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See stores for details. No, no. Oh, Jamie, oh, Jamie went from go to Hero.


Oh, Poppy. Poppy, the guy out there. That's right. I was right there in the front row, I should say, my friend Poppy. That was crazy at the end. That was crazy, but it was crazy. He sent me a couple of bad calls, so. Oh, what I got Debro, my buddy.


Oh, you got the remote again. You got the roommate. That's right. You had the roommate yesterday and now you've got it out again. Poppy, I can't believe they beat that team twice. I can't believe how quiet Giannis Antetokounmpo has been.


Oh that guy he can win the big one but he cannot win the big one big guy he got to go back to Greece. Why does he have to go back to Greece to refresh his mind. Oh to have some.


Yeah. To get away, to get away from the bubble and the pressure and everything else. Who played well. Who did you, who got you excited last night.


Oh I mean the trial was good. Jimmy happened though. So even though he managed to win in. Free throws, you know, he had he had his Nawash self last night and, you know, they didn't play very well. I mean, you know, that's what he said. Good team, you know, so.


But who got you fired up? What got you fired up? The crowd of threes. What got you fired up? Oh, they were making threes or Tyler, who he was to be able to Soloveichik cause and she was on fire and Jamie had a quiet night. But, you know, I mean, he came through in the clutch and everything just fell into place last night.


Were you mad at Jimmy at the end? Yeah. He forgot to call time out. You got a call timeout. You know, you get trapped like that, you gotta call timeout.


You know, every time you've ever been trapped like that, you've called timeout.


You've taught me that since we were you know, since I was a kid, I dropped my shorts on my way. That's a signal to the referee. So you got to give me a timeout.


Were you mad at the referees yesterday? Yeah, I mean, of course. I mean, that wasn't as fouls, but they gave, you know, the to be points on that three point shooting. That wasn't a foul, but there was payback time. You know, they came back and they gave him give me two free throws twice a game. So, you know, they realize that they have made a bad call. So they came back and they corrected that call that they made.


So where are you now? Are you afraid?


I'm just calling you from home. I'm about to go into work. Are you afraid of Antetokounmpo? Three, I, I be up for a guy who was afraid of the guy I got the girl, my buddy. That's what I got to tell you. Poppy Harlow with Brook Lopez. Brook Lopez, I've never seen such a great Hispanic basketball player. Eloquent. I'm not sure. I don't think so.


But are you scared of him? He's scared. He's making all those shots from the perimeter.


Yeah, he's he's he's doing well from the outside. He can shoot from the outside. Yeah. It's a good outside shooter. I was surprised. I just looked it up. Eloquent. See, his father says his estranged father, the Lopez brothers, are Cuban. Oh, I didn't know that, you know, that's good to know. Well, erm, anyway, though, professor. Hello. Hello. Hello. The ghetto, Poppy, I love you.


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Over two point three million people are in jail in prison today. Black Americans make up forty percent of those incarcerated, despite making up only 13 percent of U.S. residents. This is not an accident. It's a consequence of decades of bad policy decisions. As we address systemic racism, we must address the crisis of mass incarceration. Joe Biden promised an ACLU volunteer that if elected, he'd reduce incarceration levels by 50 percent. We need him to follow through on that promise.


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But the last two games haven't played out that way. But there are a couple of questions I have. One of them is, is today Dan is loud wrong day. Is it already here? Has it arrived already? Because I was skeptical of the Miami Heat being able to do what they've presently done. And that leads into my second question, which is Heat fans. When is the last time that you had this specific experience? Because I know the heat is lost as a one seed.


I know the heat has won sixty games and lost. I know that the Heat have had good teams that have been upset. But how often did the heat give you the underdog story in that sport of. Overcoming a team that has been better than them all season, I'm trying to remember they were they were underdogs against Oklahoma City in the finals, but that seems ridiculous in retrospect. When you think back on it, LeBron, Wade and Bosh, you should never really be underdogs.


But they were also underdogs when they were down in that Dallas series with Dirk Nowitzki. But they ended up coming back to win that series conference semifinals against Toronto.


A couple of years ago. You had Chris Bosh with the blood clots and you had Dwayne Wade tapping into his prime self. That was really fun to watch. And they end up losing blown out in seven games at that game, seven at Toronto. But that's the last time it felt like this.


But how often does any team give you this? This right now on its way to the playoffs? Through six games. Yes. To zero against the best team in the sport. Not often, right. It's the first time it's happened. A team being up to zero against the one seed and leading leading all six games.


Really? Like never. You're never I don't know what their largest deficit has been, but whatever it's been has been small and has been in the first quarter. They haven't had much in the way of large deficits. But Mike Ryan is saying that Toronto series and what I'm assuming here is the idea of victory. Mike, I'm assuming when's the last time that he gave you the Game seven win as an underdog in Toronto, as a win as an underdog?


We haven't really been an underdog all that often as an underdog. I think that Spurs series because you knew you were going up against a great team and they had the Ray Allen shot in six and seven. You were still a little nervous. And that was basically as close to a tie as I've ever seen in NBA Finals.


So probably that Spurs series the first four, they were the Heat, the higher seed, Wade's rookie year against the Hornets, because I know everyone was like surprised by that team, maybe that series we were the favorite. I'm not sure.


I think that was a four or five, because I remember I think I remember that clinching game on home court. So. Yeah.


So the reason I ask you all of this is for the absurd sports talk radio question. And we will probably, I'm guessing, try and spend the three hours here in some form talking about the heat today.


Would this be the biggest upset in heat history over the course of a playoff series? Now the biggest game they've got to singular games. They beat Golden State on that Dwayne Wade shot. And they also beat Michael Jordan's bulls with like seven Heat players healthy and Rex Chapman scoring a bunch of points. But in a series, are we are we right now approaching and it's not over. And Erik Spoelstra say all the important things about it not being over. And you should still fear that team because it is a very good basketball team and they could beat you a couple of times, even though over the first two games it would appear that without adjustments, what Miami is doing is working to smother Milwaukee strengths.


Eastern Conference semifinal victory, their first series against the Knicks, the one that they actually took. That's the last time that you had a second round upset, really, where you felt like, oh, they actually just beat a team that we all thought was better than them. So way back in 1998, was it? And would this one be bigger? This one would absolutely be. So there's a reigning MVP, the best team in basketball, like most people would pick.


This is head and shoulders, the best team, at least in its own conference. And many people would have pegged as the best team in basketball. This is the biggest upset in postseason franchise history if they actually finish the job.


Yeah, I think with that question, why are you even like without question, they're there. They're up to one with a one seed in Milwaukee with the MVP and Giannis I mean this is a massive upset. This is one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport.


Well I don't know if it's that given how many really. Well so many people picked it, so many if, if indeed they do win the series. There were plenty of people saying that they would and I don't think of four against the one is a big, you know, biggest in NBA history. But I would say that even though Milwaukee are a five against one, even though Milwaukee has not been good in the bubble and they have not been, and even though Milwaukee toward the end of the season had a little bit of stumble in them, that regular season that the Milwaukee Bucks put together is as overwhelming a regular season as a basketball team has ever had.


Playing Giannis thirty minutes a night because they always had double digit lead.


It's probably bothering our listeners. The six NBA Finals against Dallas. Most people were picking Dallas in that 06 NBA Finals.


The reason that I say this to you though is because as I recall that I don't remember who was favored in that series.


It was Dallas. And remember, that series was pretty much over to oh and Miami trailing by double digits late in the fourth quarter. So that was a miraculous survival and championship.


But I was saying that when that series started and I'm doing this from. Memory, I've not looked it up. Yes, when they were down to well, of course, coming back in that series was the surprise that they went into Dallas and won. Game six was the surprise. But when that series started, because they had Shaq and Wade and Dallas only, quote unquote, had Dirk Nowitzki.


Yeah, but that was like the Western Conference is just so overwhelming. I remember kind of being low key surprise that the Heat dealt with Detroit as easy as they did there. Most people were picking look, Dallas had home court in that series for a reason. Dallas was a pretty overwhelming regular season team and many people had them pegged. So 006 in all fairness. But in terms of your own conference, feeling like, oh, this is an upset because if you make it to the NBA finals, it can only be a quantifiable upset by by so much because you got to the NBA finals, no one's expecting a first a second round except for the Milwaukee Bucks.


They're supposed to continue to get better. This is a step back for that franchise if they lose.


What is this? You guys are acting like someone said there's no energy going through history books. You're up to nothing. Can you celebrate?


You be happened the last time. The history of the. Let's go through. We're in a library. We need to talk very quietly. No energy, but get excited that you're going to eliminate Yanase, who's a bum, by the way. They've been awful. What? He's been on the court and in minus twenty one they've better without him. Thirty seven in Milwaukee. The Bucks, you just play the heat without him cause they don't know what to do when he's not on the floor.


You talk about any of that. We're going to go through the history books and oh Pat Riley, that's coming soon enough.


You really flip you really flip this from day to day because we absolutely accurate and how we started. And now you're the voice of cocky Heat fan. So, yeah, absolutely. I just have three. You know what's happening here? Seagate's this is what's happening here. I had the heat in three heat. You had the heat. Either one. I mean, Mike and Dan wanted the bucks to win. They were rooting against the heat. Now the heat are winning, too, like, oh, what do we do now?


Because the other two. Right, it's always like we're always figuring stuff out.


I must go with the flow. I had it wrong. You had it right. You had that ill time, Jimmy Butthead tweet that I saw. But this is absolutely a win for you, really.


But yeah, I don't think we can argue you. No, but had play was it not. Yeah, but Billy is right. Let's go with the flow. Get this call. I mean, let's go the two. Whoa. I mean we're up to oh we come back home to the triple lay up to 30000 fans. We're going to be late to the game. Lizzie, this is the biggest upset in the history of the NBA five. It's a one off.


They beat him in four games. I mean, don't get into guts.


Duncan Robinson hasn't gotten going yet. And we know role players struggle on the road.


Now he's back at the friendly confines, the friendly confines with their computerise logo on the court. It's going to be amazing. And listen, you got to love Richard Jefferson. We've already arrived at the point where Jarvis is now Scottie Pippen and it's someone on these nerds are in the library reading history books to guys.


Well, we're writing them. Yes, exactly.


You have us in a library. I've got Dan putting that great game last night on the therapy couch.


We come in and he's like, let's talk about this. Let's really dissect our feelings about it and really put this in first. But no, no, no, it's too well. Let's forget about the fact that twelve means a lot less when it's no home court advantage in seven games without, you know, on the it's a walk back to the same hotel.


To the same court. Right, exactly. This is one of those great moments had the checks and balances of Billy because we absolutely aired and how we opened this show. We were wrong. For all my cocky bravado and confidence that this was a good matchup for the Miami Heat, I said it was going to be a long series and I ultimately picked the Milwaukee Bucks. Now, I did move off of that after game one. But I mean, everybody could do that after game one.


The Miami Heat are doing something that outside of Billy picking them in three, no one saw this coming. What do you mean, Chris? Out of it, too? I and one. I mean, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, guys.


Goran got bailed out, by the way, because Gordon's play was dumber than Jimmy's player. He just lobbed it straight up.


And that's pretty dumb.


Obviously, a lot of people talking about the final call and obviously people say make up call. And when you hold it in direct comparison to what happened before with Goran Dragic, it seems like an obvious call to to make in that spot.


Did this happen to anyone else where I think the heat were up, I don't know, nine with just under two minutes to go. I think Jimmy Butler or Bam was on the foul line. It's right before he found out of the game.


Did you leave the game? Did you turn off the television? Did you leave early? I came back, so I left it on ESPN and Doris Burke was on the call. I forget who was doing the play by play. They did a tremendous job, by the way.


It is very hard to create energy when there's no energy in the actual building.


And whoever the broadcast team was yesterday, I don't respect them enough to know who they are. But they did a great job. I said, Dore's, Burke, someone else. I can't remember the play by play. Our Queen Noor is holding Sèvres Jabe accountable who man that I have 20 plus years of. It was a furnace blast that Steve Jobs got. He might as well have said it directly to my face. I was so angry at his breakdown of what happened.


Yeah, I had a confident walk out of my house. I was doing something outside because I thought the heat were up to so that I strolled back in and it was a tie ball game with like 20 seconds ago. So then I had to rewind back to a minute fifty and I had to watch what happened the rest of the game.


That's the beauty of the bubbles. You got a bubble. You can leave and come back if things change.


Wouldn't you guys prefer to talk about the days of running psychology in this history book of the 1988 Miami Heat back when they started the original broadcaster, Eric Reid, one of the original employees. What did you do last night, Billy, when you were watching the heat fall apart at the end of the game? Because not only the Goran Dragic nonsense, but Jimmy Butler for all the clutch. And I mean, a lot of people were saying so very clutch the clutch as he wants the ball in the fourth quarter.


Jimmy himself said after the game and this was funny, all we would have won in overtime anyway. What you would have won if you made two free throws but you made one of two and then you got another chance at the end of the game because you were bailed out. But when he's talking and they're talking about the luckiest of clutch, he and what he ends up doing is not only not calling time out, but the worst play you can have, which is an alley oop to Brook Lopez that allows them to score quickly, but almost toss it in himself.


I know Brook Lopez, Brook Lopez, I mean, but it's just a total panic. Good job. Like, that's the worst play you can do. He would have been better off throwing it up straight in the air, throwing it up at the other end of the terrible. But you threw your first of all, Brook Lopez had the mismatch on Goran Dragic there and you throw him up perfect post up from He almost dunked on drug.


This is right he almost made a three for them.


He did not want to go. Yeah well let's give Jimmy credit. He hit on two counts. I mean that's it. Listen they never counted more. Jimmy hit him.


I mean we knew it was going to be a pressure filled free throw attempt by Jimmy Butler. And if you watch the heat this regular season, you know that this is usually a situation with Jimmy Butler splits these. But then the added twist of two free throws, zero time on the clock, No. One on the lane.


I know that was something that was it felt haunting to me. I felt bad for Jimmy Butler, like, oh, that seems unpleasant. Can't you just put some people in the lane to camouflage it?


That was ticky tack, right? Like, I know it benefited the heat, but like, if you're playing a pickup game, you would hate the person that calls that foul. It was love it it was love.


It was Ticketek and the call on Goran Dragic. You can't call that in that spot. Three fouls. I don't think you can call that in any spot. The one on Goran Dragic. I was such a bad call so yeah it was a wake up call. Soft call probably Giannis did nudge him but one held in direct comparison to the Goran thing. I think it was absolutely fair.


Can we please though and again I have aired for a second time and not immediately going down this path with you guys because I keep getting tempted to make my way toward the books, the old rust colored books in your library.


And please, can we please explore can we please explore a would it indeed have been three points for Milwaukee if Jimmy Butler had accidentally thrown it into his own basket? And B, can we please explore the show we'd be doing if that had if we were all learning?


What if we could wait a minute. Let's explore for a second what the show would be if the Heat coughed up the game because Jimmy Butler falling out of bounds, throw it into his own basket from such a distance that Milwaukee got three points for it.


Keep in mind, Middleton still has only three of the game. Keep in mind, Middleton still had a shot after that. That didn't exactly tie the game. So Miami so low.


Please, no need for the clarification's. I want to think about the show we would be doing right now if Jimmy Butler clutch clutch guy of experience in a panic, could simply thrown in the ball accidentally into his basket while falling out of bounds.


I got so bothered by the clutch. You know, they're going to go to Jimmy Butler here in the fourth. And he's a guy that you go to inspect, went with his like he I would love to see his Wade end of game playbook. It's probably just on his notes on his iPhone because he drew up a way to end up shot. Not that there was a lot of time for it, but credit to Jimmy Butler, who gets to the line.


But you could I was so aggravated by the people that have clearly not watched the Miami Heat this season that was predictable. Jimmy Butler basically told you this game from Jimmy Butler was coming.


Not only that, Mike, I've got the impression tell me if you guys have felt this, because I do feel a whole lot of people are suddenly discovering the Miami Heat. And I feel like you guys tell me if I'm wrong on this on the day I'm wrong about everything I feel like. The country hasn't been paying attention to this team. They're expecting some. OK, we're going to go to Jimmy Butler throughout the fourth quarter and he's just going to go man on man and he'll do the Donovan Mitchell stuff or he'll do the Jamal Murray stuff.


And it's like, wait a minute, you guys haven't been watching the way this works around here. Like, they might give him some last shots. But he's not wandering around saying, I'm absolutely the number one guy. I take all the important shots. In fact, like you don't look at the minutes he's getting in these games, like it's a lot of minutes, but they're sitting him the way you don't sit one of these forty two minute guys, when they throw LeBron out there for the entire important games, like, that's not that's not the kind of number one that he is.


It's why I say he's not a superstar to gods, because as good as he is and as they're topping out everything this team can be while they grow the young players, Jimmy Butler is absolutely not someone who's going to very often get you eighteen fourth quarter point no.


Thirty six minutes last night, Yoda's played thirty six minutes to Mike's point. The big game is usually followed up by a game that's not nearly as good if you haven't watched the heat. And I'm not saying I've watched a ton of games, OK, because I haven't. But ball movement and distribution and different scorers, whether it's Tyler Hero or Goran Dragic who continues to play the best basketball of his career, I don't care what anyone take out. I'll take the ball.


You're right. You're right. And then you get Jae Crowder last night. I mean, yeah, there are different guys who make different contributions for the heat on a nightly basis.


The team look the most cocky of Heat fans you're listening to. One of them couldn't have predicted exactly this. Maybe a Heat victory in the playoffs. But the way that they're doing it, they're out executing Milwaukee. I'm standing in my living room upset that Giannis is checking out of games because I like the Heat's chances with him on the court better.


I feel like the biggest shot in that and it got overlooked because the game got closer. Late bands from the elbow to make it six with like a minute left. That was just guts ended up not really mattering because like Jimmy Butler did his thing.


But that was it's funny that you say that because basically those shots that do get forgotten, they get remembered by you specifically because you were pooping yourself, because, like, the reason that those get remembered is you're like, oh, you're so clutch, bam, is because you felt more comfortable going from four to six and sort of spreading out your personal fear cushion. And so you're remembering it the next day. Thank you, bam, for hitting that ridiculous midrange jumper.


There wasn't a great shot in that spot.


I'd say the biggest shot, Chris, was the Jimmy Butler. Free throws. I mean, just, you know, to end the game. And that's probably true.


That that's that's. Yeah, that's something that people will remember. I don't I've never seen it. I wasn't there a championship game. Was there not a national championship game. Andrew Gaze, Michigan. And my remembering this wrong, was there no call? Ramiele Robinson taking shots from a free throw line where the game was over for the championship. Just just not not what point? Something on the clock. Just there was no time on the clock and Ramiele Robinson was shooting.


It was the the Glutting Rice great run throughout the NCAA tournament to help Michigan win it. Ramiele Robinson took those free throws. I think Andrew Gaze that you speak of was on Seton Hall. He was on the other team with PJ Carlesimo. What a name. I mean, the fact that you remembered Andrew Gaze, like out of all of that right. Is your fumbling around, trying to figure out what to do with that game.


Andrew Gaze of all people comes out, big guy from Australia, because I was looking through my history books, as I am wont to do after big victory, as I've been breaking down some film on the Jimmy but play because I was trying to see exactly where his feet were when he threw it to see if it would have been a three or not.


He was standing out of bounds when he released the ball. Yes, I didn't when it happened, but I didn't like I was. I know what's funny about that, right?


I thought in that spot that the Heat should challenge Jimmy Butler, that the Heat should challenge, that he was out of bounds. They didn't have any challenges left that they should have said, yes, you're right. He threw that ball and his foot was touching out of bounds.


He seems to be out of bounds when he releases the ball. So it never stops.


I'm telling you, this is the thing. I don't know if it's because there's no fans on the sideline. I think they're making room for sponsors, the digital sponsors. So you don't have a solid out of bounds line, but people are stepping out of bounds all the time right now. I'm glad you're actually mentioning this. I was right about something.


These playoffs, Billy, do away with out of bounds. You could just take it wherever you want in that arena. I like it. Thank you, Chris. I love your support. Yes, Chris, thank you for this is a stew Ghyslain but I don't know what he's doing. You don't seem to be.


I'm looking up and your dad is up taking a gaze that is got me like this is amazing. Andrew Gaze won two NBA championships.


I want to show the audience I want to show the audience what just happened there. OK, Billy tossed out the absurd idea that made him immediately, you know, sink into quicksand as he did it because he's staring at Stewart, because Stewart's always goes and yes, with whatever it is that the stupid improv is. But Chris was so surprised by it as a glue guy and team player that he tried to give Billy the support he needed. But all he could muster was three syllables of agreement, like he couldn't play along with it.


He tried to be. I'm sorry, Bill, do you not even know what it is? Billy asked you to set up the absurdity of just, you know, annoying me because he needed your support to annoy me there. I have no idea unless it was something about Andrew Gaze. I don't know. I mean, gays.


I know that feeling. So much of saying something that you feel like might be really dumb and you just need somebody to support you. I just need some one person to be like, I know.


And I feel terrible. I feel terrible because Billy has been there for me in that regard for, I don't know, over a decade and I was not there for him. You want to try it again now?


First of all, I'm not apologizing. It was not dumb and I was not trying to annoy Dan. I came up with an idea. You guys are complaining about people stepping out of bounds. And I said we should just remove the out of bounds. You could just go wherever you want in the arena with the ball.


You're absolutely right. It's a great idea. We should there should be no out of bounds. I mean, really, there should be no out of bounds. I love that. If the ball ends up in the stands, players end up with his dad's. So be it.


Play on.


Yes, you go and you can't take it out of bounds, obviously. Right. Because there's no out of bounds. So what do you do? The ball just kind of drops from the ceiling like you do in like foosball or whatever. You just kind of toss the ball back into play and that's how you get the ball. No inbounding.


I do like that better than the jump ball situation. I do like the basket just falling out of the rafters somewhere on the court. I actually like that idea.


A couple of balls up there and then you're looking up and you're like, which one's going to drop, which one's going to drop? And then just a random one drops.


One of the things, because everyone's like, oh, Cocchi Heat fan time.


And I just realized, especially like during the time of the Big Three, so much of that was just poison for the other fan base and the other team and the national media. I don't dislike the Milwaukee Bucks. I like the team. I had not the same. I have no problem. If this were the Celtics, it might feel different. But now they're the Miami Heat. Are the media darling a fancy underdog selection? I'm like, I'm still getting mad at the Sixers because I'm trying to tap back into.


This is the reason, though, that I brought up what I did when I brought in my musty history books, because I don't believe that the Heat have created this kind of exact feeling before, where all you have is the purity of being the underdog on its way to the upset. You don't have hatred. You don't have even the national media that's been paying attention to this team. You can hear it in the way it's covered when they're sitting there saying, gee, here comes Jimmy Butler time.


And it's like not Jimmy Butler.


As I blow the dust off of one of the history books, they didn't actually pull off this upset. But I think there's a good comparison to the team right before Shaq, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant, Dwayne Wade, Caron Butler, going up against that Pacer team and pushing them. You know, Ron Artest was on that team. That kind of feels like this. Only this team might actually do it.


I mean, the last team that was great was a stacked team. It felt unfair that this is a lovable underdog team and perhaps we've never had one down here. Life is kind of like the malas of 2003. That's what this team is. And people are starting to get beyond it.


It's fun. I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm not hating these but teams. But Wesley Matthews and Eric Bledsoe last night, we're getting under my skin a little bit. They were playing some some tough defense and I wasn't liking it too much.


You know what I was doing last night?


I was watching on YouTube Paula Dukas first at bat as Dukey right off the runway at the airport, one pitch home run because they did this list. Starling Martey hit a home run in his first hit as a Marland, his first game as a Marlan. And I'm looking at the list. And Paula Duke is not on it. I'm like that they forget about this. They lost that game. Dan, remember to the Expos?


Well, what's funny about that is because I just took everyone behind the curtain on how you support a teammate. I want everyone to notice there that Chris Cody was getting mad at people and wanted the support of Bledsoe and everything he was talking about. But Billy already had lined up whatever he was going to say about Martey. And so he totally ignored Chris just floundering out there, just lobbing sort of the I was mad. They were playing tough defense and I was mad.


But you didn't exactly help them out either. Yeah, well, Bill, you were next, though, I you saw Butler got that text from me, flagrant four Shoven Wesley Adams. Yeah. You got a little Tolum Christie there. It wasn't it was like the first game. It was kind of like respect on both sides. But you saw in game two, let's say it was like I'm back and I'm going to play aggressive defense. It's like, relax, Eric Bledsoe.


Yeah. Yeah. All right. Hold on a second.


As you dismiss Eric Bledsoe, I believe before we started talking today, you were on the Zoome call saying how scared you were at how Milwaukee ratcheted up the defensive intensity.


It was terrifying.


I mean, it's like we were trying to figure out we were trying to figure out what was happening in game one that the Miami Heat got inside. Turns out Milwaukee just didn't play that well because, holy hell were they intense on defense last night.


I was so stressed last night in that fourth quarter where you go, what are you guys like when the foul call got made? And Jimmy, you found out, OK, Jimmy Butler is going to be at the line with just two shots to win it. Like I was standing up. Oh, I was, like, hopping my wife.


Like, she almost oh, I was standing up the whole game in part because my my furniture still hasn't been delivered.


But, man, that's that's a first time I've felt like that in since a couple of years that the purple shirt guy year with prime way. This is man I miss this feeling of playoff basketball. Now I realize why those Heat teams greatest years of my life, greatest years of my life, and it kind of feels that way. I just need a little bit of added poison and yeah. Fans because Milwaukee, the Bucks, Twitter there aren't in my mentions, they seem very like very pleasant Wisconsin people.


I need to have a little dash of hate and doubt right now. No one's really doubting the Miami Heat.


What you need is the Celtics. That is what this town. That's what we all need. We all need. I'll find it with the Raptors to is annoying.


Oh, it doesn't have to be the Celtics, though. Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, like it doesn't have to be the Celtics. The stakes were so high with all of that craziness. Yes.


Billy, where's Jimmy Goldstein been? Like, why has no team or network got Jimmy Goldstein in the front row of these games? He's every single game. Where has he been?


It's an excellent question. I got to think that maybe given that he spends these tens of thousands of dollars to just attend one of these games, that perhaps he doesn't want to hurt his brand by appearing virtually where he's he's against his brand.


I think he's the guy. He knows how to work a computer. He's the guy who delivers.


No, I think you like maybe like Jimmy Butler, who doesn't want family.


They're like, bring in Jimmy Goldstein is your plus one, right. You won't bother you. And then he'll be in the bubble. You could just do as Jimmy Goldstein stuff. He's the guy who knows what. I'm sorry.


I think that Jimmy Goldstein wants to be. I think that Jimmy Goldstein wants to have the best seats at every single game. He doesn't want to just have some virtual seats that someone else has been. Well, Dwayne Wade was a virtual fan.


He got tapped up by Jimmy Butler. Can you find out what this X thing that Pat Riley is doing to Jimmy Butler? Is he calling him an X Factor? Pat likes to have these little cute things with these like star player on each team. He would call LeBron Boat and now he's holding up an X and he's just going, hey, hey, X. And it's kind of cute because he's aging and he's a little creakier movement a little bit.


And he probably thinks it's so cool. And there's like major dad vibes from it right now.


But can you find out what that means? I will ask him. I will ask what the X means and boat is best of all time. Those were happier times between Pat Riley and LeBron James as you're able to increase the amount of people through each round.


Right. I think that's just how it works, where you can invite more more people, friends, family. Do you think someone will invite Jimmy Goldstein to inside the bubble? I mean, I think someone probably will, right?


I don't think he has a patience for quarantine. Really. Well, wait a minute.


He's also no Pat Riley. He's only allowed on the on the sort of perimeter of the bubble because of his age. Mean Goldstein. It's like he's a mummy. Like, what are you talking about?


Dogs. High risk to me.


Anyway, just on the surface at all times, though, never mind. During a pandemic, you just look at Jimmy Goldstein and you're like, go ahead and Google this. If you don't know who we're talking about, as I imagine many of you don't. But go on Google and tell me if that person doesn't look high risk just by looking at it.


Look at Jimmy. He's been through more than this judge in a book by his cover, though. I mean, Jimmy could be a great shape for all we know. And if you're the Lakers, someone has to invite Jack Nicholson. I mean, they do it. They make it to the finals. You got to invite Jack. I want Jack sitting there more than I want my mom sitting there.


I do wonder if there's going to be a secondary market for virtual Fancy's. Like if someone gets one of these NBA final virtual fancy, do they put it on StubHub and do they go for thousands and thousands of dollars?


Billy, I'm sorry, I didn't say yes to your Martey talk. What is it that you wanted to tell us about the. Who did you have your heart broken by that loss last night? I don't remember last night, not just the Wednesday game. Dan, I'm telling you, next week's The Week, these games leading up to don't really matter. Next week is the week, the three against the Bravo's, seven against the Phils.


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I feel like what makes sports so good is that last night we could have a moment where we hate the referees so much when they do what they did to Goran Dragic and then not two minutes later, love the referee so much for making an equally terrible call. And I just feel like that in a nutshell is why we love sports so much.


I was probably moved that finally America could be united about something in these difficult times and it was just basically just pooping on the referees. What kind of call is that? What do you want Goran Dragic to do at the height of ballet and athleticism in midair? Goran Dragic is going out there putting his hands up and is basically a cigar store. Wooden Indian with his hands up and you get a foul call in America became united all of a sudden everyone.


I don't know if you saw this but if this was one of those crappy comedies from the 70s, people would have in the streets stopped protesting and merely come together to yell at the referees. There would have been no no division in this country anymore.


Doris Burke and Jaffe, they like completely disagree. Doris Burke hit them with I could not disagree with more. This is why.


I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Because Jarvie has not met the referee that he will publicly disagree with you. Right. Thank you, Doris. Doris. All right. Thank you, Dawes, for stripping him naked in front of everybody in front of America so that we can become united and scream at him. Javi, when's the last time does Javi ever disagree with whatever has been called on the court? Like, it sounds like I'm hearing an echo.


He never does. It's it's very frustrating with Javi. But he was called out. I mean, good job. I do a great job by you for for shedding some light on that, because I think you're talking about what a lot of people are thinking to themselves at home.


And I'm asking you guys, I don't want to be, like, quite specific about this because I could watch last night's game and see the Spurs are free to do it. It's you can't be in that booth doing that job, being afraid to take out people that you used to work with because you have relationships with those people. And that's what it seems like Javins doing.


And their confidence was kind of shot and going back to him, because I think everybody watching that was like, what the hell is jabbing talking about? Is this some bias from back in the 90s? What is going on here? Because occasionally and this still happens when I watch the NFL, there's like a Niners Cardinals game. I find out some obscure rule where there could be a free kick from their own twenty yard line and there's a chance at a game winning field goal because someone forgot punt.


I'm like, what is this? There isn't a single person that could have predicted Jimmy Butler shooting two free throws with no one on the lane with zero seconds. I think we all kind of learn that situation.


Yes, we all learned it together. I'm curious, though, and I wonder how the audience feels about this, because I think what Stuart and I are saying could probably be backed by data. If somebody is tracking these things where Steve Jarvie will absolutely just agree with whatever it is that's been called. And one can surmise that it's because of the relationships he has. But I want to remind people that Steve Jarvie is as look at me, a referee.


Has there's ever been in that sport. It didn't seem like he was ever interested in anyone liking him. He ejected not one, but two mascots in his career.


If I may push back slightly. Have you seen what's going on with Tony Brothers? Just hair right now.


I have. I have seen the Beijing. It is. It is not.


Look me. It is everyone. Second twenty twenty words except for Tony Brothers. Steve Jaffe, though, is a referee who in terms of all of the league's referees, it's basically Joey Crawford and who's third place like it's those two guys when you think of a referee who made it all about him. So for him to now go into the booth when other referees didn't love that, he was the guy who always made it about him, like his relationship with the other referees sort of felt a note off because he was always a showman.


He's also he's always he was always dressed like Hugh Jackman in that what does that movie that he made, the greatest show, the greatest show referee, put it on the pole.


Giammo Should Steve Jaffe have for a game dressed like Hugh Jackman in the greatest moment?


Yeah, I think there are two referees that that stick out that are kind of look at me to one had an absolute moment yesterday where he could have made it all about him and teed up Chris Paul like he deserved. Scott Foster didn't take the bait, so credit to him. Maybe the moment was too big for him. And there's another look at me.


Ref is at Moloi as much as Steve Jappy, though. No, no, no. Steve Jadi is it Steve Jadi, Joey Crawford, everyone else and everyone else's.


Mike, I'm not kidding you when I think and I don't want to be hyperventilating knee jerk. Ah. Of the moment.


I mean the visual you've created with Javiera long friendship with a black top hat on top hat of some sort.


Stove, top hat, maybe I can't stop. Yeah, it's I think, though I really do believe this, I believe that you can make the argument that no one is a referee has been despised more for being look at me than Steve Jarvie. Now, what what Joan Crawford had in his advantage is that he was an old person who looked like he was a cartoon tortoise tortoise who's out of the shell. So there was at least some people there who found some lovability.


I don't remember anybody liking Steve Javin, bless his name is Joey. He's a bit older. He's a little pudgy. He's just a lovable, lovable Joey. You know, Tim Duncan for no reason while Duncan was sitting on the bench, actually, you know, when it's Joey Crawford and Nancy Jabe. Yeah, I OK, you just hit me. You go out to him. It's hard to beat, admittedly. But again, Steve Jabe threw out not one, but two mascotte.


So put it on the podium. What's worse? OK, throwing out Tim Duncan, who was quiet on the sidelines, are throwing out not one but two mascots. And I think you guys are right. Does anyone have recollection here among us of Steve Jarvie doing what Doris Burke did to Steve Jarvie last night, which is. I strongly disagree. I strongly disagree with what it is that you're saying.


I've heard Bromo disagree with with the referee before. I can't remember who it was. It wasn't my carry. He was fired after after.


But I'm not talking about Romo as a player, like a player criticizing referees. I'm talking about Steve Jabe. Do we have an example? Do it is this a means to are saying something? I don't believe the stewards has historical context for anything. And I believe people are bored by me looking through the history books. So do we have it right on Jarvie or is this just heat complaints of the moment? Is he someone that actually disagrees ever with the call on the court?


And if he's not, why you have him there, like, honest to God, if maybe I you know, I'm certain they thought he would disagree when they do not have enough proof as of now that he's not going to disagree with anything that's set by the ref.


I can remember a handful of times where he he politely disagrees with the call. But this story there is Steve Jabe, because we knew that was coming. It's the queen, Doris Burke, always beloved by her Q rating. Must be a I mean, amazed the with with NBA fans, but she's become a heat hero. And I don't know if you've noticed this bizarre baby face turn. Kendrick Perkins, beloved by his Twitter. Now, did you see this tweet after the game?


I mean, I am so mad we didn't sign Kendrick Perkins instead of Betty Currie.


Tony, what what do you have here, Dan, if we're building out a sports courtroom? Right. And Stephen A. usually says that he could have won the O.J. case. He could have done all these great things and we believe him. Right.


He's a great defense attorney. Do we have Doris Burke on the other side? Is the prosecutor in a tail of the tape. In the sports courtroom, you have Doris Burke versus Stephen A. Smith.


What do you think? I think that Doris Burke is going to be less polarizing, even though you guys I know you guys like her and I know many people like her. But I will say anyone who's commenting on big games, you will find the fans from the other team bothered by his or her analysis like there was plenty. When Doris Burke was trending last night, there were plenty of people hammering her because they were saying that they didn't like what she was saying about their team.


Who was the other commentator who was the play by play voice? Because they thought there was a moment. There were Dave Paschen, Steve Jabe were both in unison agreeing with Gabby's initial assessment while Doris Burke felt strongly about it. I'm like, what was this? A difficult look in 20/20?


Go ahead, Mike, and play Kendrick Perkins, because this is a little bit this is a little hard to absorb if you are a Heat fan. Kendrick Perkins spent many years just wandering around, getting in everyone's way, setting picks for the Boston Celtics. And I don't I believe we've made a lot of fun of Kendrick Perkins around here over the years for being all bluster and, you know, built like a square and a lot of bluster for someone who didn't do a whole lot of scoring, looking like a pharaoh, looking like Ivan Ooze from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.


This is a guy that you had battles with him when he was with the Celtics. You had battles with him when he was with the Thunder, kind of despised. He is known as the genitalia of a moose by heat. Twitter just across the board the way that people beloved Doris Burke, Kendrick Perkins is hated by heat Twitter and something happened this year.


Well, help me, though, with this part of it, because I know that Vanilla Ice, for example, when he was selling his bogus three or five story Miami, did not embrace everything that was happening there. Are they ready? Is Miami ready to embrace? Kendrick Perkins, longtime hated guy, because he's over here and he's talking like someone who's from this area. He is talking like he was born and raised in the county, Dade Dan.


And he says one specific product here that makes everybody who was born and raised in Miami perk up a little bit. And I use that word on purpose. Here's Kendrick Perkins on Twitter last night.


I keep telling ya, but I'm going to go to Dale first. Take Miley. Stephen Mack's ex me was the books in a must win situation? I said, yeah, the books need this win like a janitor need his cleaning supplies. But guess what? They forgot. They Fabulosos they forgot. They carax. They forgot. They mop. They forgot. They trash bag. They bring lemonade. How you go clean up. You ain't got no supplies.


Maybe go could play with these Miami girls from the day county exposer. You deal with the cat, the OJ regrows the bogus work out some time ago and the people suffering so much tissue. Man, stop playing what he won't. All this smoke every better carry on those birds in the background.


I think you made Rick Ross a role player for the Miami Heat. I was confused by a lot of what was happening there.


Chris, what did you like about that? I don't want to nitpick, but it seemed like he was not really he's just supporting his pick, right? I mean, he picked the heat, so he's just like, I have to I'm going to say whatever I write to support this.


No, he's pro goon's. He's pro the way that Miami gets down. He loves Udonis. He loves Jimmy Butler. Dogs, dogs and who upset of the city, upset of the century. Kendrick Perkins ownable. Fabulosos is unbelievable. But this actually goes against the heat. That's it. They'll turn on him, though.


Also, I mean I mean, not a once again nitpicking picking. I think water works, though. Sometimes we don't have that stuff to clean. Right. If I just have water like I can clean with, I don't need all that stuff. Oh, no, no, it doesn't work.


I feel like Kendrick Perkins sort of got caught up in the air on the analogy where he's like they're like a janitor with no tools at work. And then, you know, the third or fourth item is a garbage bag. They didn't bring their garbage bag. And I saw Brook Lopez in the fourth quarter. They did bring the garbage bag.


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They won't even fit into most shirts. Thankfully, biking really embraces vest culture, so I feel accepted.


Guy go motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.