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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the car radio studio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal. Cohosting with me today is the one and only Dr. John Delany. We call him Dr. D here.


We have our we want to talk to you about your life, your money, relationships, anxiety, your Milenio. If your young person if you're a teenager, you've got questions about money, give us a call and we want to talk to you. Triple eight eight two five five two two five eight eight two five five two two five. We're going to kick off this hour here, having a conversation with wheel out in Tampa, Florida. Hey. Well, good afternoon.


How can Daddy and I help? Good afternoon, everybody. How y'all doing? Doing good, man. Doing good. How can we help you? So in December, I made a pretty bad decision about a brand new car. I also rolled over the remaining 4000 in balance from my previous car into the loan and I set it up. So I have since just recently gotten into the Ramsey Show and I listen to all the podcasts and follow you guys on social media and everything.


It's been a tremendous help in creating a mental shift. And I 100 percent want to get rid of my car. I've already listed it. I kind of wanted your advice for, I guess, an immediate step. I've been following the baby steps, my babies up to 5000 in my emergency fund. I have two thousand in savings right now, and I also have about two thousand dollars worth of stuff that I'm currently selling as well. So I should have in total four thousand savings.


I know the difference between what I own the car and what I could possibly sell it for is about five grand. So I'm not sure if I should continue just paying. Once sorry, continue saving until I can cover the difference and basically cover the difference on the loan and then sell it and walk away from the car, or do I keep knocking down the debt snowball until my monthly car payment basically break even and then sell it at that point? And then I guess the follow up question to that is I'm looking to get a cheap car just so I can have transportation.


So I drive about 180 miles round trip for my job. So I need to have some kind of transportation.


What's your average income? Well. Right now, I'm making about 60, but I do have a little bit of extra time, so I just started doing the Brits driving and whatnot to try and bring in some extra income. And so, you know, getting his own sense of the that and been selling. I that's part cancel my Xbox membership and so on, you know, just miscellaneous stuff.


Well, that's what I'm talking about for you. I am. How old are you tired of being sick and tired. How old are you. Thirty one. Thirty one. I'm thirty one.


What's your total debt outside of this car?


Total debt outside of the car. I have fourteen thousand in student loans and about 13000 in credit card debt. OK, yeah, ok.


And so how much do you own a car right now.


Right now I owe thirty four. All right. So here's the thing.


Here's here's the thing, OK? I love the fact and I want to commend you right now for a 31 year old man who just said in front of 15 million people that he canceled Xbox match.


No, I just want to be real because we know that people are playing his game and they're taking it way too serious. This man said, no, I know what I need to do to get on the right track. And so I just want to commend you for, as some people have said, I smoke. No, that's real. That that he was like, yo, no, I'm getting on a plane. So, baby, step two.


Thank you. Yeah. Yeah, no problem. Well, I mean, we're going to write this thing with you, baby. Step two is you're going to run up your debt from smallest to largest, OK? And then what you're going to do also as well, you're going to make all your minimum payments and all of them, and then you're going to take the very first one. All right. So, OK, here's the thing.


You have two thousand dollars in savings. I'm taking a thousand dollars out and I'm putting it on. I think I think it's like thirteen thousand on your credit cards. Right. I'm attacking your credit cards first, depending on how how it all is. So I'm taking a very first one. The cheapest one first. Yeah.


I could pay off two of them the day they do it didn't do it. I mean, hands down. I'm doing it right now.


Me and Anthony just improved your life by a thousand dollars less debt. Yes. Look at that call. Look at the Arawa on that call. Will you like them apples. Yes. Awesome.


Now keep the car listed, OK? Keep the car listed. All right. If someone comes up to you and says, hey, we'll give you this amount for the car and you only need four thousand dollars for that car, OK, do it. Go do it. And here's the thing. Here's the thing. Keep the car listed. If someone comes, you said, for example, I'ma give you fifteen thousand dollars for the car and you don't have the other four thousand dollars.


I am OK with you taking out another loan for 4000 because you lower your debt from that amount down to 4000. And that's OK. You hear me clearly. You just want to cover the difference because you're your debt goes down. That's the key thing. OK, but if you have the cash on hand, if you can come up with the cash working, I am OK with that. But I want you to keep it listed. Work that debt snowball.


If someone comes to you and says, hey, we'll do it, will pay the value, will do it and you only need two, three, 4000 dollars. I'm OK with that, Will, but I want you to work to get Snowball. You fill me.


Yep, absolutely. Now, let me be clear, because I between the two. OK, yeah. Yeah. I want to be clear. I want to be clear. I'm not telling you to take out a loan. I'm not telling you to take out another loan to go buy another car. Know what I'm saying is if you can lower your debt down by taking out a four thousand dollar loan and it saves you twenty five thousand dollars in this car.


Absolutely. Apps go ahead and do it. OK, but, man, thank you so much for calling Abreau. Wheels on his way.


Wheels on his way.


That's that's it, man. You know this. I like calls like that, bro, because he's like, yo, I know what I got to do. I got to get gazelle intense. I got to get wise. I got to get smart. I got to cut off Xbox. I mean, that's like what I think it's like 49 and I don't know, I don't play I don't play video games.


I'm going to be playing video games, you know, man, you know, I'm a grown man, but he had he had a wheel, had a never again moment.


He did, right? Yeah. He had a never again moment will take that thousand dollars right now. Get off of YouTube. If you're driving in your car, pull over, pay them credit cards off. You're going to be two credit cards later. Yes.


And Anthony, these are crazy times, but this could this could be your never again moment, America. Never again will you be at the mercy of some global crisis. Never again will money keep you up at night.


I will finish this ad at the next break.


We got into love John Ramsey. Plus, I'm not going to finish it. I'm going to make it hang over till the next. Maybe only on the day to show you guys. We'll be right back. People all over the country are discovering a faith based and budget friendly way of meeting health care costs through Christian healthcare ministries, Christian health care ministries, or S.A.M., is a non-profit organization that helps members carry one another's burdens with health care expenses, and they have successfully shared each other's medical bills for nearly 40 years.


CFC is right for you by visiting S.H. Ministries. Doug c h m is a proud sponsor of Dave Ramsey Live Events. Going out to Virginia, we're going to have a conversation here with Zack Zack. Good afternoon. How can Dr. Dean I help.


Hello, Anthony. John, how are you this afternoon? I'm doing well, ma'am. Thank you so much for calling in. How can we help? Happy Friday to both of you.


So I'm calling because I'm a 26 year old single guy. I have listened to the Dave Ramsey Show and some of the personalities for probably about a year now. And there's one phrase I've heard multiple times. I finally started to resonate less. And it's that in order to be financially successful, it's 20 percent had knowledge and 80 percent emotion. I'm a person that defaults to the left side of my brain. The more intellectual, the more logical side. And I have trouble dealing with the more emotional side.


So I thought, oh, going in with the baby steps, my intelligence will get me to it. And I'm finding out that I'm not succeeding as much as I would like. Mhm.


So I guess my question is, how do I train the right side of my brain, the emotional side, to work with the logical left side of my brain to ultimately get to successes I want. So two things.


Number one, your logic, part of your brain realizes that its logic is failing. So your logic, part of your brain needs to know that it needs to just get line and all the baby steps that that's your ta da moment. OK, so the map is there. The roadmap is there. There's nothing to get intellectual about. Just follow the plan. Are you a guy that thinks, OK, I get the pay it all off in order of least debt to greatest, but this one's got to interest rates.


I'm going to do it like this. You try to move it. Is that you you try to solve the baby steps?


No, actually, my guts don't allow me to do that very well. Before I knew you, I only have two deaths. I consolidate for basically no reason because my parents told me that was the best thing to do and I didn't really know much better. OK, now I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but so what was the emotional side?


What emotional side are you having trouble tapping into? Give me an example of a challenge you're struggling with.


So I guess my problem is I never really developed a good wife, OK? I've never really had and I've had it moment either. Or I guess I could say I've had multiple I've had it moments. So I guess then that begs the question, have I really had and I've had it look, you know, I mean, so why do you want to get out of debt?


I want to get to that because logically, I can't build wealth when I have that. What do you what do you want to get out of that?


Logic can become a great numbing agent or a great deflective agent. So what are you protecting yourself from? Using logic. Something just popped into your head earlier, your question, huh? That's a big that's a really good question. Walk with me, walk with me through that. Yes, but I'm struggling to get at your question, what do you what do you what can I help you with? What can me and Anthony help you with? How you develop your emotional side.


Yeah, that's I guess that's a good way to describe the highly developed emotional side of myself to aid with the logical side. What's your emotional side is missing? I've had some it hasn't been really easy for me to develop relationships. OK. What specifically in your debt journey is is is your logic not being able to tap into your emotion? Yeah, because here's one thing, I think where I'm having a problem at understanding this thing, too, is for you is are you saying that you can't like you can't pay off your debt because you're not attached to your emotions are.


It's more so I understand I need to pay off my debts, OK, because logically, it's hard to build wealth without it. But you're just trying to find here all of this is that I hear all these success stories of people who like something really bad happen to them. It's caused them to get into this emotional state and flip that switch.


So this is equity want man like like what do you want? What's a picture of what you want look like? Do you want to be debt free? Yes, I think will be debt free, some people need fireworks and confetti and big dramatic moments in their life and some of them, some of the most profound never again moments, is the wife who's abused, who wakes up and looks in the mirror and says this will never happen again.


And she quietly packs her bag and she gets her two year old son.


She walks out the door and there is no ceremony, there's no firework show. She just says never freaking again.


And that can be said with the guy who's sitting in a drive thru and he gets his takes his first bite into another burger and he says, I'm done with this.


And so I think sometimes we we are run around Anthony looking for emotion, emotion, emotion, emotion.


And we have these never again moments. I think I think Zach's there. I think Zach is dead off, but he's not getting that. My my stomach's not doing backflips and my hair's not standing up. Zach, you're there, man.


Yeah. Don't overdramatize. Never again. Yeah. Don't over sensationalize. Never again. Some people have it man. And when it's cool and it's fun to behold and it makes for great TV. But there are millions of people across this country that have silent internal spiritual never again moments. So I'm going to try this again.


Before the break, Anthony, I tried to roll into it.


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Getting there and getting there. America slowly but surely, I'm learning how to do the radios.


So, hey, that's date Emma from the Ramsey Baby Ramsey baby steps community ask how can someone balance family time versus side hustle for extra cash?


I think that's a conversation that you have with your family, OK, and you make sacrifices together. You do togetherness together. You do community together. But I think that's a conversation you have with your family.


Let me ask the question, is family time more important then? Side hustle and money?


I think it's about your your shared values and your shared goals.


If we my wife taught me this this this idea of seasons, which I love, which is when.


When. Fall comes after summer when winter shows up, we don't say that summer's broken, it's a natural transition, right? So there are seasons in our life like through the covid stuff. We were working like crazy, doing lots of media hits, lots of writing. The world needed us and so we're busy. And then the summer came, we slowed down for a minute. Right. We've taken some vacations. We got some time. It's just part of the seasons.


And so some seasons you say, I'm going to get out of debt, 24 months, we're going to blitz this thing. We're all in this together, our shared values. And then you run and gun. And there's other times you say family is more important than an extra side hustle right now, the shared values, we do it together. There are over 40 million people filing for unemployment in the US right now, I'm sure that includes some timeshare owners.


If you have a timeshare and you need a outcall timeshare exit team. Yes, it will take time and money, but it's better than paying for something you can't and don't use. Call before the end of the month and they'll give you a huge savings for paying by cheque or auto draft. Call eight four four nine nine nine exit or time-Share exit team dotcom. Some exclusions apply. See their site for details.


Blind's Dotcom's 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed means, even if you miss measure or picked the wrong color, they'll remake your blinds for free. Anthony, you might miss measure your blinds sometimes and they will replace them for free. You get free samples, free shipping. And with the new promos they run every month, you'll save even more.


Use promo code Ramsey to get the best deal. Rules and restrictions apply. So today's question comes from Ava in New York. She visits Dave Ramsey dot com to ask. I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. I'm in a difficult financial position and I'm trying to get employed or more ideally, to start my own business.


My question is, how can I separate from the student loan debt in order to move forward, especially in this pandemic, when getting hired is a very uncertain, I feel at odds with myself because I'm eager to get employed, but I feel like my debt is going to always be part of my identity and identity until it is paid off.


Anthony, what does she do?


You know, here's a question. Here's a question.


But here's here's something I really want to say about your debt is not a part of your identity, but your debt will be a part of your life if you take it out and go back to school, OK, your character, your integrity, your hard work that plays a role in your identity, your debt does not, but your debt will play a major role in your life.


So to answer your question, how can you separate yourself from the student loan debt in order to move forward, especially in this pandemic when getting hired? Don't take out any debt.


Bottom line, you know, and get a job. Yeah. Go out there, get you a job, get you two jobs. Go back to maybe go to ground. Yeah. I mean, it's it's fit. I understand that is difficult to get a job. It is. But you know what, when you work hard, you put it into work. You're definitely landed. I would highly recommend you get Kent Coleman's number one national bestselling book, The Proximity Principle.


It would definitely help you because sometimes it's not about your education. Sometimes it is about your connections. Who are you connected to? Who do you have a relationship with? How do you get in proximity with the right people who can put a plug in for you? And so the number one thing is you're not taking out any debt. You're going to cash flow it, you're going to get an extra job and as well as go from that way.


But I would definitely highly recommend that you get the book from my good friend, our good friend, the one and only Kent Coleman, who is the host of The Ken Coleman Show, which I would definitely recommend that you listen to his show and get his book, The Proximity Principle for America. I want you all to get this man's book.


I read it and it blessed me tremendously, tremendously in my own field right now, because sometimes it's not about your net worth. It is about your net work and who you associate yourself with. That can make you a stronger candidate. It can help your wallet, make it really, really, really help you avoid things like debt.


All right. So that's what I would very much so recommend. No debt, get an extra job, cash flow it, get around a proximity of other people who can also help you along this journey. Great question.


This, Anthony, is a little bit of a sidetrack here, but this question brings up a broader conversation that I've had with with recent college grads. And I know you have this idea that I got a degree now the world owes me.


Hmm. I got a degree and it's hard to get a job. I got a degree. And things in the greater economy are messy. And I thought I was supposed to get this degree and then all the world's going to open up for me like an oyster.


That's just not how it works. Yeah. You get that degree and then you got hit the streets.


Yeah. And you got a grind and grind and work hard and work hard and work hard. Yeah. And then work hard again. Yeah.


I totally agree. Going out to Richmond, Virginia, I'm going to have a conversation here with Christian Christian. Good afternoon. How can Dr. Dean myself help. Hi, how are you guys doing today, doing good, man. Thanks for calling in. How can we help? So I have a very difficult question for me, but it's kind of weird. So basically, me and my girl, we've been together for about ten years and we. We always been living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck.


We don't have any debt besides one card because I find, you know, I want to sell, so I must sell it as soon as I can. But I'm only making twenty six thousand a year right now. And we live with my mother in law's basement. And I just really want to get out of that situation. But I want to move to Florida and we're trying to do it within a year. So my question is, would you consider that a good plan?


If I take a second job to get my income up and try to do this in a year? Or would you consider just being in my state, which is Virginia, and so we're in a better place. What you got to move to Florida for?


But, boy, hold on before you answer that question on the screen here, it says, mother in law, you said your girls are you are married or you are just dating. So we're just dating, but we're engaged right now. OK, so you're engaged. When are you getting married? We're thinking of doing it before this year's end. How long have you been together? 10 years. We went about 10 years.


So you've been living in your girlfriend's mom's house for 10 years. Well, we live like some years with my mom and then, you know, we have two kids now, so we moved into my Marcelo's basement because she had more space and we had our second child like two, three weeks ago. And we kind of just mainly mean she's only been seven and try to get things and like, good stuff for us. But, you know, I always messing up.


So I kind of I just woke up with my second child and said, I'm not doing things right and I want to do things good. Yeah. Yeah. For my kids future. Yes. Yes, that's good. The reason we want to move to Florida is. Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Let's just pause about Florida right now.


So because you said you woke up with your second child and you said, I want to do things right, OK, yes.


Before we can think about moving to Florida, we need to build a solid foundation. And right now the foundation is rocky.


OK, with my personal belief, my Christian faith, respectfully saying, if you've been with this woman for 10 years, she's not a girl, she's a woman, it is time for you two to get married, go down to the courthouse, get married, OK, combined your income.


And then if you do from there, I don't have a problem with your living, with your mother in law.


Now, once you're married before you move to Florida, man, you got to go ahead and just build a solid foundation, get married, get your income stable, go ahead and pay off the rest of this debt. OK, go ahead and get three months of your emergency fund saved up. Then we can talk about moving to Florida. But you're not, in my opinion, because I don't want to force my Christian faith onto you if you are my friend, because you are as a Christian, I'm telling you to get married, that it shouldn't take you ten years to know this is your wife.


You're already living with her. You already have kids with her. Go ahead to put the ring on it, man. So that way, you know, you're in a solid place with her. You all can start building together, you know. Am I making sense here that today?


Yeah. Hey, Christian, have you sat down with your wife or your fiancee and said, I have not been the person that you needed me to be?


For the last decade, you've been trying to hold us together and I haven't held up my end of the bargain and I'm ready to change. Have you have you looked at that and told her that? So we kind of had this conversation as well. And so I talked to her about this problem that you guys have with the natural teacher. Yeah, back that up.


Back that up. Have you looked at your fiancee in the eye and said, I haven't been who I'm supposed to be for the last decade and I'm making a change starting today? Have you done that? Not not completely, no. OK, so today that conversation happens today, and you ask your mother in law to take the two little kids and you take your wife and you take her somewhere, whether it's the backyard or whether it's upstairs or on a walk.


And you look her in the eye and say, today I'm different. You get on financial piece together and you start following those baby steps. You get money in the bank and then you start talking. You start talking about moving different states and different places. You're excited and you're ready to rock and roll.


But the first thing you do is you get with your partner and you say, we're going to do this together and I'm sorry, I'm going to make it right. Scripture, quote of the day comes from Ephesians Chapter four, verses 16 from him, the whole body joined and held together by every supporting polygamy, grows and builds itself up in love as each part does its work. Coming together is a beginning. Keep it together. Is progress now. Working together is success.


Beautiful quote from the man, Henry Ford, going out to Dallas, Texas, we're going to have a conversation here with C.J.. C.J., good afternoon. How can Dr. Day and I hope.


Good afternoon. Hi, Dr. Dean. How are you guys doing? I'm doing good. Mm hmm. How can we how can we act like that?


How can we serve you today? That's awesome. So I just started listening to Dave Ramsey and to the rest of you guys about a month ago. I would say I'm in step three B now. And here's my situation. I basically committed to a graduate school program about a year ago, just as a way of increasing my earning potential. I was accepted to the program. I put the down payment, but put down the down payment and I was going to take out a school loan to fund the rest of it.


I did get some scholarships and I'm getting some help through work as well. I was also going to take out a loan so that I could so that I could save up for a house as well. But after listening to the Ramsey and especially your your work and I, I refused the loan and that's where I am. I'm still trying to save up for a house and cash graduate school. And I guess I'm just looking for some wisdom and advice on how to do both.


And it might take forever. Yeah. Yeah, that's a good.


And for the people listening right now, she said babysat three B so babysit three beers after she has her fully funded emergency fund, which she has three B is she's saving up to put at least 10 to 20 percent down on a home. So I just want to make sure people listening right now knows exactly what she's saying. So this way you can follow the conversation.


Let me ask you this question here, C.J. What do you need the degree or is it something that you desire so your income can come, can go up? Which one is it?


Is something I desire where I am in my career now. I'm at a great spot, but I but I would like to go higher and I believe I have the potential to do that. And after talking to my directors at work, it's pretty much unanimous. You know, if you get a graduate degree, then that will definitely set you on a trajectory to higher earning potential.


How much are you making a year right now? 160, 160, C.J., you're dropping bombs in Dallas, Texas. Come on now.


What do you what's your field electrical engineer? Oh, so what kind of master's degree do you want to get? I want to get an MBA.


Hmm. And how much more would that bring you? You'll go from 160 to what? Bare minimum?


Probably easy. One eighty. One ninety within two or so years after graduating.


OK, so here's what I'm going to recommend. I let Doug come in from the money side. You're making one sixty in Dallas, Texas. That's good money because a 200000, 250000 dollar house in Dallas, Texas, is a beautiful home. So what I'm going to recommend to you is going ahead. And I would focus solely on getting into your house, stacking your money up because you're out of debt. You already had to fully fund emergency fund.


So which your kind of income right now. But then in next year, year and a half, you can save up that money to put down towards your home. Then from there, you can Cash-Flow the rest of your program.


I get it that you don't want to wait. But here's the thing. You said I don't need the degree. I want it so I can get an extra 30000. So what you're saying, I don't need it.


This means that you can take a little bit of a you can take a little bit of time so that what you can get into your home, which I really want you to do, that I believe homeownership is a great opportunity as long as you do it right. It is. It is needed. So I want you to get into that.


Then from there, I want you to focus on going ahead and finish something that you really do desire, which will give you a twenty or thirty thousand dollar bump and you're not taking out any loans because you don't need it.


T.J., you're clearly smarter than I am and more accomplished than Anthony for sure.


Well, wait a minute. Was smarter than you. What is there? Let me just say it this way. In Dallas, Texas, there are some extraordinary private schools and there's some extraordinary state schools.


And there's some branch campuses, too, of some of the big, like flagship schools in the state.


Are you somebody who really wants that MBA from an SMU or for a Baylor, or would you be willing to get a MBA from a University of Texas, Dallas or UT Arlington or A&M Commerce?


Well, that's a good question. I can tell you I did get accepted to ask you. Of course you did. I could tell by your voice you're an SMU gal and that's an a world class program and very, very expensive.


Yeah, true. That's true. So if you're in it, here's the deal. If you're in a job, well, I'm going to tell you right now, as you can do the work academically. And so some people won't graduate degrees to. No, could I do this? Could I make it in this program? I can tell you right now how accomplished you are as an electrical engineer in Dallas, Texas.


Yes, you can do that work. So the next question is, do you look around and see your bosses and they've got MBAs from all the fancy schools and all that, and that's what they're expecting of you? Or do they just you need to have an MBA to move up and that in in your in your workplace? And are you willing to cash flow? Because if you are, there are some great programs at some of the state schools, some of the regional campuses there in Dallas, Texas, and at any major metropolitan city in the United States where you can get the same degree, the same MBA with some great faculty, some great co-workers, some great networking in your local community that's going to serve you really well, going out to San Diego, keeping the conversation going and having a conversation here with Alisson, San Diego, California.


That's my city. Hey, Allison, how can we help?


So I think it's really ironic that he just had that question mind kind of similar, but not as far along in my career as she sounds like she is. OK, so I'm I just moved out to San Diego a couple of months ago because I got into UCSD for my MBA and I just started listening to Dave Ramsey and and all of you guys literally earlier this week and thought like, oh, my gosh, OK, what am I doing? OK, so I still have about 18 K of undergrad loans left and UCSD is probably going to end up being around 100 hundred.


And not to mention that it's one of the most expensive places in the United States to live, right?


Yeah. Yeah. So it's a hundred plus. Right.


Right, right. And you're not going to work, right?


No, I am working. So you better be ok. OK.


Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, I'm also working full time at the evening program.


So I got to ask you the same question because our time is, is about to end up here real quick. Do you need the master's program? Do you need the grant program for the feel that you're getting into? So I said I just moved here, my my job in Florida, I felt like I needed it, but now that my new job out here, I don't feel like I need it, but I still really want it because I'm interested I'm interested in the subject and the curriculum that they offer.


You can tailor it pretty much to whatever you want. It's like 65 percent electives. So I'm really interested in learning, you know, product development and corporate finance and just kind of like all the elements that this program offers. Yeah. So I am I still want it, even though I don't necessarily need it anymore.


So here's a here's here's here's Allison. And what I want you to do is follow me, my YouTube channel, because I dive in deeper to this. Sorry, we get a rush, but here's what I want you to do.


Do what you need to do today. Do what you need to do. And what you need to do is pay off the debt that you currently have. Once you pay off that debt, then what you can do is step back. You have some some free income and then you can Cash-Flow, your grad program, because you just say you don't need something you kind of want to dive into, you know, kind of want to enjoy. You're not going to enjoy paying off 125 thousand dollars with the debt for the next 20 years of your life if you complete this program.


So what I want you to do is take care of what you need to do so you can enjoy the future and you can enjoy your college experience going to your grant program, because now your cash flow like it.


So that's just my two cents there.


I mean, that's what I do every day. And some more than somebody with a much student loan debt has outstanding. You know, there's been some rocking out with you the last three hours and also with you. Hey, man, America, we love you.


I want to thank our producer, James Charles and our associate producer, Kelly. Daniel, you guys remember the caliber of your future will be determined by the decisions we make today. This is The Dave Ramsey Show.


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