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So it's a little hard to explain to the audience just how much of a roller coaster yesterday was, you just heard Billy say that he was fried after six hours. Billy said yesterday after a couple of hours that it felt like seven hours to God's was slurring early and he was slurring late and he was slurring at night because he was so tired. It's a bit hard to explain to you what the drain of this is, because I don't expect any of you to understand in any way how talking about sports can be an energy drain in any way.


But David Sampson has he has run on seven continents, seven marathons in seven days. He built a stadium in Miami handling every detail himself. He says he has never been as tired as doing his podcast. Forty five minutes a day of him talking because it's a bit of a high wire. I don't tell you any of this to bore you, even though that's probably the result right now. I tell you this because we had a disaster of a day on the perfect day for our show to have a disaster.


It was amazing to watch as ESPN rolled out all its new glossy, shiny shows that we who have been doing this for a very long time and, you know, things you've seen to the contrary or not happened to be very good at this sloppy by design thing that we do. But we've rarely had a day that felt as much like a shitty roller coasters yesterday. So we couldn't even get to the stuff that we wanted to get to because we were having so many audio problems and because so many things were going wrong.


Again, what a weird day for everything to go wrong around here. In terms of audio, we did a show after the close down of the country, first day after the pandemic. We did a show and while it wasn't very good, we didn't have the difficulties that we had yesterday during the Super Bowl. Mike had a 17 hour day trying to handle audio, and it wasn't as hard as yesterday was. I tell you all of this to explain not why we were so bad, good yesterday, because I'm proud of what we did yesterday.


By the way, the audio issues are ongoing. We're still dealing with it.


I can hear it in your tinny robotic voice right there in my voice. Probably sounds tinny and shitty, but we have a name for this digital. Only our a lot of people, Mike, we're confused because we were bouncing into each other yesterday. A lot of people were confused. How am I supposed to listen to this? What order am I supposed to listen to this? So can you explain, please, to the audience what we were trying to do yesterday that legitimately we could never get to?




So as you know, they've taken away the third hour from the national show, which means Romney kills at noon. So what time is Ron McGill on on Tuesdays? You'll you'll find out in the national show, but it'll show up on your phone in order. Local hour, which has become known as the the lower end, this digital only hour, which we need to rename because that's not catchy and we want it to pop because this is this is I know right now it's playoff time and we're doing local hours with the full ensemble, but it might revert back to what it was kind of so this digital only hours, it's going to be the full cast of characters is going to be the the regular radio show, just a little freer and not restricted by the the rigidities of national radio.


So we need a name for it because that's not rolling off the tongue. And I was thinking about, you know, stick to sports and be more sports and maybe a play on that. And I always well, I want to rejoice that it's Dan and Stu gods. And, you know, when SportsCenter was in his heyday, everyone talks about the sports Interbrand, Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann. What do they call that, the big show? Well, we're not very good at what we do.


So a tip of the hat to the legacy listeners, the establishment listeners of the Dan Libertador show the big seewhy.


What do you think? The big suerte? Yeah, well, if you add to it, because I thought you got his ideas on this were good, not by itself, but got what was your idea and how can we build around your idea that incorporates the big show, the big silly. For those of you don't know, Suey was a word invented here many years ago by Luther Campbell, who took his explicit lyrics all the way to the Supreme Court as part of to life through Pwint.


While assessing Kobe Bryant's rap song and Kobe Bryant's rap song in Italian suit. This was 15 years ago or so, and Suey became a word. It was worse than garbage, worse than hot garbage, worse than sewage. It was foolish. And so we have since the origins of this bean big suey, that's what we have been. So tell the people your idea to gods, because I think it's a good idea for how we name this and message going forward.


Listen, I was just driving around one day and. Came to me and it came to me rather quickly, it started with I did X for any of this, we didn't ask for any of this and we did it. We prefer to be on three hours or two. And then I started getting mad and then I started thinking about potential names for this hour. What we could do with it. And what came to me quickly was BSP and. Pretty good, I mean, the the initials for Big City are B.S. I thought it would be affectionately known as that, but DPN is actually pretty, pretty perfect.


OK, we're going to go with that. We're going to go with VSP and we are going to be going forward. Let's get Rachel Nichols and Jeremy Schaap.


Chris Coady, do you have yours ready? Do you have your IDs ready? Because we got to get Rachel Nichols to do. I'm Rachel Nichols, ESPN. Do you have yours ready, Chris? Is yours any good? Is it polished or this moment? I'm Chris Cody, BSP, and that's how we got to figure out how to do that. Cody, how do you feel about that? As I look at the Cody's got a wry smile on his face.


How do you feel about being spent as a show as this hour's named Cody?


It's it's great, actually. It's better than what I had in mind. I was going to play off the local our being the lower the digital digital, our would be the dower deal. You are. But I have to admit, BBN is spot on.


I like whole digital only hour deal apostrophe H like the Simpsons. I did. I did like that.


But DPN is better. That's what we're going to that's what we're going to go with. And in the spirit of what it is that we're going to be doing around here, because you probably felt yesterday the tension, all of the tension, everything's falling apart around here. And it's obvious as you're watching television and radio that a lot of people are being celebrated and we've been very neglected. This is not us fooling around, joking about it. Our show's not on television.


All the other shows got on television, our shows not on television. They're advertising for the other shows. When they promised us a bunch of advertising, they say we're making a digital only push here with our show because that's the future and that they're going to give us resources for that. I will believe we get those resources when we get them, because this is a difficult time to get resources. All right.


You're here on TBS. I'm going to just air out some stuff. There was a press release because this is a digital play and someone in digital marketing that I haven't spoken to in ages gave a quote. This was our idea. This was our idea. And a lot of people that I think are getting raises because of our performance on digital audio. We're taking credit for it. They cut our show and they didn't ask us to do this. We took it upon ourselves because we're not robbing the fans of this show that extra hour.


And on top of that, we're giving you a postgame show because, OK, you want to cut an hour for this? We're going to continue building this digital monster. All right. Hold on a second, because you sound a little upset.


Well, I am. No, I am upset.


I am bitter. I shouldn't I be. Shouldn't I be? You should be.


Because it's Bousbia. I mean, she's right. Well here will be bitter here will be bitter SBN. When you need your bank, Capital One is right in the palm of your hand so you can check your balance deposit checks, pay bills and transfer money from your phone with a top rated app, and when you're done banking, put it back in your pocket. A banking experience built around you and your life. This is banking reimagined. Get started online any time.


What's in your wallet? Capital One and a member FDIC. I should tell you, just so that you understand some of what we're running up against, because I don't think you guys even know this story, Cody's God, Billy, I'm not sure you guys know this story. So going back so long. And Stuart, you remember when we came over to ESPN when I was reluctant and you guys wanted to come because it's the worldwide leader in sports, but I was afraid of Disney defying the show a little too much and stealing some of its soul.


And you guys were right. We made a good decision and we've had great success at ESPN. But you remember being in a strip mall at one of those original meetings with executives, I believe that was a strip mall that was chosen by you to be equidistant to your home, which was very far away. And both executives were very disappointed that their dinner in Miami was at a strip mall in some really crappy place. That was your fault, correct?


Yeah, it was.


Morten's at Advantra. OK, yeah, it was. They were so disappointed. They thought they were getting a fancy Miami Beach dinner. And instead it was unspeakably crappy in terms of antiseptic strip mall.


They actually went to the morten's on South Beach first, never suspecting that we would be going to North Miami Beach for all the old people.


All right. Yes. And so at that meeting, though, do you remember what was the thing that was said to me as one of those executives who was no longer there wanted to change something about our show because it became something that every time he saw me for ten years, he asked us to get rid of Ron McGill, that they didn't want animals with their sports. And I'm like, come on, guys, this will be funny. You can't I can't be the Miami show I claim to be and then get rid of one of our most popular segments that includes the Miami guy who's beloved.


I'm not getting rid of that. That's not ever going to go anywhere. And so I tell you this story because listen to where we ended up the other day, because that executive is no longer in charge of anything over here. It's a new it's a new group of executives and. The other day, Mike Ryan is asked, this is the thing that happens to gut. In your two hours that you guys are putting on the radio between Greaney and the morning show, are you going to have on?


That animal doctor I know, the animal doctor, they they don't they don't listen enough to know even what they're objecting to. Dr. MacGill, of course, I'm going to start calling them that.


I was thinking about doing an hour with McGill after the playoffs, but I thought Mike taught me enough of that like I was I was thinking about just doing an animal Doctor McGill for an hour today. Would it be even funnier to do it just 10, Denoon? Just the whole two hours to do the animal? Dr. Ron McGill, it would be funny.


Isn't Greg's doctor Dave? Dr. McGillicuddy. But here's the great thing about Ron McGill. They actually have that conversation with me, Dad. OK, wait a minute.


Hold on. You have delighted Greg Cody so much there. Cody, you you roared with laughter. You physically from your head back at the delight of who gods? I'm making McGill into Cody's doctor, Dr. McGillicuddy.


That's great. I wish my daughter's first name was Ron McGillicuddy. That would be even better. But yeah, McGillicuddy, every time I see him, every time I go for an appointment, he's always thrilled when his name comes up on air. So he'll be he's squealing in his hit the loser gameshow sound.


And it didn't work because Bob's back here with that miner's helmet again.


Of course it's great. Thank you, Bob. I appreciate all your good work. We interrupted you guys. Billy, you've gone away. I want your opinion on some of what's happening here, because I've seen you shrink in the zoom screen here, and I've got things here that people should know if they're listening to the rest of what it is that we're doing so they can have a proper perspective on everything that's happened in our career at ESPN, everything that's happened over twenty years and radio and everything that's happening now as we pivot over to the digital side at a time that terrestrial radio is changing in a way that's precipitous.


We're going to build a second here. But what I was going to say, Billy Gray and all the guys, the funny thing about that dinner, Mortons Aventuras, so I could be home by nine thirty, ten o'clock. It can be. And everyone is. They rail about Ron McGill and then two weeks later, Ron McGill, because some animal went across the field and there was a big story. Two weeks later, Ron McGill, not only a featured guest on SportsCenter, a featured guest on Good Morning America.


Dr. MacGill. Oh, that.


Well, hold on a second, because I did delight every time. I actually this is a true story. Two guys, every time I see McGill on SportsCenter, I take a picture of it and send it to a couple of the executives who know that story, like when they've got him on SportsCenter and they're talking who would win a mascot fight between X and Y. But, Mike, what do you think is the right way to do this McGill segment?


And Billy, why do you seem so uncomfortable? Because I. I feel like the last few days you and Chris have been really uncomfortable, like you're around something that's scary and dangerous. So I have this wrong.


I mean, right now, my chair is just uncomfortable and I'm hoping you don't come to me because my dog's making a lot of noise and I don't want to get yelled at for the dog making noise in the background. So I'm here for you, man. All right. The way those space jam uniforms are horrific. We can get to that later.


All right. Now, let's actually get to that now. I'm with you. Tell me what you think of the space jam uniform.


You know, I think that this whole space jam thing is going to be a giant bust. And I hate to be the guy to tell you this, but I think everybody knows it, right. Like there's too much hype with LeBron. We doing space yet? Are they talking about space jam coming back forever? And then we see the pictures of these uniforms and I don't know what those uniforms are, but if the movie is anything like the uniforms, this thing is going to be a total disaster.


Well, Chris, you you had the same reaction because Mike and Billy both said that the space jam uniforms were truly, truly terrible and Billy went careening into this movie's going to be terrible. And then you called it up on your phone and you recoiled as if like there was a severed human head on your phone the way that you recoiled. What's so bad about the uniform? It's just I don't know.


I'm surprised Billy doesn't like it because they're very colorful. They seem like something that Billy would like, but they're very loud while being awful.


They're going to sell so many of these jerseys, like so many LeBron James tune squad jerseys. And if there's ever music, anything's again, everyone's going to be walking around in the mud wearing their LeBron James tune squad jerseys to be like the ironic whatever, listening to music. But God, they're Dan, you haven't seen them. I'm going to. I haven't seen them. No, I have. No, I'm going to San Jose.


I'm like, all right, ready for this. But, Chris, before before he does that, have you ever had a hotcake? Now, I've had pancakes, are there are we talking about warm pancakes, hot cakes, it came out of your mouth. What do you mean are we talking about? Well, selling like hotcakes is what you say. When someone says things are selling like crazy, you say they're selling like hotcakes.


I know. But you know what? Do you know what hot cakes are? Have you seen them sold? Do you know that they sell? When's the last time you saw a real long line for hot cakes?


Well, I just like an idiot. Every time I go to breakfast on a Sunday morning, I tell the waiter, let me get a plate of some hot cakes and they bring me pancakes. So I don't know, maybe they're just thinking I'm an idiot and we'll just going to bring him pancakes because that's obviously what he means. But no, I don't actually know what hot cakes.


Do you know? Because I don't know either, Cody. You know, I think it might be pancakes.


I've gone through life thinking that those words are synonyms that are hot. Cake is a pancake.


There's no difference between a hot cake, a pancake and a flapjack. Right. I think that's what it is. A pancake is a hot cake. A flapjack is a pancake. All three of the same thing. I think it's all like hotcakes because people really love pancakes.


I mean, it's natural to pick up the microphone when you're talking. You can just a table. It's really good. All right. You don't have to pick it up.


We got to go. You go flapjacks. All right. If you're going to slang for pancakes, you go flapjacks. But you just said that you go in order. That was. But that's what I was just saying. I don't really do that. I was just saying that keeping the conversation moving.


But flapjacks, what you actually do, I say flapjacks is French toast in the in the same family as flapjacks and waffles or is it it's own entity.


I hate French toast. They're really I love to hate my.


I think it's overrated. It's overrated for sure.


Who hates French toast. Put it on the pole. Does anyone hate French toast at Libertador in the conversation of French toast.


Pancakes, waffles. It's easily third. Easily third.


I don't think I agree with you on that French toast, this is not surprising coming from a fat guy, but French if I put French toast at the top of that list.


I really. Yeah, and a waffle has a little bit more crunch. I bronze waffle. French toast, silver pancake gold. There I said it. All right, let's get the CODI rankings, get the fanfare sound, please, for Greg Coatis top three. I don't even know what the list is here. Let's see number three of whatever it is, flapjacks or pancakes.


What's the list? I don't know what the list is anyway. Number three, Tony.


Why? What is the category? What is my list right now? Chris Accouterment. It's French toast, waffles and pancakes, man. Oh, that's easy. Number three. Pancakes, a.k.a. Flapjacks, a.k.a. Hot Cakes No. Two. French toast, you got waffles? No one home, and I'm not waffling on this either. No one waffles. That's right.


Why doesn't this loser game show sound work?


Oh, I got to come in and, like, unplug it.


So our creeps in this conversation, like, it's the same ballpark that we're talking, like my friend, let's build.


What's great about great is you can have a great for breakfast, but grapes could also be a dessert. Grapes could be for long. Chugalug grapes for dinner. I mean, I think those are the Democrats.


Is it crêpes or grapes?


Crêpes. I think it's grapes. French in France. I've always called it grapes.


Yeah, I have a grape myrtle tree in my backyard.


There we go. You know, the loser game in France, they do pronounce it crêpes.


I will say that. How do they pronounce your name in France? Coté.


I wanted to ask you something. I thought, I don't know exactly how to do this, but do you guys think now is the time to bring back Greg Coatis, bitter drunk Mickey Mouse impersonation, his very limited Mickey Mouse impersonation? You guys remember? And how long has it been, Greg, since you have done your Mickey Mouse impersonation?


The problem is, I don't know if my voice can do Mickey anymore.


So I started smoking Mickey Mouse with bronchitis. All right. Let's check this out. Let's try it so that it's OK if it's a drunk, bitter, chain smoking, cancerous Mickey Mouse. Let's hear what that sounds like. Or is it painful for you to do it?


It's a little painful, but I was going Steamboat Willie back in 1928. I never imagined that almost a century later I can't do this voice.


You sound like Marge Simpson. I can't I can't believe there is nothing in your life that I have seen. I witnessed your deterioration. I've gone to hospitals. I've gone to your house. I know that garage is filled with cancer, cigar smoke. I have seen your deterioration in a way that is both jarring to me and your son. But nothing has gone to shit more than your Mickey Mouse impersonation like your column.


Writing has gotten worse and worse. Chris, how terrible was it? I barely understand. It sounds more like Marge Simpson, my write than Mickey Mouse.


It'll come out on ESPN Radio.


You're 100 percent right, but I'm BSB and it sounds perfect.


Yeah, the crazy part for me is that he looks worse than he sounds like. He just is like he's this the shade of gray right now.


Like he's one color, it's gray, except when he starts laughing and coughing and then he turns like a reddish shade of shade of gray. Greg, let's try this again, because I want to hear from this character and I love it in its origin. I think your go to move with this character is just to mention nineteen twenty eight and Steamboat Willie, you don't have a lot else in the impersonation, correct?


Well, you know, we're working on it, but I didn't expect to bring back bitter drunk Mickey today. So I would like to work. I would like to officially bring bitter drunk Mickey back next Tuesday, if that's OK. Yes, that's fine.


But this is part of explaining what ESPN is going to be. Do you want to do you want to just try? I'm drunk, bitter, cancerous. Mickey then the segment ESPN, just so that we can hear how rotten your voice is actually got.


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