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Why are you listening to this show? The podcast that seems very similar to the other Dan Lebitard podcast.


I'm sorry. I'm not going to apologize for that.


In fact, the only difference seems to be this imaging. I have been tempted in restaurants just walking past tables to grab somebody's fries if they're just there. That hasn't happened to you guys?


I've done it. And now, here's the Marching Man to Nowhere, Fatface, and the Habitual Liar.


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Stugats just spit at me. Just spit at me, not Mike Ryan. I did cry, asshole.


Well, Mike wasn't here.


But you just spit it at me. I didn't say that you weren't crying.


I saw some emotion. I didn't see tears from where I'm sitting.


Eyes were stinging.


Okay. It's a little different.


No way to transition.


I mean, you just admitted it.


You're in a way that's not awkward, but I'm going to try to transition. There you go.


That's all you had to do last segment.


That was a lot better than trying to drag me into it.


Why would Stugatz, when he's emotional, lie about crying? If we're already saying he's obviously emotional?


You're repeating the same mistakes. It's starting the exact same way.


I'll tell you why, because my transitional crush has always been.


I'm surprised more people haven't noticed this, just ripping Stugatz's scam.


We've noticed. For those viewing on DraftKings Network and on our YouTube, we should throw up on the on the lower third graphic where you can get involved with the... What was the website again? Theshotline. Org. So let's make sure that that messaging is there and we will do our best to move on.


Yesterday, we did not do this in the local hour, so we will do it now because what is happening with the Miami heat is interesting. Greg Cody has become stugat. He is writing the column in the newspaper that this might be Spoh's best coaching job yet.


I texted him making fun of that, and he did not like that.


A truly terrible column.


He's like, Did you read the column? I'm like, No, actually, but the headline's funny.


But also, Mike Ryan has become Stugats. The heat are turning us all into Stugats. Mike Ryan has come in here yelling and screaming, How dare anyone doubt this Heat team? They go into Philadelphia. They beat Philadelphia without Joel Embiid. Mike Ryan, nothing. We'll get Mike Ryan more excited than being able to make fun of what frauds those Sixers are.


They beat the Philadelphia 76ers without Jimmy Butler or a point guard, really. So yeah, Joel Embiid wasn't there. But that's day two of a back to back in which they just took Milwaukee and the Philadelphia 76ers.


Both games without Jimmy.


I'm really getting sick and tired of people doubting this Miami Heat team. Only I am allowed to doubt this Miami Heat team. And you know where this season turned. Every single one of you, deep down, even Ryan Cortés, they know where this season turned. And it was when Terry Rozier got hurt. And again, I just want to just reinforce, you got to stack these wins before he comes back.


Stugatz, this is what I will say about the heat without too much over analysis of a team that has been weird this year. Losing against Memphis at home is the worst loss of the season. They are not very good when all of their guys are healthy. This is a weird thing to say. That's odd. It's super weird. Duncan Robinson clearly needs to start for this team. He spaces the floor. He clearly and obviously needs to start for this team.


Jimmy off the bench.


Not Jimmy, Hero off the bench. I really like this, George.


I like him. He's a good player, and he's smart defensively, too, in terms of buying into a team defensive concept. And he was not that as a raw product being drafted.


I told you two years ago, they think he's Gallanari. They think his ceiling is Gallinari.


By the way, we might actually sign Gallinari, too. We got to finally get that one. Danilo. Yeah. The British kid.


If you have two Gallanaris, do you have one, though?


No, it's better than one Gallanari.


I mean, on the hierarchy of missed whales for Pat Reilly, it's Kevin Durant and then Danilo Gallanari. We've been pursuing this through several leg injuries.


I will tell you because I know that there is no way for me to get Lucy and Jessica involved in Miami heat.


Oh, I can talk about the heat, Dan. I want the heat to go on a little run here. It's not fun if they lose when the expectations are bad. We need to get everyone in Miami. We need to get Mike Ryan on the bandwagon, Cortez cussing out people on Boston radio. We need to get everyone excited so that when they lose after that, it is even funnier for all the haters.


Yeah, what Jess said. Yeah, that's why I got... Yeah, ditto.


But it's perfect. It's landing up perfectly because if they lose- Yes, it is. But I mean, how sad can you be? We were an eight seed. We're not actually that good. It's perfect house money right now.


Pre-excuses. I love it. No, it's perfect. This is exactly what we need.


Yeah, it's perfect because anyone with a rational basketball brain can't look at this Miami Heat team and say, They're good. Yeah, this is Eastern Conference champions, and yet they're there in the conversation over here.


Here's the problem with everything that you're saying, because Kendrick Perkins, hired by ESPN to do what I'm about to say, which is say that the Miami Heat have to part ways with Jimmy Butler and that the Miami Heat will not make it out of the first round in the Eastern Conference. The thing that's great about him saying that is that we could head into the playoffs with him being exactly right. And last year, the same was true. And they made it all the way to the finals. And so we be arguing about this, expecting Jimmy to be maximum Jimmy in the playoff, because Kendrick Perkins actually had to have this conversation with himself on the air. This is how it happened. He's like, I'll tell you why it is that they have to get rid of Jimmy Butler. It's because they don't have a Mahomes. I know that Jimmy Butler is Mahomes in the postseason, but they don't have a Mahomes. But he's coming. But he's not here now because it's not the postseason. But I know in the postseason, he will be Mahomes until the final few games when his legs fall apart because whatever he's doing doesn't work for the final four games.


The whole Trade Jimmy thing was spoken from a place of fear, being that he's a Celtic guy. And not unlike myself, he will spin it into a win because whenever the heat start doing those things, he also becomes broadly a heat guy because of their style of play. It's a no lose situation.


Except when it all blows up because he's fighting Yedanas Haslem on the sidelines during a game in the postseason that they're down 30 and it's all over because it's going to explode in our faces.


Does that make it more like Travis Kelsey then?


Well, how about that? Can we get that Can you hear that sound real quick? I loved that I was first to this take before Travis Kelsey's two guys. I actually made the argument for all the hysteria around Travis Kelsey bumping his coach. I made the argument, those two genuinely love each other. It's just ridiculous to hear that argument come out of Jason, Kelsey, by way of explanation, because it's true that that happened only because those guys love each other, but it's a ridiculous thing to say.


The broadcast showed you having a heated exchange with Coach Reid. So heated. People are all over this. I mean, I get it. You cross the line. I think we can both agree on that. I can't get that fired up to the point where I'm bumping Coach, and it's getting him off balance and stuff. I mean, let's be honest, the yelling in his face, too, is over the top. I think there's better ways to handle this. I love Coach Reid. Coach Reid knows how much I'd love to play for him. I'm not playing for anybody else but Big Red. If he calls it quits this year, I'm out there with him, man. He ain't calling it quits. Come on, no. He's not. I immediately wish I would have took a bet. Coach Reid actually came right up to me after that, and he just let him Hey, man, I love your passion. I got cameras on me all over the place, man. He's letting you know not to be like that. Just fired me up even more to go out there and get a victory for him, man. Big red, sorry if I caught you with that cheap shot, baby, but damn, I love winning with you.


You got to have your head on a swivel because next time he gets fired up at you, he's coming hot at you. You know that. Oh, yeah, I deserve it. If he would have cold cocked me in the face right there, I would have just ate it and just been like, Yeah, let's go. I'm not trying to make this situation acceptable, but this is what happens when you have highly motivated, passionate individuals. This doesn't happen if you Andy aren't as close as you are. That's what nobody even knows. The reason this happens is because you two love each other so much and respect each other so much that you feel open enough to have an interaction like this. It wasn't me mad at Coach Reid as it looks. It was the frustration of our team not having success, turning the ball over, and me being-On the sideline. Just on the sideline. Not able to go out there. Damn it. It was pleading with your head coach to let you go out there and win this, mother. That's what it was. Me and you both know what it was. Andy He knows what you mean to him and what he means to you.


Are you taking credit for having the take about Travis, Kelsey, and Andy Reid's relationship before Travis, Kelsey had the thing?


What I'm saying is that what-He lives with it every day. What they just said is totally true and totally asinine. The only reason that happens is because they love each other. It's the reason that they could survive it without being an explosion, although it helps that they won the game.


Do you think Travis listened to your take and then used it on his podcast?


What I was explaining to you yesterday is that when people love each other, they argue. I don't understand why we make such a big deal about it when it happens in the volatile setting of a Super Bowl.


Just let me pull a random headline from 2016. Stop mistaking Odell Beckham Jr's Immaturity for Passion.


Just pull that randomly. Mike, we can have the conversation about whether any of this would feel like this if Travis Kelsey were black. It just feels like a show I was doing in 2005, and I'm trying to improve the vibes around here today.


The first few segments also felt like 2005, quite honestly.


Breathe in, breathe out, in, out.


I have an issue with the Big Red nickname while we're on this topic, and everyone's fired up. They say it's because he had red hair when he was younger, right? That's why they're calling him Big Red. Where's red? I think that's also part of it. I read in an article, I was trying to find origins, because to me, Big Red connotes Western Kentucky mascot. Obviously, he's the one and only Big Red in my heart. He's a big blob, Dan. He's a big, middle-heavy, bald- Dan knows blob. He knows red. Okay, just making sure. He was staring at me like I had seven heads.


Well, the only reason I'm staring at you this way is because Big Red, to me, is the gum. When I think of Big Red, I think first of the gum. When I think of Big Red as he's calling him big red, I'm assuming it's because he looks like the Kool-Aid man. I wouldn't recognize Andy Reid if he weren't either wearing a Hawaiian shirt or red.


I would not- I think I'd recognize him.


Yeah, same. Overrated gum, big red. He's big, yeah.


All I'm saying is he's Big Red, too. Disagree.


Put it on the poll, please, Juju, @LevitarShow. Is Big Red an overrated gum? Because I don't agree with you.


No, it starts off great. Like most gums, it's got a kick right at the beginning. And then five seconds in, the taste goes away.


What's the What's your best gum? Bubblicious. Bum is trash. That's just sugar. That's just all of us.


I like five gum because it lasts longer. Like you're thinking about the killer bees.


What is the gum that lasts the longest? Because Bubblelicious does not last long either. Five.


Yeah, because it lasts longer.


It's the one that lasts the longest of all of them? What is the best of the gums?


In my experience.


Yeah, I think five is the best, but it's a little strong, so I usually split it in half, and I'll do half a little thing. It lasts a pretty long time.


Chris Cody, you're a sugar expert. Do you have a favorite gum? A tape.


The bubble gum tape. Oh, that's so good. Chicklets. Chicklets? Oh, they're so good, man. Chicklets? I love Chicklets.


Okay, wait a minute. I learned-No, you don't.


Yes, I do.


When is the last time you had Chicklets? I don't know.


Five years ago.


Because you love it so much. You haven't had in five years.


Hard to find. Does everything have to be a lie?


They're just like sex for me. Chicklets.




Every five years.


He loves it, but he hasn't done it in five years.


Fruit Stripe doesn't last long.


I hate them. I don't think any... I hate gum. Put it on the poll, please, Juju, @Levitarge Joe, would anyone say that Chicklets is the best gum?


Remember when Witty just admitted that he swallows gum? That was wild.


Every time, yeah.


Man, just stayed with me.


How about bazooka? Strong. Thanks.


Stukatz, are you only referencing gum from the '70s? Are you about to get the gum from baseball cards in a second? Are you only...


Wow, Big League Chew.


That's not Big League Chew. That's totally different.


I can see his confusion, Stukatz is only mentioning gums that were made in 1970.


Hubba, bubba.


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Don Levatard. All these high-paid analysts. I don't want to mention names. Tnt, ESPM. Oh, yeah. They are dead. They're not going to make it. Even if they win, if they lose in Miami- I need to calm you down. I need to calm you down. That's right. They lose in Miami. They don't got a chance in Boston. Oh, they are going to have their ass, you know what? In Boston, you know? Stugats. They were wrong. Are they going to lose their job? No. Are they going to get a cutting pay? No. What are they going to do? Keep predicting what is the obvious. They're going to say, Oh, the Nuggets are going to win. Oh, Denver, the altitude. You know what? The hit are not going to win it all. This is the Dan Levatard show with the Stugats. On second thought, I am alleging that I knew how much Travis Kelsey loved Andy Reid before Travis Kelsey knew how much he loved Andy Reid.


He totally stole your take.


Well, he stole it, but he got to it late. I said it before he did. I got it out in public before. The asinine true take of that can only happen If real love is there. How about did you guys enjoy Travis Kelsey pulling the Stugatz when Stugatz is emotional and you point out that he's emotional, he's got to one up you by saying, And I cried, even though he didn't cry. Travis, Kelsey has to be so apologetic that he goes over the top with a lie. I'm not merely sorry. If Andy Reid retired, I'd retire right next to him. Not if Patrick Mahomes didn't retire.


Yeah, I'm going to call BS on that as well. He clearly knows he's not retiring so he feels safe saying that. If Andy Reid retires today, you think Kelsey is retiring tomorrow? Now he has to. No, he doesn't.


Can we go back to Monday, by the way, where Stugatz was still doing his what if Andy Reid retires and they call Belichick or whatever. Then five seconds after we left the studio, Andy Reid said, I'm not retiring. That was great timing. It wasn't remotely a possibility. You and Mike Florio were the only two people that I saw giving the take. Andy Reid, check it out. He's going to retire this year.


But one of the reasons Stugatz always wins, it's not just because every year, only one person or one team wins, and he has all 30 of the rest to criticize. That's not the only reason that he wins. The other reason that Stugatz wins is he got that one totally wrong. But he was way out in front of, Hey, people, we need to not let Shana Hans skate on any of this. He just fired his defensive coordinator, and I thought that defense was good.


Two sides to every story. Do you want to get one side All on one side correct?


Stugatz was out in front on no one can let Shana Hans rest with this decision that he's made. Two years ago, we quietly somehow had a Super Bowl decided because no one on the field could stand up straight because the sod was bad. So our measurement system was flawed by that. This year, the measurement system is flawed because we now have the audio of Chief's players on the field confused and the ref, they're really going to let Mahomes have the ball last? There was a ref on audio saying, They've chosen to give the ball to Mahomes.


He was playing for that covered third possession.


Don't worry, Kyle definitely knew what was going on.


That third possession is important to God. You keep locking that. It's not guaranteed. But it is.


There was no third possession in the game.


You know what's more important? Knowing what to do with your fourth down after knowing the game scenario and having potentially one more down to either get a first down or a score.


How are we still doing this.


I don't. There's no defending it. There's no defending it. Thank you. It's just, you botched it.


Jessica, what do you mean? How are we still doing this when yesterday you rolled in here dying to talk about that?


I know. I was also off Tuesday. I didn't realize you guys talked about it Tuesday. Now we're on day four, Dan. But I'm on day three.


Okay, well, this is- I'm on day two. This is one of the things that's happening- That's why you want to talk about. Around here that I have to apologize to the audience about.


What's it called when you do one of those songs like a row, row, row, and then the next person does row, row. That's us with our overtime takes this week. We're all starting at different points and overlapping each other.


You're all at Gently Down the Stream, and I'm so on the row.


Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream.


Dance on Marily Marily.


Marily, marily, marily, marily. Life is above Marily, marily, marily, life is but a dream. Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream.


No, Chris, you're doing the same one as Dan.


That was just me and Dan. That was just me and Dan. The life is but a dream. Marily, marily. Row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream. Nancy. Marily, marily, marily, marily, marily, life is but a dream. This is why our timing is off. I will tell you, and I noticed it yesterday. I was laughing with Stugatz about it before the show. Yesterday, I come in here broken by Vegas. You cannot be... I had forgotten that in my 20s, I remember, I had a flashback to my 20s being with my friends in Vegas as the flight took off, the red eye from Vegas, and saying to them, like bent over with my elbows on my knees as we took off, This is Las Vegas bending over and blowing us right out its ass. This is what's happening. That was 30 years ago how I felt leaving Vegas. I come in here yesterday, and I'm not kidding you, with my blood saturated by margarita salt. I fell to my knees and I tossed the lob to Stugatz of, LeBron wanted to be traded to Golden State. And the ball went flying out of bounds because Stugatz didn't know how to talk about LeBron didn't have anything for me.


You know what happened today? He comes in here and he's like, How does Golden State not get LeBron James? How does LeBron James not go to Golden State so that that could be the end of his career? 24 hours later, row, row, row, your boat. Stugatz has something for me on LeBron. I could have used it on air.


But this Vegas thing is like a disease. I mean, I have gotten over the flu quicker than I've gotten over Las Vegas. It just won't leave me. Yesterday, I was yelling at Las Vegas, like, Get out of me.


It won't leave. I took a nap yesterday that was so strong. I got sleep paralysis on my couch. Really? Yes, it was terrifying.


What is sleep paralysis? Were you cramping up?


When you're awake, but you can't move, but you're just frozen in one spot.


It's not good. On Monday, I went home and I went to sleep I got home relatively early, in the 2:00 hour. I was like, All right, I got to pick my daughter up around by 5:00. I was like, I got a time for a nap here. I drool napped till 5:30. I was late to get my daughter. I love a drool nap. Oh, those drool naps are crazy.


In my house, we just call them naps.


Put it on the poll, please, Juju, @LevitarShow. Do you love a nap in which you drool?


My sleep paralysis demon, by the way, was just to God's.


Thank you.


Jess, have you ever had a hangover for three days before? Yeah. So this is not as drunk- This is not a new. This is not as drunk as you have been then?


I have never been this overtired, I think, for five days, though. This part, not so much.


Can you explain to me? Because I thought the Vegas flight that I had was bad, Stugatz. I've told you before, I don't know how the executive decisions get made on serving beans in a flying tube for five hours. You cannot do that because some people are rude, and they take advantage of the fact that you don't know who the farter is. I don't know who those people are. Sorry. Those people are wildly, wildly inconsiderate. Stugatz thinks that he muffles those farts. He thinks he's got to technique to keep those under his-Right. Into the cushion. Into the cushion.


He does-I had to sit in first class, they serve me beans.


By the way, you can pre order in first class, and you can get a cheeseburger if you like. First class farts smell different, though.


I'm just telling you these farts, I I don't understand how they were serving beans in any part of the plane. You can't serve the beans.


This fart pairs well with a Chianti. That's how I felt.


Flying for four hours. I felt like I had a face full of fart in me for four hours.


You know what I had in coach? Someone just Threw pretzels at my face.


Do you call over the flight attendant to wave the air away from you?


I will tell you, when I started flying first class, it was after flying coach from China with someone who was eating fish on the plane. I'm like, I will never do this in 14 hours of fried fish. But the reason I bring it up is I thought I had a terrible flight from Vegas. Then Jessica, who's been following flights like no one in America, told me the story of a flight, Stugatz, in which, and I can't believe this is true, maggots were falling out of the overhead onto passengers because... Was it a Delta flight?


It was a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Great. Maggots started falling out of the overhead bin onto people. Apparently, it was in a passenger's carry-on bag that had rotten fish inside of it.


How does that get... How does it get through? Put it on the poll, please, Juju, at Leventard Show. Do you expect rotten fish to be kept off the plane by airport security?


You're blaming these security gates?


Stugat, I can't get- It's a piece of food. Stugat, I can't get a bottle of cologne or a lotion on the plane. You can't allow a rotten fish on the plane. They're stopping me. I've got all sorts of clearances that I can get because the government has all my information, and I can't get a bottle of lotion on the plane. You can't allow a rotten fish on the on the plane?


They actually ended up turning the flight around. And according to people, upon landing back in Amsterdam, the carry-on was placed into another bag and burned.


Like a bonfire. They took it out back and they took it- It smells so gnarly.


We are setting it on fire.


The most unpleasant flight I've had in my life was 14 hours next to somebody who was pulling fried fish out of a bag, an exotic fried fish of some sort, and it can't... I mean, come on, Stugatz, do you like... How often is fish being cooked in your house? Does it ever... Fish is a problem under all circumstances.


Every night, Lehman catches a snapper, he filets that bad boy, fries it up, we eat it, but it's fresh and it smells delicious, Dano.


It smells good in the house. Fish can smell bad even if it's fresh. But overhead maggot fish on a tube, on a flying tube that now has to go back to Amsterdam. You're already headed from the Vegas equivalent internationally to Detroit. That's a bad flight.


How far into the flight were they? Do you know?


Two hours. Really? They had to go back two hours to Amsterdam and burn the bag. Oh, my God.


Because maggots are falling out the sky. Lucy, you want to clear the vibes in here? You want to clear the fish smell in here? You want to make it a bit home?


Breathe in and don't smell fish. Hold it. Breathe out. One more time. Breathe in and breathe out.


I will improve the vibes here by pointing out to Lucy that Caitlin Clarke is about to have the best day ever, which means that Lucy is about to have the best day ever because there's no one who makes her happier in the than Kaitlyn Clarke.


I hate that you only left me about a minute to talk about this, but that's okay. I'll bleed it into the next segment. I have zero problem doing that. Tonight, Kaitlyn will most likely break the all-time scoring record in women's college basketball. She is eight points away from being the all-time leading scorer. She's only 200 or so points away from being the all-time scorer, men's or women's. We're playing a Tina's Michigan, not doing their best right now. It should happen in the first quarter. It will be such a remarkable moment for women's basketball, for me personally, which is the most important part. Courtside Sees are going for $10,000 a pop. This is one of the toughest tickets to get an event get into. It is going to be such a good day for me. It's going to be a great day for Kaitlyn. It's going to be a great day for everyone. I'm so excited. 8:00 PM tonight, they play Michigan.


You still have 45 seconds. I know.


I went through it really fast in my head because I looked at the clock and I was like, Oh, my God. Why can't talk about everything that Kaitlyn means to me? She's changed my life. She's She's changed all of our lives. She's changed women's basketball. She's changed college sports in general. It's tough because you sit here and you get to watch this run. And let me just tell you, I think the scoring, it's getting to her head a little bit. The record, because she hasn't played her best the last few games. Kelsey Plum came out and was like, Girl, when I had to do this, it was really tough. People didn't really think about what I was going through. So I'm happy that Kaitlyn is just going to get it over with tonight. She gets to do it in front of a home crowd, and she'll be the all-time leading scorer. That's amazing. Everyone should be cheering right now. Everybody clap.


Row, row, row your boat. Row, row, row your boat.


I would die for you, Kaitlyn.


Marily, marily, marily, marily.


Hey, it's Mike Ryan, recently got back from Las Vegas, Nevada, was there with some good friends, some coworkers, and it was a good time. Good time had by all. But it was made better, thanks to Miller time. That's right. Looking at my friends, taking that first sip of beer, knowing that I made the right decision. There are a few wonderful moments that I value more than Miller time on on this planet. It's just one of the best things going. Miller Light, with a taste that I can depend on. No games, no gimmicks. Just a great beer for people who like beer. We don't have that many demands. We just want to know that we're getting the same flavorful taste out of our light beer, and we get it every single time with a beer that's brewed for taste that hits different than other light beers. Simple ingredients like malted, barley for rich, balanced toffino flavors in the iconic golden color. Miller Light. Great taste, 96 calories. Go to millerlight. Com/dan to find delivery options near you, or you can pick up some Miller light pretty much anywhere they sell beer. Taste like Miller time. Celebrate responsibly.


Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 96 calories and 3.2 carbs per 12 ounces.


Don Lebatard. All of us who were watching College football elevated everything the weekend was because we missed football in general so very much.


You didn't watch the ending of UTEP Jacksonville State.


It was awesome. It was easy. Boom.


Stugatz. It's such lane for you. Just everything in college football is awesome. Any single thing that happens, she gets deliriously happy about. Don't you miss viewing sports through that prism, though?


I'm envious of Lucy.


I wish that I could still be happy. This is the Dan Levatard show with the Stugats.


Like Lucy said, Kaitlyn didn't have her best quarter on Sunday, and Kelsey Plum, who holds the record, actually She tweeted at her before that and said, Congratulations on the record, and really your entire season, I appreciate what you do for the game. Much respect and love. See you at the next level, hopefully sooner than later. Kaitlyn proceeded to not score the eight points she needed to beat the record. And then Kelsey Plum quote-tweet and said, My bad. Next game.


And you got that Malky saying that nobody on her team shoots 40 times a game.


Actually, you know what? This is a good segue because there's something I wanted to talk about here. Sheryl Swoops, women's basketball legend, has been starting a lot of beef with Iowa fans, Kaitlyn Clarke fans coming out. This is maybe so upset, but it was a few weeks ago, just come out and being like, Kaitlyn's doing this in your fifth year. She's had all this extra time. She's got 40 shots a game. Just some of the same narrative we've heard from Kim Mulky and other coaches around the country, which I don't understand why you hate Kaitlyn. She's amazing for the game. She's growing the game. She's amazing to watch. Kaitlyn's in her fourth year. She lost time because of COVID. She's doing this. If she had had that full season to start off her career, she would have done this faster and more impressively. It's one of these things that's been weird to watch. I know I'm so, so biased because I love her so much, but I'm like, How could anybody hate her? And it makes me so angry that people aren't rooting for her. She's amazing.


You say it's weird to watch, and to me, it's something I've gotten tired of over 30 years, where athletic greatness, the way that we cover it now, is so poison, contaminated. You got to have takes that basically anyone who's doing anything great is going to inundated with haters. Look at what's happening all around Shannon Sharp and McAfee and who it is that gets mad about what's happening around Shannon Sharp and McAfee, how much criticism arrives in all sorts of forms in our industry because someone is climbing in a way that makes others uncomfortable and is obvious. I will tell you this, because I mentioned it yesterday. Nick Wright is going to get and should get an enormous amount of money from Fox. One of the great joys for me of watching his ascent from Kansas City radio, Stugatz, he's at the parade, hugging everyone before it becomes tragic. From Kansas City Radio, no one gets to make this rise. The zig that he has done while everyone else is zagging is simply to believe in LeBron James and Patrick Mahomes during this time because everyone else is figuring out the ways to try to tear them down and tell you, Hey, he's not Jordan.


He's not Tom braided, and therefore, he's not as great as you think he is. Caitlin Clarke is not who. Who are we putting her up against because you can say, Compiler, five years if you insist on dating. She hasn't played five years, though.


That's literally a lie. No, but she got the extra year. So there is something going on in college sports where 23 and 24-year-olds are playing against 18-year-olds.


Yeah, She's in her fourth year. She has the opportunity to stay for a fifth year after the season. God, would I love for her to do that? But I don't believe she's going to. Just listening to her press conferences, how she sounds after games. She's been very open about, I'm treating this season as it's my last. So she's not taking that extra time. It's just wild. I have had the most fun in my entire life the past few years being an Iowa women's basketball fan, just taking in all these moments and enjoying it. And it's something I wish more people would do. We get to watch Greatness all the time. We get to watch Patrick Mahomes. We get to watch Kaitlyn Clarke. Why don't we just set, have a good time, just enjoy the things that are ahead of us? Because we may never see it again.


But then Lucy, you see Iowa fans making T-shirts that say, Don't be a Sheryl. Disrespecting one of the legends of women's basketball. And you see how maybe she was wrong, Sheryl Swoops was wrong in the number of games that Kaitlyn's played, but it does become a situation where now you're minimizing the achievements of a woman who was a pioneer in women's basketball. I think you can't take Kaitlyn Clarke out of a wider conversation about how women's basketball in general is covered, especially from the angle of race and the angle of sexuality and all of the things that we've talked about on the show like 100 times. But I think that that is also part of the story here.


Can we Can we discuss this part, though, Stugatz? When you have a pioneer worth celebrating, where it's not just that she's great, it's that everywhere she pops up now is an event. The idea that we're talking about $10,000 courtside seats for something in women's basketball is a seminal, symbolic achievement. It's great. You can tear it down. Furthermore, in the content industry, Stugatz, you're rewarded for finding all of the ways that that's less great than you think it is because talking again and again about how great it is isn't good for the content machine. Just celebrating and being like, Wow, Caitlin, Clark, amazing. Or, Hey, Mahomes, you're amazing. Or, LeBron, you're amazing. The vibes that Lucy wants around sports are what the vibes should be but cannot be in the way that we cover sports or in the way that America is right now. We will pollute the escape hatch with all of our criticisms We will soak it in our own unhappinesses.


Allow me to help the conversation because I cover all sports the same, like championships and rings. Kaitlyn Clarke has to win a championship. She cannot go down- She's on summer big 10 championships. No, she has to win a national championship. I'm on board, Cooke. Lucy, you cannot go down as the greatest college basketball player of all time without winning a national championship. You can't do it. You cannot do it. Caitlin Clarke, who is generally considered the greatest player to ever play women's basketball, she's not. You cannot do that without winning at least one title. This is her last opportunity. She's going to go to the WMBA. She should go to the WMBA. But if she doesn't win a title, I'm not certain she'll be in my top five college basketball players of all time. How about that?




Okay, so here's my- Helping the conversation. I mean, this is the way it should be covered. Not Lottie Dottie, let's all celebrate Kaitlyn Clarke.


This is real equality. I mean, come on. Kaitlyn Clarke needs to win a championship.


I love you, but go win something. I love you less.


Here's my take on this. Well, I'm obviously super biased. I'm not going to say that Kaitlyn Clarke is the best basketball player of all time. She's the best basketball player I have been able to watch in the college game. That's something that it always makes me think about college football, college basketball, in a sense, where there's such a larger field and it's so much more competitive. Iowa doesn't have any other major recruits. We are not Yukon. It's not South Carolina. What she's done is arguably more impressive to me because if Kaitlyn Clarke was not on that team, Iowa would be in the tournament, probably losing the first round, second round. I think I get the title argument, but it just makes me want to throw up a little bit.


Lucy, you will, in future generations, be able to explain to the disrespectful kids what Kaitlyn Clarke actually meant to basketball and to sports. I would like to explain to you- She'd mean more if she win a title.


This year, This year, see you in Cleveland.


Back to you then. Thank you. Do you think they have a shot at winning the Championship this year, Lucy?


I actually really do. I was a little nervous. I want to know what's Stu. South Carolina is amazing, and South Carolina, definitely, they're upset about what happened in the tournament last year. When I watched I was game against Penn State, not a particularly amazing team. Kaitlyn, not her best game. Hannah Stalke, though. Wow, was she playing great. Kate Martin, wow, did she look good. If the surrounding cast for Kaitlyn can step up a little, it's very tough to this Iowa team. I'll tell you that.


Let me clear the air on something. You will never see me in Cleveland. Back to you then. That's fair.


Quiet as it's kept, we'll never see you in Sioux City either. We were very- Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls, excuse me. I'll pay the fine. We'll never see you in Sioux Falls either because evidently everybody... What happened there? How did it all fall apart? He was going from one day to the next.


It all fell apart because Stugatz never wanted to do it in the first place.


No, but he was ready to do it, and now it's really falling apart. It's That was never going to happen now, but it was going to happen.


No, it wasn't because he got everything that he asked for, and he still didn't go. And more. Yeah, and he still didn't go. But it ended up being a win because if you followed the local papers, the person organizing it got into a bit of trouble. Carton-like. Yes.


And now it's gone forever.


My laziness paid off.


Misrespect, yes. That that would fall apart with a scam that doesn't involve you is a real upset.


He would have been tangled up in it. He broiled.


He always had his radar up about that guy.


He's like something about that guy. He takes one to no one.


I did.


The place I was going to take this, though, Lucy, because you will one day be able to explain what Caitlin Clarke meant to people. I want to show you a quick video right now of Bo Jackson. I don't know what Bo Jackson means to you. Bo Jackson is at an Auburn game, and he is waving a pompom, and Carruttop comes over and wants to take a selfie, and Bo Jackson tells him, Hey, how about you leave live life instead of take a picture of living life, and runs Carradale out of the proceedings. Lucy, what do you know about Bo Jackson, about his legend, about who he is? Because I would speak about Bo Jackson the way that you speak about Caitlin Clarke.


Well, I know he played two sports. I've watched, you don't know, Bo, the 30 for 30, but it was probably 10 years ago when I watched that. So he's not an athlete. I know who Bo Jackson is. Also, was he the guy that couldn't get rid of his hiccups? I believe that was Bo Jackson.


I think that is true.


Yeah, so I know him for that as well.


Good recall. That's a good thing to remember about Bo Jackson in Word Association. Stugatz, what are your thoughts there? Play that video again. Bo Jackson insisting that the young people live life instead of take a picture of living life. He's coming over and he wants to- It's an aggressive head shake by him. Because he's like, Live your life.


I'm waving a pompon here. Live your life is awfully convenient for someone that doesn't want to take a selfie, though.


No, but I totally agree. You lose moments because you're You're stuck in your phone or you're trying to take pictures. Just enjoy the moment and have your own memories. You can see his mouth. He's like, No, I'm in the moment. Yes. Enjoy it.


This is clearly happening during the game. So, yeah, say no. You're there to enjoy it. If it had happened at halftime, then I'm like, Hey, you probably should have just taken the picture and be nice. But I get it.


How about Bo getting in there with a nice... He's cheering right now. He's like, I'm cheering right now. Look at this thing.


Yeah. Pom pom also sets a perimeter.


You're right.


This is definitely a I see both sides thing. If you see Bo Jackson, one of the greatest runningbacks of all time in college football, you want to take a selfie.


Yeah, especially if you're at Auburn.


Right. And if you're Bo Jackson, get the hell away from me. There's gameplay happening right now.


I'm going to be able to explain to people for eternity that there was an athlete who played football and professional baseball. There were two of them during that time.


I got so spoiled as a kid. So spoiled as a kid growing up that I just thought it It was normal that multiple athletes would be playing multiple sports at the exact same time. It still happens.


Jeff Samarja was my example growing up.


Oh, the shark.


Jordan Faison for Notre Dame. He scored a goal in the lacrosse game yesterday.


You say Samarja- We had better examples. Yes, we had better examples. Samarja- Julius Peppers. Pitched some for Notre Dame and did some spots starting for the Cubs.


Jimmy Graham, hopefully Norcet Omer.


I do Samarja Giants, not Samarja Cubs.


Did Samarja play Any professional football? No. Did he play?


No, but he could have. He could have. Yeah, he definitely could have. He was a great receiver.


No, again, Bo and Deion did. What do you mean he could have? No, they did at a high level.


I'm just saying there's modern examples, Dan, specifically Notre Dame ones that I grew up with.


But they did. Samarja didn't.


When you start with Bo and Deon, you have to outdo Dan there. You didn't.


Who's the last person that tried? Was it Tony Gonzales? Kyler Murray. Yeah, that's right.


No, no. Russell Wilson. No, no. They I did.


That was something that- You're making a distinction here that I don't think matters.


Russell Wilson played in a spring training game.


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