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I know, I know you badly need your escape, a little pandemic's staycation away from all of America's problems. You want your fantasy football and you want your fantasy period and your medicine. Your respite from months of sea to shining sea sickness arrives this weekend in an avalanche of wonderful football. God bless America.


But as our country's history records the victims and the complicit in real time in a way that can't be whitewashed like the school textbooks we've always given our children, it should be forever noted that it was the United States Army Green Beret who first suggested to Colin Kaepernick that kneeling was the most respectful way to request police to stop being so brutal to black people a long time before protesters would take to the streets a lot less quietly and a lot less politely. Nate Boyer, who did multiple tours for the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan and six service years, was so angry that Kaepernick was sitting on the bench during the national anthem that he wrote Kaepernick an open letter in the military times, and Kaepernick was moved enough to reach out and meet him for guidance.


So Boya explained to Kaepernick that a man needs to propose to his wife Neel's to be knighted, kneels to pray before God, and that soldiers kneel at the grave of brothers and sisters who have died in combat. Kneeling can convey a lot of things, ranging from love to humility to grief, Boyer explained. But it does not ever seem to convey disrespect. So Kaepernick did what to many people, but especially the NFL's owners wouldn't do for him. He listened, and then he knelt regardless.


Once it was weaponized and all the angry noise started, Kaepernick somehow made the improbable journey from requesting decency and humanity and respect for black people to disrespecting our military. This ignores a lot of things, including the God Bless Our Troops, written on a football Kaepernick signed for one of Boyer's charities, but it is always easier to look somewhere else, anywhere else than it is for our country to stare in the mirror at the racism that represent its original sin.


You see that now from all the loud people eviscerating the NBA's weakness by suddenly pretending to care about China's human rights violations only and exclusively so they don't have to care at all about the black human rights violation. So much closer to home. You heard it Thursday night, too, just before chiefs, Texans during a benign moment of unity, the players locking arms on the field to show that we're all in this together. The fans of football's champions booing to show that we are most decidedly not and then resuming their tomahawk chop.


I bring all this up as football returns because so many credible news outlets are now reporting that our country's president, the commander in chief of the world's biggest military, doesn't seem to understand the rewards of fighting for freedom and calls fallen soldiers losers and suckers. Now that, if true, is indisputably disrespecting our military, a disrespect so profound and insulting coming from him that there isn't enough fabric in the universe to camouflage it in any kind of flag. Maybe you quibble with the reporting or the fake news media in general.


It hurts me to my core as someone who cares about journalism, that this particular president has been able to take such a hatchet to journalism's credibility the last four years. And it makes me fear what a more sophisticated leader could do to finish this job. But you should know, no matter how much Donald Trump denies it, exactly how much care and vetting from reporters and editors and lawyers and publishers must go into getting anonymous sources printed in places as credible as the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the news division of even Fox News, all of whom have confirmed the original reporting from the Atlantic that Trump does indeed call fallen soldiers losers and suckers.


On one side, you have a politician incentivized to make this all go away, who, according to PolitiFact, has a history of untruth, impressive even by the diminished standards of modern day politics. On the other side, you have a lot of different credible reporters from different credible outlets with different sources they deemed credible, aspiring to objectivity and the fair dissemination of factual information. But it is so much easier to tell the simple lie than it is to untangle the complicated truth.


Which is why Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that Trump told him flatly that attacking the disrespect of Kaepernick and the NFL and kneelers was an easy winning position for him now that it's harder in today's climate. Trump has pivoted from paid professionals to using the unpaid labor of college football as his political propaganda tool of choice, urging kids to collide amid the sickness for dollars in swing states because football has always demanded vastly more toughness from its labor than from the skybox owners who get billionaire bloated lording over the gladiator proceedings.


But as the excitement and enthusiasm finally returns for football. Now we're supposed to just forget about the last four years of historic cowardice from the power in this sport and resume our cheering just because the NFL painted some new slogans in the end zone. The Miami Dolphins clearly haven't. Via slick video Thursday, a video punctuated by their black head coach. They announce their disgust and distrust in a poem and that they'd be staying in the locker room during the anthem Sunday because they're tired of superficial symbols and gestures and demand real action against racism.


They did this because they know how good the owners have become at hiding behind their pillars of money and shadowy silence. Rarely pressed to answer any difficult questions about how they can at once support their players with sanitized statements and support their president with unsanitary dollars. When Kaepernick knelt, we all saw where and how the NFL stood on this. It echoes and haunts, even four years later, the unprecedented way Kaepernick suffered the strangest of career ending knee injuries. No amount of jellyfish flip flopping from the league changes the following.


Kaepernick is back in Madden now raising a black fist, no less. But him being part of EA Sports it's in the game isn't the same as being in the actual game game. No matter how realistic we can make the virtual. Today, the NFL owners not only refuse to be on the black balled Kaepernick side regarding protests and decency, but exercised an obvious institutional pressure on him and his peers against it, choosing enmasse to kneel before Trump. Instead, these men, with all their power and all their few money, either didn't have the stomach for any kind of public fight or chose the entirely wrong side.


And they did so for four damn years while Trump was at the height of his powers. They were also at the height of theirs that the NFL has totally about faced on this issue is not an act of nobility or to air is human Epiphanny. It is the spineless swaying where the day's wind blows because of the unrest in their huddles, in their banks and in their streets. Even as Pengana Roger Goodell goes on an apology tour on their behalf, Kaepernick remains unemployed.


The Dolphins are wondering how can these two quiet owners be trusted to exert their power over anything problematic in America when they can't even get Kaepernick a job in their own sport? Because it's so much easier now and because they're young star quarterback is black, the Baltimore Ravens can now send out a team statement on company letterhead detailing the bullet points on action to fight racism. But their owners, the same guy who said pray for us when considering signing Kaepernick as a backup and then didn't do it.


I turn on the TV lights already and get ready for the action because here comes our beloved king sport without Kaepernick again. Grunting to push an apocalyptic 20 20 like a blocking sled. One note closer to normal, trying to give our sick coughing country that escape elixir IT junkie needs. Goodell is probably relieved that he can stop apologizing and get back to the escape of counting his sports money. But some things require more than and I'm sorry, even in the land of second chances, some things are so wrong that they can't be forgotten or forgiven.


OK, we're doing this thing on the ceiling where we're taking turns writing essays, and now it's my turn. The Sandy Reed thing I'm going to say, I know we talked about it on the local hour, but I'm going to say the thing that everyone's thinking. How are these masks that he's wearing safe? There's a big gap below it, like I just I get it like science people are telling me that this thing is safe. But if just by the science of it, like the picturing the air coming out of his mouth, like it's if you're wearing one of those masks and you breathe, you're breathing on me.


I don't care about this stupid mask.


I'm with you. Like, if it was transmitted through people's foreheads, he'd be super safe because he kind of moves it out of the way. It's like a clear voice to V.A. mask is what he had on. Right. Except it didn't have like vents or anything. So it's all fogged up and it was raining. Is that custom like where did he get that made? It's like a less safe welder's mask, right?


Yes, it is. Chris, do you know what an essay is? A short story.


I mean, they were coming up your essay. I wanted the first 20 seconds of that people to be like, wow, is Chris actually going to do an essay?


And then it quickly just turned into all the old the whole fake essay.


I think the idea of somebody being like, oh, my gosh, we're about to get eight minutes of just Chris talking. This should be exciting. I decided to punt on that after about 30 seconds. And I'm glad you heard on radio starting off.


That's right.


I like the way I experience the Andy Reid mask was, oh, this this Andy Reid visionary. Once again, everyone's got the mask over their mouth, probably muffling what they're saying in the headset. Andy Reid found a clever workaround.


I was jealous. I thought to myself, where can I get one of those to do the radio show so I don't have to deal just with Stewart's breath right now. It's terrible. My breath these days.


Somebody explain it to me how the science of that, like, explain how that mask is safe.


So they've done like studies and it's not as safe as other mass. It's really supposed to shield from the droplets. And it has been approved. I don't know if you saw hard knocks, but Sean McVay was also one of those Vestavia nose. But I thought I thought legitimately.


Oh, clever work around. All right. Andy Reid. And then you realize he forgot to put the reenacts on it and it was following up immediately, but he wasn't wearing it.


Right, because at a certain point he had to move it so that he could see his menu. And then it's like, well, what are we doing here? Does it make any sense? I have some workarounds, by the way, that I've been coming up with since yesterday, if you guys want them. But we could get to them later.


Billy, I have a good idea for these these types of mass. By the way, no one would wear one. Not one of us would wear one in public. If you do, I will punch you right in the mask. But I do think it be I do think it'd be a good idea to have like a windshield wiper on the mask for, you know, bad weather conditions. If you're Andy Reid, do you agree with that? You guys are.


Where are you guys aware that Bob Greasy did that once upon a time? I'm guessing this audience is too young to know that Bob Greasy, the former, looked it up. See, if you Google this, this will be a lot of fun for you guys. You have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure that at one point, Bob Greasy had glasses that had windshield wipers on them. I'm almost I'm on Google then I'm almost I'm almost positive that.


How could that not. I was thinking of Carrot Top, maybe.


Why why would I know that or think that if it weren't so it would have to be so correct? I am pretty sure that I have this right and I need the help of you guys. And the Google machine, I think really is right.


I'm pretty sure I saw this in Carrotmob Subroutine or one of the Hanson brothers I think you might like.


People might have just joked about this, because if you type in Bob greasy glasses, you see a picture. He used to wear these ridiculously big glasses. So I'm thinking maybe people used to make the joke that they needed windshield wipers, but I am not seeing any pictures with actual wipers on them.


Dan, I never I never assume that the audience knows exactly the people it is that we're talking about. I don't know if you guys have checked out yesterday's big sweep, but we really enjoyed what we did with Hank Azaria, Jim Brockmeyer character. And the thing that I may have enjoyed most is the number of people coming at me not understanding the construct of what it is we were doing with S. Leadbitter.


That's what it feels like to be on the wrong end of one of your crappy interviews. I'm glad someone finally gave it to you. So I don't actually know how much of the audience knows who these the V.A. is on first reference. Yes, Billy. All right.


I have confirmed that windshield wiper glasses have existed. Now I haven't see them. I'm Bob Greasy, but I've seen them on Elton John and AC Slater in an episode of Saved by the Bell.


And just to clarify for you, Dan, Googling, that was not as fun as you said it would be.


Did you get Elton John and Bob Graisse mixed up? I'm gonna look it up. I've got to see if I can find this. You know what we should do. Actually Chris, we should call your father, see if he's got it. Finally we could get something out of your father that would be useful and helpful because he has some information. Call or text your father and see what he gives us on this. But here's Vivianna with Barbara Walters.


If you don't remember this, Donald Sterling lost his team, put it on the pole to give him a please at Libertador show. Just simply, do you know who? Vistage. Yanno is because she was the mistress of Donald Sterling, she, in the middle of just chaos and publicity, came out wearing a fashionable welder's mask at one point. And she gave this interview to Barbara Walters about what her relationship was with with Donald Sterling.


Can you tell me what your relationship with Donald Sterling is? I'm Mr. Sterling's right hand arm man, I'm Mr. Sterling, everything. I'm his confidant. His best friend, hastily, Rabbitt, his watch, his silly rabbit, his silly rabbit. Is that what he calls you now that I got myself? I said, OK. Tony roared with laughter. Mike roared with laughter at exactly the same spot where Barbara Walters decades of journalism experience spit exactly the kind of skepticism in a small window that you needed there with his what?


That's as nasty as Barbara Walters can get, right? There are Victo and all of it. Just perfect. It's not your time to play it again, Mike, just so that the people can enjoy the comedic perfection of Barbara Walters, not tolerating that as an answer without, you know, a little bit of pushback.


Can you tell me what your relationship with Donald Sterling is? I'm Mr. Sterling's right hand arm man, I'm Mr. Sterling, everything. I'm his confidant, his best friend, his still rabbit. His what? His silly rabbit. So if I want to call you back, this is what, Chris, you do.


You feel like you have a better answer on whether or not the mask works as part of your essay that has gone sideways up?


You know, I'm doing some research on it and I feel like it's safe.


You know what I prove I'm Chris and I approve of that way, where I'm Chris Codi, ESPN. Is there any shot that your father can actually answer this question in a way that's going to get me a victory? If you guys can't find it on Google, why would I think that if it hadn't actually been so? Why would I think that Bob Greasy played a game with windshield wipers glasses if it weren't so?


I don't know. Because you're getting old. Maybe Greg has the answer. I don't know. I mean, listen, that was Greg's prime, right? Like, that was him in the prime of his career in nineteen seventy two.


So perhaps, although I do remember him playing with glasses and as Chris said, they were thick. So I can imagine people maybe making that joke. And as you've aged, you've turned that joke into something that actually happened.


But I feel like I would have seen that a hell of a lot more NFL film, windshield wipers off glass, brushing away the Range Rover.


I mean, if Vince Lombardi's what the hell's going on out here has echoed through time. If Arnold Schwarzenegger's go, chargers go, has that go through time? I got to believe a lasting image of Bob greasy wearing windshield wiper glasses would have echoed. And this wouldn't be the first we've heard about.


I have I have to say, you were wrong about that. You know what? You're trending right on me being wrong. But who was it a moment? I don't think I confused him with Elton John. I don't think that that's what happened there.


But I'm getting old enough that perhaps it is what happened, the images from the Ice Bowl of icicles dripping from face masks. These are images that we know forever. And I'm guaranteeing you that if Bob Greasy played a football game with windshield wipers on his glasses, we would have seen that one.


Can you guys help me with this? Because I'm going to keep clinging to this by wondering if it was a failed experiment in practice or something. I don't think that my imagination and you're really digging.


I found it. He did it. He did what? The game against the Chargers. Now he didn't.


But I figure if I don't say it, I was so relieved. There I was. I was about to run from the studio celebrating new. I was going to be so happy. I'm going to look it up. You guys do the show here for a second.


You don't trust us. I mean, it's a fully formed adult man, Bubs.


No, go. We just text him and ask him. Exactly. That's a good you know what? I am going to call him and ask. Well, I know.


God, that's fine. Coleman, ask him. But I would like to go to Greg Cody regardless, just to see if he happens to know anything about this story.


If Bob says no, do we accept that answer or no damn or not?


I talked to I did talk to my dad and he says that he definitely wore ridiculously large glasses during game. We know he does not remember any twinship.


Oh, my God, are you actually calling Bob Gracy with this nonsense? What I would give to be in the room with Bob Greasy right now? Hey, Bob, it's Dan Levator to the Miami Herald. We probably haven't spoken in, you know, fifteen years now.


He was at our he was at our Shula memorial thing. And he was offended by the way that we did it because it was just a bunch of people boozing by our own pool at Marlins Park.


It was at that Shula was Edwin Pope. Oh, I'm sorry. Forgive me.


Thank you. Know, you were right about that. We turn into a sure thing.


The only thing you were right this year when I was barely wearing glasses with windshield wipers on a rainy day too soon.


Are you getting grease or what's going on?


I'm texting him right now.


And the question I have for you is in the 1970s, what technology do they have where they have the windshield wipers being automated on the glasses? We have like James Bond style technology back in the 70s that I don't know about because I don't even know if that's able to be done today does seem advanced to the 70s, early 70s.


Can you guys explain to me, either Billy or Mike, can you explain to me? I have been Mike mentioned these famous sounds from NFL videos, and I have wanted to sprinkle in the suey here just because we are getting hammered by executives at ESPN. I wanted to get the sound cleared of I don't know whether it's Hank Stram or whether it's Lou Saban.


I can't remember, can't do anything with NFL Films. I have those videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vince Lombardi saved on my phone. I would love. Play them for you, but we can't afford the licensing on those. Do you have any idea what the licensing would cost on the video and the audio? I'm asking for what you see wearing no windshield wipers, either Hank Stram or Lou Saban yelling from the sidelines at a referee. You're killing me, Whitey.


It's Hagstrom. Yeah, that's that's who set it off the top of my head. No, but just previous examples would say in the neighborhood of thousands of dollars and also in the neighborhood of not at all worth it.


I'm not sure you're killing me. Whitey is a phrase might be something that I would like. Here's the deal. If there is something that we even deem like worth it in terms of licensing, hey, ESPN paid twenty thousand dollars so we can use this clip. I'm never going to get that instantly for you. You know.


You think he'll buy it, though? Yeah, but it's not it's still has to go through certain channels and it's certainly not an instantaneous type deal.


I think our budget was blown when we had to pay to not name a hippo after you. Is that right? They used it from our budget, they donated ten thousand dollars to the zoo out of our budget.


Yeah, it comes out of a marketing budget. There's a reason why you haven't seen upgraded like premiums like Daniel Batard show with Sukhi Tats is loose savings to guys.


Oh, it was Lou Sabin's who got so confidently got in there with Hank Stram. I still think it was Hank. I mean, now we can do this with you. I was about to commend you for being able to admit your and I think it was I am going to tell the audience something here because we like to we like the big suhui and the post game show in the local hour. And I have some stuff for you that you might not get otherwise of something that was happening behind the scenes.


That is a bit of a bummer that Brockmeyer podcast that we did on The Big Suey, which many of you enjoyed. It's the first ever Brockmeyer podcast. When we talk about me buying things are us negotiating for things. We had won the rights to Gotz. He was going to do that podcast with us and through us every week as that character was going to be just a magical thing. Because if you heard that first one, he's great and his writers are great.


And it's just a really wonderful combination of smart and dumb.


I'll take your word on that.


What happened, though, and what ended up happening was that we had reached the final stages. It was all fine. And then he and his team got scared that Disney would try to own the Brockmeyer character. And they wanted more freedom than that, because I told him, you can do whatever you want with that podcast. Just have fun with it. I trust your sensibilities 100 percent. But they were afraid that the Brockmeyer character, because Disney can be so proprietary, everyone can be so proprietary about stuff like that or that it wasn't worth the risk for him.


And now our audience is denied it, even though from our budget, from our t shirt budget, which you can fund didn't help. We were going to buy some Brockmeyer podcast. Leadbitter, what is the what is the. It's been so long since Saturday.


Shepp Dan Thanks Leadbitter to adopt shop if you want to fund things like that, because our entire budget was for not fund them.


I mean because we didn't get it right, we funded an episode and we've got another one coming.


We've got we've got another one coming. We're doing it this. You got to pay all of it to ours. And zero dollars for you guys. But he's doing it for free.


We've got another one coming soon. That that is going to be a wonderful evolution to this hour. Hopefully that you're enjoying that we fool around. You don't know some of the people that we're fooling around with. If you did know some of the people you were fooling we were fooling around with, I think you'd find some of this stuff even funnier than it is because there are people who are really high end creative's. The thing that people seem to like is they recognize Hank.


They immediately recognize that it's Hank. And so they buy all in on whatever the character is doing. But it is something that is going to evolve with no money whatsoever because we've blown our budget on a hippo that's not named after me.


You guys have a mantra. Roy, you seem like a major guy. What's your mantra? I don't have one. Me neither. I want question to ask if you don't have one. Well, I. Christian McCaffrey has one. What's his his his three words. He looks into the mirror. Breathe, focus. Explode. Wow.


Mm. Not to not to be mean or anything, because I'm not OK, I'm not trying to be that way, but I think you have to be kind of important to have a mantra, you know what I mean?


Like, if you're Christian McCaffrey, you can have a mantra, something or you or really right now I feel like I have a mantra.


Feel like an athlete can have a mantra because before a game, you've got to get yourself in the right headspace. I don't think a jerk move like Tony if every morning you just got up, like because we don't.


Tony, I think Tony I think Tony has a mantra because Tony's cool enough to have a match. Right.


You know, I don't think breve focus explode is a good mantra mantra supposed to get you, like, focused and centered, not like rage filled in like I and focus in there free of the explode is like it's like the horrible thing where he does kids to attack the day with the intensity of a thousand suns.


Like that's a bit intense for a mantra.


What would you be like, Tony, if he did have one? If we were doing a hypothetical one, it'd be shirtless every day in front of his mirror. He would just look in the look himself in the eyes and say dominate. But that would be Tony.


I don't think you guys understand Montreaux. These are too aggressive. I feel like a monstrous to get you more centered and focused and relaxed and like present and not overwhelmed. Dominate is like, whoa, they're aggressive.


And there's a lot of, like, overtones to dominate, you know what I mean?


Like, it's stressful, but I picture you wanting to dominate each day. I do. Sometimes I do.


Sometimes I don't want to do it. You are man. Serious. How do you hear me? Eat, swallow, explode. Executive order for you girls.


I was actually thinking last night, what am I like? Fat Monster would be.


There it is. Let's go to a local golf course and take people's money. We got to do this and you just like to show up.


That's what this is all about. I thought about this. Just show up all dressed for success. You dress like just dress the way you dress.




And I'm thinking if we go to a public golf course, you and I and I try to get a game little match going and I point over, hey, here's my friend. That's Chris Hitti first time playing. He's never played before. He said, I will play you. And, you know, I don't know what we do with handicaps, what kind of game or what, but we go with a lot of money. And by we I mean you and we split 50 50.


What do you think? I love how you have them.


Just like this is the first time playing. And then I drive on the first hole and they'll just be cool with the bomb. They'll just be totally cool with all.


By that time, no terms will be agreed to and there's nothing I could do about it. I mean, a handshake will have been made and a better bet. And so, yeah, they're not going to walk away from a bet on the first hole. Why don't you start playing golf? You can't walk away after the first.


All, I have to admit when you when we first on Monday when you were talking about betting and I'm like I'm like sitting there, I'm like, man. So you guys could just be bringing his friend out right now. That's like a ringer like like he wasn't it was very fair. It was a fair match up in my mind. I'm like, I think your dad played better than my friend.


That's debatable. It was it was me and you versus each other. I'd say it was me versus you. Yes, yeah, yeah. You beat me.


Well, my dad made you made a couple of putts, a couple five footers. You did. Chris Coatis.


Mike, I am telling you that Chris Coady, how do you practice enough when he was younger, a hundred yards in would be on the PGA Tour right now.


That's how good he is that life for this.


PGA Tour Life Hellyeah Yeah, my dream, of course, you're aware of that, right? A hundred yards in my life opposite myself, I could have been good. What were you doing?


You know, you're a big failure right up your chance at being. I didn't know if you had them on guys.


I was telling you that Chris Codi hits. It is for every bit as far as guys on tour hit it. He was one of you. You're aware of that, right?


You got I didn't get good. Like, I didn't get like I was in the mid 90s until, like, my mid 20s. So, like, I didn't like it when I was I needed to be good when I was like 16 to, like, really take it seriously.


You chose the wrong sport. That wasn't good enough and I wasn't good enough. I chose baseball. Right.


You blew it. You could have had a great life. And now look, that's the best live, right? If you give me that sport, that would be it, right? A golfer. I mean, that that's easy, right?


Like, right now, if we could all do it, if we could all pick a sport to be like a lead at right now, Tony's going basketball for sure.


I would. I love how I always like predict what Tony's doing. Like, that's like. Right.


He would go basketball, I think, or NASCAR or something like that. Maybe that's like maybe like the Indy cars. Fighter pilot, fighter pilot. Maybe for the sport.


Where are you going. Hockey maybe. What are you doing Roy. If you could go any sport dominant athlete right now mid-flight.


Give it to me doing golf. Oh yeah. That's good. Golf the easiest. Yeah. I have a surprising answer. Formula One driver like it's Miles, the driver.


You're just just picking a random or. No, you're not so surprising to me.


Oh well, this is an example of you guys being myopic. I don't know if it gets back to just doing it things.


I don't know if you guys are why we as the the party scene surrounding Formula One and how every big race basically has a grand ball associated with and I like the sponsorship money into that sport is insane. And you travel the world the most exotic places. You're racing in the streets of Monaco, man, Lewis Hamilton has a life, you know, but he's living a better life than Brooks Koepka.


Right now, get out of here.


Lewis Hamilton is pretty close, is he's one of the last 14 races. Mike is right. And he's he's doing it in places.


You know, now that I put this on your radar, I know you think I'm doing a thing. Golf still for me, golf is fun because you're individual, you're out there. But I do like the aspect of a clubhouse. I would say like being a tennis player. World class tennis players are also pretty sweet because you get to celebrate your victories and there is all like there's a real cool, like affluent party scene associated with it. But I think I think Formula One is it man Batchelor's.


What do you like?


If you're an athlete, you could party anywhere. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Like if you're doing it for the party scene, you could get into any party.


And I know because Chris Paul can't party anywhere, he's like pretty much limited to, like, partying half the time in Oklahoma City. Whereas Lewis Hamilton is like Abu Dhabi race, cool.


Monaco race, cool, Las Vegas race. Cool.


So I just I don't know. And it's just throwing something out there that you guys probably didn't know.


But I think Billy's point is if you want to find the party, you could find the party. No doubt.


No doubt. But this it's a is getting in anywhere he wants to assert.


What was the sport or the position that you least want to be. This is like no one wants to be a middle linebacker, right.


With the concussion, a running back, running back.


I no, I think I'll be a football player.


No one wants to be sacrum. Barkley Billy. He would be. Yeah, because it's just like like baseball, for example, is way too much travel and you're gone way too much. The time we're football, you're it's like eight trips really if you're on a bad team.


Yeah, but those hits, Billy, I mean I'm not playing. I'm not I'd rather be a backup quarterback. Backup quarterback. Are we going to touch the field.


No, but you'd be an elite athlete, Billy. That's the whole that's the whole game.


No, I would not be an elite athlete.


OK, so not even my area would be, though, you know, I'd be pretty cool being like the world's greatest, like, mixed martial artist, like so dominant that you marchin in the octagon weighs something up. Thank you. Yeah, but you're not you're not really getting beat up all that much because you're just so dominant. Because I work a lot of work. Not only do you walk into a place and you can get anywhere because everyone recognizes you as the best.


But there's also a tinge of fear anywhere you go. Even today, like Mike Tyson is never going to lose that aspect. He's going to be 90 years old and people are going to be careful around Mike Tyson because what he might do, like I just figured it out, I got the winner Kobayashi hot dog eating contest.


But why would you pick us? Joey Chestnut, who's the ultimate eating champion? Because Joey Chestnut looks a little like Kobayashi skinny.


How about being an elite relief pitcher? You come in one inning. Wow. I close the door. Right.


That's a you're a hater back. That's what you got. Judge Hater coming in as he allowed a hit. Yet this season, that guy, Billy, I want to examine something that you said to be a kicker.


So that's OK.


I just can't Jana Koutsky, look at him. He's not even like sticking to, like a strict diet. He's still in the NFL.


I think he's going to all favor he's not in the NFL. Anyway, I'll be back. And he's always in the NFL, I mean, yeah, he'll be there lives. The question I wanted to ask Billy, because I just want to make sure that I heard this right. So Mike wants to be a Formula One driver because he gets to go to cool places like Monaco. And you want to be not a football player, not because of the hits, but because you don't want to travel.


You don't want to travel anywhere.


It's not that I don't want to travel anywhere. It's that I don't want it to, like, dictate my life, you know, like I'd like to if I'm going to be an elite athlete. Look, I assume the reason that you're you're asking this question about elite athletes is because you want to do like related to the paycheck. Right. Like, you'd be you'd have a little bit of the glory, but you'd have like the financial stability. It's like if I'm going to have that stability and I could travel eight places a year rite of passage out of Koski, a kicker, then I don't really have to stick to this strict diet.


I can kind of just do whatever I want. I just got to kind of keep my legs in shape. Do you think he does? How do you think it works out? I feel like he does the sitting down treadmill, not treadmill, the sitting down like bike. Now, obviously, all bikes, you sit down, but you know, the one I'm talking about, the one that has like the backrest that you just kind of pedal on the TV and you just hold this.


I feel like that's what you do to just keep your legs in shape if you're Sebastian. Jan Schakowsky. Right. And that's the easiest of the machines that you do for.


Cardio, yeah, by far. You have experience on that front, by the way, he retired last year. Seventeen hundred and ninety nine points. Can you imagine retiring one point shy of the magical eighteen hundred?


I mean, you think he goes back to all the missed extra points he's had? He's like, that was the one. That was the buddy.


I'm wondering what professional athlete you think drinks the most soda. Because when Billy was talking, I feel like Sebastian Jan Schakowsky drank like regular Coke throughout his whole career, like right before a game. Just a nice ice cold Coke.


That's called something else. Yeah.


Athletes who drive the most amount of Coca-Cola, like what athlete is able to be a professional athlete at the top of their game and still regularly drink soda?


Do you do you think that mean Joe Green in a different time because he probably got a free supply of Coca-Cola for that commercial, ended up drinking a ton of it because he was getting it for free.


Did they know that commercial, as you guys know, that commercial or we I think it was remade a few years ago or like five or six years of doing it on the Super Bowl.


Like, that's like I kind of just know it, that it is funny that you guys just ask that question, because it brings us full circle back to the Bob greasy thing that we were talking about. Now I've texted Bob Greasy and what came back is that I no longer have a correct number for him, but through sources, through sources, what I have actually found that I am not going to be right on. This is a Sports Illustrated story where Bob Greasy joked that he had a pair with windshield wipers.


I found let's you recall the neighborhood. I there there's a reason there's no photographic proof and nobody remembers Bob Brizzi wearing glasses with windshield wipers, if you don't mind me asking, what was the text and how was it phrased?


Text it because there's a couple of things going on right now. Someone woke up this morning to a text finding out that they have Bob Greeces old phone number and they may now have Dan Ledbetter's phone number. So did you phrase this text?


Did you say this is the 11th hour? Did you do that? I'll read it to you. Never do that. Oh, he did it.


You know that. I'm going to hide it. I'm going to hide it.


You don't do that. What do you mean you don't do that? You never, ever, ever do that. When you're not certain if the person you're texting still has that number, why are you give you a number away? What are you going to do? I'm going to hide. I'm concerned.


I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the number. I simply don't answer it.


I know now you're going to think it's Bob Greasy because you might forget that side is no longer greasy all of a sudden is really chatty.


Well, I'm not because I'm going to be the guy now you have to call is Gary. So he had to call dad just to get access to dad.


And every time you call him, you're Gracy out of Batard, it's Greece. You got Zahrani figured out the scam.


So I get an error invalid number. So I wasn't texting somebody that had a working number. Please resend using a valid ten digit mobile number or valid shortcode. OK, so I don't think anyone now has my number, but this is the question that I sent to the wrong number. Hello, Bob, it's Dan Libertador. I have an absurd question for you.


If you have a minute, I.