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Enter Stu Never go to the post office again. Welcome, Dan Levy, to really being honest about it, just a giant piece of shit to the big, silly Bald Eagles, a podcast exclusive that none of our bosses ask for.


More sports, more work, less pay.


I haven't stopped talking in a month.


I mean, I know tell you, just when you thought the show couldn't be more dilutive than last time I listened to this show. I haven't listened for years.


Now here's the marching band. No way am I missing something.


What am I missing? The end of the story that face Chris Fallick. It's Fallica you made on the penis and the habitual liar.


I didn't ask for any of us for all of it. The big SUV.


I'm Chris Codi BSP.


And so we got into a conversation here moments ago after talking to Doug Hanks'. What a wonderful waste of time that was.


Hey, everyone out there who's real concerned about America, nothing to worry about, OK? We're not all going to get sick again with a second wave of this stuff because we're opening up strip clubs that are all on top of each other arguing that strip clubs are an expression of freedom and free speech.


We opened up half a stadium at College Station and everyone from that game got so stupid.


Like, I can't there can't be a country that has handled this dumber than we have. Like, they're there simply can't be. But the conversation we were having was far less serious than that, which is Chris asked because he was just joking about having had the prime rib and found it delicious at Tuchis. He is not someone who has eaten at Tootsie's. And so he was asking who the hell eats at a strip club? And so, Garmo, can you put it on the pole, please, at Leadbitter show?


Who the hell eats at a strip club? Yes or no? Lou Williams does. Yes. And that is that is a different that is not what Tootsie's is, though. Let's be clear about that. OK, Tootsie's is not the famous Atlanta strip club that does indeed have famous wings that people come from all over for. But I said to Chris when he asked, who eats in a strip club? I'm like, there was a time I was at a bachelor party where and I know you guys don't think.


Well, of course, Danny is at a strip club, but no, that's not where this story is going. My brother came in and joined us late and all he did was order a steak and a baked potato. He ate it and then he left and Tony said, Is there a food that you want less at a strip club, then a baked potato? So Général, could you put that on the bowl, please, as well?


Is there a food at a strip club that you want less than a baked potato?


It's an odd place to watch some starch. I mean, I'm, I'm actually confused.


This is where I'm confused, OK? I totally agree with the premise. And if I were voting on that poll, I would say, no, there is no food that you can have that is worse than a baked potato at a strip club. But I don't know why I'm saying that. I'm just assuming that the mushiness absorbs some of the nearby disease. Like, I don't know. I don't know why I'm saying exactly that. You're totally right.


I agree with you. But why don't I want a baked potato? Baked potatoes are delicious. Like, I feel like there are worse things you could get. Maybe, I don't know, possibly. I mean, that's the thing.


You got the butter, you got the sour cream. There's a lot of stuff that can stick. Like you said, there's a lot of stuff in the air. You know, you're trying to, like, move stuff out of the way, especially in covid you got at this. You know, it's like I'll put it this way.


When you have the five second rule, right, and something drops on the floor, if it's wet, you've got to throw it away. If it's dry, you can add to yeah, I'll take it. It's OK. But there's something about the wet, you know, feeling of it. Yeah.


I love your brother thinking he's a bright one 12 year old. Please put it on the pole. I can covid be transmitted by baked potato because I honest to God don't know what we're doing here. Because you would agree with me, right. That the big the loaded baked potato is is a magical thing.


Yes. Delightful. Yes. But not at a strip club. No potato skins at a strip club.


Those are OK. I think so, yes. Wait a minute. OK, so explain it. So specifically that you guys don't like that the motion of the potato can absorb some nearby disease if you just fry it up and give me like something that's hard is a slab. No problem. I'll have a potato skin. No coronaviruses disease of any kind is going to get caught in my little tube of potato.


It's a hand food. It's like it is to finger food. Yeah, it's a finger food. You dig it, you shove it in your mouth. You're good, you know.


Don't you think who was it? Was it Bruce Pearl that we said looked like somebody who would eat a baked potato, like it would eat a taco? Isn't that what we ended up saying?


That's one of my favorite ones. I think Steve Davis confirmed that one to me privately. Oh, boy, yeah, yeah, he's like, man, that was so funny because I've eaten a baked potato with Bruce Pearl.


Bruce Pearl, is there anyone in sports who looks more likely to eat? And I know to have lunch at a gentlemen's club and.


Well, Barry Switzer did that, the Dallas Cowboys. What a wonderful time in sports to God that was the Dallas Cowboys. So embrace their renegade image that their coach, who was caught with a gun at the airport, would have lunch at a gentlemen's club during the day with Michael was just wonderful.


Oh, are you judging?


But have you guys ever eaten the food at that specific establishment? It's it's bad. They got good food. I had the wings that won. The wings aren't bad. They're pretty good. Decent cakes. It is. So I had a friend that just addressing the peacock, which was kind of weird, tells me a little bit about how that bachelor party was going.


Can you explain to us because you were busy working while we were talking about it. Do you have a theory or an explanation for why it is that the baked potato is something that seems like the least, the food you'd want the least of the machinists, the machinists.


I don't know if it's the least, though. I mean, like I feel like if there was like a shrimp scampi on the menu, I might get on that on toast, butter, all that stuff.


Well, like, if they had a gazpacho, I'm not going there.


Oh, Cafe Martarano ungood a gazpacho is a good gazpacho. And I'm going to say the name of the hotel, but it was at a Vegas buffet and it was a higher end Vegas buffet and I was hospitalized for three days.


I put it on the pole. Garmo, is there such a thing? Is a higher end almost dead?


But you this one, there's not no there is no such thing as a high end buffet anywhere there.


I mean, have you been to the stratosphere? I mean, is that the one downtown. No. But when you go there, everything else seems like it's high end.


I mean, OK, if low end is that low art, is a mashed potato as bad as a baked potato? A mashed potato side. I don't think of it, this talk about mushy like that second. It is the construct, but I believe that the baked potato hurts us because it's mushy and it can be trapped. I believe that.


I believe that there's no escape for the bacteria average just in case it is. It's a Venus flytrap of an illness.


Yeah. So I'm not going to make potato at a at a gentlemen's club not doing that. Are you going mashed potatoes.


More likely I'm going French fries, fries stuff and you go, you go fries. Would you go potato skins.


No, because I know I just go, I go French fries. It's hard to screw up a French fry. All right.


You guys have different experiences at strip clubs that I do. I mean, I'm the fat guy and I, like, never have looked at a menu at a strip club in my entire life. What's going on here, you guys? Is it just like this? It's a bachelor party, a big groups, the order stuff for a group or something. No, I.


So I still occasionally go because I still have shithead friends from high school that if there's a big UFC fight or a big boxing match, they're like, oh, let's go over there. And it's like the worst place in the world for me to go to because it's just I got to go in there with, like a super low hat. And then some someone's asking me about the dolphins, inevitably. And I just always got to give people like I don't want to give the bathroom attendant because I especially don't trust the dollars there.


It's just it's a whole thing. But, yeah, I have the food there and the food there is fine. There are I usually darch straight to the sports bar though.


There are plenty of places all over America where the strip club food is good. Is reputable people come for just the food, but I don't feel like Florida has any of those places, I don't believe that in this state there's a place up in Palm Beach, I am telling you.


I mean, you can get a porterhouse for three with steak sauce. It's absolutely fantastic. I can't remember the name of it, but I was there maybe. I don't know. I want to say let me think how long I've been married. Twenty, twenty one years ago. It was fantastic. I cannot. Kristie's maybe. I feel like there was a place called Strip that it was like, yeah, it was like where they would just sort of do a play on like a strip steak and it would be more like a burlesque show than than an actual gentlemen's club.


We have done important work here today so far. I just want everyone to absorb a groundbreaking lawsuit. A victory for Flash and not for Florida, not really for Florida, we're always the embarrassing ones. How bad were the photos? What what did you guys see? Because I just saw a couple of photos outside of Tootsie's, and it looked like the the most happening of nightclubs in Miami. Everybody was dressed, you know, very formally, except when you got inside, nobody was dressed there.


They're saying that they're limiting capacity to 50 percent. Still, it didn't look like it, though, did it? Well, that's the thing outside. You have these photos I'd like. Oh, that looks like a super spreader because there's always a big line to get in a tootsie's during a game weekend always.


And those people didn't seem to be socially distanced. Now, listen, you think a certain way if you're in a rush to get to Tootsie's and I say that is someone that's gone there. I mean, within the last year. But I feel like you can judge the people that just have to go to a gentleman's club during a global pandemic.


It was Rachels up in Palm Beach, the name of a great you escargots spring rolls.


And your knowledge is there really jumping across the globe from two decades ago?


Yes. Is a broad net for everybody. You are you are really doing something, though. I don't think most strip clubs have been open twenty years. I would doubt very much that Rachels is still in existence.


No, I think it's going strong. I mean, don't forget, it's got a steakhouse, World-Class Steakhouse. It's it's advertised as a five star menu on their website.


There's also multiple locations because I've heard from somebody that that might have been an employee at one of these places in Orlando that it's still thriving.


Yeah, Chilean sea bass. Chillingly, and two million children see that? Oh, I did see what you got, that's what I thought it was two Chilean sea bass.


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No, tell me there have been finally plot details that have leaked out. Space Jam two will reportedly have LeBron James and his son get trapped in a Warner Brothers multiverse that includes Penny Wise and the Joker to return home. LeBron and Bugs Bunny must reassemble the Looney Tunes and play against a digital superstar versions of NBA and WNBA stars. So the Joker and Pennywise are going to be shaking his head and that movie is going to suck. Yeah, I don't like that movie's not going to be good.


There's too much hype for it. It's not going to live it.


I was I was saying to my wife that I would be OK if they recreated that movie line for line. Just replacing Michael Jordan with LeBron James, just released the exact same movie with LeBron James. I begin with it.


I don't think most people would be if I mean and most of all, I don't think other than that, though.


Like, what is. I don't know. Is it better than that one? Now, look, I don't know. Here's here is the movie LeBron James is making, OK? He is doing it with his kid. And I don't know what it is that he's trying to achieve that isn't going to feel cheaper than the authenticity of the joy you felt when you watched that as a child. I don't know how you make space jam after Michael Jordan without being copycat, but if you were to do it, this is a big swing to involve other characters from other universes to cast a broad net.


So it's not just you playing against the monsters.


Right. That's totally different. Here's some more details. During a trip to the Warner Brothers studio, that's how they get stuck in this multiverse, LeBron and his son get trapped within a world that contains all of the Warner Brothers stories and characters under the control of a malfunctioning, all powerful force named Algy, played by Don Cheadle. With the help of Bugs Bunny, LeBron must navigate through never before imagined worlds with iconic movie scenes and characters as they reassembled the Looney Tunes to rescue his lost son.


Now, to get back home, LeBron in the tunes have to unravel algaes mysterious plan and win an epic basketball game against digital game five versions of WNBA and NBA superstars.


It's a big swing. Still, Billy Nathan doesn't do anything for you because they've got to modernize it. It can't be just the same story.


And you open up the entire Warner Brothers treasure chest there that's going to, you know, conjure memories across a whole bunch of generate supercool if like walking phoenixes all of a sudden playing Joker again in a five minute version as he goes like between worlds in the Warner Brothers can. That's amazing.


That's a really cool idea. I mean, you don't have to remake every movie, agreed, the Fairpoint. I do like I do like the iconic scenes from other movies like that would be cool. Like I didn't. Yeah, I guess I could buy that. Maybe.


I don't know what it. That's a blank. Exactly. That's the one I was thinking too. I wonder if that is at MGM.


Let's see. I'm going to classic Warner Brothers movies. I have Casablanca. Oh, man. Don't be so great. Yes, that'll be great. That's a great idea. They have The Wizard of Oz. That's awesome. Do it, The Exorcist. That's not going to be like PG 13.


I'm going to have to explain to movies to your daughter. They include The Wizard of Oz.


Explain to me, Billy. They have The Matrix. How cool would that be, Dan? That would be cool.


I would like to know, given I understand any cynicism about this, but given that LeBron is being managed by good people, people we know to be smart, but also given that we know LeBron can be corny. Given both of those things, is that the reason for your skepticism, like when you say, Billy, we don't have to remake everything, those are smart people around LeBron. That sounds like a smart idea. I don't know if they can execute it, but that sounds at least like a like a big hack.


This isn't something that LeBron is taking lightly because he knows like this is not LeBron knows how many S.I. covers he has and Michael Jordan has. LeBron knows what he's coming after, who he's fighting, and the fact that he's going to be compared to Michael at every turn. And he's welcoming this challenge under the guise of I'm a family man, I'm a father, I build schools. I want a connection with kids. Like that's all part of what they're selling here.


No, this is not a challenge to be like Michael. This is he wants to be a movie star. He wants to make a ton of money that he cares about the legacy of this movie. Now, he wants to be famous. He wants to put out a movie that everybody likes. LeBron wants to be like in the number one movie in America. It was written by Ryan Coogler. So if Ryan Coogler can do the massive undertaking of Black Panther and make that a cinematic masterpiece that's nominated for all sorts of awards, he can take this concept and make a good.


I wonder if they're feeding the childhood of some of the people that they're recruiting to do this, like the way that you get a Joaquin Phoenix to do this is because he was a kid when space jam came out. The way that you get that, the Black Panther. Architect to do this is because he might have had a childhood appreciation for space jam, the people who are tackling it or you pay him that, too. Yeah, that, too.


But the people who are tackling it might think the same way you do, Billy, which is like, why do I need to do this? This is silly. This isn't going to work. Everyone's going to criticize this.


Oh no. People are going to love it. It'll be a huge success because of the names. But it'll be like Austin Powers three where there's just eight billion cameos, like, was this necessary? Yeah, I hear you.


But it's a cameos in like Sure-fire automatic winner roles like I don't know if it is Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker. I just know that the Joker is supposed to be in it.


Well, it would have to be Pennywise if it's it, right? Yeah, well, if it's played by the same actor, imagine you're watching a trailer and all of a sudden Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker shows up in a trailer alongside LeBron James. And that's not just Joaquin Phoenix playing like Austin Powers or a different role. And it's just, hey, I'm walking Phoenix. It's the Joker. It's a character that won an Academy Award. That's cool.


Is it's a kid's movie, though, so it's not going to be like scary joker scary. It's going to be Pennywise, whatever it's called. It's going to be a cartoon little kid version of it.


Yeah, I'm surprised that Penny, because Penny Wise is going to be scary no matter what. You change how she looks because this is going to be I guess this is meant for teens and their parents, if I had to guess. I mean, clowns are scary, whether they look like penny wise or not, right? The uncertainty is generally scary.


Put it on the Paul Gear art clown scaring up just laughing at Casablanca. Yes. You go through the entire Warner Brothers library.


What is the success for that movie like? I don't expect it to be critically acclaimed, but I expect it to be popular.


Like, here's one of the things that makes me feel, you know, old and I feel old all the time around here. I don't. The number one song in America right now, Savage Love is garbage. It's just so bad. But it just comes from tick tock and an amalgamation of new ways to accrue music. And so it's the number one song in America and I'm too old to appreciate it. So I don't think it's good. But it's indisputably popular.


It can't be argued otherwise. Right.


I've never heard of it. I've never heard the song or heard of the song.


I don't you know, I don't know what the title is, just the tick tock creation. And it's like just what is the name of that? The the band. The boy band, the BMT. What is it called. Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. It's just an amalgamation of a bunch of different stuff. Do you like the song. You couldn't like the song.


Like the Jason Derulo song. Yes, it's our Tick-Tock is really moving the needle in terms of what's popular in music now because nightlife wasn't really going and that's what would make songs popular. Dancing to music makes it popular. Well, that's the whole idea behind Tick-Tock. So a song blows up on Tick-Tock and all of a sudden Dreams from Fleetwood Mac becomes one of the biggest, arguably the song of the year. It's crazy.


And so it's one of the many places where I don't feel Tagget like I am in touch. So you say what? You're somebody who actually appreciated Space Jam is a child, aren't you? I did appreciate it.


I didn't know you weren't children. Neither of you guys were like in your 20s. I right when when Space Jam came out, I liked it.


I'm not obsessed with it. I didn't love it. It wasn't that big of a deal. I know it's a big deal to other people. It just was it never resonated with me like that.


It didn't mean resonated with me because it was it was super cool to see Michael Jordan alongside Bugs Bunny, who for someone like twelve years old. Wow, these are the two most famous people in the world in my eyes, even the ones animated. But a big part of space jam success was the cameos. So in the sequel, they're replicating that. But instead of Bill Murray, you know, just being Bill Murray and golfing, now, you have Joaquin Phoenix potentially playing a beloved role.


The soundtrack is also something that I'm looking at, like that soundtrack for this first space jam movie was like one of the best movie soundtracks ever. So they got a lot to live up to just from that.


How many times did that soundtrack go platinum? I don't know. It has to be one of the biggest original motion picture soundtracks ever.


Is the gods putting Jack Nicholson from The Shining and Space Jam.


Like, what is it? Oh, wow. I'm going through all the Warner Brothers movies, the classic Warner Brothers movies. You get Ray Liotta from Goodfellas.


I would love that movie. Is it possible at all it's not possible that they go teenage dark, right. They're not going to allow it to be they're not going to allow Pennywise to be scary.


Are they going to have to be funny with it? But how penny wise. But how great would that be, though, if all of a sudden just Jack Nicholson is in a scene sort of dragging an axe through a hotel like that? You got a cameo from Jack Nicholson?


I think Jack is pretty staunchly retired at this point, but he's a big Laker fan.


And we do it for anybody now saying he's going to be able to get all these people to do stuff.


So are we talking about LeBron James being digitally inserted into these old clips?


Yeah, that's a great one. Yeah, that's fantastic. It's a great idea. A lot of people like Forrest Gump. How cool is it? Forrest Gump when he was it like meeting JFK?


But it's not just LeBron, it's LeBron and his son, correct?


Well, he's got to find his son. So I don't know how large a role. I haven't seen a trailer for this. And I got to imagine whatever release date they had in mind has been pushed back. Given the pandemic.


I'd love Harrison Ford from the fugitive to somehow make it appearance.


Richard Kimble, I want to see this movie before there is a story. This was before he started filming this. And we don't know which one of the sons we don't know if it's Bronnie, but yeah, he finished filming, I think, before the whole bubble thing happened.


So is it true that so we talked around or whatever it is that Bronnie did on social media to, you know, get in trouble with his father, but is it true that Bronnie all of a sudden disappeared from social media? As soon as LeBron got home from the bubble like that, there was there was a clear he was out of all of the gaming sites from one day to the next. As soon as LeBron like Wade to your dad, he's going.


He's been grounded from Twitch. I don't know, the only thing on social media that I've seen of Brian's family is that his daughter has her own house. What she has, it's cute, like she has this clubhouse that's the size of a home, but she's structured for a five year old girl, so LeBron has to go in there. She's cleaning. She has her own little house. It's it's really neat.


Billie, are you publicly rooting against Space Jam, too? Are you? I want you to put your name on it.


Yes. Some publicly rooting, you know, just not super interested in it. And I think that it has a recipe to fail just because people have been talking about it for a decade or more and how LeBron is going to do this movie. So it has to live up to all the hype that they've been building forever. It's going to be hard for them to do that.


What year are we living in where Brony has to, like, wait for his dad to get home to get in trouble? Like, why can't he punish him from the road? Why couldn't he also assuming he's getting in trouble, like, why is that so funny? That, like, the day he gets home, that's when the punishment would start. He couldn't continue the week. It really is.


And why can't mom discipline the 1950s? Its father knows best, but that's what people were talking about, like they were they were making a link between Bronnie all of a sudden being punished as soon as LeBron came out of the bubble. That's not look, man. I mean, all those gaming sites playing against Bronny, I know I'm not the one making these investigative allegations.


Could you imagine if Dirty Harry made an appearance?


I love the way you're doing this. You're making it a movie that you may want to watch. Yeah, you are Richard Kimble and Dirty Harry and Joe. These characters. I know, right? These are all. But this is The Shining like these are all old movies. And I love Mike saying. I think Jack is retired now. He would absolutely come. He would drag an axe across the Warner Brothers parking lot for LeBron James.


Well, because I saw a sequel to The Shining called Doctor Sleep, which was actually pretty good. But they couldn't get Jack. They just got someone that looked just like Jack to recreate Jack's role.


They should just get the guy that that played Jack to get back. Get the guy you don't think you noticed this morning?


I'm like, did did they digitize Jack Nicholson? But it's just another guy. They got a bunch of look alikes from the original Shining.


Chris, you didn't see The Shining.


The Shining is the one of those movies that I am familiar with, but like Kimbrell or whatever you said, is that Craig Campbell you're talking about the fugitive Harrison Ford?


I've heard of it. Obviously, I've heard of Harrison Ford, but never seen it. So good, man.


I didn't do it. It wasn't me. What was the other ones? You got the third one. It was a third. That was a good movie.


That was a great movie. Tommy Lee Jones, did he get nominated for that? That was such a great line. I think he did get nominated for that movie. That movie does hold up. You got it. Was that the one where he's like, you can't handle the truth? That's a few. Oh, that's good.


Oh, I hope that's a Warner Brothers movie. Wow. Oh, it's not. That's Columbia, damn it.


Just imagine LeBron and all his friends in all these classic scenes like Kendrick Perkins in that scene.


We got The Hangover, huh? That's. Yeah, I think this movie can be really cool.


SpaceClaim just threw a bunch of star power and they made a movie out of it. Now they're doing the same thing. You're going to mark out the second that you see something from your childhood in there.


Goodfellas or from Joaquin Phoenix is twenty one year old. I didn't realize that Joaquin was that old God dang man.


I feel like they're going to get too cute with it. Like, just let LeBron go through a golf hole to get to the secret world and that's it. Like, I don't need some high tech and I just feel like they're going to try to 2020 this up too much.


See what Newman's up to bring him back and you'll be fine. Yeah.


Joaquin Phoenix is forty five years old. Just had his first child. So twenty SpaceClaim is what, 22 years old at this point. So outside of that, like walking had already lived a life of tragedy.


Yes. But it doesn't sound like gods will be partaking in any of this. And your daughters, that's not a connection point for you and your daughters right now.


Not just Dirty Harry's in it.


Where is your haircut gone? We know you don't get out as much, you don't drive by your regular sport clips and pop in for that MVP haircut experience that is so much more than a haircut.


But isn't it worth getting out for for that legendary hot steam towel for your face massage and shampoo that makes you melt into your seat? Oh, man. You remember that, right? We found your haircut. It's right where you left it. Sport clips. It's good to be a guy. I'm journalist, Ben writer, and I want to tell you about my new podcast, The Edge. Last year, the Houston Astros were caught in a massive cheating scandal, putting the legitimacy of their twenty seventeen World Series in doubt.


I'm talking to people who were there to figure out what happened.


Why did the most innovative organization in the history of sports push itself not just to the edge, but over it? Listen to the edge on radio, dotcom, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. So I don't know what the hell the Marlins did over the weekend, because they seem to have their first good year since, what? Twenty three. And we were all wondering what Michael Hill was doing still with that job early on in that regime.


And now they finally have a good season and they don't bring him back. Now, he's not technically fired. His contract expired. They're not renewing it. For people who don't know, Michael Hill is the GM for the Miami Marlins. And what do you guys believe? What do we make of this? Like what does Jeter doing here when we finally have a good season and then we get rid of Michael Hill?


I mean, I think before the season, no one would have been surprised if Michael Hill wasn't there at the end of the season, his contract was expiring. He wasn't part of this regime. He was like the only person they inherited and kept. So they, you know, made him an offer. They couldn't come to an agreement, and that's it. Now they'll bring in their own person and that'll be that.


Oh, they did actually make an offer that.


Well, let me let me give you some clarification on this, because David Sampson actually talked to Mike Ryan during during that segment that they do that is always informative. And he if you were listening to that, actually what happened is exactly what he said was going to happen, which is the Marlins were going to make him you know, I'm using this term figure figuratively, but also literally a token offer because he's one of two black executives in the league with that kind of power.


It's one of the reasons that he was still there, even as they gutted the entire franchise, because it wouldn't have looked good and quietly during 20/20, after a playoff season, they needed it to look like he turned down the job. So David Sampson said it was an embarrassing he predicted an embarrassingly low offer that Michael Hill couldn't accept and that he would have to walk away from. And so what they said in the press release is mutual parting of ways.


Well, we don't know what the offer was. And also, Derek Jeter is black, so it's not like he was the only black person in the organization that was fired. It just you know, it's not uncommon for a new regime to come in and bring in their own people. They just kept him around for a couple of years. And didn't Lorean Sampson extend like everyone so they would have had to pay them anyway. So they just kept him around at the end.


It's a lot it's not weird to bring in new people when you want to have, you know, but it is weird to do it the way they did it, where they kept him from one extra year and then let him go after the season.


But when David Sampson says that he kept that job because he was black, I mean, I feel like that's a little cynical and that, you know, that was directly that's not what David Sampson said.


I thought you said he that I thought you said he said sorry.


No, no, no. David Samson. All David Sampson said was Jesus going to want his own guy. And whatever offer coming from Jeter is not going to be. Let me actually be serious about keeping you. It's a you've heard of a of an offer you can't refuse. This was an offer that you will refuse.


But David Sampson probably would have done the same thing, would he not?


You're talking about a guy that fired the manager, the reigning manager of the year, David Sampson, very pro Michael Hill. He has his agenda whenever he talks about Michael Hill, he roots for Michael Hill. And he was telling me for months on that on that local hour that Michael Hill wasn't going to stick around. I mean, he foretold this whole thing is very transparent. And now, yes, there derartu is a person of color and now he just presumably assumes that or you'll put somebody in that position, Michael Hill's place, it's going to be would you guys have a problem if Jeff Luhnow became the general manager of the Marlins?


Because that could be a possibility. From what I read, it seems like they want to do like a collaborative thing, like they'll bring someone in, they're going to hire someone, but it's not going to be a one person job where that person has the final say on what it is that they're doing moving forward, that a lot of people thought maybe Denbo come up because he's kind of rebuilt the farm system. But Mitch said that he doesn't think that that's going to happen because Dembo seems to like the position that he's in now in terms of talent development that maybe have a bigger say.


But I don't know what they're going to do. I mean, we'll see.


Billy, how do you feel about this, though? What the point that Chris was making. I can pooh-pooh how successful a season it actually was in terms of just doing the measurements on how good they were because of what I've told you about them having the same sort of stat as the bottom of the division with the Nationals, the Phillies and the Mets, the same sort of numbers, but a better record. But if I'm using winning as a reason to keep somebody and we're all in agreement that the Marlins have indeed replenished their farm system, isn't Michael Hill coming off the best season he's ever had as Marlins head of power, like with those two things in mind?


Because I don't think that they were actually that good last year, but they were a nice story as the bottom feeders. But if you buy into that stuff, winning is all that matters. Isn't the argument to be made that Michael Hill is being let go or is being made an offer that he doesn't find suitable coming off of his single best season in charge of the Marlins? I mean, but it wouldn't be his best season because the players they've acquired over a group of seasons, so I guess then it becomes a question of who do you give the credit to?


Is it Michael Hill's decisions? Was it player development decisions? Who do they think is responsible for this team's success? And I think by letting him go, they don't think he's responsible for the team's success.


And that's fair to say, except that they probably should have done that last year. It doesn't make a difference to wipe everyone else out. And then I think I told you guys at the time, and maybe this is where you and how you made that inference, Chris, I think I told you at the time that the thing that jumped out to me about them cleaning house, except for Michael, is that they felt that they couldn't strip the power from a black executive.


And that's the reason that he stayed in that position in a pie chart of a lot of different reasons. Right.


Like, that's the last think you want to have a transitional guy as you're moving down.


A guy who's been with the organization, who's familiar with, say, had a bunch of people like that and they let all of them go except for Michael Hill. Right. He's the one he was the one guy. And then a year later, they let him go. And I'm not even criticizing it. I think Billy brings up all good points. The part that just struck me as curious is I would have thought you would if you were going to do it.


I would have thought you would have done it a year ago.


And it's actually worked out for Michael Hill that they didn't because now he enters a free agency period where people look, oh, he built the Marlins into a playoff team. So it's worked out for him. And Derek Jeter is obviously making a move. Look, it's got to be awkward with Derek Jeter because Michael Hill is from a previous regime. He had a different power structure. Now he reports to Derek Jeter. If Derek Jeter negotiates from someone outside of that power structure, it's still going to feel a little weird, right?


It's not going to be like you're my guy. And I don't think Derek Jeter is at this point really interested in ceding power to anybody or giving appearances of that. So whoever he puts in place, if he actually does put someone in place and doesn't just go full power grab, it is ultimately going to be Derek Jeter call. It's going to be a handpicked guy and he will have final say in the matter no matter what.


And by the way, that's what it seemed like it was under Loria, too. So it seems like Michael Hill is always kind of had people overseeing him and not really, I want to say, interfering. But when we were talking about why is Michael Hill still there with all of the issues that they had, that they didn't build these playoff teams with all these great guys. And we're saying, well, Michael Hill was the guy that made these trades.


Well, then you read the reports later on and it's like, well, a lot of these bad deals were not Michael Hill's fault. They were the fault of Loria, who was pushing through these bad deals like a John Buck or whoever it is, right where he was getting in like a way in Chien and he was getting in the way of the GM in some cases. Well, maybe this will be good for Michael Hall. I mean, everyone has come out like the local reporters, all that Michael Hill is a great guy.


He did a good job. So you're going to think he'll probably get another shot based on what turned around here with the Marlins. And maybe it'll be good for him to get a new scenery where he will be the guy making decisions in some of these things where you don't have an owner in Jeffrey Loria who's kind of interfering with things. And if you read the reports that they want to make it a collaborative thing here down in Miami with you and whoever else is involved, maybe it'll be good for him to be the guy somewhere else.


It is interesting as a perspective, but what if it's not like what if it's not easy getting it wasn't easy for Larry Bime first.


What if it's not easy because of all the Marlins stains in your past and all of a sudden, not only what if it's not? What did that offer have to be for Michael Hill to say, I'm not interested in this, like how what I thought was interesting.


So what I thought was interesting about the maneuvering of it is. Well, you were going to take him back, if he accepted the crappy offer, then he would have been back. He would have been good enough, but only if he works cheap. Like I found the mechanics of that to be most interesting. The idea that they're putting out there, we parted ways mutually and that Sampson told you months ago what was going to happen here, where he said they're going to insult him with the offer and then they're both going to throw up their hands and say, no, this will just part ways amicably.


Once again, to be fair to all the parties, we have no idea what the offer was. We just have the result of Michael Hill not accepting the offer. So we're just left to speculate that with Munns, coupled with months of being having this war told to us by David Samson, Mike, the offer is bad enough where that man walked away from the job, a job that a lot of people would want.


We don't know that also. It could also be a situation where they said, listen, we're not going to bring you back next year. You can go out and say you turned down an offer, whatever you want it to be, but we're going to move on without you. So if you want to save face or whatever, say you turned down the offer and then it's not, you were fired. I'm so curious about what represents doing that job well, if it's not this year, because.


You've got the success, the way the baseball people do, the measurement you made the playoffs. It doesn't matter what a mutated season, doesn't matter that it was 60 games, whatever. By the measurements of this season, you made the playoffs. And by consensus, the farm system has indeed been rebuilt and you rebuilt it by properly scouting Yelich, Ozuna and Stanton.


Yeah, by doing your job because Michael has been here a long time. All of those pieces that had value to recreate the club, or at least in some way they touch. Michael Hill more than they touch president management, Brian, but what what they got for those players was that all Michael Hill was? That's a combination of Jeter and Michael.


But what I find, what I would love to know is an answer because we don't know. You got Sampson with an agenda arguing one thing. You got Billy with fandom, arguing another and with information like understanding what it is that he's watching. I would love to know an honest answer to the question asked of either Michael Hill or Derek Jeter. Hey, who's responsible for this? Is a Jeter bringing in his Yankee people, or is it you that sort of fixed the farm system?


Because I'm guessing and I'm just guessing here that Jeter thinks he did that.


I'm guessing Jeter thinks he did it as well. Of course. So what do I need Michael Hill for? Right. I could do it myself, and he wants to do it himself.