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So I've been surprised by our country being upside down in a number of different ways. And so I don't understand any more like what's entertaining, what's great, what's a fact, what's science, what's politics. And I was introduced recently to a guy who has figured out this medium in a way that I don't have access to because he's figured out how to get more and more popular with his philosophy on doing sports radio. So we introduced you recently to Shane Bacolod and he's from Kaid GMT game time in Scottsdale.


He's got the number one sports radio show in the southwest U.S. and he's blowing up because his philosophy is no politics, no news, just sports. And he's become so popular there that there was a write in campaign for him for a congressional district seat. And he has no politics, no news, just sports. But he's gotten very popular. So Shane, Bacolod has been good enough to join us because we've agreed in exchange for his time. He's very busy all of a sudden to play his campaign ad for our audience.


And he wants a little bit of our audience. Congratulations, Shane, on the way that your popularity has exploded even from the last time that we've talked.


Hey, Dan, how are you? Hope you and your team are holding up OK. Yeah, real good call. We had heard from a lot of your audience that we're really excited about what I've been up to. You've got to meet some new people and certainly put some wind in the sails of this ridiculous congressional campaign, which I don't even know what that's about. And and it was great chatting with you. I mean, we're fellow sports hosts and I think we all got to stay together.


We're in it. We're in a brotherhood. But, yeah, we have a different approach than you as your some of your listeners have heard me before. No, we're we're no politics, no news, just sports gametime.


Recent polls, I am told, are showing that are three points ahead of the nearest challenger, like how do we go from the last conversation we have where I'm just discovering you to your popularity soaring to that place where now people want you in office, even though you're, you know, no politics, then it's been crazy.


It's it's and it's it's just spread. People are loving our energy. I mean, here's the deal with me and my team. Harry the horse, my producer, T.J., I'm a potbellied first baseman. You know, I played two years and J.C. and I hit like two eighty five. I had one year with eleven home runs and that's it blew out my knee. My career was over. And we keep things real. You know, we show up at local events and we throw around the football.


We we hit some ground balls and people love it. We love the laugh. The only thing I do warn people, I'm like, if you have dinner with Harry, the horse, don't count on him pitching in on the group check and everyone gets a laugh out of that. And the campaign thing is bonkers. I'm not a politics guy. That's my whole thing. And this, you know, we finally were forced to hire this pollster and we started doing nightly tracking with this campaign team we put together.


We call ourselves the Brew Crew. I'm dating myself here. But remember the Brewers back in the eighties, Gorman, Thomas, Ben Ogilvy. And also we do like to have some beers, so we're a bunch of knuckleheads. And what we did was we just hired this thing for this ridiculous campaign and we're doing microtargeting for nice constituencies. We just bought 2000 points of digital ads where we have a Facebook ad campaign that's going to harvest emails and addresses and we're doing nightly poll tracking.


And we've just we've started a donor structure. And anyone who gives to our campaign for a max donation becomes an all llegar. There's a super PAC, which apparently I'm not allowed to talk about. I don't even know about this stuff. And the super PAC called the seventh inning stretch. Once again, I have no coordination with it. But I guess for that, if you give over 200000 dollars, you become a clean up hitter and a bunch of people have.


We have a business advisory council. We've got people from Goldman Sachs on their Wal-Mart, Exxon. All talking to me about this stuff and we cut our first campaign ad and we've got a platform they tell like, Hey, Shane, you got to come up with a platform. I'm like, oh, good Lord, I'm trying to watch the tiebacks game. And I got to come up with a platform.


This seems pretty sophisticated from where we were, you know, not but two weeks ago, it definitely happened fast.


But the people are ready for a change. They're tired of politics. They want to they want real people. They love sports. They love the camaraderie of it. They love people being on the same team as opposed to fighting each other. And our policy platform really reflects that. And we feel like we kept the politics out of it, which is just great. What we did was we came up with a general guiding principles for our campaign and then we wrote two bills.


I was like, I'm writing a bill. You know, if you saw me drinking beer out of a hose and a funnel in college and then this guy is writing a bill, we were Harry the horse and I were laughing our butts off. So position No. One is preparation, preparation. Preparation equals win, win, win. Position number two, sometimes to get into the end zone, sometimes to get to get the big score, you've got to have a few chemicals in your drinking water.


And this is something there's been some haggling over a bunch of dumb laws here in this state. And we got to keep business moving. We got to get in the end zone. And last you know what? A teammate breaks the rules. Damn, you don't just look the other way. The teammate has to forfeit his property to the state and may face lethal injection. Wow.


That escalated very quickly in a way that I found a little bit shocking because I don't really understand how it is that we go from sort of sports platitudes to those seem like political points that I'm not I'm not a savant at politics. But it sounds like you're running on a platform that's a little bit political. I don't believe so.


Our entire goal, Dan, is we're stripping out the politics, get rid of the regulations, you know, letting the job creators create jobs, letting the police do whatever they want. We've got a bill that we've written that people are flipping for. And I was out at teasers, which is the local sports bar. Sixty five screams, best potato skins you'll ever have. And I was telling people about this bill and they were loving it. It's called the Bring Your Own Glove Bill.


And you know this. You show up for a pickup game. I don't know if you actually play sports or played sports, but I did. And you bring your glove. If you're going to play in a game, you bring your own ball. If you're going to play in a pickup game, you don't just show up and hope the stuff's there, right?


Yes. You bring your own ball, you bring your own glove.


So what's happened is and this is interesting, I didn't know about this because once again, I'm not a political guy, but did you know last year there were over 215 slip and falls in hospitals from visitors, not even patients who didn't have insurance. And what we're saying, and this is common sense stuff, is if you show up at a hospital to visit someone or you take a loved one in, you've got to have eight hundred dollars cash on your person or you're not allowed on the property.


And what this does is this protects our first responders to make sure they get paid. It protects our hospitals. And basically, if you're going to show up, bring your own glove.


OK, I'm sorry.


I just don't know what to do with much of any of this. This is the thing and I'm not joking here when I say this. This is the thing that seems to be succeeding in sports radio because Shane Bacolod is someone now I don't know what's true or what's not true, and I don't want to get into your money, but the rumors are out there that you've signed like, you know, ah, you're about to sign. I don't know you.


I don't know what you can tell us here, but five years, 200 million dollars, the T. USA Radio Network.


I've never even heard of that pretty big network. Dan, as you know, there's a bunch of different syndication companies out there. We spoke to a lot of them now. I mean, I don't know about you, but come tax time, every year I look at a bunch of numbers. I'm just like, tell me where to sign. And that's kind of how this went down. I heard some awfully big numbers. I'm not going to get into my personal business on the air.


But yeah, our Team USA came to us with an incredible deal. They're a great bunch of people. And here's the best thing. They're going to let us do what we do. And I just said, look, if you're going to ask me to suddenly become some sort of genius that's, you know, understanding the whole world or playing top 40 music or talking about cooking recipes, I can't do it. And so we don't want to change.


And we had the best time. There was a bunch of great guys that flew in on a private jet. We went out, we played some golf and we just laughed all day long. And I had a funny comment. I think your your listeners will get a big kick out of the. At the end of the golf outing, I just said, wait a minute, was this a business meeting? And we just we got a big kick out of that.


And yeah, we signed a deal with our Team USA radio, and the only thing they said was a little bit more hockey. That was their only ask, I guess.


Congratulations, but thank you. Do you not?


But we're real happy. Thank you for that. Congratulations.


Well, the reason that I congratulate you and perhaps it sounds just a little insincere is aren't they Russian owned?


I believe so. I mean, I once again, I'm not a business guy. You know, The Wall Street Journal closes. I come to it is put it under my dog if he gets in the house is a joke. I was like to tell it. A lot of people get a big kick out of that joke. I believe so. I mean, every company is owned by something. Aren't you guys owned by China or Brazil or something?


I don't know how it works. I don't know who owns who where.


The Disney Company. That's OK. Let's move it on, because I'm not allowed to talk about some of that.


I, I didn't want to go into that territory either. Can I point out you're the one who brought us into that territory. So as far as who owns our Team USA, I'm not entirely sure. But they're a great bunch of guys and I guess it's pretty fun. They said they have a great golf course over in Kursk. So next month we're going to fly over to Kursk and we're going to tour their submarine base there. We're going to play a little bit of golf.


And yeah, all I know is they laugh. They like a cold beer and they love sports just a little more hockey. So the only thing they ask for. How is it that your, I guess, campaign, I can call it a campaign, even though you're no politics, how is it that it has been able to get this big, even though, like your sidekick, Harry, the horse, as you mentioned, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was released without charge?


All right. I want to point out to your listeners, this is what we call in the business. We call this a cheap shot or a gotcha moment. This has nothing to do with me. This has nothing to do with my campaign, which, by the way, we're not calling it a campaign. We're calling it a doubleheader. This is a personal thing with Harry. I'm shocked you're bringing this up. First off, it's a nothing incident.


Can I tell you what happened then? Yeah, well, I was going to tell you, not cut me off. You're cutting me off right now.


Okay, but a nothing incident is OK. Yes, you can tell us what I can't. Yes. I'm not cutting you off anymore. Yes, OK. I'm not cutting you off saying I'm not I'm not cutting you off, Shane. I would love for them.


Can I can I just finish one sentence here. But I wasn't. I want my. OK, yes. Oh, all right. So I can speak. You're not going to speak. Go ahead. You have the floor. You're Harry's one of my oldest friends. Harry the horse. And you know why we call my Harry the worst. And it's a fun story. And I think your listeners are going to get a good, hard laugh, not like a smile or a chuckle, but like a hard belly laugh out of this.


We call marriage laws because we came into work one day and we thought there was a horse there because he was eating. And he makes these sounds when he eats and he's a great guy. And Harry saw an intruder in his backyard three days ago or two days ago, and he has a legally licensed firearm. And Arizona is a castle law state. You're allowed to protect your property. And he fired his legally registered firearm at the intruder and it turned out it was his gardener.


Now, the good news, the gardener was not fatally hit. The bullet hit him in his shoulder, did damage some bone. He is still in the hospital. And this is what a class act, Harry, the horse is. And I can get a little choked up on this, Dan, which I'd rather not do. But I'm just going to say it, Harry. The horse isn't pressing charges and. He's told the sheriff's department that and and the charges have been dropped against Harry, the horse, which is why I was surprised you brought it up.


But what do you mean he isn't pressing charges? Didn't you just say he shot his gardener than he shot at an intruder who was threatening? Here he is divorced, but he has three kids from three different marriages who sometimes stay with him on alternating weekends. He was so that's his family he was protecting. They weren't with him when this happened, but they could have been. And he was protecting his family and his property. And believe me, the day the officers in Scottsdale know Harry the horse and they trust his words.


So there were charges pressed against this. This gentleman who, by the way, yes, he's his gardener, still lurking outside a window. We're not 100 percent sure. Guess what? A gardener can steal stuff. And we're not 100 percent sure what this gentleman was doing out there. So here he defended his property and defended his family, weren't there, but could have been there. And so he's not pressing charges and the police department's just dropped charges against Haridwar.


So there's no story here, Dan, which is why I got a little hot under the collar. And I want to apologize right now to your listeners. I did get a little heated there, but there's no story. There's no there there unless you want to keep trying to pretend there is to get clicks or likes or hearts or whatever you're looking for.


All right. Well, I do think this requires some elaboration. I do believe that I should be asking you about this suspicious psychic situation where you've got a guy all of a sudden using a deadly weapon on his gardener and the charges go toward the gardener and not to the guy with the deadly weapon. All right.


And first off, your word choice. It just cracks me up. And this is what our press does in this country. Deadly weapon. How about a licensed firearm guaranteed by the Constitution gardener? How about someone he didn't recognize in the moment who was acting suspiciously? We're not 100 percent sure. The gardener wasn't trying to go into his garage and grab a case of beer or take his lawn mower. There's a lot of WorkChoices you're using here. Damn that.


I think you know what you're doing. I really do. You're too smart not to know what you're doing right now.


What am I doing? I'm just I'm doing OK.


I'm doing it. I just finished. You didn't let me finish my thought journalism. You didn't let you. Can I, I can I just finish my thought. Yes.


Go ahead please. Yes, please. Please cut me off. Please. Please continue your thought.


I think you know what you're doing. All right. I really do.


Then I'm reluctant to do this. But it was part of the deal in order to get him. We don't usually do transactions, but in exchange for the time machine baklava, he's very busy, very popular right now. We've promised him to run a campaign ad. Do we have to do that now? How does this work, Shane? How does this agreement work?


And it's no big agreement. I got this crazy campaign going on. We're calling it the double header. And a bunch of these you know, these weenies and nerds cut this ad and they say it's focus grouped and market tested. And I'd love to run it if I can. I mean, it's kind of the spirit of our campaign.


OK, Mike, please run that ad for Shane Baklava as long as.


Guarded by Wannamaker with 10 seconds to go, Zoom's McDaniel on the screen, Walker with seven Walker on the game with four. Kemba Walker Step back Walker. Both Shane Bacolod this November for Congress makes his move, get into the paint stops, kicks it out more so a corner three puts it in. Marcus Morris from downtown. I'm Shane Bacolod and I approve this message.


Go Diamondbacks.


Shane, there's not a single insight into your platform there. What I don't even understand what we just ran and you just you don't get it. What we just ran is America. Well, we just ran is about rallying in the fourth quarter, bottom of the ninth. And that's what America is. It's the whole thing. And the fact that you can't see it is I'm not even mad because what are you going to do? I mean, I can't go around yelling at six year olds because they can't operate a forklift.


You are what you are. God bless you. But you just don't get it.


Shane, thank you for being on with us. I want to say good luck on your campaign, but I I'm not really rooting for you. But it doesn't matter what I'm rooting for anymore, because Shane Bacolod is very popular right now and doesn't need my support. Shane, thank you for being on with us.


My pleasure. And anyone around the Dale or in the Arizona area, the Southwest, where 150 am game time. And remember, no politics, no news, just sports.