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Welcome, Dan Levy, to really being honest about it's just a giant piece of shit to the big, silly Bald Eagles, a podcast exclusive that none of our bosses ask for, more sports, more work, less pay.


I haven't stopped talking in a month.


I mean, I tell you, just when you thought the show couldn't be more diluted than last time I listened to this show. I haven't listened for years.


Now here's the marching band. No way am I missing something.


What am I missing? The end of the story. That phase. Chris Fallica, it's Fallica you made on a penis and the habitual liar.


I didn't ask for any of us for all of it. The big.


I'm Chris Codi BSP and Billy Gill.


What are you eating? Is that a donut? Whatever it is you're eating looks delicious. It looks filled with carbohydrates. I wanted to talk to you about the die hard commercial that you believed to be the best commercial in the history of commercials.


I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with how much money advanced auto parts are spending on our show.


Give me any money. I don't care because I can't talk to you, though, because you're you're eating vigorously. So what is it that you're consuming?


It's a piece of French bread with butter. It's filled with butter. Is butter a carbohydrate? Because if it is, then it's filled with carbohydrates. And then I also have a little cinnamon toast crunch over here. Right. And then I have. Wow, Billy. I have a little bread bread. Well, it's not it's really everything that's just left. I've eaten all the other stuff, so that's why I'm kind of had to, you know, make this, you know, sell breakfast that I have going on here.


I have a French bread with cereal. I mean, with butter. You're mixing and matching meals, it seems like. What? I mean, who has the French bread with butter in the morning?


I mean, I think to bring back something we talked about last week with my dad that Billy did well, Billy, that is what Greg calls a catch as catch can breakfast. Just whatever you got around the house, they go breakfast.


But I would also say that Cubans do and I don't know whether you dip your bread in your coffee, but that's a fairly normal thing for Cubans to do to that kind of bread in in a coffee, right, Tony?


Yeah, I was just about to say then, where in the world? Right. Besides Miami and other places that have large Cuban populations have bread with butter, four for breakfast, like that's a normal thing to toast.


Is not that crazy. No, but not not regular white toast. I'm talking about like a French bread or like a Cuban bread. Like a slab this big of bread for breakfast. I was talking to my wife on Saturday because I had brought her on out of town with a bunch of little potatoes and stuff. And I was like, is you can't be upset. You can't be sad having Cuban toast. Like, that's one of the biggest comfort foods for me, I think ever.


This leads us to a nice Segway here. Yes.


Greg, before I get I was just going to mention that I'm in love with Cuban Tostes. I used to eat it every single morning back in the Miami Herald cafeteria with my coffee.


Would you dip it? Would you dip it? Would you dip buttery toast in your coffee?


I would not. No, I would not. I would just eat the toast separately and then chase it with coffee. But man, that was good.


It seems like that's more that's more of a graphical nature thing like that. You're you're getting coffee and milk. I'm not a big offical military guy.


It seems like a waste of butter. I got to be honest with you. I like coffee on bread. Cannot be good when it has butter on it. I understand. Maybe if the bread is dry and you want to.


So clearly he's clearly never had what we're doing. I don't know. But you are speaking ignorantly about something you haven't had that Tony Billy in my can I would swear by it doesn't splatted.


What has butter ever ruined anything. Put that on the pole Billy. You have enough butter can be ruined by coffee, Chris. OK, that's that's all I'm saying.


But but people put butter in coffee. That's right. People do do that right now. But beyond that though, that's that's fine. Strogatz You're doing it. Goffe the right way and everyone else is doing it wrong. I understand that. Well, I mean you are saying that you don't know anything about what we're talking about, but we're wrong. You are saying that you haven't tried this but we are wrong. Who grew up around it in a lifetime of it.


I'm trying to ask you guys, I'm asking I want you to broaden my horizons. Perhaps my mind don't you don't want them broaden. Your mind is always closed. You already rip this and we should go get it for you. I'm going to go get it for you during the break. I'm going to bring it back here and you're going to find it delicious. But I just all I'm asking I could be wrong. I'm just asking. I imagine buttered toast dipped into coffee doesn't taste that good.


Bill and Billy made an important correction when he said coffee quality, which is sort of it's a different thing. It's not just coffee the way that you're thinking of it. It's almost like it's practically a milkshake is what klatch is. So anyways, the thing that I wanted to segway into, though, because there are so many things like. Is that Miami Cubans know about, but others don't. The South Beach session today is with Billy Corben. He's got an HBO movie coming out tomorrow, I believe, 537 votes.


It's fascinating for a number of different reasons. If you liked the you cocaine cowboys and you sort of want to. Remember and think about a time in 2000 that foretold everything that's happening in America right now through the Miami Cuba prism, if you're curious, what the hell is George Masvidal doing? Like what's he doing with Trump? If you want to understand why it is that that affiliation is important to him and how batshit crazy some Miami Cubans can be about protecting and wanting to protect their freedoms blindly because they have post-traumatic stress disorder from everything that happened in Cuba and the race divisions that created what ended up becoming Fidel Castro in charge.


Like we've talked to Masvidal about this in a speech session. It did not go well. I was not proud of what happened there. I don't know how to handle the situation with Masvidal as it relates to this show, because I believe what he's doing is dangerous. But if you want to understand it better, Billy Corben is making a movie about all of it. And that movie comes out tomorrow on HBO. And I think it'll do a better job of explaining it to you than I've done because.


This is the source of much division in the Cuban community between generations, Masvidal thing, and you have to understand, Masvidal comes from the streets like he is literally from the streets. This guy probably can't believe that he's sitting here when he fought in the streets to God to make it where he is.


He probably can't believe that he's sitting there wearing the second Scarface suit, Ill-fitting, because he's got to go up and down and wait so much while campaigning with the president. But the president is using him as a tool, a propaganda tool, the way that Castro used his sports teams as propaganda tools. And Trump can't find many people. So here he goes into the realm of ESPN plus in the UFC to go grab the Daina whites and the Colbie Covington's in the Hauge Moskva Dolz.


Ousman is also a mad, good guy. And so what you have happening right now is a division in the Cuban community. But I'm in the minority who got the Cuban community sides with the things Masvidal is doing because so much of this has been handed down from their elders. And that's what he was explaining. He was explaining that his elders have been subject to how it is that communism rises, how it is that freedom is lost. And so I but I don't understand even coming from the same sort of place that he comes from, even though I didn't come from the streets, but I grew up on government cheese, man.


I grew up with my family fighting for everything they could. And my father happened to send me to school. But I get what it is that's happening with Miami Cubans. I can't imagine that America gets it at all that Miami Cubans are until recently, I haven't seen the polling in the last six weeks or so. But until recently, Miami Cubans are the only places since 2016 as this country has been, you know, set on fire. The only place where Trump's Q rating has improved is has improved is with Miami Cubans.


I mean, how could people understand that? But you think Boss Fidel is being used by the president. Do you think Masvidal knows he's being used? No other president? No, no, no. I think Masvidal believes what he is believing. And I believe that it's real as opposed to what it is with Covington. I believe he absolutely believes in it. I believe that he can't believe the position that he's arrived. This is so good for him.


Masvidal career even.


Right, even as I feel like it makes him look like from the street campaigning with the president. I mean, the whole thing just just the profile of his fights, everything. This is good for his business and an enormous you can't pay for the advertising. He is being elevated man to God. I say this with zero ego Masvidal. All was elevated by our show. What do you think the elevation is going to be when it's the president of the country?


But what he's doing is downright dangerous. Like what? What he is doing right now. Now, this is my viewpoint. It's it's dangerous what he's doing. I've told him so.


But does the promotion and the fact that it boost his career and help his career, is that worth the exchange that he's making? And for most people, I would guess the answer is yes. Right? Selfishly, maybe.


Yes, not care about anybody. That's not if you care about the country, not care about it, not if you care about race, not if you care about what's happening to freedom in this country.


Let me rephrase that. If you were on the streets years ago fighting. Right, just trying to scratch together a career, take care of your family, perhaps. I'm guessing selfishly most people would make the same decisions.


He's already arrived. Those two got his last fight, makes him for life like he doesn't have to choose the choose that, but that's what he believes. And instead of getting into an argument that's going to end up dividing everybody and fist fighting, just, I suggest you watch the movie and then you tell me what you think and whether or not you find anything about it illuminating or whether it helps shape this for you, because it's a little hard to explain how it is that Cubans arrive in a place where the thing that they value above all else is something they think Trump is protecting, which is freedom.


As I'm looking at it, and I see freedom being jeopardized, I see it being threatened in a way that seems like overt and obvious in a way I've never seen in politics before, ever. Not even close. Nothing close to this is something that I've experienced in my lifetime.


And then piggybacking off of what you were talking about with the five thirty seven votes of Billy Corgan, I edit all this out, Pete Sessions, and I've already heard the Billy Corgan s bid session. And coming from the lineage that I come from, which is a lot of the guys here on the show, we're programmed a certain way.


Right. And this if you're a Miami Cuban, you understand the dynamics of what's at play here more than people that are listening. And on the outside looking in on this really challenges your viewpoints that you grew up with. And that's something interesting for me, because I've been programmed a certain way and I've kind of gone away from that internal programming that. My family has had just because I've been learning more and I've been reading more and researching more and stuff like this with Billy Corben.


He opens your eyes to different things that maybe you didn't think of.


This has been a incredibly trying time for a whole lot of people. And it's been a trying time inside of families and it's been a trying time inside of my family. This stuff gets hand-me-down. Masvidal, I don't believe, has spent a lot of time thinking some of the things through that he is espousing. I believe when I asked him questions on South Beach sessions that he did not have good answers for, for example, his affiliations with Kuhnen supporting Kuhnen, which ended up in a situation beyond the absurdity of your political foes being pedophilia racket people, you know, led by Satanism.


Beyond that absurdity, it actually ended up and this is why it's dangerous when you start feeding that sort of stuff to an army of people who are not thinking for themselves. You are not thinking straight for themselves. You end up in a situation where a guy is going armed into a pizza parlor trying to get to a pizza parlor because he believes that Hillary Clinton is running a pedophile ring and he's armed and they stop him in the streets because, like, you get some of these situations that you have out here where people with, you know, with weaponry are doing dangerous things like that, is that is the danger of, for example, Trump not denouncing Kuhnen because he he just you know, they're supporting him.


They're supporting him, and he'll take any supporters to God. So that's where we are. Trump, whether it's Masvidal, whether it's Covington, he will take at this point any supporters because he's flailing. And you read all this stuff about the polling, although it was also true in 2016 and he somehow won. But you read all the stuff just like any supposed desperately, desperately behind here. And he'll take whatever he can get. And Masvidal is giving him a boost.


He is using his platform. To give Trump a boost with Hispanics, Cody, you've been in Miami a long time, you have seen, you know, this Cuban dynamic more more than most people your age and more than most people of your heritage. You do what with what it is that you've learned over the last 40 years of watching, watching what Miami is, Cubans soaked and politically.


First, I want to say that the division within families is not unique. Cubans have experienced that within my own family with I am estranged from a nephew of mine and his wife over political divisiveness. And I said that to my wife just yesterday. But in terms of the how the Cuban how many in the Cuban community feel about Trump, I'm just wondering. I'm mystified to learn to know why Trump equals freedom and why the Democrats equal, somehow equal a threat to freedom.


I can't make that connection. If you ask Masvidal, if you ask anybody, you know, who's who's just virulently pro Trump, what is it about the Democrats that scare you? They would say what?


Greg, the easiest way to explain that to you is that wet foot, dry foot has always been protected by Republicans and Democrats just normalized relations with Cuba. The Cubans benefit from a policy in America that Haitians and next to nobody else does. If we get to land here, we're protected. That's the issue. Like to me, the story that Billy Corben is telling is through Elian Gonzalez, the boy who came over, his mom died at sea and he arrived here and Americans thought he should go back home to his father.


And Cubans thought, what the hell are you talking about? His mother died to get him to freedom, keep him here. Republicans have done a better job of appearing to side with that. So much so that when you watch this 537 movie, you're going to see Gore break free of Clinton because he wants the Latin vote. You're going to see Gore break free of Clinton and support the idea of Elian staying here because he realizes how important the Latin vote is and that issue trumps all else.


I'm sitting there asking mosfet all questions about how do you not see the racial tensions that this president is stirring? How how did how do you not see that he's obviously doing things that are dividing this country according to race and mosfet thing is simply freedom. It's freedom at every turn. It's fear. It's what my elders have told me. Regardless, I would tell you to just watch the movie on HBO if you want to get sort of downloaded quickly on everything that is.


I'm surprised you're asking me that, though, Greg. I thought that you would sort of know that.


I know that. I guess what? Mystifies me a little bit, is the sing the the single issue aspect of many in the Cuban community? I get it, but I can't. That's something I can't relate to. I can't relate to being a single issue voter. I don't. You sound on that one.


You sound terrible. You choked up. You've cleared your voice like seven times during this. And what what I would say to you is, would you be a single issue voter if you came from prison? You now had freedom outside of prison and you feared going back to prison. You tell me. Like, because that's what the single issue is. The single issue, I probably vote for me. The single issue that Cubans are holding onto is valuing freedom because they come from the absence of it.


The reason you have no connection to it and the reason a lot of Americans don't. I mean, a lot of Americans do, too, because we are filled with a country filled with immigrants and exiles. But I believe that Americans largely take freedom for granted, at least in part because you don't know what it's like to come from from a total absence of freedom, from people listening to your phone lines, from your neighbors, keeping an eye on you for being able to be jailed for ten years for religious beliefs or beliefs in general.


Like, you have to know what it is to come from that. And I don't I do not. What I have learned from my elders, like Masvidal, is my mine is borrowed. I'm I'm all borrowed. This is all intellectual. For me. It is not a pain that is mine. It is just a pain I have heard about. But I'm telling you that that's the source. That's what's at the source of what's happening happening with Cubans in this country.


Then what explains Cuban-Americans? And I'm not going to include you in that you speak for yourself.


What includes Cuban-Americans who are going to vote Democrat, who are anti Trump, who feel, oh, you might feel about the freedom and the right of Cubans to flee Cuba for their freedom.


But yet with all that are still voting the other side, I would imagine that that what's happening there is what's happening all over our country where people who leaned one way before now would tell you, wait a minute. Enough is enough with what we've seen with this coronavirus and ignoring the science and just everything like you get, I would imagine I can't speak for all Cubans.


I just know that the polling data says that most Cubans are not where you're saying they are. Some have broken free. But it's the same thing that you saw were women voted for Trump initially. And it was hard to understand, like the polling showed that women voted for Trump. And you're like, wait a minute, this is this this starts with a scandal that is grab him by the throat, like that's where the scandal is starting. How could women be voting for that?


And you see four years of leadership. You want to change. At one point, you wanted somebody who wasn't politics, who didn't feel like a politician, who was, you know, whatever, tell it like it is, are not politically correct. And you thought you were getting an anarchist help? Greg, at one point I was saying I was saying earlier this decade it'd be fun to see Trump run just because I wanted an anarchist to knock out career politicians.


But now you want the and now I think most people just want the country Republican or Democrat, just to be represented the right way.


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Visit a Y dotcom slash savings for more info. Ally do it right. Ally Bank Member FDIC. Chris Cody hit me with a barrage of questions during the break, you got all of them good questions. First of all, he was asking if it's OK to steal pens from restaurant. He was also asking whether or not we as a show are dressing up for Halloween. And he's got an objection that he wants to file with his neighborhood, Mexican restaurant.


So where would you like to start there? Where would you like to start? Among Chris Coatis questions and objection, stealing pens from a restaurant.


I steal from hotels. I tend to leave the ones, you know, at the restaurant, at the restaurant. But go ahead, Chris. Let's hear that.


Well, I'd just like you know, there's nothing like getting a great pen and at a restaurant where it just writes perfectly, it's got a great handle. And I just always wrestle with whether I'm allowed to just throw it in my pocket and get out of there. Now, if it has the restaurant name in it, like if it's like a restaurant pen that I feel like it's fair game, they kind of want you to steal it so you can.


Ghena, but where are you stealing it from after signing the check? Are you checking? OK, so you're simply stealing your job? Well, I'm just I'm just saying, if I get my bill like the little booklet with the bill to sign and I signed the tip and I say to myself, wow, this is this is a delightful experience writing with this pen. Am I like am I a bad human if I take that pen and just slip it in my pocket?


Because, you know, these servers, they got a whole like like little thing, like they got a whole holster full filled with pens. So I just don't feel like it's that big a deal.


They got a ton of backups. You're right. Here's where I would say I've stolen pens from a restaurant before.


I was like a bad ally for you to have. It is not offensive struggles here, but every me know you're a bad ally to have on this subject.


Chris made a great point. If it's a traditional like Bic pen, it's not worth stealing for me at least. But Flanigan's had the greatest pens of all time. Flanigan's would bring your check with a Flanigan's branded pen and I would take it it was green, it was thick, it was nice. It had the green color option because it's an Irish bar. I used to steal those every single time. There's a simple rule of thumb in the pen theft kingdom, and it's this.


If it's a major chain restaurant, you're free to borrow and never return the pen, if it's a little mom and pop restaurant, you leave the pen and.


On the Tiptree, that's a good point. I don't buy that, I don't I don't believe that that's a rule anyone is following. I think you just invented that rule.


If you go to the broker with Dickie V, right. That's that's a mom and pop diner. Right. You go there. They have limited amounts of pens, right. You don't steal the pen from the broken egg. You sign your bill and you leave the bed on the table.


I mean, interesting take from Chris now in the middle of a major pandemic to be stealing pens that millions of other people have touched in bringing him to his house. Right.


And not cleaning them. Yes. I want to marvel at a couple of different things here. First of all, Stu Gods being such an obligatory liar that he just blurted in the front end, I don't steal pens and then came back on the back end as an ally to Chris and unestablished.


Lawyers say he does steal pens. We know you steal pens. You don't have to say it was obvious to everybody. Like it's not like you're governed by a moral compass very often. But I do want to make a distinction between the hotel pen and the restaurant pen because I do believe the hotel pen is OK to take. I believe that the pen, if you want to throw that in your bag, that the maid comes in and replaces it from her, you know, incredible collection of other pen.


I mean, you charge me for towels and make up some taxes about your property. Here's what I'm doing. I'm taking your pens, your soap, your towels, your robes. I'm taking it all.


Yes, I still got steals actively. The hotel that still got stays and is happy if the bed is still there and the lamp because the guy just stuffs things, including towels that stray thievery, still taking the towels from a hotel is simply stealing that right.


Four Seasons robe at home.


The robe. I think the robe though I think they'll end up figuring out a way to bill you if it's missing. Billy, do you have an opinion on this? Do you have an opinion on Hotel Penge restaurant Pend? Which one stealing?


Which one are you allowed to take pense. Yes, you can take pens. They're not. And the little shampoos and stuff from hotels, you can take those too, because they're not going to reuse those. Right. And a little notepads you can take and. Oh yeah, no. If there's a little lamp that's not plugged in, you could take that. What about the Billy Billy. What about out of rent.


Let's say you're at Chili's and you're signing your bill and the pen. It's not a chillis pen, it's just a nice pen that maybe came from the waiter or a waitress. But you just love it. Do you are you sure have a logo on it or the place that you're taking it from, Bengoa? That is the distinction that Chris was making, I think Cody made a similar distinction. Yes, Greg?


Well, back in the day, upscale hotels would have beautiful heavy glass ashtrays in the room with a beautiful logo or monogram on them.


I used to collect hotel glass ashtrays. I think at one time I had like a dozen of them. But of course, you can't can even get a smoking room now if you want one. No, I don't think you can right now. I miss those glasses. Not in this kind. You know, the kind I mean, they weigh like five pounds. Yes. They were beautiful.


You would steal them.


Oh, well, I didn't consider it stealing because I put them in the same category as pens and notepads right now.


But an ashtray is stealing. You're not even that that you're not even a smoker. So I quit later.


I developed a taste for cigars. About the time that you were traveling with business at the time that you were traveling, you were not smoking cigars. You were absolutely stealing ashtrays while not needing them for anything.


I thought of them as souvenirs. Not left like a matchbook key. Right, like a matchbook, but heavier.


Mm hmm. Chris, what is the bone to pick with your Mexican restaurant?


This, I feel, is the most obvious thing ever. There's not a single person that hears this that's going to disagree with this. When you get fajitas at a Mexican restaurant, give me enough sour cream and cheese, OK? I'm tired of having to ask for the extra sour cream. The extra cheese you give me way too much lettuce. You give me way too much pico, but there's never enough cheese and sour cream, OK? And one little pinch of cheese is not enough for my four fajita tacos.


OK, you need to bring just more like that's it. That's the take more sour cream and cheese. They always have the exact same amount of sour cream, same amount of cheese, less like put more cheese and sour cream a little. That's it. That's the take.


Well more is good and I agree. Here's the thing about Mexican restaurants. Not only do they give you a limited amount of sour cream and cheese, you're right. They blend it with the lettuce and tomatoes. Do me a favor. They separate all of it. All right. Send it in a separate container, not make me work so hard to put together a fajita.


I have my last my last meat ends up just being like a bunch of lettuce on it because it's all I have left. Yeah.


Thank you. Says you got annoying. It's such a strange thing to think you guys don't know.


Like who. Come on, Tony, you voted for this before and you're like what, a ridiculously small amount of cheese they just gave me.


Chris, I've never ordered fajitas at a restaurant whatsoever.


I'm tired like you are not living like my friend. Put it on this.


Oh, he's not a famous guy. Put it on the pole, please. Guillermo, are you ever enraged by being given too little sour cream and cheese for your fajita?


There is no food you can order at a restaurant that you hear coming, Tony. Yeah, you hear it before you see it. I all of a sudden, oh, it's such a great feeling.


Oh, you haven't lived until a waiter is carrying over a flaming hot plate with smoke everywhere.


OK, and you can hear it and you could smell it. And he put and you smell like it for days afterwards. You have not lived life, Tony.


Well, there was one time that I heard something coming. It was when we were in Thailand and I heard shrimp jumping off the plate that I was about to eat because they were live.


So I left that restaurant, put it on the pole. Garmo at Libertador Show, Has Tony lived life without having had fajitas? Finally, Chris, his other question was about are we dressing up for Halloween? He was very upset, by the way, not surprising at all in terms of takes that Chris would want more sour cream and cheese like that is absolutely something less lettuce.


Yes, of course. Yes, of course.


I separate because I can see you just being enraged, running into the kitchen and drop kicking the chef because your last they eat has only lettuce on it because you wanted more sour cream and cheese. But Chris, many months ago was worried about are we going to get Halloween? And it seemed obvious that Halloween was going to get ruined, you know, like everything else has been ruined by the pandemic. But are we going to dress up for Halloween?


I mean, I guess why not? We could do it, right? Just because Halloween is ruined on the outside, does it need you know, does it mean it needs to be ruined on the inside? Here with the show, we could do something.


We could you zoom back round?


It can be fun. I could be an astronaut and then I could get the space background and then I could be float around and come on, Maggie, as some fun with this.


You are Jon Gruden there for a second buddy?


I can be an astronaut, man. This is crazy, I.