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The smartest way to hire. Postgame show has started. All right, Sue has a daughter that's an incredible an incredible lacrosse recruit right now. Yes, amazing talent. It is almost decision day, even though she's not a senior, which means she can waffle on this. And if I know her dad the way that I know her dad, there's a chance that this might not be a final decision. But he's telling me he doesn't want to make a big deal out of the announcement or anything like that, which goes counter to everything I know about Sucrets.


Seagate's you got to have the three hats, one of Rachel, and she needs to put one on her head.


What I told her to do, I'm OK talking about this and making a big deal about it. And Mike is exactly right. I told you, I don't care. We have to wait until after you're supposed to go to college. We're going to get the exact right deal. OK, guys, taking your time is perfectly fine, especially when we're dealing with a pandemic and the schools are saying they're asking to slow it down. With that said, I have helped her along with my wife, narrow this down to a top five, right.


All the five schools are interested in getting Rachael full ride. I don't know. It's very rare. You get a full ride.


Woman's the crowd, and she must not be that good again.


No, that's not true at all. No, that's not true at all. It's very rare to get a full ride because of I guess it's a loss leader.


It's a sport that just doesn't have a ton of money. It's Capuzzo. Get a full ride. I'm not certain. It's a very good question. Sam Apuzzo doesn't get a full ride and no one gets off.


It's a great question. Depends on the school. So I'm not certain. And so what I asked her to do, I don't want to know. This is Rachel's decision, OK? Although I do.


I control the deals. Right. OK, listen, maybe there is a full ride in our future. I just don't know about it yet. And certainly I am striving for that. I will do everything I can to get her that full ride. OK, because full ride for Rachel needs full ride for me. And so what I told her, Chris, what I have asked her and I'm sorry, is do not tell me mom and dad don't want to know when you decide before you go to the media.


Yeah, I just put the hat on and that's the way the NCAA investigation starts poking around, at least surprised to me by surprise now.


Now, in my experience with recruiting and NCAA football for team recruits always have something that that's important to them, playing time location where their friends are going.


What is at the top of the list for your daughter as far as what she's looking for, how much her dad doesn't have to pay for college like the that amount is what she doesn't know. That's the most important thing.


But this is between us. That's the most important thing. So it's really not where she wants to go. It's where I go.


Look, you have a television show on ESPN News back in full effect TV and TV more than ever. Now, do you have five hats of all these different schools so she can put one on her head? Mm. Huh.


I do, yes. All right. That's huge. Yeah, that's one of the five hats is to have one that you actually have no interest in.


And that's the hat you pick up and you do the fake out like I'm going to go to. No, I'm not throwing this hat out of here.


Yeah. I mean, dramatic. She's super excited. I don't I'm not certain I should reveal the five hats. Wow.


Can we have a preannouncement show? It's a postgame exclusive. Let's do this. Let's figure out a way to dress this up in a way that makes who got most comfortable because Mike Ryan just rushed this to air. Like Billy and Chris were both shouting no, because the guys had very clearly said I said no, flat out, I'm not doing this today.


And they're like, all right, we're going. Right.


And then he just started the postgame show. And next thing you know, it's on the air. That's on a drum roll. I'm sorry, that's a problem with doing the zoom. Are you ignoring us? Like we're just going to do the thing that Mike is so mad at television right now? No, let's backtrack.


No surprise. I mean, you got to you should add extra hats so that it seems like there's more interest, that actually is the great the great thing about the next 24, 48 hours is the unknown. I told Rachel that, like, you never know, there are schools that are going to make offers to you and you have no idea that they're interested in you. And so I did. I purchased every college that in America.


You should have the hat she's going to choose. And then the for best lacrosse programs in America. Those should be the five hats that you have on there. So it looks like, wow, Duke, I'm just assuming Duke lacrosse like Duke wanted her. That's impressive, right?


Duke is for. All right, go ahead and announce one of the schools. I'll give you one of the schools, one of the schools that Rachel's interested in, one of the five Harris, one of the two totally separate list.


I don't believe that student's Asperger's any had. I believe that he's filibustering right now. Just to say a school I would want to had the schools mailed me a hat and the event that Rachel picks it and perhaps I'll start with you will know tomorrow which school Rachel is selected when I start wearing their stuff all over national television as part of the deal.


Like, what is the file of stuff that you're going to? Is it just like music that we're allowed to play? Because it hasn't, you know, it doesn't violate any copyright? Yeah, yeah. That's royalty free. Dramatic sound. Okay, so is that what you're looking for?


What's that Disney movie were like, the big like brooms or walking with giant buckets of water? Because that's what this reminds Fantasia.


You know, I had year I had a marketing idea over the weekend while I was driving. I was like, who owns Alaf? And I Googled it. And I was hoping that would be Disney because Disney owns a lot of things because of just collecting dust right now. So I wanted to find a random, forgotten character that Disney owns and just make it our show mascot and use it as exclusive marketing for the day libertador show. How great would it be if we just dusted off ALF and he's ours now and he only exists to promote the Dan Libertador show.


We got to have a million of those things.


It's got to be expensive, though, right? Like what if we own. Yeah, ALF has got to be expensive because you've got to license him from Sony. But if you're part of the Disney family, you can have, I don't know, like Pluto the dog, be your show mascot and no cost. Are you sure we're part of the Disney family?


Doesn't feel like you have any evidence of that based on today's television experience. You don't understand.


Well, we're back on TV. Why are we like now? We're we're doing this thing where we're complaining about not being on TV and then we get back on TV and now we're complaining about that.


I'm sensing a trend and you're doing this thing where you've been home for the last half year, not having to deal with all the stuff that goes into putting it on TV. There's a reason why we have four people in the back of the studio. Well, five now with Tony. It's a lot of work for one person.


And just getting a rejoined back is just like a stress stressful experience that I did not want in my life. So you're going to all that royalty free advertising that we have back there are music that we have back there in order to accent everything we're doing. How much how many things do you have in that library?


How many sound? Kind of Peters. I like that now, but that sound is it starts off as something that perhaps is scary, but then kind of just tempers out and becomes a very calm situation.


This is a romantic. Billy, I'm here for doing an entire show of you just trying to describe things like cartoon brooms and what movie they're from, like I'm here for doing the show where Mike just plays for you a sound and you tell me what it conjures for you.


Like a weird. Yeah, well, that's good. All right, let's keep going with this scene right there, chasing it did sound like a chasing. Mm hmm. Something very ominous, obviously, give it to them again as they think here, I lost my place.


OK. That's right. That's absolutely someone slinking around an alley some sometimes there is closure at the end.


Yeah, there was some closure. It was these things go around and then there was someone was killed in that alley. I mean.


Oh, something peaceful happened there. No, that was the end of a tornado and then things calmed down like at caught the end of a storm there.


Oh, that's Drew Rosenhaus, that house is leaking something that is going back to the one before that, you're saying because normally it's the calm before the storm that was the calm after the storm, the rare calm after the storm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm with you.


Hmm, a boat in dangerous waters, perhaps that's good. Is this a good postgame show? Not really. I don't know. But television crushed us today, made it made it difficult to do everything that the show is.


The show is good. It's just I was buried in my phone responding to text messages. I felt a little detached and I feel a little cross-eyed, but I felt like it was a good show.


What do you guys feel like? Because I don't know who is relaying this to Magnis for Magnussen, but it was four o'clock when he signed off Iceland time. I'm assuming the grocery store is closed soon. What should we send him in terms of things that we're not going to get anything there overnight?


Well, we need to just get we need to send him a message. Right. It's all about what things you want him to go to the grocery store and get so we can crush them on the air tomorrow. Do we do we have definitely got to he's definitely got to do the potato because he seemed like he was ducking the potato.


He also said and this was funny, that he has to be careful about what he does. And I love the idea of this being so the world's strongest man, because he doesn't want to make his wife mad. And I just want to imagine his wife as sort of a waifish. And I understand it. I think most married men understand, Mrs. Vermaak, this and yeah, I just love the idea. I love the idea of him being scared of nothing in the world except messing up her countertop.


It's like because. Did you see how quickly he answered the question of being able to fix a car? Now he's cheating because he's got a mechanic history. But still he said everything that Roy asked him. Yeah, I could fix all of that stuff.


I can basically. Well, that's him showing up behind you, angry or maybe no, you know what, that's Miss Magnusson showing up behind him after he's crushed something and left, you know, soda pop all over the there's a film all over the table.


It's Mrs. Vermaak this and that's a fine, thank you. You got soda pop.


We're getting all that of getting old and we're long past old and even the shipping container has grown to be incredibly old. Think about what we just did with the last 15 minutes of this show.


A wife and kids do that.


All of it. Every little. That feel like Leonard Fournette getting close to the Steelers huddle, is that what that felt like? Is that what is Twitter ablaze with Steelers right now? Yeah, it's an interesting fit. Would be.


I want to get back. I want to get back to that thunder and lightning talk we were doing. Like, what is the best combination of thunder and lightning? Rod and Tiki Barber? They're the one that started it all.


But you sure? Because there's Nicoya, who was the who was lightning to his thunder. There was someone Mike was it Marcus Allen Monier Watson, Christian Akari.


The Nigerian nightmare. Yeah. Yeah. So it wasn't a thunder or lightning.


Well, how about Lendale White and Chris Johnson back for the Titans back? And that was I guess, do I got another just the team out there. How about Carolina? They've got their lightning. Christian McCaffrey. Maybe they need a little bit of thunder by the goal.


They certainly do. I like that one. That is an excellent one. And you need two running backs in this day and age. You really do. Yeah, I'll look it up. Best thunder lightning combos of all time.


NFL, I mean, thunder and lightning dotcom. You're looking it up. Of course I am.


I would think the actual thunder and lightning is the best thunder lightning combo of all time now. I think they're just Ayers and Terry Kirby. I think they're just first, I think, wow, he went dolphin specific.


I produced the show for Terry Kirby. He said it with Uncle Luke. I hadn't heard for Terry Kirby for like I hadn't heard from him for like a couple of years. And then he called me. He's like, hey, where's your old program director? He owes me money.


It's my Terry Kirby story. This is a weird one because it has, you know, like Ladine and Thomlinson and Darren Sproles at seven. And that's the thunder and lightning that is lightning in a spark plug. I mean, that's how I look at it. I think I put earlier in the show I put Ingrams still in the New Orleans huddle. But I believe that Ingram and Kamara is a pretty good thunder and lightning combination, is it not, given the Kamara can run away from anybody?


There's a couple here, Mike, I'd be interested in your opinion. What is it? Cleveland Browns. Kevin Mack. Earnest Byner. Oh yeah, that was great.


Well, don't forget you had the extra you had the offensive weapon and Eric Metcalf two, that combined with touchdown, Tommy Bardell, the other one, two dolphin related ones here, Larry Zaca and Mercury Morris, which I think one of the original.


Yes, guys, guys. Warwick done it. Mike Alstott, Thunder and Lightning. That's pretty good. Well, also the fullback right there.


But Ronnie and Ricky. Bo, Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen Raiders in the 80s. Not to bring race into this, but when you do it with a white guy, I like the idea of it being a lightning light. Lightning. Yeah.


Huh. Like Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier. Oh, well, yeah.


But you didn't mean to bring race into that. I didn't mean that's my territory is both. He's both thunder and lightning. Both of those.


Yes. Very fast. Yeah. We got an e-mail.


We got an email for Derrick Henry again. He was super fun during the Super Bowl. That was my favorite thing that we did. The entire Super Bowl was a hellacious week. But the camera shot of Derrick Henry in his chair and was due godson in his chair on the same set is still visually one of the funniest gags we've ever done.


You know what, though? That's funny. I'm not sure that that is even the funniest Derrick Henry gag visually that we had that week because Derrick Henry was on the set of first take when I took a scared mascot battery on to the surface, the scared mascot battery for advanced auto parts and put Chris Cody. I can say that you were the battery or my.


Oh, I want to go. Whoa. I had an idea for mystery. Great. This was after I thought, hey, I wanted Alf to be our marketing, like our big marketing arm was. I want to do a mystery crate that's like a behind the bit. And it's just you and Chris Cody breaking down the time you went down to the first take set and almost forgot our own security.


Oh, Chris, we have to do that. We have to do that in the next mystery. Great. You and I should tape that right now. We should just do it right now and put it out. Why are you looking at us like that, Billy? You don't like the idea now that we've revealed that Chris Cody was the battery?


No, it just it's the thirty minutes to say you went down the stairs and you stood behind the scene.


Oh, no, because I want to get into how scared Chris was, because I could see through the netting how scared he was and the idea that his hands kept dancing happily, as Chris can tell the story. Right. Chris, you heard everything that was said, right? You heard everything.


Yeah, I heard it. I'm saving it. I was going to save it for the book, but I guess we could do Mr. Great.


Should we do it now? Billy is frowning on the idea of doing it as mystery. Great. We could just do it now or you could bring it up during a postgame show. We could do a little postgame show on it because I think people would like to hear that.


Just from your perspective, we should just keep discussing when we're going to do it. When do you think we're going to do it? Gale Sayers, Brian Piccolo, did you know Geico is now offering an extra 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies, that's 15 percent on top of what Geico could already save you. So what are you waiting for your dentist to actually believe you and your flossing every day?


Absolutely. Great. And you're cutting down on your sweets, of course. Wonderful. Then I don't even need to look in there. Great.


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