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It is time to wake and take when stuck at seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. That's seven eight six four five six four eight three seven. And still wants to hear from you. Seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven. What's on your mind. Seven, eight, six, four, five six four eight three seven. Halfbrick what's your first. Two, seven, eight, six four five six four eight three seven.


He's taking notes. Seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four, eight, three seven. But it's up to you to get them out of him. Seven, eight, six four five six four eight three seven. Go now seven eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven. That's seven, eight, six, four, five, six, four eight three seven. It is awaked take here on BSB.


And I have news. I have notes. I have thoughts. I have opinions. We could open up this microphone and I could share those thoughts, those opinions with you. But that's not how we do it here on Wincott. Take note. That would be lazy and I am not lazy. No, but it is your job to call in, ask the right questions, and if you do, perhaps, perhaps you will get those news notes, the thoughts, the opinions that I took down.


I wrote them down on a piece of paper over the weekend exclusively here.


You can get them if you call in and ask the right question. Seven, eight, six, four, five, six four eight three seven. If you don't, they stay with me. Perhaps not the best way to do a radio show, but it's the way I do a radio show because again, I am not lazy. We will get to your calls in just a second before we do that. We interview Mike, right, you get Mike, I'm good, Roy, you good?


No, you good. Good, Chris. You good? I'm good. Tony you good? I'm good. Dan you're good.


I'm good. Allison. Allison, you're good. Allison I was saying good. Allison, Allison.


Allison, you go out whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh. I have so many questions. Allison, where have you been to go. Why no. Oh, oh, oh, oh, we miss you. Oh, come on, Alison.


I have so many questions like what are you watching on Netflix right now? I do know.




Come on out.


Oh, oh, oh. It's so nice to hear from you.


It was a pleasant welcome surprise. It was so many things that I wanted. Never left a whole time on home the whole time.


Now I know Tony said that he's good, but he looks like hell. He looks up and he sounds worse.


How many Trelease? How many truly?


Oh, eight. Nine. Wow. He's slow on Saturday and Saturday.


Wow. And a nice tan though. You look nice. Thank you. You look so bronzer on, you know. Yeah. You look like a coconut.


Like, I can't figure out if what I'm watching here is the NBA playoffs or not. Bet on it. It feels I can.


And it's the playoffs and I have it feels like where we're privy to a series of exhibition games where no one is playing defense and whoever hits the last shot wins. I've enjoyed it. It's fine. It's fine. I can't determine whether this is true. NBA playoff basketball, I mean that the players aren't liking each other. So you have playoff level intensity. It's just like we've always heard about these empty gym sessions in the off seasons where things get, you know, kind of testy.


And I think we're watching that. But at the same time, you totally swayed me because postgame everyone talks about it like, oh, that kind of feels like playoff basketball, which sort of puts their voice to. It's not quite playoff basketball, though. It kind of feels like it. But we're using that as a reference point because we all know what it's supposed to truly feel like. So you sway me with that argument.


It's crazy, though, the play that they're playing so well, it's not got some tell me it's not that nobody's playing defense, it's that the shooting is crazy in that bubble. It's got to be a combination. I understand that. But it's got to be a combination of I mean, they're not playing true NBA playoff. I disagree. I feel like the skill level on offense is unlike anything I've seen.


Chris, you feel like there, but do you feel like you're watching the NBA playoffs right now? I see you objecting to what it is dad is saying. Do you feel like you're watching true NBA playoffs right now?


Honestly, I see both sides of this. I get it from the I like the atmosphere, doesn't feel like the playoffs, but the play and intensity, like I disagree with you actually, that the defensive intensity is not there. These people, like Mike said, like you see that it's chippy out to God.


I was hypnotized by that Utah Denver game last night. Like hypnotized by how well both of those teams are playing. That series is just drawing you in. You got Murray and Mitchell both going for fifty in a game. I know, but these are things we've never seen in normal NBA playoffs. Guys are doing things that we've never seen before, which would suggest to me that the defense isn't as good as the defense. Is that good? I agree.


I agree with them. We always hear these stories. Oh, Steph Curry made fifty three straight in practice. We're not really I don't think we're giving enough credit to the fact that these are empty arenas. Fans screw up sightlines. It's a different situation when you they're rested. They're not they're not doing anything else. They're not flying all over the place. Yeah. Like Shaq would say I would make forty free throws in practice in an empty gymnasium.


That's essentially what you're seeing. You're seeing the best possible scenario for world class shooters. Nothing to get in the way, nothing to distract them, nothing to mess up the depth perception. And you're seeing an incredible offensive ability. You feel like you're watching true NBA playoff basketball right now. I'm not saying I'm out enjoying it. I want to be clear. I am enjoying it. It's sports. I'll take it. I can gamble on it. The game that we saw yesterday, two games, actually, we're as good as it gets, but it doesn't feel like playoff basketball.


One twenty nine to one twenty seven defense isn't great.


I don't know. You look like hell. I mean thanks to you got what was here for you. Let's go to Tom.


So go ahead. You're on Wakey de Gea on BSB. It was.


Are we doing that you get to about me. I guess I just wanted to hearken back to the 90s in which have franchise as old as time called rush hour one, rush hour two and rush hour three existed. And I just wanted to talk about how amazing they were. And if you guys agreed that they were amazing as well.


I love rush hour one. Chris Tucker deserved an Oscar to be. To be honest with you, Jackie Chan was amazing. I didn't watch two or three. I mean, when you nail the first one, there's no reason to watch two or three.


Well, do you think, Chris, you guys ever see food in a movie and you're like, oh, God, that scene made me love that type of food. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan are waiting outside of that place for the people. And they eat the Chinese restaurant and they have the chopsticks and they got the pine box there. It looks so good. And that's what I think of when I think of that movie, how good Chinese food looks in that movie.


It might be on the medal stand. And I love that this is a trademark vintage Chris Codi take like what he remembers about the movie is a food scene. But for me, gold medalist and quite a bit of distance, a large gulf between gold medal and silver medal, the food fight and hook.


Oh yes, the fees with my college colors that that like pink and baby blue. Chris. Yes. I just want to scoop my hand in it. Oh. And just shove the entire thing into my mouth.


It looks incredible. You're so right about that. Yeah. A good man.


Did Rufio have a stick up his ass. That whole movie. Jesus, I was it. He got to the point where Rufio spoiler alert gets killed by hook and I was like, OK, good riddance because like you were just so mean to paying them.


I have a question as it relates to Chinese food, pork fried rice or chicken fried rice, you can only have.


It's easy. It's easy for me. The pork has to be the tiny little cubes of pork. If you give me a big piece of pork, I want nothing to do with your fried rice.


I generally get chicken dishes, so I go pork fried rice.


If you go a pork dish on chicken fried rice, put it on the pole gear libertador show pork fried rice or chicken fried tan. You want to weigh in on this one. Use that verb purposefully. Do. Yes. Yes I did. I would go pork fried right now. What if you ordered something that already had pork in it? No, that's the way to do it. Yes. You got chicken and broccoli and pork fried rice. You ever order what you think is pork fried rice?


It ends up being vegetable fried rice. Unacceptable, worse. Very disappointing. What do you do? Is it worth sending back?


I throw it at the waiter. Really?


Yeah, it's a bit excessive. I got to be honest. One vegetable at a time. Right. But now, you know, we're dealing with covid, so we're not going to the restaurant.


If you order it delivery, I throw it at the delivery man chased him down the street, excessive. I throw it at the back of his car. Really?


Did you see this story? I think it's like a scout. Was it for the Nationals that threw coffee on a barista? Because, like, I guess the order wasn't right and didn't like the attitude. You've got two cups of what appeared to be scalding hot coffee and threw it at a barista. I've never been that angry.


They've been fired. So the barista, how do you guys handle delivery mistakes? Like when you order something for delivery and it's wrong and throws it in their face?


I mean, are you the people that call the restaurant and make the poor delivery person bring you your little side of French fries?


Tony, so I have experience with this.


Last week I ordered some Chipotle on one of these burritos or post meats or whatever, and I order a very specific thing.


I like the chicken like this, like that. I open up my bowl and I start eating and I start realizing, hey, there's no chicken here, what is going on? Why do I not have chicken in my Chicken Bowl? And I take it all out, I put it on a plate and start sifting through no chicken. I call the restaurant. Hey, you didn't bring me chicken. They're like, oh, no, that's not true.


I'm like, I'll send you a picture if you want. There is no chicken in my Chicken Bowl. Ended up getting a nice free meal. What about. That's too.


I'd be proud of you. Well, I was I just always feel bad. Like you could probably just eat that rice bowl without chicken this time. Like, no, no. Like you're making that poor delivery person who I know, like, nothing to do with that mistake. Drive all the way back just for your little side of chicken.


Well, no, I ended up eating the vegetable rice, which obviously, as everybody knows, is disgusting and abhorrent.


But what I did is I turned it into a next meal in maybe a week or so. Come back. Hey, you remember me? You didn't bring me chicken in my in my rice bowl. Let's go free meal and then I get more than I anticipated. Then I got before a job well done.


You sound like. Oh, so listen, what do you guys do in this situation, outbreeding? Me and my wife over the weekend ordered Japanese food and the uber rich guy gets to the restaurant. They don't. Forty five minutes, he starts texting Abby, it says, if I'm going to wait this long at a restaurant, you have to guarantee me a massive tip.


I picked up the phone, I picked up the phone, and then you start threatening. I picked up the phone. I called him. I said, listen, you'll get whatever it is I give you. Do not threaten my wife. No one told you to be an Uber driver.


How does that set do we have to say the company name? Well, I'm just telling you was I mean, I don't know. I'm sorry.


I mean, we are in the midst of a huge economic recession. Maybe someone did tell him he had to be an Uber driver.


I don't tell. So how do I salvage no pandemic? And he may spin your foods to God, so. Right.


Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I picked up the food, OK? I went and I picked it up because you do not threaten Abby Weener get away with. I don't.


I do. I do not believe. I simply don't believe that on the poor. Do you threaten Abby Weener and get away with it.


I do not believe that someone texted you. I better get a massive tip. Like I don't believe anyone did that. Well, no, they texted Abby.


I believe that there was a text. I don't believe that it said massive tip. And now that I think it was postmarked. Does that make a difference?


I mean, yeah, we now we've been insulted to protect doctors. All right, great. Does it make a difference? Does it make it? But during the pandemic, I pulled in three new clients for ESPN Radio. How about that? Well, all things equal out of it. You can rip clients. Who cares about me? No, no. I didn't know they were a client. I'm sorry.


I mean, you should just never put a company name to your takes when you're going to sideswipe them. You want to take out Doordarshan or what?


Well, I didn't do anything wrong about GrubHub. All I did was order sushi.


I mean, there was a threat issued by the wonderful because there was anyway.


I also can't picture stuff that's like talking tough, like you insulted my wife. I you get the hand over the phone. Absolutely.


Yeah. Over the phone. Yeah. Once it gets there, I'm a pussy cat. Let the cat off. No, I'm glad you left it in my cousin. I can't see the lines here. I have no idea who's Alex is there and he wants to talk about the NFL season. Let's go watch sports like three weekends. Alex, go ahead. You're on way and take your Hobsbawm.


Yeah, I just want to talk about NFL hype. It's getting close, getting real. And Earl Thomas, Dolphins. Jets. Earl Earl Tof is no longer a Baltimore raven. Now, there are rumors, perhaps I didn't have news on this. I don't have thoughts, opinions, notes, really anything for years. Fifty five million dollars. I think Earl Thomas got everyone say he's going to Dallas. Mike, I don't know if that makes sense.


He's always wanted to play there. But it leads me to one of my notes to Gotz. I missed preseason football. I'm much like you guys here in this Zoome big time fantasy draft coming up. Got no idea who's good. Got no idea who's a sleeper. Got no idea which teams are trotting out new offenses out there that might catch the rest of the league by surprise. How do I bet on this season? I don't have a frame of reference for these teams outside of hard knocks, which Chris Cody, I apologize to episodes in it is terrible.


It's preseason football.


The I'll take no preseason football. I watch hard knocks at all. I'll take no preseason football. I don't know about you guys. I will take no prisoners preseason football as long as I have the NBA playoffs going on. So I figured I don't know if this is the NBA playoffs I'm watching, but it is some form of the NBA playoffs and it's certainly better than pre-season football.


Is that is that right? Well, it's part of the preseason football. OK, I don't know.


The playoffs, not nearly as good, but it's better than preseason football. Right? I have no idea what hockey is.


I think you talked yourself into a pretzel like your little reverse role and as an added bonus, didn't come close to answering. The Earl Thomas I wanna enjoy the most is baseball. I want you to think for a second, Mike, about the meandering lazy river path that this is when the question is about Earl Thomas and Stewart goes back to his tenth time of I don't know if this is playoff.


Yeah, I told you I had no news, thoughts, opinions. He said it in his defense. You know, it's it's the listener's job to get the news and notes out of him.


He asked the wrong question sitting out. I mean, what was the first question? I remember Chris Tucker. I had news and thoughts on that. I may have had that thinking about it over the weekend. That's how we do it here. I could take that up. Who else is on the line?


We got Matt, who's a Sixers fan. It's good to Matt. Matt, go ahead. You're on.


Could so first and foremost, I look like Kevin James. If he was in between trying to lose weight and simultaneously put it all back on at the same time. I am a sad Sixers fan. So like Ryan, if you could help me feel less sad and more like you're a sad Sixers fan, sir.


Is there any other kind?


No, I'm not going to make you feel better about your situation. Your loser, your team is full of losers. Your front office is full of losers. You have no success. Actually, borrow from your greatest era was a max volume shooter that in today's day and age probably wouldn't be the same kind of player. You're a bunch of losers. I don't know what look at.


Allen Iverson is one of my favorite players of all time. I don't know why I did that. Allen Iverson, I just like lapsed into advanced metrics. Guys, hey, there are loser franchise, man.


Their whole their whole identity was built on losing and they thought that success would come from that. The whole process, the whole master plan was let's lose a lot. And now what are you you're out of the playoffs in four games. You're going to fire your coach. You may have to trade either Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons because they don't get along. And Jimmy Butler yet again is proven right now. There's all sorts of nasty reporting being put out there.


A bunch of people don't want Brett Brown text from Jimmy Butler coming out into the open about what Ben Simmons should have done in the series against the Nets because no one trusts Brett Brown. How has he been there for seven years? Is they've been the Sixers franchise has been apologizing to Brett Brown for the first two years of his reign for more than they should have. He's a bad coach that can connect to players. He can connect to his place.


How are you making him feel better about any of this old Kevin James here? Here's here's the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a train and it's going to take you out of your current pain. That's the only way, because if you count on this franchise to do anything right, you haven't been watching sports your entire life. Lose your franchise, lose your fan base, lose your GM, lose a coach, lose your players.


Luckily for me, I had the same thoughts, opinions and notes on that. So good job out of you, Mike. I feel like Stan Van Gundy might be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. What do you think? Wow, that's actually one of the notes I wrote down.


I mean, they haven't I mean, if you can't rest your entire franchise in the hands of the guy that passed on, Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo, presumably Johnson, I don't know who you can trust. Perfect guy for that job.


You're right. We have many more collars there. Yeah, we have one more. Elliot, Elliot, go ahead. You're on. Wait, take here.


Bousbia Hey. So you guys had Aaron Rodgers on last weekend. I'm going to keep this short sweet, but I know you're a pretty big lag's guy. It's all my play. Is it just me or does my cry look more like a poor man's Paul Raible that Aaron Rodgers is it just me?


It's a good question. It's a good question. Rashon Listen, Mike Ryan does look, I don't know if he looks like a poor man. He looks more to me like a poor man's Aaron Rodgers than he does a poor man's Paul Raible either. Either way, you're in good company. I don't know who Paul Raible is. Let's check him out. He runs the he runs the Major League lacrosse, the guy who's on Stewpot.


Oh, wow.


This is a compliment like Google that resembles a good looking dude, a good looking successful dude. Yeah.


Paul, I think Mike slightly better looking, to be honest with you. I think.


Yeah, Mike's the guy.


Right. He's the best looking guy in the show with me. How do you know, Tony? How do you see him today? It's healthy. I Googled Paul Raible and I definitely got the spelling wrong because I see a guy in a radio studio that looks like Brett Brown, but with dreads Arabia, OK, because I'll show the guys in the zoom like that's does not look like Brown with dreads.


That does weird.


That's what's going to happen to Brett Brown after he takes this check and moves permanently to the keys. Yeah. Anyway, Arabel.


They'll go up it if you want to take a look at somebody whose physical appearance has deteriorated. Check out Jason Patric, a hunk from the 90s.


I just saw a movie, a terrible movie about an abducted child, Jason Patric, warp speed to I mean, Michael from Lost Boys.


I mean, Michael, a sexy guy who has in 2020, he is now square and bearded and gray and men usually age slightly better than that. He looks a little like me.


Was that for the role, though? Because I walk past Jason Patric in an airport and I felt his presence. Oh, no. Oh, God, you know who else hasn't aged great? You guys remember Jesse James, the motorcycle guy? He looks just like Joe Maddon. Now, Google had we reruns of you remember doing this already?


You already did this. Well, the called back.


It's I think it's all right. But I had news and thoughts and opinions and notes on that, actually.


Billy, thank you for explaining comedy to us and what a callback is. I appreciate it. I've never confused by I've never heard I've never heard of it.


Let's who's the best who's the most famous person you've ever walked past in an airport, Dan?


Oh, we know the answer. Who is the most famous person that because John Goodman. Wow, that's a good one, really. Before he became a friend of the show, I sat next to Hank Azaria on a flight from Miami to L.A. I was also on a flight from New Orleans to Miami with the big show. And I feel so bad for that guy who's not flying private. I mean, you kind of actually would be more famous than John Goodman.


Yeah. Wait, he was on your PJI. He was in first class. You made me think of it with uncomfortable seating situation. I imagine the American Airlines first class and Shaq trying to sit there.


It didn't work very well when I was a little kid. I walk past Tommy from the show. Martin was like, it doesn't get any better than this.


Wouldn't it be Jordan for you?


I mean, was it in an airport? I met him in China.


Does a sari does American Airlines have like the worst first class? You just did something. We were like he tried to sit in American Airlines first class, like, I don't know what any first classes are like, so I don't really know the rankings.


It's pretty bad. Yeah. Rankings, you know, we can rank the first class system. Great.


Well, I think British Airways and Qatar like they're there. I mean, can we not learn from Stewart's mistakes and not name airlines? I don't know if you picked up a paper recently. They're having a rough go of it. They don't need you piling on.


Sounded a little bit like testator there. They don't need you piling on Uranus.


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Geico for bundling made easy. Go to Geico Dotcom today. I am concerned about my fantasy league, though, do you use preseason, though, for fantasy, though? Sleeper. Sleeper. Come on, Chris Cody. I mean, I feel like you guys are all full of it.


No one acts like the title from the Raiders last year from Hard Knocks. It was great. He was good. Yeah, that's from hard knocks, though. You're not doing it on a dive on their priest, Terry on Johnson Tatum Bell.


Like there's all sorts of players that emerged during pre-season. I have a theory that a generational talent that came out of college and didn't get drafted high or is undrafted is going to be fallen by the wayside. Like we're we're seeing a Hall of Fame career, not actually make it to the NFL, because if even if you see these practices, they're limiting contact. It's just basically run to the spot that you have to be in. That's a way to judge a player.


We're losing so many great talents. Their loss is the NFL's game.


Life's all about opportunities. Mike, I've always thought to myself, and I told David Sampson this once, it should be a survivor. That's just the season of everyone that was eliminated first because it's all about politics. And if you rub the wrong person the wrong way, you could be out immediately. And you could have like one of the greatest competitors in the history of this show that never got an opportunity just because they were voted out first. I'm so with let me let me give you an example.


Chris Volstead. Right. Chris Wallace, that was he great, no, no, but he was in the majors like forever, and he just got called up one time that someone got injured. You like, oh, we need a pitcher okra's holes, that he's got some major league opportunity experience there. Let's give Chris Bolstad another shot. How many players do you think in the minor leagues that could have gotten called up for the Chris Bolstad start, could have been in the majors for like four or five years, just doing the exact same thing and never made it to the majors because he was involved?


That's considered one of the better prospects.


I mean, you guys remember Rick Vandenberghe, same deal. Chris Akela, same deal. I just wanted to keep saying, like lifetime minor league prospects, I would keep coming up for 10 days.


You're right, Billy. You're right. Was it bad in the Hall Holland Hammer that his nickname. Yeah.




You Dutch Billy, who's the marlin that you thought was going to be great and never was mine? Reggie Abercrombie, Ermita, Lewis Brinson.


So I didn't feel so bad.


He robbed a homer yesterday, but man doesn't know how to drop this off. A lot of homers.


I think he needs I think he just needs a change of scenery. This is what he needs to go. Yeah.


The writing's on the wall, though. What point do we start apologizing to Derek Jeter? I mean, horrible take by you, Chris.


I mean, what are you talking about? This this far? Everybody is turned on this team. Everyone thinks this team has upside now or ten years ago, Billy was saying that was a joke and he shouldn't have gotten this job and this.


But didn't they just send down the pitcher who was supposed to be the prize item from that Yelich trade vintage Yamamoto didn't.


I'm just going to say that the Yelich trade is a bad look. When you make trades in baseball, you're going to miss on some Yelich trade. We're going have to take the ball on that one. Yeah, but the other two trades look good. Sandy Alcantara is really good. We got him for Ozuna. Like there are good pieces we're getting from these great off air conversation.


Dan, go ahead. Take it away. All right. You guys ready? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I believe that in there, by the way, should six, that was great on Saturday, oh, unity fan on three pitches he found he found like some really great three hour drive. I was just looking at his stuff. Dude, I don't care about the results. The best pitchers, the homerun ball, you know what I mean?


I like Chris saying that the Yelich trade wasn't that good, ended up being one of the worst trades of all time because he's an absolute star.


Great off air conversation. So go ahead and get ready to go down into something new. Also, I'm hearing reports out of Cain's camp like serious contenders this year.


Go ahead. Shut the hell up. Good.


I can't wait to watch the king at quarterback. I don't think that the audience knows or I don't think that Florida knows how exciting that kid is.


Now, he's not a traditional we we know him and we've never seen him play well because in Houston, really, he was really good in Houston.


He was a second best quarterback in the nation. The last time we saw him play the time.


I'm watching Houston football with how much you gamble. I'm shocked at that stage.


Is every team playing this season going to be in the top twenty five? Yes, I read Billy. I read that they're asking AP voters to vote like there isn't a suspension of play in the PAC. That's idiotic. Well, what are they going to do about bowl games of teams that what are we going to we're going to put it on PlayStation or something?


Justin Fields is still like a Heisman leader, I guess, although I really dropped it there and he was in the middle of telling us how excited he was about watching Derek King. Yeah. Yeah, it doesn't really matter. I'm totally fine.


I know how great things that are not bad. He's just exciting to watch. I just don't have a lot of confidence that football is going to be able to get up and running and stay up.


And I feel great about football's chances. Numbers are looking good. We have all sorts of schedule releases out there. But again, this is all an off air conversation. Go ahead and start the show where you want.


But I'd like to continue talking off air about how quietly and miraculously and amazingly basketball has able has been able to actually give us playoff games where none of us expect for it to be derailed by anything. Even though Woj has reported that the real test comes in the second round when families are let into the bubble, that that's going to be the the dangerous area.


But they have to be tested before they enter. And then fourteen day quarantine. Right.


Regardless of of the results, I don't think it's a fourteen day or ten day maybe for all family members regardless. They're going to try to do it still quietly. They haven't had so much as a hiccup. I find that fairly amazing. I know that there were a lot of people at ESPN and Disney who are working with the NBA on this. I, I just don't think it could be talked about enough. The idea that for something unprecedented, basketball's leadership got out in front of it and gives us confidence.


Now, look at Mike. What Mike is saying here is he thinks football is going to happen now. There's no way he thinks that if basketball hadn't been able to do that, that successfully, there's simply no way that you would consider that football can actually have a chance at that if basketball hadn't done it.


Well, no doubt what basketball and what the MLS did, which people always forget about the MLS, even though they did have to send two teams home because of intake. That's impressive. But I actually think with the NHL has done is more impressive. Granted, they're doing this north of the border in a different country that got it better in Czech than they did. But two satellite cities and baseball, again, I don't think we can give them a full grade, but you actually have in that circumstance teams that are traveling to cities.


We know that you can pull this off in a bubble here in the United States. Baseball, they're showing you some of the hiccups.


We didn't know that, Mike. We did not know that. We know it now. But I want you to consider the idea of we were faced with something unprecedented. I want you to consider the amount of planning that has to go into, because I've actually seen the protocol handbook. And when I saw it, I'm like, they won't be able to do this. It's too many details of a made is only going to do your room once a week and it's going to be the same maid every time who does your room once a week.


And every team is only going to have thirty seven people who are allowed. And so assistant coaches and some people are going to have to be left at home that are going to feel it and be hurt by the fact that they're going to be left at home. I just didn't think I thought any amount of cynicism was earned and they somehow figured out with the details, with science, with expertise on an unknown, unprecedented thing, they somehow figured out how to give us basketball.


That stewardess is not yet willing to say is playoff basketball until they do it better.


It's entertaining basketball. I'm not going to deny it like it is. The games have been fantastic, especially the games that we saw over the weekend, specifically on Sunday with the Mavericks in the Clippers. I just I don't know if it's playoff basketball. It's entertaining basketball. I don't know if it's true, playoff basketball would feel like it defensively, that's it's like an ice cream sandwich. Every rescue sandwich is OK, right? But like a milky ice cream sandwich or the ice cream sandwich with the cookies, that's like another girl.


That's like, whoa, it's an ice cream sandwich. It's OK. It's good. It's an ice cream sandwich. It's just not the Milky One or the one with the evidence.


Well, can you guys explain this part to me? Because all of this can be right. And so no one is disputing that without fans, it doesn't feel like playoff games because you need the emotion, the intensity, the pressure you need when Lucas is making that shot for it not just to be 20 loud guys on the court running around and hugging each other and no other sort of arena exploding. I will not disagree with that portion of what you're saying.


I think it's absolutely so when the players have all given voice to it, the part that's curious to me and makes me wonder, honest to God, how much of this basketball you're actually watching, these scores are not what they are because nobody's playing defense to God. That's not what's happening. Like, it's simply I feel like you're watching something totally different from what I'm watching, because you've arrived in a place that the games are in the one 20s and the one thirty because no one's playing defense when all I'm seeing is guys with more range than I've ever seen.


And I think we're talking about just Lucas stepping back to the Black Lives Matter side. I'm talking about everybody who's taken a three in that sport. I expect it to go in every time, no matter whose hand is in your face, no matter how long the guy is jumping at you. I'm expecting every damn three to go.


And Lucas shot was insane. That's one of the greatest shots I've ever seen. If you see the trajectory of that ball, it's like a line drive. I still don't understand how he made that to have to step back and not have your legs under you fully.


Holy Mike, I'm telling you that I'm sitting here watching this, even understanding that Damian Lillard and Steph Curry, you got to guard them as soon as they get over the half court line. I'm watching every guy in the league is stepping back three feet behind that line and being like, yeah, I'll let him fly from here. This is a good shot. Even if you're in my face, you know, maybe you're right.


I mean, looking back at some of the playoff scores from last year, OK, last year. So, you know, the Celtics play the bucks one twenty three, one sixteen, perhaps. I don't know what's going. I think one fifty these games. I will tell you what's going on. Well, first of all, did you see how many threes the Raptors made in that game? They couldn't miss anything all of a sudden VanVleet VanVleet You can get him to make a shot from anywhere on the court because he's taking shots from so far out.


How many threes did Toronto hit in that game.


Twenty two or forty seven. It's still the first round so I don't know, I don't know if I can knee jerk but we have a couple of games also from like the the seeding games before the playoffs. I don't know if I could like rely on some of the same cliches. They're not going to be able to hit shots at the same clip because people are just shooting better without having to hop on planes, without going to a different hotel room every night.


I think this stuff does matter. And you're seeing better offensive execution, no doubt.


Well, I would ask you guys, because we've talked a lot about baseball's evolution. All of a sudden everyone's shifting. Everyone can hit an opposite field, home run. Everyone is swinging all or nothing. When teams have figured out what Houston figured out, which is take fifty threes, the threes are worth more than the twos. Of course, you're going to stop getting those stats. When's the last time you actually saw one of these 78, you know, one of those last dance type of scores in the playoffs where Charlotte and B.J. Armstrong are winning?


Seventy nine. Seventy eight in the playoffs.


It's been a while, but you also haven't seen this this consistently. I mean, last year the games are played one on one before there was one twenty three, one twenty as well. But for the most part the games were played, you know, between a hundred and one hundred and forty.


Everyone is figured out at the same time, hey, take 53, just go ahead and take fifty threes. Everything's a good shot now.


Yeah. We don't even have to hearken back to the days of the last dance. Remember when the Big Three first got together? Look at their very first game against Boston. Look at that halftime score. I think the he just put up seventy four points in the first half. Those were games that Pat Riley won in the playoffs scoring.


Seventy four that day is dead though, right. Like the eighty point playoff game is done just because of the number of threes that are being shot. And this is why I don't think that Strogatz is right when he talks about bad defense.


Not only. Are these guys taking fifty threes, but because their range is what it is, the spacing on the court allows for offenses to have more room and defenses can't no matter how athletic they are, they can't guard everybody because you've got these guys who are sitting there at the Black Lives Matter signs shooting the ball from just distances we've never seen.


But also the court needs to get bigger. I'm saying this. They don't they don't have like the fans there. So for players safety. But I think what we're seeing with Giannis and Bam out of bio's and just the general range of players, I think you need to make the court bigger and that's a fair point and something they probably will consider.


I like my theory more of less travel. You're not getting on airplanes, you're walking into all of it. Hell and perhaps that's being offensive. Legs Frasch Plus they had three months off in between the regular season and the NBA playoffs. You also don't have to deal with certain things at home. But and also you do have to deal with new things like I'm sure Kyle Lowry misses his kids, but now you introduce families into the matter and we'll see if any of the performance goes down because someone's fighting with WiFi, 150 to 122 was the score of that Toronto Orlando magic game.


And I can't I can't dispute what you're saying, guys. That doesn't feel very much like a playoff score, even though the Lakers and Celtics played some games that looked like that. But once you remove the handshaking, you remove the physical stuff. I always marveled about I don't know about you when playing basketball. If a guy jumps out and has a hand in my face, that's something that's going to always alter my shot. But it's not all during anybody's shot.


And it's not just you got random guy last night in that game between the Nuggets and Utah. That series I'm obsessed with. Jokic is shooting these giant parabolas as everybody's coming after him.


What does Perabo These giant shots that end up going over the shot clock in height. They are not the Loukia shot of a line drive from the Black Lives Matter side. These just giant floating shots that felt like a parachute, I'm telling you, hit shots. Should the halfway there sprout a parachute and have the parachute go into the basket, but doing it with a hand in his face because he's never worried that somebody is actually going to get up to where his height is and block one of those shots.


I just thought he was three of ten from three at twenty nine point seven rebounds, six assists.


I just don't know what to do with these playoffs. Look at Murray's line. I that's that's the reason I don't know what to do with these playoffs. Suddenly, Jamal Murray is Michael Jordan. And I should apologize because I'm going to like the trademark spots, right Giannis and Bam Adebayo Because athletically they jump off the screen But what am I to do with Yokich and look at Donchak because players who don't have like the athleticism that jump off the screen are still doing things that I've never seen before at that size.


I'm curious the audience, how the audience feels because I actually, while enjoying this style of play, wondered to myself, because going back to Golden State and the way they played, I'm like, do I want this with my basketball where everyone is on the outside shooting these shots from a great distance and it doesn't feel like the basketball I'm used to. I'm wondering whether I'm reluctant to change on something that's familiar, but it's not that part of it is not aesthetically pleasing to me as aesthetically pleasing guys coming down and bombing from thirty feet is not something.


Fifty times a game is not something that I enjoy as much as what basketball was. But I can't dispute that a one the two of those games yesterday are better than one of those Knicks Heat games in the eighties.


I mean, it's certainly a lot better when the shots are going in and the shots are going in. More now in this bubble atmosphere, I do think basketball does have like a stylistic problem. The NFL did, too. You were railing about how bad the quality of the NFL was for a full season and a half, and then they figured it out. I think NBA does have to adjust, whether it's making the court larger, introducing a new shot, rewarding more post play.


Aesthetically, it's not as pleasing. And people are holding up the lack of ratings as, look, this is a sign that you need to get ahead. And Adam Silver has been pretty progressive in knowing when to change the sport. That is blasphemy. I don't think you realize or remember how agitating Heat and Knicks were. Seventy nine. Seventy seven. Chris Childs going one of eleven from three because they hate each other. Jeff Van Gundy was hanging on to Alonzo Mourning Shin.


Mike, you mentioned the ratings. And forgive me because I haven't done a deep dive on this.


And you're lucky conservative websites have, Dan, they're down 40 percent since 2011 and we're blaming the Neilan.


OK, and I yeah, it's always interesting to me and keep an eye on this because you should. Notice when this happened, the idea that people take a victory lap around the failures of ratings in sports that involve black people, I mean, look at the ratings for anything from 2011.


The world has changed.


It's not just that, though. What I was going to ask you guys is, aren't the ratings changing? Because there are games at one o'clock on the afternoon on a Tuesday? Like isn't that why the ratings are at least part of why the ratings would be down?


The last time I watched WWE Roman reigns wasn't kneeling before an anthem. And the ratings are tire fire compared to what they were in 2011, how they're a tire fire compared to what they were three years ago. This is happening across the board.


David Sampson, though, this was one of the many interesting things to come out of this time that we spend with David Sampson, where he breaks this stuff down for you in ways that are cold and uncomfortable. He basically says with this TV contracts, the way the situation is, they don't need a single fan to be watching. The ratings don't matter at all. It's all about just getting it on television so that you could get the television money. Your ratings can be zero point zero.


And it doesn't matter because all that matters is getting it on television. So the TV people pay you for that. And then you let the TV people live with the consequences of nobody's paying attention to their sponsors because they've got a zero point zero rating.


The counter is well, you need it for the next round of negotiations. Right. And I don't really for the next one know because you're going to have like an Amazon say, we'll take our chances, we'll make it work, we'll find the people. It's a valuable property in the market is what someone's going to pay for it. And even if you had zero people watching, I think you still have a huge market for it.


But locally, you'll get nothing. You might I mean, nationally, you might be right. Maybe locally Amazon will come in. The individual market have already. They have already. If that's the case, then I stand corrected, OK? Because locally, no ratings. You're not going to get anything else than Amazon Regional Sports Networks. They're changing with the dissolution of the divestment of Fox and Disney because of an antitrust laws having to divest itself from the regional sports networks and selling to Sinclair.


I think you're seeing like I think LFC was one of the first teams that did this. They sold an exclusive rights deal to YouTube. So if you watch, the only way you can watch a regional feed of your team is by subscribing to a YouTube package. I think you're going to see more of that.


Why do you stand corrected as opposed to sitting corrected? Do you have any idea why it is when you're corrected? You have to stand corrected? I don't know.


I mean, I look it up. It'd be more comfortable if I could sit corrected. You're right.


I'll put it on the podium. But, Taj, wouldn't you like to sit corrected instead of stand corrected?


I think maybe Parliament. Does this have something to do with like when you're called to attention to have your case and then someone corrects you and they say, well, I stand corrected.


It is it is a good question. I can't believe how sports we did this segment when I've been meaning to ask the gods how he feels about this new Russell Crowe vehicle that is trying to be the first theatrical release that we get during the pandemic. Just the title itself is something I would think Strogatz is interested in.


The title is Just Unhinged is I'm there and yeah, it's just it's just unhinged. And it's Russell Crowe looking not like Gladiator, but looking like theater. It's a bloated, swollen, really. Oh, really?


I thought I was sure going to get a loser game shows.


In retrospect, I might feel differently about it. I did for him the moment I felt like it deserved. You sit corrected.