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Welcome to the big Suey presented by DraftKings. Why are you listening to this show? The podcast that seems very similar to the other Dan Levitard podcast.


I'm sorry. I'm not going to apologize for that.


In fact, the only difference seems to be this imaging.


I have been tempted in restaurants, just.


Walking past tables to grab somebody's fries.


If they're just there.


That hasn't happened to you guys. I've done it. And now here's the marching man to nowhere, fat face and the habitual liar.


Lucy's not here today, and she said yesterday because I wanted to celebrate with her. Caitlin Clark setting the scoring record. And she says she's not working today. And furthermore, because Lucy now says that there's everywhere for her in the friendship bracket, like she can't get enough friends now that she's.


Her words.


Yeah, her words. That's her words.


Just clarify.


I'm quoting her. Yes. Yeah.


Just making sure. It's for those that don't listen.


It's raining, according to Lucy, yes, because she was looking for friends. She did a PowerPoint seeking friends, and now she's got a ton of friends in Las Vegas and elsewhere.


And she's on a friend date this morning and said she didn't have time.


For us to talk about the most.


Exciting day of her sports life. Okay, you guys have brought her up, though. You've called her. She said she wasn't going to answer. This is very exciting. Okay. Is she on the way to her friend date? What is happening? Lucy, tell me where you are.


What's happening right now?


My friend Lisa is inside. She does not want to be on camera, and I'm not going to do that to her. So I'm outside, she's watching my stuff. It was a normal morning until you called.


Okay, but this is a date. This is a successful Friday. You right now are dating so much, so many friends that you now have Friday morning dates.


Well, yes. I won't say so many friends. I would say one and a half, which is pretty good. That's way more than I had before. So I count Lisa the half I would say is the bumble girl I met, like, two weeks ago. I don't know if I'm going to reach out to her again. I liked her, but I don't know if she's my forever pal.


Okay, that's good to get that update.


But I thought you had, like, dozens of friends in Vegas. You were smoking cigarettes, you were crazed.


Yes, well, those were friends I already had. And they live in Los Angeles and they don't live here, which I love them a lot, but they're not as useful when they don't live next to me. We can't really hang out.


Okay, I'm sorry I interrupted your friend.


Date, but can you just give us.


The best you got on Caitlin Clark?


Well, let me just tell you this, Dan. She needed eight points last night. She got 49. 49 points. Not only did she break the NCAA scoring record all time, she broke the Iowa single game record and had a career high. She's amazing. She's perfect. And the shot, two and a half minutes in the game. On a logo three. On a logo three. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me. They had a tribute video to her at the end. I sobbed. I cried. I'm so happy for her. And she's going to break the all time scoring record in like, two games.


Three games.


Not to be this guy. And I understand logo three is impressive, but those logos are getting pretty.


They're getting bigger and bigger.


Those logos keep getting bigger.


You know what, Dan? You do it, then go out.


Oh, that's good.


Why would you say that, Dan?


Probably could. You probably could come after Caitlin Clark. I will tell anybody who will listen that the NBA three is a million miles away and nobody understands how far it is because those guys make it look like it's easy. And a logo three is a logo three from anywhere. But it's indisputable that those logos are getting larger. It's a mid range jumper.


Do it, Dan.


Do it, Dan.


You're talking.


All this talk set the all time scoring record, Dan. Pizzerina is right across the street. We make it happen.


Tell me more about last night for you, emotionally, like, where does it rank.


In terms of sports emotions?


You're a crier.


You cry on every college football field you're ever on.


I would say it was my favorite moment all time. Not all time. I think Iowa beating South Carolina in the final four last year was my favorite fan moment is just like being an Iowa fan. But it was so special to just for her to do that in front of the home crowd for her to do it the way she did with a logo three. It was one of those remarkable moments where I'm tweeting about it and all these people are responding, being like, my wife doesn't really love sports. My daughter doesn't really love sports. But they have asked to watch every single Caitlin Clark game and just understanding what she's done for the state of Iowa for women's basketball, it has been so remarkable. It was so beautiful. I cried during the tribute video. That's what really got me. When I saw her family saying how proud of her she was. I was like, they're not as proud as me, so I feel what they're feeling. It was so special.


It really is nuts.


What a great shooter she is.


She's spectacular.


Just crazy.


It was a bomb, by the way.


I just thought, I was just teasing. Like, of course, you could never do that. No. And she made it look graceful and it's like she's pulling up from there and you have to guard her from. It's asinine. It's just asinine.


I think one of the things that gets lost about Caitlin's game is like, she is an insane shooter. Anywhere on the court, you have to guard her. But she moves the ball so well. It's something that you don't notice as well until you see it in person. But her teammates are constantly saying, I had no idea I was open. Caitlin saw things like ten steps ahead of what everything else was. She is just so remarkable in just every facet of the game. And you know what was so great? Halftime. They were like, caitlin, you broke the record. How do you feel? She said, it's cool. We need to defend better. And I said, that's my girl. I'm so proud of you. Get the win.


We're just going to let Lucy say.


That she was more proud than Caitlin's.


Parents because I was.


I think she was.


It sounds.


I absolutely was. They weren't crying. I was crying.


She's doubling down. She's not afraid.


They weren't crying, Dan.


She's not afraid of your criticism. All right, go back and enjoy.


Hold on, I have a question before she goes. So she did work. Is this now a business lunch that she can expense me?


That's a great idea. Can I tell Lisa you're paying for breakfast?


Sure, that's fine. Lucy, thank you for Lisa.


Dan's paying for our breakfast.


Lisa stole your purse.


She said, we already paid.


That's too bad.


Your money, your move.


See you later. Lucy, happy for you and happy that friendships are blossoming.


I was getting left and right. Thanks for calling during my friend date. It was super normal and not weird at all.


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Not just sports, Dan, I got don't mart tickets on game time.


Yeah, beyond that, music, sports, energy.


I got tickets to wicked, the musical.


Of course you did.


Yep. Got tickets to Shane Gillis on game time.


Of course you did.


Where is he performing?


I was trying not to name names, but if we're doing that, shout out to idols.


I love that album.




Is that the wicked, the story you haven't told that you went all excited you're going to New York to see.


No. That was funny, girl. I'll save it.


We were talking about it on mystery crate. I'll save it.


Oh, wow. You're going to embark?


No. It's too bad that we don't get the musical stories here.


Well, we've been waiting the musical story for about.


It's been ten months.


Please. I want more of the theater kid. Please. It's a character we haven't had around theater kids.


Yeah, that's not very nice, Dan.


Theater kid.


I like being a theater kid. I'm proud of it. There are dozens of us around the show.


Dan, Jeremy. It's obvious.


Dan, if you want to love Leah Michelle, you don't want to hear this story for real. She can't read.


Put him in a bad way.


Let's talk for a second about the only thing I care about in this all star game weekend that's coming up, and I will tell you, follow Amin and Charlote Odball. They are there, and they are covering the hell out of it. I have felt bad for Carl. Carl left Vegas and all of that, all of us on our knees and immediately lands at the all star game. To have to do all of that again for oddball and others, because metal arc media is blossoming and we're covering the all star game. But Steph versus Sabrina.


Do I have this wrong? Because I haven't looked at the numbers. All I'm remembering about Sabrina's last three point shooting contest is that she made everything.


And I thought to myself as I.


Was watching, I don't think I've ever seen someone make that many threes before, male, man, woman, anything. And now it's going to be Steph against Sabrina. From the men's, from the NBA. Three point line. I think I'd like to see it the other way.


I think the other way. Chris Cody was workshopping a take where Steph actually has to shoot from the WNBA. Three point line.


I'd like to see it that way.


I think that would mess with Steph's head a little bit more because he's not a huge mid range jumper guy. Why take a mid range jumper when you're the greatest three point shooter ever there? This is a no win position, I don't think, because if Sabrina ends up beating Steph, people are going to allege that Steph took a dive where Sabrina is a really great shooter. As you mentioned, you've seen her compete in these things before. It's also like a weird head to head type of battle, because it's not like you can get out there and close out on a shooter. Someone else can get hot. It's not like the rack plays defense against you. I don't really know what this proves, but I'm really excited to see that. And the led court that's going to be used for all these skills competitions out there, this is going to feel very futuristic.


Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't think I'm wrong about this.


You say it's a no win position for staff.


Yeah. I mean, what does he do if he drags? Like, he's going to appear like a bully?




If he loses, everyone's going to assume that the greatest NBA shoot, not everyone, but people on Twitter. That's going to be the discourse. It's going to be toxic.


I would like for you guys to.


Tell me if you think I'm wrong here.


I believe Steph Curry has an advantage, a built in advantage, by doing it from the NBA three point line. He should have to do it. He should have to do it from the other. Let's make it.


Danny threw a shot from across the corner and made it. I think he can manage to do it a couple feet closer.




He does thousands a week from this one spot. I know that statistically, your numbers improve.


Take away his advantage. He's got an advantage here.


What's the line? Curry scoop.


I'm seeing Steph Curry at minus 230 and Sabrina is at plus 176.


That's actually a lot of respect.


She made 25 of 27 the last time she did it. But am I wrong? What I'm saying? Correct me if I'm wrong. This is an advantage for Steph. They're making it. This is not equality. This is. Steph has the advantage. He takes thousands of shots from there every day.


She was the one that said it like, I'll shoot from the NBA three point. She came out on Twitter and said.


It, hey, I'll do it.


We'll match up the same way. I don't have to shoot women's line. You don't have to shoot men's line. We'll all shoot the same way. So she's the one that said it. She obviously has an advantage.


She's obviously done it enough to feel confident from there.


But I'm with you. I think he should.


I think we're all saying the same thing here. It's harder to be a man.


Yes. I'm saying the man has advantages. The man has all the advantages.


Can I pop?


What did you just do?


What did you just do?


I was laying out for a funny joke.


Hey, it's Mike Ryan.


Recently got back from Las Vegas, Nevada. Was there with some good friends, some co workers, and it was a good time.


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Don Lebatard, listen, it could be Julius Randall's building. How about that?


The Mecca.


Ours, Julius. The Mecca. Stugats. Steve Martin was a prop comic. You said that. I said it 2 seconds earlier than you. This is the Dan Levatar show with the Stugats.


I am really happy for this dude professionally, and my heart is a little bit broken for him today because yesterday, at the middle of what should have been a wild and wonderful celebration, and was a wild and wonderful celebration, he's 100 yards away all of a sudden from the horror that keeps revisiting America again and again. I love what this guy has done with his career. He can go high. He can go low. He's got a great deal of range. So I don't want to just talk about what happened at the Super bowl celebration, but thank you, Nick Wright, for joining us. And before we get to the lighter stuff, I do want to talk about what you did on fs one yesterday.


And in general, the emotion of seeing.


The horror of a divided America coming to the city that you loved the most at a time where seconds earlier you were probably as happy as you've ever been.


Yeah. So Wednesday we started the show, and the first words out of my mouth were, I have three kids, I have a wonderful wife, I've been know birth of my kids. And I called Wednesday the best day of my life, which was maybe not the best parenting thing, but it was special. And Wild said that he thought Kansas City at the parade before the shooting was the happiest place on earth. It was 800,000 people dressed the same in unison and joy. And it was shattered by a couple of kids, literal kids, who had lightweight semiautomatic rifles on them. There's a lot of macro, macro stuff, selfishly, for the micro. What I will say is, and I now empathize, I hope I always had empathy, but I now will empathize in a way that will be with me forever. So we're doing the show and we get in our ears from our producer in New York, guys, not joking. Listen, active shooter have to get off the stage because we're in an elevated place and go. And Fox had security there. And they were outstanding, these two. They, they kept their heads on straight. But my issue was my wife and her two sisters were with me at the parade, but in the crowd, they weren't watching the show.


So they were in the crowd. So the fox security is trying to get us that way, and I need to find them. And that 15 seconds of not knowing where my wife and her sisters were is the worst moment of my life. And it's not about me. Listen, a lady lost her life. Kids lost their mother. Nearly two dozen other people were shot, a lot of them children. So again, my trauma was about as small as one can have in the situation. And it's still the worst moment of my life. So for thousands and thousands of people, so many of which are children, this now is with them. And it's so sad. And I mentioned this on the show yesterday, my best friend, who I think maybe has been on this show, I'm not sure. Danny Parkinson does radio in Chicago. He called me a wellness check. And while we were talking, I realized I had done the same for him two years prior when he was at the 4 July parade in Highland Park, Chicago, when there was a different active shooter. And I mean, that's America, man. And so, yeah, so that was Wednesday.


And then I did my best to piece it out yesterday on the show.


Okay, but you say that's America, man. And when I tell people he's one of the best at going both high and low, I will tell you, I.


Haven'T seen a career quite like this, where he goes from Kansas City sports.


Radio to what he's doing now.


I want for you to tell my audience and the people sort of what Kansas City means to you as a city, as someone who came from there. And furthermore, how seeing the politics of the day come and turn your happiest day into your worst day affected you because you care deeply about how divided.


America is right now.


Yeah, well, here's the thing. Divided is great to talk about. Kansas City. Kansas City is a segregated city to this day. There's a street in Kansas City called Truce. And on the east side of, you know, vast majority black. On the west side of truce, it's vast majority non black. And it's a divided city. Right? If there's a river that cuts north and south, that divides the downtown and a lot of the city from the Northland, it is a divided city politically. It is a divided city racially. And there is one goddamn thing that brings the city together. The Kansas City Chiefs. Not even the royals, just the chiefs. And at that parade, I was shaking hands with state senators, and I was shaking hands with people that love the show that I'm pretty sure on the way to the parade had taken a little meth. It was whole. It was the whole thing. It was my whole beautiful, ugly, convoluted city that I grew up in. And we were all united in cheering Patrick Mahomes and Travis and the team. And then we were all united in thinking we were fleeing for our lives.


Because I know it has now been described correctly in the media as a dispute between two juveniles, but don't get this part twisted somehow, both juveniles had rifles, both of them had ars on them. And so the reason I'm drawing that distinction is there is a difference between the sound of a single gunshot from a pistol and the sound of the spraying of a semi automatic rifle and the terror associated with is. And because it was young kids, and Kansas City has a massive gang violence problem, people are going to very easily have the conversation be in the micro, micro, micro gang violence. Kansas City, where are the fathers? What's the problem? All of that, as opposed to the obvious bigger issues at hand, which is how do a couple kids, they recovered five guns, two rifles, how is it that easy? And the answer is, because folks have made it their life's work in the political spectrum to make it that easy. My dear friend from high school is the mayor of Kansas City, and he has done his absolute best to mitigate some of this. Kansas City attempted to have its own rules about guns.


The state attorney general took. And. Hold on, let me add some important context there didn't just attempt to have its own rules, wanted to have federal laws that are on the books to be able to be enforced at the local level. The state attorney general sued and took it to the Supreme Court that in Missouri, it is a criminal or a civil offense for police officers to enforce federal gun. The amazingly, they lost in October, the Supreme Court. But that is what we're working with. That is the dynamic. And the problem is, because Kansas City, when I was talking about it being divided, it's literally also on a state line. If you could have a magic wand and say, you know what? The entire state of Missouri is going to have the exact same gun regulations as New York City, it wouldn't matter because Kansas did. Just like Chicago's got the strictest gun laws imaginable, but Indiana doesn't. And it's on a state line, so what does it matter? The reason New York City, where I live, is incredibly safe from a big city perspective. No matter what the media tells you, it's one of the safest big cities in the world is not only can you be the star receiver of the New York Giants and just be caught with a gun, hurting no one and go to prison for it, but the surrounding states are in agreement.


So having guns here is tough. But where you guys live, it's not. Where I grew up, it's not where I used to work in Texas, it's not. And so then we just rinse and repeat and traumatize our kids.


How overstated is it to say that.


You went from feeling like you were the mayor of Kansas City because unique.


Is your voice as the guy who gets to be at the parade. Just straight Homer. Straight homer. I'm the voice for your team nationally. And like all you're doing, you are polarizing there. You're getting, I'm assuming, nothing but applause and more applause than you got when you were there. And you were.


Please don't put this individually on social media because it sounds really awful, but I honestly think it was Mahomes, Kelsey, me, Andy Reid, I believe was. And this, again, feels so silly, but when I tell you, Steve Spagnolo's wife stopped me and asked me for a picture and said, and I quote, you're the only one who stuck with us, man.


Nick, Nick, Nick.


I think that this had to be.


So cool for you.


Just the cosmos turning into you, into.


Maximum clown because you get to laugh.


At the whole industry, because they kind of hated you in Kansas City because you were a radio host and you are loudmouth and then you go from that to hugging Travis, Kelsey, because that team feels like you're a mascot for them on television, that you're the most ardent supporter, and you got to ride the flume of, I'm the only one who believed in you. I'm the only one who believed in the greatest quarterback we've ever seen. How ridiculous is that? It's funny.


Well, it's really Dan. And when not telling your audience, I'm wildly underpaid, which is not true. I'm handsomely paid, and I'm very happy with everything. Fox paying all these things.


Fox paying.


Please don't. Please stop that. It is true that I have pulled off the exact same magic trick twice. And the magic trick is telling America, hey, there's a rabbit in this hat. No one else thinks there is, but I'm telling you there is. And then I show you the rabbit. I put it back in, then I showed you again, and people are like, oh, my God. And that magic trick is LeBron James. Patrick Mahomes. Think they're good.


Don Levitard.


Let me get some golf.






Oh, me.


This is the Dan Levatar show with the Stugats.


So here's the thing. But be careful what you wish for, because this picture was put out, Dan, by my people, and that might be the worst picture of any human being ever. I. If you zoom in, I think my nose is casting a shadow on my teeth, which I didn't think was a thing. This was not, like, found footage. This was the only piece of social media put out by first things first. And I am here to tell you, I don't think any person has ever looked worse in any mean. I don't know. I had a lot of people trending along with. My name was Gargamel. And I don't know who or what.


That is, but I assume Gargamel is good. That's good. Yeah.


Okay, now we're doing a zoom in. It's not great, man. I mean, I look like I'm 60. My teeth are not great to begin with. My nose is casting a shadow over them. It's not great.


No, but you're the king. But you're the king of kings.


The guy behind you is like, wow, this guy looks bad.


Yeah. So we're really doing a full zoom. I I mean, I did this to myself, I suppose. I mean, I'm wearing a red and white Louis Vuitton fleece that I had to buy from a guy in Poland because it was fitting for the occasionally. I don't know.


Oh, no. Now the shadow is fully on his teeth. And now that close up. Come on.


That close up is wrong.


What you're doing to him there. That is.


Come on, guys. Brutal. Come on, guys. You know what? I'm going to turn this. I'm going to turn this badge of honor. That's Gargamel. Is that gargamel?


That is Gargamel.


Yeah. That is Gargamel.


You look like if Gargamel.


You know what?


Number nine for the croatian national team.


Yeah. I mean, there was that. Somebody said, we now know what Severius Snape or something would look like if he grew up. I didn't. Severus, that one. Severus.




Oh, that's okay. I'll venmo Mike. Sorry about that. But Dan, Dan, I'm going to go galaxy brain on this. Me looking the way I do and having the modicum of success that I've had only proves how good the takes are. Anybody. If you look like Kyle Brandt, how good do your takes have to. I mean, now, again, his takes are fine. I'm not taking a shot. But if you are wildly handsome that you're supposed to be on tv, when someone just takes a normal picture of you and folks assume it was an inside job to take you down, then the takes must be.


Yes. Congrats. I salute you. I'm very happy for you. I just think the juxtaposition is super weird to go nick from, you're the mayor of Kansas City. You can't believe that. You're in the center of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey want to hug me. How did this happen? This is the day of my dreams. I'm a sports dork. All I've been doing is loving my team. I'm a fanjournalist. I'm making money, fame. I'm the voice for my team. And you go from that to straight horror. That is a mind man. Like, that's a minefield in terms of mental health.


And that's why to bring it back. And then imagine the 100,000 kids there who, they were off from school, they were having some of the happiest moments of their life. And pardon me, the story I told on the air yesterday, which was, I did not cry through the whole event until back in the hotel at the elevator, there was a grandmother on the phone wearing a chief shirt, clearly had come from the rally and saw me and my wife and knew me and hugged me. And so we talked and she said she was there with her kids and granddaughter. And she said, my 14 year old granddaughter had to take control because she has been trained for these situations. And that was the first moment I really cried where I'm like, what are we doing? What are we doing? And what psychological toll is it taking on this entire generation of children that they. I'll give you guys an anecdote that one of my friends whose kids go to school, I think, in Connecticut told me he had a kindergartner who came home from school and said, we did Gator on the floor today. And have you guys heard of this?


Do you guys know what this is?


I don't know what that is. No.


Okay. And he said, what's that? It's kindergartner, six year old. And they said, oh, in Florida, an alligator got into one of the schools and all the kids had to go in the closets and be quiet so he wouldn't come to the room. So the schools had to figure out, okay, we have to teach tiny children what to do in active shooter drills, and we don't want to tell them about active shooters. So they came up with something, I guess, less terrifying, which is an alligator in the school. It made a fake. Now, maybe that actually did happen in Florida. I don't know. But that's not what they were drilling for in Connecticut.


It could.


Every. And folks don't want to. They're just okay with it. And I got in a long argument with. Great hat, Roy. I got in a long argument right before I came on with you with a conservative talk show host in Kansas City about. And he got very mad at me because I said, you're fine with this? He's like, how dare you say I'm fine with this. I'm like, well, no, I mean, you don't like it. You don't want it, but you're fine enough with it. To not recognize that the status quo guarantees more of mean. It's a failure. It is a massive failure. On behalf of the adults of America.


Nick, good seeing you. Sorry that you're in the middle of some trying circumstances. Roy, he is right. It is a great hat.


And you, can I say one other thing real? I just. Kevin, I don't know how you guys feel. Do you guys feel, Dan, when you were coming up in media, did you feel like you had rivals? Like, I'm not asking you to name names, but when you were on the ascent, did you survey the landscape and anyone around your age or younger you looked at as your rival?


I was scared of beat writers who.


Were better than me when I was coming up. But after that, no, I wasn't looking at anybody.


Like, this show was born out of spite for.


Goldberg. You know what? That is a good one. I'm sorry. I was thinking of writers. No, that is a good one.




Thank you, Mike. Rest in power local radio gas bag. Hank Goldberg. Yes.


Was my rival.


Okay, listen, so Kevin Wilde makes fun of me because he says that this is an insane way to look at my career. But I just assumed everyone looked at it this way, which is, I have a rivals list. Everyone in the media that is within two years of me or younger than me, I must vanquish, and I must be more successful than I have to do it. They are all my rivals. And the reason I mention it is right now, rising to the top of the rivals list is Pablo Tori, and he will be vanquished. Pablo is younger than me. Pablo made fun of me a bit on the show the other day, which only solidified that he is my rival. And it doesn't matter that we're friendly. It doesn't matter that he's always been kind to me. It doesn't matter that I was at a Christmas party with him. I will vanquish Pablo Torre. I will leave him in my.


Why is that a. Look at me, Louie.


He was at a Christmas party with Pablo Torre.


He's saying he's going to vanquish him.


Yeah. You know what's going to be the hardest one? Because sometimes your dear friends become rivals, and you don't want to have to do it. But I checked the old Wikipedia date of birth. Mina Kimes. Younger than me. Rival.


Wait a minute.




You insane. Are you insane?


I love Mina. She's outstanding. She, I think, is going to be the final boss.


Oh, my God.


Rival. But she's on the list.


Oh, my God.


Nick, she's on the list.




She has to be vanquished.


Be careful, Nick. Be careful.


Kendrick Perkins. Rival. Ryan Ruko. Even though we don't really do the same thing. My exact same age. Rival. They're all my rivals.


Perk is first level, though.


That's easy.


Ryan Ruko. But what are you doing? You've just diminished the Kimes and Pablo Torre beef by bringing in Ryan Ruko and Perk.


Ryan Ruko is great. You know why Ryan Ruko is my rival? Because when I was interning at ESPN radio as a kid in New York City, Ryan Ruko was younger than me and already had called a division one basketball game. And from that moment, I was like, I must vanquish him.


He doesn't do the same things as you. He doesn't.


It doesn't matter. At one point, he was on the list.


I love this, Nick.


This is one of the greatest things of all time. I found a kindred spirit.


I do the same thing.


I must vanquish you. But I had the same thought about Woody. I was like, I must vanquish. And look who's not gone. Come on.




He's calling champions league.


That's fine for now, but this is what's happening here. I think you guys are confusing who your rivals are. Mina is in a different category as you, and I need you to be careful.


Not, I love Mina, but here's where you need to be careful, Dan, because you obviously have ascended. You're older and a mogul, but you, unprompted, called me the other day, gave me career advice. You've been so kind. You want me to continue to grow. If I continue to grow enough, at some point, Nick, you become Nick. Right now. You're a mentor, Nick, you can become Nick.


Nick, I caution you to please be careful, Nick. And hurry up and build that empire, because I want to fight you. I do.


Build the empire. Build it. Hurry up. You're going too slow. You're only winning championships and hugging. Kelsey. You need to fight with the biggest.


In this industry, because you're among the best I've ever seen. So thank you for making the time for us.


Well, no one gets to do that, Nick. No one gets to go from sports radio. It's you and mad dog. Who else gets to go from sports radio to the top of the food.


Chain, where they get to be a national voice on all the things that they want.


Yeah, but I came through newspapers.


I came through newspapers.


I didn't come through sports radio.


Yeah. Me, Colin, Mad dog, I would say, are the ones. And those guys I've worked for, both of them, I love them both. They have been mentors, and if they stay around long enough, they will turn into rivals as well.


See you later.


I thought they had to be near your age. I thought they had to be near your age.


Well, yes, they do now. But at one point, if I ever get to mogul status, then the whole world.




All of it.


All right, thank you.




See you later, Nick.


And congratulations.


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