'll I mean, I'm sure they'll start popping up organically. But this is new for all of us, man. Right.


Like the magic one. But I'm not certain the magic or even the road team, they're kind of the home team. I'm just trying to recalibrate how it is I attack some of these, like, is it a must win now for the Pacers?


Well, I mean, well, you mentioned the Pacers. The Heat Twitter account, I guess, was having fun with the situation because they tweeted out Miami's a five seed that they stole home court advantage. So I, I all the cliches, all the all the cliches that we would lean on are out the door here. Yeah.


And we have so ability. And Chris, I think it would be I think it's upon us, right. To come up with some new sports cliches that had to discuss some of these some of these in a pandemic year. OK, how to discuss some of these sports issues and topics? You know, I don't think it's a must win for the Pacers anymore.


This is just one of these things that you throw out for other people to think of. That's exactly what I'm doing here. Yes. What I'm doing is throwing out a little chum in the water and hopefully Billy Cristiani. Roy, someone will come up with a way. Give me an answer by tomorrow, if not the listeners. Well, so I that's the way I've done my whole career.


Is anyone recording this, by the way? Yeah, it's so rolling. Yeah. My kids. Yeah. Oh OK. I didn't see the little red dot. I was like was this just for fun.


I've got something to do. What if I answer tomorrow. I'll have the papers tomorrow. Steal back home court advantage by winning on the road against Miami.


But they're at home. They're at home games. One game at Indiana.


Would you say that if the Pacers lose game two, would there be trouble in the bubble? Oh, boy, oh boy.


Unexpected. Oh, so surprising. I could not wait to see because I can give you no credit for that. Right.


That that's got to eight nineteen twenty twenty one double bubble trouble. I've twice, not once.


Twice. I did it to someone else. Doability Elad today the days remerging and then the months were merging and now the years are. I don't know what year it is.


Yes. So I said Billy Crystal is his first mistake was on eight. Nineteen of twenty. Twenty one at ten. Thirty one. And I also asked someone to run a report for me today from August 1st of two thousand twenty eight. So August 1st of two thousand twenty what. That person responded, Are you hot?


And Billy while you while you were up doing something during one of the breaks, you guys is like, well boys, just one more to show you how he gets thirty.


Today was Thursday on the bubble. But today, that day was Thursday, August 19, 20, 21.


I don't know where I am.


Hey, you know, he bit me one time the last time I went to see you guys, his house, which was like about a month and a half ago to get you out. It's your dog bit me on the foot. And he didn't bat an eye. You didn't even say that, dog. But it's just like normal, commonplace for Vinny. I like to explain what you bought. You brought your wife over and your baby over to my daughter's two.


He we gave him because we didn't want him attacking your family. Families, a vicious dog, OK, we gave him a special treat. And when we give him these special treats, if you come anywhere within, like three feet of fetti and he thinks you're going to try to take that tree for him, he will bite your ankle off. I am not even joking crazy.


And I'm not a monster. Wait, hold on a second. So you either drugged your dog or you're explaining it weird and you give your dog a treat so he doesn't attack people. If you got close to him, he attacks people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, isn't it? Twenty twenty one is wild to go off on the deck of that limón I brought my dog seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven.