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Welcome, Dan Levy, to really being honest about it, just a giant piece of shit to the big city Bald Eagles, a podcast exclusive that none of our bosses ask for.


More support, more work, less pay.


I haven't stopped talking in a month.


I mean, I'll tell you, just when you thought the show couldn't be more diluted than last time I listened to this show. I haven't listened for years now.


Here's the marching band to. No way am I missing something.


What am I missing? The end of the story, that phase. Chris Fallica, it's Fallica. He made on the penis and the habitual liar.


I didn't ask for any of us for all of it. The Big Shuey.


I'm Chris Codi BSP and. Doing something different for the big city today, welcoming in someone that actually knows what they're talking about, Mina Kimes, tremendous friend of the show, as you know, she has what for My Money is the best football podcast in America, the Minicam show featuring Lenny. I know you're not a gambling person. If you listen to Libertador show Dan has been touting your gambling prowess. I think you're good because you're not exactly evaluating these games based off a point spread and who's going to really be the gamblers advantage.


But you're damn good at this. I watch NFL live and I listen to your podcast for his insights, whether it be matchups to exploit. I'm making money off props. Just given your breakdowns.


I haven't heard Dan tout my prowess on the show, but I know that he does because a listener to the show messaged my husband on Instagram asking for Gailen advice from me.


And what makes it even more exceptional is he didn't message me like I checked my messages. There is not. I got nothing. He just went straight straight for my husband there, which was an interesting move.


And my husband was like, what the hell is this?


And yeah, so yeah I am what, fifteen two and one had been.


Have you given any thought to maybe gambling on some of these games or is is Mina Kimes a member of the mainstream establishment NFL media. I can't be gambling on games, you know.


OK, so I already don't enjoy giving you guys advice because it adds not because I don't want to help you or anything like that or have any moral compunctions. I just don't like having an added layer of investment in any football game.




Because I don't even like playing fantasy for that reason. Like, I just want to watch the game and examine it and think about it critically and not want something to happen, which is what happens when you gamble. And I even feel that like when I give you guys my picks in the morning, then I'm stressed.


I'm like, oh, my guys are the giants got to govern for. And I don't want to care.


I don't want to feel anything, but I do. Well, let's actually bring one of our off air discussions on the air and look at one of the league's best teams. Obviously, you mentioned it on your podcast. The marquee game this week is the Ravens and the Steelers, both teams, obviously the main storyline here. One hundred percent of the Cleveland Browns losses this season at the hands of the Ravens and Steelers. Obviously a great rivalry dating back smashmouth football.


It might be, even though the NFL's changed, some news are two outstanding defenses. Now, we were going back and forth, even though I ended up taking your pick, one sailor, the one went down.


I'm a little worried about Big Ben on the road over the last few years.


This is this is a quantifiable thing. The home road splits are concerning. And even in that game three picks, they lost the turnover battle by three and yet still win because Gostkowski misses that kick at the end. Is this cause for concern or during a pandemic when you don't actually have full stadiums? Maybe that's an outlier. And I could just look at home Ben Roethlisberger, who's a different Ben Roethlisberger.


I tend not to focus on home roads. It's for individual players and think more about matchups. So for me, in this particular game, Big Ben versus the Ravens matchup is why he's more likely to struggle than he has this season, because I think the Ravens defense is fantastic and they're built in a way that equips them to handle what the Steelers are doing on offense, which is really been interesting to watch, Mike, because I think Ben is like a different quarterback this year.


Like, if you had told me four years ago that Ben would have the fastest release in football and like the lowest completed air yards per, he's at the lowest. It's Garoppolo always, but it's he's not, he's not sending a deep Steelers. Fans get mad when I play and I just I mean the offense is bad is just the way they're doing things. They have really good receivers get yards after the catch.


But in any case you have to have a secondary that can play reasonably physically at the line, press the receivers, play tight man coverage against them. And I think the Ravens do have one of the better secondaries, the NFL. They also just traded for you and can go away. So I think up front they'll be able to do some really interesting things. They blitz a lot similarly to Pittsburgh. They might blitz a little bit less in this game or season five.


It's a difficult matchup for bed.


It doesn't have the marquee names, this Pittsburgh Steelers team, but this might honestly be one of the more talented teams Ben Roethlisberger has ever had.


And maybe the Steelers fans take offense to that, because as long as no sevens back there, they're always going to have this vision of him in his mind. But this is a necessary evolution not to point to the home road splits. But he was careless with the football. I think you said on Twitter that he's getting rid of the ball in less than two and a half seconds, which for a guy that. Always chucks it downfield is really hard to do, so we had to change his game.


How is this advantageous to what they do paired with that defense?


Well, he gets rid of the ball. Last week it was two point five seconds, which is bonkers. Like, I know they it's like sometimes hard to put that kind of thing in context.


Like, what's the difference between 2.5 and three or whatever? That's definitely the quickest have been Roxbury's career.


I think it's the quickest way to quarterback this season. It is like lightning quick coming out. And then you're right, the receivers are awesome, like Chase Claypoole, who I keep trying to make Prima's time happen as a nickname and no one is jumping on its Maple Tron.


But Prima's time is so much more clever.


He's Canadian, Maple Trun Primus, Taroom, Claypole, Primus prime time triangulate the now.


He already said his nickname is Maple Tron. He already said it so he can pick it anyways. He is. Co-sign that.


Um basically because even is good they he do not turn the ball over. I mean this football game is probably just going to come down to which quarterback turns the ball over, you know, and Big Ben's on the road and he's coming off a game where he did that for three.


I know. I know.


You see, Jackson has struggled against the Blitz all year and now the best political team in the NFL is coming. I'm glad you mentioned that, because that's really what I want to focus on. Well, yeah, well, obviously, look, I don't like the Ravens and I don't like the Steelers. And I've always been sort of anti Roethlisberger and anti Lamar Jackson. That is my fan base. I wear it. I'm a homer. Even as he's winning the MVP, I'm like, well, do it in the playoffs.


I you can and I'll always hold that against him. It's how I cope with getting drubbed by these quarterbacks year in and year out or having a team that has actually been make it to the playoffs.


Right. Although that's changing this season.


But I do think I do think we'll get to that in a second. Has the NFL adjusted to Lamar Jackson? People are blaming the offensive coordinator who in his in his career has worked with Kaepernick and got the most out of Kaepernick, has worked with Tyrod Taylor and gotten the most out of Tyrod Taylor.


I know people are saying this offense is conservative and kind of boring to watch, but is that by design because of maybe some of the quarterbacks limitations that he wasn't necessarily flashing last year when he won the MVP? But all of a sudden this year, you said he's struggling against a blitz. That must mean that teams found a weakness in his game and are sending the blitz more often.


So last year, he was one of the best quarterbacks throwing against the Blitz and one of the best quarterbacks throwing out of the pocket. So it's not like, you know, defenses woke up and said, let's make him throw.


And all of a sudden, you know, he can't throw. He was just throwing the football better last year. I don't like this.


He's never been I don't think he is one of the best passers in the NFL by any stretch.


I think it's he's but his ceiling is as a good passer, premies floor rather like he should be throwing better than he had.


I think the regression we're seeing is complicated in Baltimore. And there's a good number of reasons. One is that he has been inaccurate, especially throwing deep. So that's on him. Another, his defenses are playing them a little bit differently. I think they're really keying in on Mark Andrews in the middle of the field, which is Lamar strength.


But this Baltimore offense is the second cheapest offense in the NFL. They decided not to invest. Right. And so they let a Hall of Fame guard Marshall had retired. So the offensive line got a little bit worse. They didn't invest in wide receiver, which surprised me. He said Dez Bryant to the Breakfast Club. That didn't really mean much. I actually think they really should trade for a veteran wide receiver, because after Mark Andrews in Hollywood, Brown, who I don't personally think is the true number one, there's nothing.


So I think that's an area where they're struggling because of how the roster is built in part two and it's showing up on the field.


It seems as though they're going for this. Grind it out. Baltimore Ravens identity of old, which is weird because he's one of the more exciting players. But you mentioned the trade deadline and my private theory, and you're the one that has NFL sources with the extra time you do, you connect at night.


And I don't break news, whatever your ministry. Yeah, but you're not telling me you're not a news breaker. But obviously this year, with the extra playoff spot in each conference, more teams are alive, so more teams should be going for it. So and teams want to save money next year. So we should see more active trade market, should we not?


I think there's the thought, actually, because the cap is likely to stay flat or whatever next year. Some teams that should be buyers maybe won't be buyers out of concern.


I don't know the trades because teams are trying to get rid of contracts that you'll see a trade market because then it's like, well, other teams are working, you know, but there is a good amount of teams with space.


Yeah, unfortunately, like a lot of the teams with space are, the teams are not competitive, so it's not that doesn't align.


So so the Browns, everybody, that means basically with the Browns base.


Yeah. So I hope I think like I agree with you, I think because there's an expanded playoffs, more teams should be active buyers.


And I hope that like, for example, my Seattle Seahawks, my beloved Seahawks, I really hope that they add a pass rusher, which is something that they desperately need. And there's a few other teams with like very obvious holes, like the Packers need a wide receiver, for example. There's a few sexy targets out there for them.


So who are these targets in the wide receiver market? Everyone goes to AJ Green. Is Adam Thielen a name? I've seen people start to tweet about Adam Thielen because the Vikings are out but he's he's too good.


I'd be surprised if they traded the way he's too good. Um yeah. I think Jamison Crowder is a really nice piece with the Jets. He's really good. So I think a lot of teams, including Baltimore by the way, could use him if they're willing to part ways with him.


And so you're going to hear names like John Ross, which is like not that great on the US. Brook Curtis Samuel would be one of the better options, although Caroline is surprisingly feisty. So they might trade him a willful or is the other sexy target.


Everyone's probably going to go to the top of the food chain in terms of money. And in that NFC East, it feels as a one team is going to make an aggressive trade, even though they're probably a team that should be rebuilding just because this division can be had. Yeah, who is that team?


Is it the obvious one where Philly is the team that should win the division at this point?


So it may have some pretty clear holes on their roster, although it's honestly it feels like.


The Like Carson Wentz is determined to hook up with the least famous wide receiver, tight end possible every game it's like got all the analogies I thinking of are really inappropriate, you know, like it's like the guy who always dates girls and like really like that's Carson Wentz like he does.


He's like the male celebrity doesn't want to date a model. Well, that was gross. What a weird analogy.


I hated it the second it came out of my mouth.


Seahawks', your team historically, I don't know what's going on with the running backs, but it's sort of I've had one of my heartaches and just watching the Chargers every week is they need to fire their training staff, which is mean, overly mean.


But I don't understand how every year they did, they turned it over.


It's their curse, man. They have changed really, is there?


So the people that are getting hurt now under this training staff, they did the thing that I was like all my coaching, they got to fire their training staff. Everybody's getting hurt. They're still getting over it over the years.


They're just so frickin cursed. Unlucky.


So what is it about the running back position in Seattle? The guys are getting hurt. Yeah, Carson is injured again, and you can look, it's fine if, like, one individual player is hurt. Yeah, but Penny is hurt. Travis Homer is hurt. Carlos Hyde, who still has a job because I guess he does some good things that maybe you could articulate. I'm not exactly sure what they are. He's got hamstring issues. And now D.J. Dallas might actually get the start for you guys when he's like fourth or fifth on the depth chart.


It just always seems like a problematic thing when Travis Homer, who's primarily uses a special teamer, is getting counted on late in the season last year. And now you're trying to Dallas, what is it about this position in Seattle? This is great because you're just ask questions that no one like I there's no answer to it. I'm OK. You don't care. Yeah, it's inexplicable.


It's yeah I read Chris Garçon does have an injury. I think that's the notable one.


And he has a pretty unique injury history, which is why they added Carlos Hyde, which people didn't love, but. Right. All right.


Let's get a gravitational you know, I'm not going to be question and answer, especially with impossible questions answered. Mina, what's going on? Explain to me what Carlos Hyde does well.


I think he's a competent running back and who can pass, you know, protect and I assume to his past protection that had to be because it has to be something not flashy that has kept him in the league as much, you know, as the past protector.


That is always a good path for actually Travis Homer and some kibbutzes pickups against the Dallas Cowboys.


Yeah. Have you been surprised by Dallas's speed out there because he doesn't like he's got a bit of a round face, but he's fast, sneaky fast what? He's got a round face. He doesn't he doesn't have the physique that you would think like, oh, this guy's fast.


Not the way that you round face. Yeah. You know, right. Like that is a quality when athletes have round faces.


Ezekiel Elliott in Matt Stafford Round Face, Big Face. Dwayne Haskins is a really round face, too. Yeah.


Yeah. And he has the athleticism to surprise you for the first time as you guys are actually that athletic.


Well, no, I'm talking about Ezekiel Elliott now. When he was at Ohio State, I remember when he was doing the crop top, I'm like, wow, I can't believe now he still does a crop top, even though he's not the same kind of chiseled, but he still has a round face and had the speed, at least in college. I was surprising associated with that face. D.J. Dallas was not that fast. Ezekiel Elliott was in his prime, but he'll surprise you.


I don't know why I'm devoting so much time to the fifth string running back, but that's making a surprise start other than being a Miami fan. But things to ponder.


All right. Let's move over to the Kansas City Chiefs because of the Super Bowl champion. And every time they enter a game, I'm like, they're winning that game. And I was surprised to see that they lost to the Raiders. The Raiders played them well defensively. The Broncos didn't, but the Chargers did. What are teams doing different? To the Kansas City chief, to the Kansas City Chiefs, that's actually making them lose games because I'm always surprised whenever they lose a game, right?


Well, they only lost one, right? Yeah, but defenses are doing something pretty similar, which is they're not blitzing. They're sending three or four, dropping a bunch of guys into coverage, playing soft zones primarily against Mahomes. They've kind of so, you know, he's like his ceiling is the best quarterback of all time to me.


But one of his flaws is that he does tend to drift back in the pocket, which makes it harder to pass protect for him because the blocking angles change.


So the offensive line, which has progressed a little bit this year, has struggled and defenses have realized, OK, we don't even have to send that many guys.


Let's just he's going to hold on to the football and he's going to also always try to hit the home run instead of the single. And I think they're taking advantage of that a bit. Something one of the adjustments you've seen Kansas City make at the last couple of games is Mahomes has taken more check downs. They've been running the football more, which has been available to them because they've they so many light boxes, because the strategy I just described in part.


And so you don't. So what happens in the end is you don't get these, like, super sexy Mahomes games, but they're kind of just grinding out wins in response to what defenses are giving them.


Are the Rams good? This was an on air discussion that we had during a local hour earlier this week.


I think that, yeah, I think the Rams are a good team and then I just rail against, like, why? It seems as though because the first take we only call teams that we think are Super Bowl contenders. Good. And then everyone else is just not good.


This is again, once again, my Cleveland Browns fandom creeping back into it because I get offended when they say they're not good like this other good sideline the Rams conversation and talk about, because I feel like you work out a lot of your frustrations with first take on me.


Yeah. And you'll text me and say, like, why are you leading tomorrow's show with is Baker a fraud?


And I'm like, we're not the Browns. Like the Steelers are undefeated. We're obviously going to talk about the Steelers and the like. But on Friday, I saw this business and you saw it on First Take and I'm not on first. Yeah, I feel like I've become a weird proxy in your life because you're part of the establishment media now.


You used to be on the outside with a you know, the I was on the NFL expert.


That was cohousing. Yeah, but yeah.


But the is like no one takes the opinions on around the horn or highly questionable seriously. But I get up and first take they do come on those comedy shows. Everyone's just waiting for the C block for the viral videos. Let's go ahead and see everybody react to someone getting punched in the balls. We all know what highly questionable is all about.


Don't go there for my NFL breakdown. All right.


But I do go to first take and I do go to get up and I get offended and then. Yeah, that's right. You on NFL Live, you guys do a different show, but you play into the same tropes. Don't pretend like you don't because I see it all the time. Swiger hates Baker Mayfield. He hates him.


He hates Baker Mayfield. Oh, come on. He hates him. He hates them. There's an agenda. There's a clear campaign against the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield just because you guys are in creative enough to make your own television.


Laughs He likes Baker Mayfield. He does. He always is posting clips.


He also likes Carson Wentz famously. And that's I'm not crazy about Carson Wentz is you made such a good thing you ought to be in before.


All right, look, we'll circle back to everything else.


Let's address the Browns, because everything that I'm saying is obviously drenched in that sort of Homer ism. I believe them to be good. Here's why. Because they have five wins and they don't ever have five wins. Menagh Everyone wanted to push the quarterback out the door. What is the best quarterback they've had in thirty years?


So of course I'm going to look at him and say I don't want to get rid of Baker Mayfield right now. Why would I want to get rid of the best quarterback I've had? Let's give them more time. So I would be deeply offended whenever I watch it. And you look at the look on your face, right.


It is in your hand. Are you nursing a hangover? What's going on? I'm boring.


No, OK. No, no, no, I. I'm not going to do it. I'm we're not going to talk.


Browns are fine. The Browns are fine. They're well coached. How about that. They're well coached. Team you shouting Stefanski to me.


I was and I was right. Was I not right before the season, so you'd be a good coach?


Yes, he's a he's a tremendous coach and he he's obviously, you see game over game him getting better in a way that you didn't see with Freddie kitchens. Obviously, you know what I like about the Browns this year.


So, like, they got their asses handed to them by Pittsburgh, right? Yeah. Disaster, right.


Horrible game. Baker is a fraud on all of the establishment media sports programming the next day.


I like that you're calling it that. Establishment media sport almost at ESPN establishments for their part of the problem. What's up?


Um, and you know what? They'll be you know what I liked? It was normal in Brayer. Like Baker, Mayfield was normal.


The press conferences, the normal Kevin 7C handled it like there was no weird like last season. There would have been like a circus and weird anonymous quotes and like it was just like a normal football team losing a game. And then you rebounded and had a win and Baker had his best performance of the season. That's what I like about the Browns this year. They are like a normal football team. Yeah. Does that make sense? Well, not for now.


When you view it through the prism of this being the Browns, it doesn't make sense that things are normal right now. But it's Stefanski. He actually owns up to his mistakes and Freddie would too.


But you could tell it was just bull coming out of Freddie because he was just saying he had like a substitute teacher vibes, right, where it was like total chaos. Like Stefanski seems like the real teacher. He's been there for ten years.


And like, it's like, all right, kids, settle down. Yeah. Which is weird because he's so young, but I think he's got, you know, a certain. He's got the goods.


He's got the goods. Dude, my wife still has no idea what the bottom of his face looks like because he's he's so disciplined. He's not doing the thing where he's pulling it off to yell at people because of that. He's that he's not yelling. He even said after that game, I got to do a better job of getting Baker Mayfield comfortable. Now, part of that might just be having Odell Beckham Junior there, but giving them rhythm throws.


So let's talk about the Odell Beckham thing. But let's let's please try to do this. I know the heartache is Baker. Mayfield might be better, and I know I'm the person that might have been texting you this privately. Get him out of here.


So much so many texts about this. Why is it?


The best theory that I've heard so far was from Jake Burns of the Orange and Brown report.


It's a good. Yeah, follow him. Yeah, he does a great breakdown. And he's like, OK, let's look at the two quarterbacks that Odell has famously played with. As you rub your eyes again, I think I'm bothering you. No, no, no, no.


I'm not bothering you, I'm listening, I'm listening. Dialed in, you know, I got a lot of shit on the Redit about being annoying the rest fast when I get excited.


And you're just Project Levitan right in front of him.


No, no, no. Not from me. So positive. Mark, Mark's fine even though he's created this unholy monster.


But you're just I just see, like, all the I just see all the the posts dedicated Dow annoying.


I am just written all over your face right now. Can I.


Well they do a post about this episode probably. And they are the one you're listening.


Make it positive and just fill it with comments about how much you love Mike.


No, I do like those. Those honestly make me feel a little bit better. Guys do it for him.


No, but this one has made it this far in this podcast.


It's been and it's been bad, quite honestly, like you've just been not feeling it. I'm sorry. I feel like I dragged you out of bed because.


Yeah. Oh, this podcast a little bit like I'm boring. Every time I look into the Zoome, your head is in your hands or you're rubbing your eyes. You just seem like. Yeah, like why am I. It's morning here.


But my voice is I mean times you've changed. You've got the illusion.


Nobody was listening to this thought that and now that you revealed how I look, you've changed, you completely changed the last year I would turn to you for football advice because I respect you in the same manner. I always respected you as the You are my guiding light when it comes to NFL takes you have been for years. But when I would look at you all doughy, I like explain to me what this is going to explain to me why this is bad.


You would you would look me in my eye and take the time out to really answer my question.


And now, baby boy, because that's how dewy eyed Mike, who's not a football savant, who forms his opinion based on what other smart people say, like on the Minicam show featuring Lenny.


You guys, I did have a stutter coach and I closed up.


That, again, I don't know why you why you became available when you targeting we're taking the offensive.


Well, you did voice your little baby offensive to babies, OK? Jesus, you're proving my point.


You need you need to see the accent, coach.


And he needs to give you a better check of the mystery employees. Check out the mystery guest. If you're like a group best episode of all time. Yeah. Where we finally I'm going to repost that where we finally help you with your your voices. Can we bring on a voice dialect coach to teach you. OK, what I was trying to say is Jake Burns's theory. Let's look at the two quarterbacks that O'Dell's played with. Primarily, you're laughing in my face right now.


It's Eli Manning and Baker Mayfield, obviously. What's different ones? Way taller than the other. Right. And the other one doesn't move around at all. Eli Manning had a decent pocket presence, especially when you compare it to what the book is on Baker Mayfield, which is you got a bit of the Happy Feet, which is obviously cause for concern. How does that play to Odell Beckham junior Jake Burns there? Theory is well, Baker Mayfield is short.


He has batted balls at the line. He has a lot of tip ball interceptions for a quarterback. And he's not taking advantage of what was one of Odell's best plays in New York, which is that quick slant HOUSECALL. Yeah, yeah.


He's not even he's not even seeing it or trusting himself to throw it over the line. So there goes a large chunk of Odell's big yardage production because I believe with Cleveland he's only had two hundred yard games back, one of those hundred yard games. He takes advantage of this slant because Gregg Williams is an idiot and he takes it to the House on that Monday Night Football game where you're like, OK, finally, this is a natural thing. It should work.


Also, Eli Manning, in terms of weapons, Odell Beckham, his only weapon, what's with the face right now? What are you doing?


I just got some NFL news from an insider, which I know I just that I never get, but. Yep, here we go. Well, it did break already. Well, this is going to air after the stocks are trading for Carlos Dunlap. Oh, goodness.


All well, that's very exciting. Got Carlos Dunlap put his house on the market publicly after losing to the. All right. So how does this help? Never mind what I was saying. Seattle had no pass rush.


I don't know if you watched the Seahawks. That literally just traded nothing for him.


Yes. Yes. What was it? A seven? A six. I don't know if it's public yet. All right.


Well, that's that's a that's a good move. We're taping this on Wednesday afternoon. The other thing that's different, I'm droning now. The other thing that's. Keep going. Keep going. The other thing that's different about Baker Mayfield, obviously the happier feet where Eli Manning would just hang tough in the pocket and wait for Odell to do one of those double moves or just come open. Baker is a little bit easier at getting him. The ball sometimes rushes it.


You're just you know, you're smiling. You're still happy about Dunlap. So what it is.


Yeah. You know, I'm listening. I'm listening. Yes, I am. Which I like a lot. But he looks accurate when he's when he's targeting Odell Beckham and not inaccurate when he's targeting literally anyone else. This thing makes a ton of sense, and I have never heard that, so I think that's a really good theory because I actually think that is something that has obviously been missing.


And that's an issue like you don't. OK, so. Who calls Baker Mayfield? Oh, my friend Nate Tice calls him Unathletic Russell Wilson, just not very nice. I'll take it, but I'll take it.


But one thing you notice is Russell Wilson doesn't throw that either, right? Like when you're watching the Seahawks offense, you you very rarely see that quick slant over the middle. It is a true thing that short quarterbacks, it's harder for them to make that throw.


Russell Wilson obviously does it literally everything else really well. So it doesn't matter. But that theory makes sense in terms of like why Baker and Odell in particular might not be connecting.


Orlovsky said the other day on and off alive, which you guys should check catchin 4:00 pm Eastern on ESPN on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.


That while like. The chemistry thing can be kind of overblown. When he was in Detroit, sometimes Matthew Stafford's game would suffer because he felt like he had to throw it to Megatron.


And you actually did see the you know, like what did Bill Simmons call it? The Ewing Effect?


Like when Megatron was gone, Stafford did become a better quarterback at playing within the structure of the offense. So I think that is a real thing that can happen with a quarterback, especially, I think like Megatron is much better than O.J. I mean, he's like one of the greatest of all time, but especially if, as you said, there are certain routes that LBJ is good at that Baker is not well positioned to throw. I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted.


What makes you say that the furniture is levitating?


Oh, and the ghost will come home?


Yeah, that's that's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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That's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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I was listening to the Rebuild podcast, which is another great Cleveland Browns podcast, you were actually on that two weeks ago when Baker Mayfield was the big talking point and you had a nice, rational discussion. But on this week's episode, everyone's running with this, that Baker is just so clearly better without Odell Beckham Jr. But in recent weeks, the Cleveland Browns rushing attack has suffered a little bit. And obviously you can tie that to Nick Chubb. But everyone just go ahead.


Is it running with this OK? They're not going to feel the impact of this Odell Beckham junior injury too much. I tend to disagree. Odell Beckham Junior still commanded to safety, and Odell never really got credit for being one of the best downfield run blockers in the league. He's actually spectacular at it. At that position. This is going to hurt Cleveland, how could it not? Yeah, it's also incredible, the ball in his hands.


Right? Like you saw that on the in the Cowboys him when he had the two end rounds. So anytime you send him in motion or you have him on the field, he's a threat.


And Stefanski is really good at using him to create space for other players to is like a very he's a very good play caller in that way and does a lot of the you know, he comes from the Shannahan tree where he takes a player in just because he's not involved in the play doesn't mean he's not crucial to, you know, why another wide receiver is wide open.


It's not just like, oh, the DBS are doubling that player.


They're distracted by him. He specifically is very good at sequencing, run and pass plays together using the players on the field to creates space. So there's no doubt that they'll suffer for it again, like, you know, like you're saying like the whole like I do think there is a reasonable case of Baker.


Mayfield is better when he's not throwing to him, though. Oh, for you know, that's it's not a hot take, frankly, but there's no you don't lose a player like LBJ and not suffer in some hidden ways as well.


Cleveland's got a monster game with Las Vegas. This was a huge game that they won against Indianapolis because it's one of those teams that they're battling with for those final playoff spots. Like it's not just winning the game, right, Mina? It's pushing a team like the Raiders down, which seemingly are going to be in it at the end competing for that final playoff spot if Cleveland wins this game with an all important bye week after it. You know, you could legitimately have the playoff discussion with the Cleveland Browns, I mean, people are legitimately having it now, but for real, for real odds on favorite then to make the playoffs if they win this game.


This is a big game.


I don't have the we have a chart, I think five thirty eight does it, where they feel like they have swing implications for every individual game. But these are two teams that are wildcard contenders.


Right. Like undoubtedly in the AFC. So I imagine that it probably does have a pretty big impact on both, especially there's like a head to head ramification.


I think the Raiders are interested because like there I actually think their defense is not good, but I think their offense has the ceiling of being one of the top 10 offenses in the NFL.


It's kind of bizarre that Derek Carr is the best Raiders quarterback ever. And saying reducing hate them, but statistically, he's the greatest quarterback they've ever had. He so I found something in football that fans tend to hate. Quarterbacks who don't take risks, like fans really just don't like conservative quarterbacks, even if they're efficient.


And what's been really frustrating about Derek Carr for people is, of course, his aversion to throwing downfield. However, over the last couple of games, he has aired it out a bit. And it's Henry Rug's, Nelson Aguilar.


Who knows, but I would not be surprised if they test the second area that is challenged.


Oh, yeah, Cleveland secondary is real bad. There's obviously no safety help. And this is where I want to bring back once again, I'll just make it self centered where you're egging Chris Mortensen on to drag me, even though I did the thing where I sent out three tweets simultaneously and the third tweet said they're not going to trade. JJ, what? The Houston Texans. I'm just going out here with a fantasy take, which is I don't think the game changing safety or corner is available out there.


And clearly, there is some stuff in Earl Thomas's life that has made him, like, just too hot to touch right now, which is a shame for a team like Cleveland and a team like Dallas that have severe needs could absolutely use what Earl Thomas could give them. And they're still not making it. When the likes of Antonio Brown are getting signed, it leads you to worry about what's going on there. I don't think that impacts safety outside of Earl Thomas or Corner is out there.


So why not just go all in to what Cleveland's already kind of been, which is we've got a terrible defense. The only two players that we've got really on defense are the two top five picks. And Denzel Ward, who, even though it's a bad defense, he's actually playing kind of well. And he made some really spectacular plays in Cincinnati and Myles Garrett, obviously. So why don't we just lean in to all all the way, like, let's just make turnovers happen.


Let's just go go broke. Four big turnovers. So that's why I'm saying you're not going to find the impact player in the secondary. Just put a monster opposite of Myles Garrett, which is something that we're trying to do with David Clowney. And then I said JJ wide. And then I mean, everyone laughed at me. Which part of that would you like me to address? That was a bit of a rambling and incoherent and really bad. You've thrown me off my game.


I know what I respect that you are. You text me all this stuff and, like, kind of your crazy takes. And I'm like part of me is like I should expose this to the world and show how crazy Mike Ryan is.


But then you also tweet them. So it's not like you not to present yourself. I did this going like you are full of yourself.


This is where I mean, the Times never I was never made to feel stupid before, but now I'm made to feel so I respect it because, OK, so I'm on like seahawks' your chats where I say things that if they were aired in public it would not be good for my career.




Stars are just like us. What my personal yeah, so there's there's definitely a public private divide, but there's no divide for you. You are fully full of yourself. Yeah, I'm authentic, despite what the Readapt might think.


Well, what can the Browns do to address this terrible defense that I really wanted you to address? And you didn't?


Yeah, they could absolutely bias. But they need help at every level on the defense.


I think you could see them targeting, you know, uh, another defensive end, as you've suggested.


What, maybe a little unrealistic, but Olivier, a disappointment, huh? Vernon was supposed Olivier, Vernon was supposed to Vernon's been a disappointment. Yeah, because, you know, Okonjo is still good against the run.


He's been he's been hurt, which will help retrograding. Williams coming back has been hurt. They tried to address the safety with Delpit. And I don't think you can count on ever getting anything from Delpit being that he's got that Achilles injury. Sheldrick Redwine is frustrating, but he's got some of that big play potential where he's like a ball hog, which at this point I don't care if you're terrible, you can't get much worse than the worst defense. Just go for broke and play.


But they they need to do something about the safety. And I think the most plausible thing is just get to the quarterback quicker because that helps everybody. I would look at teams.


I mean, you just kind of look at the bad rosters now, like I don't think the jets are going to trade Marcus made, but he's a good safety, good young safety on the Giants.


They actually traded for Logan Ryan or. No, they signed him, actually, but they I don't think they're going to be a seller. Uh oh. They might bring back numbers. Would you say bring back Jabrill Peppers? Gosh, yeah, maybe it's time IRA leader, he hasn't.


But I thought he was going to be worse than than he turned out to be, especially in New York. He's not bad, no, um. Yeah, I think the other thing, though, is like when is this podcast coming out?


Well, now tomorrow, because the Dunlap news is obviously going to be the main talking point.


You get the realtime reaction. I think the trades are going to happen now. And like this might be moot a little bit because teams want to get the trades done as soon as possible this year because of covid, because they want to bring guys in for not this coming Sunday, but the following Sunday. So we're going to see a flurry of news like Thursday and Friday.


Well, then I got to get this podcast out as quickly as possible and into the hands of the Browns decision making. I don't think this podcast has been very good. So we're going to talk about TV in a second. But I do want to get you at least invested in one thing, one football related thing. And clearly, I'm not tickling your fancy, although I don't feel comfortable by saying that. What what are you into in terms of the NFL?


Just I can get you invested in this podcast today.


I am invested in this podcast. How dare you?


I mean, the bucks are probably the best team, which is really weird. I would say the bucks.


I mean, we seem to be careening towards the bucks. Chief, Super Bowl.


The bucks look like the Patriots and the Patriots look like the bucks. And when Tom Brady forgot what down it was, I was like, OK, now the wheels are going to fall off. This is the aging quarterback. His head coach doesn't back him up publicly. And then the head coach goes out and signs Antonio Brown. Yeah.


And then says Brady was looking such a lie. And I don't want to. Maybe it's not like we're not to. I don't know.


It seems that Michael can walk that back. The box is basically like, OK, so let me ask you this, what is every time Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl, which has been like every year. Right, except for like two years.


And then you guys do your signature, what's the key to stopping?


What is it what's the biggest what's the biggest single key that the Patriots have to do to beat the. What does everybody always say?


Get to the quarterback specifically? I mean, get to Tom Brady for some before Rush Brady for literally, you can go back to their sound montages from all of the issues. I don't you half of the people.


I'm pretty sure that's what I said on the zip line in. Plus, the Bucs defense, by the way, does a great job of getting pressure with or even though they have some good pass rushing linebackers out there.


Yes, they're great. But with Brady right now, if you don't pressure him, you're screwed like he is playing unconsciously.


Like right in the last game against the Raiders, you're about to play.


He was pressured on three of forty three drop outs. OK, that's so buck like he is unbothered. And it's not just that he's getting the ball quickly.


He's not getting it out as quickly as Roethlisberger. Like their offensive line is playing really well. Right. He splits. However, when you go like pressured versus non pressured are dramatic. He turns into a different quarterback. You saw that in the Bears game. Yeah.


Where he was so visibly frustrated with Mack and kind of being a bad angry. Yeah.


Kind of bad yelling at his offensive line like a bad law he was yelling at. What has been the best path we're taking in football, by the way? He is he is being he is the least pressure quarterback in the NFL.


So anyways, my point is they look unstoppable. But if you actually have a defense, they can get to Brady like the Bears did.


You can stop them. But unfortunately, there are very few defenses in the NFL that are built that way right now.


Sweet. So in the Super Bowl, JJ Watt on one side, Myles Garrett on the other, I think we can get to make some things happen. Let's I should have it. I should have led with what are you invested in? I should have asked you. This is my fault as a as an interviewer. And hopefully I can redeem myself with the David Samson show coming up here momentarily. That's right. Twice the annoying.


Mike, let's talk about The Bachelorette because I've enjoyed this.


And the problem is when you say that it's so negative now, people believe that listen, speaking directly to the read it and I know you've got I told you earlier to do a thread about how great Mike is. But now can you do a thread about how you actually like this episode?


I'm going to look for it on Libertador and I don't know or read it Dotcom, Levator.


I don't know how I'm going to look right now. I kind of feel like you're would just be like, what a great episode.


Love Mike Amena, killer combination chemistry off the charts. We used truly the Myles Garrett and JJ Wide of podcast's.


I felt like we used to have good on air chemistry and I don't feel that at all. But we were good the last segment we were good. The last segment with the Bucs topic, which you were invested in, you just weren't. It was the first time, this entire podcast, you weren't literally rolling your eyes at me the entire time.


It was we were talking about something realistic and not we were talking about things realistic. The Browns making the playoffs is a realistic thing. I mean, I feel like being a different quarterback than Eli Manning and why that might explain what's going on with Odell Beckham.


Junior, this is a guy that is grounded in real, tangible stuff. You're right.


I use the word realistic when what I should have said is interesting. To a broad audience like you, I'm sorry, Sheldrick Redwine, let's no look, man, this I didn't even start with the Browns. I started with what your podcast Minicam show featuring Lenny started with, which is Ravens'.


Usually I was passionate about that. They gave to me awesome. I was catering to you like I created a Starbucks every time I'm like, yeah, put some respect on Baker's name.


You're like, we're starting with the Steelers. So I thought as a tip of the hat to you, I'd start with the Steelers and that part was great.


Let's talk about The Bachelorette, which I'm watching. You're famously a bachelorette and Bachelor fan. This is my third season that I'm watching. Full disclosure, I watched one Pablo season because someone I went to high school with named Chantelle was in that season. She didn't last very long. And then Bibi is a good friend of mine. And what season was her bachelor? I forget Ari's.


That's so weird that you've known two people and they show it's Miami. Everyone knows, like at least distance. And I kind of feel like I know the guy from Miami in this season as well. But guys from the guy that looks like he's a bozo brother. Ed, is he Ed, you might as well be Ed We'll see, we'll see when The New Bachelorette comes.


Do you know anyone? Do we. Is there anyone in the liberal universe who we think could be a contestant on the show going? Why is it, Tony?


Not because it was before the whole pandemic thing came down. Wasn't my goal as opposed to the Bachelor was supposed to go on the road and Michael Junior was supposed to be a bachelor for like a specific Northeast region.


But I mean, like really on the show, like on like an actual contestant.


Well, I have noticed that there aren't a lot of everymen on this show, which is about to have at least eight eight abs to me. Yeah.


Which is I thought Joseph brought up a lot of good points because here's why. And yes, YOSEPH Terrible person, horrible messenger.


But his message I was I was a little offended by the dodgeball thing. And am I viewing this through my prism, which is like, man, you're going to make me you're going to make me get naked around these, like, physical specimens when I've got 15 additional pounds of pandemic weight on me right now. That's not fair. You're not doing this on The Bachelor. You're not you're not making the girls strip down to their underwear. It's degrading.


They've done stuff like that. Yeah. I mean, they're completely naked, like bikinis, not naked.


But you're right. It is. It's totally it was, you know, that onion meme. Heartbreaking.


The worst person, you know, just made a good point because the dude started. He was like, you know, I didn't like you know, it felt like I was like, all right, all right.


And then he was like, and I'm ashamed to be associated with you. And you would be a terrible liar. Really? It was so weird.


It was like he was repeating his point. He was repeating his point. So spoiler alert filling it up. Yeah, he was dialing it up. He was holding it up. So he was carrying over this thing from a previous competition that he didn't take part. And he just saw a bunch of, like, naked guy walking back, which also to the crib. I know. And he was like all of a sudden this guy who is purported to be a bit of a player, that's how we were introduced, like not just reported.


So the Internet, I've done some digging and he has sent videos of his what's the word that Wayne can use when you send videos and photos of his wedding to women on the Internet.


So that's sort of character where his daughter must be really embarrassed. So all of a sudden he becomes out of the year in the next episode and decides I'm going to confront Claire, who is, by the way, side note, I don't know if you knew this about Claire, the oldest bachelorette ever. I'm going to go confront Claire about how this is a really terrible look and how I wouldn't have been comfortable with it, even though I wasn't a part of it, because it's a bad example for my daughters.


So, OK, maybe he just wants to make a certain impression. He starts repeating his point about his daughter three times and you realize there's not much more to this take then Claire in true Claire fashion tries to make it about herself mentioning her mom is dying. And that's when Yoseph starts mentioning the thing about his daughter and how he doesn't want to be an embarrassment to his family. And you're the oldest bachelorette ever. I expect more from you. And he starts repeating that six times and then it gets ugly.


And then Claire is probably she's talking about Dale a lot, obviously. But this is all producers doing work, right? They're absolutely amplifying that.


The thing about the show, you have to realize, is it's like the order in which things are happening is probably not ideal for her to which they happened.


Like, for example, there is an audio of Claire being like my fiancee, Dale or whatever. You don't if you don't see someone's face saying something, it could have been said at any time in human history. And so in that particular confrontation, the camera's all it's not like a single shot, right.


The cameras all over the place, you have no idea how long it lasted, how many times one person said one thing or the other. All I know is that the dude sucks like he was.


I mean, he started with a great point and then it quickly spiraled into like, oh, my God, this is like one of like it's kind of person.


It's like when people yelling on the Internet and you're like, you would never say that in real life. He's the dude who actually says in real life. Yeah, you know, it was just shocking. Yeah.


But if they reverse the order, they say that confrontation happens at the end of the episode. And I know it's hard because much of the behavior that we saw from Claire for the remainder of the episode might have been born from this altercation she had with Yossef. But if you put that at the end of the episode, everyone's going to be cheering on Yossef like, yeah, she deserves it. She's been terrible to all these guys playing them like a fiddle because she's just out here getting in with Dale.


I think he was so over the top that I don't think people would have been on his side. So, you know, I'm going to show like 30 seconds of him being like, you're disrespectful, but so you don't like my take that you should be the next bachelor.


He does look like you're like George Sudano, which is not great for George. I mean, not because he's not good looking, but because he's such a terrible person. Yeah, I.


George, George. Just fine. Dan doesn't watch The Bachelor right now, even even now that he's married. I don't think Valerie is making him watch it.


I want to watch this one because I watch the shantell is on the one season and Claire was on the one season. And I was like, I like I like Claire in that season. There were some problems that I had with her.


But this could be interesting to see whether they're making the switch soon. So who is this new bachelorette?


Because they showed her and I'm Tatia because I was made to feel stupid, like I have this entire podcast with you because they showed a woman getting out of a pool in a bikini and they never actually put a graphic up there.


And I was supposed to know who this person was, and I had no idea. Yeah.


It's like, you know, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like, you already have to know all the characters and who they are and they're not going to give you a ton of exposition when they come in. She was on Kolten season. Nice kind of.


I don't know what that means, Colton. Yeah, I know we should.


Do you know The Outsiders podcast? We did. I feel like that was the smash.


People really love that we should do another should do that again. We should get a show that you're watching that Dan is watching as well. Yeah.


Like we did a big little lies. That was great.


Well, he's starting to watch. I'm sorry about that. I'm playing with something because I have a bunch of nervous energy because it made me feel self-conscious.


I really love Ted LASO.


I would love to do a Ted love Ted. Let's do it. Dedalus Everybody loves that show. You love you. Love you. So we haven't talked about Ted LASO. Come on. Have you encountered a single person who doesn't like that show?


Not a single. Well, Dan is nearly every person on Earth. Yeah. I'm going to bring in Dan real quick right now because he just wandered into the studio.


We're taping this in between the radio show and highly questionable. Dan is the only person that I know that has watched one episode of Ted LASO and hasn't gotten around to the rest.


Oh, my God. How did you restrain yourself?


I will tell you why it is OK. And this is a plague in my life, unfortunately, as I try to catch up with all of you guys in terms of streaming and digital and I fall helplessly behind, I don't have the Apple plus subscription and I'm afraid that if I sign up for the free trial, I'm going to end up with costs that get buried in my bills that I never look at again, an apple. Plus I only go there one time and never again.


So if Ted LASO is going to make me pay the monthly service and sign up and do all of this, this has to happen to other people. I can't be the only one that this happens.


Yeah, yeah. Oh, one hundred percent. I signed up for CBS All Access for Love Island and I'm pretty sure it's going to cost me like one hundred dollars.


I signed up for CBS all access for the Key and Peele. What were they doing. Jordan Peele.


Jordan Peele. And it's just Apple TV.


You don't have to call it Apple plus the Jordan.


It's my grandfather's and the Jordan Peele Show how Twilight Zone on CBS. What is it called?


For the longest time, I thought you thought that Jordan People's first name was key in the Twilight Zone. And I'm only this is going to happen to me a year from now. Someone gifted me an Apple TV as a housewarming present and with an Apple TV and you get a year's Worth subscription, you got to put it on your calendar.


Cancel CBS says when you whenever I sign up for something, I go to my Google calendar and I put cancel it in a month to remind myself.


I told Valerie, set an alarm. Valerie set an alarm for seven days, seven days from now to make sure that we cancel that CBS all access subscriptions. I only saw one Key and Peele episode on CBS. What's it called? And it's not called Apple.


I know. It's also not called CBS. Plus, it's a different name. I thought. Wait a minute.


So Apple plus an Apple TV are the same thing. There's no apple. So why would I go to Apple plus four?


There's no Apple. I think you're thinking ESPN.


Yes, there's Disney plus an ESPN plus the apple has a plus on it. I'm going to send it to you guys when I get home. The apple I'm going to when I get home, I'm going to show you guys that there's a plus somewhere on that.


I feel like Chris Cuomo to LaVar about that is not a thing. And then they did, and while we've got you. Am I the greatest gambler in the history of football or the greatest gambler this season? No, may not.


Like, listen, it's not just I've told people I don't know how much you guys talked about this, but one, two and one is insane. And as I've told people on the radio, she keeps taking games I would never take. Like I would not have bet Carolina against the Saints. I'm terrified of the Saints. I know. But I wouldn't have bet that you've bet on the Giants a couple of times this season. I don't know why.


The only two, I think the Giants have only covered two or three times. And you've bet on them each of the times they've covered. I don't know what your analysis is. Mike Ryan, bet the Rams based on just your analysis of their running game.


Yeah, I do. Props now based off of what her breakdown is. I don't say this just because she's my friend. I truly believe it. She is my favorite football voice.


I learned so much from Mina.


I give you guys these pics and with no explanation. That's why it's amazing that you're listening to me because I'm so much informed.


We open the kimono a little every morning I wake up and the first text I wake up to on Sunday because I'm on Pacific Time is from Dan and Mike Ryan. Say who you got? Right. And then I just send them three teams.


No explanation, typically, just like care, TB, Larum or whatever.


And and then I sit back and I stress because I'm stressed now about the streak. You've introduced an element of stress into my life, like I don't want to let you down.


Well, help me with this because the audience is now clamoring for this. Ever since I told them that you were you had been so good at it. And the one time that I said on air what you had given us, you gave us Atlanta over Green Bay and Atlanta. Atlanta lost that game. So it's the only time, as far as our audience knows your own one, you're not fifteen two and one, your own one. And so now everyone's asking me, Chris wants the picks, everybody publicly wants the picks.


And as soon as we do that, it's going to go in the toilet.


No, it's only for you guys. I don't give them to anyone else, although I do.


It picks on the ESPN page and I went thirteen or fourteen this week. So let's do it this way, because I'm starting to get little superstitious and I don't want to give away these picks either. But do the thing where you say, hey, thing to look out for tonight, they can exploit this matchup. You did that with Monday Night Football, the Rams and the Bears. And I knew I was smart enough to bet the over's on the rushing the running backs there, the rushing overs.


And I and I can specifically bet. Wow. Yeah, because you said the Chicago can stop the run and this is what the Rams are doing very well. So I was like every single running back I can get. I'm taking rushing yard overs. Give me a little bit a little nugget like that. What is something that we're going to see this football weekend? That's an exploited matchup and then I know which props to play. I don't even have the schedule in front of me.


Hold on, putting me on the spot here, it really is putting you on the spot.


Ravens, Steelers, I OK, so I really don't like teams running the ball on. The Saints, the bears can't run the ball, they can't all at all. They've gone, you know that they've gone four straight games under 65 yards and it's the first time that they have had that happen in 50 years.


They're also missing that dynamism that Tarik Cohen would give. All too often. We don't really talk about injuries, which brings me back to my Cleveland Browns, because injuries are often used to point to, well, this is why they're struggling.


Cleveland Browns, led by Kevin Stefanski, are winning in the face of some terrible injuries.


Everyone hates your brown stuff and they get very mad.


I mean, Dan, thank you so much, by the way, because Mike was giving me as it I gave a podcast, gave her McGuff because she just was not you know, she said it was S.H. I twins a four letter word. It was good. It was, etc..


So, yeah. Man, talk about football. He was asking about the Pittsburgh Ravens game is awesome. Right. So I'm giving like my serious Steelers Ravens analysis. I've done a ton of prep on this game and then like 15 minutes in, he pervert's it into he's like talking about JJ Watt to the Browns and O.J. splits and and so I'm like going along with it.


And he's like, you don't look very into this cause you have a very negative news, your face, because no one wants to listen to you talk about what do I like the Browns? I mean, and then it somehow became about me being a negative Nelly. And I mean, clearly that's not the problem and the is missing it.


And the Gulf, give or don't forget that. Did you have enough time to look over the schedule?


Hold on, Mike, will you quit trying to get money out of her and just let me ask her a question. Mina, do you watch film? Are you a film watcher? Because I don't think there have been very many people at the history of the network in an analysis role who will sit there and drop in commentary outside of the actual football players, something like the phrase split safeties. So you actually watch film. I assume the reason I trust your gambling picks is because I assume that you're unusually informed.


You said bracket coverage once. I was like, damn, she knows.


Well, first of all, like Orlovsky watches way more tape than I do. But yeah, we, we like we zero in on which match ups in games we want to talk about.


And if I know what we're talking about, something I will watch because I want to be informed. So like going into this Bears game over the weekend, I watch a ton of the Bears defense, what ton of the Rams offense, that kind of thing.


And so now, based on all of your information, this is how we should conclude what you guys are doing here. We should give Mike look at him. He's Jondi. He looks like somebody who's twitching cold turkey, spasming because he doesn't have his information that he needs to make a bet of some sort, like who's the Rams running back? Is it Henderson Anderson? What's his name? Anderson Henderson over fifty nine and a half. Mike Ryan had his eye on that as a prop that congratulations.


Were you watching the whole game hoping that he got that you got to sixty four.


Sixty five it was set it and forget it. Dan, I watch something else. I knew Mina Kimes would come through for me.


What's what's the Bear Saints line. I see that they're playing. Yeah. Well, but I don't think he wants a side. I think he wants one. I don't think you want to give us speech. You don't want to give a side because I want to do match ups. But if you want to actually give us a side, our audience will love that because that's really where you're fifteen and two.


Don't you run the risk of ruining the fifteen two and one for one away for free? Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a player. She'll give you this one for free but for seven ninety nine minutes.


Time's Game of the year. Game of the year. Year. Oh talk like like a timeout. Yeah. Lock of the year. Yeah. Lock of the year five.


So I will try a bottle in your man's ear. The sheep had more time to think this through. I actually take the time feeling like I'm not like a machine, that you can just press the button. So much filibustering, so much time to just say, look, I'm not going to come up with, you know what you mean.


Just give me just a day off. Just give me a prop. No, no. You know what?


And you when I get them this weekend with that you does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those two creepy girls? Come stay with us.


That is truly frightening. You know, it's really scary missing out on this great service worker. You get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls, right to see your room. Can I sleep in the car now?


Happy Geico. We switch today for 24/7 access to licensed agents.