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Welcome to the Post Game Show. This shows up on your Danniella Batard show with Stu Gotch Channel Feed. It goes local, our big city, our one, our two of the national show. And this post game show, by the way, very encouraged to see that we were once again in the top three of Apple podcast. Thank you guys so much for your support. However, with this real push to digital for us, it'd be nice to reclaim that top spot, if only for a flashing moment, because we've gotten as high as second during the summer.


But you want to see that you guys are really responding to the digital stuff that we're putting out there. Postgame show is an open forum for us to discuss what happened on that day show. Take people behind the scenes, perhaps preview some stuff that's going on. And Dan, I'll begin with you, because for the second consecutive day, we had a nightmarish technological issue facing our show.


It's hard to explain to the audience, to gods. Why don't you tell the audience how you experienced everything me related today? Because of how much echo I had in my head said throughout the show, I don't know that I've ever been this tired after a show. I have to do highly questionable.


You guys can't hear me and relate to him that he's muted and I'm just mouthing to him on mute.


Still got on mute your microphone. He can't hear any of us anyways. This is the combination that Mike, let's talk about this for a second, because why is he looking around and holding up mute the microphone.


Don't worry about the Eddie you, Mike. For now.


Let him go for a second, because I want to talk about this because there have been technical issues, but also to unplug the Yeti every time, to just leave the Yeti plugged in.


I don't understand what you want to stop for a second. And let's just talk so much to touch fagots. Just shut up for a second. Like what we're talking about the specifics of how difficult you've made the show to do the last couple of days because you're not here every time I go to you. I have no faith whatsoever that you're going to be there or better yet, that it's going to be echoing when I do go to you. I was just going to you to ask you the question, why is it so hard to go to you?


And I couldn't because I couldn't go to you.


Right. I listen, I don't have the answers for you that perhaps you're looking for. I'm not an engineer. I am. I'm just the radio sidekick. I have an end next to my name.


And so I just show up here.


I do the best that I can every day with the tools that have been given to me. I know. Do you wish I was there? I'm not. I will be back on Monday at perhaps a lot of this will go away. But listen, this is all on me. It's my fault for wanting to watch my teenage daughter go over. Here we go. Here we go. The heroic father yet again because it's hard to explain to God.


Yes. Chris, what do you have here?


It just seems that most of our issues are Zoome related. And we've been on Zoome now for like seven months now. I'm just like so confused that, like, we seem to be running into Zoome issues.


If you miss if you miss a local our what Chris is talking about is absolutely on the nose. You have to be able to grafs grasp Zouma at this point. However, if you listen to the local hour you will discover new gods discovering that he's been talking to an unplugged yeti for four months.


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Let me explain to the audience, because I don't think they understand what we're talking about. I don't think they even understand what a yeti is. Still has a radio quality professional microphone in front of him that he has been swinging around talking into, but it's not connected to anything. So basically, Snooki thinks he's talking into a microphone. He leans back in his chair. He's got the microphone. He gets really comfortable. That microphone hasn't picked up anything for five months.


We discovered in the local hour today that he's simply been using his equipment wrong, right? I'm not I'm not misrepresenting anything there.


I'm not standing, to be honest with you. I mean, you know, two dollar fine. I'll put it on Stanwick. This thing's connected. It sounds tinny. It's a mike told me to connect it. There's an option, Bart. I could connect it to the microphone, which we did, and that really fixed a lot.


So thank you for my fix the line you fix. The whole thing doesn't really seem to hurt the performance of stupidity, though. It seems to be doing pretty well lot.


Your guys stupidity is is doing well, but it has affected the the performance of stupidity. Because you've been just speaking into your computer's microphone for four months, unbeknownst to you.


Why are ads the only part of the show we haven't been fighting the last two days? You do more ads.


You've noticed, though.


What am I supposed to do with that Bill? No, seriously, because I know we're doing part of it is a bit and part of it is just us being able to laugh at how ridiculous everything is in America and around our show right now.


But you guys have heard it doesn't bother you at all. You haven't heard sort of how many ads we have, because if I were listening to this as a listener to the show, I'd be like, hey, how about we just turn down a little bit on the money grabbing and do a little more of the content giving?


But the reason we had so many in that last segment where you were complaining is because we botched it and had to do them all at the same time. So it's like it just I know maybe the audience doesn't know that and we're revealing too much.


But when you're asked, Chris, what about what we do you speak of? Because, again, this goes back to another one of the problems that is happening because Stewart isn't here. Who's the we that botched the ads?


To be fair, Dan doesn't do anything but just resent the ads on the front end anyways.


Yeah, I think when Chris says we probably could have gone without me having to say in name one last time, I mean, that perhaps I would have gotten the straight talk and gotten the other spotted and then we would have been chasing time there. So, yeah, blame me all you want, but inside radio, radio, the mechanics of that had nothing to do with me. I don't want to leave my co-host hanging. That's what I did there.


You know what, guys? I'll take it, I have nothing to do with the ads, I don't even see them, I don't read them. It's on me. I'm all for the ads. Thank you for stepping up. It's all for the ads. And then we'll just move fast. Thank you, Billy.


Thank you, Billy, for stepping up and taking responsibility for your mess up.


Tear it apart at the seams here. This is a therapy session. I just wanted to and we haven't even spoken to Greg, who did save the show for one brief moment in time. Granted, we built him up once and he let us down very early on, but he came back as well.


He checked out immediately after that, by the way. He was so happy. Greg, you were so happy to have saved the show that you just basked in it. You were you luxuriated in your laurels the entire last 90 minutes of the national radio show, right?


Well, it was such a Herculean effort that I feel like I earned, you know, the coasting the rest of the way. I really do. But, you know, it got me thinking advertisers are the best and we love our advertisers so much. I would take them all on a picnic. If there weren't like a pandemic. I would invite all of the show's advertisers to go on a picnic at my expense, which is a nice picnic.


Yeah. Where do picnics rank on things that you guys miss the most? It's been a while for a picnic for me. Well, you could still do.


Picnics are safe. Things you can do. Well, wait a minute.


I want to pick me up. I was reading something about this epic, epic picnic resurgence in New York City. Everyone just going outside your socially distance, bringing out a blanket. What's your go to picnic food?


Well, I got one a nice a nice charcuterie board. Oh, yeah.


Nice wine. You know, you would be toasted. Yeah.


A little toasted baguette on that cheese board with salami. Are you talking about charcuterie, which I would pay money to hear. You got Godspell.


Let's try that. Actually, let's do this. Let's do spelling. Let's do a spelling bee right now with gods and watch his hand so that he doesn't cheat. But Billy, that was very highfaluting of you. I think most people just think of subs, right? Subs and chips are, you know, just the easiest sort of food. That was Tonin. That was Tony Meedan.


I may hire you know, that's a program guy. You know, you enjoy the finer things in life. And, you know, SharkWater board is one of them. All right.


I feel like Tony would take my wife on a picnic and I'd never see her again. I mean, seriously and feel free, by the way. I mean, got to worry that Tony has taken our lives on this.


But Chris is grateful.


Knows. Greg, didn't you have to bail on him back in my day recently, because the very word picnic had some sort of racist connotations that none of us knew about it?


It did. And even my sensors went off and usually they don't. But, yeah, it's got a real negative connotation to some and in an aborted me from doing it. But have any of you heard the Fifth Dimension song where they used Picknick as a verb? Because can you Nick? Well, anybody heard that song?


I don't really listen to a lot of music that goes, whoa, whoa. But can you explain this to me? Because this could be educational, because I have no idea how old is this song. It doesn't involve who's the crooner.


I'm guessing the nineteen 50s or 60s looks like the 70s. All right. Who is providing who's providing the whoa whoa. Thousand twenty wasn't sha na na who's not. Who's providing the wo wo wo.


I mean I don't know the guy's name but there's, it's an everybody knows the fifth dimension. Am I alone here. Yes. I think it's three women and two men or vice versa. But it's a great group.


Greg, are they also one of the one of their songs is Aquarius.


Is that all. Yes indeed. Yes indeed. Thank you.


Big and strong today, down with nineteen seventy four Age of Aquarius.


So wait a minute. This is how Tony ends up. This is what Tony calls a picnic. First of all, three women and two men. And this is why, because he can reach across the generations and mention airplane in the local hour. And next thing you know, he's doing Age of Aquarius on the back end of the post game show. Tony, you're a young person, but you're somebody who must be dating like and you're married, but you must be dating like seventeen, seventy year olds because you want to steal their money.


You know, it's a racket, but you got to touch me more. Greg, what did we do well today and what did we do poorly? I know that you checked out for the last 90 minutes, but you got your back in my day in there. And it was really a show. Savir, I think we can all agree with that. We were all delighted. We were all I don't know if I'm speaking for just me, but I was afraid once you went down the cartoon path that you were going to do something that put us on the wrong side of Disney.


I was I I'm always afraid with you that you're afraid of other people doing that.


It's very nice of you have that antenna up.


Dan, I appreciate it. Maybe we should be careful.


Here it is.


So on the big city this week, you can hear from big names like Aaron Rodgers. That's right. It's going to be a big sui exclusive. And Bomani Jones, we're going to do a lot of different things with the big C. We see what sticks. And I imagine, Dan, once you open the door for calling it ESPN, that's all he wants to do.