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Been following this guy for a long time. He's been following us for a long time, and he's got one of the grittiest, coolest stories in sports media because he basically made it through the meritocracy by being better at Twitter than most people. The Jenkins & Jones podcast, he's the co-host. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday on the Volume Network. Tyler Perrier, Dragonfly Jones on Twitter with us. Got a lot of things that I want to cover with you, but the first thing I wanted to do is because I've noticed that you seem to have... Do you have a love is blind Obsession? Or is it a guilty pleasure? What's happening with you when love is Blind?


Are you tapped into it? Do you watch it?


I don't, but our crew does. They love...


I'm locked in, I'm locked in, bro. Can we talk about Jimmy? Do you want to talk about Kenneth? Who do you want to talk about first?


It's amazing. I mean, every man on this season is trash.


Jimmy's the worst.


Bro, every man except that dude, the plain-face guy who's got the Latina girl, who I think that's going to be the only couple that makes it. You all know what I'm talking about? Yeah, you're right. He's like every player ever. I think that couple is going to make it. But everyone else is terrible, bro. Terrible. I'm not rooting. I watched this for the train wreck. I'm not going to lie to you. I did not watch this for the Fairytale Happy Endings, and it looks like we are going to get a lot of those this season.


I was just telling Billy that I'm going to just tune into the final episode just because I like seeing when people get left at the altar.


Yes, that's the best. I feel like such a terrible person, but these people weren't right for each other anyway. It's best for all parties involved when they don't go through with this. I mean, it's an absurd concept. You're marrying someone who you've only known for two or three weeks. It's crazy.


Chris Cody just whispered in my ear, I could hear Jessica's lunch. Yeah, it sounded good.


It was really good.


I want to play for you some sound here because we reached out to the people who got thrown around by Cam Newton. Really? Yeah, We were told by the guy who got most thrown around that they were, quote, addressing the matter internally. Then they went on an interview that was apparently with their PR person, I believe. I'm not totally sure, but let's just listen to the sound of the people explaining how and why it came to be that Cam Newton threw them around.


So Cam has an organization. It's not just one team. He has an organization. It's just been a lot of trash talk from more so his side. Just out of nowhere, just talking crazy to us for no reason. It's not nothing new. I've been around Bro for five years. It's typical Cam Newton behavior. Because Steph, you was right there. Yeah.


He was listening to the whole thing.


So you heard him and you walked up. Steph I walk up there. As I'm walking over Steph, Cam is in his stuff face. I made you all responsible for everything you all do whatever. Then he grabbed Steph. Me being my little brother, and I'm walking up a flight of steps, and I see a 6:06 guy grabbing my brother. That's the footage that everybody sees. That's where everybody's seeing. So that was the first altercation with him.


Nobody saw. Nothing else ever had of him.


Nobody's ever had. Nobody's seeing how he was talking crazy. He was going to pass two days. Nobody's seeing it.


I say this as the person who requested a conversation with them. No one is here for their explanation of what happened. No.


I think Bowman hit the nail on the head when he said, We don't care if you are in the right. We are laughing at you because you are in the stupid. I think that's the perfect way to explain it. I will say my My favorite thing about that ass living that Cam gave to all those people is it was such a lawsuit proof ass living that he gave. He could have thrown some haymakers and cracked some faces, cracked some orbital bones or some jaws, but it was just straight tosses, bro. He's been the game manager, game changer guy. He game managed that ass living that he handed out that time. What do you believe is more impressive there?


Do you believe the hat never moving is more impressive than never needing to throw a punch that would result in a lawsuit because you're good at rich people throwing people around without a lawsuit?


The hat for sure sticks out to me because that is a big hat. It's not like a baseball hat like I'm wearing now. It's like a magician top hat. He's got a rabbit in that mother. So that's staying on his head. He's unbothered just tossing these dudes, taking on four guys at once. Kam is a different dude. Most football players are different dudes, and people need to realize that, man.


I'm wondering why it is that they wouldn't. It must be because he's a quarterback, right? Even though he might be the most physical of the quarterbacks we've seen.


Right. Did you see that clip of when he met Luke Keekley Super Bowl weekend, and they had a really cool moment where they hugged? Kam lifted that guy off the ground. He had Luke who keep Cookele's little toes just inkling in the air. And that guy was a destroyer of worlds during his prime. Kam is just... He's not just big for a quarterback. He's big for a football player. He's bigger than most linebackers, dude.


We all just want to be held like that Don't we? My little toes off the ground.


Are Clay and AD going to get married or not?


No, absolutely not.


He's dropped already too many times. Like, Yo, I don't want to cheat on you for real. I really don't want to do it. I really don't want to do it. But I'm going to.


What? But I got to deliver these jet skis. I can't be the man you need. Clay is so full of.




I'm going to tell you when everything made sense for this dude, because I was like, he's got a really big ego. He's full of himself. Where Where did this come from? When we found out he was a track dude, I was like, Okay, that makes sense. If you all know track guys, they are a different breed. I guess a better frame of reference would be all NFL wide receivers were track guys at one point, and we all know how big a diva those guys are. Everything made sense once I found that that dude was a track star and an all-American at South Carolina. He was no slout.


You have been someone who's been an astute observer and perpetually cracking jokes at the expense of Russell Wilson. What do you make of his present predicament?


It feels like a bit of a heel turn here, right? This guy was the ultimate company man. We've had his teammates on record saying that he was just someone who just always sided with the suits, with the coaches, with ownership. Marshawn Lynch talked about how he had to... When he wanted to reach out to Russell Wilson, he had to go through a third party. And then Russell would call him from a block number. He's just It's like a guy who has never been pro-worker, right? But now he's got this whole bang on where you see him have a sit-down interview where he's spilling the beans on how bad Denver did. I mean, he's got this whole little workout video. I don't know if you all saw that where he was married to the game, right? Which is really a clever angle for his team to push because the whole connotation there is, I'm a guy who honors promises. I'm a family man. I'm a husband, unlike the Denver Broncos who just reneged on their word. That's the connotation there. So it's a really clever angle for them to go with on that. But I do not think it's genuinely Russell, like fighting the system or being on the labor side of things here.


He's just trying to show other teams that he still got. He just still wants to get that bag. That's it.


But do you look at this and wonder if we've ever had an athlete quite like this that we look at this way. Aarod fills a similar place when he was playing at the top of his powers bear. But one of the great offenses with customers that you can have is someone that we don't believe is authentic, that it's a lot of veneer, a lot of packaging. I don't know that it's insincere for him. He might be that square.


Yeah, he just might be. He's from Richmond. He went to a high school out here, a collegiate private school, where if you're from Richmond, you're him being the way he is and knowing that he went to collegiate makes complete sense. But yeah, I don't even think it's him posturing or or him trying to develop a brand. I think he's just really a different dude. Bro, Russell Wilson should be one of my favorite football players ever. Like I said, he's a Virginia guy. He's married to Sierra. He's a Super Bowl champ. He should I keep the same place in my heart for Virginia legends like Allen Iverson and Michael Vick, dude. But I just don't see it for him. I'm just not a fan of the dude, bro.


But what I'm saying to you is, do you understand how strange it is or how unusual your personality has to be for you not to be able to have all of those things in your corner and have us receive you as cool. That's a lot of advantages you have.


Exactly my point. Like I said, on paper, he should be one of my favorite athletes ever, but the dude is just like a robot. He is just like a company man robot, bro. Company man 5,000 or whatever.


Are you like me? Because I admitted something with a bit of shame on yesterday's show. You must not be like me. You must have known this already. When the Clipper logo came out, I was I'm unaware until the time that the new logo came out, that the Los Angeles Clipper, the Clipper refers to a boat. I learned that when the logo came out and felt a decent amount of shame admitting it.


You are not alone. I, unfortunately, knew it because I'm a nerd who just like Google all the time when I'm bored. But I did know it was a boat because I know they have the little San Diego history and all that. What did you think the Clippers were before?


No, I just hadn't considered it. I never... I didn't. It's not something I hadn't had the thought until I saw the boat on the logo, what did you think of the logo?


I hate it. They rolled out that logo, and bro, I was just so underwhelmed. It feels like it's not just uniquely because of the clippers. It feels like there's just been this whole movement that's been going on in sports over the past couple of decades when it comes to logo designs, where they're just not fun anymore, dude. It makes me think back, and I feel like the '90s were the last fun decade of sports logos, and then everything shifted to logos that took themselves I was way too seriously. I don't know why that should happen, but it for sure happened, and I hate it. I think as incredible and enthralling and entertaining as sports are, sports at their core are silly. Basketball consumes my life, and it's just a bunch of dudes in matching shorts that's throwing a ball at a hoop. All this shit is silly, and I feel like the best sports logos, the best sports mascots, are the ones that lean into the silly and not the serious. I feel like we've just got way too far removed from the silly and all this shit. It's so boring. It's so draft.


Well, you are a style connoisseur. You a fashion critic. How about you help us with the top five rules for a good team logo? Do you think you could put that together off of the top of your head? We'll go five, four, three, two, one. I'll give you a second to think about it. Certainly, you are somebody who fancies himself an expert in this realm, right? This is something that you can deliver without a whole lot of thought, correct?


Yeah, free game right here for sure.


All right, number five.


Okay, so like I said, when it comes to... I think that logos need to lean away from the serious and lean back into the silly, right? Because these silly logos just flat out look cooler. There's no other way to say it. The Clipper's new rebrand, that shit looks like Kylo Ren, bro. It looks like a fucking Seth Lord. It looks like a Star Wars character. And as Exhibit A for this, I'm going to downgrade above this. It's like the Charlotte Hornets logo. If you look at the iconic '90s logo, which I loved as a kid, when the Hornets hit, it was a game changer. And you look at what they did to him, and you You look at how they changed that. They turned that into the Batmobile, bro. It's like, at first, the Hornets logo was amazing, iconic even. I love those big, goopy shoes and those dumb ass gloves. He was perfect. They turned him into a syringe or shit now. I hate the new logo.


Chris Cody, your timing was a little off there. He also needs to help you on the front end with a quick answer at the beginning so you can get the fanfare in. Number four.


Number four would be, it is okay for your logos to look nice and cute. They don't have to be imposing or intimidating. It's cool if they just look cute. Take a look at the Baltimore Oriol, for example. I think that is one of the best logos in all the sports, and that is adorable. He's just smirking away, living the dream. It's such a good logo. I'll put the Baltimore Oriol up against any bird logo in sports. I'll put it up against the Philadelphia Eagle, the Seattle Seahawk, the Atlanta Hawk, the Atlanta Falcons, whoever you want to bring, this little cute smirking them up is mopping them all up. That's such a good logo.


He is cute. I've never really realized that until now. He's adorable. That's a great point.


I just want to pinch those cheeks. You're right.


Number three.


Okay, so I had this conversation on Twitter, and a Twitter user named TommyWrong III made a great point that we need to bring back mascots who are actually playing the sport in sports logos, right? I feel like this is where the sports logo's peak. When you see a mascot playing the sport in that team's logo, it's perfect. Like the New England the Patriot, getting ready to Snap the ball, the Toronto Raptor and the Vancouver Grizzly playing basketball, the St. Louis Cardo getting ready to step to the plate. We have the San Jose shark biting a hockey stick in half because, yeah, he doesn't even play by the rules. He's a shark, right? And those are all 10 out of 10 logos. And that, to me, is when Sports peak, when we have actual mascots playing the sport in the logo, for sure.


How does a clipper play basketball, though, if it's a boat? That's why I think it should be clipper playing basketball. How about that?


Right. Someone put out a logo of some hair clippers, and I was like, Bro, that's perfect. I love that. We don't have to be committed to this unknown ship that this team is named for. We can lean into the barbershop side of this. There's a market there. There's a lane there.


Number two.


Like I said, I think the vibes were just better with silly sports logos. You need good vibes with your logo, right? At that point, I present the old Milwaukees Bucks logo and the current Milwaukee's Bucks logo. You look at the old school logo. Current's better. Yeah, the old school. Bro, that dude is just chilling. Just good vibe. It's not a worry in the world. Old ones, great.


He's so cute.


That was the logo of the Bucks teams that had Kareem and Oscar Robertson, where I'm sure there were expectations for that duo to win a championship just year after year. You got the flat out best basketball player in the league and the best all-around player in the league. But look at this guy. He doesn't care about any of that. There's not a care in the world. He's got his cute little Awe, a sweater on, spending the basketball on his hoof. He's just whimsicle as fuck out here. Living the dream. I love it.


Finally, the number one key, the number one rule for a good team logo is?


The sillier, the better. You need to be silly. With the Clippers logo, I get all that they incorporated. I get that they incorporated the ship in it and the C and the compass. But something can be brilliant but not ambitious. That's what It feels like what they're doing.


Tony, why are you criticizing his top five?


I'm not criticizing his top five at all. It just feels like it could have been a top two that we could have said be silly and then do things that aren't as serious, which feels like a top one.


But a top five is what I asked him for. I didn't ask him for a top two. I asked him for a top five.


What do you think about this love triangle, though, between Jimmy, Jessica, Chelsea, and also Trevor now coming into the picture after this? Very important.


I didn't see the new drops, but I... Oh, buddy. Yeah, I know I'm in for a doosy. But as far as... I still do not believe that Jessica is I'm still hung up on that, dude. I thought, bro- Mic drop on it, though.


Mic drop on it. You're going to choke when you see me, you're going to need an Epipen?


It's like, come on. Those are bars, man. That was some Game of Thrones level writing right there. That was some Cersey shit, dude. I was just amazed when she said that, but I'm still so... I don't know what they see in Jimmy, and I know I sound like a hater, but I just do not know why these women are going cuckoo for Coco Pulse over that dude, bro.


He's Timu Christian McCaffrey.


He looks like Doug Fuddy, bro.


New episodes drop Monday and Thursday on the Volume Network. He is the co-host of Jenkins & Jones. Thank you, Tyler. Appreciate the time.


Always a pleasure, man. I appreciate you all having me.


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