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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the car rental studio. This is the Dave Ramsey Show where America is hanging out and having a conversation about life and money. I am Ken Coleman, host of The Ken Coleman Show, part of the Ramsey network, joined in studio by Chris Hogan, host of The Chris Hogan Show, part of the Ramsey network. And we are taking your calls. You want to talk about your money, you want to talk about your life.


You want to talk about your relationship, you want to talk about your career.


You're not where you want to be. Want to figure out how to figure out what that is or how to get there.


Well, Chris and I are here for you. The phone number to get in is a free phone number eight eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five two two five. Chris, you ready to help some folks?


Listen to me, buddy. I am more than ready. I want people to really get serious about calling you. We need the phone lines to get jacked up and we need you to call in because I know you've got questions about career. You're thinking about changing jobs or upgrading or doing something for yourself. In the midst of all this pandemic, Coleman will be able to guide you and give you the inside tips you need so you can start down that path the right way.


And if you've got a money question, I can help you as well. So call us. Let's do this. All right.


Let's start it off in Boston, Massachusetts, where Alex joins us. Alex, how can we help? Hi, Chris and Ken, thank you for taking my call. Sure. So so I'm at the point in my life or I'm just trying to decide on what's the next best decision for me to do, whether it is trying to increase my income or pay off the home early. I'm not really sure where to go from here. All right.


Tell us about these two options. When you think about increasing the income, what are you thinking about?


So I was thinking about what I would need to do to really better set myself up for success, you know, preparing myself, whether it be a retire early or pay off the house. And I think, you know, increasing my income could be would be really helpful, but I wasn't sure if I should focus on that or first or focus on paying off my home.


Well, how much debt do you have? Is it just the house? Yes, it's just the house. How much do you owe on the home? Three hundred and fifty, say 350. All right, how what is your income? Income is 85 K, 85 K, all right, double income or single income? Single. OK, and what's the payoff date if you just stay with the same pace that you are right now, when would you pay the house off?


It would be. In 25 years. OK, all right, so you're pretty early on into this. What's the house worth? It's worth about 420 for. All right, so I keep hearing that your big goal is paying off the house.


My question is, what are your professional goals? Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder what you're doing 20 years from now? What would be the pinnacle of your career? That's actually a really good question, I haven't really thought that far ahead. OK, so so here's why I'm asking. And that's OK. By the way, not trying to put you on tilt there, but I want you to understand that when you start thinking about growing your income, one of the ways to grow your income is to be working on purpose, you know, to have a real strategy.


So I know where the pinnacle is, the pinnacle of that mountain where I'd like to be professionally. And so inevitably, Alex, there is a pathway or we could think of it as a ladder where we climb the rungs of the ladder to get there. And as we're climbing the rungs or ascending up the path, we're making more money. And you don't have to have that answer right now. But that's the best way to increase income, is to have tremendous focus.


Yeah, I agree. And Alex, here's the deal. As you bought this, you obviously got this on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, right? Yes. OK. And so looking at this now, I need to ask this because people get amnesia, Alex, so bear with me. Do you own anything else outside of this home? No, I don't. I paid off all my credit cards. Great, great job. How old are you, by the way?


Twenty eight. OK, you I like the mindset, here's what I would do, I would definitely reach out to your lender because how long ago did you buy this home? So I bought it a year ago, but I recently refinanced. OK, you refinance from a 30 to another 30. To a 25. OK, all right, and what is your rate on that, on that? Do you remember? The rate right now is three point two five.


OK, all right, so you just reified, OK? Did you put a down payment on this home when you bought it? Yes. OK, so here's the mindset of what I do and looking at this, you've obviously refinanced, you're paying on this thing. I think the big thing for you, financially speaking, would be to have the mindset of, hey, when am I going to attack this debt or pay it off or are you going to sell?


Are you going to stay in Boston a while? Do you see yourself there for the next five to 10 years? I do. OK, that's a good thing. And so you've got you know, you want to pay on the home, you want to be intentional. You've got to avoid the stupid. OK, by that, I'm talking about a car payment or going back into credit card debt. You said you paid those things off. I like that mindset.


On the career side, Coleman, I think it's a matter of trying to dream out loud of what it is they want to do. He wants to do and start to down the path.


Yeah. Alex, what I want to do is I want to give you a basic exercise at stage one of the seven staged a meaningful work. And I want you to do this exercise. Go to Ken Coleman Dotcom and download the Free Career Clarity Guide, very simple little worksheet that's going to walk you through identifying what you do best. That's your talent. That's what you do best. These are hard skills and soft skills. Of all the things you do well, it's at the top of the list.


And I want you to identify the type of work that you really love. Now, it's the function, the task itself. I enjoy this work. I look forward to it. When I'm in the middle of it, I really enjoy it. And so that's high emotion. And then I spend a lot of time doing it. Time seems to disappear on me. That's devotion, high emotion, devotion, the final indicator in that career clarity guide.


And what you've got to go through is mission. And that's how I define the results of your work that mattered deeply to you.


So the formula is I use what I do best to do the work I love to produce results that matter to me. That's the sweet spot and that's where you work like no one else. You've heard Dave Ramsey say live like no one else. Well, we're teaching people in the Ken Coleman show, Chris, to work like no one else, because here's what happens when you work like no one else. You have an unbridled enthusiasm, a juice, I like to call it that.


Even in the bad days, you're excited to get back up and you're not you're not miserable on Monday mornings. You've got momentum on Monday mornings. And here's what will happen, Alex, when you can identify that sweet spot where talent, passion and mission intersect. Then you look to the marketplace and you go, OK, where all the places that I can do this work, this contribution, it's your contribution.


And so here's what's going to happen. You will see tremendous momentum in your growth and in your responsibility and your influence. I guess what follows all of that income income grows as our influence or responsibility grows.


And if you have a very clear path to your contribution over the next 25 years, that money's going to follow and you'll be on purpose in your life and in your work. And that's what I want you to do. So go to Ken Coleman, Dotcom, download the free career clarity guy. Take it. And oh, by the way, if you need some help, call the Ken Coleman Show Monday through Friday. I'm on the Ramsey network. Check us out and we'll help you tie all that together.


All right. Chris Hogan, Ken Coleman here on The Dave Ramsey Show. More coming right up. Don't move.


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This is The Dave Ramsey Show, I'm Ken Coleman, brand personality, host of Ken Coleman Show on the Ramsey Network. And I'm joined in studio by Chris Hogan Ramsey, personality and host of the Chris Hogan Show on the Ramsey network. And we are taking your calls. Triple eight eight two five five two two five. Are you stuck in a job you can't stand?


Are you clear about what it is you really love to do and work, or are you not clear if you're clear, but you don't know how to get there? Give us a call. It's what I do everyday on the Ken Coleman show. And of course, if you work in the baby steps or you've never even heard of the baby steps and you're just trying to get out of debt, you've found the Dave Ramsey Show and you've been listening. And today is the day that you feel like you need to make a call.


Well, Chris Hoggett and I are here for you. Triple eight eight two five five two two five eight eight two five five two two five. Let's go to Houston, Texas. David is there.


David, how can we help? A.C. Cain, thanks for taking my call. Sure, what's up? So my wife and I, we want to buy a house, say, within the next five years or so, we have a bit of money saved. How should we go about budgeting for how much of a home we can actually afford? And let's say we have leftover money for now. What should we be doing with it? Go to sitting on the bank account?


No, no. This is a very good question, David. So what's the time frame that you want to buy a home and about five years. Yes. OK, what's your household income? Between my wife and I, 160 growth. OK, and what debt do you have right now? We actually have zero that we sent home. OK, very good. So you would admit you have zero debt. You do what, at home? We stay at home without their parents.


OK, so you're living with her parents to be able to save money, to be able to buy a house? Yes. Oh, hey, David. It's just me and you. How's that going?


Now, shoot me straight, buddy. Tell me, how's it going?


We're just. It's not OK.


I don't believe that for a second now, brother. No, no, come on. You got to get real. This is Ken and I. Yeah. How's it going?


Yes. I mean, sometimes it gets really stressful. Yeah. Every time we check our net worth every month, I see that that balance go up that, you know, kind of our, you know, well down.


But hold on a minute. How long have you all been living there for a year.


OK, we've yeah. We've been married for two years. OK, so what is the plan David. How long. Don't tell me you're going to be there five years. So we just had a child and my child is 10 months old. OK, so I don't think now is a convenient time for us to be moving around just because of cold and, you know.


Well, hold on. Why is that baby going to be upset with you moving? The baby has no idea what's going on. The baby needs food, diapers and sleep.


Burps Don't forget about the birth. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely.


OK, can I dig for a second on the relationship, please? All right. Yeah. So. We know what you're really answer is America, by the way, because when Chris asked you, you started laughing. And so we know what your real answer is. It's not OK. It's probably not been OK for months and months and months.


May not have ever been OK, but you did it anyway. So this is the real tough question. If we were talking to your wife right now and asked her how is it going? What would she say?


I think she would say the same thing I'm saying, because we kind of both have the same financial goals. And I think I'm sure she respond the same way. It's time to leave.


And Cleeve. Yeah, I'm. Hey, David, are you all contributing financially to any of the monetary stuff at your in-laws house?


Yes. Yes. How much what dollar amount are you all committing?


We were just clamoring for the phone bill and electric bill.


OK, so minimal. Yeah.


If you told the in-laws today that you guys were leaving, how would they react?


I think it's a long together financially ready and I don't think they have a big deal with it.


OK, you don't have any debt. So how much have you all saved in this year toward a home?


Well, our total savings is three hundred twenty two thousand, but just this year, about 90000. Hold on a minute.


How much do you have in savings?


Three hundred twenty two thousand twenty two thousand three hundred twenty two. To David, listen to me, OK? Yes. All right. Listen to me before you call the moving truck. All right? You all are about listen, if you're not on the plan, you guys you're saving toward a house, that's great. If you all look at this and you say, you know what, we want to have X, Y or Z, you know, are you trying to do one hundred percent?


Are you trying to pay the house in cash? Yes, we thought that you were kind of allergic to that really well, what kind of what what's the price point? What was the price point that you're aiming for? I'm thinking around 250 to 300, and that's kind of why we're kind of not really ready.


David, David, stop.


David, you got if you said it was 250 to three, you've got 322 in there. I'm not good at math, Chris, but I will say I think I've got this one figured out. What are you doing, man? Go buy a two hundred fifty thousand dollar house this weekend for cash. Get your peace of mind back. Get your sanity back. Be able to.


What are you afraid of? Hold on. There's something. Here it is. What are you afraid of?


His wife weren't letting him. Know. I don't know. We just want to be like the everyday millionaire like you. No, no, no. I understand.


No, you're not answering my question. You just told us the math. Your goal was two hundred and fifty to three hundred thousand dollar house cash. You've got three twenty two in there.


If you do a two hundred fifty thousand dollar house, you got seventy two thousand dollars left over right.


You're already on your way to being an everyday millionaire. You have no debt. You guys are saving. You're doing all the things. You guys are incredibly disciplined. You're miserable right now. When does the misery stop? And we just start living life. I'm telling you, you're afraid of something.


What are you afraid of? I want you to name it because there's something that's keeping you in this miserable situation when you've already got the money you need to do what you want to do.


Honestly, I don't really know. It's just I feel like we just. So let's say we have 72000 left over, I'm not sure if that's like, is that enough to be considered safe? Yeah, it is.


Hold on. Hold on. That's what he's. Let me put it through the processor. Yeah, it is. And I know is it that that the in-laws are helping a lot with the newborn? The baby is not a newborn, is 10 months old, virtually about to talk and walk. So are they helping a lot?


Not really. We just kind of. All right. So here's what I do here. You and your wife need to have a sit down and talk, and you either, as Coleman suggested, go get a two hundred fifty thousand dollar house for cash or give your in-laws notice that, hey, we're going to be moving out in 30 days. We're going to go find an apartment to lease for six months as we settle in and find a home that we're going to buy.


I think it's time you need your own space. You need to breathe. But you guys need to start working your budget up to look like living on your own. So you've been doing everything in the savings because you're only paying the electric bill in the phone bill. You got to start processing. If we go rent, then we're going to pay rent. Right. If we're trying to save up to get to pay 300000 in cash for a house and keep our emergency fund, I get it.


If you want to save another six months, but do it where you're renting somewhere and you have your own freedom. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, here's the deal. He's worried that it's not enough yet. 72 isn't enough and it is enough if he just looks at his budget and goes, all right, what's a six month emergency fund? Yeah.


And we don't have any debt, I think right now with the pandemic and a lot of things going on that is getting in his own head. And I think he and his wife getting together and talking about this. You got to talk. You got to move forward, buddy. And again, give your give your in-laws notice. Obviously, you don't need to let them know anything other than, hey, it's time for us as adults to be a family and we're going to, you know, so real.


So, David, you got to look at the numbers because let's adjust the goal then. If you're nervous that seventy two isn't enough, I don't want to make light of that, but it's enough. But if it's not enough for you, guess what you do.


You buy a 200 thousand dollar house. Oh, by the way, that's cash. It's just you and Mama and the baby. You find a two hundred thousand dollar house. It's nice. It's got plenty of room. And guess what? Now you've got an additional fifty. So the 72 goes to honor twenty twelve. So you're way ahead of everybody else if you buy your first house cash. Yeah.


You really can't buddy. And I appreciate you calling in Atrocitus, but it's time you get your joy back. You get your own space leave. And Cleve, that's your theme. This is the Dave Ramsey Show. The Dave Ramsey Show continues on as we help you get clarity on the path forward to financial peace, to working on purpose. I'm Ken Coleman, joined by Chris Hogan. As we take you through this hour, Triple eight 8255, two two five eight eight to five five 225.


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Today's question comes from Cheryl in North Florida. She went to Dave Ramsey dot com to ask.


She asks, I am currently making 45000 at a job that I don't love living in South Florida. I moved here from Texas to be able to frequently scuba dive and advance and diving either personally or professionally. I'm currently on baby step four and I have the opportunity to start working full time at a dive shop. But the pay would be a 36 percent decrease. Considering that the income is the most powerful wealth building tool. I'm torn with this decision. Should I follow my passion or stick with a higher paying job that would provide me more financial security but little to no meaning to.


Yeah, such strong language in here.


Well, it's absolutely real and there's layers to this.


So the reality is, is that right now the full time offer to work at the dive shop, she needs to say pass on that because of the substantial pay cut, because I don't think she's where she needs to be OK, financially to where I'm OK with a pay cut.


And it's pretty obvious now, again, if she's on the phone, I'm going to walk her through a few more questions to kind of figure out, OK, what is your total big picture on finance?


But she's on baby step four, so she's now investing that 15 percent towards retirement. And I think she would need to sacrifice tremendously in her expenses.


Yes. To be able to absorb this.


So so I would say to her right now, I'd pass because I don't think you're where you want to be and where you want to be is financially. You get to a place where you've reached some goals on your investing and then you're sacrificing on some expenses to be able to then absorb that pay cut. Because the reality is, as she moved to this area, because she wanted to frequently scuba dive and advance in diving either personally or professionally. Right.


So because she gave us that caveat, I'm going right now.


I like that you're getting an offer. Take that as a part time job. Go to them and say, I can't do this full time right now. It is it's detrimental to me financially. However, I'd love to do it part time.


It accomplishes two things. That's right.


She gets to start doing more diving, get involved in the professional diving industry, which she wants to do, and she's making more money because it's a part time job in addition to the day job.


And so she stacks the money up until she gets to a point where, again, either she sacrifices enough on her expense side of the balance, living expenses, all the things, or she saved up enough over here that she's good, that then she can go and take a pay cut.


I was going to say because she's talking about a 36 percent decrease. So she's going from 45 to maybe thirty to thirty thousand.


That's a massive drop in South Florida and not necessary. It's not necessary right now. You hit the nail on the head that part time. Dude, that's great advice. Now, what you're doing is earning the way to be able to do it more. Oh, Cheryl, you got an answer, young lady. Reach out to them. Let's get in there part time and keep diven. Coleman will come down with you. Stay on the lam. Yeah, this is built for later.




I've got to tell you, I like the water, but I like to be above the law. You know what I mean? Down. The only time I'm under the water is when I'm cannonball in the make the kids laugh then I'm poppin. Right. That's quick.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what she needs? She needs Ramsey. Plus the show is all about you all calling in, listening in to get your specific financial questions answered. And it's usually about money. But I want to ask you something.


What if you never, ever, ever had to wonder about money or ask a question about what to do with your money? Well, this is possible. You can be in control and make progress in your finances. The way you do it is what the right plan, and that is Ramsey. Plus it's one membership that's going to coach you step by step through our best products. So you always know you're doing the right thing with your money. Now, our three big hitters here that's going to help you in this journey is Financial Peace University, the premium version of every dollar, our budget app and our new baby steps tracking app.


Plus, you get a ton of different courses, tools and access to our financial coaches with Ramsey. Plus, you can know you're doing the right thing. Start the free trial today and it's a free trial. Start today at Dave Ramsey Dotcom FPU. That's Dave Ramsey. Dotcom slash F.P. two eight eight two five five two two five is the number to jump in. Let's go to Woodstock, Georgia. Chris is there. Chris, how can we help?


Hi, thanks for taking my call first. And can I just kind of scared because I am 59 years old, I am on baby step two started in January, and I don't like the fact that I'm not contributing to my 401k, which right now only has about one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in stock. And I'm wondering if I can kind of change up the steps to help me. It's going to take me another year and a half to pay off if I still have about.


Twenty three thousand dollars left in debt. OK. Of that 23, what kind of debt do you have, Chris? Well, they're pretty stupid.


Oh, come on, let it out on. I'm confessing. All right. What it was it's consolidation loans that I did just prior to watching Dave Ramsey with credit cards and stuff. And the other two are personal family loans, who helped me with the down payment on my house. OK. All right.


What's your household income? Forty to forty two thousand. OK, and is that working full time, not working full time.


OK, you hit the nail on the head, you said you're scared. What are you scared of? I'm scared of not being able to retire before I'm dead. That's right. Now, in looking at that now, I love that you know what your fear is, but I need you to know something. There is one thing I know of that stronger than fear, and that's hope. Now, what you have to do is stare into that realistic mirror and you say, I've got 23000 of stupid.


I know it's standing in the way and I don't want you to cheat the system. OK, I don't I don't want you to get half the recipe. I want you to get the full recipe. So that means walk it. And so if you want to go faster, Chris, what you do is look for ways to bring in extra income. So you attack the debt faster. OK, but don't rethink it when you have six million people go through and they start to get things built the right way, it tells you that it works.


And so what I want you to do is to take that fear and concern you have and let's turn it into action, because what will happen is this. You'll start to feel that you're making progress. And every time that negative thought pops in your head, I want you to say I've got dreams, I've got goals, I've got dreams, I've got goals. I don't have time for fear. I've got time for hope. And you don't waste any more time on this at all and you drive forward.


So work the plan, stay focused. Let's brainstorm ways to bring in extra income so you can go forward faster. And she does have time.


And this is why you created the retire inspired Koshy that our IQ.


Yes. You know, this idea of in her situation with what you told her or anybody else is listening there, Chris, what do they have to do tactically to say, all right, besides get out of the debt?


Once she gets out of the debt, then it's like, OK, what do I have to do now to increase my contribution to then catch up?


I think the most important thing, Ken, for people to do is identify what your dream is. She knows what she's scared of. I want to know what she's excited about. The excitement is going to get you out of the bed. It's going to get you to give up the sleep, to take on the extra job so you can earn more to pay off debt, to start to invest. So I go over to my website, Krosoczka 360 Dotcom.


The RFQ is there. It's going to walk you through the dream part of it. If you if you're married or newly single, whatever, you can walk through your dream, find out your spouse's dream so you guys can get unified. This unification is huge. I'm going to tell you when you're trying to row in one direction and the other one's wrong in another one, I'm going to tell you offset each other. It's frustrating and irritating. Get aligned, get a plan and get moving.


And that arcus beautiful plug in that number and then it starts telling you what you specifically do.


That's exactly how much you need and what you need to be investing now. Free Tool Krosoczka 360 Bowcock.


It's a great, great tool. And here's the deal to your point, that our IQ gives you a number that's absolutely clear and there's nothing to be scared of or wondering about anymore. It's this is the thing I've got to do and focus, by the way. Yeah. That's a powerful, powerful thing. That's why Chris Hogan always says I'm focused, not finished. And that's true of you, Chris. That's why he says it. All right.


Coming up, more of your calls, more breakthrough, more hope. This is the day range. Welcome back, America. You're listening to the Dave Ramsey Show where you come to get home, hoping your life, hoping your money, hoping your career, hoping your relationships. I'm Ken Coleman, joined by Chris Hogan.


We are Ramzi Personalism, both host, very creatively named shows, the Chris Hogan Show and The Ken Coleman Show, part of the Ramsey network. We've spent hours and hours and hours doing intense marketing research.


Yeah, but here's the deal, Coleman. I want to talk about some real work, because I think, you know, when you are working a job or you're working something that you're just can't stand anymore. Yeah, this is something where the weekend becomes too short and you wake up on Sunday morning and you start to get that pit in your stomach because, you know, you're going to have to go back and do that thing on Monday. What I want to do is offer you an opportunity to make an adjustment.


Can show the Ken Coleman show is available every weekday on Sirius XM, your local radio or wherever you listen to a podcast. He also doesn't work. That Matters, a five minute daily podcast about what's going on in the job market, how it affects you and your career journey, and it's available wherever you listen to a podcast. I want you to start to get connected so you can get a game plan. I want you to know you are not stuck.


You've just stopped. And it's time to start up again. It's time to move you in the right direction. So hunt him down. Atkins Coleman show on Facebook at Ken Coleman on Instagram and Twitter and check out the show. Ken, I've listened to it. I've heard you really dissect and help people really get out of their own way. And I think that's that's a that's a fantastic thing to do. Well, thank you, sir.


And while we're at it, you know, the Chris Hogan Show is just a wonderful, wonderful place to get that pep talk and get answers to your questions and get the pep talk. Chris Hogan, 360 Dotcom to connect with him on social media and also to engage in a show. You subscribe to his YouTube show. It's fantastic. Just go on Blockbuster over there.


So we're here combining forces because we both share a mission, and that is to equip you, to encourage you to be everything that you were created to be. And we do that through money, advice and career advice. So we're going to start it off. This segment with Brian in Mesa, Arizona.


Brian, how can we help? Hey, how's it going, guys? Thanks for taking the call. Sure. And so just the lead off of that little segment there about work. And so I have a job opportunity with the same company to move out to Dallas, Texas. You know, being in Arizona, rent is cheaper here, but owning a house is more rent is a little more expensive. I've come to find in Dallas, but owning a house is cheaper.


So, you know, it is going to come with a pay raise. So about eight thousand dollar raise right off the bat. And then within the next year, probably another eight to 10 and then we get bonuses. So I guess the nervous part about it all is, you know, I'm just starting in the baby steps and I guess kind of, you know, what the move costs and, you know, just all that that's going to entail.


It's going to cost me a couple thousand bucks. It's obviously going to set me back behind a little bit. So just kind of, you know, just needing a little bit of advice maybe, or what's your take on it, Joe?


Well, let me ask you this. Let's say I love that you're on the baby steps. I love that you're new to it. We're going to help you out on that and encourage you there and equip you.


But let's just let's just put that aside for a moment. If you weren't trying to get out of debt and looking at a 2000 dollar plus moving expense, would this be a no brainer for you? Probably because I guess the way I see it is it's you know, it's an advancement in the career. So, you know, I would be in, you know, like a basically I'm going to become a software clerk. So I think, you know, it can take me far in the career that I am now or potentially, you know, elsewhere in another.


Absolutely. Really. I really love the company that I'm with as well.


Brian, Brian, this is great news, man. I got great news for you. Yeah, but let's not just talk about the long term. And I love that you have a long term view here, but guess what? I wrote down eight thousand dollar pay raise year one eight to ten thousand dollar additional raise. So now we're at let's call it 16 for sure, within a year or two with bonus. I don't even know what that number is.


And you're saying you're worried about this because you got to come up with two grand to move a man? I'd sell a bunch of stuff. I think Chris is OK with you pausing the budget. And let's let's make this move, because this is going to help you get out of debt faster. Yeah. So this is a absolutely figure out in your budget. Let Chris take over here on how you come up with two grand to actually move. And I have one question.


Did you ask your current company, since you're already there, would they offer you a moving bonus? Have you asked them that?


Yeah, I actually did. And that's one thing that they don't offer any kind of. All right. Well, that's fine.


That should not hold you up, Chris, so it shouldn't hold you up. So you told me you're on baby step two. So what debt do you have? Well, no, I'm on I just started the baby steps, so I'm in the getting the thousand dollar emergency funding. So what debts do you have that you owe right now?


I have about 10000 in consumer debt and I have 20000 in student loans. OK. All right. And your household income right now is what?


So I'm at about forty two thousand, OK?


All right. And OK. So what you're going to do is as you look at your budget, you're going to start to strip down and look at this and say, OK, what are the bare minimums I have to do? You're going to look around in the house, Brian, and figure out some stuff to sell. Whether you've got you're in Arizona. I know you own two sets of golf clubs, OK? I just do. It's almost like a requirement.


Right. But you've got to look to stuff to sell. I want you to look I also would like you to follow up with your company about the move expense and assist you. Now, I know they may not normally do this. You're not normal. So you're going to all you can do is ask. They can say yes, no, maybe, but follow up on it. But you're starting to look now and going, OK, I've got to get this moving expense saved up.


This is going to open the door for me to increase my income a lot and give you a lot of a lot of opportunity. But I want you to take one thing off the table and I'm going to turn it back over to Kid Brian. I want you to take that off the table, meaning it's not even a word or an option in your language anymore, OK? Yeah, yeah, and I want you to pep up a little bit, OK, you know, nerves change brings no one likes change, but everyone loves improvement.


And you're about to improve your situation, my friend. So it'll be new. You'll get plugged in. You're going to find some new friends and and meet new people. But you're moving forward in your career. And I'm proud of you, Brian.


Is it just you and your wife or their kids? You have kids?


Well, a girlfriend, actually, so. Yeah, my girlfriend. Oh, and she's going with you. Yeah. Oh, OK. Is she going. Yeah, I'm sorry.


So let me help you out. Where'd you come up with the real quick. How did you come up with two thousand dollars to move. Did you run a moving company quote couple quote. Yeah, so I have to two options, so I've moved. I'm originally from Ohio and I moved to Florida once, so I kind of knew, you know, some costs that were going to be kind of be a rough estimate. But I reached out to the movies and the tubes to move on.


Right. Try to save you some money, trying to save you some money, save some money.


Komeito It's just you and your girlfriend. There's no kids involved. So you got friends there in Arizona, right?


Yeah. And I actually have a big old U-Haul or Ryder truck or whatever and just pack everything in.


So we're not paying movers. We're going to get everybody to come over after we've sold everything. Chris says we need to sell. We're going to pay for the truck and the friends. We're going to get pizza and sodas and they're going to stack that truck. And you and the girlfriend got the perfect solution. Don't drive. You're going to invite people over for a party. You're going to take the car keys on their cell phones. Yeah, OK.


Get the keys, the cell phone and just take your friend on to Dallas. Yeah. And if they want to get them back, they're going to help you move. Yeah.


By the way, it's a good chance that you won't be as close with these friends after you ask them to help them move. But you're moving anyway. No. Hey, no, I'm joking. Buddies to help.


That's no way it's too grand for him to get a truck.


No. And have to take it from me. Such a balance doesn't matter.


He's getting serious about getting out of debt.


No, that's true. But I'm just trying to find it's the four or five hours. I think it can't be that far.


Yeah, I am prescribing a little bit of suffering here because it's worth it to not spend two grand. He did need moving company, not a stack.


Everything in the Ryder truck or whatever you want to rent a single dude. He's got a futon and like ramen noodles, honestly, he's got throw it in the truck.


Yeah, it's the girl for you guys. You don't even have a ring on it, man. She don't get a say in any of this.


You do what you need to do, how she does it. That's rude. So he doesn't need new furniture, anything. Just scale down, get in the truck and drive to Dallas and make that move.


Buddy, I'm excited for your career trajectory.


Come on now. Two thousand dollars. I need to get in the movie. This man, I'm telling you right now. Hey, I want to thank Chris Hooker for hanging out with me. I want to thank James excuse me, Zach Bennett today, our producer with Kelley Daniel, our associate producer. But mostly I want to thank you, America. Thanks for listening. This is the Dave Ramsey Qader.


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