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See stores for details. Welcome, everybody, to the post game show now I know we've played a lot of subcategories here in the post game show, I want to relive the one city that we played during the national show. It's not me being lazy. This is actually a city that's short enough to replay the mispronunciation category. So you got to want to play this one more time and get your pick for who's walking away with the hardware, OK?


And now the Sunni nominees for best still mispronunciation, important, important criminals, criminals, clean police appear to be reprehensible, reprehensible, aren't are anyone virtually Berkely. Thanks that regularly. Regularly. I was going to say I was just eliminated, eliminated any of that. He doesn't want to give you the most most hermaphrodites, hermaphrodites, pro ball.


I mean, Earths.


And finally, 63 Earths, Earths. Earths could fit inside Uranus, but soup, poopy poop, butt butts, butts, cup for tampering, sewage.


What do you butt soup.


Yeah, you read that first. I'm going to say it's a toss up between any of that, and he doesn't want to really. Yeah, I think probably he doesn't want to is going to take home the hardware.


I have my own private theory that it's hermaphrodites. And you just didn't want to say it again because of how badly you botched it.


You're right. This is going to be a student centric postgame show, by the way, because coming up, we're going to give the audience an opportunity. Steve Levy is starting his Monday Night Football gig tonight with the second part of that doubleheader.


He's starting it with Brian Greasy and Louis Riddick. And what's interesting is for the last couple of years, him and Gracie have been doing the 10 o'clock game at the second game, Monday Night Football. Tonight, he's the voice of Monday Night Football, the official voice of Monday Night Football. He's still doing the second game in Gristedes.


Fowler and Erby get the game that's probably going to get more eyes with the Steelers and Giants two legacy teams there, Billy. Any chance you say, up for the second part of tonight's Monday Night Football doubleheader? What time does it start? 10, 20 start?


Not every night. Are you guys interested in Fowler? I'm not going to be up for the start of it. I didn't do it on Monday Night Football game. You're going to watch Tony shaking his head and I'll watch the game just for that.


I'll watch it. I'm interested. You can get me there, Billy.


They're doing the first game. Weird. I don't know why they did that, but they are Hurby now.


He was doing the ten twenty game bill. Would you stay up for that? I'd step for her if I did miss her by calling a college football game. I really miss that because because of the US Open and the fact that they were doing the Monday night or you didn't get Fowler and Hurby doesn't quite feel like college football season. Do you get Fowler and Herbie call in the game that's been highlighted by College Gameday? Well, it does feel like in many parts football is here because our regular experience on Sundays with the red zone seemed kind of normal.


College football is lagging behind. College football to me, still feels different.


Billy, you know who else I'd stay up for? Steve Levy. There you go. The new voice of Monday Night Football with Brian Greasy and Lewis Riddick was a guest on Stupidity last week. That is my podcast. You could check it out wherever you get your podcast. iTunes, Spotify, part of Libertador Friends podcast network. Steve Levy, the new voice of Monday Night Football. You're going to enjoy this because Steve Levy, I have followed his entire career.


This is a broadcasting lifer. OK, did update to WFAA out in New York. I mean, he has done everything in his business and to be the at north of 50 years old, to be able to land. Perhaps the biggest broadcasting job in sports media is pretty fantastic. And he was super emotional. He talks about it with us next.


He is the new voice of Monday Night Football. And we are very happy for him. He is he's become a big shot. We have to go through handwoven now.


Again, congratulations to you, by the way, my friend, this is very exciting news. What is there like how'd you get the news that you were the new voice of Monday Night Football? If you could go through that experience?


It's been sort of well documented. It's been a long process, right? I mean, it was it was a long, long ordeal to get to this point.


There's been a ton of speculation. And, you know, it really has been for, I don't know, five, six years. Right. I like my name was always mentioned in the set, you know, and and for a long time, I was I was really just happy to be in the conversation that's you know, you want to talk about having a seat at the table with the big boys there. Even there have been mentioning my name from Monday Night Football so that someone like myself was just a huge kick.


And then and then to finally get the call, you know, it was I knew it was coming close. OK, how much longer could the executives wait?


I mean, we're you know, we're inside now.


At some point I have to start reading the NFL rulebook so I don't confuse it with the rule rulebook and the over three point extra point thing and all that stuff. So let's just say I was checking my phone frequently and then it was a Friday morning and within about an hour I had four phone calls from four of our top executives all congratulating me, wishing me.


And I know you heard the story. So I said, hey, you know, can you guys tell greasy because I want to talk to him about it, but I don't want to be the one to break news. I want you to get the same treatment I got. Sure. No, nobody can find. Ricci was on top of some mountain in Colorado, of course, because that's what he does.


He was being Brian Gracy. Right. You can help me being one with the universe, you know, that old thing. And so I couldn't go up the greasy about six or seven hours after the fact. So but it's been great now. It's been a long process to get here.


But I'm ecstatic when you get news like that. Steve Levy, voice of Monday Night Football, who's the first person you called after getting that news? So I'll be honest, I'm fifty five.


I'm not a kid, obviously, and I've been around the block and all that. I still called my mom and dad first and now Rose.


To be honest, I didn't realize that Lockton Melrose's on social media. He congratulated me two weeks earlier. Where are you getting this from? You're on Twitter and Instagram Barredo.




So one of my favorite sports movies is The Rookie, you know, the forty two year old pitcher of the Tampa Bay Rays back in the day.


And so it always gets me it's about as close as I come to crying in a movie. He calls home to the wife and she says, you got somebody you need to tell this to and tells his child, age son that he got called up to the major leagues, you know? And so that's kind of what I was feeling. Obviously a much different age. But the emotion know, my parents have obviously been through this. They knew this was a possibility.


You know, my dad's eighty two. My mom is like seventy seven. I'm lucky to have them both and both in pretty good health. And so, you know, they've been my biggest supporters, obviously, and my sister was the next call. So I have a very close, immediate four. And if you have time for one other quick one on that. Yes. So my kids knew it was a possibility.


And this was this was really unbelievable for me. And I really I didn't want to tell them until it was official. So I waited, you know, really. Towards the end there, and I finally told them and my daughter, my 10 year old daughter was was crying uncontrollably like tears of joy, sobbing. So you got to not kidding the greatest hog of all time, a moment I will never forget, she would not let me go. Crying Daddy, I'm so happy for you.


It's awesome. So and I get a little emotional now. I've been talking about that then I actually do. I think I see truck crying against the antics. Cry. You always cried.


I had twin boys who are eight years old and one son said, you know, congrats dad. Like that really matter of fact. And the other son, he had his hands on his hips. So wait a second. So we can't watch Monday Night Football together anymore. That's terrible. You know, now I go apply to them, you know? And I said, look, for now, we could still watch Thursday Night Football together, but give it a few years.


And with any luck, if I still able to hang on to the seat, would be great to take these guys to a game or two. So but it's been you know, that's been the great thing. Right. As my buddies from fourth grade who I still have my Oswego idiot buddies from my college, you know, like in my friends and family has been cool, but we're close to getting ready to the start football, you know.


So and mom and dad, how did that go, I imagine? Did you you had to get emotional. I imagine that was the mommy that cried. Right.


My dad is not the emotional type. So the sort of strong and silent type, if you will, and so is, you know, a good for you, happy for that kind of thing. And I could hear my mom's voice a little bit. So proud of you, that kind of thing.


And, you know, that's a funny word, like a beginning that a lot from people.


Hey, I'm proud of you. Right. And to me and maybe I'm wrong on this. Proud seems like something someone older. Right. Says to someone younger. I'm proud of you, but I have heard from, you know, people in the industry, people I've worked with on other crews, you know. Twenty five twenty six years old saying, Steve, I'm so proud of you.


Like, it's just kind of a it's a really nice touching moment. And I always thought of it as an older person to a younger person and proud is proud. And that's a really neat emotion to feel that. Appreciate it.


Steve, you think you're going to be nervous like you've done games before. Do you think the first game you'll be nervous even even though you've done tons of football, you've done well in a couple before?


Yeah. So I don't think I will be. And so I'm really glad I went through it. Last year. It was a Broncos, Raiders and Oakland.


Really cool the black hole and all that stuff and see that scene. I was nervous leading up to that.


I thought I was going to be nervous and I really wasn't.


I was surprised myself that I wasn't, you know, and everybody says, you'll get ready, the music's going to hit you, thump, thump, thump, thump and all that stuff. And at one point, the billboard was playing and I could hear Tim Corrigan was our producer. He's like, go skate, you know, that kind of thing and goes to read a card or something. Another couple of seconds go by, goes deep. And I'm I'm still not talking about a hero in Greece.


He's flipping out. Lewis is look at me that elbow. And I want this you know, I want to hear the music a little bit. I want this to watch over me and then have my voice come on over the music like it always had when I was a kid. So so I've been through that.


And I really don't think I'll be nervous for week one this week. I think week two when we really had the stage to ourselves, we're in the right time. And eight fifteen Eastern we'll have the whole country. It's the full fifteen minute pregame show we are in Las Vegas, by the way.


It happens to be the fiftieth anniversary of the first ever that I came. We will be on ABC. That and I like that to me will be the here you are moments.


So, you know, we don't have any preseason games like anybody else. We've tried to put together a little rehearsal in Bristol, have some of the people together. We've got a brand new producer. And Phil did not bring new Monday night producer. And Phil Dinis a legend on the college side. He's been doing the national semifinal for twenty years, Jimmy Plats only in his second year. So it's an experienced crew, although we're not actually experienced together, if that makes sense.


And so I think we ought to be the. Wow. And then, you know, there's not really like there's no grace period you're ever on Monday night.


But week three, we have what we think is the absolute game of the season. I mean, if you could pick one regular season NFL game to watch. Oh, we won. You know, we have chiefs at Ravens like I mean, that's great. That's got to be it. Yeah, right. Jacksonville.


And what else could you ask for week three? So I think the first week to week three and then hopefully I'm going to find my grubin and settle it and then it'll start to feel comfortable. But I think we're going to roll it out slow. That has been the advice I've been given.


Look, there's so much information being given to me now that, you know, sort of go slow, right. Like, I'm not one of my strengths. Is as a broadcaster. I think if I know what I don't know, does that make sense? I'm not trying to show anybody. You know, I know everything about the NFL.


I'm next to Greasy and Riddick, who, quite honestly, are two of the most cerebral NFL minds, certainly at our place and I would say in the country. So I'm going to I'm going to get the score right.


I'm going to play Raimes numbers.


And I will defer, especially early on to the football experts, to my right. So I'm going to be.


I'm hoping by the time you get the Patriots jets, you will find a comfort zone that you are comfortable. You'll allow me in the booth to kind of play around with you guys. Yeah, I just say I'll go through your handler if you want, but I'm just thinking maybe that's up. We should explore.


What would my Boston boys immediately after we play, by the way, next time you speak to Kenny Albert.


OK, so I grew up with four blocks did so today. So we know the Albats very well, but he was my brother's best friend as I am about the Olympics. We used to play in the basement at the time. My brother's ear was hanging off of his face because me and my brother decided to get into a fight. I took a hockey stick to its face.


I will. I was there for all of it, I think for the Alberta Olympics myself the second time back then, maybe I thought for sure.