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Welcome, Dan Levy, to really being honest about it, just a giant piece of shit to the big city Bald Eagles, a podcast exclusive that none of our bosses ask for.


More support, more work, less pay.


I haven't stopped talking in a month.


I mean, I'll tell you, just when you thought the show couldn't be more diluted than last time I listened to this show. I haven't listened for years now.


Here's the marching band to. No way am I missing something.


What am I missing? The end of the story, that phase. Chris Fallica, it's Fallica. He made on the penis and the habitual liar.


I didn't ask for any of us for all of it. The Big Shuey.


I'm Chris Codi BSP and. I don't think the is a win for anybody on this campaign. He's blowing the heat all over the place. Less people think that this is some sort of fakery. I just got treated for about the tenth time this week. I don't know how many of them ended up on air. Just two guards complaining about Cam Newton in the way he kneels in the huddle and how hard it is for him to get up from kneeling in the huddle.


I feel bad for Cam, but if it's that hard to get up from the huddle, quit football. Seriously, it's a basic movement. I can do it all right. I could do it without wincing. I probably can't.


But also on the front end, your I feel bad for Cam is one of the most insincere things you've said in the history.


You need assistance to bend down. You can't hold on to the tape, bend down without holding on to the tape. Forty two full black white on to right. You can use a table. There's no table for Cam Newton to help himself. I feel bad for Cam all. Sorry.


That's how he begins with I feel bad for Cam Newton and then he unleashes on him. We'll get to baseball here in a second. We'll get to ISO, I suppose, Kim Kardashian having a party on a private island. I don't know what to do with rich people and how they're supposed to live their life now in a time when things can be viewed as tone deaf. Who was it? Who was it at the very beginning of the pandemic? The famous producer.


I'm drawing a blank on his David Geffen. David Geffen.


I think he's still out like somewhere in the Mediterranean.


I mean, he took a picture on Instagram, put an Instagram photo up of him on a yacht somewhere. Now, Kim Kardashian is for her fortieth birthday surprise party where allegedly her friends all quarantined for a couple of weeks. While it's a surprise party, those two things don't fit.


I guess you got to tell people why it is that they're doing a surprise party. But a lot of people are blaming not. I know a lot of people don't like the Kardashians. I know a lot of people like the Kardashians. I know a lot of people believe that the Kardashians have earned their money without a great deal of talent, even though they're making of money does suggest that they're talented at making money, given that they've got like appendages to the Kim Kardashian empire that are billionaires.


But I don't know how to tell rich people how they're supposed to behave in terms of private island.


If she says she's testing and being careful, nobody believes that, probably not just because, you know, it's the Cardassian name. And we tend not to trust everything that comes out of their mouths. But I would tell you this, the optics are bad. But if you could afford to do that and you're taking all the right protocols to do it, I'm OK. I mean, what are you going to do? I have enough money to do it.


I don't think that people will get into the baseball story that is here because baseball crawls to the greedy finish. It was just perfectly symbolic, all of it. First of all, the team with the most money wins. Stiglitz comes in here shouting about how you may have heard already, given that we started taping before any of us knew we were taping a big win for the gut over analytics last night, at which point Mike Ryan responded correctly. Well, the same guy built both teams.


Those are both analytics teams. One's got money and one doesn't have money, but they're both analytics teams. And I understand why anyone watching that game would say, why are you taking Snehal out there? He's your he's your asid. He hasn't thrown them any pitches and he's dominated he's won a Cy Young. But it's how they it is how they've done it all season. They do do that.


But to your point, so perfectly baseball. Yes. The team with the most money won, but they beat the team with the least money in the World Series in six games. That is just so baseball.


I love the Rays getting to within two games of the World Series that everyone crushing them for how they go about doing their business.


When Tim Kurkjian says they are smarter at the doing of baseball than anyone in the sport. But that's not even the part of last night that I thought was most symbolic. The part that I thought was most symbolic is and they are so lucky, who got so lucky in the eighth inning of a deciding game. Like we have not seen this as much as you've seen in football teams. Get taken out college football, pro football. We have not seen the pandemic hit in game to take out important players.


And it can you imagine if this had to go game seven and now all the Dodgers have to be tested because of Justin Turner and there's an outbreak because of Justin Turner. If you don't know what happened last night in the middle of the game in the eighth inning, Justin Turner tested positive. And I don't know how you're so sloppy with this that that can happen eight innings into a game after which the infection could have already spread all over the place.


Why are you not getting those results back before the game? I don't know the answer to that question.


There are many questions I do have that I don't have the answer to Strogatz and the part that is a little bit difficult is given the general greed of this. You can't trust anybody to just be doing anything other than just trying to get to the end like all they were trying to do, if I tell as bad a look is this is today as sloppy as baseball looks as basketball, does it correctly baseballs in a bubble. And here you've got Justin Turner on the field after the game celebrating Marcellus after testing positive and his teammates wanted him out there.


Mookie Betts is telling everybody bleep this. We're a team. He deserves to be out there. I don't know how it is that he was allowed out there after the protocols.


I'm assuming that was a Dodger decision. It should have been a Major League Baseball decision, but it's really easy stuff.


That's OK. It is real easy for us to question everything everywhere. But admittedly, we don't have a lot of the answers to a lot of the questions we're asking today. So it's the easiest thing in the world to take a look at all of that and just yell at baseball and laugh at baseball. But if I had asked, you got hey, Rob Manfred, here's the deal. This is the way this is going to work. Your season is going to end with a bit of a PR calamity where people aren't even talking about Kershaw as much as they're talking about what the hell is a player doing on the field celebrating when he's tested positive?


And why did he test in the eighth inning? If I had told him, you're going to get a big public relations hit at the end, but you're going to get to the end of your season, you think he takes that? Yep. And that's it, they got to the end, they they barely got to the end, they got to the end of the marathon crawling on their hands and knees, but they got to the end. If there had been a game seven, can you imagine if the rays that simply come back in the eighth and ninth or third inning, a third baseman error, if the Rays had simply come back to turn it into a game seven, I don't know what the hell that's going to look like after they have to quarantine the test, everybody with the contact tracing or if cash left his ass out there.


So there's that, too, could have done that, too, if they just followed their gut instead of the analytics and left Snell out there, they could have made sure that the Dodgers had an outbreak.


I am checking out the game logs on Blake's now from this year. I'm not certain he's ever gone to the sixth inning.


They've used up. They've used him that way. They've used they use all their guys that way all season it. Dan, you are admittedly the most pro analytics person on this show. I'm second place I had a problem with what Kevin Cash did last night. Even you had to have a problem. I know you keep saying, well, that's the race. That's how they do. That's how they got to the big dance. But come on, he's dealing.


You don't pull a guy after a single with than 80 pitches.


He was dominant. He struck out nine of the eighteen batters he faced. The only thing I've ever said about analytics I've actually come around to you're not completely around, but I've come around is once in a while. If you're a manager or a coach, you have to throw the analytics away and go by field just once, just go by field. And if Blake Snell is pitching that well against that lineup, you kind of got to keep them in the got.


I wouldn't have taken him out. He's my best pitcher. I wouldn't have taken him out even though I'd use them that way all season. I wouldn't have taken him out because I've seen Josh Beckett use differently in a postseason where all the math worked against Josh Beckett and he was still dominant, took a World Series from the Yankees. But what I would say to you, and I feel like people confuse this one all the time, analytics, all they're helping you get at is what are the most probable results you're going to get?


What are the probabilities? And if I told you, Stuart, in any circumstance, hey, you've got a 70 percent chance of living here and a 30 percent chance of dying. If you choose the other thing, don't you think that every single time you would choose the seventy percent option?


Like, I think most times I would choose the seventy percent option. And once in a while, based on feel, based on my gut, I might go the 30 percent route. That's all I'm saying.


If all you're going to do is follow what the numbers say, what do you need Kevin Cash for? Like if he's just going to look at it and go with what the numbers say every single time anyone could be in that position. What's the need for Kevin Cash? What makes him more qualified than anyone else? What makes him more qualified than Chris coheres to gods if they're just going to do what the numbers say every time.


So that's why you use me. They would have. What happened there? Well, anyone who could give my dog my dog could be the manager if he just goes with what the numbers are every time. Wait.


So that's interesting because I don't know the inner workings of the race organization. If Kevin Cash wants to leave, is that a Kevin Cash call? Look, the way they're built, OK, the way the money ball system is built is the manager's beneath the general manager. The general manager is asking the manager at its most extreme forms to simply carry out the wishes of the general manager. And the manager's job is just to sort of handle the clubhouse handle, feel make certain strategic in-game decisions if he wishes to, based on his gut, without interference.


But then you end up talking about that afterward. I understand what you guys are all saying. What's the point of having referees if all they're going to do is follow the letter of the law all the time instead of just, you know, applying some human judgment to things? But again, I just say to you guys, even understanding that last night is a giant victory for the gut over analytics, all we're talking about is the thing ability that you're always objecting to, which is when you're watching a football game, they throw up a graphic that says so and so.


A team has a 64 percent win probability. They're just giving you a probability. All the numbers are doing is giving you guidance on what's most probable.


But oftentimes they're wrong and the referee and manager things are two different arguments. The referees need to uphold the rules that are there. It's not up to their judgment. They need to follow the rules. The manager needs to make judgment calls. The percentages aren't judgments. That's what it is. And I mean, I know we like to praise Moneyball and all this stuff, but how many rings is Moneyball one? And I know that this sounds like ridiculous.


Well, they won one last night. A chance. They won last night, Billy. They won.


I mean, no, Dan, they had a ridiculous payroll that wasn't picking and choosing what to do and pinching pennies the way that the raise. And that was someone that did that with the raise. And then he went to a team where he could spend a ton of money. That wasn't simply Moneyball. It did that.


But if I said to you in sports, which was if I said to you in sports, which would you rather have money or analytic? Like, just you're the owner of a team, you're the fan of a team. What do you want? Like you're telling money. You want money. OK, but then so then you're telling me that money is worth more than analytics, which I don't think a lot of people would end up arguing with. But the way that you closed the gap is with the analytics.


This is the way the cheap teams caught up to the rich teams is with the analytics. But then the rich teams realized, wait a minute, the cheap teams are smarter than us and they eliminated the market inefficiency. So they're playing money ball with actual money.


I'd like to have the money and the analytics. And that's why the Dodgers have they have both of them.


And and so I understand I really do get it. Like, I don't like math either. I don't. And I know that most people, the grand majority of people put it on the poll game. Do you like math? I think the grand majority of people don't like math. But when when Billy says, well, referees are there, the rules are there and the referees are just sort of following them at this point in the big leagues. So are managers there making certain judgment calls?


They're handling personalities in the clubhouse, but at the highest levels of the analytics, they're all thinking the same in terms of what to do with probabilities.


But this isn't a math or I like math and don't like math because math one plus one always equals two. Right? This is one plus one equals, I don't know, maybe two, maybe not. It doesn't matter. You're looking at the numbers thinking it's going to be a surefire thing when nothing's guaranteed. So why do you always rely on the numbers?


OK, but it's not a sure fire thing. If it's a 70 percent probability, that's not a sure fire. And when you say when you argue and I get what you're arguing when you argue, well, a lot of times the probabilities don't work. Yeah. On 70 percent, it's 30 percent of the time that they don't work. Like, that's that's what we're doing. And usually you're not getting look at this election the way that the polling numbers are showing.


They're saying whatever it is, seven, seven point lead, nine point lead, whatever it is, it's supposed to be an expensive lead. But even if it's an expensive lead, look at the numbers. It's not that expensive. So I understand why you guys on sixty three percent probabilities might sometimes choose thirty seven percent. Right. Just because I do that at the blackjack table, sometimes I don't play roulette because of it, like because the numbers are bad.


But when I'm looking at what it is, the choices they're making, they've gotten them to the World Series. And I know this all sounds like I'm defending the race they lost last night. And the result is the only thing that matters. So you get to win today. The Dodgers win today, no matter how you're making the argument. I just don't understand the backlash against playing probabilities. Even as I say, I would have gone all of us, I feel like, would have left Snell in that game.


You hit on that sixteen when the deal is showing a five, huh? You do that once in a while. No, I don't do that. Maybe fourteen. I don't do that for the table. No, usually I'll do that like two against a two or three against the two sometimes.


Yeah if I'm a three against the two like being a highlight places that you do that you don't do that at the Bellagio once in a while. I do it just the entire time.


I can, I can imagine, I can imagine that Stu got a blackjack table is nightmare because this is how it works. I'll tell you how it works right here. Stu got the dealer's, got a bus card, a six to God has a five. And he's like, well, I'm feeling lucky. I'm going to go with my gut. I'm sitting at the end of the table. He takes a hit, he busts everyone at the table, gets mad at him, and he just starts yelling at people, handle your own hands, mind your own business.


If you want to bet this spot, you should put money in here.


Before I sit here, you play your hand, I'll play. Mine is my piece of real estate over here. You've used that for sure. You really enjoy. Play your hand. I'll play mine, worry about your own car and think about this for a second.


This is two guards muttering. I remember the first time I did this. I was in the Bahamas. I had to be like nineteen years old or something. I was very young. And I didn't know how to play blackjack and I wasn't doing any of the math while the game was going on and I was hitting and the table was getting mad at me and I didn't understand why. And so, of course, I started arguing with people, why are you telling me how to play?


Leave me alone. But I was costing them money. You've been there for three decades.


Yeah, that's your place. And they have their own place, Dad. I mean, that's that's the I love doing it. I love sitting at the end because it's it's great when a dealer has a five or six everyone that it takes like a second to get to you at the end. And I look around sometimes I'll ask people, should I say do it? And sometimes I just do it. I don't care.


Even if I lose, I win because most of the people get up and leave the table.


There is no surprise, OK, that you would contaminate a blackjack table anywhere in the world with your asshole.


I'm pretty sure our new house might be haunted. What makes you say that the furniture is levitating?


Oh, and the ghost will come home?


Yeah, that's that's spooky. You know what's really scary?


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Happy Geico. We download the industry leading Geico app today. Do we actually know the probability because I feel like a 60 percent chance is a fairly easy decision, but I feel like we're kind of talking more about like a 52 percent probability at that point, which which probability are we just taking Snell out when you used him that way?


Has anyone actually released the probability numbers there? This is if that third time around the lineup thing, right? That is what it is usually that whether it's Kershaw or anywhere else, when a lineup gets to look at the same guy for the third time, it's better to have a fresh guy with a new look who is not tired. And all of the sport has has largely gone that way. Rich Renteria just got fired after a playoff appearance because he wasn't going that way.


While you could say like you could sit here and tell me, well, probabilities. How did they work out for you last night? I could, you know, use the results of the postseason and say, well, look how they worked out for Renteria. That was a really good team. I guess it did work out for the Dodgers and the Rays and almost didn't work out for them at the end, like even going back to Blake Snell's Cy Young year, which he was great.


I don't think he went to the eighth inning once. In fact, he won seven and a third a couple of times that year. And that's it. That's just what they do. It's how they've operated for years that I hear you and I've lost a little bit of respect for him.


Well, what happens? Let me ask you this question. If I come in here today and instead what the result had been, the rays went against everything that they've been doing all season and for several seasons, they left Snell out there and he gave up. When he went through the third time through the lineup, he gave up four runs and they lost. They did it differently than they've done it all year. But got the same result that you got last night with Snell pitching.


They bailed on their philosophy. Wouldn't you be in here criticizing them for bailing on their philosophy? Probably, yeah.


I mean, you almost can't win. You're right. I would not. If you don't win. If you don't win, you can't win. And if you do, when you always win, you got to within two games of winning a World Series. And that's when you decide to bail on your on your philosophy. Yeah, they'd be getting crushed today.


How I experience it being that I was super in on this weird mutation cash grab. I was I loved how transparent I was. I yeah. And I was watching a good chunk of the regular season and the postseason I was in on in this World Series. It was a good World Series was. But when that decision happened I was like, OK, the math is actually helped the NFL be more entertaining. There's less running and more deep shots. Basketball bit more polarizing.


Some people don't like the three. I don't mind what's happened in the game, but the math has infected baseball to the point it's taken away. A lot of the stuff that I used to like. You're right about baseball and it's just made it worse. And I'm all for getting an advantage, but not to this extreme. It makes it a far more inferior product than it used to.


Well, it's not necessarily that it's an inferior product, but it is less entertaining to watch. Right. And so what Mike is saying is totally true there, because the way the math is affected, that particular sports budget is the shift in general. Billy, how do you feel about the shift? Are you tired of the shift, like people are talking about banning the shift? Because there are there are three places where it's most infected, the sport, the math.


It's the shift on the infield, shifting your entire team because of the probabilities of where a guy usually hits stuff. Yeah, it's all of the home runs and strikeouts where people have realized getting firebases instead of playing one at a time matters. It doesn't matter if you strike out. All outs are the same. So if you don't make contact and don't play small ball, don't worry about it. We're all going for home runs because that's where all the value is.


And then just the nonstop pitching changes where you could get eight guys in a game because we're just doing, you know, Tony La Russa on steroids where it's just change. Pitchers change, pitchers change, pitchers bring in the next fresh guy throwing 98 miles an hour from the left side because he's better against that left hander. How do you feel about all that stuff as a baseball fan, Billy?


Well, they've tried to address the pitching change stuff where they have the three batter minimum. Now that they did this year, I would assume they'll have that moving forward or they have to finish the ending. The shift is and makes it boring because you know pretty much where the guy is going to hit it. But there's ways to combat that. I mean, start bunting again. If you have everybody on one side of the field, just put it to the other side of the field.


If enough people do that, they're going to move them back over. They're not going to be giving them free opportunities for hits. And the thing that I don't understand about last night is not so much taking out breaks now. I mean, look, honestly, the praise that they get is for being risk averse, right? It's let me always do the safest thing. So it's not like you're taking a risk and it's like, oh, we're doing this brave thing by taking out a guy.


It's like you're not doing the brave thing. You're looking at the numbers and you're making the safest choice possible. It's the opposite of a brave thing what you're doing. What I don't understand is why do you bring in Nick Anderson? If you're sticking to the numbers so much, why are you bringing in someone that's given up and earned run six straight games and that's giving up Ninan runs in the postseason, if you're going to take out your ace who's striking out everybody who I think the guys that were coming up were over six with six strikeouts against.


Why don't you bring in someone who's been more effective and not just stick to whatever plan you had in place when Nick Anderson, while he could have been good during the regular season, hasn't been good in the postseason.


I think they're going to have to outright ban it or cap it and maybe have like three shift cards, because I guarantee you they have to have math because it seems fairly obvious hit it where they ain't bunt it, but they probably have probability numbers that say, no, just keep there's a reason they're not doing it right. There is a reason like I think it's ego.


I think that you're not going to have these guys who would rather hit a home run, laid down a but I don't think they want to spend time practicing bunting. I think they want to hit a home run every time. And they think, you know what, the shifts here, I can hit it out of the shift. And it's like, well, you can't because every time you hit it into the shift, which is why they're placing those players exactly where they are, you have to hit the ball where they're not.


The easiest way to do that is bunting. Billy's right. And the greatest point made so far is if you're going to take Snell out, why are you going to that reliever? That is a very good he's been terrible. Why are you going to that guy in a bullpen full of good pitchers?


I don't know what numbers they had with that guy against the people who were coming up. It was the middle of the game. I don't have an answer for you. I don't have a good answer for you on what the math says. There are people who play pay closer attention to baseball who would probably have an answer to that bill.


Who do you think was most mad at Kevin Cash last night? I am all in with either Jack Morris or Madison Bumgarner. Oh, wow. I don't know. Everyone was pounding him, though, on Twitter, right? It was kind of people they like No one. These people don't actually care what's going on. I think LeBron ripped it, didn't he? There was I saw Patrick Mahomes is like, what are you doing? It's like, oh, OK.


I mean, I don't know. I don't know if I've told you guys this this story, it's it's an old one and it sort of speaks to it speaks to everything you've seen us build since this moment and where and what I've chosen to do with my career. But it would have given you the early seeds of if you were looking back at this moment from right now and look what was around us, you would say, OK, I understand how that happened.


So I am on the field in the first season of the Florida Marlins, we are about, I don't know, 30 games into the season and they lose in St. Louis and Maggette pinch hit after the game and popped out in the game and popped up Mags. And so I wrote a story the next day in the Miami Herald. And this was it was before analytics and I wasn't doing my job. Well, this is a young reporter doing his job poorly because all I was doing out there is questioning every single decision Renee Latchman made in the game.


OK, in print, I just questioned decision after decision in regular season game. Thirty one against the Cardinals. And so I wish I knew that day. I love it. OK, no, but hold on a second. Wait a minute. But this is where the part gets fun because that's not the part of the story that you would recognize. It's the next part that you would recognize. The next time we're in a meeting, after I've written that or with Renee Latchman, the manager of the Marlins Lache, I left the paws there for you.


I appreciated it. The negative water. The next time you were drinking someone, I was sort of bumped. I had to wait. I had to leave the silence there because people were drinking water to say his one syllable of belt sleaziness. So I had to wait there for a second, too.


And so Latchman is complaining. Lache correctly complaining because he's like, Are you serious? Is this how you're going to cover the team? You're going to question every decision. And my response was, come on, Lache, it's just fun and games.


Latchman We're just having fun here. It's all entertainment. Why are you taking it so seriously? He looked at me like I ten minutes with it. SHOWBIZ's baby. What do you mean why am I taking this so seriously?


I've dedicated my life to know why here and I'm like, I've got my palms up and I'm just sort of dancing in front of me. What do you mean? It's kind of fun?


All of this is fun. It just decisions.


I'm just writing about the visual of you with bottoms up. Yeah. Just so it around. What do you mean to Lachs. Just fantastic like you for that. Yes.


You're welcome. Is Rene Latchman. Still in in the league, is he still a third base coach for somebody? I think I saw him not, but a season ago, I think he was with the Rockies the last time I remember seeing him.


Let's see where latches right now. By the way, this is this is this is a dangerous topic. But Kevin Cash was happy that Justin Turner went back on the field. Great. Because then that totally shifted the conversation away from Kevin Cash and no doubt is retired Lache Latchman.


I'll put it on the pole. Garmo Was Kevin Cash secretly happy that the Dodgers were infected? Because what you're shaking your head, no, but isn't that what you're saying it is right there. It's not. Put that on the pole. Yeah, no, that's maybe not on the pole. Maybe scrub it for those toned private thought. Yeah, I make that disappear.


I don't think it should be private. I think there's something to it. I mean, tone deaf. OK, would you celebrate with a with a teammate that tested positive for covid. And he's out there, it's so irresponsible. I'm sorry, it is I'm sorry, it's shame on Major League Baseball for putting that decision on him. Well, shame on everybody involved.


OK, we probably should have put the shame out there. Blanket of shame. Wait a minute. The rare shame on shame on every situation.


I hadn't put that decision in the hands of players because in the locker room, look, we've gone on this journey. We're brothers. We've gone through all this adversity. They are emotional. They just reached the height of their sport. They're at the absolute summit. They are not thinking straight. They're not thinking about long term consequences. They were making an emotional decision in the moment. And for that, I think you have to judge them by the moment and say, OK, the players are obviously going to decide to have Turner out there.


You've got to take that decision out of their hands.


All fair points, with the exception of this, A, you're a fully formed adult. Put a mask on if you're going to go if you're if your teammates want to celebrate with you, the very least you could do for everyone, not just your teammates. Everyone out there is put a mask on.


Yeah, Turner absolutely has a lot of blame because he's not wearing a mask. He's being irresponsible. He's kissing girlfriends. He's taking group photos and he's purposefully pulling down his mask.


And you're a fully formed adult who knows your manager is a cancer survivor. No, no, no. He's a baseball player. Someone remind Dave Roberts that he's a cancer survivor. I'm not blaming Turner. Roberts wanted to celebrate with Turner.


You're giving him too much credit with fully formed adult. I mean, you've been in baseball clubhouses, Stan. They're not the most mature people in the bunch.


I am not asking someone. There needs to police that. Whether it's Major League Baseball. I realize the emotion. I realized that wanting to celebrate together, someone needs to tell Dave Roberts, you cannot celebrate with Justin Turner tonight. You can't do it. You're cancer survivor.


Can't do it through God. You are correct. There isn't, I don't believe, an argument on the other side. What Mike is doing is he's simply placing you in the position of the human beings who you think are making decisions because you're watching on television unemotional. And Mookie Betts is totally good being quoted as saying bleep off everybody. We wanted him in here. He's our teammate. We wanted him with us. We're going to make the rules at our moment of triumph whenever we're sitting here.


Oh, you guys doubted us all season. It was us against the world. Got the things these guys do to rally around so that they because I've been in a lot of clubhouses where this is the thing, losing clubhouses, even.


It's about the twenty five who are in there and it's us against everybody else. Right. Nobody believes in us. Nobody cares about us the way we care about us. Nobody cares about this the way we care about it. And in that circumstance, do not. You is the guy who in this segment was saying bleep you play your own hand, right? Let me play my hand. You play your own hand. It's real easy for you to tell them, hey, you do your celebration my way, not your way.


No, I realize how difficult with the emotion you just won the World Series that guys at the center of that team. I realize all that. That's why they can't be making those decisions. Someone needs someone from Major. Someone needs to be emotional. Yes, it is. It is totally irresponsible. I don't really even know what would be the argument on the other side of this. Hey, it's not it's a one percent death rate. It's a less than one percent death rate.


If you're playing math and probabilities, come on, none of those guys are likely to die. Even as you are saying, Dave, Robert is older and has an immune system that has been hit by cancer.


They're not likely to die. But there's also there's other people out there on the field. You know, there's people covering the games. Umpires are out there. I mean, there's people out there.


But that's the whole that's the microcosm for what's going on in America right now. Right outside our any time you walk out of here, there are people all over the place not wearing masks. I know. Like, that's the whole argument in American terms of a microcosm where the bare minimum on unselfishness is put on a mask. Yeah, the bare minimum on you can do something for others and that others. The way that you help them is by simply inconveniencing yourself, by slipping on a mask that you don't want to be wearing because it's hot outside.


You have trouble breathing when you're wearing it or you don't want to walk up stairs with a mask. It's the bare minimum ask and a lot of people are telling you bleep off. You're asking too much of me. I know.


And it's annoying and it's frustrating because I was really not at that age.


But it's why America is in the position it's in right now. It's why our country here. And it's about to get worse, by the way, because we ignored everything when all the other countries were teaching us how to handle and how not to handle it. And then it got here. And it's been worse here than it's been anywhere. And now you're seeing the second wave go through parts of Europe where they handled it better than we did because everyone handled it better.


Than we did in that second wave is going to end up coming over here as well, at least in part because you've got so many people disconnected on the science, they want to argue that this is politics and and and it's the same thing. I know. But you have this big platform and you have a chance to set an example. So a lot of people could see it. Right, because we need people, especially athletes. Right. It would be great.


But you need the common people to see. And that's where I need the president of the United States to be wearing them. In the absence of that, I'll look for the athlete. But really think about that idea. I know, but that's what you're doing. That's where we're at. Who got you may be there, but that's not where I am. I supposed to look, you're I'm not going to expect more from my athletes than I do for my president.


Putin just instituted a national mask mandate. Know, yeah, I was watching Jianmei, most states, well, not most states, a good chunk of states are increasing, spiking Florida. Actually I think it's a testament to how poorly we've handled it were flat or declining on the Good Morning America. Now, you know. Well, how?


Because we were just the Wild West before. So everybody else has loosened up and we've been loose for a while. I really don't know.


Let me ask you guys this question, because I'm at a loss, OK? Mike Ryan was shamed for going to a University of Miami game. And I, like many of you, want to get back to portions of my life. This has been really isolating. This has been abnormal in terms of mental health or depression, where you're just not seeing or touching or being around or laughing with the people that you love in a way that it isn't, you know, artificial in some way because you're on FaceTime or you're on Zoom and you feel the distance even as you're trying to connect.


And I don't know who got am I allowed to have people over? Like, when am I allowed? I am feeling even as I'm trying to be responsible, when am I allowed to have some form of normal where I can stand outdoors listening to music with 12 of my friends? I think you could do it just in in circuit in certain situations. Like why can't you just walk across the street to the beach, right. Lay out a blanket, have 10 friends, maybe you're wearing masks, maybe you're separate enough where you don't have to.


You put music on.


You have a couple of from a guy that's traveled to 17 lacrosse tournaments during global pandemic.


Listen, man, I've been tested. I'm fine. I mean, what do you know? Hot states.


That's a good point, Mike. Let me I was asking that people over my house, I've had it in the backyard outside by the pool, but it's been like my family. That's it. It's been like my sister in law. It hasn't been how you approach this.


You don't reveal anything or put anything on social media. Don't say the thoughts that are in your head right now. Don't say that you've had family. I guess I to say I've been hiding under my mattress for several months. And that way you don't get the mentions and you don't get the shaming and people just assume you are doing the right thing.


Like they see me at the Clevelander every day by a strict protocol. You you're 62. Yes. We got there's a hand sanitizer out there. I saw it sent by Disney, that flimsiest thing I've ever seen. It's got a foot pedal that'll break apart as soon as you're on it.


It's like to kill. Not even so.


It's an interrogation, it turns out, convinced they are absolutely just covering themselves legally by saying there's a protocol in place because they put a sticker on the floor that says keep six feet apart. They send a cardboard piece of paper that has the rules back there where a face covering. Let's see what the rules are.


I don't know if you heard this about the pandemic, but you should always wear a face covering wash your hands for twenty seconds.


Complete health checklist. Well, wait a minute. We we stop doing the complete health health check because the guy the guy who does that temperature ran away because it got so bad down.


I thought I went there this morning all the time looking for him. He's been gone for six weeks.


Where your idea at all times. Come on, come on. I'm not touching the face. That's a tough what I do it so much.


During the show, my wife yells at me and avoid contact with those who are ill. OK, I think that's pretty obvious. Thank you for the six foot placard.


Last night.


There had to be a Dodgers doctor or PR team member that was just freaking out, mortified like there, like some little PR intern that's just like he shouldn't be on the field. Why is he out? He just took his mask off and then they're just like Mooki. Mookie's like, not today, PR guy.


No, I want I want you to imagine someone much smaller than Justin Turner trying to stand in Justin Turner's fire breathing face as he takes off a mask and wants to get out to be with his teammates. Some guy who's been some guy in PR who's been asking Justin Turner every day this season to do something Justin Turner doesn't want to do.


Some guy you got to go on this show, you got to show up to this appearance gives Justin Turner nothing and spends his life taking from Justin Turner no standing in his way, telling him he can go celebrate today with Girlschool. Oh, just Pasig. Oh, this is not going to look good. This is a bad look for us. I want you to imagine all those guys in suits getting trampled by all the Dodgers, breathing on them and puking on them and coughing on them as they run out there.


Does this place look haunted? No, I don't think so. What about those? Two creepy girls come stay with us. That is truly frightening. You know what's really scary, missing out guy, this great service attacker, you get 24/7 access to licensed agents. Thank you. Creepy girls were to see your room. I couldn't sleep in the car now. Happy Geico.


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