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So I'm a little bit uncomfortable or a lot uncomfortable with the way that things seem to be shifting around us, where our way of doing sports radio seems to be something of the past and this man's way of doing sports radio is the present and the future. And so while I'm uncomfortable with some of the developments recently everywhere around us, I also kind of want the desperate rub that comes from having one of the biggest guys in sports radio be on with us and lend us some of his audience, because his philosophy of no politics, no news, just sports is blowing up.


So we are joined again by Shane Bacolod County, gametime in Scottsdale, Arizona. And my understanding is that he's a little bit bothered with me dragging him into politics the last couple of times that he's been on. And so he just wants to talk sports and nothing but sports. So Shane Bacolod is on with us. And you want to talk what? Diamondbacks, Cardinals, sons? What do you want to talk?


Yeah. And what happened was and first off, how are you? I'm good, thank you. That was rude of me. Thank you for joining us. Yeah.


My pleasure. My pleasure to be here. Yeah. First of all, I appreciate you having me on for a couple of visits I had with you. But here's the truth. You scuffed up my brand is the way I'm going to put it. You know, my brand my brand is no politics, no news, just sports. And you pulled me on your show. And lo and behold, what happens suddenly? I've got some of my callers, some of the people in my community saying, hey, Shane, what happened?


Why are you talking politics? And I realized, oh, that's Dan Levitas brand. And so I just got to get back to sports. Look, we talked about my campaign, the congressional campaign. One time I mentioned, I watched the news, four fires. Suddenly I've got everyone telling me, oh, you believe in global warming. I'm like, I don't know what's going on with that. Leave me out of it. I'm no politics.


I made a comment about tainted meat and suddenly I've got the meat industry coming down on me. I'm like, look, just give me your meat. I'll eat it. I don't care. So I just want to get away from that stuff, get back to what I care about, what I know and that sports.


So do you want to talk NBA or do you want to talk, you know, sports in Scottsdale? Where do you want to have the conversation go? I'm so desperate for your audience wants that. I just want to figure out what it is you want to talk about because you got secrets I don't have.


You know, I'd love to talk cardinals. I mean, what's going on with the cardinals that receiving corps? They have we've got we've got a young quarterback with a load of mobility and a cannon for an arm. The kids should be playing, you know, right field and Major League Baseball. And instead we got him as our quarterback with that cannon. I'll talk about that. Here is another I call it a miracle. With the Suns dead in the Bubble IV.


We spent three straight days talking about that. We didn't mention the bubble. We didn't mention why they were playing in Orlando. But we talked about those games and the emergence of McKale bridges. I'd love to get into that. I honestly then I'll do a little exchange program with you. I want to know how to is doing down there. I mean, a lot of my listeners are really excited about him. I'd love to hear how he's looking in camp.


Well, you must be very excited about DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald combined with Kyla Murray. That's something that people out there must be excited about.


We are thrilled. I mean, Hopkins is a field stretcher and he's got stickum hands and the guy runs routes for miles. And the idea of having a young quarterback like we have pair with who's going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback could not be more exciting. Attention. The person you are speaking to is an inmate at Piedmont Federal Correctional Facility in Arizona. The person you are speaking to is currently incarcerated.


What what what was that? Shane. Shane, what was that?


I, I don't know. I don't think I heard anything. Was there something? There was a little interruption, Shane.


There was something in the background. I couldn't totally make it out because it sounded far away. But it sounded it sounded a bit ominous. What what what was happening in the background there? I heard like a tape recorded voice or a megaphone voice saying, look, this is not sports.


The questions you're asking me about right now are not sports. I know we had a deal.


Right. I would ask you about the Suns and the Cardinals. I know we had a deal, but I don't think I could ignore what I heard back there. Mike, did you hear it clearly? Were you able to. Hear clearly what happened back there with Shane Michelotto. Yeah, I heard a message about somebody being incarcerated.


Is that what is that? All right, I look, guys, I want to move on. I want to I want to hear about two. And I want to hear how his hips look. And and I want to hear how is mobility is. But, you know, we I had some off the field issues here in the dale and I'm in the pokey for, you know, my lawyers on the horn right now. Get me out of here.


And that's it. That's all I say.


I'm just going to Google this real quick here, see if I don't do that thing, if there's anything here. Oh, my God, Mike.


This is from Reuters. Scottsdale, Arizona, popular sports radio host and ascendent congressional candidate Shane Bacolod, who was arrested today by federal agents in a predawn raid of his high castle estate property. Sheila Panettone, a career prosecutor from the Justice Department, charges that Bacolod has illegally spent over 800000 dollars of campaign contributions on personal expenses, such as teeth whitening and tribal band tattoos. For his wife, Taylor, his three sons, Caden Coulter, and shilling other items on the warrant included a custom Escalade with the slogan Just Sports airbrushed on the side and an 11 by 14 foot commissioned oil painting of Baklava and his wife in the midst of an adult action in a windswept desert, setting back a lot of yelled to reporters.


I'm appealing this to the commissioner. As agents pushed his head into a black town car, over 40 agents arrested Bacolod and his wife, Taylor, a former Amway exact and Cardinals girl. Prosecutors said the show of force was because of the over 40 firearms that Bacolod owns and speaks about frequently. On his highly rated radio show on CD GMT, Gametime Bacolod could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of all charges. Jesus, Shane. All right, so can we talk about two?


I think this probably is something that you and we need to address, we can't just talk about the Dolphin quarterback situation. This is jarring. All right. Yeah, all right, I'll get into it a little bit before I do. Just please, and I've been in here, I've been in this facility for three, you know, for 36 hours now, so, OK, before we go forward, how is to a look? He's looking good, he is looking healthy, I don't know why it is that you continue to go down this path, but yes, he's looking strong.


Dolphin fans are very excited about it.


How's the mobility? I mean, he looks healthy, but Shane, I mean, don't you think the footwork, the footwork, his footwork, the footwork is good? Can I? Yes, you can. And I simply say you can talk. I'm not. I'm I'm not. But this is not just this is he looks good. Shane, this is not me interrupting you. You tried this trick last time where you you can trick.


It's an American trying to express himself, and all I want to know is how does to his footwork look? His footwork looks good, he looks healthy. But what about this claim by Reuters? This report by Reuters? What are you doing?


Look, Dan, you can't tell me. You've never you've never done a night in jail for partying too hard. But you can't tell me you've never gone in the pokey because of a misunderstanding in your entire life.


I have actually have been arrested. And I spent one night there for drunk and disorderly conduct at a, you know, Johnny Rockets. That's also not the point. And it's not this. It's not what's being reported here. Look, there's a misunderstanding, there's a misunderstanding over some campaign funds, some undecided, some, you know, career prosecutor decided to get some TV ratings and make a big show of it. And here's all I can tell you.


And the Bible, this will be done in 24 hours. This will all disappear. There's a misunderstanding over the money we raised. I have told you this from the beginning, and I've told my listeners this. And if there's anyone from from the game time show any listeners out there, you can you can break down every word I say and take it to the bank. This will go away. I am not I've said from day one, I am not a politician.


I don't care about politics. I believed that when I got the campaign money, the money is is basically given to me and looked and I didn't want to run for office. Can you imagine if you're going through your regular life and a car pulls up to you and someone just says, Hey, Dan, Levator, guess what? You're now working at a Wendy's and they pull you in the car and they take you to a Wendy's and you have to start working there.


Well, if they give you some money, you're like, wow, this is so terrible. They're at least giving me some money. So I thought the money I don't know how campaign funds work. I thought the money was being given to me because I have to do this thing I don't really want to do. And I used it to make my life better and Taylor's life better. And Taylor used some of the money to make her life better and our kids lives Coulter shilling just to make our lives better.


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You don't understand that these are crimes, though, you don't understand that misappropriation of funds. This is felonious behavior.


I mean, I do now, I don't know what to tell you, I, I look, I'm not right wing, left wing. I'm a first baseman and and that's the truth. And and suddenly there's all this money piling up in this office. And I've got kids with with yellowish teeth. We've got a little too much fluoride in the water around the dayle. And suddenly there's this money around. And if I've got a chance to make Kaiden Coulter and Shilling's lives better by giving them whiter teeth, I'm going to do it.


The bottom line with me is it's sports, but sports is also family. And then let Batard or any of the liberal elite or the the media out there wants me to turn my back on my family. Well, guess what? Guess what? That ain't going to happen.


What does this mean to your political career, to your broadcasting career? Like what is this? This is a stain that seems like it would be pretty hard to overcome.


You know, I've I've talked to Harry, the horse. You know, he had a little dustup with the law recently involving some shots fired, but he's been released. I talked to my campaign manager, Tamraz and Imer, who has worked on some of the biggest campaigns around the country, and he actually says we've gone up a couple of points in the poll, in the polls and yeah. Yeah, he says we had a three point lead before.


We're at five point right now. A lot of the tail is rallying around me. They know that I'm a victim of of a click hungry media, gotcha media. A lot of elitists who can't stand the message that I'm taking out into the world because the message is enough politics in our politics.


Shane, why do you have 40 firearms in your house? Because I'm an American. I don't know what else I need to say to that question, Deb, and I feel like from now on, if you're going to ask me questions like that, they're trying to embarrass me about using my constitutional God given right to own what are 14 handguns, 16 assault rifles, two Gatling guns and a surface to air missile launcher. I don't know why that that's a negative thing, because I'm an American.


I feel like when you ask me a question like that, I get to ask you a question.


Okay, that's not really that's not really the deal, but because everything around you seems to get more popular. Go ahead. I have more questions about what it is that's happened to you.


But you want to you want to ask me what I was to his fifteen yard outlook and how he got velocity on that. Is there a curve on the ball? Is it a straight line?


I mean, he's got a lot of arm strength. These are bullets he's throwing. These are rockets. He can make all the throws. Yes, he can make all the throws.


OK, now you go.


Well what do you say to the person who reads this report and says you guys are talking to a criminal?


I would tell that person to have fun voting for some lying politician who sucks up to the media because anyone who would look at that article and believe it at face value, anyone who wouldn't vote for me for that article. And I would also tell that person I would say, hey, buddy, hey, pal. And let's face it, don't say what do you say to a person, the persons you damn right it is me.


I sort of disguised that question clumsily, but it's because I'm not as good at this as you are.


Yeah, that's what I thought. So here's what I'm going to tell you, Dan. I'm going to say the same thing. A bunch of people show up at your house, they tell you and your wife you're the greatest people ever, and they give you hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. What do you do? I mean, I need some context, am I running for office, are they campaign for office to do that as well?


Well, but then then I know that there are rules that give me a break.


You know, it's so easy to look at mistakes that other people have made and say, hey, if I had been there, I would have been perfect. You know what? If you put a blue blue cheese and sauteed onions burger and and crisp cut fries with with basil on them in front of me, I don't have one bite. Is that it?


No, I would eat plentifully. I mean, look at me. Of course I would enjoy eating all of that. That sounds delicious. But it's not apples to apples. It's not blue cheese to federal crimes. I mean, that's the bottom line. I don't know what to tell you, Dan, there's a lot of people down here in the dale that still have my back. They understand what happened there. A whole lot of money. I've got a beautiful wife and I got to earn to keep her happy.


And you can't put a big stack. You can't put six garbage bags full of cash in my garage and not have Taylor come knocking on my my office on my man cave. People get a big laugh out of that, by the way. So one of our favorite jokes, we call it instead of an office, we call it a cave, like a man cave, like we're Neanderthals men, because we can be a big, hard laugh for a lot of people.


And by the way, Taylor's a beautiful woman and there's photos of her online. Google her Taylor back a lot. And I'm proud of my wife. A couple of are nude photos she did pose in Playboy back when it was still in print. And I'm still telling you to Google it. That's how proud I am of my wife. So at that point, I've got no option. I've got to put a smile on Taylor's face. I got to put a smile on Katan, on Coulter's face, on Shilling's face.


These are aggressive kids. We've been giving them testosterone supplements since they were six years old. So these are aggressive, physically fit kids, Dan. And there's a saying which I love. And anyone out there listening, you're going to you're going to laugh hard. This is going to be a chuckle is going to be hard from the belly laugh. And it's the key to a happy life. And that's. Yes, dear. I'm just giving some room for laughter if anyone wants to laugh out there and and so that's what I'm guilty of, Dan, I'm guilty of saying, yes, dear, I'm guilty of loving my family.


And people in the Dail know that that's it. And that's why I went up in the polls and that's why people aren't angry at me. So let me ask you a question now, OK?


I wasn't done asking you questions, but our time is running short here. How is a locker room presence to his locker room presence seemed like he can command that team. I don't really I don't understand your obsession with asking me to a question. Just his locker room presence is good. He's a leader. He's a champion. He's somebody who learned under Nick Saban.


So he's got that look in his eyes. He's got that the vets, even though he's the young kid coming in there with Shane.


Yet Shane, he looks the part. Yes. He looks like a great up and coming quarterback. Yes. Yes.


Well, why are you angry at me? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm speaking to Dan Levitas, host of a sports show. I'm sitting back a lot of host of a sports show, and you're mad at me for bringing attention to your time with this and has now expired.


This call is ending attention to time with this inmate has now expired. The call is now ending. Then it looks like I got to go.


OK, yeah. I'm sorry. An awkward ending. Shane, thank you for being on with us. I don't even know if he's there anymore.


All right, Dad, always great talking with you, you and your crazy crew. And remember, no politics, no news. Just spoke. Geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the thrill of the revving engine and pure adrenaline of flying down the highway to the confidence of knowing that Geico always has your back with 24/7 access to claim service. But Ari Snider has one reason in particular that I had extremely large upper arms.


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