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All right, guys. The other day, I had a bit of a weird situation happen in an Uber. And I got picked up. So I usually take the Metro home. For whatever reason, the Metro rail had a mechanical issue. So they dropped us off at one of the stops. And they're like, Hey, look, one of two things. Either you guys get your own Uber or we're going take shuttle busses and then finish the rest of the route on the Metro rail on shuttle busses.


Was this when the person was on the track? No, this was-A separate time?


This is a separate time. Yeah, this was last week.


Were they offering to pay for your Uber?


No, of course not. How would they do that?


I You could take the shuttle. You could take the shuttle.


The shuttle was fine. The problem is, there was 500 people.


I know, but it's an adventure.


No, it wasn't an adventure. It was a hot-ass shuttle.


At what point do you stop just doing adventures for fun? I mean, I'm well past it. I don't do any adventures for fun. At what point do you say, You know what? I don't have this zest for life anymore. I'm not just going to do an adventure for the story.


I had half of a zest for life because I was like, You know what? I'll take... Because it was at the... It doesn't mean anything to you guys, but the Douglas Road Stop, which is on 37th and US One. Where do you get off with your address? I get off on Dayland North. King of Dayland. Then you drive? I walk. To your house? You can see me walking. How far as a walk? More or less. A quarter mile.


What color is your-What color is your building?


White. Building's white. What do you listen to?


First floor, right?


Podcasts, usually, or just think. First floor, yeah. You just think? What do you walk? Huh? You just think when you walk? A lot of questions happening at the same time. Just trying to-You're just an interesting guy, man. Thank you. As a press conference, I'm just trying to get the questions the right way.


He was asking, Do you think when you walk? Yeah, I do.


What do you think about?


What do I think about? Do you think about Billy? Oh, yeah. Do you think about it? Never. Really?


What happened to your electric scooter that you were going to get?


I was going to get it, and then I realized I could just drive. But then my wife, we gave her lease back, so we're only in one car right now. So I could get the electric scooter right now, really.


I have a question for you guys. Not that your story is not interesting. We'll get to Uber in a second. I'm sure it's very interesting. I have a question for you guys that I was thinking. My wife's lease is up in her car next month. And then I was thinking, do I care about the environment? Do I want to get some hybrid electric thing? They're very expensive, right? But But I noticed.


I noticed that there's here on where we work, there's spots that are reserved for electric cars.


And they're the only spots that are ever open.


So they're always empty, right? So if she gets an electric car, which she won't because, again, they're too expensive. If she gets an electric car and I come and I charge it here, I don't pay for the charging, right? It's just like-Oh, yeah, you do.


Of course, you pay for the charging.


They charge you. I have to put a credit card?


It's a charging station.


Yeah, you got to type in something. I don't know because I don't have an electric car, but I know you have to pay for it.


I don't know. I think that it's just part of the building for the people that live here. Because I was thinking, if I come…


I know some of the hybrids have a remote battery, like a remote, you can plug it in. No, but we're talking about fully electric is what you're saying. Billy, you can take it out of the car and do it and save yourself money.


What I'm thinking is, yeah, if these are free charging stations, then maybe once a week, I just switch cars with my wife.Fuente.


Just told me he has to pay. He has to pay.


He doesn't have an electric car.


He knows that people have to pay one day.


He knows everything, but he knows nothing.


He just told me. He's wrong.


But you're asking, he's trying to help? Yeah, for real.


I don't know. I'm going to go and start fiddling with it because I was thinking, if it's free, then it's basically free gas forever. I just switched cars with her one day a week.


I feel like they figured that out pretty early. You know what? Electricity isn't free. If we drive an electric car, we're going to have to make these people pay for something.


Let me tell you something that I've learned from this garage. They haven't figured shit out here.


We love our partners with the Elster, though.


I do, but there's way too many cars. So you're going to go EV?


A lot of cracks, too, in the concrete. That's a story for another day.


For another day. That's when we get to the Denver airport. Let's stick to Tony's story. Put that in the Ponder file because I'm not sure when some floors are leaking water and there's no water source above that. I don't know where that's coming from.


So you're going EV, huh?


No, probably not. He's not. Unless I get free free.


Free V.


Yeah, free V. What do I do? Swipe a credit card? How would this work? I'm going to go look into this. Like anything else.


You know when you pay for parking and you go on the app Can type in, okay, whatever.


No one does that in Miami.


It depends on the area. That's a dangerous game. You can get killed.


How crazy is it? Did you guys talk about last week? I'm sure you did. How crazy is $100? And then they just decided to close garages for spring break.


We didn't talk about it at all. It's insane. Imagine if we still work at the Clevelander. Oh, my God.


That'd be a nightmare.


It was $80 when we were still there. It was $80 for the day. Yeah, it was.


It was so much money. They were just closing garages. We would probably be fine because I think it's just weekends and we have the card so you can get in. But still, what a pain in the ass. Anyway, what are we talking about?


That's why we never go to the beach, though.


So you had a funny Uber story?


We'll get to Uber story. We'll get to it in a day. 22 seconds here. We'll get to it in another day. What happened? We're going to go, Billy. No. I'm sure it was interesting. It was. That's why we're going to roll it over to another day. I'm not going to do this. You met someone.


They said a funny thing. No. You listened to Bad Bunny in the car. No. What happened?


Absolutely not. Tony, was today an F and V day?


Today was an F and V day. But you know what? We Fed and we Ved. Tell me the story. No, I'm not telling the story. You have to find out Wednesday.


Billy really hate you.


That's fine.