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So if you were listening to the post game show yesterday, Østergaard says he's want to do said something infuriating, just immediately says that Kemba Walker is the second best player in this entire series. And yes, I'm glad that you elaborated on that, which would make the Celtics his prohibitive favorite, because the Celtics would then have presumably the two best players in this series, because you're making Kemba Walker better than Bam, better than Jimmy Butler. And it ignores Kemba Walker will have a game where he's going to make a bunch of shots and take a bunch of shots and he will have a high scoring game.


But it ignores a defense which is totally understandable. It's something that happens all the time in high lights and in the conversation I'm about to pose when Magic Johnson says that he's never seen a better defensive play in the playoffs than what Bam! Adebayo did last night. And if you didn't see it, Jayson Tatum was headed to the rim, was skying at a great height, was sort of descending with his arm cocked back and Bam Adebayo with his hand practically in the rim right with remarkable wrist strength under the circumstances doesn't get caved in And furthermore Jayson Tatum ends up on his back at the base of the basket and Adebayo is holding the basketball after that because he's gotten the ball back he hasn't even blocked it into the stands He's got the ball back.


The timing on it was absolutely perfect. Left hand, by the way. Got it there just in the nick of time because Tatum was ready to throw that thing down. He had the dunk face on Tatum had his dunk face on. Every player has that dunk face. He was ready to throw it down. I don't know how Bam did that.


OK, but my question to you is, because God is just he's factoring in nothing but Kemba offense when he is surmising who the best players in the series are. And the question I want to pose to you the shipping container and the audience is because while we can point to LeBron James has chased down Block in Game seven on Andre Iguodala in The Warriors for a great upset.


I don't think there are many defensive plays you guys can name that you think are memorable in that sport. Like historically great. When someone does the rhetorical trick of saying, as much as I'd like to object, that's the best defensive play I've ever seen. What are some of the other nominees where you're talking about history's most memorable defensive play? Oh, Dan, how can you forget James Harden on Lou Daudt?


I truly that was amazing. What you're saying is absolutely right. I can do it through the prism of like he fan Chris Bosh's block on Danny Green, LeBron block on Tiago Splitter. But you're right. I mean, we tend to remember the offense. And if someone misses, we don't really credit the defense. We just say, man, that guy's not clutch.


I can only remember two off the top of my head. It's Bam and LeBron Block. Right. And Bam happened last night. That's why I can't remember it. But someone put together a list of top ten defensive plays all time in the NBA. Do you remember this? No.


Hold on a second. Let's do this right now. Whose list is this? We're going to just do it ten to one with the appropriate fanfare. These are the greatest good. We don't have to think it out anymore. Somebody put together a list. No, but the funny thing is they have put together a list. You don't remember any of them. OK, good, good. Let's do the top ten most historic defensive plays ever in basketball.


According to we're going to give sports Skeeter Dotcom. All right.


What you want to you want a more credible play. So that one's fine. But what can you just give us that website again? Yeah, it is sports. Kita Dotcom. That's what it's called. How do you balance Kita s p o r t s. That's how you spell sports in case you needed it.


I key to is k pda.


OK, you connected. That s like it sounded weird the first time and I wanted it, it sounded sportscast. It sounded like it had an S right in the middle of it. There was no telling that there was a K in there but very good. According to sports, Keita Dotcom number ten still got a whole lot.


I lost the safe house. I got a sports kid is going out of business. This is crazy. What happened to sports kid.


All of a second, then somebody have a middle finger block last series. Isn't that a big black. Yeah, Kawhi. But we're not talking about him anymore. All right. No. And set me up again. I don't want to set you up again. Tatia Prince Chase down block on Reggie Road.


One of you guys remember that's number one. And that's number ten, Reggie Miller's career. How about this SportsCenter dotcom. I love that's number ten.


Yeah. Gerald Henderson, this is number nine. What takes off James Worthy big game, James.


I thought it was a bobcat's Gerald Henderson. No one remembers number eight. You guys really remember Sean? Yeah, it was very long. It was a chase down block. I was at the end of a game that Reggie Miller was like calling for, you know, goaltending. And it wasn't gold to the last moment in his career.


I think for number eight, we go back to 1962, Jerry West still and winning layup in the postseason.


One of these is going to be Dennis Johnson stealing the ball to probably right. Number seven or Larry Bird. You saw the Johnny Moses. Yeah, that's all I remember is that and really short shorts and Larry Bird. It's a haunting image of him just whipping that towel. All right. To me, sexy thing. Wait a minute.


I need to ever want to last long in the bedroom, fellas, use promo code Mike and just think of Larry Bird using this towel in the sexual manner he was.


All right. I need to explain to the audience, because this isn't a visual medium and we just got to drink Mike, all of Mike Central. I need to explain to the audience. So Mike looks an awful, awful lot right now. Like Gardner Minshew, he's wearing a headband. He's got the terrible mustache. He also looks like he's got about a four day hangover beard on his face. And he was making teeth clenching, sort of not quite fighter pilot.


And Tom got Top Gun, not quite Val Kilmer and Top Gun, but he was gritting his teeth, like to give off manly sensuality, and he was slapping someone's fanny with a towel while grinding his hips slowly. OK, so that is the image that next time you're having sex and you want to have some staying power, think of that.


Think of Mike Jones. I had really bad and even want to staying power. I mean just one. Number one. Number eight. A number seven. Number seven.


Number seven. Yet Robert Parrish steal game for nineteen eighty four NBA finals. He stole the ball late in regulation to push the game. The overtime the Celtics would win it from their.


No. Remember that one day, I don't remember that one, that number four, number six, Horace Grant steals the title for the Bulls.


I don't know what that means. I don't remember that he stole the ball before John Paxson hit the game winner, the big one against the Phoenix Suns. You remember that?


Oh, actually, one of these plays is going to be Michael Jordan stealing the ball from Karl Malone to number five. Olajuwon denies the Knicks a title.


Now, that's a good question. Yeah, I mean, just by being one of the Knicks being the Knicks.


No, because the guy they don't really elaborate this sports CHEDID that comes out number four. Well, you know what? We all remember this. OK, no one more so than Bob Ryan. Havlicek stole the ball and made this list.


Bill Simmons, the Celtics on it. Number three, Larry Bird picks off the inbounds pass and nice to see him back at number two, LeBron James chased down block.


So Sam's already number one. Incredible. And finally, yes, very good, and obviously bams number one.


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Because I don't want for some of you in our audience who are meticulous and like things in order to have to go to the Internet or go to sports, Kita Dotcom, because you're frustrated because you've got a splinter in your side. The number one actual defensive play of all time, according to sports. Kita Dotcom, I'd like to know what ketamine's I don't understand. Are we saying something that's perhaps a deviant sexual move? Do we have any idea what Kita is?


Because I keep saying it could be sports kitto or it could be sports. Okita, I don't know.


I mean, stop saying that. Anyway, it's Michael Jordan making the steal on Karl Malone in the post and then swinging that series right before the Byron Russell shot. But Chris had something that was heat related that he wanted to discuss. And I think my guy could get away today trying to keep the whole show heat related. Right. Like without much divergence.


Well, I think the national stories are that block. It's one of the great Magic Johnson called to the greatest defensive play he's ever sought.


Keita did at the end of the last segment as well. Correct. It's that and you know, of course, the Nuggets ruining the the L.A. party in the Western Conference finals that everyone's upset that Jokic and Murray.


Yes, and that's a bummer. It really is because I wanted to see the Clippers against LeBron. But what were you saying. Heat related Chris.


So before the playoffs I feel like a question that I'm about to ask would have been a real easy answer. And the question is of these two teams, the Heat and the Celtics, which of their two young stars would you rather have?


Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum or Bam Adebayo Tyler here?


I feel like a couple of weeks ago that would have been like everybody's laughing at you. And I'm not saying that the Heat have leapfrogged that duo, but I just feel like right now, as a Heat fan, if you said to me, would you trade Jayson Tatum, would you trade Bam and hero for Tatum and Brown? I don't know if I'm doing that. I could be way off and just being a Heat fan, but it isn't that closer than might.


Well, let's discuss this for a second, because it's a good sports radio question. Would you do me a favor, those two guys? Because I don't have it at the at my fingertips when I watch that game last night, I don't recall Jaylen Brown doing much of anything.


I remember a corner three that he made.


But like, what was what was his stat line for that game? Because he was surprisingly absent. I don't remember much from him.


He had seventeen points, five rebounds to assist a steal. He was six of fourteen from the field, three or four from three.


He had a crucial tappin offensive rebound putback late in the game. Right. That was all right.


So but did Technicolor we being homers about this to Jaylen Brown even last night on a night where I remember him sort of disappearing, did he have a better night than Tyler hero? He had a better scoring night than Tyler here. Tyler Harrell filled up the box score a little bit more than that. But let's let's address the question Chris is asking, because Jayson Tatum is an elite offensive player. But, you know, best case scenario, Tyler Hero becomes your elite offensive player.


I don't think any of us have bam becoming an elite offensive player even last night. Doris Burke, you guys tell me Doris Burke was saying that he's got to develop sort of that elbow jumper.


And I'm like, he kind of has that like that. When he shoots that shot, he does it confidently. He's not, like, out there breaking that shot.


I think if anything, he needs to develop just taking it more because he seems pretty good at it. I trust him with it. So, yeah. Jason.


Jason, to Dan's point, Jason Tatum's also developed a lot on the defensive end as well. He's not just.


Yes, yes. He's a great well, that plus passing has gotten really good. But that's why I think that Stewart saying that Kemba Walker is the second best player when he's not even the second best player in his team because he's not accounting for two way players. There are a bunch of very good two way players on the court in this series. And I would say that the Miami Heat, I think I've told you guys it's the Miami Heat. I truly believe that the ceiling on Tyler Hero is Devin Booker or above.


That's what they think.


That seems really high. What's Tatum ceiling to me? But Tatum Tatum's a better player than than Devin Booker.


I think Tatum can be the best player in the league. Yeah, quite honestly. You really you nailed it when you said like oh he could, he could be like Kevin Durant considering how he's developed and they're always going to do like the eulogising of Kobe and say, oh, he worked with Kobe. They kind of had to deprogram some of the Kobe because he's taken actually a really big leap. The isolation stuff was really bad from Tatum. He was forcing it and now he's turned into an elite isolation player.


So, Chris, to answer that question, because I know we all feel good today and bam, that one of the greatest plays in NBA history, certainly in Miami Heat history, when you consider that what Mike and I just said, that Jayson Tatum could be the best player in the NBA eventually. Yes, Riley would make that.


Can you hold on a second with that one? Because I'd like to deconstruct. That for a second, because I have thought and this is something that we do all the time and sports radio where you start splitting hairs and semantics and you start arguing as if you have extreme disagreement, even though your disagreement isn't quite that extreme. I don't think there is such a thing as better than Kevin Durant. Like, I don't we could sit here and go back and forth, but as an offensive player.


Right. We could put him against anybody. And you can argue that you think somebody is better. But I think of him as the very best of how that's done. And we can quibble about the 10 guys you want to make that argument, but that's fair. His game, just when I said it at the time, his game reminded me of Kevin. But that's why when Mike says best player in the game, like I'm willing to concede to you that Jayson Tatum has growth, that he's great as is, that he has made a leap both offensively and defensively and might be able to physically grow more and metaphorically grow more as a 22 year old.


But Kevin Durant, like I put so few people in that class that I have a hard time getting my head around Kevin Durant.


Yeah, that's that's hard to imagine. And Kevin Durant is just so impressive, looking as a seven footer doing that stuff as that generation gets older, I think Jayson Tatum can be the face of his generation considering the leap that he's made and he's only 22. So twenty five is really like your prime. Twenty five to twenty seven is your prime NBA career. If he continues to develop like this, I would I would make the Celtics trade to answer your question, I would go Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum over Bam Adebayo and Tyler Hero and I value Bama, Tobias and Tyler Hero immensely.


Just Jayson Tatum is the type of superstar that Pat Riley clears cap room for.


Yeah, she was Doris last night was comparing him to Luka, like in that conversation, the way people are talking about Luka this year, that she actually, because of defense, actually might have Tatum ahead of Luca. Right.


Well, I felt like she got caught up in the air, though, is what happened there, because I felt like while Doris was talking that she realized, wait a minute, no, Tatum isn't the offensive player that Luca isn't. So now I've got to go to defense because I know that Luke is not a good defensive player. I thought she got caught up in the air on her thought there.


That's a heavy play. Like yours is a Hall of Fame. Was she did a good job with that? I don't help me with this because when I look at Jayson Tatum, I do not see even understanding everything you guys are saying. Silky smooth. Makes it look effortless, his range is a thing to behold because he can make it from deep and he can get his shot against anybody right like that, that absolutely.


That is that for Ben. Yeah, that is that is Kevin Durant. That is getting your shot against anybody. He can always get that midrange jumper. I just have not considered him. Maybe it's because I'm just latched on too much to the old heads. I just don't consider him best in the game. Good. I consider like if this is his ceiling, you guys think it's enough to to win a championship because that's a pretty good team.


I think he needs different players around him. It's a pretty good team around him. I think he needs different players to I think they need to all accept that he is very clearly their best player and position some of the roster. Marcus Smart is a good guy to have around him. I'm not sure Kemba is a good guy to have around him. I'm not sure Gordon Hayward is a good guy to have around him. I think he can continue to develop right now.


I'm not entering him in that conversation, even though he's already an all star. I'm just projecting with him. He's incredibly impressive. And considering the leaps that he's made year over year, I think you'd be selling him short if you don't expect him to continue to improve.


There have been massive leaps that that's that's the big thing. The leaps have been so massive year to year, but Durant's his third year. Maybe Dad's right. Maybe Mike, we're putting them into lofty of a place to ramp was thirty points a game his third year. I mean, at Tatums in his third year, there were roughly the same age and more. He believes the third year you start knowing exactly who a player is by year three.


Well, you talk about growth historically, right. And I don't know if this is true anymore, but I remember this has been the analysis of the Bob Ryans and the Michael Wilbon for a long time going into the evolution of the sport with the three pointer and everything that LeBron did in 2010.


The history of that sport is you as a team or as a player like Jayson Tatum have to suffer great pain.


Before you win anything, it doesn't just happen where you get Kawhi Leonard immediately wins, and even though Kawhi Leonard immediately won that off season, he had the great pain of the Ray Allen shot happened because he missed free throws at the end of the game.


He also landed on a great team with a great coach. But but usually with guys of Tatum's age, there is a suffering involved that leads to the improvement that you're talking about, because their competition, Horlicks and they get mad. You gave him that suffering last night because he's got to watch. He's got to watch all day today. Chris said he could not stop watching that dunk. All the Heat fans are doing that all day to day where you're just this is when SportsCenter gets the numbers because Heat fans are just sitting there.


What they want to see over and over again, the deconstruction of that play that made them feel so good. But Jayson Tatum has to go to sleep at night knowing that he had it cocked back and knowing that everyone's watching all day to day. Oh, no. He said no to you. You you thought you had it at the height of your arrogance, at the height of your game, you were going to give us the playoff moment and the other guy took it from you.




And he gave us the playoff moment, at least up until now. Tatum, though, is the kind of play like Game two cannot come quickly enough for Jayson Tatum. He needs to get that out of his system. But I think what Mike and I are saying with Tatum is he'll put that behind him and I expect them to have a massive game in game two like I do.


As bad as that was last night and it was bad, that was a bad he's the type of player that it doesn't matter what kind of defense you play him, play on him, he's going to get that shot off and made it look easy against Jimmy Butler. Yeah. Yeah. And he's going he's going to make it back to the heat for just a second while Pat Riley, in his most honest moment, I can tell you he's got to be surprised by this.


I still think are we looking at this as a perspective of, well, this is a showcase because so many teams were saying, I don't want Bam Adebayo for our superstar. I don't want Tyler hero for our superstar. This is in the eyes of many elevating Bam! Adebayo Now, even though he was an all star too, he just became a legitimate national name because a lot of people discovered who he is yesterday.


Yeah, because this has been happening all season. People were surprised to see him in the all star game. People couldn't pronounce his name on national radio.


Yeah, and switching isn't sexy. His name out of bio comes out and defends a point guard and the point guard misses he fans will notice he Twitter like, oh, that's insane, but that doesn't resonate. You need something like that to resonate for people to truly appreciate defense. I'm trying to figure out what the end game here is, though. Is it all of a sudden this team now and developing these players or is it still going out and getting someone the likes of a Jayson Tatum like that type of superstar?


It's still Antetokounmpo. Yeah it adds to it. It's still you still want Antetokounmpo.


Then you get into the conversation about whether you trade things for him or not. But what you saw from the Tatums of the world at the beginning of their careers is the feeling that he had you saw when he was howling at the moon because he moved to his left and made made that jumper. Yeah. Three point line he's feeling himself. And then you go from that to Bam Adebayo stealing the entire narrative from him. And I think a thing that just gets lost that will never stop being weird to me.


Got I don't understand how Pam Autobio has the athleticism to take at the top of the key, both Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker like that's something that I Rasi I totally different players don't understand. No, but when you're isolated like that and you see that both of them, what is the Jurassic Park? Is that the velociraptor, the the Raptor where the the that's a dialogue officer stand the scales come out killed Wayne Knight.


Spoiler alert. Yes. Good job out of you. Thank you, Mike.


As he's addressing, I was after you didn't say the magic word. And then like he's like, oh, you want to play and he's trying to get his jeep out of the mud. And then he gets in there and he lets out a scream. That's actually quite memorable.


Oh, I love this horse.


Need to come back in that series committed.


That's a memory that's got to be one of the most iconic rain scenes in movie history.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. I can't think of a better one.


Well, probably the one with the Rex because in that very same movie, the T Rex stomping and no one would like the canister.


He's trying to get this canister to work. So yeah.


The Barbasol. Yeah. How about Caddyshack where it's pouring the pastors play. You guys didn't watch Caddyshack, but the pastor is playing golf. He's having the greatest round of his life and he gets struck by lightning on the hole. Shawshank Redemption. Oh, that's a good one.


There's a really good one. Newman So Newman was Newman was eaten. Those were those were small, though.


Those are not officers were small and kind of cute. And then you didn't realize that. So that's Goran Dragic more than Bamba. Goran Dragic is the Dile officers. Yeah bam probably has the agility of a raptor and remember they don't attack the same part of the fence twice so they're Klepac. Stuart, you tell me a guy that you've seen who can guard both Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum at the top of the key, LeBron. Yeah, it's a short list.


It's good it's good company sartorially with Bam in those Warriors games that only Heat fans remember Bam autobio playing, smothering defense on Steph Curry very early. And that's just crazy, though.


Devin Booker, they put him and late in games that to that too. Everyone's going to get like that's that's what LeBron that's what LeBron is going to get. Scott They're not going to put him on Anthony Davis like he's your defensive closer, right?


One hundred percent.


He's your defensive quality. Of course he always has been. He always will be if I'm not.


Wow. Are we looking ahead to an NBA finals with the Lakers and Heat? Because if so, I think you got to put Bam on Anthony Davis, but Bam will get caught in switches plenty and he'll be forced to stop LeBron James playing. Oh, I'm just saying at the end of games, I'm saying it's Lakers finals.


That's what I'm hearing.


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Just go to Herries Dotcom and enter three three six zero at checkout. That's Herries Dotcom Code three three six zero. Enjoy. Our tone hasn't been quite effervescent enough, there have been some sexual sounds from Chris Coady and Mike creeped us all out by doing the Larry Bird swaggering with a towel, spanking a man in the locker room on the ass, and then CSI Johnny Mose.


But Mike was all pumped up saying that last night is the first time that it's actually felt like the playoffs where you get that fear, you get a team you don't like. I mean, it's been too easy to got. It's been the Miami Heat have rolled through these playoffs. There hasn't been like these giant fear moments. And you pooped yourself at the end, even after what Bam did, because it looked like Tatum Shot was going in after somehow he combat rolled all over the floor after.


That was absurd how that game ended.


That was amazing. The heat of loss, what, one game during the postseason. So you're right, you haven't had many moments like that last night. You had that moment. Didn't want to go down. Oh one bad makes one of the great plays we'll ever see in NBA history. But if Tatum hit that shot, yes.


We not be talking about Bam in another overtime, we would have forgotten all those plays and then talked about what happened in the second overtime via the cliche.


It's better to have love and loss and to have never loved before, and I'm with that. But to have that big three, to have every national radio show that we did for several years be about the Heat's regular season game against the Charlotte Bobcats and have that ripped away by not just LeBron leaving, but wide blood clots. And then the face of the franchise leaves to have it back.


Feels so good to meet with the team that this is why we watch sports.


This is not something that happens to to my team. This is something that happens like the Anaheim Ducks, a miracle run some other sport. It doesn't happen in the NBA. You think about like the rockets that did it, an underachieving regular season Lakers team that did it from this position. X did it as the first Eastern Conference finals that doesn't have a one or a two seed since before I was born, since. So this is unprecedented. And I hope people don't do the bubble thing because watching that team last night, putting it all together, they might legitimately be the best team in the east.


And it is ridiculous. It's absurd. Pat Riley got this player, Jimmy Butler, with zero cap room.


It is. It's crazy. Roy, what were you laughing at? Two trying to sneak in his eighth seeded Knicks. Is that what you were laughing at?


Yeah. Yeah. And that brought back bad memories for me. So thanks a lot. I know you guys pretty glaring omission. Lockout is done, right? I got to say, don't do, but I don't do the bubble to me and then do lockouts.


And I've laid down my sword, sir, but I'll tell you what's going to happen first. So terrible. Yeah, I know.


I know. It's unfair. You learn well. I like my sword down.


The battle is over change man. I'm going to give people wins. But I'll tell you what's going to happen. Mike, you're not going to like this occurs, right? He brought it up earlier, so I'll give him the credit. If it's Nugget's and he you're going to get the bubble thing, it better be Lakers or else everyone's going to chalk all this up to the bubble, which is really unfortunate because the heat took out the best player in the league, the two time reigning MVP and five.


And I don't want to talk about like the Celtics series is over, but the Celtics are the they went through the champions. And I think everybody would say the Celtics are favored in this series. So if they go through the Celtics, the Bucks and potentially LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, now, this is a crazy scenario. You can't throw a bubble at that team. You just simply can't know.


You got to give them credit. But you can if they go through Jokic Yeah.


To answer you to answer your question though, just to be clear, you should know that whatever the run is and this team has been swayed in the past by recent developments, that team that won, whatever it was, what was their record there. Twenty of twenty one that one season with Dion Waiters when they decided to give all those guys the contracts, they they were swayed by a twenty one game stretch where they gave guys contracts. And let's see if you can do it again.


You should know that the plan, as it's been articulated to Jimmy Butler, is we're going to get another big guy. We are not done with you as our big guy. But they.


But they did. They did. And it was on their team all along. And noticeably absent, Chris, you did such a great job with the predictions, but there was one person raising his fist and trying to get everybody's attention this offseason, saying this was coming from Bam on a bio. Can I get a little. Mike was right, too.


Oh, well, Mike was right. Mike was you actually have to get the big guy, right? Because like the Knicks, every time there's free agency, like, oh, we're going to get three big guys, but they don't get the big guy. So you could tell Jimmy Butler, we're going to get the big guy. You got to get the big guy, though.


But just so that he doesn't have any illusions, you understand what I'm saying? That as they build up your superstars, that's that's what you do. You think Jimmy wants a second guy here? Jimmy wants the second guy at this point. I mean, the answer's no, Mike, no credit for you. Well, look, Pop thought Mason Plumlee was better than Bam out of bio during the off season.


I was hyping him up, so maybe it sounded ridiculous at the time, but I thought that this would be the ceiling for Bam out of bio and he's developed. Look, if they develop guys like Tyler Johnson into the contract that he got and they did it with Duncan Robinson, what do you think they can do with guys that are out of Kentucky like Bam Adebayo and Tyler Hero they're showing you right now?


Let's talk about Kendrick Perkins and how he pronounces the name of Bam Adebayo. Now, some people are going to have to learn this name. I remember this happened to me on television. I had to learn the name of Antetokounmpo by screwing it up several times before I got to Antetokounmpo. So do you think that when Kendrick Perkins comes on with us today at ten thirty Eastern that he's going to clean some of this up bam out of the bag.


You will close by exposing what's wrong with the Bam Adebiyi Bam out of the bayou. Now is he saying bam out of the bayou.


Yeah and he's made reference to look I can't say his name and I just call him out of the bayou. You're going to have to get with the program.


So it's a matter to buy. You will coast by exposure. I like Spoelstra there. That's my favorite part of that.


I've kept that in Chris because it is delightful at the end of the to you will coast by exposing the fact it also sounds like he's still got running out of breath at the end of a too long three.


Yeah, I'm out of the bayou.


Will by exposing Kendrick Perkins has warmed Miami's hearts. He I cannot believe we are facing a time where Kendrick Perkins is joining us on the national show. Considering all the bad things that Dan has said about Kendrick Perkins over the years, Dan telling you right now, don't ruin this for me. Don't bring up any of those things. Don't bring up the past. Just embrace him like the rest of the recipe. Twitter should Dan apologize on the front. You don't even want to bring it up now.


Tomorrow you won't. Spoelstra All right.


What's happening on that last word there? The last word. Spoelstra Is he running out of breath or is he being stabbed by a sharp object? I'm out of the bar. You will coast by exposure.


He's definitely I mean, take it from an expert. He's running out of breath. I'm not here to buy you well coached by exposure. Yeah, OK.


There is no el in Spoelstra the way his mother to buy you will coast by exposure. Yeah.


How is he spelling Spoelstra there as well. No, I don't think there's an L it's s p o. S there is an L in his actual name the way that he's saying this. Oh yeah. There's no L in Mosul.


OK, stop shop s p o l o. Yeah. They're not here to buy you.


So we're going to talk to Kendrick Perkins and he's not going to be able to say that. But I'm out of bio's now.


I'm not here to buy you wilkos by explosive.


All I want Kendrick Perkins to do, just come on the radio show and do everything he is doing on television and social media. I think he's got it. All he does is that we're all happy because that is and I can't believe I'm saying this. The only voice I want to hear from nationally on the Miami Heat is Kendrick Perkins.


I'm not here to buy. You will close by exposer. I feel like we could do a whole interview just like hype it up like that. Good. Let's go. Let's go here. He would just get into it like, well, let's do that.


We can be the hype man for Kendrick Perkins to just do. I'm here for that.


If you want to help me set that up. If you guys could, though, I want you to erase from your minds any knowledge that you have of Kendrick Perkins. I'll give you no information. And I play for you this voice. I'm out of the buy. You will close by exposer.


Do you say to me, six, ten, three hundred pounds.


No, I say small town sheriff in Louisiana.


I don't know. Let me hear it again. I'm out of the bayou. Will close by is both. Somebody wearing a sheriff that is wearing beige, correct? Yes, they are to buy you will close by Expo's, jowly, jowly. Somebody has got a fat face, bit of a dog to.


A beige vest, is that what's being fast, all beige, like just sort of like a state trooper? I imagine him like beige vests with like a sheriff's like the sheriff thing on the on his heart. And that's about it.


OK, man, whatever. Woman you're this is your vision.


Why? I'm just giving people jobs now.


Was it just somebody who was your dad? It was. I never even thought about happiness.


I've been pushing back too much in life and I'm just going to give people. But you're right. It's a best now. Now I can only picture it best.


It sounds to me like a big black guy.


Yeah, just from the point of view here and there. Just ended with him shouting like.