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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the current studio, this is the Dave Ramsey Show, where America hangs out to have a real conversation about your life and your money. My name is Anthony O'Neal, sitting in with me today here in cohosting. With me today is the one and only daughter D, formally known as Dr. John Delaney.


How we doing, Anthony? And I'm doing well. I'm doing well.


It's a beautiful, hot Friday. I'm excited because I get to leave out today to go pick up my dog so I can't wait.


Your dog is back. My dog is going to be.


It's going to be amazing. There's going to be amazing.


So we're not here to talk about dogs. We're here to talk about your life and your money. So give us a call. Triple eight, 8255, two to five, triple eight 8255 at two to five. If you're watching on YouTube, give us a call. Charlotte Eaton, I told you to go ahead and give us a call. Tell Kelly I told you to call in like a question on YouTube. I think the world could use your questions.


I know other people are asking it. So if you can get through, give us a call. 882 five five two two five. You know what? Let's just go straight to the phone.


Let's go to the phones or get away. Let's go let's go out to Virginia, have a conversation with Julianna. Did I say your name correctly? Is it Juliana or Juliana?


Julianne. OK, cool, great, thanks for calling in on this beautiful Friday. How can our daughter and I help? Oh, I guess so, oh, I'm having the vehicle issues and the transmission is about to go out in my vehicle, I have forty five hundred dollars saved up and I was just wondering if I should buy another vehicle or if I should put it to my vet.


Oh, man. OK, this is a good question. So you have 4500 dollars, you're still in debt. How much debt do you have left right now?


I have lost seven thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars seven thousand nine hundred dollars in debt.


What kind of debt is that left right now?


Do you have that medical debt? OK, so we got medical bills. Juleanna, where do you start? How far have you paid off? I have paid off so far. I originally had twelve thousand dollars of debt. OK, so you've had about you almost almost halfway there, huh, 100 bucks. That's real good. Tell me a little about this car, Juleanna. What kind of car is it and how much is it worth right now?


It's a Jeep Liberty for a thousand four and it's worth about two thousand dollars.


OK, how much do you own a car? You don't owe anything on it, right? No, I don't know anything I paid for it in cash. There you go. What's wrong with the. The transmission is about to go out. So when I took it to the shop the other day, they recommended that I just go ahead and buy a new vehicle. OK. All right.


And it was this the only shop you took by? Yes. OK, here's what I recommend in this situation, because right now you need a vehicle. Right now you do. How much do you make a year? What's your annual income? My annual income is around twenty four thousand. 24. What do you do, Juliana? I work in a warehouse, OK?


Yeah, yeah, especially out there. So here's what I'm going to recommend for you in your situation there, Juleanna, is what I want you to do is I want you to go ahead and take this by another another mechanic guy. Once you get another another quote, see if if someone and tell them your situation up front, tell them, hey, you know, I don't make a lot of money. If you're a single parent, you're a single parent.


Tell them that you are a single parent and just say, is there any way we could do something to at least give me another two, three years out of this vehicle and just ask them to give it an honest, their honest opinion? You know, hey, we could do something here. We can do something there. If they say yes, go ahead and use that 4500 dollars to go ahead and get that fixed, use some of it shouldn't.


We spent 4500 dollars on it. And then if they say no, then I don't have a problem with you having that 4500 dollars to purchase a new car. I would sell the Jeep for 2000. Where is that? And honestly, I'ma try and find a car for right around four or five thousand dollars, 3000 dollars. Go towards that and keep a thousand dollars into your emergency fund and then go back to your baby steps because you're at 79 hundred bucks left on your own paying off debt.


So you're not too far off. But right now you are in a situation. You know, I definitely want, especially our ladies in the world right now. I want them driving safe, you know, and I want them to have a reliable car to get them to point A, to point B and even point C. That doesn't to be luxury needs to be something dependable that can get them there. But I definitely want her to get a second opinion because I think sometimes the first opinion, especially with ladies, it's another option to maybe bring maybe bring like a male friend with you, like a male big brother, maybe a male friend, or if you have your father still around in your life, maybe bring a male with you and have them lead the conversation.


Because honestly, sometimes, unfortunately, some of these mechanics take advantage of when they see single ladies come in.


So I can imagine Anthony is frustrating.


When I decided to get on a plan and I'm going to work really hard and start driving towards paying off my debt following the steps, fallen steps. And then my car starts falling apart. Yeah, what do you tell somebody that's just frustrated, like I'm doing it all right? And it still didn't work?


I mean, I would say his life. I mean, that happens, you know. I mean, heck, I had a huge plan to pay off my house this year. Then all of a sudden Corona happens.


You know, I'm saying there's there's nothing we can do about life happening except except know for a fact it's going to happen.




You know, my father taught me the six PS growing up because he was in the Marines and he said, Anthony, you have to properly, properly plan so you can prevent poor performances. And so his his thinking was properly, properly playing. Well, if you know something in life will happen, brother, that car breaks down. Whether you get sick, you got to go home for three months. Whether that's Corona residents, you just want to leave a job and start something new.


You know, you got to have a nest egg so properly priorly plan because if you don't, then when Coruna hits, you're struggling, you're hurting. Then when a car breaks down, oh, my goodness. You're having you know, you're struggling, you're hurting. Then when life happens, you're struggling and hurting. And so what I told everyone, you know, when they start out in this journey, you guys life will happen.


OK, follow the baby steps.


We want you to have a thousand dollars just for, you know, your big time emergencies. Now, here's the truth.


Is a thousand dollars enough? No, it the thousand dollars babies, that one is not designed for it to be enough. It's designed to put you in pressure to get out of baby step to quicker.


Mm. OK, because when you get comfortable you move comfortable, you know. And so when you move comfortable that means you move slower. No. You know, I need to get out of this debt. I need to be strategic. I need to tell my boyfriend, tell my girlfriend, tell my friends and tell my family and tell them I need to tell myself no. So this way I can get a baby. Number three, go ahead and get it, three to six months of expenses.


Go ahead and start investing it to my future.


You know, run like a gazelle anymore. You're stopping in the field. You can breathe. Relax. Now, from a mental perspective.


Yeah, I got it. So that's the practical. How do you get over that emotionally when life happens out of nowhere?


For me, it's a it's a it's an alignment of expectation, not of experience. And so it's something it's just important to know it. Yeah, right. It's just important to know it. My wife and I've been under contract on four different places for different houses in the last six. So she joined here. Yep. And we keep having inspection issues. And then we had another one pop up on house number five. We had one pop up yesterday and now we've got two boys we expected.


So we had a couple hours of downtime. We were frustrated and I woke up today. Let's solve the problem. Let's move on. And I know it's coming. I know is going to be challenges. And I'm not going to get defeated by the challenges or by the idea of a challenge because I know it's coming. If it didn't kill me, made me stronger. I love him sometimes. America, this is what you're going to get for the next three.


I stopped myself. So we want to hear from you. Eight eight two five five two two five. We'll be right back. You know, I really enjoy the Dave Ramsey Show because we have one of the best producers, he knows how to choose that music coming in and coming out.


So James may keep up the good work, good work, and I love it.


We're going to go out to Denver, Colorado, have a conversation with Charlotte. Charlotte, good afternoon. How can adopt today and I hope. Hi, can you hear me? Yes, we can. How are you this afternoon? Hi, I'm good. How are you? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. How can we help? So I'm just trying to think I've made a decision to go back to school and I just kind of want reassurance that it's the right decision and the right time.


Oh, yes. Charlotte, are you are you one of our YouTube fans? Yes, I am.


Yes. She called in. You listen to me. Thank you. All right. So help us out. You know, break down. What's going on with your situation, Charlotte? What do you thinking about?


Yes, I already have a bachelors degree in chemistry. I got married about three years ago and I'm currently in a job working for a lab as a sales associate. I really don't like being in the lab. I thought maybe going in and working with people would be better. And I really don't like the travel or the job in sales. And originally I went to school for pretty bad and just decided that that medical school is not the right now for me.


And I'm thinking of going back to school to get my arm and become a nurse. And I'm looking at starting a program in January. The program cost is seven thousand dollars and an 18 month program, and I'm planning to pay cash for that program and I love it.


So, Charlotte, where you are, where are you? And the baby steps. What baby step are you on? I am a baby.


Step two. I have nine thousand dollars left on my card. OK, nine K left in a car wash your annual income right now. Right now, forty thousand forty eight. OK, what's in the nine kids just on your car only, right? I have no student loans, no credit cards, nothing, but I mean, you know, here's the thing. Here's someone breaking into you, Charlotte, and I know what I would tell you because, you know, you watch us every single day on YouTube.


I recognize your name. And so I'm going to suggest I don't have a problem with you going to school to to pursue the Aaryn. Here's what I do want you to do, because you're making decent money right now. I want you go ahead and get out of debt first. So this way, when you get out of debt, go ahead and get three months set aside, then you can go ahead and cash flow to seven K. So I'm saying spend at least one more year paying off your debt, going ahead and getting a three months of reserves.


Once you do that, then you can really breathe and just focus on moving forward with your future and focus on our and process. Because 18 months of school and are in I know several nurses, it's not the easiest journey. So I want you to take some debt off of the table then. Yes, absolutely. Go ahead and go after that, because you go from making 48000 to pot, making about 65 to 70, 80. And that what I would recommend.


Charlotte, how old are you? How old are you from my mommy asking? I just turned 25 yesterday indicates. I no know. Oh, yes, and I'm going to recommend you take to Arianna, you hit the road and travel because right now traveling nurses are making anywhere from two to four thousand dollars a week traveling.


So your goal for making 48000 dollars a year to possibly write out about 80 to 100 thousand dollars.


So going ahead, move pay off this debt. OK, and then once you pay off the debt, get that three months in reserves and then boom, going ahead and pay for school. And you're going to be a sharp 26, 27 year old young lady, a really, really, really making some good decisions because now you focus on your future.


You went to school. I did.


You have like a doctor's degree. How do you know you're looking like? I don't know.


No, I, I, I love people who get their degree. They go work in their field, they are successful in it. And then they start to think, OK, I want to take these skills and leverage them towards a helping profession. I just I just have such respect for nurses, people who want to be a part of that field. Anybody who wants to be a nurse right now is looking at a felt need out in their community.


Right. Because nurses are just getting hammered right now. Yeah.


And that's just it just tells me, Charlottes, the kind of person I want leading in my community that my kids are growing up in.


One thing I would tell Charlotte, I think making that kind of money as a single 25 year old, I think there's a way she can hammer it and figure it out and still keep that January deadline. I think there's a way to find some things on the side. Yeah, side hustle. Figure it out and you don't have to lose your spot and then you can slide into that January class debt free, ready to rock and roll.


And yeah, a nursing program in 18 months is going to be drinking from a firehose. Yeah. And so she needs to go in there with their heart and mind. Clear of any debt. But may I go get it. I'm excited for Charlotte.


I'm excited for her. To Charlotte, thank you for calling in. And also thank you for watching on YouTube. And those of you all listening right now, if you're on a radio every single day from one to three p.m. Central Standard Time, Dave Ramsey himself and all the personalities, if we're on the show, we're alive, you know, on YouTube. So go to Dave Ramsey now. Go to Dave Ramsey, go to YouTube Dotcom, and just look up the Dave Ramsey Show live and you'll be able to have a conversation with all of us live.


I'm on there every single day when I'm on chatting, looking at the comments. So join join the YouTube family going out to New York City. We're going to have a conversation there with Sabrina. Sabrina, thank you for calling in. How can the DNA help? Hi, Dr. Drew. Hi, Anthony, how are you guys? And it's hot out here in Nashville, Tennessee, but we're doing all right. That's good. That's good. How are you?


I'm doing OK. I'm doing OK. Thank God. I was I was calling because I actually spoke to you guys last month over the last month, asking you guys what's what to do, thinking that our landlord would raise the rent on us. And you guys told me to have a conversation with her asking what her intention was. And I spoke to my husband and we decided we wanted to wait until August to ask her to have that conversation with her.


But this week she served us with a notice to vacate the apartment. Oh, yeah.


Why does she think I remember this phone call? So why does she do that? I'm not sure. I don't know, like we pay our bills on time every month before and even during the whole coronavirus. My husband wasn't working. We've been, like, surviving off of like two thousand dollars a month. But we still think I. And yeah. So she just decided to she wants us to vacate the apartment.


So why did you wait till August to have that conversation?


Because normally she comes to us around like September or October to tell us that she wants to raise the age and it's going to be starting in like November. So we decided we wanted to wait till August to have that conversation. Hmm.


Yeah, I don't like her. You know, I'm just I'm just going to be really, you know, so I mean, my thought would be like, go and fight this, you know? I mean, because if you blow up underneath a contract there, there are some things that cover you. But since she is saying, you know, get out, yes, get out. But I think I remember the conversation. You are if you move out, you're going to eventually be paying more money because you had this situation that a good deal.


So, yeah, I remember I remember the phone call. I remember my people. So here's my thing. Here's where you ask Sabrina. She evicted you, not evicted you. But she said, hey, we're going to end this contract. OK, cool. I don't I don't even want to work with someone like that who can just do that to me right now. It's just time for you to start looking honestly. You know, I hate to say it, Sabrina.


That's why I really want to try to have the conversation last. But just so you are going to have some time, if the conversation wasn't going to go the way that I wanted it to go for you all.


But since that is the case, spring, it's time for you to go ahead and just have a conversation.


Real quickly, how much money do you have saved right now to make a transition? So right now, we're on baby step two. OK, so we only had one thousand dollars, but we decided to go into storm mode and we're pulling money out of like different places. And we figure that by October we could have approximately twenty five thousand twenty five thousand dollars to do what?


Move and to buy a house or move to rent. Move to buy a house? No, no. Sobrante, no, no, no.


And winning when you all have to be out of the house.


October. October.


OK, so here's the thing. Here's the thing is I don't buy. So you sell a baby. Step number two right now going ahead. Yes. Palls, babies, that number to go ahead and get some money up so you can transition into an apartment, finish paying off the rest of your debt. OK, then what I want you to do is go out and get three months, then three B start saving for a house. But right now you don't need 25 grand to go get in the house.


You need to transfer, get an apartment sign, at least for maybe one year or two years. You'll be all right. This is today, Ramsha. If you are like me, Drivetime has become pod cast time, and if you listen to a podcast, too, you are going to absolutely love this. It's the brand new Ramsey network app is like a podcast player with all the cool shows in one place. That's right. This is how you get better in every area of your life.


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So we are working on it right now. This morning, Kelly, Daniel James child, Zach Bennett and the whole crew man. We were working on the Dr. John Boloney show, and we're going to be launching it here soon.


I'm going to excited.


So maybe James is going to be helping you out with your show. He's helping build the infrastructure. We got Kelly there more Kelly than James. Let's be real.


But, yeah, they're both they're both helping behind the board and getting this thing off and running. And I'm excited.


That's interesting. They didn't offer to help me out with my show.


OK, the rookie come be here and he get the process, OK? We get the process. We get the process.


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And so I want to encourage you, man. I want the Ramsey family come over there and support me because I need some love. But I'm on this panel with a bunch of ladies just having a conversation.


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So I told Sarah that I ain't trying to be single forever, you know? Well, I'm trying to be like a couple out here looking at his laugh and they're like, yes, I know I don't want to be a singles expert. I want to be a married guy who's passionate about money in life.


So, I mean, you're the one that keeps signing up for singles conferences. I'm just saying, I mean, well, I'm single right now. What I'm supposed to do, tell him.


No, I'm just saying you're choosing the car that you want to drive in is all I'm saying.


Listen, this implies that Sarah I mean, I love her. You say yes to Sarah Jane. Said I was. You say yes to Sarah Jakes, Torreón, Sarah Jakes. I just. Yeah, whatever you need me, you know, as long as it doesn't contradict or conflict with what we're doing with Rampy solution.


There you go. But I'm just excited. Seriously, go to woman evolved outcome. You guys, I want you to check it out, register for the conference. Not only will it just be me, but she has some amazing stuff for ladies. So any single ladies or any ladies at all, just go check it out. Woman Barf dot com. Let's go over to Dallas, Texas and have a conversation with Rene. Rene, good afternoon. How can Dr.


D and I help? Good afternoon, Dr. Anthony, really quickly, Anthony, I love everything you're doing with the show in the table of keep going at it, say that one more time for the world, you know, so the world can hear you say one more time.


I love everything you're doing at the show, guys. If you're not checking it out, go hop on it. He has some amazing content and really good information.


Oh, man. Oh, thank you so much, Rene. How can we help? Yeah.


So I mean, baby step two right now. I do currently have about a hundred thousand in student loans, which is my only debt, and I'm trying to aggressively pay that down so much.


How much. How much. A hundred thousand.


Are you a physician.


I'm a mental health expert and a teacher.


Rene, come join the show. We need you there and there. So my grandparents have a house that's been in our family for over 50 years, and it's just too much for them to kind of take care of right now. So they're transitioning out of the home. It's worth about two hundred thousand, maybe a little north of that. And they're willing to sell it to me for one hundred thousand. And so I'm trying to get some input in, take on how I could possibly address this issue.


Rent here is about fourteen hundred dollars a month.


If that kind of helps put things into perspective, can you rent this house from them until you're in a position to buy it, since it's a family home, or do they need a hundred thousand dollars cash?


I could, but I think that it would cost on family issues because they're it's kind of been a safe haven for a family to kind of come and go whenever they need a place to stay. And if I'm renting it from them, I feel like it'll kind of be open, you know, for everyone to feel like they can just come and go as they please. So I'd rather own it just to kind of keep down on that.


So I would tell you, Renee, I think you know this, but it's if you if you buy that house today, it will still be that house for your family tomorrow. No matter what you think, you would shut them down? Oh, they I mean, with me, they have boundaries in place, especially if they know that I own it. Would it be an issue at all? But as long as my grandparents are the official owners of it, I think that that will be an issue.


Hmm. Do you like the house?


Like if it wasn't a family house, if it was just a regular house that you were just driving by with a real estate agent where you purchased a house for you and your family?


And because of the extremely violent it would be in the neighborhood, and I think it's an amazing location, it's very centralized location, it's in a safe neighborhood. So I would buy it.


So here's going to be my favorite now. I'm like right there with John. I hear you when you're saying you're going to save 100000 dollars. But this is what I tell everyone, and you watch my channel, so, you know, what I'm about to say is, you know, will your mortgage payment be cheaper than your rent at 100000 dollars? Absolutely. Will the house be cheaper than you renting something? Absolutely not. So I'm having a conversation with grandma and saying, listen, can you and I have a contract, have an agreement?


Can you and I keep this between us or our whole family doesn't know our rent this house from you take the mortgage payment off of you. I will do it, but I want to pay off my debt. So this way, me and my family are in a good financial place. And then after I pay off the debt, I will pay I will buy the house from you. And if the house is worth 200, I'll give you a hundred thousand from there.


But I mean, I'm not going to jump into debt right now. I don't want you to do that. Not in babysitting number two. And I get it sounds like a great opportunity because you're saving 100000 dollars when it comes to you walking in 100000. I want equity, but at the same time, you're still picking up a lot more expenses from from the future, because if it's 200000, that means it's a pretty it's not a new house.


So what I want you to do is have a conversation with grandma and say, listen, what can we do? Am I in a position to do this? No, I'm on a debt free journey. Our rock and our rock with Dave. I rock with the Ramsey family. I want to do this thing right. But I also I want to help you, and I love the house.


What can we come to an agreement on to where I can move in, help with the payment, give you some freedom. But still I can have this house with the next two or three years. Well, how much are you making a year right now, Renee?


It's about eighty five KS. Yeah, 85. Okay. So if you really live below your means for like this, this, these next few years, I'm telling you Renee, you can attack this thing and be debt free with the next two years. And I think two years for your grandmother is a great time.


And I, I want to respectfully disagree with Renee. And since I've got the hold button, I can grandma's house is always grandma's house. And I know boundaries are boundaries, but grandma's house is always grandma's house, especially when it stays in a family only right here. You guys on the Dave Ramsey Show. Wow, Ro. Eight eight to five five two two five sitting here with to be beautiful, hot city, Nashville, Tennessee. Ninety nine degrees here, are you.


How you feeling about this weather, man?


I'm a Houston kid, born and raised. I love me some hot weather, so I'm loving it.


All right. All right. You're loving it. I'm not loving it. I'm really not. I love it. I can't can't afford to get any.


That's good fishing. Well, I sure can. And God knows I can. I need to be outside all day long. All right.


Sounds good. Mean, we're going to go out to Morgantown to have a conversation with Courtney. Courtney, good afternoon. How can that Teddy and I hope.


Hey, guys, I appreciate you taking my call. Happy to get some advice for you. So I have a question that has to do with money and family. Oh, yeah. Which is why I need help, why we need help. So my husband and I were married. We just had our third son. So we're on baby step two. And we paused it to pay cash for our third son. But we're really excited about graduation. It's like my thank you.


Yeah, we we celebrated that little victory. But my question is, before we were together or married, he took out a twenty five thousand dollars student loan for school and his mother and his grandmother cosigned it for him. And then they at some point later paid it off, decided the interest rate was too high and paid it off without telling us like we did it. We did not know. And then we just got a call from his mother a couple of days ago, and she she's wanting us to pay her the money back, plus the interest.


And that's the basic gist of it, but it's more complicated than that. His grandmother and mother kind of split it between them 20000. The mom paid 15000. The grandmother paid. And she wants the fifteen thousand dollars that we owe the grandmother. So we don't even owe it to her. But if we don't pay the grandmother before she passes away, it will be taken out of her portion of the will of money that the grandmother would then give to the mother in the will.


And it's just caused all kinds of family drama. And she's not wanting to talk to us because, you know, we didn't know a lot of this. Sure. We were kind of shocked and just trying to figure out what was going on and what was going on before this, because it's usually somebody calls her dead.


And when something else is going on, are they upset with you for other things?


There's been some more turning around.


Well, I think it's two sided. I think one side is we've been very vocal about our financial success that we've had. Like, we've we've we've paid off about 30000 of our own debt so far. And you just paid cash for our son. And we started out really well. We started out, you know, thirty thousand minutes out of student loan debt. So we've been really vocal about we love Dave Ramsey. We love the plan. We're doing the plan and check out our success.


And then I think the other part of it is the grandmother. The land that that my in-laws live in live on is owned by the grandparents. And there's a shop on it like a building, and they want to buy that building before the grandparents pass away. And they brought that up. And I think that's also another reason why they need money right now is because they're wanting to buy that building before they passed away. And both the grandparents are in their 90s.


So it's not like they so we don't know what to do.


Yeah. So there's a couple of things here, and I'd love to hear Anthony's thoughts. So, number one, do you have twenty five or thirty five thousand dollars to write a check with? No, like, well, baby steps, you so get back up. We paused it to pay cash and we have a story right now. OK, so so you can't write him a check for 35 grand. So that's number one. Number two, you're not going to take out a loan and pay them thirty five thousand dollars back.


Number three, if your husband took out a loan and they cosigned it and they paid for it, I would go with maybe not legally. But the integrity says he took out a loan and they covered for him.


So if they want to call the loan, however lame or ridiculous or two sided or whatever that is, the reality is he took a loan out from them. And so I would call them back and say, fair enough. I don't like how y'all did this. I don't think this is an ethical way to do this.


But I don't have 35000 dollars to give you right now. So I'm going to put you on my debt snowball. And when I get to that portion of that, then we'll work on it there. But I'm not going to write a check for five grand so you can buy a warehouse in a couple of days. What do you think, Anthony?


Totally agree with you. I could not have said that better. And I agree.


I think it's what you and your husband need to also do is rally up because this is going to affect your grandkids. This is going to affect you all to relationship. And so you and your husband have got to be united on this conversation. Otherwise, man, this this kind of money nonsense and family just spins and all kind of weird circles. And suddenly these beautiful three little kids of yours don't know their grandparents and your grandparents hold you hostage and it just gets messy.


So be clean, be boundary. I mean, have firm boundaries, call it what it is and then move on. You don't got 35 grand. So that's an easy decision right now.


I love it. Going out to New York City. We're going to have a conversation with Keisha. Keisha, good afternoon. How can Dr.. And I hope. Oh, my God. Good afternoon. I'm really nervous. Hi, it's nice to talk to you. Oh, man, don't be nervous. You know, we're just two normal people. We love talking to you. We.


Not at all. So I just have a quick question. I'm a registered nurse in New York. I'm a I'm a new listener. OK, no question about that. I said welcome to the family. Thank you.


I just have a question about tuition reimbursement. Let me just give you a little bit of background. So far, what I'm hearing on the show, you're asking for income, and that's my husband and I have a take income of ninety five and we're currently cancelling a wedding because of covid stopped it this year. So we got a little delayed. So we got an extra jump on going. And I just wanted to know because I'm crying in school as well in a family attritional program, which is pretty expensive, but I'm halfway through the program already and my graduate next year, December twenty twenty one.


And it's like eighty one hundred a semester. So my thoughts are, what do you think about taking a loan out and then paying it back immediately at the end of the semester? My employer offers 100 percent tuition reimbursement. OK, how much longer do you have interest? How long are you in a program now? You say that you are you graduating next December as far as in 2021, correct. Well, and so you're living in New York City and you're making about ninety five thousand dollars, how how long are you into the program right now?


Halfway already a year into the program for graduate next year. I'm just gonna close my school.


So here's the thing. You well, you don't know me because you're new to the family. So I have a huge passion for this message. And this is what I tell everybody who are current, who's currently in school. If you are in school right now and you're you're halfway more than halfway there, I'm not going to recommend you to stop. You know, I'm not going I'm not going to recommend you to do that. What I am going to recommend, though, is I want you to figure out how much of it can you cash flow.


Now, if you see here and you honestly tell me, Anthony, I can't cash flow, none of it, I'm going to tell you to complete the program, OK? And immediately, once you get out of school, you're attacking this debt. And if you have your your if you have your employees pay, if your employer is paying you back, then that's great. But if there is a way you can can you can finish the program today.


I'm not today. If you can finish a program with maybe putting 4000 dollars a month towards that, and that means you're Lorenc, how much you're going to graduate in debt. I am OK with that.


I, I prefer for you to wish I wish you would have called me before you went to school so we could talk about another program another way if you get through it. But right now that's what I tell everyone.


You know, if you're in school, if if for an example, if you are a freshman, I'm telling you to stop sophomore.


I'm my junior year and senior year I'm finished the program.


Keisha, Keisha, could you take the money that you are saving up for your wedding and for lack of better terms, borrow from that.


How much how much how much does she have? How much do you have saved for your wedding, Keisha? I only have about four grand for the wedding and Winnie are going to do it when with the wedding happened. So one question to Maxygen. Yeah, yeah.


So I'd rather see you go to the J-P and join the thousands of people, couples across the country that have had their wedding plans all screwed up because of covid go to the Justice of the Peace.


Or I married somebody in my living room once to get married and take that money and either throw it toward your debt or throw it towards that tuition and help your boss pay you back, throw toward your tuition, finish as much as possible debt free.


But Congress, Congress can't keysha. I want to thank our producer James Shout and Kelly Danoff, phone producer. Remember, you guys, the caliber of our financial future will be determined by the decisions we made today. It's been fun. America got two more hours. This is The Dave Ramsey Show. Hey, guys, this is Kelly, associate producer of the Dave Ramsey Show. Did you know over 16 million people listen to the Dave Ramsey Show every week.


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