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Geico presents Monster Counseling Dracula. Tell me how you're feeling, no one understands how lonely this. No one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and they don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly. Can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance. Geico presents monster counseling.


Dracula, tell me how you're feeling. No one understands how lonely this. No one will even let me into their house. I knock and knock, but they ignore me.


Huh? What else? I look in the mirror and I don't even see myself anymore. If you don't see yourself clearly, can you really expect others to? I'm having a breakthrough.


It's not easy to be a vampire, but with Geico it's super easy to switch and save hundreds on your car insurance.


Welcome, Dan Levy, to really being honest about it, just a giant piece of shit to the big, silly Bald Eagles, a podcast exclusive that none of our bosses ask for, more support, more work, less pay.


I haven't stopped talking in a month.


I mean, I to tell you, just when you thought the show couldn't be more dilutive than last time I listened to this show. I haven't listened for years.


Now here's the marching band. No way am I missing something.


What am I missing? The end of the story that Chris Fallica, its Fallica man on the penis and the habitual liar.


I didn't ask for any of us for all of it. The big.


I'm Chris Codi BSP and I'm currently pulling out of the garage right now, the one I might be making up. And it's the last restabilizing for my heart. Stopping the bathroom.


Wait a minute. You have to stop at a rest stop before you can go home.


It's a long drive. Tri-County Drive. The thought of getting to be its Tri-County would basically be. Yeah, but I'm getting the garage thing here.


I got to get my car down so I can get out of here, but still got to.


It's the last exit before your house was fixed before. But yeah. Isn't it like why would you like you're so close. I feel like you could just wait an extra five minutes. So it's probably it's probably that's probably the portion of like the expressway where it's like if you don't stop now, it's another 40 miles before you can go to the bathroom.


What was the point?


That bad exit is like 10 minutes from my heart, like Chris. Let me just let me try another way at 67. So there's a one there. And and maybe maybe not because of driving around my wife's car.


I'll a year or so we were just talking all over the Washington Avenue right there.


People there rollerblading without that.


So you guys, should you welcome everyone into this, what should we call is like a ride along or something?


Yeah, it's taking a ride home all the way to our so we recorded all my driving.


Feel like we're going to do a half hour right here and you're not even going to be hit by a half hour.


I don't know how you guys are going to play this to the audience who doesn't live down here. But in a half hour, I'll just be getting over the causeway like a mile away from the studio.


Guys, before four. You hop down here. Before we started this, we were talking about chips and I was just saying how the LAZED chip is just a dominant brand over Pringles. I feel like Pringles has like a name that people know. What a good. What do you feel about that?


So you thought we were going for talking championships, but you did. Pringle's, that's a great question. So are you saying Kringle's as opposed to laser ruffles?


I'm just saying I feel like when people say big ship brands, one of the first ones you go to is Pringle's. And I don't feel like the quality of chip is on the level that the Pringles name is.


I think with Pringles, what you have is the novelty of it because it can be it. It's fine. And you dump a budget in Sirat. I would say, like I would say, Lei's first Pringles is always out of the rubble. But the obvious. Right it is. I just made it right. You guys are coming up with a fit. I want to Euclid Avenue and I go over here to the outside and there's a cop right next to me.


He's not wearing a mask.


Yeah, he's a cop. But an example of a guy, a white man going out trying to cut me off.


All right.


Well, oh, this a very difficult to of going about that other side to give people an idea of what my ride is like.


I like. I like.


I like just like you taking the back roads of South Beach and driving down like a Michigan or a Mediterranean.


No, Meridian. Meridian.


No, I just thought it is that Jefferson Avenue. Right. Jefferson.


That's the one I always drive down. Jefferson seems like it's smooth sailing.


You don't have to stop by the schools, the Michigan and Michigan. So great, because Michigan, you know, out of this godforsaken place, I mean. And right now, anyway, like let's say, you know, we talk about love, you know, today I figured, you know, we might be allows me to get to just talk about Le'Veon Bell.


So, I mean, two guys I'm not going to I'm not going to lie. I mean, the Dolphins signed Le'Veon Bell. I to be a little happy about that. That's all.


You should be happy about that especially. First off, you know, that's not going to happen because the Patriots are probably already signed them right side up. Pretty great watching the Super Bowl in New England. The highlight for me, the people who are upset about this, like it's the. It's a little bit weird because I would have been thrilled about this, but just better, I want to be worth the gesture finally of the season I have forever.


I mean, they are all they are going for with six feet above an 11 or 12, not six and 10. They are going for the number one thing for travellers at Davos, Woody. And I love it because the most valuable thing of the sport as I approach the causeway, your beautiful yacht to my left right. I love the it and I think the yard I definitely would love your bell that people don't really realize, hey, it's not my money.


So people will complain about money. Who cares about your money? It's not my money, but your money. They waste the money. OK, let me make my team better in a year. I'm trying to be as bad as possible, so I was perfectly fine for the Jets. I love you about getting nothing in return, so I'm glad I got my jet. Yeah, thank you.


Do you, do you do you see Adam Gaist making it through this season. Yeah, because with Adam. Yes. Because they want to lose. You might lose me here. So I have to drive committed to memory where there's a three minute span near where you might lose me. I'm just letting you know. And it's all because once again I'm so busy right now. Yeah. You're going to lose me anywhere in the next. This is about a minute drive sixty to one hundred and twenty seconds for approximately thirty five seconds ago.


I love it.


This is should be fun. I'll feel I got some filler ready for you if you, if you fall out with that.


I'm on the board the by the way where it makes it look like paradise.


But we know that it is true. He's so right about that, that when you're on the causeway South Beach from afar looks like this majestic, beautiful place. And then you get inside of South Beach, it's just like, OK, this is a little messier than I expected.


It's a piece of poop on the stairs. But this is the guy we're looking at. All right, look. Right, right, right now it's our island.


But I love this Norwegian cruise line. It looks like heaven.


I once I once I did a star tour and the one time in my life I've been in Hollywood, Los Angeles, I did a star tour where you hop in some van and you drive around all the time. I want to do that in Miami. Do they have that available in Miami, a star tours?


I think they do.


Do you think I remember this is a good memory. I remember going to Kevin Costner's house and he was pulling out of his driveway and we totally just like stopped and creeped him. Like it must suck to be famous in L.A. and have just vans driving by your house constantly knowing where you live.


I felt really bad because one thing I don't think we've told this story on air, but one thing that I wanted to do this year on the Super Bowl during Super Bowl week that I was trying to play but didn't secure funding on was I wanted to rent a boat and have students driving around Star Island on the boat, giving a star tour of all the houses and then have a megaphone and sites where he's trying to book them on the show. But I got some.


But it wasn't just money. I also had people telling me, like, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be telling people where celebrities live. And I'm like, we could just go on a star tour boat and they do that anyways. But that was an idea that didn't end up happening that I thought would be fun. It was two guys with a megaphone hassling Sway.


Dwayne Wade, when you come on, we've come on the show next Tuesday. Another thing about it, too, though, was that I knew this is going to be something that we're going to need some money for because it's a busy week and people are going to be renting boats. Also, I need to be a hundred percent sure that you guys is going to come down on a weekend to do this during Super Bowl week. And I was like, oh, I don't know that this is going to be worth the money.


I'm still you about life. Yeah, I think you got to talk me through that little rough back there.


That was a very wide decision about because, you know, it just ended up being Billy and Lorenzo on this. But the answer then the answer would have been no. The answer would be like, I'll get back to you, I'll get back to you. And then Dave would have been like, where's to God? She's no good. You know, I love you, buddy.


What do you doing it for? I mean, obviously, to pay me and someone else your appearance fee. I got very excited about 50 minutes of a trip. I thought that was stupid. Yeah.


You got what was it you were talking about earlier this week about the depolarizing some thumbs up emoji?


I will get another second, Chris. I am at the point of my command where I say very careful because. Again, of the 95 associates that hired the sprint, five lanes over the expressway, the dangerous gap. So it's a very interesting day. I'll give you a lot of time. Take that expressway. You know, it's insane.


I can't believe that I haven't made that drive since March.


Oh, God, that was all on looking around for landscaping, lighting right in the middle of it.


I don't like these companies that have their advertising on the back of their trucks and they say free estimate. It's like they don't want to come all the way out to me for free. They want to give me this estimate over the phone. I always feel like when they that they say free estimate just to get me to call them and that they don't actually mean free estimate. I'm on to these companies.


Right. Yes, the minute they physically go, there is a loss of gas money, right?


Well, it's like it's like, wait, is there since you gave me this three, ask me now, do I feel a pressure to use your services and the whole thing? It's a whole to do.


I agree. So I have gotten over to the table again. So the thumbs up emoji to me is very polarizing. For this reason, the thumbs up emoji could be OK. I agree with you. OK, thank you. It also could be just a remote. You you set someone because you just want the conversation. Right. And a thumbs up on it like, OK, I got it. And so for me, I never really I'm not circle and I've used it for all those different examples, but I've never surfed when I get the thumbs up the most sought out what exactly it means.


There's something underlying meaning to the thumbs up about that particular person. Simply does not want to talk to me anymore. I guess we have to stop, so I'll stop.


So which do you hate more of the thumbs up emoji? Or now that when you click click the text that you could get a thumbs up or like a hard or like a ha ha.


Oh wow. Yeah, like that.


Like your heart, your photo, your thumbs up, like the heart at least the heart at least makes me feel like they enjoyed when I said when they gave me just a little thumbs up, not the thumbs up emoji but what Billy's talking about that's the worst is the thumbs up little the ad like not even worthy of an emoji, I think.


Yeah. Because what you're doing is you're not advancing the conversation at all or responding to you're taking what I've already created and just adding a little something to it. You know, it's very disrespectful. So you hate that up.


I'm not a huge fan. And unless I have a couple of questions for you based on things that we talked about, a great deal about you.


Yeah, that one's a tricky one, because if there's, like, teeth, it's like laughing. But if there's no teeth, that's sad, right? Is that the different. We're like it's nervous. There's the one I've I've like decreased my emoji output a lot because there are people out there that just hate emojis and you don't know these people out there. So you don't want to be an emoji person to somebody that hates emojis.


Obviously one of the ugly. Billboards on my way, oh, I got two million dollars.


OK, so that leads me back to the question that I was going to ask you.


How much more can I get right now? How much do you. Not at all.


You got to plus with things like that and things like the trucks that still call me for free assman to get them to advertise on one of your many projects that I don't know how much do you not miss having the cost to sponsor whatever your project is, like a sports bank or like the local radio show?


I love it, but they I miss the place. I still go to a little bit free as we and I don't mind doing it like I did it without the barge company that came on the air like I used to. And I doubt they'll be able to do this. All the billboards you see on all your drive home, write them all that that's required that I used to do that or I put them in my notes or whatever that I call them eventually.


And I will tell you the account. I could never crack open that I wanted to was the one I just brought up. But you guys are going to be talking about, right?


Yes, I do. The attorney sitting there, I've got a car accident. I was on the I just got no less than a half million dollars. And they're very, very happy that they just because he's got the little guy and that's the type of the hospital that was the one, because so many billboards all are gone. I call them relentlessly. I could never get them on the air. And so this day, it's the one that got away.


I mean, it's the part that burns me the most.


You know, any way belittle, possibly bother you years later that you could land them?


It does bother me, right.


Me, I picture you waking up in the middle of the night like. I just I was always billboards or on a drive. You'll see that they just made I mean, they got a client, you know, knows a few million dollars. I start doing the math on the like. This company's got a lot of money to advertise, but I just don't get them on the street and said I'm going to specialize in passing. I just thought the danger highlights none of that.


Well, now, not only did you not get them, you've now been advertising for free for them for ten minutes on the show.


Why should I bother at all?


I just bought the billboards get before the going of the official mover of the Miami Heat and the Dolphins and the Marlins.


I've seen Craig of commercials. Oh, know my bad. My bad. It's the Marlins. It's not the heat.


It's the official mover of the Marlins got elected that Quiroz.


I almost did a radio show with them and it was part of a larger spirit.


Wanted to talk sports or was it like cigar Dave where you get the latest friends?


We wanted the dogs or tailgate and it was a big game. And I was going to go, but Jimmy the Greek, I was going to go Sparrow the Greek goes about I did this to God.


Do you ever had lunch on the way home? Like, what's your strategy with lunches now? Do you do it at the studio or do you wait to go home?


It's very hard to talk about it. I just got off the craziest. You stay on 95. I just got off the expressway, on the turnpike and the turnpike.


OK, that's what I that's what I always did.


That's what I was that I don't want to spend what is difficult because what do you guys normally look like? What's the ideal once you decide it's like twelve thirty. Right. Yeah. So like I thought because we're done now like 12, 15. If I bring along with me, you know, I'm trying to get out of there and I try to stay there longer. Right. So I don't bring the one with me. I did that once.


If I go get lunch around that area again, I'll reiterate. I'll try to get out of there as quickly as possible. Right.


You don't want to. It's like. It's like do you go through a drive through? You don't want to sit somewhere. It's like it's a whole. I'm with you. Trust me, I have that struggle even when I are old schedule. Sometimes I'd be leaving in like two thirty and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. It's like I stop to eat now do I wait till I get home by, grab something on the go and eat it in the car like a sad, sad person.


There's a reason people are fat.


Yeah. There are already people of our service about. That's true.


But I just feel like in general though, like a lot of people, you know, radio is not the healthiest industry.


It's not. But the worst thing is that I'm glad you brought it up because it's been great. Now, I always have all the stuff that I need to get Wendy Heater. I mean, because that would have Earl of Sandwich.


That one doesn't have a real sandwich, right? God does not have Darryl. I want to stay here for a second.


Usually what I'm doing. So what I do after the show and I didn't do it today because Dan was nice enough to get me some espresso, so I had that right at the show. I usually stop at a Starbucks at 12:00. At college, I get espresso, I get bagel by that terrorism. So I get home for lunch. What I get home, I get it back. What are you walking to like?


I know this is getting really deep inside for people that have no idea about, you know, the how everything's located. But do you walk to Starbucks, then back to your car? Do you drive to Starbucks? So the question I used to that was Starbucks is literally two blocks from our studio. So I used to but now s so in their place it's deserted. It's like a bunch of zombies walking around with them at to go with it. So now it's a parking spot where the hell I want.


So I drive that car. I parked right out while I get out again. The espresso go by either in the car, drive all that video or because people I don't think they understand what we're talking about. I mean it's a rest stop because I can take this road all the way. I could take it from where I am right now. Go. And so they have these. What is the perfect rest stop for you in terms of food options?


Because the Earl of Sandwich has to be there? Oh, it's great.


I like Earl. I'm a sucker for some Taco Bell and maybe some Wendy's. I feel like that three nice range. You can have the American sandwich if you want. You get the Taco Bell if you want and you got the Earl of Sandwich. If you don't want the fast food now, you need as for sure, as far as wow, that's a good call.


Even maybe I like the ones now that they have like on the turnpike when you're driving up to Orlando that have it's almost like a mall food court that has so much variety that it's like ridiculous. Right. I want to have a line of credit. I don't have a clean bathroom. I want to maybe sometimes I don't think I've ever gotten a Nathan's famous hot dog, but I want to have the option to get one.


If you never had a dog, not at a rest stop.


I've never had a Nathan's hot dog, but I, like the rest of us that have the Nathan's hot dog, is an option also about rest stops? I don't understand why it is that they closed all the restaurants at like seven thirty or eight where you're driving up and you're like, oh, finally got a rest up. I can have a late dinner, whatever. And it's like, oh, it's, it's eight fifteen. Everything's closed, everybody's gone home.


And it's like, well, this is just one. I just have a bathroom out in the park.


Should be twenty four hours like it should be any time of night.


I agree. It's like Vegas is always someone driving like it's got to be you need to be open for those people to know. I never thought about guys at all like this. I got my wife on the way to work, only stop with the rest of the other neighborhoods.


I'm kind of I'm with Billy on this where I think I've had Nathans.


But I can count on one hand, I think how many times I've had Nathan, you got to get what you go there, get the two hot dogs, the fries, and try to do our dog spice Droughtmaster unbelievable ability like the fries. And you're aware what the bars are like, little crinkle or the crinkle fries. Interesting. They give you a little red or a bag of rice that you go out for dinner and you pick out the fries.


You know what a crinkle fries are?


Those like the wavy ones? Yeah, they think I don't know how to describe that other than crinkles. They look like an accordion.


They look like an accordion. The accordion fries.


Yeah, I just thought rocks rocksteady. By the way, so far I'm still in Miami, which reminds me the Dolphins. I am telling you, the Dolphins, if you check the schedule here, they get the boy for the next seven games against the Jets, against the Broncos. I want to get to the Bengals. I told you that Fitzpatrick is here. We are in the NFL. I don't know what to do, but there are just something fun loving you guys you want to do.


Quick dolphins schedule breakdown. We'll do a week by week moving forward. I'm down to do it.


Let's do it. But you're right for the next seven games while driving on the turnpike, that's that's some gambling right there.


I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't hear what you said because I was just trying to find it. So I don't know if you're right or wrong, but I guess we'll find out together. Week six.


Well, just so I'm clear, I was about to say stadium.


And when in Rome, Billy, I think I think what he said was was four out of the next six or two against the Jets, one against the Broncos and one against the Bengals.


Yeah. Or the next of it. I think that's actually exactly right.


Look, it's perfectly clear out in the next seven oh oh.


All right. So next week, six versus the Jets winner last.


You got that? That's the way the Jets trying to lose the dolphins are trying to with the win.


OK, then they have their bye week and then they come back and they host the game against the Rams, move their home against the Rams.




Are these the Rams or the Chargers? Their logos are too similar now. These are the Rams. Yes, they're in love.


Oh, I just want to alert people what we've been doing this dolphin stadium just haven't it. But the stadium. Miles, I just thought that's a loss for the Dolphins, the Rams, I'll answer that one first.


Well, no, it's to God, I don't know. Across the country, it was at one o'clock. One o'clock, Billy.


It's one thing, but I'm going to take the dolphins.


That's the way where dolphins are now, four and three to gods then.


Oh, while they fly to Arizona, that's their home with they're going to look at Arizona coming off three straight wins. If that were the case before all this played out, I would say, Chris, I don't know. I was the sorry. I would have been I don't know the cardinals and I I guess, oh, I don't know what we're doing there.


I think the Rams I mean, I know it's that anyone can lose any game, but I feel like the Rams are better than the Cardinals.


But anyways, when you break a rebellion. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, wow.


OK, then the next week is home against the the Chargers then. Then they're playing the Chargers four o'clock game.


Oh my God. I was supposed to be added to her.


Oh it's still could be. Imagine if that's his first game. Oh yeah. But it's going like that for the quarterback so I actually don't even want that.


I don't want that game to happen with Herberton too.


I don't want to like the pundits to be able to like well see herbut won like just let leave to we'll start to after that game that I got to thank you guys because I'll tell you, I know that I have two shows in my car because I don't get to talk about all the stuff that I want to talk about. I like to say it's always the dolphins are the worst possible spot because they already know the quarterback. I thought, great, and they have no idea their quarterback is any good.


That is the worst, you know.


So, I mean, do we know Herbert's great? I mean, come on. He's great. He's great. And there are a lot of other about five minutes ago they got so I love my thirty fifty thousand dollars by the way. I mean, I looked at them on the air.


I feel like there's going to be the next you're going to be the next person they're suing is for whatever slanderous things you keep saying about we got two million dollars from ESPN because they did a podcast which you guys just said horrible things about us.


All the dolphins pointing out that.


All right, five and four for the Dolphins. I'm regretting this the schedule today because it's gotten a lot deeper than I thought it was going to go. All right. Then they go to Denver at Denver's two guys.


The next week at Denver gets away from it, but then they fly up to New York and play the Jets.


That's the way.


Then they come back home, play the Bengals. This is another one of those situations where you could have two in there against Joe Bororo.


You all because winning all point. Well, that nothing short of a playoff spot. I have Fitzpatrick don't play quarterback and the Dolphins beating the Bengals. Wow.


OK, then right now, by your by your calculations, I think they've won like seven out of eight games or something like that.


Well, you the schedule favors them. The Dolphins did it right, but a very nice job. But they go all right.


Then they play the chiefs at home. Wow. The chiefs are coming back home. Play in Miami. Yeah.


They're playing here. Well, I mean, it's more of a homecoming because this is where they won their Super Bowl first time back in the stadium.


But Mahomes homecoming. Oh, I was going to remember that.


Just write that down to God so that the week of December 13th you say that really I going to write it down to ninety eight on the to read about all that negative. Fifty eight. Is it close to the sixty seven. Great.


Stewart, what's your strategy for driving on the highway. Are you like a one hand on the bottom, like right or left side of the wheel kind of guy. You were like a two two hands on the side.


What's your strategy like doing right now? I have left and so left the bottom left of me. OK, solid at the right, like the right one, whatever I want. Yeah, that's way to do it.


And so did a lot. That's on the lower part of the wheel or the right hand side of the upper body. Boy, we were talking billboards. What is your top three South Florida billboards of all time?


Roy, you know that? Yeah, the first one would be the old 790 billboard with the bird, the bird dance head.


That's one thing we have got ahead of our daily target. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Universo Corporate and the swap shop.


Oh, yeah. Tony, I feel like you want in on this game.


The one that it's around the clock, your wife.


It's not that your wife is hot or by the way, about the doll, because I get that she's OK.


Oh. Then then they host the Patriots the next week. So, Billy, what are we, nine in five right now at this point?


Eight and five. I think. Anybody else who gets tough at the end, huh? Yeah, thanks.


She talked about the game, but we're probably about oh that would be Jeff. But we also know that he still could side with the Patriots and get released by the Patriots within two weeks.


But what do you think? I'm going to say golf is not that good.


Yeah, based on what I mean, I have a feeling the Patriots are going to get hit with covid again. It's going to be a whole thing.


I know you're right. Now, they seem to look out for in the other not just the AFC, the dolphins. Yeah, they have all these, but they have a good foundation of a team. They got the quarterback and two, they have their own pick next year and they pick next year at the Texans. One thought to be good all the time.


They were great for the next decade, two decades, twenty years, a lot closer to a decades.


So the complete opposite of what they all now. All right, Roy, don't get me started.


All right? I did this a month ago and you laughed at the Panthers are the worst team in South Florida right now. You're somehow gone from the Dolphins are the absolute worst. But you can go in to watch the dolphins. I like where they are. If two is good, they're going to be great for the next two decades.


Another, by the way, Roy, another thing that people have been tweeting that there are a lot of hops around the country, by the way, it's not a local place. Yeah.


It's on it by the road. Yeah.


Apparently, like Michigan Sioux Falls, people tweeted us earlier on in Portland, Oregon, you were horribly wrong. Oh, don't don't don't be talking about the South Florida thing.


And it turns out it's a Portland thing.


You get the name of the restaurant wrong, Chris, I call it. Oh, Hop. I know. It's called the original pancake house right now.


I know you did not he did not know that I love a good pancake. You guys put butter in your pancakes, right? Of course. Right now I need to, of course, but I'm an old fashioned maple syrup guy.


Like, I'm looking get out of here. And that's why I don't like I hopley. I don't need your strawberry jam. Like, just give me old fashioned maple.


They have old fashioned maple.


I know they do, but that's all I get the hell of the rest of them.


Well I guess I was wrong about talking to you guys. I just thought the guy going 96.


Oh God don't I don't do that guy.


But I'll be talking about something of the time.


There is nothing like the rush of you think you're about like you just pass the cop on the highway. Oh, crap. Is he going to be following me looking in your rearview mirror?


That's a rush. That time I get off the feeling. Not a rush. No, it's a rush.


There's a good feeling when there's a car like he's breathing right behind you and you pull over and all he wanted you to get out of the way. Yeah, I think it's going great. Right. Anyway, we're working with the dolphins.


Well, they played two more weeks and they play at Las Vegas and at Buffalo. Oh, man. They better win a lot because that last those last four games are really tough.


But look at the division. I don't think so. With the three previous games, I feel like they're going to lose a lot of this. I feel like you got to drive like with four games left in the season, dolphins are going to be in the playoffs and it's just about if they can go to is in the hunt. Yeah, you got to go.


You got you got to go to in two of those last four. I agree.


I'm approaching it. I like it here. Either way, the danger of just falling into the service plaza here if you want to go. Oh, yeah, yeah, let's see what you're getting at the service plaza. OK, so hold it. Right now I'm going to find a parking spot and hide from the cop is telling me. Oh, God, you say that I would. Oh, that's the sea.


That's the rush. When the rush. It's like I made it. Yeah. I have a built in excuse, but when I get closer to the pompano I good. It's like if I ever get pulled over and I always felt like I got to go to the bathroom. Yeah.


Hey, I'm Stuart from the Dalembert talk show. I'm coming all the way down from South Beach. I just buddy, I'm trying to get home. I got to take a shit yet.


Excuse me. Well, you guys got that right, but that's all down to the dark side. So now I'm here. I'm here to the lady enjoying a nice heater right in front of my car. What did you stuff or do you need to go to the bathroom or eat or you just stopped out of habit? Let's think about a little Wendys bill. I see chicken when I get in there. You should try one of those new burgers.


It has the pretzel bun. Hmm.


How do you feel about the pretzel bug?


They have it's a nice combination with, like a certain cheese and sauce that they have. And then there's like a bacon in there, too. It's a nice little sandwich. I don't like these, like, fast food places trying to expand their sandwiches, like McDonald's doing like the the the wrapper traced to Travis Scott and the tick tock are like they're trying to do all these fancy like McDonald's have a Big Mac, a Mac double and a cheeseburger.


We don't need any other burgers. So you want to stay the same.


But I don't need no I don't need a Baconator at McDonald's. OK, I come for you, for your Big Mac, for your double, your Mac double and your single cheeseburger. Get out of here with a lower fancy. Now, like you're not your McDonald's.


Wow. I think a little about that. I think he's right about that. I've become Seagate's a lot more conscious of taking out specific. Yeah. My bad companies and places like that. This is what I was going to ask you like 40 minutes ago. And I'm like, I have a question for you. It's good you guys are talking about chips. And I know that chips like leis and rub it.


Lots of radio shows. But I have like ever since we started doing this, the more we do it, the more I'm like, you know what? I don't think that I'm going to mention a company that I do don't like. I'll praise the company that I like. But if I don't like a company, I'm just going to keep it to myself because in a week I could be telling people how that's my favorite razor or my favorite fast food place or my favorite sanitoria, whatever.


I think I've said, like I've said, seventeen brands.


And during this podcast today, I said, well, I was going to go out that year.


I told everyone how great. Said it is, but just yesterday I got a new ForFour they got out, though, that's how I feel about trash and commotions on Twitter, because I don't want to offend the sponsor, but I can't take it anymore that Microsoft teams commotion with that lady singing.


I can't take it anymore.


Oh, let some egg emoji, MacElroy, but let them come at you. Yeah. And they get the noise I want. That's right.


I'm walking on the sidewalk into the service area. I mean, listen, there is no one wearing a mask for this entire place, including myself.


I to go back to my calling.


That's the move. I've done this so many times. What you get out of that? Yeah.


I have to go all the way back to the car then that so many times as I'm walking back of.


Put the mask on, getting into the car. I don't wear the mask in the car. You know, some people do that.


Yeah. Yeah, well, you remember better safe than sorry. All right. I feel like this is fine. I feel like this is going to take us inside.


All right. I'll walk it in the house. Walking their dog is probably better off than I am walking in the den reference like people today when talking about the Jets.


Yeah, I mean, like a fantasy reference. Yeah, he did. And he is calling them advanced metrics. But all is fair game on PPR. It's got buried. He's like a really good fantasy guy. So when he said that I was like, all right, where is he going to go with this reeling off all these?


It was like in reference to how players have done, I guess, in fantasy since they haven't played for seven days. Right? Exactly right.


So here's what I got to look at, being sort of a flushing station.


Oh, is there a single is there a Sunglass Hut there?


Yes, there is this one little rack of somewhere. Yeah, I got it from my last one to my Pizza Hut to my wife. Chris, what would you like me for lunch today.


I'm with you on Wendy's. I think it's a strong play. Little line up. That's usually how I make the decision of what I'm going to eat at a rest stop is what has the shortest line. That's what I just did.


It let me see when I got here.


What do you like from me? I think it's pretty simple. Yeah. I think you either go I think you either go to spicy chicken sandwich or a double double cheeseburger meal, but I'm going to have the number spicy chicken combo.


What was that. Yeah.


Oh, you got to start. Right.


And then you got of course, get a small frosti. What makes us think why should I get a flush?


I of course you should get us all for us. OK, I love the little baby Frosti.


I love the little baby Frosti because it makes me feel like I'm not eating a lot. Like it's like I can have this. Yeah. Little shot of Frosty.


I drink it, I drink a lot. Oh, hold on one second. Hey, what's your name? Someone's recognizing you guys, I can tell, by the way, saying that.


No, I'm wondering, how do you feel?


What do you think the dolphins are going to do with the dolphins? What do you think of their final record?


Yeah, dolphins right now, guy won't be having sex right now, but that's about what you had.


Yeah, yeah. Everybody agrees with us. All right. I have the companies.


You have this guy. Are you a nice guy or have you guys guys fagots haveI? Yeah, me too.


I know it doesn't make sense. It seems like bad business because you're getting less soda and I just like a lot of ice. I don't know. I have no explanation for it.


Tony, you seem like a really nice guy, Tony.


You know, on just like sodas. I like a lot of ice. Yeah, like a lot.


I think Billy would be interested in the questions I have here.


Who is it? One of those like Coke machines that has a thousand drinks. I hate those. They taste terrible.


I know it's not very cool. What I have here is I have Coke, original Diet Coke, Sprite, lemonade. I see fruit punch. The orange is extra zero.


That's actually a really good I'm going to text my dad. That's a good back in my day idea. Like soda machines do that.


That's a very good. Well who can I ask you. Who are the people at rest stops that decide I want to buy an iPad or I want to buy headphones because they have like those really fancy like those fancy like Despain. Yeah. It's like, oh, I want to buy a DVD player and I want to buy, you know, this thing for my Xbox One. Who are these people?


People have kids. There was a lot of kids in the backseat. There's no way anyone buys those things. Right. Those are those are the same. Those are the same people that play the game at an arcade where the thing spins around the circle and you have to stop it right on the jackpot. I play that game. That's the same person I feel like now. Game the one with the claw, maybe the clot's.


And I used to be good at the class, but one that sucks is the one that has like the low key and it has to go through like that little tiny hole. Yeah. Like pushes like there's disease in this vending machine. And all I have to do is get it through this little slot and I'll get Jeezy's and I hope they're my size.


And then you always get that, you always hit the top of the thing and it's like, well what a waste of two dollars or whatever.


Oh I'm just grabbing my food bag, you know, at 10 a.m. I'll see you the wild card game. And I'm out a little spicy chicken sandwich in my hand.


Carasso So how do you play? And now you wait to you get help. Yeah. Let's keep in mind, I'm only like I'm, I'm like ten minutes from my house right now.


I think I think this is awesome. I didn't come anywhere.


We got a legitimate feel for what Stu drive home is like. Look at us. Yeah.


This is, this is how long have we been doing this like. Oh like I'd say close to 50 minutes I believe.


Forty nine minutes. I'm probably a little too long. Yeah. Oh. So I was approaching my car. Hold on a second.


I got the ability. The same car has been here every day at the same spot.


I mean your car's there every day. It's probably maybe it's someone that works there. That's true.


No, this car looks like it's been deserted.


This is not what he was asking me. This is going to be fun, Tony, for you.


Thanks to you guys, thank you for having me. Appreciate it.


The funny thing is that Stewart says all these same things every day. He's just alone with his own thoughts, talking to his car.


That's what I did, by the way, you go to the car with your wife and sometimes I like that I'm with you, but the you got the call, you know, I like, go sideways, back up, go in reverse.


Yeah, I love a little I was a little like my car, like last week. I also about a half an hour away from home, guys.


All right. Drive safe to God. I'm not joking. I'm a half hour away from home. But thank you. Thank you for that. You don't get pulled over. All right. Before we finish those final development to come out of your later.


Enjoy your Thursday, everybody. Since the 1980s, hip hop and America's prisons have grown side by side, and we're going to investigate this connection to see how it lifts us up and holds us down.


Hip hop is talking about what we live trying to live the American dream failing at the American Dream. I'm Zinnemann. And I'm Rodney Cormark.


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