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See stores for details. So the Sunnis got off to a strong start yesterday, we were howling with laughter and here the categories were loaded, 10 solid minutes of laughter. Chris, how do you feel about this category here? The best story category? I feel really good about it and I'm glad that we are you know, I don't like, as you've been talking a lot about, constricted by the radio show, we can put stuff in the podcast that's longer because story there's a lot of good stories.


So instead of cutting some good stuff, we're able to leave it longer for the podcast audience.


Is there any story that you had to cut out that hurt you to cut it out just because this is just the cream of the crop for the entirety of the year? Did you just stuff it all in there and throw it all at Mike Ryan and make him make difficult decisions there?


That's right. That's exactly what I do. I give Mike like seventy two minutes of stories and he cuts it down to like 13, oddly enough, to seventy two minutes are all billi stories.


Billy, how did you feel about the debut of this year's series yesterday? How did you feel like they went.


I couldn't sleep last night. Dan waiting for more series today. Utility bills just excited because the Marlins is the hottest team in baseball. So we're now we'll get into that later. No, that's just.


Wait a minute. What do you mean? We got to say that earlier. What do you mean?


We got to show the post game show later. You should honestly talk about how amazing today's categories was. Man, The Back in My Day and the best Michael Doleac song. Those were incredible categories.


Billis eight to nothing. They win last night. They win nothing over the Braves and they've started this stretch. What the stretch. They've started it with two out of three victories.


Yeah, but if we go back a little bit again, we talked about this earlier, so no need to rehash this, but should have won that game against the Rays. On what day was it? Sunday, the days off. Really throw everything off. Right. Can we just say, like, look, that day was off and that's fine. And yesterday it was the first day of the week. So that's Monday. And this week is only going to go Monday through Thursday.


I mean, I'm with that every first day of the week should be Monday, regardless of whether how many days of weekends we had. Boom.


So best story.


Best story. Let's do it. And now the suing nominees for best story, Curt Menefee on Jay Glazer's best man speech and nickname for himself.


J was best man at our wedding. He literally at the end, my wife's brother in law, her sister's husband, wanted to fight him because Jay did one of his best man speeches. But he decides to do this whole thing. My wife is Filipino, so he decides to do this whole sweatshop joke about Nike and all this kind of stuff. And it was just let's say it did go over well with the rest of the crowd.


What was so, you know, your audience in the room. It's so much better. Everybody everybody wants to know the.


I tell you, people didn't come to Italy to hear the glaze. You know, they came here for a wedding.


My wife. Hold on, Kurt. Are you telling us Glacier refers to himself as the glacier for sure.


And his birthday is the day after Christmas. So he calls it glaciers. You know, God, I love him. Wow.


Chris Jericho tells us about his beef with a random celebrity.


I had a real rivalry with Mario Lopez, the guy from Los Angeles, to be real.


I'm not joking. I'm not joking. We eat for whatever reason for years. And it's probably mostly on my end. I would see this guy and we did like eight shows together. And every time he would do something rubbed me the wrong way or I would say something to him that rubbed him the wrong way. And we actually on Ellen together where she had us do this game is kind of like Twister, ring, twister. We're like, OK, my elbow and your shoulder.


And you put a ring between is me and a housewife against Mario and a housewife. And I was like, I'm not going to lose this guy. And the housewife was like, OK, we're not going to lose.


We played this stupid game for like five minutes to where we were completely contorted with, like a nose holding a ring and the elbow holding the ring. And she had a call to draw because we were so, like, not going to lose to each other. And then recently I saw them on Access Hollywood revenues, the nicest guy in the world. So apparently a rivalry is over for a while there.


Lopez was my nemesis. It was on it was on Fat Joe.


Crazy night out in New York with big pun.


You'll never guess who saved the day one night recipe's big pond, the late, great big pond being Big Pond decided to go to this infamous nightclub called The Tunnels. This is where the box is a seven foot tall. They look like they they the act, the 300, the movie six pack your things. Long story short, arguing with one of the security. It's not security. It's just me. In part. I'm with him 100 percent. But I turn around and look and tell him in his ear, you know, we're going to get beat up right here.


Right. You know, one of them. I don't care. I don't care. We go to war with them and I'm like, you know, Apple must go to war. And out of nowhere, this is like two thirty in the morning. I hear a voice. Hey, yo, hey, one.


These guys, I turn around, I open my eyes with the coffee on.


So and he was taking off his Gucci loafers.


Yes, Gucci loafers, of course. And the next thing I know, the security was threatening us. The main one, Mike Tyson, was chasing him around the car before. And the guy started begging me, one blonde joke, you please get them away from.


Dean Blandino tells us how he met Jay Glazer.


You know how I met Jay was Jay came and did. I was working at the NFL and he came and did a story. He was with CBS Sports at the time and was going to do a story on officiating. And he spent all this time with us interviewing us. And then he he basically wrote a fake story and had and had Greg Aiello, who is in PR at the time, bring us the fake story. And it was completely just these guys are crooked.


They're betting on games.


They're they're fantasy. They affect calls based on who they have in their fantasy team. And and the group just turned on itself. It was Lord of the Flies people, you know, and I knew the guy before, you know, just had heard about him pulling our leg gear. But, yeah, that was Glaser. That's how I first was exposed.


David Sampson tells us Barry Bonds reaction to Dick Gordon getting suspended for steroids.


He got suspended for steroids. Eighty games and D came in and addressed the team. We made him address the team and the whole team is in a team meeting before a game against the Dodgers. So D announced that he's crying and he's emotional. And Barry Bonds slams a chair and storms out of the room. And I was like, Are you kidding me? You're storming out because you're upset that someone got suspended for. Steroids back as well as you did, right, I mean, are you kidding?


Everyone in the clubhouse was like looking at him like really? Oh my God, I never forgot.


That is amazing.


Chris Jericho on Dennis Rodman falling asleep during a tag team match featuring Aaron Rodgers.


Dennis Rodman actually fell asleep on the apron side during that tag team match. What? Yeah, he showed up about 10 minutes beforehand. No one could find him. And he showed up like this is when Dennis is at his peak of just being completely off his rocker. And if you watch, you can actually see puts his head on the tourbook. He's like nine feet tall. Right. So he's like he can he falls asleep. He's asleep. Well, that yeah.


That's sleep.


Why we need more Christia go. When I come on the show, I need the inside story.


I need the real behind the scenes story. I just remember that they signed him for like three matches, something like six million dollars or eight million dollars or something along those lines. And the one time he showed up and he fell asleep on the on the inside.


Cody Zeller on the first time he ever spoke to Michael Jordan when Charlotte drafted him.


So I came off stage and they hand me the phone. They said it's it's here against Rich Cho and Michael Jordan. We're all on the line. The first one, they said it's Riscoe. So, you know, I got this all the time. Hey, we're excited we had a chance to draft you. And she's like, oh, I'm going to pass the phone on, so pass the phone on. And the next one I could recognize his voice was rather higgins'.


And I don't hear much about Soutar. So the same thing kind of go through, you know, excited for you to be in Charlotte. I'm kind of like looking forward to seeing MJ, like I'm kind of tuned out a little bit. So at the end of the conversation, he says, all right, I'm going to pass the phone on to Rod. And I just had a five minute conversation with MJ and I thought it was Ross. Okay, Mr.


Jordan, you weren't even listening. Really? Yeah.


My first time ever talking to him. I didn't even know cell. And I was kind of kind of tuned out a little bit.


John Salley, Michael Jordan and Charles Oakley story.


I'm at the Kentucky Derby and Dave Chappelle and Chris Tucker left Peter and Michael Jordan's to my left. We're in the booth, Dr. James behind me. And we go south out right here. Right here. Right here. Right now is your man, Michael Jordan, right here, right in front of them, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan. And he goes, no, no, no, no. It's now off to the right is Charles Oakley, who, if you don't know, is Michael security guard forever.


And that didn't like me. So I look at Michael and I said, wait. Twenty seven years old, I put my hand on Michael showed Michael, a twenty seven year old young boy, would have given you the business out of the blue. Charles Oakley curbs and punches me in the stomach.


Yes, but I mean, I believe the way he wanted to is not the way. That's the way he put the security guard. We saw this and I thought at the last second tightened up a little bit. He thought all the air out of me and it felt that this is the only time I wish I still had my show. And Michael was like a couple of times, you know, style is crazy. You just don't get the joke, you know, like when he took that selfie.


But what does it mean?


Was it hit me that the eighties stevo on partying with Mike Tyson, I sort of caught wind of that.


Everybody in this group was headed to a house party and sort of figured out where it was. And I showed up uninvited and, you know, I went and rang the doorbell and the person who opened up the door was actually Mike Tyson. And I said, is there any like, is it cool if I if I come in? And he said, You got any Coke? And I was like, yeah, did I have to have a bunch?


Like, a lot. And so he's like, I can punch pasturelands. It's not like and then get around the back of my head like yanking me into the house. And we went straight into this little bathroom in the house like I was in there and I proceeded to go through so much cocaine. Oh, it was absurd. We went through all of it and probably five grams of cocaine, which is a lot. Yeah, taking about three hours, I think.


And I got it was so crazy. Michael has had this way of doing cocaine the way he took a cigarette and rolled it back and forth in his fingers that all of the tobacco fell out, leaving only to the tape. And soldiers, when they started scooping cocaine into it, not mixed with tobacco or anything with into this tube of paper, and I was thinking like there's no way that that could possibly work, you know, like logistically you can't say that he made it work.


He filled it with nothing, that powdered cocaine and smoked a thing. And here we're locked in this little bathroom and it's like you can almost hardly see through like this. He's in the bathroom and I'm snorting lines, supplying I smell this crazy contained cigarettes one after another until it was all gone. It really was a night to remember David Samson bus story.


It was John Henry's motorcoach. He bought and from scratch a two million dollar motorcoach. That's like a tour bus that had couches and and TVs and DirecTV. And a condition of the sale is he wanted to keep the bus. He wanted to have the bus for him in Boston and right before the deal was closing. It's my famous and favorite bus story is I called John Henry. And I said, by the way, we're taking the bus. And he lost his mind.


He hung up on me because I just wanted to give it. I was so annoyed with the way that Lucinda and David Ginsburg were acting that I said, you know what, I don't care. I'll walk away from this deal over this bus. John Henry at a black tie event. He was at a wedding. He walks out of the wedding. He calls me and he starts swearing at me. Right. Same damn it. I'm telling you right now, this is my bus.


I'm not even talking to you about this. The fact that you made me step out of this party about this bus. This is an outrage. I said, John, let me be very clear. Enjoy your wedding. There is no deal without the bus.


Click Next phone call I get is from Major League Baseball. Bob Dupré, you're going to blow up the biggest franchise swap, historic. You're a part of history, David, and you're telling me over a two million dollar bus you are going to blow this transaction up? I said, Bob, I will die on the bus.


Days later, John Henry gave up the bus and he really didn't talk to me much after that. And we still have the bus, the great story.


So what do you mean you still have the bus? The team has a bus. And when Jeter closes, you ride the sucker. Oh, my God, you did it.


It's even better than that. We're selling to Jeter. Jeter is I pay attention to anything other than the fact that A-Rod is not getting the team. So there's an asset in the deal. It's an asset deal, which means you're buying assets. He was buying the assets from us, from Jeffrey, and one of the assets was the bus. I am sitting in his office with Jeff Conine. I said, come on, this team is being sold.


But I have a crazy idea. Let's call Jeffrey. Let's buy the bus, the two of us.


So we call Jeffrey and say, hey, Jeffrey, we want to buy the bus from you. Jeffrey Loria sold the bus to me and Conine for ten grand and brand.


So we go nine. And I started a company to buy the bus. It's called W. g t. S B LLC.


We got the Afternoon Bus LLC, Dan Larry Izzo and Zach Thomas Elbowroom story.


It's an awful story and a great story that started at The Elbowroom too much they drinking too many Miami Dolphins boom. Larry AZO and Zach Thomas decide I can swim out to that boy. That boy's far away. They're professional athletes. They're bulletproof. Boom. Israel goes. So goes Zach Thomas. Israel bows out. Zach Thomas finally gets to the bully and realizes this bully is not staying up. It is slippery. I'm exhausted. Oh, my God.


It is far to get back and boom, like into the water. Go like soldiers to rescue him because you would have had somebody drown at that. Buie Because of the things that happened at the elbow room in the middle of the day. That was like a Tuesday.


Alejandro Narciso, Antonio Brown's videographer, tells us the truth about what went down between the Raiders and Antonio Brown.


He had a dinner with Gruden and then he got it back into the car. We picked them up and he was like, yeah, everything's good. And I was like, OK.


So I started working on the video and I worked on the video the entire night. He woke up at five a.m. on the radio. This is what I made. And I showed him. And he's like, wow, that's beautiful, that's motivational. I love it. And I'm like, I suppose this is like, no, let's wait.


Yeah, OK. So he goes to practice. Everything seems to be good. And then we pick him up and he's like, yeah, like everything's not good. These guys don't sit on my back. They just saying, they kept saying welcome back.


You know. I know. If you wanted to practice the day after posting the fine letter the following day, you know, he has like that meeting with the team and like, everyone's like, oh, welcome back. We're glad to have a B back. And he's talking about I never let you guys told me not to go to practice. What are you guys talking about? And then he also gets a fine letter where it's like it voids his contract.


And at that point, it was pretty much over because he felt so disrespected that he was like now he had to play essentially a week to week for his contract. And then at that point, you know, there was no like it was irrepairable, you know. So he asked me, you know, the video that you made is amazing, but it's too positive right now.


So I so the initial video that I made, I had to change it up.


OK, so I told the owner he was a nice conversation. He said, look, man, like I just don't think this is going to work out for either of us. I don't I don't feel the love from you guys the way that you think you say you do. And I would appreciate it if you released me and the owner was like, OK, you know, I'm going to do everything in my power. I'm sorry this didn't work out.


And then at that point, maybe it was like I wrote songs and I like them. So he posted it. And the second he posted it, I'm getting hit up by Bleacher Report and all these people I hate. And we posted this and we posted it on a two party consent. You're going to go to jail. And I just I freaked out. I was like I was like, what can I just do? And I go, and he's fine.


I like hanging out with his kids, you know, everything's good for me. This is all new to me. Like, I'm used to everyone just tormenting fire motions.


And it's not like you're a clown, too. You're a moron. And now that she's crazy, I'm not.


And then I sit down, sit down by the pool house. I just contemplating everything. I was like, now I feel like saying, all right, now what just happened?


And then it only got crazier for then because then yesterday I landed in Vegas because I had to go shoot something in Vegas and I started getting hit up like, oh, apparently we hired social media experts to smooth sail this this release of a social media expert. I'm literally like a 25 year old. Nothing like this planned.


This whole thing. I like maybe like post. What do you want? I'm not as consultants, you know.