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You're listening to DraftKings Network. Chris Cody, I cannot tell you how much, okay? I'm leaving here with a giant smile on my face. Pretty good show. Because Jimmy Graham and Sam Morrell are looking into our shipping container, and they think suddenly, Ben Franklin is the new executive producer of Neither of them said anything. No, this is what I love. They're both looking in here. And Cher ages you. They're both looking in here. You do bear a resemblance to a former AP. How can no one see you and comment? Where's my schmuck? Can I get you? I want to try this. I'd like for you to do this punishment more to see if at any point, anyone comments on you not on the center of our show being an 80 Our old founding father. The time of our lives. The other thing I wanted to get to that, Billy, I don't know where you stand on all this, but this really backfired on David Samson, because I think my favorite moment of today's show is David Samson ceasing and desisting, bringing a lot of lawyer talk, and Greg Cody somehow undermining him with a single bidet.


Just crippling his argument. It was stunning to watch. There's nothing you could do after that. It was stunning to watch a single bidet of Greg Cody, you've coughed a lot. You owe $15 today. What? You owe Jessica $15. Why? Yes, because you've coughed in the microphone. Why do I owe her money? Sorry. Because all of the money is going into the fine bucket. The fine bucket was stolen. I then won the fine bucket, and as part of the grid of death punishment, I just said, She get all the money here because someone around here stole the rest of the money. Not forever. That just ended then. Until the next person pulls it. Well, then there's no more money. I know. If she gets it all. I know. Then I will have been- Here's five. I will have been the only one who suffered. Here you go. Here's five. Because I was the only one who was fined. Yes. Because someone stole the money, I take the hit for the entire company. I rule with an iron fist, and that's not the way it works. Basically, as soon as you pull it, you get whatever money is in there.Thank you, Billy.


And then it starts accumulating for the next person. But I offered on a day you weren't here ruling with an iron fist, I offered because I thought it was wrong that she was getting no money because it had been stolen by a fellow employee. Who stole it? Sorry. I don't know. It's a good question. I don't know. Sorry. Do you have cameras around here? Security cameras? Because someone here stole the fine money, I decided that my future fines and all future fines would go straight to Jessica while I was the one in the owner of the fine bucket. Now I own the fine bucket, and the next person that comes along will start fresh. There will be no money in the fine bucket. No. Then we're just repeating the problem. But the problem is that someone stole the fine bucket. Well, that's another problem. That's an independent problem. One that we should look into. Look, historically, not the way it goes, but go for it, man. Bring There's a polygraph in here. Chris, I would like for you to do the show again this way tomorrow. I'd rather we don't do that. Big Joe Harper.


Bring him back. What was the best one that looked most like you? Because Ben Franklin, there were a number of videos- Larry David, I'd say. This Mark Hockman is pretty good. Time of our lives. I don't know where this came from. Look, this is the new executive producer. Look, this could be your new character. New executive producer, Mark Hockman. This could be... This is the way to do it. Wait a minute. Well, I mean, time of our lives. Schmuckums? That's all you got. It's his Instagram story. That's all I have. By the way, you said Chris looks like something. It'd be really helpful if you guys send looks like suggestions because our tournament starts in two weeks. Oh my God, I saw this. It is a leap year, though. We've got no chance. You have an extra day. I do. Who's in charge of that? That's going to be a rough crew. Are we going to even be able to do this after the Super Bowl? Well, it was sold, so we're doing it. I had another idea for the tournament. What's that? All-time guests on the show. Cool. All right, you're in charge of that.


Well, it was sold. All right. I mean, we just need to do a tournament. Yeah, okay. It looks like of 100 jokes that Adam McKay and Mike Sure haven't been able to write ones that are good enough to get in the tournament. You think that's going to be easy to do in two weeks, writing comedy? Chris wants to do Favorite Guests, I think he just said. No, I'm just throwing it out there, guys. I'm just saying it. It's a good idea. We've been doing the same thing for a bunch of years. Our all-time guests, Top seeds, two seeds. I think this is how you put your imprint. You change it. To the one that's not sold. But dressed like that. All you have to do is dress like that. The thing that we never got to that I'm bumming about that we never got more to is Chris. Chris, we've got a genuine problem with your father. He's got to cease and desist. He's not respecting it, but your father is in litigation now. There's litigation involved in Greg Cody and this conflict with Metalark Media. He landed it. Exactly. That thing. You never know.


You never know. This is the new and on the proof, The Elevator show with the Stugas. Gamble on by DraftKings..