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How are you doing there?


I'm doing great. Our first episode went pretty well, didn't it?


And you think it went pretty good? I mean, that's a way of looking at it.


I you sound you don't sound very enthusiastic. I was surprised. I couldn't believe it went that well. But, you know, I don't listen to podcast myself, but I only listen to sports radio or the album Hard by America, and only that because it's been stuck in my car CD player for like a year and a half now.


But correct me if I'm wrong, Shina, you do listen to podcast, most successful podcast there about grisly unsolved murders, is that correct?




People paid the download these podcasts because they're exercising or they're stuck in traffic on the way to work and to sort of calm their mind. They want to listen to a ten hour story about a human being getting dismembered and shoved in a barrel. So we don't we don't do that here, folks. We are all about sports on the BROCKMEYER podcast, Human dismemberment, not on the table, at least for now. I mean, who knows what Aubrey Huff will be eventually be capable of.


But anyway, yeah, speaking of that first podcast, we talked about the story last time. Did you see Thom Brennaman, the Cincinnati Reds announcer, who dropped a homophobic slur on air that he resigned?


I did see that. And I think it's just the amount of silliness that he resign instead of just being fired, because only people with cushy jobs are allowed to use a slur at work and then pretend that they wanted to leave the job, because if you had a regular person job, you'd be just fired immediately. You couldn't be like, I will now be resigning my position as a Starbucks barista. I should not have said what I said about that man's ultra caramel frappuccino before you got the sentence to it that your boss would be calling the police ridiculous.


Yeah, Brennaman released a statement saying, quote, My family and I have decided that I am going to step away from my role as the television voice of the Cincinnati Reds. I would like to thank the Reds, Reds fans and the LGBTQ community for the incredible support and grace they have shown my family and me.


Yeah, I don't know if that's true that the LGBT community has been showing him support. I feel like Tom might be writing his own history.


They're like, oh, yes, no, the LGBT people have been they've been behind me this whole time. Of course they forgive me. They love me.


That's what LGBT stands for. Lesbian, gay, Brennaman. Come, Tom. I mean, doesn't he make it sound like there's a chance we're going to see him as a judge on Rupal Drag Race or something? Because I don't quite believe that's the situation. So I think the correct way to have done that letter would be to write, I'm sorry for what I've done, I'm stepping away, et cetera, et cetera.


And then yet again, interrupt his own written message with a home run call.


You know, I feel terrible for what I've done. I've hurt many people and that one is, well, head out to right center field. Somebody inject me with penicillin because that ball is gonorrhea. You should have written that out. Now to more more on Brand for Tom Brennaman, don't you think?


I mean, I certainly would have enjoyed it more. Well, hard to enjoy it any less. All right. Let's get to our guest today, because you've been waiting patiently and we do have a great one. I'm actually I'm very excited to talk to this man, especially after our last guest.


You know, this guy as the co-host of the Dan LeBreton show Wister GATT's on ESPN Radio's. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the lovely and talented Stu Got. Stu, how are you?


I am I am good. Jim honored to be the second guest on the podcast. Figured I'd be the first guest a little a little pissed off about that. Going to be honest with you, I coming out swinging.


Yes, well, it is. It's the Dan Libertador show with got on the show with Dan LeBreton went sort of in the order it's Bill better.


Totally understand. I feel like I'm just like the wave Stu Godse like on this this little toe that hangs off like everyone has five toes and I'm a six to that kind of hangs off to the side when they do the with love it looks like six. Lizcano Yeah.


I find that really, really relatable. Yes. Yeah. You can have your own little support group but I mean I to that to what you're saying.


Yes. You know, you're often referred to as Dan Libertador sidekick. I think that's rude and inaccurate because you have you helped make Dan what he is. You got him on the radio. You're not his sidekick. You're not the Robin to his Batman. You're more like you're more like Alfred.


You know, if Batman's life was a lot more sad and boring and disappointing when Alfred was with that, Alfred was the butler.


Right? I mean, if it was about dads, but that would be Mike. Mike is Dad's butler. I'm perfectly fine with being. Sidekick, because the end and being the sidekick comes with very few expectations, right, like if the ratings are great, I'll take all the credit. If they're bad, I'll blame it on Leadbitter because I'm the sidekick. It's not with it's not me and Dan. It's like 80 percent darn 20 percent me, unless we have a good rating bug and then it's 80 percent me 20 percent dead.


And you get what I'm saying. Yeah, I do.


It's a great job if you're if you're a coward like you just admitted that you are. Yes. I get it.


It's low pressure. You know, you're like that guy you have let's face it. You're like that player who does not want the ball in the last minute of the game.


That is on the ball. Yes. Yes. I am looking to get rid of the ball as quickly as possible to give it to a better player. Yes.


Yes. Give it to them.


You're a curious pair, you two guys, though, because in every sports radio duo, each person has a set of skills or expertise that complements the other person. I consider you as being the one who knows more about actual sports and what, to be honest, knows more about actual radio as well.


So what is it exactly that Dan brings to the partnership? Is he just a large collection of very colorful hats that he puts on his large square blackish? What does he bring?


Not a lot. A bad attitude, a bad mood, a lot of weight. What he brings, though, is he brings.


You mean you mean that in every sense the gravitas and also just a lot of heaviness to his body.


That is exactly right. But his biggest strength, what he brings to us is credibility, because Lord knows, I don't have any Lord knows the shipping container has less than I do. And what Dan brings is an amazing amount of credibility to what it is we do every day. I equate it to, you know, dads at home trying to get work done out of the work office. And the kids are doing everything they can to prevent Dad from getting that work done.


And that's what I am. I am one of those kids who's preventing Dad from getting his work done and trying to distract dad at every turn. But none of this works unless we have this pillar of journalism sitting in the middle of all this shit. And that's what we have with that. I see what that does.


And does it make things a lot clearer? Before you said it, though, I was unsure who was the dad and who was the kid in this scenario. But if you insist you're the kid, I'll I'll support you.


I'm good being the kid. I do.


They one thing is very unfair, though, that Dan is often the only face you see on images for the show. I mean, is that because his face is just so large, there's no space for another face to actually fit in the graphics that is come up like the publicity stuff.


Yes, you got that. You figured that out all by yourself, right? You did. Yes.


Yes, I thought so. They bring your mockups and they're like, what's this little sliver is like? Oh, that's where you got a face.


That's like that's like one tips to God's face. It's all a good fit.


Yes. Yes. Then you'll notice there there are only solo pictures of Dan. So images of Dan. No one else could fit in a shop. So. Right.


Yes. You were there. They just had a frame you out or they wouldn't fit in. Yes. They always frame. Yeah. But again, I'm good with being framed out because being framed outcomes with no expectations. I like that. I like living my life with no expectations. You don't want anything to do is gravy.


Yes. It's just the exactly right. No, I listen a lot of actors, a lot of people I know I've made a career out of that. Guys like that handsome Hank Azaria, very exact same attitude. He's one of my favorite thing now.


You know, it's Dan a lot. We had him on our first podcast, but I feel a little bad because it was obvious he was just he's a shell of a man because the Walt Disney Corporation, they've recently cut in our off of your show. Yeah, he's taken that pretty hard.


I mean, you could see it. He put on a good face, but he was very pale and his eyes were just dead. More dead than usual. Yeah. And even his baseball had his jaunty baseball, had his enormous big hat.


It just sits on top of his gigantic black head. It had one of those little black funeral veils hanging off the brim. You know, how do you feel? What's your take on this situation? Are you all right?


I mean, listen, Dan looks at it like a demotion. I look at it like it's a promotion. You are paying me exactly the same to do less work. I mean, who who wouldn't like that? I don't know what Dan's problem. I mean, think about it. Three hours to two hours. They're paying me the same. I get home. Earlier, I changed all my fantasy team names from two part time to one part time.


I mean, this is working out swimmingly for me, Jim.


So not only are you a coward professionally, but you're also lazy. So, yes, if you're a lazy coward, this was ideal. That's wonderful. I'm happy for you. Thank you.


I appreciate you do seem you know, you're not faking. You seem very as down as Dan was. You seem positively perky. So, yeah.


Now that's how we balance each other out. I mean, you know what? I hope for you. I hope they just fire you. Totally not be a great day in your life. But pay me. Yeah, there's the rub.


I guess I just hope is seriously though, your show is wonderful. I love your guys show. I hope we. Don't get pushed into obscurity over at ESPN plus or minus or whatever they call it, you know, stuck alongside quote unquote, premium content like the Albanian soccer league and show about Peyton Manning flipping houses or some happy horse shit like that. Hope that doesn't befall you.


Everybody believes that your show, Losing an Hour had everything to do with the Walt Disney Corporation, disapproving of Dan's tendency to go on these WOAK rants about controversial social issues. Now, is this a concern of yours? Do you worry that one day Disney is just going to say enough is enough and the doors of the studio will fly open and the brooms from Fantasia will come and kick your ass right out of the studio? Do you fear this?


I don't fear it. I really don't. I actually you know, if it happens, it happens. I'd like to stay at ESPN, but I don't live with any fear. I used to live with the fear, but I don't any longer because I think Dan and I are so established that we could kind of pick and choose some of the things we want to do with our careers. Wind down here so it's not wind down.


I would say maybe we get to go out to pasture. I mean, I'm obsolete.


I have a retirement plan that starts when I'm fifty five and I'm forty I'm forty seven right now. So I have another seven years left in me. I'm not certain if Dan has another seven days left in him, but if ESPN kicks us out, I'm totally fine with that. I'd like to stay at the worldwide leader, but I also have enough confidence in what it is that we do that Dan and I could find a happy place somewhere and continue to do this in it's some sort of digital form.


And so I'm excited about that.


Yeah, I'm sure you can. So, you know, we're really getting quite a profile of you. You're a lazy coward thief and you're cocky as well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that you don't find that combination in many people, especially not many sidekicks.


And planning my exit as well. You miss that.


You're also planning your own demise. So suicidal. Yes. And I don't see them. And I see little cocky and suicidal usually by now, you know, and I seem to be in peace with my demise. It's yeah.


You're fine with it. You're good, as Joe Pesci said, in good place. You're content to be a jerk. You don't care. Who knows? It does.


And I've gotten to do this a lot longer than I ever anticipated being able to do it. I've made a lot more money than I ever anticipated making by doing this thing that I do every day. And and I pinch myself every day. It's lasted 17 years. I didn't think it would last seventeen months. So however, whatever happens from here on in is kind of like is kind of like the gravy, you know. So to me, I get it to me.


I'm good, you know.


So if you're keeping score at home, he's a lazy coward thief who's cocky and suicidal and considers himself very fortunate.


It's a wonderful personality profile.


But, you know, just one more thing about this. When Dan goes on these programs, whatever the issue might be, some social justice thing, you know what I'm talking about? Like, you know, we got a hold, Captain Crunch, accountable for his mishandling of the oops, all Bury's disaster, whatever he whatever whoever is wound him up that morning. What do you do while that's going on?


Do you have a button at your desk that just electrocutes Dan if it gets too spicy? I set my mike this mike, your producer, do that to somebody, have their finger on the button.


Well, Mike always has his finger on the button. Upsetting daily fantasy lineup, some, you know, placing bets. I'm not paying attention to Dan. I'm. Do you tune it out? I'm waiting for the Wolken to be done. I'm waiting for us to get back to sports. I put it out. Yeah. Yeah.


You know, what you should do at the suggestion now is one broadcaster or another. Yeah. Next time he starts on one just really loud. Just go blah blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, Grant, OK, let's take a look at the Chiefs game this morning. Just kind of cut them all.


But this is. No, but here's here's a key to doing sports talk radio. OK, now listen, I could use this tip. Well, yeah, but you're a grizzled vet and you kind of know this. OK, so what Dan is doing that and I'm not paying attention, but I'll throw in every couple of sentences, do a give the appearance that I am paying attention and be to keep Dan moving forward and propel him as I'll just give him one of these.


Uh huh. Mm hmm. Good point.


That's a good tip. I'm taking notes right now. Well, yes. Know you should throw in those. I mean, you know, you got to do those for gym every once in a while, OK? I mean, even moving. Yes. And just working very small windows. Mm hmm. Yep. Propelled Jenn, you know. That's great. Yes.


Now after seventeen years, do you do that in real time or just make your producer just have the items in a house on a cart and you just press the button so it works either way.


There have been times where I am here and I'm doing it myself and I'm doing it live. And there are times where we've experimented with this where I am not here. And Mike is simply hitting those notes, computerized, recorded, and it's like I'm here. And so now you got me thinking I don't really even need to be here anymore to do this job.


Jim, you know, now listen, that's what we're all discovering. This pandemic time is we don't really need to be there at all and. I don't think at 11 a.m. tee time about that 11:00 at night and still get paid. Exactly. So just to sum up, we'll leave this alone. But what you're saying is I would say you made Dan what he is. And you don't much like Dr. Frankenstein, regret your creation, you wouldn't make him less woak or spicy if you could do it all over again or would?


You know, I think I wrestled when Dan called me and said he wanted to do the show with me. I was doing my own show at the time. I really wrestled with that decision. But armed with hindsight now, it turned out to be the greatest decision I've ever made because Dad is taking has taken me and us to places that, quite frankly, I don't think I would have arrived at if not for Woak Leadbitter. So I am I'm good.


I am I am happy with with everything that's transpired. I would not do anything differently.


Local, tired and sleepy little guy. But like all great, all great teams, you're the sum is greater than the parts. So congratulations to you again. One other thing, though. Two Gotze. Yes.


Now that's not your real name next to God. So, I mean, it's I mean, it's got to be kidding me. You know what I'm saying? It sounds I don't know what what's up with it. It's sort of sounds Italian and I know like to nod in Italian. I mean, stupid. Our Italian friends would constantly order you to nod to them and you're stupid. And, you know, in other Italian phrases, you got the guts to do this like you got the balls.


So is it a combination of stupid and bouncy? Is that how it gets to what's the deal with it?


Yeah, it is. Well, that's how we justify using the name on ESPN airwaves. Yes, it is a it is a combination of stupid and and ballsy. Yes. Which would go back to suicidal and confident. Right. I guess it would be.


Is that really the origin. Is that how I mean, what what how did it start?


So I got it from I was producing Hank Goldberg show back in ninety nine, nineteen ninety nine going way back years. Sopranos had just come out. It was the name of Tony's boat we were having a guest on Jim and I. I always get the names confused. It was either Reggie Wayne or Santana Moss. So let's just say for the sake of this conversation, Reggie Wayne was the guy that I thought was coming on. So I prepared questions for Hank, for Reggie.


Wait, it ended up that Santana Moss was the guy that called it. And so Golberg got through the interview and then he asked me, hey, are you watching The Sopranos, this new this new series that's out on HBO? And I said, no, why? And he said the name of Tony's boat is Do Gods Look Up the meaning that your nickname forever more. And so I looked it up during the break, cocky, ballsy, all the stuff that you and I just discussed.


That was the definition. And that's the name that Hank stuck me with. And I am grateful for it because it has served me it has served me very, very well.


So attached to it, I must say to you. Yes, it's such a Jewish guy. Very, very well.


I well, Stuart's we got you here to talk about sports. Let's not delay it any longer. Let's get to it. So, Shiina, let's let's look at a couple of stories we haven't been on for a couple of weeks. What's what stood out to us last couple of weeks. Let's let's get into those things.


Well, here's a big one. So the New York Mets may have yet again missed the playoffs this year, but hope may finally be on the horizon.


This is big for partnerships, big for us to catch a Mets fan. So let's get into this. Yeah, no, I like this one. So billionaire investor Steve Cohen has reached an agreement to buy the New York Mets for a reported two point four two billion dollars. Cohen successfully fended off competing bids from a group headed by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. The deal still needs to be approved by twenty three of the thirty team owners, but it seems the Mets may finally have reached the end of open era.


My goodness.


Hallelujah ranched you got. I mean, yes, although I would tell you two point two point for two billion dollars seems a lot for a team. That is that is. Well, there's sixteen teams that made the playoffs. The Mets were not one of them. That seems like a lot of money to spend for a non playoff.


One might have overpaid. Well, the coupons went out the most Wilpon way possible, of course, not making the playoffs.


That was just perfect, perfect period. In the end of their sentence. They also so Wilpon like that, they negotiated themselves down.


They had a two point six dollars billion because they don't money Wilpon magic to two point four to. Right.


It's not like they need the money after the Madoff scandal. So you're right. So we desperately need that money. I know. Which is why they're Selig.


I mean, it's I don't know about you, but for me, I would have rather had A-Rod at Jaylo own the team, even if they spent less, even if they would do less. Because, listen, if you're going to be bad, be bad with A-Rod, a Jaylo as your owners. OK, I'm using that to hang your hat on. Steve Cohen. No one knows unless you work on Wall Street. And so I would I don't know about you, but I would have rather had A-Rod at Jaylo as as our owners as opposed to.


So it sounds like it sounds like you don't think the change in ownership is going to help the team at all now is doomed no matter what.


Well, listen, I'm a lifelong Mets fan. They've given me three or four years. Eighty six. Being the being the pinnacle of my my sports fandom life, and so, no, I have no faith in anyone and that's what I have no faith in the Mets, no faith in the organization, no faith at Steve Cohen. I have no faith in anyone. And when you have no faith, you might as well have A-Rod at Jaylo be your owners.


That doesn't make any sense. But I'm telling you, it's sexier and it's better. And at least what everyone's mocking you for being a Mets fan, you can always say, hey, but look at our owners. They're beautiful. It's A-Rod, Jaylo. I mean, I know that's true.


So you're a lazy, coward thief who's cocky and suicidal. You're quite lucky and you're also nihilistic.


So because that boy, you've really taken Mets, Mets, depression and, you know, hopelessness to a whole new level.


I mean, that's really that's bad even for a Mets fan, what you just laid out there. And most Mets fans are finding hope right now, not you. Just give me give me whatever. You're also you're also a staffer. You know, like give me A-Rod and Jaylo.


I don't care at this point. Give me that handsome George Clooney. At least he is handsome.


Yes. I mean, give me anyone give me anyone that has a recognizable name. What is there to be positive about with the meds? I get half the teams. It's like hockey this year in baseball, half the teams have made the postseason and the team losing market. No one who should have, you know, a ton of money to spend and should be an attractive landing spot for free agents. No one wants to be there.


So why would I be positive about this? Well, let me spin it for you.


Positive, because you have to hand it to the Wilton's, right? They've just they've improved so much at failing. I mean, they've made it a fine art at this point.


And this was a master class this last year in shitting the bed. The rule changes, as you just mentioned, more teams make the playoffs than ever before. Yeah, never, ever been easier literally to be a playoff team. And you had to play sixty games and still still, they managed to find a way to smack you with disappointment on the final weekend of the season.


Right. I mean, what what what's next for people with this level of skill and failure. Probably what politics. Right.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah I know. Well but so Jim, what you tell me is the bar's been set so low that Steve Steve going it can't get any worse than this. It can only get better from here, regardless of who the owner is. Literally impossible.


I mean, I want to see a last dance type documentary about Jeff Wilpon screwing up this entire family year, you know, behind the scenes cameras, just looking at how the nightmare sausage got me.


It's just him signing off on just terrible deals and running literally physically running away when people ask him for money that he owes them and like accidentally locking himself in utility closets, which, you know, actually happened.


I I think it's a great point. Like, typically, you don't want to know how the sausages are made, but in this particular case, I want to see how the sausage is made and made that poorly.


I really it's not easy to do. I would if you set out to screw it up, I don't think you could do as good a job at it up as they do.


I agree.


I mean, the man micro Wilpon micromanage that team so much I can't even fully blame that dummy Brody bandwagon for all the problems that he has. I mean, you know, the hardest part of being a GM for the Mets is the fact that whenever you're inside your office, this is true. Jeff Wilpon is watching you through the eyes of a painting. That's true. It's a Renaissance portrait of Mr. Met. But the eyes follow you around the room and they shout bad baseball ideas of you, probably bad ideas about everything.


Really, a renaissance painting of Mr. Metho.


Yeah, sort of the style of whatever it is, you know, Da Vinci or whoever. But but it's Wilpon as well. Exactly.


But it's Wilpon actually looking to before I spoke to dugouts, I was happy for stupid Mets fans like you and that handsome Hank Azaria, because there's a glimmer of hope, I think. I mean, money can't fix all your problems.


I mean, look at the Los Angeles Angels.


They dole out huge contracts, some of the most exciting players in the league. And I regularly forget that that team even exists. But, you know, it is an impediment, its improvement. It can't be any worse.


If you're right, it cannot be any worse. It could be better, though. So that's all I'm saying. Like, Steve Cohen is fine because it can't get any worse. Steve Cohen is fine because hopefully Steve Cohen will do the necessary things to improve this franchise. I am just saying that if it were my choice, you're right, it can't be worse. It could be better. And to me, better is any group that has A-Rod and Jaylo in it.


Because let's face it, A-Rod is the guy like people would come play for Alex Rodriguez. Girod, they would attract free agents. I don't know if Steve Cohen does that. You're trying to attract free agents to a place called Flushing, Queens. It's just not that easy. It isn't but A-Rod at Jaylo, Jaylo, specifically, she would get me to go to Flushing, Queens, for a couple of years, you know what I'm saying?


I mean, I, I think no, I think this is very twisted and silly. And I think it's a result of being a fan of a tortured franchise for years. It accounts for the suicidal aspect of your personality.


I mean, look, take for it. You can choose from so many things, as you and I both know in Mets history. But let's just look at one of the reasons that Jed Lowri debacle, OK? Yeah, because I'm not even sure that Jed Lowry is a real person. I mean, supposedly they signed him for millions of dollars two years ago. I have never seen him. Have you seen him? No, I don't think he's a baseball player.


I think Jed, quote unquote, Lowry is the code name for a complex money laundering scheme. Like you open his locker out of Citi Field, just a piece of paper hanging there with a phone number for a bank in the Cayman Islands. That's what I think.


It's a wire to wire me my weekly paychecks here. That's the kind of gig I'm looking for, by the way. That would be very on brand for you. Yeah.


Was there a moment that you knew that was it for this franchise? Was there a moment that stood out? That's like it just goes beyond bad luck. This is just curse this franchise.


I think the the less this is going to sound strange. The last World Series we were in, was it the World Series of the NLCS where they put Matt Harvey out there for four one to many appearances.


That was a series five in 10 or 15.


Yeah, there was no I think his arm actually fell off and everyone was so excited about Matt Harvey and he was actually having a pretty decent season. I think when Matt Harvey after that year, that World Series and Matt Harvey just turning into a complete disaster because he was the future of the Mets, I think, right then and there, I kind of knew this was that combined with the Madoff stuff and the Wilpon wanted to sell the team, I knew the Mets weren't going to be very good for a very, very long time.


And so and listen, I say that considering they probably had at that time the three best young pitchers for best young pitchers in baseball. So everything looks so promising. It was like you remember back in eighty five, eighty six where they had good in, they had Ron Darling that Bob Hita, they had Sid Fernandez. Everything looked so promising then and it was, it resulted in a World Series. If you look back at that series it was the Garum Syndergaard Mad's, they had all these guys and Matt Harvey thought the Mets would be good for the next decade.


And then Matt Harvey's arm fell off. And right then when his arm fell off, that's when I knew we were in for a bad stretch here.


Yeah, that was that was bad that you make a very good case there. I think the moment that I knew it went beyond bad luck was last year when you unsuspicious broke his ankle because he fell in a hole in the ground.


I mean, you can't help but feel cursed by the gods when the earth itself turns against your team. Can you know, you're right. I mean, as a Mets fan, you come to expect that.


I mean, do you expect, like even if they make the playoffs, that the day a game one Jacob de Graham is just going to be swallowed up by a volcano like that's it.


You know, I mean, I think that's why Tim Tebow is still in the organization. He's like a holy entity. They need somebody to perform a Christian exorcism because it could come up. He's the halo.


He's a halo over all this all this shit, the metal shit. That's what Tebow is exactly.


Who is the name of the father and The Exorcist? Father Adamian. He's the father, Damian.


So for game one, you have to the ground because I'm with you. This is the way Metford thing that Jacob the Gramin, his entire house will just fall into a sinkhole. Yeah.


Yeah, you can. Actually, that's on the board in Vegas. You can bet the game.


You can also bet what natural disaster will befall what many players and the natural disasters. A heavy favorite, right?


Yeah, I had I won two hundred and seventy five dollars last week when Luis Gorm did not get picked up by a tornado and dropped somewhere else.


I bet against that. Well, congratulations, but I got very good odds for it.


It was likely we've beaten the Mets to defs as they beaten us to the than they deserve. Yeah, they beat us. We beat them back. Right.


Yeah, it felt good. Thank you. Mets, Jets, New York Mets, Jets, Knicks.


I am a Mets, Jets, islanders. And unfortunately, we're all saddled with the Knicks. So. Yeah, right, right. Yeah.


You're the only other idiot I know who's Mets. Jets. Knicks. Is that handsome and talented? Hank Azaria. Yeah. So you two guys. Yeah.


That's why we get along so well, me and I. Well, congratulations to you and to Mets fans. If nothing else, we're finally dumping the Wilpon.


Even if you didn't get your your dream choice there, are you congratulating me for getting rid of my lousy owners? I am. Well, you know, what else am I going to. We're not going to talk to you. What else? You know what? I'll get us off the Mets. Please get on to happier thoughts. What else has been happening in the last couple of weeks?


I'm happier. I don't know about the NFL season kicked off soon after our last podcast and in the very first game back between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs.


A lot of cheering Shiina. Yeah. Do we should I mean, might they come in for you? Yes, they are nuts.


And then you better get to the finish line before the siren gets there. Yeah. Because you're getting closer.


I don't know. Hurry up. Oh, my God. Hurry up. They're getting well, it's getting more urgent.


Siren So the NFL season kicked off soon after our last podcast. And in the very first game back between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs, both teams attempted to address people's growing concerns about racial injustice in America by locking arms in a show of unity. Texans defensive end JJ Watt said after the game. The booing during that moment was unfortunate. I don't fully understand that there was no flag involved. There was nothing involved other than two teams coming together to show unity.


Mm hmm. Yeah, boy, those were some pretty loud boos, weren't they? Really impressive, given how small that crowd was.


I mean, for a bunch of people booing the concept of unity, they really came together and showed a great deal of unity, didn't they? Yeah, I mean, not to sound like, you know, Dan Levitan here, but that was something.


Well, what do you make that God's using? Mm hmm. Oh, I see.


You can let me have my social justice, right? Yeah. You're doing your sidekick thing, perhaps. Oh, well, all right. Since you're going to give me the floor, I didn't find it that surprising looking at exactly who was doing the booing, because these are people in people in Kansas City who are willingly attending a large public gathering simply to watch a football game in the middle of a pandemic. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say these are not going to be the focus people on the planet.


These are not Dan Levitas in their right, not a crowd full of sociology grad students out there. They're at this game despite the fact that there's an uncontrolled, contagious disease that could actually kill them. I mean, I don't expect them to respect other people's lives. They don't even respect their own lives.


I mean, at least they're consistent with it. I mean, black lives matter. All lives matter. And trust me on this struggle, it's because I announced in Kansas City I did baseball games there for years. This is exactly the sort of bleak world view that's very easy to develop when you have lived and worked in Missouri for a number of years. I know that's how I came out.


Listen, I cannot blame those people. If I had that quarterback, Jim, I would inject myself with a typhoid fever. All right. Just to see him. Oh, I see.


Oh, you you love my home so much, you'd want to see him sling it in person, are you saying? Of course. Yes. I saw you bring on the plague. Does it matter? Am I dying moments. Be watching the Holmes scramble and throw its side on.


My quarterback is Sam Donaldson. Oh my. Oh my goodness.


I mean, my quarterback is now Nick Foles, which is a Bears fan.


I'm happy about a career backup being named my starter.


So but. But he's won a Super Bowl. Yeah, exactly. There you go. That's and you will win one again is where I'm at.


Wow. I don't understand. Foal's is like Superman off the bench, but if you give him a starting job, he's just horrible. He's got a student's personality, likes being the sidekick right now.


That said, you relate to him sugar. You think he's lazy and a coward and a thief and suicidal and cocky all at once.


He only plays after the game. I mean, and you're right, I would not start him. I think the key is you got to keep calm. You've got to keep Michal's Robiskie in there. Right. And then let Drabinsky play a quarter because foal's, when he comes in in the second or third quarter, is a Hall of Fame quarterback. When he starts, he's the worst quarterback that's ever suited up in the NFL. Great.


That's a great sacrifice. That first quarter to Mitch and then let Foles be the hero every game.


So we're Naggie the coaching genius is going to be is how little can we use Robiskie but still say he's our starter. Let him on one play. He's out to get him by the end of the season. Will have him down like one series.


Right. And then they turned over to Foles to work his backup magic.


But you have to make sure that your Bishkek's time that you go down by like fourteen points because Foles is not nearly as good with a lead as he is when he's trailing by points to come from, you have to get into his head and then send him out there.


You have to have guys just, you know, in his ear being like you're the worst guy out on the field. And then he throws a couple of picks, scrambles, gets the crap knocked out of him.


It's a strange coaching strategy, but you also you almost want to encourage him if you're Naggie to go out there and throw a couple of pick sixes early. I mean. Yes, well, I don't think you have to instruct them.


Just just do. What comes naturally to that will be that little pep talk.


They do what you do. You do, Mitch. But if we can get back to I wasn't quite finished with my work, Grant.


I don't mind. I don't give you PTSD. Dan Liotard, flashbacks to Strogatz, but get your ready because I got one more thing to say about this. So give me one right now to encourage me. I'm good.


I understand I do that many parts of this country have no tolerance for weakness. I really do get that. But this was not even woke. It wasn't a work thing. These teams were not taking a stance as JJ watch it on anything other than the word unity. They were just they were locking arms. So I don't understand what those fans wanted. Did they want to send somebody down onto the field dressed as the concept of racism and just break the players apart like a game of red rover?


What was supposed to happen for these people to be happy with this?


By the way, Jim, dressing is the concept of racism is just dressing like Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians mascot. That's correct.


You're exactly correct that it would be what the concept of racism would look like.


It was a great law, Chief Wahoo chief.


Well, at least it gave him a dignified Mabou.


You know, Chief Wahoo, thank goodness they nailed it top to bottom on that one.


Yeah. Jimmy, at least give me your name now. Chief Wahoo.


No, let's go with the racist sound we think that Native Americans make boy group covered the Jets and the Mets.


We left the Knicks alone, which you probably should I make. You won't want to make it actually a suicide.


No, no. And listen, I am good. I think you covered everything on the NFL. JJ, what? Racial relations. Social injustice in the United States. You covered it and you covered as well as anyone proud of you. Boy, you are a good sidekick.


You really know how to butter up the host, don't you? Yes.


Yes. I'd say nothing while doing it. Yes. With Dan, I actually literally have to butter him up. You literally to get him through doorways.


Yeah. He doesn't fit to get his pants on.


You got to grease up this big head on the side of his head to get that hat on and off right down the sides.


Yes. You got to slide him down the hall.


Yeah, that's see, that's the little known.


That's where you really earn your money. I mean, you'd go on the air for free. But Dan's butter wrangling is most of your salary.


I let's be honest here. I wouldn't go on the air for free.


I mean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to not charge it early on.


He said, I'm going to blow your contract negotiation. But in the absence of money, taking shots at is is like currency for me. Yes.


This is like a bonus day for let's play a little game. Let's play a game that I love. It's called I judge your list.


I guess today, of course, is Stewart's. And here's the way the game is played to guys. I give you a topic.


You give me your answer or answers, and I criticize your choice mercilessly. So understand that before we even begin, you've already lost this game. Right? All right.


And that said, very good luck to you. OK, and here we go. So, yes, Jim, who was your first celebrity crush or crushes?


Who was your first celebrity crush?


All right. So we've had this discussion on the show, Betty. Rubble, surprisingly, is my first celebrity crush.


Betty Rubble. Wow. You bet. First of all, I'm amazed by a lot of things here. Well, you've talked about this before. You publicly outed yourself as lusting after a cartoon character.


You've already done that. Yes, I have done that, yes. Wow. OK, that's number one. Number two, Betty Rubble specifically because, like, why not Wilma, for example?


Well, because I feel like everyone had a crush on Wilma. And so, you know, everyone went when, you know, everyone zig zag. And so while everyone's eyes were on Wilma, my eyes were square on Betty rubble because, you know, if you have everyone going after the same person and Wilma, I feel like Betty Rubble would be a much easier Gadge for me.


Plus, she was very, I'm telling you, sneaky, attractive. She is sneaky, attractive. Betty Rubble I Barny really married over's ad. I tell you I can't disagree with that.


Yeah but what really gave this a lot of thought, which is sort of psychotic, you know, first of all.


So you actually thought you'd have a better chance with the imaginary cartoon character because less people would be in the better than. That's that's the first bit of psychosis there. Yeah. We actually angled for a better chance with her. Yes.


And her being lost in her being married to a short chubby caveman. Got to give me hope.


You know, I guess that would know. I can see that she seems to like to be like a little mini Chevy Chase.




Have you noticed that, Betty, Wilma had they had the baby with the same creature. They had the exact same body. Just one had dark hair in a bun.


The other was red hair. I don't know. I know the personalities were kind of different. Personalities were very different. But I think you're right. I think it's the same exact person just with different colors.


Er I think yeah. I think even the facial features are exactly the same. I think they were exactly the same. What's with that.


With comics. And like have you noticed that with Betty and Veronica. It's the same exact body, same exact everything.


One blond and one brunette one's a you know, a humble blonde, the other is a spoiled brunette. Which would you have gone with their Betty or Veronica?


Oh, I probably I probably would have gone Veronica there.


I think it's kind of like you like the dark haired cartoon characters. That's obvious. I did, yes. Yeah. Dark hair is is is a feature that that I prefer. So let's stay with this theme then.


Gun to your head, Batgirl or Catwoman. We're going to go with fake imaginary chicks here. Good girl, bad girl kind of thing. Yeah.


No, I know I'm drywall. I'm trying to think of the Catwoman I get is is Halle Berry when she played it Catwoman of your choice.


Well, I guess we could break it down that way.


We got Michelle Pfeiffer, we got Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry got Julie Newmar and Yvonne Craig was the old bat woman from the old three.


I can't believe I know all these things. I'm going Eartha KITT. Wow. Eartha KITT didn't mention Eartha KITT.




Good choice. Your Catwoman, specifically Eartha KITT Catwoman. Yeah, I got that one. Yes. Here's one. Just to kind of Disturbia. Laverne or Shirley. Oh, wow. Jesus, Jim.


Laverne or Shirley. I'm going to go. So Shirley was kind of like the Betty Rubble, The Flintstones, if I remember correctly. I'm going to go Shirley.


I know I do have a vibe to the dog hair, and she's kind of cute. Giggly.


Yes. I love this game, by the way. I think most people will go. Laverne, I would go Shirley. I go.


Shirley Yes. Well, see, that dovetails in my next question.


Do you find something about this appeal to Betty? Rubble has carried over into adulthood for you?


Like are you attracted to women with calloused, broken feet? It looked like they could have come from running around carrying their own car. Is that something you look forward?


Yes. Yeah, it's it's it's the features that made me fall in love with my wife. Yes. I was going to say, does your wife have a better time?


She does very much as a battery rebel. Yes. So then you are you you're the Barney rubble of sports radio personalities.


But, you know, that's all charming and endearing, but it is unfortunately wrong.


I declared a very bad answer. So sorry I told you you're going to lose this game. I just lost it.


But it's my answer. And the correct answer on First Celebrity Crush is, of course, Barbara Eden. Oh, it's known as Genie from I Dream of Jeannie.


Or if you like any of the original Charlie's Angels. Those are my first crushes. At first it was Farrah Fawcett. Then I had one of those kind of dreams and only a 12 year old boy can have about Jaclyn Smith. I think you know the kind of dream I'm talking about, you know. And then Cheryl Ladd came along and she just took the crown. Cheryl, I remember Cheryl had game changer big time.


Yeah, I had the poster. Oh, yeah. I had the. Yeah, the Farrah Fawcett poster.


I had the Farrah Fawcett poster in my room. Yes.


I remember how that was featured in the movie Saturday Night Fever. No Farrah Fawcett poster.


Yes. As it comes, any kind of stares at, you know, the the torso of the Farrah Fawcett poster. Yeah, I don't know, maybe my fascination with Charlie's Angels.


I think it's why I got into broadcasting the idea of me becoming sort of a Charlie, you know, like an unseen voice that captured the attention of beautiful women, of course, instead of them listening to me send them on missions. I ended up reading promos for used car dealerships in Wichita to a bunch of fat guys. But, you know, that's as close as I could get to my dream.


I want to thank you for being my guest today, Strugatsky. That's it for this episode of the Brockmeier podcast. I want to also thank my co-host and producer, The Angel, the angelic Shina that thanks to all of you for listening. And don't forget, please, folks, keep it.


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